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Sunday, July 22nd
Host Sports Machine Sean Levine gets into the Royals win streak.  Tiger Woods is making some noise in the open and fantasy football seasons right around the corner. 

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Okay. Good war against us and welcome back in our number two of the practice squads in the wheels crossed that. Sounds on the sports machine here on the be. Taking your dual thinks pregame show. Royals baseball for it set for 115 royals and twins chipper out Kansas City. You may have put those. Always somewhere in the rods. In the garage somewhere in a closet. Considered the royals have had a sweep this entire season every other team in baseball eyes. This will be the first time I should say I wanna discount to the second time this year the royals win. They have won three games in. Is that come baby years. Completely ruining this for every. Opposite you urging that this I'm not I want people to bring out their rooms and thoroughly excited for the second half this season and I think that they might win older games. Look we all know how baseball feels about the superstitions and such you don't talk about you talk about the no hitter here you go talking about this week. You're just you're just turning foresaw. It's crazy thing that we've on this or into this season without a sweep with a team on the winning three games in a row one time. I don't think the second at the season's going to be as bad as difficult to watch lists and other records going to be awful. I did some math the royals to go four games over 500 the second half the season and not lose 100 games. I'm gonna sit in the rose up to go four games over 500 the second at the season not to lose a hundred games. Letting go and even though there it's good start two or two. Ago. It's probably not going to happen are probably going to end up losing a hundred games. There on paced moves closer to a 115 games which would be by all work the worst record in franchise history I've had a few people ask me is this the worst worlds team that he never member. I'm a lifelong Kansas City and I grew up on old royals stadium and the height he'd beautiful GA seats. Watching mark who was on bill put Kuroda and Terry Shumpert and Kurt stillwell and nick Reynolds I've seen some crappy. I've seen some relevant baseball when they get Chico leaned. My parents threw a party formed because I was so excited I've seen some bad royals baseball it's easier to point out you think the best team of all time is. The old times and tell you it was 77. My dad and tell you it was 198085. I believed it was World Series team in 2015. It's easier to have that argument. The best worlds team of all time is in the war of worlds team or the because they're a lot more options for the worst worlds to. And there's a period in the early two thousands where they lost a hundred games for years in a row and finished in last place. Is this team worse than those I don't know what they're remind me a whole hell of a lot of them. Your almost positive and now I'm bringing myself out. They're two of the second season bring your brooms out Kauffman Stadium the game starts at 115 I'd love to see. 40000 brooms out their sweeping away the Minnesota Twins this afternoon your thoughts 9135767610. Per project girlfriend as Philly techs like an open. Until noon at 69306. Nights pitching match up. Is Helen Keller and Brad Keller vs Jake Hillary's. A former royal taking on or oil may be. No longer going to be here because I think some teams will all become after the services of Brad Keller some teams are probably come out for the service as of June is somebody's obviously don't want Mike while not as. You would think in the next ten days before the trade deadline somebody comes after my stock is somebody might be interest in four days later. Danny Duffy is the one that he's a stock buy low sell high and his stock is as high as it's been in Kansas City and all the time. Out of the gates any doubt he was terrible disease is flat out a little. Trouble against. Or eleven of his last all starts have been called start if you're ever going to ship him away the question is one. Five years 65 million dollar to give a couple of seasons ago do you wanna let that play out. You wanna see if that ends up being a good deal right now I would say. Not so much in two out all the world's going to be relevant again or any of his contract going to be up that point because if so. If you believe like I'd that the royals rebuild is significantly further away than some others would like to indicate. You for a lot of people were on the water cooler out of Kauffman Stadium. I'm his microphone. Talk about twenty to one point 11. Some people say forty to 41 point 240212022. Lot of Ortiz is on the world's going to be relevant. A three or four years from. I mean to be Debbie downer Otis at a more to be negative on the royals. I'm trying to be positive they're