7/22 - 10am - The Practice Squad

Sunday, July 22nd
Sports Machien Sean Levine hosts Sunday's practice squad.  The Royals look for the sweep as they come out the gate 2-0 from the All-star Break.  And we go around college football to find out how the teams and conferences stack up against each other.  

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Yeah. Okay. It's instantly. Viral. We ended DEC is he sick stay in Sports Radio. That's who goes Johnson is on the sports machine she on the being in view until noon right here on the practice. We got to do something about it. Look it's gonna take cash bribe to the boss. I don't know it just means meat coming on here and setting welcoming to the Sunday morning sports talk show would show on movies but we got some. Really neither here nor there and talks and royals talks and cheese we'll go inside the mind of the machine in my fantasy football draft. It's exactly one month away yours is probably right there on the corner as well also coming up in the 11 o'clock 11 o'clock out he said. Through talks and fantasy. Football. But I think top billing today dozed Major League baseball's best team the second half the season so far. And that's the Kansas City Royals I'm not sure this team is ever going to lose a game the second they are phenomenal. Are being a little bit facetious but. They have one boat third in the going for their first sweep is crazy and every other team in baseball this year has at least one sweet and that we've made it. As the all star break and the royals have only won four games in a row. One time this season but I try to do that this afternoon you can catch the game right here on 610 Sports Radio as a Brad Keller takes on former. Kind of Jake order Reese. And that game sorts out on fifteen right here on 610s portrait. Don't think the team is going to be as bad in the second half because individually I mean record wise or by the I test only because individually. Are you wanna talk about things being contagious for the worse. Once it went bad. For you name it Alex Gordon then it went bad for. You name it disputed that it would bad for sellable Torres than it would bad for the starting pitcher rotation that would bad for the bullpen and it could make the right decisions and eight and couldn't pull the trigger. And made the right trades. Everything has gone bad for the 2018 aunt. And uncle came out earlier today on ESPN it was titled. Realistic second half goals for each team. So they start with the best teams in baseball they say this with the Dodgers needed users of the cubs need to do is that the Yankees can do. And then it kind of frustrated me because they got to the very bottom. And they combine the royals in the Oracle's. Basically said these two teams so there's not a lot point four here's what they said about these two teams. The world started almost all veterans in the opening day lineup and now of the fourth oldest lineup in the American League. And spent the entire winter trying to re sign Eric house. There's no blame and being that these days but you could see in each team's winter just a little bit of hope that could catch him here. Now this season has played out halfway through that's obviously not going at our espn.com. Like national writers sometimes because they clearly don't. Have the polls of what's going on here locally. We've known as world spans I would say. For three years. But this was going to be a very difficult season. When the royals made the trade for Ben Zobrist and for John equate Joseph they traded away minor league assets to get over the remember. I know you know little repeated the team would go to the World Series the year before Alex Gordon stranded ninety feet away on third base in game seven with two outs. They thought we thought you probably thought that this team was good enough to get back to the World Series. But not as they were currently assembled they had to make some moves. The unfortunate part of that is if you're a bigger market team or perhaps a team that had a better minor league organization three or four years ago in the royals did. But you could go ahead and trade with those guys and NC through 34 years down on the on the line probably going to be okay. For royals fans we could see the writing on the walls when they made those trades element of Q2 was going to be bleak. Because there's really only one way that you could win in a market the size of Kansas City. It's unfortunate Massa fan really sucks. The whole lot easier defendant Texas Rangers or the floor the more weapons were you could buy yourself really good teams every other year. And Kansas City the only way to do it. Is the way that Dayton did the first time. Which is with wheat waves of Al. When you bring up a bunch of guys at the same time. But it can't speak to restore of it just would have been an air prospered like ms. doctors and we there would have never been a Danny Duffy or Donovan Tara. Subtitle Torres there was never made the trade for LCDs Escobar Lorenzo Cain and the royals don't win the world Sears. In a market this size it takes pretty much every move. Made to be the right one. In the case of Dayton drafting 345. Years in a row and getting guys that produced not just at the minor league level but the Major League. But about those trades or mate. Think about the offseason acquisitions that the team on talked about Ervin Santana on