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Thursday, July 19th
The Chiefs worked out another RB on Thursday which raises questions about the health of both Spencer Ware and Damien Williams. Kent Is usually all about the film review, but Thursday morning her put out a think piece titled, "Patrick Mahomes Mania is all the Chiefs fault".  And the Chiefs announced the release of Arrowhead "Kingdom Ale" on August 9th. 

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It provides heat Sweeney who Assange is on the buttons on the sports machine she on the eve. And top billing today. Who's the coach Barbour that's right coach barber. About being in term. The chiefs training camp that political me it's officially called. The Bill Walsh illicit program. Where inspiring coaches to be the next all the fame coaches. Sounds awful important. Some of the potential behind might not be. You know you gotta do Sean is every night when you get back to your dorm. Wire saw all the secrets. Euros they don't. Yeah I think Hussein who don't want to I mean I did this coach an internship back in Philadelphia in 2010. (%expletive) like dorm or hotel is not a huge difference in them indefinitely at a motel six era it's an Intercontinental. It's their play college it. Oh with the coaches and me you know you're only in your dorm Halterman about four hours a night anyway and cause them stare means listen to him. Midnight you gotta be there for thirty to do. You know big server percent cart and stuff so the only in his sleep so that no matter. This is the last we're gonna see barber Vermont with respect on an immense coach Barbour talking deter some. Teams and looking forward you come back and giving us all the stores and happenings from training camp is Pete it was finally. It instead of having to make stuff up and cope with new angles and everything we're finally on the cost of actually having football news hi. LA Lou I mean these past five weeks this is the worst part of the half a season you are literally coming up a different angles that you Cade. Figure out for the season it's rare you get any new news and finally on Sunday. The players will arrive and your read probably be giving us an injury updates we'll get to hear from padding homes. And we'll have some new news and then Monday Tuesday Wednesday quarterbacks and rookies will be on the field than Thursday. Wide open to the public at 3:30 PM Saint Joseph, Missouri. Football season will be here. You don't wait that long to hear from the quarterback we will hear from Patrick Holmes coming up here in just a few minutes I don't know what he says but I'm curious barber. What are you wanna hear from Patrick Holmes a guy that. Rookie second year how we wanna quantify it and also what you wanna hear from your head coach considering that you won the division last couple years but a playoff team. Bought four of the five years that you've been injured have been wildly consistent yet everybody believes. You stole to take the next step here in Kansas City. Now now I'd liked what I heard from their homes over the last few weeks. Apparent in the off season didn't go our receivers creating seven or seventy environment at random feels just work on time and no no ego no I know self although we all about the team ways to get better let's continue to improve my. The film work study. Everything I'm hearing from him sounds like a guy who's been there done that and that's what I want to hear from young that. I'm about to take over. The Lamborghini of offenses when it comes to the community chiefs. I like that comparison and all I'll say this you make a good point when it comes to moments. If you listen to Roman even if here. Yeah he has is fun again he was at the NASCAR in the shorts but he really doesn't feel like a 22 year old when you hear him talking to yourself source CNN. You know he has had no problems off the feel like we've kind of heard some rumblings of cream on who's similar age and he says the problems you know moms kind of keeps himself he does going to be sporting events but that's kind of what you wanna see for a guy seeking her reins of really this city like and it's not only the football team this city is a chiefs city C you're taking the reins of the sitting you're putting that in answer twenty your elements good and he's Mitchell. The royals or make that much more to use it everywhere they're definitely doing their part for that when it comes to pat. You point out that all the field at least so far has been a choir boy and now we're talking about a guy it's one year removed from college it's finally gonna get to start. And with any talk what a spotlight. It's not just us locally a lot of people nationally have their eyes on this guy because. For call a spade a spade Travis Kelsey hasn't really gotten into trouble off the field but on the field. The dude is gonna malcontent use a little bit better last year but we all know the personal fouls and you just wanna and a shake him either what tiger to kill off the field three month off the field. It's really nice to not at least right now at the talk about anything except for positive factor. Yet and I think to make a good point when you bring a Travis LC because. He is too. And so with this team it's an offensive funk early on. You gotta turn to the elder statesman in the offensive room and pat is Travis Kelsey the wilds of dancing Travis Kelsey is now a 29 or thirty year old leisure elder statesman. And there might be times in that locker work yes Travis Kelsey may need to stand up and say hey we need to get together. I think without Alex Smith I think with out dinner Johnson but you