to a no best team in the second half baseball so for. But on the same. It could be a whole lot longer. When your Clinton. Or the team's road and once and that's scary years ago considering how bad day between 1986 and 2014. That's rules fans are different breed. That's also why they will spend showed out the way they did. When the royals got good in 20142015. Nobody got the birdies every got the penance every dog has wells collar of his license plate as the world's World Series champions around it. They poured that was because it's a baseball town with great fans part of that was because baseball's been so bad for so long. The just like anything like Cuban starving given eaten for a week. And eat that everything at the defect. I think that's a royals fans were it was so bad for so long and I think there's some fear from the royals fans. But yeah they were really good and was released on an exciting and entertaining and really turn around the infrastructure of our city between 2000. And when they get glue of the play of 500 or 2013. Through 2000 and that's when the when the world sinners because before this he's the last two years they are pretty average. It was only a 45 year period as good as it laws. As great as it became as much as it or around our entire city and optimism of people going to work for an entire week. Is pretty short period of time in the grand scheme things debate about how bad organization was between 86 and 2014. And how bad potentially that could be going toward the scary thing is this. They've got the second world record in baseball or girls actually worked record as Abbott. The world don't have the worst record in baseball in more than the second worst record in baseball means that don't have a lot of talent at the big. What's scary is that by most accounts an octopus on the commonly expert the world's also one of the worst monthly organizations in baseball. So how does that add I was never very good at math I'd take it three times that case you would print guy cheat my way through the third. But how might miss the match to Boston doesn't add up before. Two plus two adds up the one. Or six it's not make any sense to get the second world record in baseball suitable towns big. One of the worst monthly organizations. Powell for five years down the road are going to be good. I just don't see I do think that the chiefs can make one move that make them really go. Thomas earlier this week. Came out Seattle Seahawks long time safety four time all pro and it was Super Bowl. Still the prime of his career. Came out and said I think a lot of people consider Earl Thomas and they're tired at the two best safeties in football right now that's an argument but the bulk top. Earl Thomas came out and said if you're not gonna pay me Seattle trade me. I think that gives achieve two really good options one. Taken for a year. He's pissed off. He's in a contract season he wants to perform instead of coming into the season with huge question mark on the defensive side out of the biggest question mark the chiefs have. Their secondary heading into the season. You lose market leaders partners coming off another injury don't really know what you haven't and the reports of a lot of unknowns at that level of the defense. You turned negative and positive you a term concern and it's up and not worry about it all go get Earl Thomas for. The Gannett the trade away either. Ready made and a fellow player someone that you distracted. All bleak multiple hot for export all work. But to me it's worth even at a one years and are. Academy your head into the season with a secondary of Kendall polar air there and Earl Thomas. K now I'm not quite as worries was that. Tree with me here. The chief didn't pay market speeders. The reason Mark Peters is a Ramon Matta chief has nothing to do with ending a malcontent in college. Nothing do with the personal fouls. As the chief. Nothing to do with. His tears during the Tennessee Titans game that stuff. It has everything to do with the fact she saw the writing on the table but they were going to be able to pay him what he's war and they were proactive instead of react. At an update I got some some breaking news story on. Men are no garlic tiger he's now tied for fifth while he dropped real quick I've under right now. I try to tell you that's the thing about Tiger Woods he's he's called what shot back or toys but right now. His entire career I said earlier the most dominant between the years guide already at his opponent beat for the match even took place. Tiger Woods won. Mike Tyson's at least in in my upper Roger Federer appear to have. Okay it can't I would but. Think about where he's been actually being in the last what's have been almost a decade now. No majors that easily won as he didn't want you won't want ran term and at some point last Emeril is like a major event wasn't. He's done missile. Where he's. Kind of been relevant during the term it may be taken a lead maybe