6/18/17 The Show Sunday Edition - Royals Saved, Ricky Fowler, Confident Athletes

The Show
Sunday, June 18th

In the Sunday edition of the show we prove how the Royals were saved by the show and debate the beginnings of a wnning streak.  We also chat about the brilliance of Ricky Fowler placing his girlfriend on the 18th as a distraction.  And close with the discussion of, where has the confident trash talking white athlete gone?


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You show. It's. Which heroes and this place out now. To all our listeners with those figures and salutes you. On this special happy Father's Day. Sunday. Morning. Once again happy Father's Day to all of the fathers. Julio Sanchez was a race race here part down. The left hands is pretty fantastic. As the so we're gonna have to give it time they would in happy Father's Day I am alone others here. No one has an epic other states immediate that is. They've it would recruit. Father's Day around I'll thank you it really means a lot now that you did reminded. Coming up today a little bit later on in this hour the L weight loss challenge the the goal to get in. Out at the tune nineties into the 280s. Either lose or payouts will do that about 1015 years so so be aware of that. The royals will get to them here and say it a they've been they had their streak. But they do play a little bit later on the day in Bern is on at 130. Believed that today. Or the some fresh on deck showed so that'll be a little bit later we get off we're here until noon so be aware that. But Yemen we're gonna have some fun today as we always do DDT is excellent six and 306. You know the number of blood is at this time. Every day let me bring my guys Stephen sort of to the states. I. Mr. 37 kick starts today is that C one the refuel. And miss there on is that a good diet that's. More often than most white people Stevens there in the building had been solid day. They keep me when six happy father's they shall think human listeners are listeners I happy. God today nice Father's Day dinner thank you stick in our. This. For the Shah. That's. Did it to go thank you to you. For the moment at his father's day of fruit kidnap deposited all the others out there. I just before we move on to the show and I guess maybe. We'll start here. So I feel like the royals. We're being saved by the ship. We've this has been a moniker we are pushing and stay saved by the show. You tweet as you see is a lot of times we indoor things on that pass takes a bunch of and I believe that Kansas City Royals were attempting. To be saved by the show and we just have to look at facts because facts just blew that out. We have been on every day since the street start. They won six in a row. Everyone knows and it was say you're on last Saturday when the streak started. Everyone knows a street starts on win two correct. Correct that it everyone cracked when you agree that if the purple. Well part of all you know where it got vehicles. Do you agree. That a winning streak starts. In the second game one. Not with the first. The kid it would streak. Without so I think it's history and Alex is to use in major leak. It's its two Major League Lou Gramm's two is waiting. There. Now I think it's that it would it's. That allowed this. Lou Brown races it too so that they are oh. It's not agree it's too with a winning it a streak is multiple. Yes but I'd. For to qualify as a streak at the it has like how people are bragging about two game win streak you know we're doing very. That's straight but you just said. Game winning its history Hughes is that he believes Iran because it is you because you won multiples sort of bet he's put this takes this Leo. Takes this is listening party. Isn't winning streak at two hours a winning streak at 30 it's too because it's multiple. We find that clip from Majorly are ready Schuettler eases. All right you guys let's listen up. We wanna game yesterday. We win one today that's two in a row. We win one tomorrow. That's all a winning streak. I am wrong. But Luke found his own. Lou Brown is wrong. Stick and a little too is. To his back at these three I adds depth at different that was rigor. Yeah as solid as pretty well on the ground there. I've missed out forget them as draw that line get fired it Jake Taylor to go at it no interest is. It's multiple. I can't wait to see that polls. Anyway we were here I'll make an executive decision we were here with the winning streak at who started. We had a show. Every day. Everyday we had to show it till yesterday. And they got their asses handed to them nine to now. Because we didn't work yesterday. We did have a show every day when the winning streak started at home. Hear what Lou Brown outs is right now he would though I recklessly used with updated. The Lou Brown. Licked. It was dead wrong though. We're. I. Hate it. As a panel O clock didn't set up. I believed I believed they were trying to be saved by the show we were on pregame right before. Bird in the sun for us on addicts do every day before the game ended yesterday where off innately. I think we're just gonna have to. We're just gonna have to lead up to the sun fresh on that show for the rest sees. And girls. Outselling their people and average people would say an Alley plea utopia will save me I hate the royals the most but. My cell is positive waves to Wingate. Get on six game winning streaks that started at that second win. It's trying to be said. We need to get them to say let out wanna go up to players say. We. Our show preceded. The start of your games every day during the six game winning streak in him the day we lost. You'll lost we were not on. Would you agree that you all are trying to be say about this. I think there's definitive proof here that we are clearly this team's. Rally man is as Mike Weir we have this season's rally mantis this ball as much proof as. Lou Brown gave and this thought it would it would actually. My god I was. Bit of rough week. Just completely wrote me off flat panel is better chance I was or. Latency it would become. And religion is going to be and asked yesterday. We wins today that from Cairo. That's all kinds and use custom and remembered it strapped. But. Yet it isn't listed games. We talk them extensively a lot about the idiotic nature of the. At the unwritten rules in baseball. And the other week we and it's of I've I've ran across another. And. Many times the unwritten rules are birds. Because someone has shown someone else that. But to understand the idiotic nature of you kids you know anybody yet. But they're watching the game and I've noticed is the last game it was appropriate for me to speak out. Umpires. Get to rub that in. Two players' faces. And they have no cut to quit but it. Ain't. Rule. Keepers of the game they get to show up hitters all day long. They don't get to get here. Like to watch CB Buttner outlawed CB but at the other night and he struck out Alex Gordon and I mean he. Punched Alex Gordon now with sites. A motion hidden in charisma. Bishop he's still Alex. It's it's there one shining moment now the else the odds. Hate them that's why they they get mentored Herbert is know as does emphatic striking out naked to cuss out managers right at. They. I am in the world hates. Me. You. Okay Ted admired his back to back home run which has the story this back to back home runs. They can't admire the CP but there embarked or else it was plenty of people out yesterday. They can go off to do like Leslie Nielsen did it. Lethal weapon or naked gun excuse me Lee went naked gun it just put people out with the boats. It's still on about that basically given to the bigger. But nothing happens to