The Alex Schiffer and Aaron Reiss Episode

Carrington Harrison
Thursday, November 9th

Carrington Harrison is joined by the new beat writers for Missouri Tigers, Alex Schiffer and Aaron Reiss, to discuss the upcoming Missouri basketball season, some recruiting and if the football team will make a bowl game.


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Soto charged yeah. While it is the sixth fifth fourth pocket his candidacy here with Alex here restated in new Missouri beat writers I was my guy. You've got hot out here with us who you who. It's. I don't know analogy about a lot of sports I am not a Todd and I had an interesting relationship with the fact that can fit. With a happy to have you guys hear you guys in Kansas City for that the tighter the event today. I talked at the tiger club one time in a fight almost happened I think as well they never. Will have a about the protest. And I was very pro protest that this. It was not proceed very well. The tiger club I don't remember and they never fighting back ever art and about it at this big. Did you guys get this. And guys is our first time zone we we have our report back later and everybody out way more positive news and what it would have all fronts when and it goes there what you dessert Alex you talk liquid. I it's ugly quick ones are right that it Alex here and they're going to be in for I don't know we're gonna talk blizzards what we'll start with first how to this opportunity come about. I don't mean we knew we're both like we are generals who recently knows kind of know. The landscape. And I think I would like to they do enough force to distinguish ourselves then. We're Canada's three shots in the summer about a minute and it wasn't clear furtive partnered together but and their ability of vocalist I'm glad that it because I think like. It will freeze up. Us to do like cool stuff that fuel the rise in its deal here kind of by herself from the slaughter thing. Yet kind of go off rare set I was governor of the Washington Post them on my last two or three days there are got an email from Chris about the whole thing. And hats most things in the works but this kind of materialize the quickest and it was the best opportunity. Of what I had on the table and guy like Blair said working alongside him was definitely a pro because we know which are discussed it's really well we know with the kind. Give each other for her other story line or who would do what better. And die and yet we we've both sides did know through would be one of us are two of us and neither of us but. We're jeopardy laws so far how old are you guys joints and divisive. I mean I would imagine you guys are the youngest rider in the country at least four major newspaper for I did I mean I can't imagine there's a ninety year old. Duke like you know I just it's I don't you guys or to have this opportunity in. And I think about face that it. Didn't see real what you got the call this yeah I mean now the united I was other side today. I I think I was. Doesn't like more and sacked just that there are gonna finally proposals on the go out Gosselin who's gonna be like. There's really this gravity Kennedys do that stuff plays of the know all skinny it's due to an amended that so far Eddie and angle that the continued passed on some exciting. How much of it do you think it's just the excitement for basketball this year like the star kind of wanted to say are were putting all our eggs in the basket the same way to do with KUN the excitement around them. For this year with Missouri fans we wanna show that would dedicate the governance and. Yeah I definitely think the both of us I got that vibe in the interview process that. Provide for basketball least that. Go all in you know leave no stone unturned and neat story line you could you could get. Then you think you get readers' attention would be great and it has Michael Porter and that's really really great. Om. And it's funny is all we have both got hired we were both you know expect I kinda cover coaching search for football or at least. Some some grim season for football announced at a turnaround in its decision it is football has all this momentum all basketball soreness it's damaged and dynamic right now with with users. It's what was your first like welcome to the media moment when you're so young because I start as part of an afternoon announced when he force like I can identify with where you guys are read it and I remember I was an intern while for a week I was interning and Todd Haley was the coach of the chiefs. So they told me to go get sound for the press conference no problem. Those are like eight people in the room everybody in the room asked the question and then Todd Haley who looked it means next I was gonna ask the question I would doubt like. No my practical question there's like today it is well thought that was by. Like I just I would probably you're a junior in college when this happened that was my welcome to the. You know it's funny you say that you're asking that because when the Kansas mrs. scrimmage Newsweek's courtesy. View. We like when I got the text about like you know is this happening with the the with the site. If you're gonna tell me the first big news that we have on the miss you Pete was. On the zoo Kansas potential match up. I was center for drug tests like that would have been a lasting at bats like we both are getting text about it we were walking out of Missouri enamored of the candidates each other like. Like this is real like like way we have that you like so we're like texting or calling people are like. This is like we're really liked were really this is the first thing that that's of all the things that could possibly present themselves. An arrest the coaching search like Missouri Kansas playing each other is the first thing it's like to welcome to the B moment. I know exactly what you mean because of them the day I found out about it I heard that they were playing exhibition game in Kansas City. Also that big of a deal like I assume with Porter they were gonna try to do everything to rule out. And then Pollack an hour later I heard they're playing Kansas and I'm like. Why so I kind of like calls around and are more mortgages more smoke around them play Kenneth outlets say wage I never thought they would play Kansas again. Unless the NCAA mandated in the play import happen like the Maui invitational. You know like bizarre don't want side of the bracket K is on the other side if they happen in the championship game they play each other but I never thought the case you were optionally shoes to play loser. Yeah noon meal plan and it's an ounce and then threw the club I mean since then again knowing the NCAA they'll probably undersea to likeness to Allstate a couple of years ago and you'll be good enough for five CNET. They just happen to get eight seed to try and eleven the end of the that's how it