he's been in the top five these look like old Tiger Woods you give us an update the top of the account which is only ten minutes ago that says the tigers got the lead and all the sudden. He's back of violent but all of them that's when job back don't want to back those four guys there there's a post a confused me. Is one shot back in fifth place but. It oh Scott's account math problem we're talking that golf's got some rules of war and Dustin Johnson. I'd grounded the ball did ground the ball major. That is soccer they don't still count all they don't have relegation they don't have high is they don't stoppage time. It's not as bad as soccer I don't know what I'm a soccer I would argue it's got some weird rules coming up next go back inside the mind of the machine and after that. The point that I mitigates. This came out earlier this week. On espn.com. Of the top ten players under the age of 25 in the NFL the chiefs have. On that list but the about the guys who can tell you who it is. After we go inside the mind of the machine on six to portrait. So yeah. It. Oh. This is my good care of itself isn't gonna. You move him to go through I mean this is one of my go to I grew up on this girl when. All childhood memories my friend I drove on multiple meals for us videos doctor Saunders. Welcome back into the practice squad who will sponsor as sports machine here on would be consistent portrait you know. And being heard all over the world on line. At the radio dot com apps so you know. You know the guy actually had this happened yesterday it was a nice day out finally had a day off the radio. And so do limited to agers and let the west for the bloody money or votes were clever and are a couple of girls that are important back and forth in these girls and I'm fired terrain. Believe or not. Or precipitation going on that she's panel I can mean not the best guys and get real excited about this issue is really good girl player pop shop on. And they and my body's steps in the and made what I thought was a funny joke. And he clowns on me and I told the girl. About how I thought I was gonna make eighty on the pop shop machine she wasn't watching these I came back and older white lie but I made 83 and my body goes. You didn't do it ended 42. No that's called it's called a blank. Block you know I'm talking about right on the dollar because sometimes these girls are blank ease that's Tiger Woods is due to. Is becoming a blank tees where he may give the indication that he's going to actually. Win something he's going to win a major he's going to be relevant but the in the night due to going home. It was a hell of a transition and it prob wouldn't you think that's Julio on the sports machine will be here it's old news and an expert Dan and it's royals baseball but right now. Let's go back inside the mine. The machines. Lunar. It's like on our yeah you're great week and most of them are stay out of trouble. All right the lakers signed former wildcats Michael Beasley. To a one year contract is he running is media running mate LeBron has been missing. We'll bronze ruling may at one point was booby Gibson and was good in them that drew out and was later used. And he's played with a lot of crappy guys as second fiddle. At this for urgently they went and got the bronze. And they surrounded him where. She would do Lance Stephenson. Do and the war to build a Rajon Rondo missed he had his love the island. And now. Michael Beasley so that's the roster that you put around the best player in the world doesn't make any sense although superstars clearly. In his career. Don't wanna with a broad street exit today. Irving exhibit. A bunch of free agents a widely honored. Tom DeMarcus Cousins that could've signed the lakers after LeBron committed in not one of them is even considered it. So I think what's going on superstores like like LeBron James exception to the rule I think Dwyane Wade and wait waited or in the championship it was in this establish superstore. Unlike fiery opening unlike some of these other guys so. I'm surprised that none of these guys locked elegantly with LeBron James I think Michael Beasley is going to be a really national player. These. You can always underperform considering he's a second pick of the NBA draft averaged 47. In college. He did shoot 50% from the pew master thank you will be good war abroad LeBron James. LeBron James. A Milwaukee's Milwaukee Brewers. All Penner Josh later as made some recent racist in such comments. His first game back from the all star break I got a standing ovation. Yeah that was weird. Odd to believe that people deserve a second chance sometimes the social media especially because it's not like gators coach these comments this week this month this year they were old. Does that make it right now. But there's a lot of stuff we have done in the past or younger there's a lot of stuff that we said this problem with the Internet and Twitter. It's not written in pencil it's three in