umpire. I've yes I'm claiming this right now. Not be allowed in umpires shows up a banner like that Sal Reyes should give up they just move. After a fastball right down the middle. So it hits EB book and it's I had like they should they should have unwritten rules take it towards it but maybe that's part of the unwritten thing is that. That they get to say they get to spice up the strikes but so little. People. To show off. And allow it and relative. Are the umpires yeah. The hall played up anyway of how. I can't listen. If edge sport gets you anything like that again I'll get to do anything like that. The NBA. Are right to hell. But did hit. That they don't. I suspect that that. It's like why CP but. Sealed nobody's an apartment the umps. What did ridiculous nature. Of rules of these rules these unwritten rules the UK daily league. It's baseball. But the umpire I don't see. Is another I don't remember that you remember tip cheetah anybody who are real hardcore baseball fans you people act like I don't know wanna talk about. Hardcore baseball it can't cheetah. What make it about himself I bet diverted rolling round exit to cedar. Would make it about himself. Wouldn't have seen. Any honest and. And do all these distant. But did have me do you can't stand out there and admirers. Well Odyssey you can't steal a base them up seven to one in the sense. It can't see that it's maybe but bitter it is absolutely go crazy. I but it did their hides like. You know walk off homer in the World Series your alleged. Like navy and the umpires circles. He did he alleged. That as. Big out strike out called it a World Series maybe you're remembered forever amongst the umpire both. This. But seriously. Ridiculously stupid is there. Bet the picture. The pitcher gets bits that the better Myers is shot to death to get around the bases as the and if you do anything to show up a player they get mad when it. Would the rule bills every time they got its would do that little celebrates its got that wind dies in. Did the young jock. But umpires. Kid do. Goods Johnny cage. Bicycle kick after us right now. And this blitz and I back blip in the best thing that its stated car Rio all the way to the first and slow. You've got a chance coming around third base whether there's a play at the later not use should be able road pulls eat. It deceive people out there if that's what he's going to do. Orton should run all needed to CDs but that's. Sex and Alex Gordon insert break dancing this and it can't get to see people out there like idiotic baseball rules will maybe the first base umpire gets. Maybe he'll run him over acting like you're running out so maybe you run him over on a foul ball listen. Candidate puppy unwritten rules for players these red these umpires don't get to go around the living hell able to do. They need to get their chances hit two. In a row. We win one tomorrow. That's all a winning streak. I'd do it we. Lately. Not in them winning streak is more than one yes winnings streak is more than one. But I did tried to back into that reference in the movie. Natively in blue ground. Ed was completely wrong. That happens ambassadors our group is saying it is seen Major League I've just missed it I don't think you and I do believe this. We've got to me it's exciting pulls at you missed the first segment it was. On does a winning streaks start on the second win or the third win 68%. Is the third with Lou ground. 17% this too. Adage that umpires suffer unwritten rules consequences in baseball when they show look banners on their striking out calls. 71%. Says that they said let the continue to do. Tony 9% since the early the I think these guys. Substance some kind of consequence. And it I mean with the idiotic nature of baseball how the hell are they the only one to get to show people. I have a hell of a deal. It's their old. It generally overweight. It's just donate I don't even have it celebrate its. Like baseball players only ills is the only they only get mad at the umps do when they don't agree with the call like. If they get struck out looking. And the umpires just emphatic about you ever seen in question that's. Yams in go opium for that saying I don't like the way out like the energy year bring them outstretched hand. Any crazy like. And I think you know what it'll play replays. And they haven't for years played replays only time they do it now as if a team acts were replay. They don't play replays in the stadium because they don't want the ups to look at eight ups don't wanna look bad in baseball so little seed replays. 'cause they don't want ups in the bay off. But if you strike out look at how does Gordon CB but there's guts of the forty and it's about to be five seconds of a punch out. That it ain't that probably your team is probably looked at exit and that means that. Father's Day to more. CB but it should hit. It's from those boots the first guy is only did it it's what I was let's go to his livers badgers actually does an hour ago after its bullet that the parties I don't know. With how the what you could do it because it's a pitcher's got to be multiple people involved with because a catcher has been involved with. I think the better chance to be involved. Like there's got to be some sort of stick. Go between the players tied to the better. Today. And let's do this with an advocate him Chiat day. There's don't swing at this with a cut out of the outside. I'd did to you to hedge funds that. US opens today I am not going to break down. What's going on you to know who's there just a bunch of people at the top of the leaderboard I hope Rickie Fowler I think he still is a near the top. A picky tees off. You don't watch it between. I don't. I do kinda get into. You know. Sunday but there's no builders note tiger. Dustin Johnson manic intensity even make the cut and 07 opening day. Three over 75 and now. She added al-Qaeda. F and I confirmed that I would match and needed. I'd take so hauler to find Indian leader but I'm not going to go into talking about us that you would think if they have had to leave. And what if I dilemma scored but I'm not gonna go into. Deep deep thoughts about the time because. In. Here. I mean really look at the names at the top. The Harman Fleetwood. Thomas. Cook I mean lord thank. It Rickie Fowler is. Ten under two. But earlier this week in innocent Janssen did make an early this week round one. They did something I think. He could be a genius. In I think this is a maneuver the it could of worked a decade ago with tiger was running Russia over the tour especially. Seeing what tigers turned out to be. After the first round after he finished up his first round by the way there were still other golfers. Behind him who needed to finish up at eighteen. This girl saw me and as he now sees a nice little number. And those he was a former. Attempting Olympian what is her name he that this girl's name and OC to the javelin or something. He sees it nice he's a nice gently. In against her name is important in politics. Before. But she. So immediately after he finished at VA Alexis yet let's use sex helix. Immediately after he finished up his his round she walks right up onto the green. It is they want and in pain. All the Malia ten. The clubhouse. Turn and his color I think he's just looking for emotional support while he's trying to when you sit and like minds you you know there are still other people had to finish of their around watching her. Are nice look at itself won't open on the green and walked. Here's my thing he Keiko to develop something maybe is a genius technique. I laid it out when I get an understanding if you can have eight that are purse yes I have