could call those guys with that bears the leader of this football team we'd all agree with that. But the next leaders on the offensive side have been the last couple of years Alex Smith on that side of the ball they're Johnson on the defensive side. Those guys are gone so barber I think that Travis Kelsey not just on the field. But off the field in the locker room this is his time people think that this could and should be his career year. Why not he's got Patrick Holmes he's got the weapons around him usually for your for your five for tied and is their prime. But I'm more concerned with what this guys has locally and how he is off the fuel because he's become the troop leader of this football team. Well we'll see about him is you know and into retirement espy's. He's doing is you know where announcement comes. You know a little Hollywood movie you know dismembered. You know you can't get audit anxious to find a system he's here is dating game show he you know he was a little bit loud and doing them. Personal browser via the game first couple seasons last year and now I double B he's now into a groove I think it means that you feel whole difference right I think that the competitive nature is complete so laser focused on one. Continue to get first and a first down touchdowns this is going to be much room for all that other stuff. And I think he's just the way is this kind of evolution. Of approval on prone to in the hall of fame type type. He knows the and then there's another guy to in the locker in the yield a lot of times you forget because he isn't a lot of burn on offense and if someone were to be paying attention to on Sunday in the 29 year old Anthony Sherman he's been around the league you know get in your face if you're not working hard also says it will. And one of the cooler parts restrain again as he always shows up in some kind of alpha male barber. You you're you're wondering what Andy's chairman's going to be has showing have been at the Saint Joseph on Sunday. I don't know like a dozen sources Hamilton I think a total put Milan earlier. One isn't chiefs sport pleaser what may be a boat. I was thinking maybe some. Tiger print. You know overalls with suspenders and the last holes Micah. That being shirt maybe from like a movie like say in line. We've seen him Wear a wig he's had a mullet before. He's had Joseph gene overalls and Jeanne romper looking things I wonder if he goes all out this year may be some kind of like unite he's loves the United States like United States Ito pull our. Dude what are robbers. I seriously thought it was I don't know that that is that is the thing they call a mail around preside Barbara what are you on the it was a good too much talk about interest in the Robert you're on the weekends where where Robert Alan hopper on number. And an index and that I can't blame you for that Shawn Barber's sports machine shall there be an error brides pizza we Julio Sanchez on the buttons a couple minutes. When you're from quarterback Patrick Holmes who basically. It's the last time he will speak. Before training camp coach Barbara will be heading out there tomorrow. I see shows up and flip flops cheetah print shorts demise as shorts. I mean real real shorts or maybe like number short shorts. Tank top and one of those that's the barber where woody called botnet. There's there is invincible and it's an old school oak trees old school I like your ensemble I. I'm gonna go ahead and yes. Some kind of United States. Muscle shirt shows all your arm for the American flag bear bear major. And then there's the short your its. And now I mean I don't know Canon footwear is that it would have. Grossed out or this much I don't know what he's gonna where I'm pretty sure that he's not to monitor the football too much this season he's gonna get his customary half carried ordained. My question is this. Who is going to carry the football because I know it's going to be Karine. Thank you get an obvious last year he led the league in rushing yards thirteen hundred plus out of the backfield nobody talks about this all the did was have 450 yards. And an additional three touchdowns. I think did it help you Spencer where is one of the best things that nobody's talking about heading into this season to spell Carrey's. For a guy like career in part there's a bunch of guys named Williams or cantor leftist on the roster and then PU tell me but it worked out another running back today. That's right they were you know you never have enough running backs who is for sure I chewy mama always on it's you situated out on my Twitter I said you know it's cooler than a million running backs. It's a billion running backs and they worked out another one. Today Grand Valley State as the vision chew. A running back came Marty Carter and he wasn't sneaking in any supplemental draft had a really good when he sixteen season finished offensive player of the year in divisions you. And it's not so much that they may sign this kid. But more so what does that say about the roster barber and a few days you'll know exactly what's going on the roster you won't be able to tell us but I wonder. Whether or not Spencer ware Damian Williams is ready to occasion I wanna. Split reps among seven running back so I wonder Spencer ware will start camp on the PUP I would lean towards problem. Yeah you've always you know he kept. One thing you do so it was like to go and really never had enough running backs in the eleven cornerbacks. This league is is is always deprived of Helton went back get beat up all the time and in cornerbacks coming. You know they they opened an element Alan David fill in there you