that. Once it's there even though you can technically. A lead it doesn't go away somewhere and find especially if you're famous athlete the timing was back. You never make the all star game be on the mound it's your career moment here in Tiger Woods watching it's all exciting feeling great. And they get to the Doug you find out that the worst moment of your life has become public so the timing was awful. Good to Milwaukee fans as a whole and it's something for 40000 people to decide to give the guys standing ovation. I was impressed by that I don't completely. That's a terrible luck if you asked me not to mention I don't really feel sorry for Josh cater to people who are sorry for him I think there was a second chance and I think that. The brewers fans realize they need this guy they're actually good baseball team this year and sometimes as sports fans we separate. How good guys are as a player from how good the guy actually I mean I'm off for second chances but. All star break was this week that it just that little bridge that deficit Conosoga. Us it's Super Bowl the top selling Jersey in the NFL is that of an old big like that right. How much does surprise how much is the surprise you and when's the last time you wore Jersey on public. I wound. Three. I've got co primary polls greens that they Jersey. Editor our teachers have got to Paul Pierce futures. I've I'm too old in my particular time that I Wear jerseys but for some reason I go to Las Vegas all our sisters and my apple chargers Vegas is the place to awareness is ahead. Just out and selling jerseys since the suitable enough though. This is shocked. Number ten under par would expect that number 90 bill Beckham but the higher number eight Jimmy your out. They got its porn stars and entered stills and number seven is the only surprise six Aaron Rodgers by actress got up before selling it he got never play. Take one more. And then through the tough re eagles' quarterbacks. Number one mention holes number of course and went number two no shocker number. And you're done at the college basketball experience earlier in the week. To order the top five best college coaches today. That's the freezer record this could be. And their districts and got some real strong faith in here and you're shooting abilities don't you if you saw my jade you wood to 44 free throws made. In sixty seconds credit I think. If they re set that record every single morning when they'll look at machines but that's really neither here nor there. For towards workers it was SPL dame which in for John Blake would be. Well since Brad Stevens is no longer college coach I'd see him underrated John Beilein. Craig Marshall probably make the top five but if you get your top ten those guys obvious. It'll crack in my top five John cal ports but I think he's a great recruiter and all time Kruger. Probably not the top odd as coaches here's my list. Number five bill cell. Number for Tom Izzo and to me those guys the most energy. It kind of seemed consistently win plays in the NBA go to final four but only got that one national championship. Numbers story. Earl he's won two national title Jeter right. Number two Roy Williams as good as Bill Self has been at Kansas. Don't look now Roy has won four national title since he left you're at North Carolina and number one. Still kept it was that. You probably never at the show was Paul Hogan family. As I had zero arrests as a kid actually tried out for the organ or mental ward parkway mall five years old. It's there. But it may. I don't know man here in the Henderson David with a giant what does it what. You consider him and we'll explain. On. The affair and it must be. But the worst idol I was actually has a solid total. My total texted a bench. My family actually years a lot of like we grew up. On the same white trash you know we kinda did like the Conner family rose and old war. The four men Amway. From That '70s Show. Given the choice I think I'd be part of expect. I wanted to wanna will Smith's. Cousin what's next. The second half of the baseball season is underway for better or worse which teams were the biggest first surprises. For better. Oakland. Opened the games under my real name every Oakland is where right now. Like. It at all Phil abolish Stoller at all today the way I'm not sure so. How these thirteen games over 500 that. In the National League the fact that the Washington Nationals. They've paid match hers 200 million dollars big page Stephen Strasburg 175. Million dollars that's 40% of your rotation. And their 48 in 49. So for the bad it's got to be a Washington Nationals. Next. The Rockies also eight games under 500 and put that same acts as we did the eighties all signal they're not all of the board. We don't remember rocky squared him I'm gonna go with blanket. You are. That's the last we'll these it was a big weekend for sequels at the box office as mama mean to Ramallah me because. You are just insane today equalizer too and