heard stressed that. Either added as a second person alone with my caddie to walk with the or just make her my. And had her addressed. In a reed who real provocative way to try to roll off the other. I think that would work mean. Tiger's not there then where about them. Not that I mean he would and wouldn't I'll scan or. I like it tighter. If tiger were there. It's imagine if tiger were there. And Dustin Johnson had his his wife. Paulina Gretzky looker that you don't know is useless. And have energy risk. Provocatively. How that would throw tiger off like tiger was the most focused. Athlete we've ever seen possibly specially gulf. But we know his hook his Tikka. Right now it's yet imagine if he had to deal with Paulina Gretzky to risk that provocatively before hitting. If she just can't always put herself and his sight line. This could PG. I would really think about credit growth upbringing. I hire somebody. Like maybe I am I that give good advice on what club plastic used when I'm in trouble or something but. I think. Having her there a female is that is just provocatively to throw the morals of these players off. Could be just the big a deal. As I think tiger may have only won ten majors. Had someone used that thank you for ten and then off so we don't hear you typing itself would use that tactic. To try to get him off his game. Imagine if tiger. Are your hamstring of them would be he had about six or seven girls now judging tiger he's just not. A single groupers. It the tiger girls that we at least its wealth and be by Phil Mickelson is that is set up work. But this Carroll's story here in a bikini or pencil skirt of people's nowhere that. Bidding down just make up the ball that or is it like. The Happy Gilmore like happy place is the other is the legal thing to do. Kitten I imagine there's some. Rules again against things like that because lately you're not even allowed. As a spectator like you island bring your phone of these things Seattle had its peak. But this isn't a spectator. Sees the caddie is thick but yeah. I object. They're just suppose to stand there it'd be quiet I laws but he's got a hiccup is I guess they were probably be forced to address opening certain. Eddie outfit but it says dress and there's addressed them about what could she may. There's got to be ways round. That she may like if it alterations. To the caddie out. Is there any talk about golf is pretty strict on our about everything other female caddies like on the PGA to earn. There should be. That's a good question look at Rickie Fowler I don't know what the guys did that played and his group with him after she walked up on its. She had to throw them off their game. Ticket updated eight. They can maybe have a hard times that clean it. I get Pauline had moved thing and seized three or fours six but then. A deadly tiger would struggle there's several. On the LPG. Tiger would just vote Dustin Johnson probably. And of this. Coming up that gag is still topic of the day the headline reads. Pennsylvania. Badly rebuilding. After a skunk sprayed. Ruins their home that's next. Start your independence weekend off with a banged his errors North Kansas City. 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Or an overweight persons are really throw them off. Chest hair not blacks. I would. Obviously am and they had a bit of point there. During that row tiger we're guys would have been willing to try anything. I wonder is there any guys who thought about turn relates. I get a point in any picnic and that hasn't I hear it used to make up to make up some ground a tiger any of you guys had to bring in a young lady to be a cat he addressed provocatively to try to. The world tiger off his game just a bit. We found out everybody on the Tour de France was. Aziz that stand out are dangerous people think golf is a bit today would. Somebody must golf would be more entertaining maybe that's why tiger yes a healthy that he's off the reports. Or amongst other things. He's on neutral. That gag is to show topic of the day. It's how to act like you care. Dispute that aspect I used the show topic of today. This map that is what. It's time to act like you hear this cute. Q so. Today. And actions and tactics today sponsored I am absolutely Noland so public that step up. This one's coming to heal. And probably associated press and analyst wrote Pennsylvania. Bit louder needs Pennsylvania family. Is sprayed ruins alone. The entire home a Pennsylvania family as an old buildings there I. Hit their home seven months actors skunks snuck into their home and ruined. Let's road residents got a rates in those. And he would be XITV. The family's plot is worse and if their home was ruined by higher. Because there insurance company won't cover the damages. Grey's at this apparently he's not the room it's them. It's in the house. Of the dodgy to ward and inspiration three spent three hours inside the family's home with the Bentley stopped spraying it. Top of spring it's a trustees. Sit everywhere. The family throw late Italy's. Furniture and appliances. And had split the house down to its it would raining to get rid of the old. Apparently he's been living in a small apartment down the street but they'd already been sold cars they'd spent more than 30000 dollars. To try to fix the owner. Hide any. That. Was at its best guns just like he built a very accurate he's got great ally of I mean I just picture that I don't know I can picture them the doggie door in and spending three hours the entire time this the dog just chastened the ground three. Hours three hours in the house they don't. Hiding under a bit. Rip this thing down to that this yeah. At that as a side I. Get as tired anchored to go and like every single day of cleaning the goal they started well. I. Underneath our house and I did. It did its damage. And that Powell's column means he would like four month the house bill or. Do you not remember me let me haven't shaved my dog because he got hit as good. That it. I. I give it would have died. Of what it is the dog justice movement that was the hey. It wrote the doll. Because we you know it was. They have three hours straight down. That is and it what it means she'd like. I used move. And how. He missed the excuses there. It only takes thirty it means you have moved out the hill is that. See. How able would it be easier on you and your family. Just didn't know of cancer that's right you could just get a last better place in it does give up that move out of places like it's been. Did not like you know what let's just get up and move tomorrow. But. Al like movie nobody enjoys booby shook up the hill so stuff. Is that time didn't show stop. Us. As showstopper. And you didn't. Don't say lawyers I just gave pair was hired on in south Saturday after forgetting to mention. Staff carry during his speech at DT championship parade on Thursday. Going to Marcus Thompson of the Mercury news' Terry said the following about the oversight on my god I'm such an eighty S I blew it I completely space. Here's and his wife informed him of the air afterward. And he revealed what he told curry and jazz staff I'm so embarrassed I forgot to talk about you. You got that important to the team anyway. At that influences and I mean way to make them feel included got two rings is not wrong finals MVP. Andre with all this got finals MVP low blows or the global. Three dollars and didn't even as there. And he. LeBron but scoring the 38. It did near triple B a history it will forever remember Andre would dollar they finals MVP numbers after. And as head coach forgot to mention them and their championship per day. Sunday is Damian Willard. Well answer bunch of fan questions on Twitter recently he had one of those days and said that he believes Kobe Bryant would win if he played LeBron James in the game of one on one. That is fans discuss that response from oiler. Well as mentions a user made their mark LeBron is three and five in the finals. Trailblazers point guard did not appreciate that so he called him out or applying a lot of people are zero and zero and by. Which is true that gets caught like we talked about this shows this week LeBron it's called efforts that the makes patently. But the most stupidest things oh he's. Jordan was six and no we got it. Got in the seventh straight finals. 