know Phil and ended olds they're playing well but sometimes going to a funky place amount given them again and so training camp you know you gotta really cannon. Get that second order of who's on the premier running back who's Columbia. We are secondary guys and they kind of go from there. And you you you understand why they do it because last year yeah almost ran out of running backs known was predicting a Spencer where I think in the to put two training camps so. You didn't really want that to happen again and now it definitely won't happen again pending. Complete disaster only to be or six pack. As a debt to be too though that's the league and because think about the vice Versa if Kansas City would have gone into last season with Spencer -- as the feature back in some third round rookie running back in remarked maybe would have gotten fifty Carrey's sometimes barber and you can talk about this. Injuries in the NFL. Often times and have been a blessing in disguise never for the player never for the individual themselves because. Obviously they have to spend time in New York they can't make as much money sometimes in these guys career but when it comes to the team. And pick up the difference what the chiefs would have been on offense last year they did not have Kareem. Are definitely terrible injury and we can just go back to pursue below in London and play elsewhere in. You know wins went down in the season and Coles had a going in the blitz so please take years before in the net and on blogs are pretty even by the street value of that extra person steps it. Again you may have thought you know they would have to get rid of him finally let him go now he's invaluable. In industry them stock is way up. I've been able to you know kind of demand more more bang for your buck when it comes this guy who's kind of came out today. Speaking of Bledsoe Brady sometimes you've got that quarterback in waiting and then sometimes you've got Brett Favre Aaron Rodgers type situation where the incumbent has no interest at all. In coaching the young guys. Earlier this week Alex abs are Patrick Holmes actually got a chance to speak about the influence that the former chiefs quarterback Alex Smith had on him. Today it was at the national fancy football convention I think it's something that pays these athletes ago when and one of the things that my arms got to do was speak. And we actually haven't heard from homes and quite awhile because we are in the NFL dead period in your right he did talk a lot about Alex Smith. And the major scheme of things we learned from our homes this past week was he really benefited a lot from sitting a year out Smith Tom a lot we've talked about that a lot on the show. One of the things that's different is coming into this year he already knows how to watch film as a pro as compared to college. Yeah that's the mouth so why else. Quarterback in this case it's just something. Do as much cause you can't watch some TV late. Any glasses on you visited here it is only loss fatigue blood velocity planet. Here's you know you've lost all six of its supporters who happens in that time. It is an eight. Is that from the rotunda inside the capitol building it to some sort of echoed it was in Fort Worth, Texas and wouldn't it sounds like decayed. Individuals. And other candidate before the fantasy convention I can't remember what would your was going on digital CQ Eliot did you just read you know eleven is that I don't know you're was not done a thing a year is accused of is what we really good night in that didn't RJ Johnson and we get a went all in on Houston in the being ambushed and cause you know season so. Here's who has it generally did that there's even. He wouldn't sign anything that didn't have his likeness including cowboys so if you came to him with helmet with this are on. It wasn't perjury QL if you inside weird is that it's a tool moves. Biggest on the ship like the money if you came to you Barbara with the Washington redskin sisters you don't like here side I don't yours is it Elliott. And cal is what is the thought process and I'm not sought us ever request an autograph and he said no for whatever reason. They hit a home body parts on my kids you know they'll bring in new shirt underneath sneaker reason for an ailing man I Imus and Japan studios and so you're kidding cameras caught you with Jordan's and you've felt like brought a draft would take the value doubt. I'm under the. As you know it's true every time you sign something Europe value of your signature goes down really does if you think about it. But steroids it doesn't it surprise you that a guy like Barbara some body parts that actually happened you signed body parts Sean I was 21 point. I've never got to auto parts and pieces. Not my body part I don't think I've ever signed about a party and no one has asked me to sign a part of their body believe and if mine fired up that audio from the influence that. Did Alex Smith had on Patrick moans because there have been a lot of quarterbacks in the past outings in most quarterbacks in the past that have been in this type of the situation. Smith had a career year Alex Smith is a multiple top global Smith is maybe the most on are well. It was an important overall so you can't really say underrated but he's taken a lot of smack in his career would have been easy to say. I know about the war I'm not in student teaching the next guy but that's not the way that wasn't Patrick alms I don't know. Yeah eight years old. And he's the guy you really broadens the corner office in Clinton. Yeah they had Christmas has always. Yeah. To see what it's a better game and what