the scrap heap. I'm talking about. Kendry morale nobody wanted that. Chris Young there were a lot of move I would say almost everything that the royals made eight is this a few years ago. Yet the Midas touch. You could really go pound for pound player for player trade for trade and say if any one of those were made the world's probably don't win the world sinners. If they don't trade away Zack Greinke and bring back Escobar and Cain and probably don't win the World Series. They don't have Johnny Quaid I get equate it was kind of hot and cold this time here in Kansas City but think about what he did in the postseason specifically game two of the World Series. Idol the duels in the World Series without making the trade for Johnny quid. I don't think of the royals don't ever and a drafting Eric Hosmer and somebody else is playing first base my point is this. But in Kansas City there's really only one way to do it. And that's the hit on all cylinders and unfortunately. A couple of things have happened the put the world the position they're in that. On the second wave that was supposed to follow up. How's McCain was all those guys didn't happen. That was crushed in Cologne and all of us are and Zimmer and a bunch of other names even the Mondesi inner. Bunch of other names have kind of been a maroth a figment of our imagination but I haven't actually Purdue's. And in the trades a couple of years ago to do equated one's over is meant to your minor league organization was not going to be as. 57676. Temperature of thoughts that the up on the project girl famous Philly text line at 69306. I'm gonna do my best. To be positive and talk royals here in the first segment and that will do dose of reality will start coming up in the 11 o'clock out. The reason I wanna stay positive as this. It's been a very trying season. But you can only hold out hope for a team like the 2018 Kansas City Royals for certain things and unfortunately. Winning baseball game does not want as a fan that absolutely sucks. But I really don't think this team is going to be as bad as difficult to watch in the second half as they were in the first half and here's why. The numbers can't. As a team they had a five point four yarder. There's only two other teams in baseball but I have a pulse five year. The royals literally went from having the most dominant bullpen in the history of the sport not just in the history of the franchise. In the history of the sport. If you think about what each DH. For a four your four year period there literally changed the game. From a non. To a six. Which is why the royals rotation the royals starting rotation right now is about as good as it's been since Dayton got. It's never being great it's never been terrible it's always been a little bit below average. And it's delicious. Now that you are raised tell you that the terror Danny Duffy has the best ERA of any of your starters and he's just under four point six. Jacob units the guy who was five and two to start the season don't look now is now five and ten. I should say six when you today. The five point one theory Jason Hammel communion at six point. So the numbers are awful let's not pretend like the worlds of had an ace and Zachary key because that's just not the truth. It's honorable in the war was starting rotation but there can be an argument today. It for as good as the royals war. And they became the model organization in baseball at least for 20142050. When they're going to back World Series. For a team that was that successful. They might have had the worst pitching rotation. And it wasn't under saying for a team that was backed coup was the case. It was the stopper. Who did you point to since Zack Greinke and say that's the guy that a or team needs to win a game or get out of losing phone. He's gonna win. Any Duffy. Maybe sometimes. For example right now. Duffy if he was a stock he could be as high as they buy low sell high if you can sell any doubt right now you should do eleven and his last all sports. I've been quote. However to start the season eleven in his first and was thirteen starts. Were at what was it was like eight evidence for and sorts. Give up five more runs didn't reply that's the problem with the guy a that's a problem with the entire rules or going full. If we agreed that the Kansas City Royals going forward is probably going to be able see what happens your trade deadline and if it's wit. Or face a layer on to see them really don't pitchers but the you can build around going forward is dated a V. You've got him under contract. You probably overpaid him. Five years 65 million dollars the organ at the look back on that and the contract and decided that was a good or bad move but a guy like Duffy. Yeah he's got value to you. As you paid him and because he's played his entire career in your uniform and because you need a guy that when he's good he's great. Could bring back more about. As Danny Duffy like I say when he's good he's great he's wildly inconsistent and that's the problem with the entire rules or going all. Would agree sell Opel as has been one of the more consistent players in the history of world race. Since he's been in the royals uniform he's been the best defensive catcher he's called a great game with a pitching staff. Besides this year. Offense has been pretty consistent he's got that hit to sixty to seventy knocks him 1520 home runs