73. As I've watched over the weekend planned. At he may be lost a couple of more times. In the Eastern Conference finals or in the first round like Jordan did. He'd be better. If he were. 33. And one in the finals like it's. He put himself the best situation to win a championship. Any loss and every time we lost with the exception analyses. They were clearly the better team. I just that vicious so much more to it then Jordan's guts extra innings bronze guy that's that is the simplest dumbest and easiest argument to make on the situation. Spitzer has Palin can't say starred to slide competition in their attempt to oust the NFL draft in the near future. League commissioner Roger Goodell said on Friday. It Allentown achieves annual fancy camps at fourteen teams sent representatives of Philadelphia last month to observe the draft brat draft process in action. The chiefs are one of those teams. There's a tremendous amount of interest and I'll communities hostess Goodell said it has a tremendous platform. And they gives exposure to communities and has Internet tremendous economic impact. Event has become much bigger than ever hasn't it takes more infrastructure. Infrastructure. Even our athletes have in Philadelphia so they knew standard created a new event space of more than 250000. People. And you sit practice every. Where you went over. And why I feel like that it. Said which you needed to say you know what we are why this high public. Something that I wanna talk about what this quotes from insurance article that is something you wanna talk didn't read. I believe it I hope that with the first ameliorated as a lesson possessive when it at his at bat it was pretty. When that as us there was nothing but this first came out. Now when this came out when they first at the dreads in Philly. With the crowd. And the destination. City that Philly could be in bigger cities. I would be stunned at the keys or is are there were ever able to host. The NBA draft anytime soon especially with. The zero zones. What Russert the NBA draft which you said. I'd I'd god the I heard and felt the NFL this is the second this is second time elements that what time he says that mark. Anyway it in and they'll dread when Jerry Jones is coming out and be expressed. Which Jerry Jones come in and expressing he wants it and Dallas. They're gonna go to bigger cities they've gone from New York which word always was and it was Chicago and Philly. Kansas City next he. Ab it would please advice so awesome again overnight. I hope not talking about how cool I I hope that we can't get this figured out the next few years I don't think it's going to happen soon obviously the bigger cities are going to get it over us. Well actually it be awesome for the Super Bowl favorite guests and afterwards I was just feeling is that hospitals. Very draft are coming up I had to lose more pounds. We do the weight loss challenge coming up next I would these that the keys were Avery were ever able. If B. Leo and it is Father's Day. So it is you can do today and it is pauses as well. Through that is why they don't do something that you need to be doing besides. We're here to at a time not all. You're just making it so easy at this point I mean so I agree with you. I sit in itself. Do I said he said Intel's I'm just as bad that'll turn his stuff and you said and if I sit NFL you've just I believe switched it around. Because I've seen in BAA earlier. I believe that was edited in a way that you did you have it. I have written for you Jack Waite today and and a PPI and a matter of trying this on this Father's Day. And for daily use a state. But no suit. That's open on not that are not retreat now okay. Loser. So. I come and alluded to the weight loss challenge the real initiatives. You make it. I had at least whose sport council it says disseminate. For the love got run you better not be at the same weight. I hope that he did. As the accident conveniently forget ms. Taylor's looked in the de. La de ID 3-D C united. And he gets its rating. So. Let's. Let's go ahead knock this out we need to do it is a wanna say is becoming I don't know what way is. Change some things that this week it has become hard. Here of late. I eat there or not these excuses are ready is that what you done. On this and become smaller. They're really dropped. What you do Noonan that you have what are you doing differently. The minute that it say it long ago. It. What are we looking at those. And that's never gets us. Do I get to two pound loss. It was ridiculous to announce. I assume much tube I don't. It's it's. The key need to go back to the guy is trying to be easy on. All right. I do bad very easy be proud of that Father's Day he can really let loose a day. But not letting loose as can really. Terrific time. In my day. Among them alive I did sheet this week old on Thursday. Apparently from Thursday to this morning I have put it on about three pounds but was 287 was in the morning. You're 287. On Thursday. As Italy 7 Thursday morning if you can be eaten anything is that this now how work Saturday. I've done my due diligence. Com. I knew it UDT. I didn't added seats. Sort of not dissuade IQs than that I don't really like you ain't something I generally. I generally don't weigh myself until Sunday to Sunday. A little too lax. It's is this is this is becoming difficult no idea that I went from. Rotating like cards. Low car one day high cards and other low cards one day Heidi and then working out differently. Doing more weights on the high carb day soon. Too much talk of only here but. We'll take we'll take the two pounds. So what's the punishment gonna be. Out not out of really doing that it today. In I'd refuse. To perform a another consequence. In OC til Steve in Florida. Until Steve asserted I told you guys yet none none other lesbians because we all. Everyone has done that I've done all mop on his Mitt and when did it in found. The things I didn't do myself. Unity in unity in the first. Two weeks. After you bought some blacks have done. You have to entity we are like a month. It's used those those things somewhere. I'll know I'll flip out like to outlook but it's not it to its dobbins who meet certain. At least I told you organize and I. Our guys. Out what it's your punishment is. A point to do you think it is. You think I wanted this figured I had to that we are single I am that he as president. So that you only you've only done. Half way back half way have you go seeing it in the stamp is it is not worst the beginning. My chance here ripped off Youkilis it is that those guys that. Work is chests there. Start your missing the point the volume and who knows what he's just deflect. So oddly not. And another cuts equate it to you do. I've got X. Where. You figured. It. To your months. We talk about it every week these good people. Who want to try to see you ambitious. While waiting for this egg you won't give it to. I mean. Usually just set something up albeit it. Ought not not only adults anything that doesn't we