will happen in Hillary. So it was a for the you love them nicely. Which is no surprise is Alice was always the ultimate professional here in Kansas City speaking of Patrick Holmes I'm excited. Jones excited beats excited I'm sure you're excited Kansas City but Ken Swanson a period bride. Sit there's only one person to blame. From Holmes made me who is that they'll tell us coming up next on arrowhead pride 86 tenths or three. So. But is that what you don't put a mouthful of villagers in your route right before you speak on the radio but they're just so damn good that's a strong move heaven and Eric gummy bears tonight. But it renounce Ariba. Gold bettors very underrated and maybe the most under rated nerds also don't get their. Welcome back into arrowhead pride radio Julio zones has been in the wheels Shawn Barber coach Shawn Barber. No disrespect served as it is expected in the month. And there have brides teach Sweeney here sports machine show on the being taken you up until 7 o'clock am got the special for you guys tonight no royals baseball. Northwest Arkansas royals' minor league affiliate coming up on our airwaves coming up at 7 o'clock tonight right now on airwaves from AP cancel. That's right or lead draft and film analyst Ken Swanson. I think it usually does he breaks down film but today he gets on the wheel there for any message through this morning as he had a different idea a little bit of a think. Piece from can't can't you said. That's. My homes mania. Is all the chiefs faults while what would make you say such a thing. Well I think you know I did it. You know. Apple as well why. Allow it in sixteen months to get people. Mean you would would be that he all the things all the problems that seemed. A. They were. 34 users between people. That in the most important position in football and it was. Today it wouldn't age retread what someone quarterback finely. Raw morning. That it came to the zone start from scratch. And no no do. That it it handled. All of these site. The because none of our. If you haven't checked out cans piece it's Patrick Holmes mania is all the cheese faults and arid pride dot com right now and can't. I would say yes I mean we're co workers but we're also pals and I happen to know the story. You watching the NFL draft. The year them Holmes was taking in and I just what you describe that moment for us because I know men quite a day to you being such a lifetime she sent. It worked. Probably was not a moment that I wanted to be on film. I had my body in total votes the yeah it pride traction. Filled the cooled on the war old in the world. Out there in. A little hole in the old the world and it on names were called. I was the epic. Hi shriek of excitement. Are that we not on the Internet on Twitter stability in the yeah it was the culmination of a lot of emotion the scene but the first time. In my lifetime which he. We're actually going to and that's a quarterback. And and it happened and it was one of the most. Both on moment of my draft watching history. Those web and we all have or Michael Jackson through a moment did you know men. Debt that we got that lead film and this can Swanson here on arrowhead pride. Radio looked. I agree with you that pat pat. Pat mania is kind of like our version of Fernando mania and all mania all wrapped up in one I was actually at they had this 44 season ticket holders of every year. At Arrowhead Stadium and we were supposed to what draft like a real real low that you're somewhere in the twenties and the chiefs traded up. And the police just went nuts everybody was chill on the ticker the other couple hours to relax instead the chiefs trade up there's an absolute buzz at the practice facility. And that if you remember at that time. The chiefs. Fans wanted to show on Watson well there's that mania no question about that however the shot Watson. Had the best start to a season that any football player not just quarterback has ever so going back to hit a hot tub time machine. There have been seven quarterbacks drafted in the firfer on the last couple of years and given the choice would you take anybody over Patrick moll. Last year now I think a bit. We know at this point I mean Spain need the right decision I would take him over its debt load taken over Shawn Watson. And I think you know that the reason that the chiefs were able to do it I'll like it because so. And pat has closed the gap so drastically. Compared to on the other players and you know if it meant for a and weapons. He accomplished what we can much short and so much growth and progress. It and it and in no in the bill in the one in flowing now they're being very public with their belief in it. Eyeballs on pat you there actually and I'm looking forward to seeing is growth and development this year. It sure you read that piece at arrowhead pride dot com again can't. Just hang in the chief sent to drive out Patrick Ron's candor earlier in the week though. You also had lottery tickets. Peace as well on our pride dot com and what's a lottery tickets guys at me B com chiefs that land on the 53 man roster might be become would contribute this year. And they come usually the via free agency three that you highlighted this week our running back Terrell Williams. Offensive lineman Ryan hunter and quarterback aryan springs. If you its big one of the three. Training camp begins next week who are your eyes on. The blue ones. I'd vote in watching is quarterback here in spring from word in and all the players electoral body check on their surprise. I am intrigued by. The situation. It will award for air bringing being a a contributor is greater than any other tree