always. Or right at sucking air in Greece and Alex differently than new Missouri be writers but to start it that's what are your expectations for the basketball team. Were I'll end the first. I mean I don't think they're gonna around the table and non time and think like and I'm down there really insisting because I mean you look at this holistic in like. This game Friday I think they do and I mean like Utah's top was to play though it is Stanley first road game pretty early in the season. I think of Lewis Virginia minister and Nathan was that. It's it was easy half. Now I get out we have senator I get to them get to SEC championship title game in Saint Louis maybe even when that. Though a lot of transport and then after that the toss up I don't know if we're gonna have some funny and sweet sixteen. Could see it. Yeah I it says. On TV on Sundays I'm gonna try to be consistent that I think they can be sweet sixteen team. Joseph minority yesterday disagreed with me he has and is eleventh seed in the playing game right now so yeah which to me if that if that's the case people might call for causes job just because they and in my purported to cement the playing games is ridiculous yeah again it's early it's our. All right Gerri pop out of today is an eight seed in the NCAA tournament I've met the range realistically. If you're just not being super high and that is between seven and. Yeah I think because they're young team like they need their right drugs let's just say they're an eighteen that means that the 89 game and they don't want to the next round. I think they need to be like like a 512. Or like a seven seed. Something where they could go a little bit of around without hitting a big dog may be right away yeah and that's why I think. They're seeing is going to be so important with how the season goes because. If there are a once a year it's easier to recede. Holy cow but com. With them being. An eight or nine or something caught in the where you have to face it two or three seed in the second round. I think that's. That's a lot to ask for so I think if there like a four or five or six may be like dead the dead the ideal place. If there if there like if they get caught on the wrong side of the bracket than it could be an early exit form. I think what makes a quick areas delivered to your point about you saw I think what makes this year so exciting as someone who's Missouri is. I would expect them to lose to you saw. But what might you never know what can happen in the game like what are you both are high. Some the mikes course 31 against Utah on just single handedly keeps him in the game. No that's why I think aside from I would say West Virginia there's no game in the non con I don't think they can win I'd be surprised the baby was gentlemen fifteen best teams in the country in Utah also not that the only reason I picked this guy that wrote if that game was that was Reno into neutral site and Israel pretty good chance to win there again. Yet no I mean I think that's the thing race braswell's so it's like one guy who can take over and I think but Levin. My expectations are lower before in the play Kansas is another those are game obviously has got some pounds but I mean. I think you saw that a year game and naval sea on Friday is that more impressive to me than what my commute is annual Mike it is like the the sporting Catholic Tillman literally gut and he gets sent out to a bigger and you know guys like cash marriages in the star point guard who only got to transfer up have a difficult time but he seemed to hold his own and it mean and that that I think will be really the key is is. Is you know you fault Simmons whenever I didn't mean to answer interment and but if these guys around them can kind of create. I'm really. Threatening team even when Mike is like now having his best game that's gonna I think determined that there are poor you got a surprise with McCain used. Tone probably probably Jeremiah tell little Garnett hadn't liked was 530. Guys are so five and seven from three I I guess Tillman because IS a scout. That's on the high school with the thought of him. And they say you know I always wonder what it would look like if someone got to play hard it seems like that's what counts has gotten out of Tillman. And he's at like 1520 pounds of muscle he he looks the part right now it's just a matter of foul trouble peace is a foul trouble he can have a really big year. And unofficial one and done but I think that. If Missouri if there's talk about Tillman test in the draft waters and Missouri are really really good year. Because. Clearly they got more to Tillman people were expecting even to begin with. As it's it was the biggest surprise I don't say a little bit just cash is Roberts is we didn't know fully what he could do and he even if you hit the threes so and that's what they need. I'd probably buy her book I beat John today I thought it was gonna take us you know a year to kind of be acclimated to the game and fully acknowledging my two people of the five best team in the country and by far the best. Competition has ever played up against. But I think January or February Johnson reporter to be waive further along than we think he's going to be I thought it was going to be basically like a redshirt your this year they was gonna play. Just because they asked them to reclassify but he wasn't gonna give a much. I don't be surprised if he starts in January or February he just seems like specimen with his abilities that got hit shots that he could be a really big asset to the state. Brad I think that one he's still you do get the sense that he still almost getting in shape kind of has zero actually and but the biggest thing was it's doing the first evidence can you use current us forcing an alignment errors are replied. I mean if they can and maybe they'll take time for him to pass Atalanta beat cool and you know being a guy at the mansion and the Allen playing our allotment. I mean adding a new alliances it's like kind of do when some little thing as being like really get on the boards hitting at few shots than light. I mean that's a huge drop off of patents but not as president to II and I'll I think he prior as the candidates they least liked consistent game to game all of them. Right now talking air result of what you just heard in Alex Schaefer there than new Missouri V writers for the key indices are. Are you guys happy content with where my keys which shot selection but I think probably 45 times he's going to shoot them out of the game. Some might still scored 38 but I didn't see a lot of patients the in the case you game and it's one game I don't want to overload like twenty minutes in the case you games I don't wanna put. Everything it's about one game reading the box or from the wood from the Wisconsin scrimmage and the wanna do in case you. I shot selection from my there's going to be issue at least