will come and we will video recording it but you you set it up and do you do it. I won't perform other cuts with. Yes it was on the table that I was going to learn the choreography. From single ladies yeah and I was going to do the choreography for single ladies. And as opposed it. But no because you won't do any paid you'll all the director of the gave it to you pretty soon. Pleasantly forget I'm sure because that was not part of the game why you deflecting. How much weight do I need to lose next week to even make this a way they are not. I didn't I needed two weeks. Apple iPad need to week we are trying to take a break from you got that two week. States this is there that we're not just me. This one week in in the weight just fluctuates for two days to two days I was two ladies and Thursday. What you you know we. Stopped talking to be. A coming up next what's bigger outlets late Eddie Lou. And the worst 59 seconds in the history of Sports Radio is coming up next. Dived for the last 592. Show and all of a radio. The shot dozens and in fact it's the best 59 seconds down and radio. As said by me sponsors are certainly spending. Boston Celtics in the Philadelphia 76ers have agreed in principle does swat team number one and three pick in Thursday's NBA draft. Philadelphia is expected to use the number one pick on former lasting guard Martell volts. Sources told the undefeated Marc. TNT's David Aldridge and so these Celtics and return moved back to number thirty. I love this move of course because I'm hoping they get Josh Jackson who I think is a fantastic fit in Boston and I think Josh Jackson has potential to be the best player in the draft. But it just gets it any names just gets it and how are past the point where guys. Like Danny Ainge did just run on the Ritchie showed the ground but this is a good trade for the sixers to have. There's no quick heroes run showed you blame. Sound out all my listeners but those fingers to the head because we salute to. For allowing us to be a small part of your Sunday morning. Julio stances. Produces this bad boy am I live to gain as the conservative. Apparently edged up two pounds. And apparently. Brad says that seated. In weighed myself. Thursday. Was that lady said that refused to pound clear of the mark. And somehow get beaten anyone and didn't really change anything. And eating. And working now. And my late night work out last night as usual and yet I had the sigh and a Tory government on Sunday morning like this like right here. Let out Libya like and it is not just from sir this is like this is like I'm not even joke like this is like the realists real talks. Let one of the most the most annoying things in people who have experienced weight loss or of attempted to try to lose weight. One of the most at Boeing that mean. It is. For people to come up with all these suggestions. To you. Of what they know will work. As if you're not doing things that like literally and I and I love and like I love what people say FaceBook it's in ideas in. And and do stuff like this like that ran out and drink only water watch it come off Ron appreciate it. Ehrlich sort of maybe should go to the Sauna in relate always comes up to me and says gives me vices that the what is this if like. I like our allies that is why is is it like to do I would bet right now as well everybody you know the united. It is like if you knew what I do every day of the week. If you think that I have that slowed my bread and take and I just drink water. Is it. Expect especially from people who are not LT. And daylight and that is the one that really like like it like politics of like late in admin is working downs on. Like certain age goes on. Good news shots that I've probably done a collective. Four hours in the sun this week. There be any different times. And maybe you need like that is like if you lose like that is the most that knowing the if people believe they would edit it but it's it's which they say it like obvious things to you like a run cut out pop this week. And I have pop hidden or weeks. Or like none antigens that take you like that you think of that then. Or like you think got. Or say it's just just do Carty of thirty minutes a day. Thirty. Nine minutes authority let let me. Maybe ninety strong had a sixty minutes authority like it is it's that this did not know what goes over the place. That may they've had experience is that a that we are about nine weeks it. I mean it's just. It is becoming is becoming tougher. And you know I talk was of people in just a researches of shocking the body. And shock in the diet change of the day at. In and that's that's where we are right now. I don't mean. For. You to lose next week. As I have loses three weeks in a row running have not made weight. It. Even. Return to lead the then next time. So. It's the batteries a little bit here to have fun with race hopefully we don't at a it's a little race we do this we tend to do this on our show. Probably more often than others in the city. But this this is this is fun to be missed the story. So if you listen to what to watch in this week we talked about this thirty for thirty between the Celtics. And the Celtics and though the lakers. And has been on all week long they've hit three parts and yesterday in a Friday yesterday at the ketchup and watts. And watched the the entire thirty for thirty it was really good. A couple of the biggest thing that I took out which is developed this topic. You know besides. I don't know of Magic Johnson could have survived and LeBron James here he had a ton of foul ups leading gains it. LeBron James would only dream. To have the media committee in the way they came meant. And but the big thing it out of this was. One of the most fascinating things that sports. And that is. Man. This is it's like a polar bear of extinction. But there is there's almost nothing more fascinating than he white. Aptly. That is extremely. Fearless. Confidant. It un intimidated. In this. Mostly black sports city. That makes it. Like why athletes who are un intimidated feared Liz looked up is much trash we'll do whatever. When they are participating in a predominantly black sport. Like watching this and watching the Celtics. There watching Larry Bird. Watching Kevin McHale. And Danny games. And broke down Bill Walton once he got there. Like listening to the conversation is aid the tram stall that they have heard. That are that they had and that the different players from the lakers the sixers were saying the Celtics. I felt that's so fascinating because I just I feel like you don't seem that a lot Larry Bird. Walked up to doctor. After he hit a three ride on his team. It's said to him. They you muzzle go ahead Rita. Ed that they got so mad it started choking him. It got so bad I can't Mikhail. Would stretch but magic just it was massive out they start want to go to a data changed walked up to limit called it tragic Johnson. And go to. Sit there or at the end of the game walked. To me. And Byron Scott told us the play. That I'm gonna run this girl nominal rent is three point line over in the corner and is now added D'Anthony you can do. And stick it did did you may have. Exactly. It's a. It was just make it to be when you watch it isn't effective in ABA was predominantly black like it is today on and yes I. Maybe and maybe I'm an all learn from it there's some white so why people here who. Will say I'll awful this there's never any type of intimidation or fear Ott and from my experience to what I'll watch. Like you know. That's generally what you see when you see like. Not generally but you see them off white players but it just go to the court want to pick up