if you think about bringing. You know the quarterback position it is a pretty premium positioning compared to the running back spot for the left guard spot. On any kind of significant production that you can get out of an undrafted free agent quarterback position. Is it that being leaned forward organization. Audit and control in 2018. Or. That being waiting for your doctor or your finances are on it would be it shouldn't. She's reward if spring that actually they're able to produce. It great stuff was always my friend we'll catch up in the next week and looking for everything you put on the website I spent. So we. Impression based on what he says and based on what you said Pete and I know that you have too much into that information has written with training camp hasn't happened just yet. But we Spencer ware is not going to play this season because if that happens and we're talking about a Williams. Oral west whether it's Darryl answer Ted Williams Ricky Williams whatever way it ends up being. Then I don't wanna go too far into this or one injury away from Spencer ware and what is the most vulnerable position to get injured those guys getting hit a lot. That gave very average. An experienced teacher to. Spencer where is someone to watch this training camp because. I can see him falling into any number of the running their positions from number two to four. And I can see him as well as not being on the team. And so it was just a really depends on how training camp goes how he looks. Is he the same players since before this weird knee injury. You don't know once they get out there and we won't know what starting until Thursday and then won't won't won't gather information and we'll see the only problem with Spencer ware runs into is if he's not the same player. Like a thousand teens behind right now so it's it's not a great time. It's a you know there's guys knocking at the door you're on the same player to be adding. But Barbara let's see if he does come back and looks like the Spencer ware that he did. Either three seasons ago when he split hairs with short can't request of both those guys were awesome averaging over five yards a carrier or even a couple of years ago. The TV right mean because most teams most really good teams. Split cares look at the saints they had not won the 2000 are running backs most good teams don't just have one feature back it's scary to think what would happen a remote went down and edited to. Yeah I think but nothing would would you don't know about greens Danone. He's one of those banks the he gets better as he gets going I think that's one thing when when when India and Brit these draft and they say if you look at his human in the second hand is that in the third fourth quality starts pounding saws Rolling Stones into his groove when. When he's up to about disparities carrying NASA in his kind of scares people you don't see that often. As their biases lay him to retire he saw us to get into Israeli role and so. I'm always players you know every every player and we go to an online is going to be their risk reward matrix there. This can be contract verses until last heard verses in a productivity. And then come down to the include the incident took a roster an army and the running backs or keep them anywhere receivers. And so you know you gotta get some good some instinct you know and what Gloria was in no guts no glory. And then we went McCain them. When asked what you got to you got Hartford Bradley return on investment. And I think that's what we have worked with him home I think we we put a lot of chips to the table in front of them we've moved up in the draft or barrel and let everybody is all in on them. And now everybody is waiting to see was complete return on investment so Banca less than Mexican mega million that was like about 420 million circuit. I'm going to do one at that after we get it tonight which might explain. It's in now and I have to undergo I mean if he's still if I don't do it now and ultimately is out there publicly because I know we every heard these stories about Hitler dudes they're looking at you when we're gonna split it. I'm saying this on the Kansas City Wizards extend Sports Radio if you win barber can at least get a comb my hair done their job market and same area. You can't retire I can be one Miller Amanda put him that's wrestling you can't just like tires and being old. As a speaking a little bit of money it's a thousand on the thirties text the code word basic. BA NS IEC 27 to 81 that's basic. This seven to 81 you could be the thousand dollar cash winner. In the national cash contest sixty and Sports Radio is the only Sports Radio station in DC. Give you a chance to up to 121000 dollars each weekday just listen on thirties from seven to seven your next chance is that six hour. Best 2 in the morning complete rules at 610 sports are. Yeah I mean they're gonna basic is the word BA as icy turn to deductibles co owned by a quick look. When I was your gonna with a lot of up and pretty much urban spends the money on it is really a loser but the winners and losers that you guys have over his dead here we're gonna actually have w.s and Els coming up in a couple of weeks. Our little schedule and route reported that that doesn't mean that somebody didn't win and lose it. Yet now I I think in the dead period I think especially in 2018 there's ways to make your name known whether V via social media. Last night at the espy's EC Travis Kelsey with his fiancee and Kareem Khan is there in Iraq and clothing there is little back and forth for Kareem on and Patrick arms on Twitter today about his wild closed at the espy's. Mon