the first after the season. Yeah. We only got to see in the one time and apparently in shoot that low against Wisconsin we don't know the full of these of the Missouri seeking and they released the box or for that. He'd done by somebody we didn't see the area at bat that was good but. It's it's tough to say because I think that's going to be deposits to question is deceased averaged Swanee game by going six for twenty from the field or something again the rest and free throws. Urgency become a better shooter over the course of the season title on the good shot that shot great shot talking a frank KQ that's I was his philosophy. But armed. But it's gonna be really aged and got to see it does see. How quickly this immature with a shot selection over the course this is because as you said I really think you cheap and out of a game if he gets trigger happy and he doesn't deferred it was teammates when. A when it's just not working for him and and granted. He talked about his supporting cast that was better than the other guys well I think it's gonna be on a threes to lean on them because it it's just not go his way. I think I got the vibe from the game. And I think the cons though kind of sat him down at the end for him to kind of see it. I made against a team like K you you're not beating them by yourself what you could get a new ball and you bought were clearly better than everybody else that if you got down eight with smoking and you can just shoot him back in the game and nobody could guard. Maintain US guys that can guard who will go up against a lot of guys. That means that big run they made against K you Michael was on the floor for that yeah like it was a lot of energy a lot of effort buckets I think that was kind of one of those like console like. Long term gains on its coaching moments of you need everybody to go out there with a some nights Mike's going to be fantastic with some nights like it wasn't case you you were hitting jumpers you've got to take Smart shots because I felt like when the games start to get out of reach might start taking a lot of bad shot that ultimately got down nineteen. Yeah and that that that that come back or briefs on a comeback there was really interesting too because places like I was on the floor analyst lot of guys who are on the on this team in the past two years who were on the diet. And is almost like it was almost like you despite being. Like on this team that has this like sort of hyper excitement and expectations like that raises these guys global player too like they have more confidence in themselves that I mean I think. The past is seen as you play close against Kentucky excellent and the first half and they discount like. You know like. Fade away and they didn't do that this time an enzyme. Another inch it is like how. How like his MD has this might of course proximity kind of freezes all these guys Ulf play you know. Let's pick back off the war for a player do you think is the biggest benefit of this new team. Then Barnett probably. I mean does it then that's very easy this disease though prize the only the only holdover starter I guess the ye yes yes it's like. He lodges and as I mean. Just I did and if it hit it depends I mean he UPS so many discount like. Open threes and that can you game and then I think Townsend has a lot of belief in him as a defender. And if they run around transitioned easily guys get in transition and so I mean that he's gonna play the most lawless that are Turner's. All such throughout pick although I guess manly or might start to. Yeah I think you can make out again van leer. If terraced fields are starting at say him because you've all these weapons around him. But now you know congress is just vacations Robertson and two point guard and told them in my start to two if that's the case. I think it's called them earlier in a sense because his role is so much different than what it was and are camino he added. Play all these minutes. Take all the shots under Kamen now as we had said routinely throughout the pre season if you get a point three I have to at a convent earlier. I think you're good so I think he's got the at least amount of pressure on him. And he's officially our viewers as regatta for the coach's son he does all the little things. I think he's got the he's the biggest benefit because he doesn't have to be just if he gets it one basket a half here he's here are yeah. I thought that parents Phillips when I first knew about Mike in first knew about Jeremiah Tillman. Other examples could leave the country it is says it's crazy how we were from the expectation for started seeing the roster put together. I'm not even sure if he's their second point guard at this point only known as forget vision yeah. Caches Robertson start appoint or cons are brought up guys just they're stressing how did you mentioned here and the third point guard over his team like the kind of blows my mind a little bit. It's crazy you know we've been getting a lot of questions recruiting wise about horny raining a housing as a recruiting the kid at Saint Louis the truth from we've posted those the zone of it. Why are they recruiting him when they have three point arts at the return next year and Geist. Terrence and and blame Nancy there are and you this year Roberts plays low point two and one of them I mean it's now seems like a graduate tree expert in Dahlia yes I agree and it's crazy just because. Eight I think Democrat really kind of speaks most of the Porter situation they're not happy with whatever they have. And can't believe it's just say I was expecting it to be at this I was expecting to have cash is Robson a point guard when lesser crude all these guys. So it's crazy how this is all turned out I mean. I never thought cash charms of the appoint Harman they got me looking at three point specialists. So it it really speaks to how disappointing that position has been in the pre season. For our concert have to make this move and obviously the high pressure season for him he has to win now. They only have one year cash as it's it's a short term solution obviously gonna have to go that back to this. Either this summer when they lose cash isn't you know maybe agreeing to the point guard they run guys off but it's just crazy how this whole point guard situation Isabel because. That you know as you said. When they got Mike and Tillman everyone died terrorists Phillips was the guy that you know this is a team player on a nice little Caylee just at all talent around them. Yeah I think that like starting. Mainly here and starting Robertson is kind of a sort of move that raised the floor for the team like it's it's like you know let's try like the it's gonna minimize mistakes. You have guys have been their before our estimate that I. I I had thought that. Starting point Harris made sense in the sense that it could potentially. If you if he was able to Max