unfunded you've ever heard that all hit the theaters. Where the five movies are movies you wish they had made sequel to not insane how is on the last night that's that explains that that's what. The premise for a sequel estimates and which is line that speed to. Tell me that there's a bomb on the Bosnia drive 55 miles now don't know between devolved all the drama and that happens again. I'm sorry I'm not gonna go sit through two more hours to watch it just. It was on a boat that wasn't a wasn't about about an order will props to them OK then how about this Paul Malone to delete your kid at home once. And then you take a vacation UV hit a home and are you are you really throwing (%expletive) on home loan too because I feel like that as one of the very few series where the second was almost as good if not. Better than the first yeah Donald Trump problem. He was he's got that cameo in the hotel. Some of those parents what type of what some slack is my second chance if we got a sandwich that's that big and you beat her kid home wants to travel to France that's McCutcheon some slack what do. If you take a vacation next in the New York. You need to pace child protection services. The word that sequels deed they're under some movies that would make it equal ET payers who they'll. Tell Roger Rabbit. The biblical force don't do now. Fried chicken. Curled Chia curled shrimp fried shrimp. Buffalo's rentals are sure about shrimp scampi was that there was no chicken projected just right above Adam's trip company got a company says the confirm her be that big as baseballs to. Duties to that fight club that note beetlejuice that. Thank god they did an intimate equals all of those except for that's who goes on sports machine show on the beam coming up next my fancy football draft exactly one month away. Are all rudder on the corner as well. There's no load the Kansas City Chiefs record is yet dot com pre season and oh. Yeah how low they all. And I've gotten sleepers or coming up next right here on the practice sixty sports. I. Coming up yeah that time it takes like three point shot. That's when I take my shot at the third biggest points of the ratio. Welcome back massages towards she'd show on the Venus is the practice squad. On six tends portrait he would be heard of the world on the radio dot com apple might sign off at noon big takes over its pregame show. And and it's royals baseball coterie vs Keller won 151 pitch walls and with us that your brooms Kansas City. The door and for us we trying to win three games in a row for the second time this season didn't catch that started at 150 right here. On six against portrait which Internet Julio to rooted for them all about positive it is Sunday morning. So protects union though on the pet projects growth service protects line at 69306. They're very upset with the US. What TV family but to be a member of 16 hound the hell did you not go with the bondage on. Two shifts I'll pull I didn't draw opening very Bundy. Like fame and a bloody in college did you let. The state you know me and get a whole collection of sites and one of them was called blood. Yet bud Bundy when poll old Jackson. Tell the story wrote the blog is. I keep going but I want. Let's get back into it gets the cheese before talks in Tennessee football because espn.com came out with their list of top ten players under the age of 25. The list doesn't surprise me too much the fact that she's had two guys on it did and I was even more shocked when I found out the pack from Holmes was not one of those guys. Other and full of quarterbacks in the league right now under the age of 25. The Shawn Watson got the most votes spores experts. They could pick any position epic beat any player position under the age of 25 it went Watson. Off Marcus memorial to somehow was hurt even though last year he had sixteen touchdowns and eighteen picks. Fall by Patrick Holmes and then baker made those four as quarterbacks go young quarterbacks go. It seems like the national pundits agree with us he might not be the best young quarterback in the league given the choice I would still think the Shawn Watson. While we take your ball on the because. We've seen him do it in the NFL for a year and as much you wanna let the way to achieve trading up to the number ten pick to get here to get. Patrick Holmes. The rams traded up at or did they trade either way. You as the number one or eight year off so. I would probably still take him away and taken Marcus Moore go to I haven't seen baker made of those only two quarterbacks on the aged 25. Personally I would take over Patrick Holmes that's your golf and Shawn Watson but the team at their entire list. And there are two chiefs on the list number ten. Tyreke. Doesn't surprise me you're one Tyreke it was a glorified content kicker returner last year as g.'s fans I think there was a collective. I actually have something and then. This season the expectations or they take incremental improvement and I