basketball. Why layers. Sometimes it themselves can get intimidated or show that they're intimidated. Like when a group of black guys come out of the court and out. Like I five that. Fascinating and I love. I love it because I want Kevin Love up there Kevin Love looks scared to death at times. When the wars around you don't see Kevin edit like would you take Kevin Love would do some stuff like Larry Bird or Mikhail would do. Talk that your name changed any age is not even a great player. Like so was it did Danny Ainge but the crap out of somebody iced out watch any age just. All let's jump on top of like an elbow drop coming off the ropes I need to make the argument that any changes on most hated players eat it. But the clothes line it. At. Kevin the killed and it just got to pick up all welcome like that that happened. The bill and Beers the world he's another one that fits the mold is. I mean Kelly an acre right now as a guide it a lot of people in the week he may be but there's there's not many. Like you got to they got off on that assist the likes first off you just don't see. A lot of white guy especially for predominant liked what does that football and basketball. I guess we could just use those two sports you don't see. A lot. Of that of the copies or maybe issued shown differently. But you don't you don't see like how I played Little League absolutely outplayed high school football. I remember lining up against offensive lineman. White guys you could see. Sometimes there was. A. I looked up. When I look at him in the Zagat. And I I think there is there isn't it there's a bit intimidate I just think there's different aspects to it too yeah it's just different. Different cultures in the way that it. Some guys that are tots like carry themselves on a football field on a basketball court like even even back then like there was. There was still a lot of racial issues going on and people were you know looked at the Celtics as the white team and the lakers is the black team and it wasn't. Done like that intentionally like that's just how those respective teams were drafting at that time that's how they'd track that's how the draft pieces back. And back and and that's is that that's a that's a against the bigger part of it but to me it was just like 8. AM Larry Bird is. Has no fear here. About it all go up it's hot trends to doctor. They cities out of three and he was at the three point contest during an NBA all star weekend it's that. All the yards his plan for second place. This recovery almost mummified. I'd outlook just I think that's a lotteries I think people gravitate to Travis Kelsey zone politics I'm now with a trip to skills he fits that bull. Travis Kelsey is not intimidated I don't care who's gonna. Like like Josh Norman could go one on one over Travis skills he's not. He's not being intimidated mark bowl richter. Our wide receiver rocket that. Was Martin was my goal was more vote. I think you you need that sometimes and all of your players you need that confidence of course but there is the only Christian McCaffery like. That's something that we will see this old out out of Russian McCaffery because. Christian McCaffrey is just is a white players a predominantly black position in the NFL. Does any Christmas everything is going to be a very good NFL running back. Another cousin Kristen lighten he fits that mold Preston later let's stop. Evicted from Kentucky's chance to. It was delayed no fear could Christian Laettner felt the tired T precedent like grace and Allen right now. But he did they play get the fat but they didn't give read. They did here. As Garrett Chris Webber even though it's whenever Jalen Rose the real dangerous. At times. Like they did care. The channels that op Ed two out pitch in Michigan the bad five years. They they probably walked onto the court against a lot of teams especially teams. Were predominately white guys and one that gained just out of intimidation. And their trash talk. I taught me a ball club. I. I'd like to bring this to laurels. You go to basketball courts you competed high school whatever level. Did you sits there. I answered this earlier he was stuttering did you say it's whatever you may be there was some intimidation and when you went up but it's. May be some black players who were talking trash was there any intimidation that's. And it's. On Thursday. What he wants it and Spain's love. There. I jumped and backed into this room discussing. We've while lots 3330 in the lakers and Celtics three part series came home this week. A finish it up yesterday. And the most fascinating thing that the crowd was. If it's almost like you just don't seem this very off. But. To see the white at the expressly the white athlete that were seen and what kind of McGregor right now and he's going to be. When he when he when they get into these press conferences with low eighties and it right incidents. But when you see the white athlete who is. Fearless. And intimidated. Of trash talk it will halt the trash right back to the able and it will be as aggressive in his crazy. Right back to you. Is one of my favorite things to watch. Out and I'm not hitting like Billy beer used to do. He knows kind of grown into that role is Tom Brady. I think Tom Brady bill is the heart of a version of the Celtics but but for the NFL Tom is that we get Tom when he goes and Eagles often those. Crazy celebrates he'll do in the top talk tranche two the defense of linemen and stuff like that. Philip Rivers is that way. You just don't see a lot and it's up some people say. You know this is race not just of legal light up just get doctors to bring it to our arts we gave examples there are few and far between like duke. And so brought a pretty good point ace to Asia duke was intimidated in 1990. When they went up against UNLV. But next year it changed. In the attic and feel for the next unit saints. But that but that duke tame they fall right into the Boston type minds it. They do care what is the fact that they care. Oddly didn't. Didn't care at ball. Chris Webber did that intimidate him Jalen Rose and not intimidate them. It's especially. Kristen late there he was his net is any of this man Reggie this man Larry Bird Michael coop pre K down he said. Is it Larry Watson to music you know up to where you say. It get there. I've ever seen it's I don't really see that cop but it's a lot so what's it does it when you when you play in high school you play pick up now. Like I assert that went beyond that you play pick up when your eyes whatever. If you Saul. Black guys playing. Was there an intimidation was there. Or did you feel comfortable talking. Strand acids is playing the way you normally do I mean it. It depends on the situation denies and like I was in our rec league where a lot of the guys on the team were black right so we are playing I was. Perfectly fine talking trash at them we're playing a bigger game or something or when we're playing like one of our league games but then. Else I just went to the gym and there's an there's random people playing I'm not as likely to necessarily. Talk trash to those people but Aaron we know. From the three was six as a white pick up player I agree with your system. I mean it's it. It is is it is is a rarity to me like the trip to skills is the world I love. I love it when he gets in the end zone and I did eight years ago married by rockets ramseys talk contrasted the honor. There's talk interest to anybody me you came hold UK guard. Out of it later they tell Larry woods made that often. And I do think that there was. You know what those teams there was a genuine hatred for one another like they were they were just so