out his potential by march and beer worse in the beginning and play your better team and and I mean who doesn't have cash starts all season maybe play comes on and it's and the thing happens but. Yet this too is who again won since like Al cash is that's really cool he's starting that's kind of a fun story. Toss like pose Alec or Cigna fired that comes naturally to slow because you like your point guards honesty can bet. Not the bigger deal to me as Colombian leader like if I had told at any point before. This week. Give a short five stars best order dessert thing about that was there is no one has colored band leader in their starting spot. I was actually surprised I play became people like you belong were at times and commanders and he didn't like you belong in McConnell the point that you made a sample size argument. Up font color mainly are 1415. Minutes and 2530. Minutes where you really start exposing count like in baseball if the guy hits a hundred after the course of the season. That's different than Evan 40500. Plate appearances. This apartment to think that color being leader of the five best players like I just really struggle with police before the five best players on Wednesday. Yeah it was via stabilize there you know and I think I think and and that's. I mean I think that's fine if it. And you can be a starter and play fifteen minutes you know I mean like it might just be that he fits best of that lineup that counts as of yet we talked about this yesterday just thick column might need to be that guy that's as he gets in the stabilized because you have an ally you have Barnett might Tillman. And cash and maybe Collins a guy can play off the ball a palace and everybody else up so. Eight. It's crazy but like a you can make a case to make sense in some ways. I just voted. Started politics the most since they're gonna start consciences puzzled why you just don't go big caches Barnett order. Courier and so ultimately that's a pretty solid starting five. Ultimately admitted that you want to have me the 67 guy off the bench he hit some threes forty becomes an energy Telecom guys. That's why it. He starts or visiting you like it just it it really sounds insane to me that he could be starting on the steam yeah. I'm curious to guys I've thought about that going big lineup as well I'm kind of curious to see how they do it because they have some different line combinations especially now cash is a point guard. There's some different ways they can get creative. I'm kind of curious to see how they jazzed up against different teams. You try is. They have more size than they ever had under Kim right now but at the same time are you of the Kentucky's and we talked messenger floors on the schedule their big guys 76 taco follies of exact how stressful I think they have to go big I think had a small sometimes to have then maybe make Michael 45. Really get the most out of this team because you have always different weapons. It's not it was going to be the same guy having a good night Mike's gonna have is his growing pains. And I think they have to get creative if they wanted make make it deep season just because. They they're under all this pressure and I don't we still don't know what they have until tomorrow night. Its interest in live his counselor doesn't traditional flavor of the deep teams and he's in said he wants to go like nine deep. And like so I'll start adapt while as true as docile it also got there's not gonna play in any ever take time though I mean like. You might see more of them more than nine I think you will see more than nine play. For awhile in the season I think once he figures it out that that's going to be he's gonna I was nine guys from the someone's or an outside looking in and I mean who knows at it seems like that terrorist tools might fit into that. Category it seemed like crystals with cedar Roberts yeah they're on how Syria out feels right now like in odd man out is probably like CJ but it's neat. Wrote SEC game they won a veteran in a junior point guard at the end plays over Blake. I was struggling to see like if there this Ohio guys which we agree to it you're happy if of this tile color it clear there. Ohio CJ Roberts it like that there's no other conclusion becomes yeah. It's it's an easy decision only played like two or three minutes against Canas he was fine those 23 minutes. I care really point one certain thing outages because. He was the commanders and recruit which you know. Techno he's not a con that guy even a closet garnering an error and yeah you out and bought arm. But I would have been a good look though I think if they were to have run them off that are only. Buy it. I think you know he's very athletic for his size I it's tough for me to judge changes you. Worked harder and just because I can't really. We really get to see what he could do you know. They've gotten so little at that point guard position I wonder if he gives them a different look I assume they try to and it didn't work out but. IE I've been told that. People that think. Josh CJ wares through her and I CJ is no longer term. Better option and gaga corny rainy. And they wanna keep him to see if he could be like a long term guy and make an impact as junior senior year. Whether or not he's up for that you know basketball's a microwave society now people wanna play now. That remains to be seen but it seems right at Terrence CJ. Read Nikko and mr. Smith are all kind of on the outside looking in. With this rotation. It is weird I would say it would giving me freshman expectation of this seemed like. We don't allow CJ to be a freshman like Mike is a different kind of freshman Jeremiah Tillman is a different kind of freshmen. I didn't say John today. CJ Roberts how does that play care soon I don't know if you are starting caliber player left but because he has a good report my gonna gore or John taking baby gets fourth deceleration is that he has the benefit of the doubt he's supporter guy yeah. Honor reporter whatever they've recovering and then he doesn't really seem like you want to take a lot of shots which like I think there's enough guys on this team that wanna shoot yeah that they could use somebody that comes in with the mentality I don't care bus or four point tonight if I can get my 56 assists play good defense and be on the floor I'm content with that. Which that's kind of the vibe I got at times from Blakey got a head is out of control going delayed. But to me summits is kind of reprogramming from high school love. Made a lot of this stuff because he does that little one or flip through the lane is not going to work at the level consistently yeah video high school. Yeah it's funny you bring that little flick up has been used and that's in the Kansas game on the coach browse like. What is he doing Mattingly blocked twice he was like he was like dragging it almost like he was like so slow wanted that they