believe. It becomes a top five. That's right five wide receiver statistically by the end of the season for a couple reasons. One between one and year to there was huge improvement which makes me think that's going to happen and you add. I got like Sammy Watkins opposite and looks and locked in a pretty average wonders if we problem that we've probably made it mountain out of bowl when it comes the one he's got 11000 yard season a career high 65 catches. And nine touched wheels rolled his career she's a pretty average wide receiver but he still by war. The best wide receiver that tiger still has ever played opposite. I think because of those things and sometimes when a guy as the Borg. But he's 510511. Like Tyreke yelled at not 65 like Dez Bryant or Calvin Johnson. And you're more in the mold of an Antonio Brown. We don't say that you're the best wide receiver in the league or top five wide receiver until two or three years after you already. Antonio Brown was probably the best wide receiver in football two years before you print. So sometimes that holds back Tyreke deal all's I'm not surprised that he came in as a top ten player under the age. Of when he fought here's the rest analyst number nine landing Collins. Number eight Mike Evans. Number seven Ezekiel Elliott human Ramsey Marchand Lattimore and that it got another chief coming in at number Horry. And that's Karine. No surprise running back position. What's crazy is that every team in the NFL passed up on him twice. Or one has never really gotten a fair shake and always done perform. He could have that there was a lot of division one schools that decided now. Org good. You got the size you got or got the speed got the steal a work with somebody else and he ended up playing football at brick and the lead. And it wasn't a first round pick was the second round pick everybody could pat him so he's always been day late or dollar short. Until this year when an adult on the recognizes him as the third best player under the age of one spot. The only players least according to espn.com. That are better and younger Chile boasts and Parker. I have no problem. As a matter fact by the number one overall pick in my fantasy football draft but it which takes place at the lid of the Ozarks exactly one month from today. A ticket Todd girl with the first. According to ESPN dot com's fantasy football pre season rankings at the running back position early number. Typically be on bill Todd early David Johnson is easier Elliott Alvin more than theirs and surprises. Rookie. Sick one Barkley comes in at number six a lot of people think this giants' offense is going to be great. I don't see. Noble and will team with an article last week it was title the best offense or for or personals and the entire NFL if the chiefs won in the giants to. To me that's Kris. If you're curious espn.com. Has careened on. As only the ninth highest ranked running back heading into the season. Spores the quarterback position. No shocker Tom Brady walked Aaron Rodgers Cam Newton. Work it's kind of surprising to meet. Horse and wins at number four hours thing about what it's one is coming off an injury in two as good as he is and certainly the future of that franchise. Re signed nick pulls and it pulls a Super Bowl champion quarterback. What you will or buy back up Sports Illustrated cover boy big Blake nick how do you wanna refer to him the guy won the suitable. So of course went struggles at poll. If he shows any sign of not paying 100%. They've got a pretty good option at back on in the touched arson wins. With a four for second round pick in fantasy football draft but Brady one Rodgers do. Newton three Wentz for Russell Wilson five here's work it's really adds. Andrew Luck six. Alex Smith set. Yes that Alex and I think somebody should probably tell those over espn.com. One he's got a new coach to get a new team three he doesn't have pirated kill Sammy Watkins Travis doce. And for a month. There is no way in HE double hockey sticks that Alex Smith is anything better this season. They middle of the road fantasy football quarterback. It's insane to think that espn.com. Has him ranked higher heading into the season and Ben Roethlisberger. Drew Brees the Shawn Watson. And Matthew Stafford. For the record Patrick Holmes is ESPN dot com's number well for a quarterback Eddie indices. Or the wide receiver position goes no big surprise Antonio Brown one who Jones to deal under hawkins' three. Keenan Allen for O'Dell Beckham comes in at number five it seems like it's been the same names at the top of the wide receiver Louis for fantasy football the last five years yet AJ green O'Dell Beckham. You've got Julio Jones you've got Antonio Brown as for some new blood. I retail. Only number twelve to me that's too low. Doug Baldwin numbers thirteen that's also too low and the Andrei Hopkins only comes in at number five by season's end. If the Shawn Watson does what he did through the first six games of the