seventy something RBIs. He's part of the future. You start talk about guys that all. There's nobody that you can really count on besides Whitner. Whitman air field I'm convinced is what I used to call or man's been Zobrist absurd to think that he's just a bends over men men's events. He's hitting 307 days. And it's not an aberration we seen that throws and tire to put multiple positions. He would fit in perfectly almost feel bad for what mayors of this bad I mean they're as bad time. Goes W bush second base the American League mcdougals RT 90% time. Except for this year unfortunately clever Tories and wholesale to play deposition inherently. So are. It around and literally. A year after the royals ended their 1415. The world those guys really good baseball players really good dudes. Butler to would have fit in perfect. But he's the only guy going forward I would say if another team calls you take the phone call because it was to say they don't offer to the gym of the mightily organization. Maybe there's a team out there that finds himself in the same situation the world's Warren for years ago. They need bends over as a professional hit the complete bunch of different. Positions a veteran wit has become that. So somebody comes if I don't know let's say. The Astros or yankees reds 21 of these teams that have a lot of money and that have a minor league organization as some talent comes you. And says we won't merit. Knowing damn well it is contractors and friendly and you got to wonder I should Chicago. Franchise and you've got to wonder contract the next few years the question is does it have more value to you that he does in Wales because if you don't have Whitman field. You don't have. I mean that sincere going forward if her core. Is Ortiz solar dread that was living to eighty the first month of the season and won eighty cents again he's been injured. Oberto. Raoul whatever moneys he's calling himself these days. It's been a figment of our imagination seems like the last four or five years and like I said about any doubt when he's good he's great what he's bad he is awful. Can you really built around that type of inconsistency. If it but it says it would about Jews and Keller I'd say what about them. I 7676. To enter projects growth famous Philly to us posted positive. I got negative this is due coming up next. Let's alongside that dork in dangerous and weird and twisted pervert let's go inside the mind of the machine on sixty portrait. Good so it's okay Tennessee the practice squad ruling on numerous. Sports radio and on the radios dot com app with who your responses on the sports machine John McCain coming up. And about ten minutes we'll talk to kids city chiefs and all grapple 10 o'clock hour boat around the college football scene because college football. It's just a month away and I think the jayhawks are gonna make a run the national championship maybe I'm an island here. Las Vegas tells me they're 7500. To one. A plan hope to humans to football games this. It up on the pet projects growth in the Philly takes line at 69306. Who. Take us inside that dangerous place that is the mind. Of the machine. At big twelve media day earlier in the week Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor says serving beer wildcat games. Is on the radar is a great idea or a disaster waiting to happen let's be honest college kids do drink before the game anyway. I said last week that the most underrated college football experience. Is in Manhattan for at least a game on the stick with that. But my buddies went to school there. Priest to be an empty fuel across the street now. It's something money's on but let's be honest it's going to drink anyway here's what happens called games especially my alma mater and you. The bill because the football sucks. And then at eight Yugo the teams get their bought by halftime so most of those college students. Go back out to the parking lot to drink anyway or they go back to a house ported to drink and maybe for the game on the radio or TV or not tension at all in the case that you put it that app so. You might as well this. Mean they're going to drink either way they're college kid that's what they did. I understand the problems would comment. Got this student section reluctantly see what's going on the middle of it anyway ceded whoever's won but here's the entire sections of the door to be underage drinking going on. But we really think that there's not underage drinking going on right now that kids are slipping in the last career that the view for a college football games so. I think it makes cents I think that more people would come into the game that may be wise what I think about youthful what's the if the weather's not. Probably not win the game is not a lot of talent on the why would you wanna go opposed to staying at your house or you drink in your face off and watching the colts don't that's college so. It you would get more people to go to the game and messed with the bat I'm sol Beers so is action Purdue and not to mention the extra revenue and drunk you're that in football this makes football a little more. Palatable. If you would special KM. On the news or what's that. Absolutely right you're telling me about incidents you and your dad got into that Wal-Mart over the weekend here to share with the audience so I walked away partners. I want to play a fake play it from my apartment