knew what was coming up. Arm I I agree I think he's more like a Phil present type where you'll see more assists than points on most nights. But they need offense at that position too or just because the have all these other guys are somewhat having a bad idea to be able to rely on that position to get them a few points I think that's what Terrence is issue was under Kim was that he. Saw more offense than. Creating. Commits only dumb fouls to me like that's an access problem with tears though I'm on your side without him we we all of his gonna happen against Iowa State. He's gonna have one stupid bounty jumps up and delegates believe they call it reached. Eighty feet away from the basket you more stop them out there's anything I could reprogram out of them it's bad stop regency. Yeah he was when he when it looked like it was gonna hammer Blake to be the starting point guard he had a hits of that call it puts maybe like a better defender like more athletic violent. The better shooter which is like is true what he also mean only shot like 35% three and cash or shoot the shot 41% or three live far less talent around a huge difference I mean likes of if your biggest thing go on for you is like why can shoot from the point guard position like this guy can shoot wave batters though like. I think it makes sense the other hand and to and cash and said that when he plays point there's lot of ball screens form a job there Mike and I mean and and that in theory sounds really good because in the view you can't really you have to go over on the screen and like if you focus too much on him taking a quick threes and like. Our views are too slick too late to switch like one of those guys in the scores solemn and make sense. But I'd eyes don't team. Terrence is role of. Alex ago excellent point you made earlier about Cassius is what surprised me. Is. It was amazing to be how quickly could get a shot off then he had an inch of space he was pulling up or one dribbles that. Brain yeah I think I haven't had a guy they can get their shot off as quickly as that fit. I don't know all the time he's gonna be got it's gonna really gets a couple of draw a lot of fouls but they give the slightest screen for it's not. Yeah. Is this fight is that's how the roll call and then we're was recruited to be was this knockdown shooter this three point specialist. And I was well out against Kansas just like you were saying I thought he was getting out quick. And he if he had a guy hand in his face Hewitt take a step back key. He looks the part of the three point shooter that's why creditors to see I thought before we found yesterday he was sort of point guard that he'd be good for. 1213. Points a game with you know 34 threes I'm curious to see how to get him involved in the offense while he's running the point just because. I think he's the second most important newcomer to this scene. That's not name Michael Porter because she EG add some that they haven't had on any team. Even some Afrique slicing it and have really not the way Jabari brown joins Clark's was inconsistent but. We are Anna burger though it yeah for me yeah yeah he would file from any words of gravity could he would yeah he was trigger happy for our guard anybody now but calm on the images says. Didn't have added. Their criticism. But I just think that. He's so imports them offensively they have to find a way and that's why calling could be a key parts and if you start does that. There's a fun way to get cash involved offensively while the try to crate for the other guys. I think that tests gonna play L like I mean nuns in Britain is what he'll play a lot even when he's now I'm quicker like he's gonna because doesn't sound like his. Based on the back in the he's still practiced in the force I think he's my Blake behind Mike my most minutes on this team it's a Jeremiah the other candidate in general as it is financial too. I was literally just about to ask you about Jeremiah about what do we think is that they problem that plagued them all season or something that. Seems to dissipate throughout the course of the season to get 7013. Minutes sees. A maze like that's amazing sport authority and at cal state that's near and had the I don't it is 7013. Slight. Why what do something as they'll go port it was a maybe three of them were offensive fouls like us and goodness Griffin out to play aggressive high energy and they need you all the floor. I'd like to think as the season goes on and get better because O'Connell learned. How with the rest Cawley you know I've. I've seen a lot of big guys in high school I never talk and Johnson and Mike when they're high school about they said you know. Where the biggest guys on the floor we've it's taken us a volatile learn how the rest call and how they see it. I think he's going to be similar for Jeremiah as. Shall learn what he can and can't get away with and over the course of the year they'll get better and better and maybe yes and foul trouble early on. You're betting me I wouldn't. Touch your right out I don't losing money but I think as the season goes on it'll be set and he gets better out of that'll be completely controlled but it'll get better. Over under ten Afghans who fell about. Ten after a third of their eight. I'm anonymous coming close I was gonna say I'd I'd I'd like to push. Yeah yeah I've been I'm gonna go I'm gonna go under but of the close it's funny originally about the rest that is that he's he's a funny guides their minds when the so lastly is it was a just a matter of like you know you're gonna music college routes and stuff. He has Israeli plane is late not thought out a lot of high school yeah. That's right and my question. Cica. They caught college basketball some differently in the beginning of the season that I feel he always takes college basketball until late December maybe after Christmas break. To really just. I would guess a lot of those foul outs column in the nine time again bows out against Mercer yet how Vatican's U talk like you but I doubt it in Orlando. And then around conference play when they allowed more physical played it happened the dangers changes in conference play I think that's who will start to see you. Correct itself yet funny much next you talk about Johnson a year earlier. I think for jobs his development like she's gonna need to play more cans like the Wagner's the Emporia states. Stephen F Austin Austin on Khan John imply Alec Green Bay Green Bay exactly as I mean obviously through my season ticket anyway I thought I was I'm not going to India yeah so I don't funny Cuba so take those tickets violent but I'm being a watch him what Stephen F Austin on the news yeah thanks but I think that those will be the games that they'll play Johnson in the other guys more because. They don't really need Jeremiah for those games and I think those games are more crucial for John to his development. Then they