competitive but what this and that was there anybody in the league it was it would just bits and it is reserved for the lakers lose to anybody. You've ever even because they were just they were is that competitive again I just wanted to beat every one and they wanted every one. To know who they work and let's go about it. I I mean dark. Hasn't been a very vocal guider and it's he is a hall of fame players did you see Kevin Love is walking up and just let. No and no one has I don't know what has that perception of Kevin ma bell like no one thinks they Kevin Love. Is going to get anybody's face about Masso. I Kelly elect dislocated is our hated him Leo he's made electrical. I knew ago Craig says rates as this is this is a racist conversation going correct. Yeah again amaze me you're talking about it into on seventeen comic point. I think he had quite a while the shuttle mission that you. And we collect eleven where why and arm and not well I'm lax. And maybe there were some of that current indication. To me was when we got on. How saw. The black players for. That was those two irons and that it. Beckett that could be the case to Atlanta's ability. I mean make a couple more. Got teary Jim Brown & Brown at running back. You're it is. He hated planes in the white. And click the expand. You you. Oh yeah. And yeah and they openly. Yup. Like Klitschko. I think either one program. Homily from. I mean come. Now. Now you're not going to. Be do we do we just get Vladimir clear its cost is knocking out Mohammed Ali. I was really good with Corey. I thought I look I had read. With Craig with a lot. Is assessed as Craig actually agree with me if you listen to that secret was trying to disagree but Craig's been off the vet said. Maybe there was some of that intimidation upfront. Which is what I'm talking. But that that don't come and make a point to tell me that Vladimir for political office knocking out Mohammed. I can't go on with the conversation. It's like earlier when sort of was talking about this trade between. Philadelphia. It's saying. The Celtics would never take lines a ball because of market Smart I just in the congress not going it take out this it odds is. I as they does Breyer writing enough. Our vision is at odds as a conversation that he gets ridiculous brag do you think that that was ridiculous point to make at at what that has been talking about. Any like I Celtics are an interest in months ago tired. I'm nuts that's. Anatomy and I've just seen the stupidity of that on the matches the stupidity of the close who would not go Mohammed Ali. The pre market smarts the reason why they wouldn't. Take another point it's absolutely let's say but I know I just don't ask their ridiculous conversation a bachelor of his right sometimes you. But sometimes that happens the where there is. There's intimidation write a funny even black players aren't as easy with the but I'm just saying you girls need. Very ought to look Larry Bird Kevin McKeon it detainee ain't. And even a guy like Travis Kelsey is doing or you just don't see especially or Connor McGregor a predominantly black sports. But you're used to mean and just end and sports in general the guys use the wind up being really successful because they're on land. They all have talent you don't get there without that. But the guys that are really successful are the ones who're intimidate him. The ones you're tired eager testicle and wanna push other guys around those guys are generally successful and sports. Yeah I'd this I was is out woods is taken aback by Larry Bird at them and I just I was we saw a war. I guess it was bill MB bill and beer may have been the great. Tech bill Adair what's the craziest well Dennis was on the team maybe in the craziest person out the for the pissed. He would take L Jordan and talks as doing it wouldn't think twice about it. Wheels it. There's another another wide receivers that are overlooked while it was more mobile the only name. Wes Welker Wes Welker is an active is that someone that's active. Our ball Rick I don't. I haven't active. It's not like receiver Adam Humphries. OK Adam of Greece is now air jewel in adult that's tragic it and and he Danny Amendola. As that it Chris Hogan he Spears' baby every patriots are seeded. Note we didn't know when we act like it's put to. It as anything that is fearless. Eric Decker who's unsigned yes like us Richardson and just Norman could probably intimidating get under a lot of guys you're black or. Definitely an element fuels to an animal taught treads in the soup all right the it takes her. Eight you just don't see you have to. As well as Seymour is it's one of my favorite things in sports. Larry Bird. Out there where all of those black players and is give them their scheme is he's talking better tread in India. Ellen doctor. River running around the world and river river. And yeah. Oh. Back edit here on the show. Queer here salute world at 130. Some Frist on that still would just burners ruin those. Look too can complete a series victory. In game four here against the angels they won the first two and truck yesterday because we didn't work. The last nine to nothing today is that to go ahead and win the series. By the way we do have a couple pulls up. Doesn't winning streak start at two. Wins or. Three. And you pursuits this three. Sixteen says two and should umpire suffer unwritten rules consequences in baseball when they wrote when they show banners. On their strike calls it is literally 5050. Right now. At what oracle we live like people that don't want to get rid of the unwritten rules based we had a real oversight. Well we were trying to pool. Wide receivers to beat the knicks. We got Adams speak again at completely or literally. Whoever this is from the first person vicinity. Of the is that this could be apology from the 913. It's a bit. George Jordy Nelson. Here's our life and it's easy last year he had 12100 yards of fourteen tests that nobody I've got a passport records if he's a top five receiver regardless of color. How to repeat all. He was like Larry. Us. It just Norman if they play the Ritz is it to look at dormant looked. I've got to run and out and a it's going to be play action we got Adam ceiling before. I got on a need good government a skinny post. Is going is going to be played acted. But I'm steel go to school let out. Lately. And labored so that name. This will we go do it come and now we don't wanna curl and I'm gonna come off the screen to the corner is not a damn that you could do. It's been tasked. I don't know line. This is my favorite thing in sports one of my favorite thing the sport. Is the crazy. White guy who caused as much strands in predominantly black. I do not know what it does the Chris Bird man didn't have any talent. But he was dumb like it. Chris birdman Andersen. It looked a little crazy other taxes. It will body slams but in a heartbeat. Including two union mart. It's like. Well it we talked about the bad positive economic needs me. I believe Chris Webber walking on the floor. Would have scared the daylights out of gray ghost. If it they have currently kids is great goes through ten of that front line now Scot pollard's nets. He would have been alright and it does again paint his fingernails. Black. But grant those today. Oddly Chris Webber would have gotten to his air opening tee. News in the finals against Luc Longley and bill Whittington that'd released here. Chris Webber. Premise of the looks of Chris Webber's basically with Alec. I'm intimidated right now but mr. Just. Is that time didn't show and stop. Us. The as showstopper. You. The Golden State Warriors have been relentlessly going after critics