so I went in the big play action and my dad was you know in the cosmetics. It's on the Lyles who writes I did not see that happen but I heard them talk much. To my dad's in the cause that action. And there are a couple of decades that are running down the order I'll with their hand knocked down like dominoes every single and others so literally. Wondered over. These kids knock off the shelf. And so my dad says to them that goes. What what what can't do that public. And the kids mom from and I'll blow over you know most of my dad this ever actually hurt us deals to my dad. Don't you Blake and talked to my Blakey yeah. They've Blake came out of my way that's not your responsibility talk to them public so we had this to my dad all I just question. It was more in the wrong the witty talking to my dad like that or my dad taught them totally. I would say both are both their eyes Dutch publisher went an employee of Wal-Mart today and often does not that buyers but she. Did you get under control if you levee was dealt that it acted like little hooligans it was great that she's my dad I saw when I'm with back and Soledad. I grab the plant about a comedian. I was like what was it hurts a that you but that was his boisterous the degree you should. But it won't make that mistake again. What's next espn.com as an article out titled tiger win at the open may be greatest golf story ever told. You grade. Didn't give us an update quick on the US open lead going on right now tiger was strokes back at the beginning of the day Jordan's peace had the lead. I don't think that it would be the greatest goals or ever hold until Tiger Woods is once again consistently. If you remember back in his prime and he's never going to be what he was. As a teenager remembered the masters what would you like in twenty years old. And he dominated broadest Ortiz in his or her and something happened that Thanksgiving night when he wrecked his colloquial on the news womanizer. He's ever going to get back to that and dominance because there's never been an athlete and professional sports at least individual for a professional sports that was that Dominic. For that long eared. The only other guy that I think of in my lifetime that already had their opponents mentally beat or the match takes place in an individual sport like Tiger Woods. Was Mike Tyson bit the only two guys that mentally already had in the Mac before you started. But once Mike Tyson flatten out you lost or his last six fights once Tiger Woods. We found out that he is a womanizer. All the sudden you can play golf and when's the last time he won a tournament let alone a major you and every conversation more about Jack and tiger it's kind of a foregone conclusion tiger's not going to catch him so if he wins this one great amok and get real excited to consistently. Yeah I disagree I think if he wins just this if you would this major it's gonna beat tiger mania all over again he's back. I have a feeling he he is going to be back on top of everyone's going to do the popular will there will be tiger mania it will be absolute. Pandemonium and people want to pretend like tiger's back just because when one major there are a lot of guys. The randomly win a major and I do it again they didn't win whatever tiger as well the team before. But until we start consistently winning again I think this is something that we talk about if we did nothing but we did he it is. He's making the mayors he tied for personal look Jordan Taylor and Blair are you kidding I swear wild wood to seven under why. Aren't well. Not to say that I have come to dismiss it. Everyone is excited with that everyone wants that to happen. Taking basketball and football into account greatly college are five conferences one through five. SEC because they're so good football. And it's consistently. On the football things Ohio State Penn State Michigan Michigan State and then there's always that other team. Basketball same thing it's always either Indiana Michigan and Michigan State Ohio consistently on the SEC won big and too. Of the packed world at autumn's logo that world for whom ACC I'm going SEC one Big Ten do. Well she's more packed with an that's craziness ACC is at least number two. Yesterday the cardinals' Matt harper and her homered for the sixth straight game. How impressive is this compared to others in the season sport streaks. ACC but besides Clemson would have been done for the last five pages don't have. I think the bottom of their conference at their just decent across the board where's the big twelve yet teams like okay don't say it's you know. Would you know. Corporal Adam or homer for the sixth straight game. Boris history but not all that present when you think about. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers losing 26. Or in between 197677. The patriots 0607119. Straight games this one's. Let Austin once on seven times in one. Homer and six straight something hopefully seven times or something. LeBron James. Eight things 866. Straight games with at least ten points Vince Coleman. Once had fifty streets deals without being caught Joseph DiMaggio is 56 game hitting streak. Last year you know that aired judge struck out in 37 straight games. That's little touch or that extends portrait deal with all types to. Ichiro had 200 plus it's intense street seasons but you're curious. The record for home runs and conceptions in consecutive games is. And if you ask one. Earlier in the week and a implemented a new anthem policy. And a couple of days ago. Couple days ago backtracked on that. Will this nonsense ever go away. Talk to start from there. It's yours on your spin on radio station either burn it off or just a white noise to. And you call it non cents in some people would act what do you mean it's nonsense there's a clause these people are standing up for a toll. And sense is that each side at this point has forgotten what they're fighting about. And he didn't do with your parents and Wayne a year you'd complained to them and it snapped back did you guys go back or maybe for a couple hours maybe even today in the case of me and my parents. Perhaps a week week and a half. Forget about him right. Ever again disrepair which as good as it needs to go all the NFL I think that both sides have forgotten because. Wants about her what do clause these individuals are fighting form. He mention all year is the individuals whether. That yield weather today. You know lock arms let's hear your hear about the actual. You never hear about what to supposed to stand for and portable. Pumps that. As sports machine she on the team coming up next. I've got one big concern with the chiefs in the AFC west in doesn't it can do to. Ultimately that is on the other side right here six to portray. Happy Sunday morning to Kansas City. Those sausages it's machines show will be on the money it's the practice squad right here on 610 Sports Radio all over the world. On the radio dot com admiral we got some sap is the work here. I knew. When I doubt that discounted red white balloon early vote on the others there's like two pound package across street from target. Clearly on sale because like Portland couple weeks to their habits stale but still always looked kind of stale. Each gummy bears I knew when I got that in two pound package that I wasn't and eat the whole thing and everybody to review station was welcomed. So that that here in studio. What I didn't think was going to happen. Was that one point 99 of the two pounds are going to be eaten. And like little kids or Moline roommates. He's due to urgently be origami. I mean it's your fault you didn't yourself understand I'm taking full blame for I'm just saying that at some point you'd think these two board matured into one of two things leave me at least a handful of governors and I'm the one who bought them or. And I think about it bears and throw out as did not have any evidence I'm out of pretty generous of a bit. Ridiculous that let don't let don't let you know that they appreciate you bringing those in and then just left a few O that's with a left me the packet. Thanks I'm Clinton. I was robbed and die for and it was done at the spirit of blood and I see that pro C. Probably was. That's who we on the sports machine up the peppered decked grow famous Philly text line. 69306. Over the royals baseball when we sign off Vince pregame show. At noon followed by royals baseball Jake. Older re easy on the mound taking on Brad Miller first pitch at 115 right she on 610s portrayed. The second half the royals' season I think by the numbers are eye test the win total is going to be much better in the first half because. One. There's no way that pitching stats and have an. MP. It's almost half Ron worse than everybody else in baseball Kris. As a team. They're going to hit better than 230. They've only got one individual and every dateline at hitting 300 no surprise there that's Whitner field here's with a surprise comes. Their second best everyday hitter Mike whose doctors. Sitting through forty. Fall by outscored 240. So obviously two point. Aussie these adjustable or isn't even hitting 200 he's hitting it very Alex Gordon 2017. S 190. Add all that up to order the boy under the smoothed that endangered it's a team average of 230. That's not gonna happen. Individuals are gonna play batters of the teams that are going to get the arrays not to be five point four is a team in the second half the team batting average is going to be 1039. And there's no I hope the opponents' batting average is two. That's crazy. You're not gonna with a lot of games. I think the chiefs or blown away with a lot of games this season but obviously there's a lot of question marks to meet the biggest question mark in the division. Has nothing to do with the Kansas City Chiefs. But the more more than I think about it the more one thought was given bad I've only got two dollars and 62 cents on the moment. Would be good financial. If I was a bit bundled up and hope that five bucks I'd been. To follow is going to bed I think your take on neighbors on the Kansas City Chiefs in 2008 team. It is the first time I'm saying this because when the wind total came out. Eight and a half. I thought that he's quite easy. You guys at puberty easy. What am I missing this team's one double digit gains every year since ED Reid has been the head coach. They've won the division back to back seasons according to billboard will espn.com. They've got the best all offensive arsenal of any team in football. There are over under only eaten half wins. And not only. Is it that low. But the rest of the rest of the division is really high on talk and Richard Williams hot. Las Vegas. Thanks the San Diego where I should say the Los Angeles chargers. Are nine and a half when football team so gesture ticket they have to win tent. They say oh is and not win football team. And they say the chiefs are on the eaten apple by the Broncos over under at set. I think they'll take the islanders and here's why a couple of reasons one the schedule isn't just tough. Isn't just difficult. Isn't just by the numbers the most salacious of any team in the NFL it's downright unfair. They start the season with two road games. Not at Cleveland and act in. The chargers. At the Steelers. For the first six games are on the road including the chargers at the Steelers Denver. And at New England. You can throw and a home game. Against a team to win today it's championship game last year the Jacksonville Jack that's your first six chargers Steelers. 