offered Jeremiah Lee Kara tsuboi terrorists who got their properties beginning in the yeah I'd like it district issue like rights for your receipt to sound like a realistic or not play a whole lot during conference play. Many insurers and plan against Green Bay yeah now Tony dishonest or it doesn't need to be playing in the second half of the if not 25 against Mercer. With five minutes ago might need to sit next to coach it is the BC's John Roberts and running your office you normally would give them. In game XP yes exactly that's that's why I was into I think the non Tron games that we expect before forty point blowouts maybe even higher for some of these scenes. I think that has to be taking care of the guys out of the rotation and CJ Gaza death for development purposes. But it. I think for jobs may be more Q and Jeremiah just because he's seventeen he needs he's already playing catch a and those will probably be is better games does he still better than any thing that John has probably been an a for your senior right now at like a lower. But he's got to grow into some of that and distance a kind of get a feel for the college games I think I think goes the games just see him play the most and. Expect our expectations in conference SEC. We all agree Florida will be better than them. I assume Kentucky and Texas and Nim is probably deteriorated under with a cellphone all of them are trying not yet not born in our house I thought I had to go play this season in that might really be at the 3 teams I am a 100%. I'm not sure Arkansas a 100% better than Missouri. Once we go down the line I think the only three teams as of now you can say Kentucky Florida and Texas Stadium outside of that I think fourth place and yes he's he's very wide open. Author of rumors like talked and I've seen sleep very good I mean I think this team could be attachment yeah I really I have one of the two media votes for the SEC creases of poll and the precinct team. I really struggled with it they're picked fourth were they were picked fourth I think I had a fifth or sixth behind Alabama at this was free concerts and is that would have bumped them up on a finding that. But it's such. After though if the Kentucky Florida and an am. It's so wide open a South Carolina the final four team last year while they lost a lot but I I really like Frank Martin I wouldn't sleep on him. Arkansas brings a lot back they have like 45 seniors which is really rare power five college basketball. Conference these days. They always have something good. Missouri I'd like to think is better than a few of those schools. But at the same time it's just it's so it's so a Mississippi State brings a lot back. It's so why Ellis she was the only team I feel confident saying they'll be in the cellar this year I really can't. All over all of our I don't know how an effort Qaeda operative topic about Auburn yeah I ought to resign and do this yeah I forgot about them but. After that almost brings back like four starters from last year and Andy Kennedy yours doesn't resort to its and there are picked like tenth in the conference it's. It's so wide open after that those top three or four spots. That you don't like I think fifth makes the most sense right now because of that by. Nothing would really surprise me out in the pre season team how struggling the pick those guys to. I completely forgot about Robert Johnson on NM from our trees and a fellow Canadian you could have been a lottery pick. They have so much history I think he suspended for a few games to buy. There is there's just it's such a different year for the lead like three years ago I ask you name it. Florida Kentucky. And anybody yeah this year is if they could be a five to six bit Leo think Lennar a dollar for undergo a complete government favored a lot back. It's it's it's ridiculous. You know I I was does that mean I think I think they're probably do finish. Round fourth or fifth but it's I mean and Ike you know like. As a young team you can see them discount lose some of those random games tour veteran teams like moments on the road like random February or something like that. But I think this thing is six badly. I think the app that's what you want the hassle that I had that there was no team in the that I thought didn't belong yeah Alabama maybe now you have been blood I think they some have enough experience maybe sneak in there. Others as awesome treat those like Bruce trolls jobs in jeopardy froehlich. Not cooperating in the investigation but I think it should be in jeopardy regardless. People across its like I thought you tweet that the FBI I think is that everybody so crazy B yeah. If you played countless dogs you get police like you knew what happens when you get tired of his world at your colleagues like there was something shady shady into time that the one glove like how is anyone surprised that something she eighties at around the world. I was a big in this couple days ago. Actually worked out for Missouri as I remember I really want it in the higher bid Allen. It into working out and they didn't hire an Allen like I know you get the sludge which was the key players that era. And a better I I'd much rather have console Morton have been Allen right now. It worked out that that it didn't hire Bruce Pearl and a lot of misery as one of borrow at their coaching situation in my that it took years to get to eventually work itself. Yeah and this you know fans wanted to Tom cream which was. I was around country yeah I was really realistic though was it I mean I was if TIMI I thought you could make a lot of reasons why they should hire him. The whole thing about him engines there not you know and an M two very different styles how they operate I thought definitely could've been an issue. I don't want console first well I'll order for it. I thought the console was a good hire I didn't think he was a great hire a yes I thought Tom cream was a great hire. What scared me most about console and we'll see god plays itself out and a lot of my concerns were alleviated. Just during the way the talk your him higher corn domain and mincing them against you my question what console is where all of the basketball is changing. It not been seeing 6559. A whole lot of college basketball anymore like if you can't score in the seventies and eighties in today's college basketball you don't have a chance. Count those teams normally haven't scored. This seems seems like it has an opportunity or ability to score points. That gives you HE it's which makes me aren't I I've changed my opinion on the higher if they're gonna be. Upwards to your offensive team in college basketball. Yeah I agree he's ever on those cons the defense of guy which is is fine but it's kind of like. Why people aren't big fans university Virginia right because a they win games like I think they don't get in the seventy's much the usually sixties in the fifties