and winner of the dead period. Is someone we just talked about and Spencer ware who's been pumping out these videos he finds the chiefs kingdom if you will. To know that he is ready he's ready to go. I think he's been putting him out I just have a theory is just my theory I think he wants fans know that he's ready so the chiefs say he's not ready. He has kind of a dog in the fight of my conversation saying. I'm showing you guys are running through the sand here I am I wanna be on the field and so he doesn't really get Tom how lead quote unquote his training camp. My winner of the dead period is Travis Kelsey because of what reward today as these that do look fresh not quite common McGregor fresh. But he looked fresh and you mentioned the videos and Spencer ware has been putting out. I'm go with job skills and videos of the but the reality shows I haven't seen one this offseason some of the say he's been the winner of the actors. I think Travis skills he learned from ground when it comes to endorsements this guy he's been taking the deals he's been a lot of interviews you saw with old spice you know he's gotten out there I think he'd I think he likes. You know the money that comes with his name and he should be making money off of it. Our mind is not the doctor as far as Dr. Dre but this ETX. The digging digging dot. Either witnessed Ph.D. any man who goes to class and in his school gets his Ph.D. Got to get as of former. You know until players another pro I gotta give Muster respected of that man's. The nastiness persistence and as education and while on the go following his dreams do you know it can be. And though he won't have that Ph.D. on that at Indy on the backers and back his Jersey it isn't a toy he knows what he's done now he's worked in the off season. There wasn't a wrong answer that question but I think barber if somebody gets a Ph.D. right during the offseason yeah then I think that they ones speaking of Ph.D.s I'm never going to do is I'm not that Smart. Smartest Matt lane he's gonna tell us about the defense of rookies because there's a biology there's going to be a bunch of new faces in new places on that side of the ball. We'll catch up with them next on arrowhead pride radio right here. On 610 sports three. We are indeed the home of the Kansas City Royals. And we got baseball on our airwaves tonight and I guarantee the royals are going to lose tonight and because think. It's northwest Arkansas the minor league affiliate coming up after we sign off tonight at 7 o'clock. That relieve voice that you just heard that beat Sweeney across from me. Coach Shawn Barber spit in the wheels for this thing cross that's Julio Sanchez I'm merely. The sports machine she on the beat let's get back into the chiefs football where there finally about. To hit the practice field and I feel great about the opposite side of the ball I really don't have too many question marks on the defensive side. I don't know much and I think there's going to be some names that none of us have heard of that are going to have an impact on this team that's right. It's going to be a lot of rookies I mean they had an all defensive drafts. Easily. During this segment every week will bring in the defensive film analyst for Arab uprisings Craig's south Georgia. Right now he's in the mountains of Colorado owes you need by there for sure he meant he message may. Pete as you know he's a big beer guy and that I'm going to be visiting from some buries him in the attic commission until Saturday all. He's gonna be don't know that hey I better that's the worst barber he's gonna what those here's the fish head uncle that we think yeah he's gonna have ten of those going to be in the woods and batters in the he's gonna bring one of every beer of the week so far. Mentally to say you know you could be all over the guy if you're too much better sorted out there. Matt lanes filling in this week he's another EP film analyst Matt this week I asked what you're most looking forward you. Portuguese training camp you wanna know how Bob Sutton is gonna use these rookies why does that interest you so much. I've got liberty you know all of this in the draft. Everybody as the chief defense struggle that lat year we come out we got a bunt occurred but the player. And both of them seem like they could be used at you differently when you go about their speed. Dorian a big body that I worked implicitly able traditional wire Big Apple but it additional flight. Under interested to see what organ in that column trying to. Matt which started do you think has the shortest Leach will say that it is to ask. Who's going to replace first I've got an answer I think it's obvious Steve Ford asked to perform. Do you agree that he's the first guy with the one and one of these rookies when it taken a spot on the field. Yeah I think. Between these board game to pat you know one of the apple double play a little bit better running down court you can get it you know at least for the early doubt that not all the and especially accords back. Elect enough that there's no way intercourse in assailed the deal would be but background victim was traded up for a flat. If you go to arrowhead pride dot com the article is for defensive rookies to watch. You highlighted Mary Thompson animal that really speaks Derek ninety Dorian O Daniel and Hermione watched of those names and let's take speaks out of it for second and just talked about him a little bit of not EO Daniel and watts. Who you're interested in seeing the most. When you come this August for training camp. I guess from start. Daniel the pretty unique way for me you could I actually admits