49ers at home at Denver Jacksonville home. Against doing. Or four non division road games. At the Seahawks. Or rams. Astor detectives in Mexico City. At the Steelers. At the patriots. Those teams not to push you daddy. That's one reason why the Cumberland take owners. Nothing to do it achieves everything to do the schedule. In two there's a reason why Las Vegas to the chiefs aren't even the second best team in the division. I think I've figured out why. Ever other team the defense of side of the ball. Is this is an offensive division if you think the chiefs and the Broncos have kind of made their way historically. With defense think about that Broncos defense a couple of years ago. But even though Peyton Manning was our quarterback Danny Manning could have been their quarterback missed a notable in the Super Bowl because the defense was so good all time good. With Von Miller keyed to leave and Chris Myers and Marcus where those dudes I mean they were an all time great you take back some Marty's teams. Back in the day the chief for winning in the ninety's because they're alleging that the school. There were keeping teams and school that's how they want games ran the football and it it really good defense and caused her. And that if you think about the other two teams historically in the division the raiders are usually lighting up the scoreboard and same thing with the chargers back of the blue LaDainian Tomlinson. Antonio Gates Philip Rivers beginning of his career that some of the best offenses that we seek. This year as a defense of division. Every single team I believe it's going to be better and that's out of the ball that often because they've got question marks on Altman's. Now guillotine you can say that about it's obviously not going to be true exhaust the Kansas City Chiefs. There are huge question marks on defense side of the ball and the offense is ready to go. We don't know we're going to get out of several these pieces we think we. Fremont is only a second year running. As often. As a rookie as those type of numbers well no rookie running back actually had those type of numbers but as often as we see an easy Hugh Elliot. Where he follows up good you're worn with a pre your two. We never hear these guys. So it's not a foregone conclusion necessarily that remark is going to be a pro life running I think he will be. Every indicators that he would. We've always either for one year. In the case of Sammy Watkins. He's condom figment of our imagination is eleven never one career high 65 at his career high nine touchdowns on the 11000 yard season. Compared to other NFL wide receivers those are very average numbers. There were not be any excitement whatsoever about the cheese adding a second what receiver Sammy Watkins one wasn't traded up in the draft everybody knows buffalo traded up. In the top five to get him. To. He's one of the best called wide receivers that we ever seen in three he looks the pork that's what you want what receiver to look. But he hasn't actually put the proof and put. There's a lot of unknowns on the outside of the ball not named Patrick Holmes but obviously that's the date on the defensive side I don't know what you. L Marcus Peters was your best player last year he's on the forums they're Johnson has been your leader he's on the raiders. They're buried in the most important players coming off of another injury Reggie Iraq Oakland. Was probably the best player on the defense last year not named Marcus Peters. And who the hell's Reggie racked. Download it on. We knew we was at Alabama it was really good with the cheese but there's a reason when he was on the scrap who's to say that he's going to be as good as he was last year at this season. On the that's arguable the chiefs have a lot of question mark you don't doesn't. The rest of the petition. The rest of this division has some knees. Mean defense. I would be surprised. Were talking about. Top ten defense is for the rest of the division and the bottom ten defense for the chiefs to them the questions going to become. I'm reports from the T score. Last year the rams led the NFL with 29 point nine points per game at the chiefs are good to win ten or eleven over thirteen. And win the division again. But one that the score that. Because I think the defense is going to allow ports. If for nothing else the dolphins is going to score early and often scores or often which means your defense is going to be on the field what. So I wouldn't be surprised if the defense is in the bottom or. What all the other defense is in this division. Are amongst the best into the chargers. Ingram and boasts. You usually have