because it's a defense oriented and that's not really the way the game's going and I agree that that went consulates and I thought it was a good hire not a great hire. But I think Kim being from the area has really proven to be a huge assets I mean Missouri's. Loaded right now for in state talent between nineteen. They did very well it's funny eighteen this is a program historically that will be here all Day-Lewis in the guys that left the state. To go elsewhere. And if Vick just keep some of those guys that can be consistent top 25 team so. I I think it's kind of all worked out as well the fans alike Gregg Marshall that was ever happening if Greg Washington and I was like eight million from Alabama like there's a way they're gonna get him. But. I would've done I would have done incredible things in my tiger fund scholarship donation pathetic. That I was a thousand bucks and love. Right Marshal all that I would have been an incredible tirelessly over the creating a little bit I know you were departments who you know little about this during talked about rainy. I'm sure it was her fans wanna know likely as they get raining we'll start with that in the end who you're thinking next big recruited because that's in nineteen class is so important. Well I have a story in the works actually about the throwing ninety pleasant there's no like can't miss guy. That is no Michael Porter in the area for Tony nineteen. Right now with everything we know about the uncertainty the point guard situation. On the to put the chance of getting rated better than 50% just because. The position such a mess right now are originally set out the courtroom is any just a missive from what I heard because of all the depth they have the position. By a court hearing me now it's like you grit trash that's ever played point guard in his life. To run the point for you this year because. Sure he could have Johnson and Jeremiah best critic exceeds an eight hour here should be backed mr. per doesn't seem somebody who's going anywhere yeah bit like. If they get the point guard opened the audience don't they could be this year there's the have a chance to be a decent tournament team next season with a good he. Yeah so I'd say I'd say better 50% right now because. It was in you in Villanova. I've heard him this was her organs of your state which I Dana Altman I think is on the underrated coach in the country armed. They would they would scare me for I was in the zoo palm Villanova organist Jimmie just as their history with point guards. And a tremor the other school I think I heard a little Georgetown for some reason I don't know. The master boot record here yeah but yeah and that could change to his courses he's as honest coaching changes. Guys declare for the draft. They're good at depending upon how late he waits he can have anyone he wants. Ask for their next big recruit I'm gonna say EGU Adele who's also from what I've been told their top priority between nineteen. They've done a good job on him he was their resume madness. Everyone tells me it's a crime how low he's rated on all the recruiting systems. And people have told me he's got a could jump bomb borderless from the zoo gets off to a hot start I think they can really. Maybe get him to commit early and really go the class or on him which would be huge in my wrong for already having Mario McKinney in their lives when I look at it I guess I'm stunned to arm he's visit like a time is ready I'm told. There are not as high on him as as people think. And it's Asia is an eight. Well I consult. It's I'd I'm not an idea and they have rocket Watson you know we talked to my comment either trying to get by yes she's a visit tomorrow he would be you know try an issue of Lebanon as a disorder have in the works and drop on these plugs sorry but. But expect coming out so there so yeah yeah Sato and dot com but. Rocco watts is coming in this weekend and is also tip I would DJ carton who their really high answer there's. I would be surprised they took two point guards patrolling nineteen as of right now with technically Dyson Terrence at the graduate. My answer we'll change from earlier in the season just from what we've talked about them. Trouble with the position. But. I can see that take into those guys to McKinney could play off the balls too but I don't think. Few weeks ago I would pass limit has commit now I'm on the little shaky re ultimately call the kid from summer I think they have a very good chance it DOJ bought tickets doing double duty as he just signed yesterday he's from bill on his childhood differently Jay McDowell. He was a good pick a plan to begin with and then they send some frustration to a post great year and he's now like boys with Emily called. I calmly called and molest his promise if restore he said like Jamont and I are guys solve. I think there's a chance that they get Paula Dow McKinney. And after that they might go to Michigan or some Morales Hollander was to commission at a very high on. But I think there's a chance those of the three main Ledell McKinney and hall of the three main area guys they get for 2018 net 2090. I kind of feel like they pick pick it up because they know he comes with somebody yes I know that all deal eyes that's got high whether it. Whether it was to helmet whether it was still quite a knows the best pick icu good bye. If you want me you've got to take him yeah or they think all right pick it can help get us wolf will eat his scholarship. But he gets us one of these other guys that we end up. Pick it gets you both. He deserves a second that. Not that like he brought in those guys are both top sixty recruits is so getting him help you get both those guys like. It's like Michael Porter Judy obviously helped them get John to even though forget they've hired to doubt that but. I don't know if I remember guys that helped them get a school at Missouri now like a blue going to do Kentucky I don't know if I've ever seen. A kid that what he was at bottom of the you know top 100 top fifty rankings a kid that lowly ranked. Bring in guys that Heidi Erickson again it's not too blue chips you know entitlements under tell moments IQ is underrated dad I'll tell them drive I usually top fifteen time because he plays hard which schools alive he. He dropped a bit but I think if ticket yet ticket. I think that you deserve immunity from Missouri fans for however he plays he can throw the ball the other team I forget them hall and and McDowell. Yeah yeah like like who cares what you got to give the F five sort of a game I think what he brought like. Like yeah he deserves immunity if you get if you Yeltsin get the both of them. Yeah saluted job let's in this with this air will kick it to you first bold prediction for the season. Pulled prediction for the season although personally driving your my television second team policies. Let's run I think he could I. State by January. She