he'd strap it and it just over under on what they'd board. So Natalie back and I'm Greg who died player. With the way Turkey but struggled the last couple years using out there say he kind of on overpaying APEC and the player and you could. It's it's guilt that perfectly and that's pretty much that will be adequate and thought they directed it he is he's gonna. Slighted that they just roll it in over that and the spot there and say yeah we've seen them do or sword and run for a couple years dot. What's your level of concern mat with this defense on offense like a sit out on a lot of questions by season's end statistically I won't be shocked. They score more points than anybody else in the league on the flip side. And I'm scared us with his defense I think that they probably will be bottom or even toward the bottom of that you think they're going to be as bad as I've. Not quite that bad it. Leaning on the side the bottom half the league out all at the likes of the type of personal view them as long as it is I start. Movement things like he did previous the last your. I think it'll eat better at all even though there might be quite much splash about port dispute but the other guys. Well we used to have a T stand in Minnesota we traded have won in Carolina he can catch Matt lanes film reviews and Aaron bright dot com thanks Matt. I. You wrote in his he murdered. Craig yeah. I hope not who's gonna do or beer of the week until Wednesday when barb you care about guy because you're going to the dorms coming tomorrow. Non urban campus and and adores him. My boobs and news and all of them really know anything else so no beer of the week for you tell me that the chiefs themselves are releasing beer. Yeah I guess we yearly could cause long what do we we keep the beer label it's the special clear that we are we haven't tried yet but the chiefs are releasing. Their own beer. Called Arab head kingdom help set to debut this pre season and. August 9 here's what we know so far not a time and the answers out of time because all the to have releases a commercial looks like Budweiser. But it's made by golden road brewery. Which is a California brewery which I thought with a little bit odd. Pal of mine PJ Cassel. Can help me introduce means media he still works she's dot com he has said that. These brewers are rigidly from Kansas City but the ball is in California and Kansas City is known for its breweries are just thought that was little peculiar I I I. Suggested on Twitter I said. Okay this is supposed league your in house of beer it's kingdom Alice is Mike at your house it's like you're in house tap. So for two dollars cheaper and it's all anyone would drink. Something tells me they're gonna supplement this stuff which you get this stuff out at the stadium starting when you say. August 9 yet I think that they're gonna have to I would be surprised over they run out of this stuff Kansas City loves three things they love their football but this time a year. You start into football you always think of barbecue and you think of beer we think of football and barbecues on the toes in the knockout problems on the stuff. When I think of Kansas City in there fan base doing anything this has to be home grown support your room. A kind of go back to it all star vote and when he came to royals when we hit the entire Atlanta. All blue or royals Leo we we voted enough times almost have the entire starting landed an all star game lock. When you're a fan base like dead or so showed their support you have no terms us remember. Mark Bonser was. Offensive posture. Harriet fried put out a poll the other day will you drink chiefs kingdom on L we have. Thirteen hundred votes 13% non drinkers to take the matter that the rest of the 52% yes 12% now which when he 3% the pens in the price point. That's more than half these people that follow our pride they're gonna be sick been on since kingdom come August 9. It's a percent a bunch of liars what was Acosta park editor at these days was elect. Thirty bucks forty bucks a simple vote and it's one arm and one late exactly so I'm pretty sure that those that 23%. I'm not saying alive and I'm just saying that like you're gonna pay whatever it is due to sell some cheap speaker political officially it is chiefs kingdom blond ale. Use one right now that's the match on I'm Sean coming up next what do the people and beats gunnery your tweets in the open a bone is bad it's ever had pride radio ready on 610 sports. But also of ahead variety video here of six to its board to review radio who goes on just hitting the wheels across the grass. Beat Sweeney of area bride. Shawn Barber on the sports machine show on the being were talking during the break. About the great illustrious career. Of one Darrelle Revis who played five games of the Kansas City Chiefs last year and his entire receives legend. Throwers and edged up we could end up in the cheese for and what no question those five games were unforgettable. But during his career at least himself talked a lot about his chances of getting in the hall of mine we're discussing this during the break rod Woodson in the modern era. As the most interceptions in 71 put in context to a Charles Woodson has 65. Are a senior analyst Ronnie Lott 63. Warning now isn't darker Darrelle Revis Marcus Peters already has ninety. I'm not saying I'm just saying by the way how many do our own show on Barbara mayor carcinoma shift. At seven set and seven interceptions off someone that's that's impressive bid to restore liberty across Poland. Twice. It's either too intent to attack came out of breast woods tomorrow that's what I wanted to know what the