two defensive linemen that are that good at that young and that talented at getting to the quarter. That is a scary thought for a very average opens of line we have here in Kansas City to face those guys twice. The based on Miller and Bradley job twice. The pace Toledo Mac twice. An unbiased look who's the two had months on the outside the ball for the Kansas City Chiefs. That is to say who's going to be their best two players on that side of the ball this year I was talking with Pete Sweeney earlier this week that are brought about this better than I like what he says. It's had to answer to that question is Peter Bergen friends. Because it has to be aired bird it's not. I mean there's. There's group. If Eric Berry. Does not come back the same grid he came back from cancer two years ago where he had a career year and finish in the top five for NFL defensive player of the year in this team is absolutely super. Because that every other level there's such big question marks on his defense the secondary. Has a chance to be off. I hope I'm wrong. I hope that. There's replacements that step up I hope that some rookies that we haven't heard of over perform. Because if they don't. Take a look at this depth chart. Air bearing. Candles for. Probably going to be Sorenson. And Nelson. Not a lot of depth there are very better look at air or we've gotten used to. So it's not so much what the chiefs. Don't have it's what everybody yells in the division does a solid George Costanza it's not you it's me. It really it is fortunately. The jays offence is significantly better than everybody deals in this. Effort some people say that the chargers. Have as talented of an office of course the chiefs. Keenan Allen as a wide receiver. Melvin Gordon as a running back. C dots. Man crush Phyllis rivers he says he's going in the hall of fame I see no way. Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson Peyton Manning Tom Brady. And drop the order at six all the top my head from this era that are locks to get at all and it lies got two Super Bowls. Let's call him and that's seven and X Philip Rivers the eight best quarterback in the generation. Just 45% of that position from an era get in the hall of fame. I don't think so I don't wanna tangible what was out that the chargers offense is as good as the chiefs. Oakland. And I don't know what they're going to be some people think that Jon Gruden the game has passed him by I think that's ridiculous not only. Was it really good coach when he was coaching but it's knowledge he decided to go. To teach heat for the last ten years. Been watching football he's on Monday Night Football he's kept up there a lot of rookie coaches but Sean McVeigh ams. The do really really well there for season so I had every. Impression Jon Gruden coming back for the second time is going to be a good coach. I don't think the game has passed them by files opened our offense is that I'm not completely sold on call are. Not completely sold on Mark Cooper of their offense pretty outreach. And the Broncos. Honestly just because you add these Keenan. Does not make you a good offense maybe it makes it better offense because Lester Trevor city was terrible and frankly the Broncos office has been really bad for. Olson's Peyton Manning was really go. Even in his last season when the ones that all the Broncos offense was terrible. I think the chiefs had the best offense in the division by four. Unfortunately. I also think their defense. By far the worst. But put up 3233 points a game the defense gives up to seven. Actually goes on jazz on the sports machine show on the team coming up next. The college football season is just a month away let's go around the college football scene up next on the practice squad six stands portrait. Voice of my dad and I really excited to concentrate. He men. Human nature. All time most underrated song not just Michael Jackson song of all time. I'm with you on that I'd get down that. Julio Sanchez towards machine show on the beat take you up until noon and then it's being pregame show and it's royals baseball oils and wins first pitch at 115 ditch your brooms out Kansas City. That hurdle for the sweep. As the royals try to remain perfect the second half the season in and continue what would be the greatest comeback in the history of sports and they're gonna win. All sixty whatever games they play the second at the season and look back now. I'm pretty optimistic now I feel like are well with college football's router on the corner apartment of some beads and let's go around. With college football world. Than with the music by the way it close enough. It's football team. Close enough threaten him after an undefeated season last year at Central Florida Scott frost air at Nebraska begins. There's a lot of pressure on Scot Ross if you think about what Nebraska wars in the 1990s what Nebraska has aimed. I'm not gonna say irrelevant but the same way Texas those wants a big board called opal another just another school same thing with tennis these same thing with Miami. I think that Scott frost is the right guy. You can go to central towards the ticket team that the year before you got there 11 game. And turn them around go undefeated the next season. You're damn good football coach of course he's one of their own unlike bill Callahan on my hope that means some of the other hires. Since. Since Hamas toward