season last year before he got hurt. But that you'd be talking about Andre Hopkins statistically. They're the best wide receiver in the NFL tied aaron's. This is that aren't Travis Kelsey there should have been a cross over and took place this season. For some reason it didn't happen at least according to ESPN doc comes pre season fantasy football rankings or Rob Gronkowski is getting little long in the tooth. He's often injured. And Travis tells you should be coming into his prime not to mention Kelsey has been good but not great in the red zone why is that. Partially because of him mostly because of Alex Smith. One thing Alex did not like to do was throw interceptions one thing Alex really didn't like to do is throw interceptions once he got down inside toward. Patrick Holmes. You don't care it's gonna sling the ball around if it's a third down and the options are he gets sacked or knocked his team out of field goal range. Or just throws the ball up a 5050 ball travels dosage you're gonna see that a lot this season. So I think his numbers are going to go way up and frankly he's been more healthy throughout his career that Rob Gronkowski. They've got every single chief. At least in the case of Kelsey one spot to blow in the case of Tyreke you know the number well best wide receiver. It got hit seven spots to Korean haunt number nine running. About five spots so too we get some respect from these guys name. Coming up next. We put a bow on this bat I take my three point shot a final shot at the three biggest points of today's show coming up next on the practice six tenths portrait. Q so it yourself. It's a beautiful Sunday morning. Kansas City Royals baseball right on the corner burn excuse me. Speak takes over the life coming up in about ten minutes and its royals and twins as the royals go for race week to start the second half the season. Anyway. What ninety plus games without having this week in the first half of the season and here we all are. Only about to be the third game of the second half and the royals could remain on its feet. Brad Keller takes on G orderly she first pitch at 40115. Or right she. On 610s or radio Julio Sanchez for a change on the being taking you up. Until royals pregame Julio switch up the beach I'm about to take my three point shot my final shot. At the three biggest points of the ratio. First. I think we've board established at home alone two is the worst premise ever for a sequel it's one thing to lead your kids at home. One time in Chicago and go on vacation it's not good parenting don't get me wrong but they have a lot of kids in a lot of responsibilities in malls around it happens. I've never actually happened out assumed that it happens. What do you do it again. Don't deserved a sequel you deserve to go to child protection services. So the most important part of the sequel is the premise estimate sentence Paul Malone to. Doesn't make sense stores can't see chiefs don't. There's certainly a lot of unknowns earlier this week I made the point that. When Spencer air went down. That was the biggest blessing in disguise may be in the history of cheese ball on the history of the NFL this is commonplace. So the quarterback the won the suitable knicks bulls. Was a backup of course and wins the best quarterback in the history of the game Tom Brady was a backup to Drew Bledsoe. One of the better team teams in the chiefs have had in my lifetime if they would of golf with the back of enrichment and instead of Elvis or who knows. They were talking about nick pulls type situation for gain and he wins the super. I'm not saying I'm just saying in football guys it's ordered the game. We've been really lucky here in Kansas City at the quarterback position well. The back that. We haven't been really lucky at the quarterback position we've had really good running backs that really good tight end and that really good defense is this force the quarterback position and the wide receiver position goes. Compared to other franchises. It's been pathetic. Steve divert the same guys David Craig is seeing guys. Alex Smith is the same guys almost are. And I've seen this or before which part of the reason why I think the fan base is still excited right now. But when Spencer ware went down last fewer days before the season started. There was a collective all wrapped her throughout Kansas City remember Jamaal Charles had been your feature back six years before. He is now bronco. You would seem bits and pieces dispenser where he was good not great but he was good enough heading in the last season that you felt OK with all the other offensive weapons. When he goes down. And we find out that some third round pick out of Toledo named careened somebody. Ends up making the biggest difference on offense that was who would. Agree if he can do to get this season. You add Sammy Watkins. Pat almost obviously much more but balancing that Alex Smith ever wore it I'm not wanna say that the numbers offensively are