might just have things figured out what I want to get your game and I didn't we all I think all blizzard may have an open with a watch were put a lot of stock in that one game. According to be Roy Hibbert. If you look like a guy that average eleventh in the seven rebounds a block high energy the second team policies which. My hero like Georgetown or Hemmer jointly can I have bill. Like you know likely came roaring every Israeli air I never. And also they cash in his country and there for a percentage. I mean I don't know if that's super out of a tank but I mean like he's going to be open so much liked and soft and I really fascinated to see how like these these ball screens of and a week ago I mean if it's him based. Like Barnett to the Spiegel lenders under screen on an issue that's going in via. Arm. I'm good at that too far that it's a throw on ball I'm gonna say caches. Leads the SEC Unisys is that it Terrence. And im gonna say he comes close to averaging a double double between assists and points. Oh. On all non cash. I can tell you got any that you wanna plug it got something he'd blow the I this story is mixed tape three articles what do you log in now what is her answering the day of the director of player development for the team partners is like Kansas these guys all the best friends and they're like. Three. It is in my favorite yet yes he's been yeah he's been like. That's from the Congo forever so discount stores relic and the importance of having someone who is like. He can really trust as counts repairs for the serve like high pressure year because he's really never coached the team wins the sort of expectations that he has. This season so the council like that and he could go like stars in the zoo face of Major League like somebody election as romance columns like this is a comebacks last zoos around Casey's arsenal like that which of that. The lies that we do we're trying to undergone a set time I think of is if I forgot time once football's over in this now overlaps of their abilities Cleo which I do one once a week. I'm Wednesday's pricing activist and rotating locations between apartments they know which part of it. Let them know that makes perfect sense well I appreciate talking to you guys best looking 22 years old. I got like real bright futures in the inaugural I was young and promising and I'm almost thirty and it's over for the glory years that the success or out of your window. Let's access to you guys out for us tomorrow going to be and it's going to be a heck of a weekend we're going to be pretty busy it's going to be it's going to be a lot calcium pills so for a football game will three neglected to discuss with a and that's again you know again you gotta get the full all people a lot of credit. With a first fifteen potter fans get tickets at the Kentucky basketball game. Brilliant marketing for it from Missouri football. She's. Props to Diaw for that caused both he does do it Bolton. Yes yes I I think. Look at the rest of their schedule I have body tell me that they think Missouri could hang even more points on Tennessee than they did on Florida he covers Tennessee Tennessee's. At this point they have to make a bowl game because it's so winnable for them. Anything short would be a disappointment now. I think that I think they have to make a bowl game debate amicable game bitter go to his job is back on the table like out there right now it's firmly on the promising he turned things around maybe you didn't extension that you you know the year arguable these mine without you rally the team turn things around we'll see you drew comes back exceed I think you'll come back next year. Senior year July with the offense healthy DeMarre Crockett layer roundtree they should be good again next year. If they visible game with a home game it says it was their double digit favorites especially the Arkansas game. That was the Arkansas physical. Exactly in our business and that won't care because their cause shall we thought an adrenaline. It was Arkansas SPF for him to lose his job I feel like you have to lose out it'd have to be like embarrassing. Like the losses just lopsided scores like what ms. due to the Florida last week I. I think he ends up being safe now I thought the vandal game was like the one game they could lose votes kennel we years now Michael weird to announce that the first of the two straight weeks on the road like they're the only T wolf I don't like you know seeing less rallies somewhat competent the beginning of the season even but now I'm in the way to put the the thing as a merger of forty into the defense a lot better. And I mean to vendor has a terrible urgency and so I've I think they've right. I would I think that there comes back next season I would just say if if this team missed the ball game and they fired Barry I can't be like you should've gave a more top. As the bowl game this year with all that. And he's right. Air force you to make a bowl game you know winds that yeah like if you can't win two out of three against the schedule that to me is a direct reflection of your coaching ability given. I had an additional one the obvious South Carolina game I think the DOC VO putts this to have their hair out all season. The way they got handled by Purdue menacing gazette ample opportunity to talk. They got hosed by the arrest they might out of deserve to win that game that it. The deserved a better chance women from the the one thing I'd say that was an if you look at the AP top 25 and football. There's not a team that like Toledo or a western Kentucky. That's having like a big year like if they are fired him I have no idea who the hire is like some talked about Mike Bobo maybe a Colorado stick Z knows the SEC knows necessary but. I don't think it's a year that there's like a ton of up and coming coaches professionally openings there and with yes Tylenol you know and and thinner sexier than Brazil you have to divisions gonna have coaching search I'm on team less miles. Yeah I our Condo market atlas the but my thing is less miles is underachieving at LSU with LSU talent. What does that mean you can do music I don't know seeping though it's like not it is yeah LO here I was he. And it is final result what he was under performing at Nebraska friend told the that there ought to look out at Ohio right until I would icons like Gregg Marshall college football team. Later some I don't tweet you can fire I don't know I was joking about that but no. That's Alex differ Aries this Odyssey does that add a matter with Kansas City where he has good barbecue that Oklahoma Joe's we're gonna try to make the rounds and Germany gates though. You've got to go to gates has not been able to go out of the gates because got to go to go for launch in the go to dinner. I'm big and accuse 39 Q today announced elective experience that's good it's good. That's Alec Schiffer Aires we got to here.