the state Nebraska guy so I think it's going to be good this unfortunately. Nebraska. And their problem I think a lot higher than outsiders of Nebraska senator expectations are win 91011 games right away. And I think he turns it around parkway. Former Florida State coach Jim both Fisher takes over the Helm at Texas and then did a great job for state double last years when I thought these kind of easy he knew that Houston Texas a and Kevin somewhere. For the last 45 years the question was that someone. Talk about Groundhog Day. Every year takes in and starts off 5% to no damage to the top ten and they fade away and become relevant. So I think Jim both Fisher to do a good job there because fixing them has better this buildings than anybody else in the country and of course the natural programs in taxes. So I think he's gonna. It was it on the ground in an eight and sends a lot of players in the room. It really good players. The bout Mike Edmonds. Save the John amends for example but on Miller and all kinds of players from that school that but miles there and aisles public. They're all kinds of topics that come out of that school. I think he turned that program back. Alabama is coming off another national title yet there's a real quarterback controversy heading into the season's got jailed her two's. 48 and two is in his career as a starting corner toward national championship. And then you guys. Tied to the logo logo look. Of course came in the second half to win the national championship. There's not a long answer as okay you failed to keep one it's Alabama I believe it's going to be once again your pre season number one no matter who the quarter. After winning seven games in the first season at Texas will Tom Herman. But the program back where news and once once in the gazette about Scott frost at Nebraska. Texas historically is a football power house if you look at what they've done she sometimes when guys lose their jobs but in the case of Matt brown or even look at the basketball program. In the case of reforms. These coaches that were once great. Become not as green. So they set the bar too high for themselves background because the national championships pumps out top five takes Heisman Trophy. All these different things and he wins ten or eleven games a year and it's just to win eight or nine the fan base and alone go what's going on we needed new guy in. Well. Sometimes. Yeah hired Charlie Strong and you'll win five or six games sometimes bill Callahan would buy six games. So in the case of Texas. I think that that kind of back the same way that I think Tiger Woods is kind of back but then you just updated me and told one. That would be that's. Oldest Tiger Woods has officially taken believe at this is that and I heard that it is gonna do it saying we'll keep you updated before we get out of here at noon what's going on in the British Open what's next. Other best conference in the country the SEC both teams in last year's national title game by surprise however the pre season all SEC quarterback. Is the zoo's own drew laughs and we hit some love this guy all the guys who was bridge the SEC record which. But it's a pretty good conference with some political act 44 touchdowns and the EU interceptions last season. The schedule for an EU is difficult because they play in the SEC they have to play Alabama after play Georgia. If they can somehow in the C big. Get by those teams. Their last five or six. Properties. They should be able to Portland street toward the second half the season they played Memphis Kentucky born and built Tennessee or until the last six games. By SEC standards. Let's not do. Was next. Even though they hit return nine starters on offense. Kansas. I give the state of tires that only six in the big twelve pre season poll yeah because Oklahoma Oklahoma State Texas all these other schools. Not only bring back more talent. But they recruited talents are decades tapered back when just order from an average football team I am a little bit surprised that they were they in the top. Out of thought they would pick it instead of taxes but. It is what it is last they're always there they we always underestimate them do we not every year it seemed that would come into these pre season polls there always in the back half yeah. I mean but by season's end it that comes at an outward up. The last then I wouldn't that I feel like 1012 years ago was bill Schneider for a fourth time. Has to have the same period wears team was supposed to be average and then 89 games of the season they're undefeated they're five college game is in Manhattan and they always suitable. And I suppose it could happen this it was that he started for no offers the only problem is. Are there knock off Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and Texas and all of those schools TCU there's a lot of good football town last. Agreed to jayhawks entered. A year or of the David Beatty era. Which has produced three wins over the first three seasons this beat you good football in this conference this is not one of those teams were talk. Coming up next in the 11 o'clock hour. We get back into the Kansas City Chiefs where this came out this week of the top ten players under the age of 25. The chief said two guys on that. Think it's the guys you think it. I'll tell you it is coming up next on the practice squad 610 Sports Radio. Practicing.