going be what Dick from you was able to do. And accuracy is going to be the British of one or but I do think that they'll score more points than they did last year even if Patrick Holmes is only. At the game he's gonna tweak the offense a little bit and I think they're going to be much more vertical offense we've ever seen here and it is much. If that's Holmes is Mitchell Rubin is key or Nathan and Peter and then maybe this team on the wings fired. If he's the Shawn Watson or Ben Roethlisberger updates beat this team wins thirteen games. It was like these in there they went somewhere in between that's what Las Vegas says that third eight win football team when you start to break on the schedule. We'll be favored in about half their games at least on paper so in all likelihood we're talking about something's gonna come down the last game of the season at arrowhead. Against the raiders. To hit their old Iran. But reality check sometimes injuries. Or blessing in disguise and for the chiefs last year it Spencer ware doesn't go down were introduced occurring on the work I've been talking about an offense. This season the could put up thirty points per game. What a skirt that was the rest the division the stance is set on signed those not you it's me. When it comes the chiefs on the defensive side of the ball they've gotten now. I mean yet tech did it bring back aired there but who's to say that he comes back. The same way that he came back from cancer as a top five defensive player of the year this is now. Not just coming off of cancer coming off of a second leg injury I expect him to he's mentally tough as they come. But it's not a foregone conclusion. Your best defense lawyer is now on the rams Marcus dieters your leader is now on the raiders they're Johnson who knows what you're gonna get at a Justin Houston and the problem with that. Is every other team in this division has known commodities on that side of the ball. Talk about the defense of line with the chargers Ingram and boasts. That's as good as it gets and they get to the court if your make and scored a team and I can pick a defense of player I'm taking toll Mac he's in the division. The second defense of player taken off the board was Bradley Cha he's in the division to go along with bomb. So every other team in this division as a at least a two headed monster. And not only do that she's potentially. Not have much talent on the defense aside. Oh with an average offensive line they're going to have to protect Patrick Holmes begins Ingram post them Mac Miller Chubb and the rest of this division. My last thoughts on the Kansas City Royals what would it. They've won two games in a row. I'm the only optimistic when in the city apparently thinks this season because although I did it 41 games under 500 at the all star break. Warning you what some games out of first place of course I'm kidding. But it is exciting to think that there's some reason to watch this baseball team in the second half and here's why. One you can see new faces in new places the only guy. That I would not pick up the phone for other teams come calling is Whitner field because even though he's got. A lot of value to other teams the same way that bends over that a lot of value to other teams he probably has more value in Kansas City. Get their franchise from the contract. The play multiple positions. He's sitting around 300 force careers or understand what other teams would want him put it you're talking about building your or going or he's the only consistent player. It's you can build it. Who else are we even talking about. Danny Duffy went straight when he's good he's very what he's back he is off. I just as well assumed if any Duffy. Is pitching like he is right now ten out of his last eleven or it all starts which is not what he was doing earlier this year. It's just it's likely that by season's end. He's an average to below average pitcher. He's the ultimate doctor Jacqueline mr. Hyde on the mound it's somebody's want to give you something back for him right now in the next ten days with a trade deadline to. He's too inconsistent to build your future. Same thing with roller. Oberto or whatever calls himself Mondesi these days. Could he potentially have a high ceiling in the case of Patrick home vs Alex Smith absolutely. But he's been wildly inconsistent. He really wanted to do jerk or rob a bunch of guys which are not exactly sure what they're gonna do. Aureus or whether any Duffy. Mom to see. Eunice Keller that's what wit is the only guy that I don't take phone calls. Thanks to all your tax who goes on just on the wheels coming up next. It's big pregame show for like Kansas City Royals based yeah. Roles in two ways first pitch. Set or 115. As the world's try to keep their second half record perfect bust your brooms Kansas City at the try to sweep the twins coming up. When I sign all righty or machines you on the theme for the practice squad six to export tree. Trust call.