arrest the people. It is tweets that I am you are real and will start us off today. Do you think moans as the emotional maturity do avoid falling into a funk. After that inevitable first bad game wire line. I don't know if he's gonna be as mentally toughest Korean home was where he fumbled the first time you put the ball and then he went on. To have the best game of any keep running bad history of the franchise due to the same thing about his season. Football rugby that we're talking your body buried mentally tough twenty. I've definitely in my homes going up along its leash ever. Players there is no looking over your shoulder he's now worried about getting pulled his net with summer coming and release them and make some mistake. As the them home show for the next few seasons. Few it's decades. You gotta think if the chiefs training up that much they looked into the psyche of this kid. Got to believe and it got to believe in another neighbor with a brutal that keeps him on that long extended siege but not forty people thirty or forty that's a sad moment of the day long yeah. At least a season and half I'd say. Next question owed in his child anymore inside and Dee Ford is our pass rush back or is it still and Nash. When I watched you Fordham I'm no pro forced out but I see that he has one move it's a big movement for about six weeks in his career was unstoppable. And every other week it was career barber it's been varies operable so I think he needs develop what's more the skills that if not. This might just be topic last season that he plays and James Stewart and we uniformity in the NFL here. Like. That we can get through to the emotion. And albums and know about the emotion. There from the kids and everything but it. I'm I think I think before breaks out methane does the only way you can. Basin of the last shows us his potential. I'm getting the retirement investment from from. Investment for kids we talking seven interceptions over a hundred kids. I more interceptions and ahead Q what can just go away tears. This is my fifth year covering the chiefs for first time here before what he's gonna say is he's in the best shape of his life he's about to have his best career year Bob Bob I've seen this movie before. It's time to change the ending some very average at best. Thanks question our guide or worn out from Holmes is back what's your guess from a surprising cut during the pre season. Only because we're starting to convince you repeat I guess all of it was Spencer ware he's not a 100% healthy. Other teams are probably going to want him so he's not going to be on the scrap heap for a long time but the chiefs have other options at that position so I don't think the other hell bent on keeping him. I hope they do I think they need a experience running back like Spencer ware about if somebody's gonna get a surprise cut I would be surprised it's. And so our question. I'm gonna have to go where she won a one of the way I receive this whole thing Miller in my Google com and we'll come back. From work the big name pushed back to that position go big go home barber I'll think did a couple repeat those same thing in all these guys in particular sect. I'll virtue of the three Williams and not the one name Darryl the end draft creates you know much alike speculating Daryle Williams makes the team the other two. It could be gone. He quickly do you think Patrick Mosul have two Canadians guarding him pun intended this season he's talking about LBT on his right. And Ryan hunter as a left guard beating out Parker anger what do you think. A thanks for clearing that affords you appreciated. Oh yes he's two and two Canadians protect embassies. Years ago and protected by the Canadian mountains so. That little moment I think that's the right call I think Parker anger gets the first crack at this thing by the second week you'll see hunter. In there are shortages they Parker 88. The right stuff other ideals well Randall lab once no longer turn a very very make up for the loss of Marcus Peters on the chiefs. He notes and make up for the loss of Marcus Peters because we've seen both Marcus beaters and aired their play defense healthy for a couple of years. And it was never an oblique and sometimes it was a good defense so. It's going to be huge if nothing else man on the field he's great but he's also the guy. Pull all the plays and keeps the team together and outside the ball so I think it's going to be huge addition but no it doesn't make up the lost. Of who I consider to be the best quarterback it'll put Barbara you'll be catching these guys the I don't think it's going makeup sound so prepared very being here but I think the addition of Fuller. Dan Barry would definitely make up for the loss of one. Marcus theatres Marcus. My main pieces and I think that can afford to do a lot of shots because he's going to be thrown at a time if you think about it. I was there that are coming off an injury but you don't have Marcus Peters that means Bruce Gordon good teams wide receiver the entire season's going to be candle always gonna get a chance and interceptions so far he has. Four in his career last question very quickly. Mason Herman wants no big red were to win the Super Bowl this year does he retire with the rain. Yes that would immediately and read it goes right all I'm going no because every coach wants to go back to bed. I would look this conversation we actually have don't predict coming up next. Northwest Arkansas based all the royals' minor league affiliate repeat Sweeney and Shawn Barber thanks to all of our guest and you will be back next week right. It's 610 Sports Radio it's pride radio.