and is after winning the NBA title against the cavaliers. Add drama on show up to the victory parade in the quick ET shares. Larry's and I attaining its dram or that ensued afterwards meals I Kevin Durant blasting people on Twitter. San Francisco Examiner's throwing shade at EOK see print media. He Oklahoman into when he fourteen use the headline mr. unreliable. After France struggles against Memphis Grizzlies in the playoffs east San Francisco examiner used to have. Line mr. reliable. I just also. On the say though it's great. The great thing he did this but I also missing if suited up in a hockey game. I would I would be. There's a bunch of like. God the tennis court like a busted up against the mighty. If they were older. The mine this idea that. Ed Keenan Thompson. Not originally. The old knuckle puck I did like about we're in Minneapolis right now and now went to a hockey. The arena played a pick up hockey game. I'd be I beaches skate I was talking features of the only a washed my dad's. Idea the other day. Nobody speak Hulk Hogan. Doctor and chiles and a free press a documentary about Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against got here and the broader implications of the ensuing trial. Well it Netflix on June 23 may just release a trailer. It's clear this documentary goes deeper than just Hogan sex tape in doctors' decision to publish it. Film appears to focus heavily on the involvement of Peter feel also dead delving into complicated questions about the limits of free press. Thriller draws a connection between deals attempt to punish doctor and president Donald Trump's frequent attacks on the American Media. And hold him yes. When Vince McMahon is says that hill which. Vince McMahon I opt out I don't even know it Hogan has come back and to ever get back like. It media sort at all could lead to another reality TPC or would you like. Now. How long was Hogan knows best on. I don't know who would you like if it was if it was a a television show of him trying to get himself back together it still is doing which runs. Now I think he's done. 'cause this makes his living you know or season by the left and the WW EB in this. It's almost never lets anyone with. Down. That I think he's done. I'm the as a comeback left them. Earlier this week Central Florida kicker Donald. De La hey said I was presented with an ultimatum I think it talked about this earlier on the week. Hermes yes compliance obviously that you get rid of his popular YouTube channel that makes him some money or he asked to quit football. Looks like he hasn't quit just yet and he's using the jail to make a statement about the NCAA in the process. And video posted on Thursday titled college boards you like that that that. Yeah hey guess PolyGram my body I'd like figure in a suit who stops him from doing every day things including booking his phone turning of the heat brushing his teeth. The punch line he takes out money from an ATM. That gets promptly taken what was your favorite part. This article. Made you want to bring this life. It brings up a serious issue in the NC double. He's a kicker for UC yes. And yes a very popular YouTube channel that he makes a good amount of money on an Italian yes to quit doing it because he's a kicker for use yet. The of certain was that why is he allowed to make money off that because they can't make money off selling the jurors. He's got selling a Jersey but it is not. Now people well most a lot of people and human nobody lightly used yet he's got a couple videos is like in the locker room at the figures are based. Are on anything with the team. If I'm the NCAA and I have a hard time selling that because. Because. When you open that. That you opened up a lot of debate there that I look I don't agree with a lot of the NCAA is the most none of it. Mean it that that that seems like a can of worms that could be opened up and a lot of other people can take bigger and I hand signs easy to you just create a popular YouTube channel is thinking like he's had some creative ideas that he puts time effort and yet. As something that he's talented he's something he's talented enough that. To make a living doing its agencies all I should he had to choose between football and doing that we'll that he can do when he gets dunked it. CMOs poppy. Coming out. The segment that sweeping the nation what's in what context in which shows what movies. What's you watch it tonight. Another royals will be high on people's mark. I've no idea them once and definitely with this that's coming up next we'll to a. Coming decay he better not miss. There. Needs it Battlestar Galactica what commitment and you'll want convicted. Bring buckets to delete Pettway touchdown Super Bowl fly first class complain when people watch him by our partners. I'd like to remake movies is it. Must have been since. Hi my Google's ex governor. That the threat goal. That they gave. That they get and when the sirens I don't know if I could be let me. It works instincts. What a rather than fear or lumped. Arm feeling well. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. This is the woods who lives in sponsored by absolutely. No once someone could step up. It is excellent 69306. Sticks it what you wanted to night. Sunday night a big TV nights. Once again the centrist on that soon. At 130 today is he really looked to win the series against the angels Bernal has this word coming up. And I forgot to say this sending a good solid strong special Father's Day. To a night time. JC. JC and beyoncé had twins today. That of the at those toll. Those kids never have to worry about anything in line. Argued ahead texted on watching. Son hunter Carrey the movie Kevin fee. If you missed earlier this week. Steve inserted one of his multitude of idiotic thoughts believe that son hunter was the one who Kearney. We've meets world that is true rate of million that's right you Isaiah Eric Mack area man who was hilarious and that was it. The funniest person on point oh or less educated son most the gap Jones week. Dollars trying. Always complaining sew Nance is the new season which is a new black inebriated we none of us out of our agency while Torre's news analyst Leo in this movie you'll start watching. None of us I believe was that I think we all checked out because it just yet yeah I've watched the first. Or five episodes I don't losses as shown at OPEC. Yeah I stick that's it that it knows he's. Only got a few episodes of house of cards this season and really. Yeah pat I need to pick up on them and like I have been owned girls. Amidst season or down. Got to get to six of little girls suited to actively. Of late trying to knock those out so I keep it as the somewhat saying watching C endless list. You know and I feel stupid is a person who called himself a movie love almost. I've never seen Schindler's List. One of those ones usually I absolutely half of the yeah I have to Catholic I had to see again. But yeah I needed I needed a one day out it's like. Like how would that you watch it's like in the category of like Shawshank redemption like everyone has seen yet challenging him. But I've gone back and watch like the reds who it tests of long. Citizen Kane an analyst at all those who were thought to be like some of the greatest of all time did I do need it to them. The wired we were talking about the wire the other day. You you said it's your favorite shows your favorite drama between that and Marines. Yes. All fringes my favorites like scifi show. And the wires yes one of my absolute favorite from the 785. Last week tonight. Which now I have I've actually gone back and want some of those shows. This shows pretty good my only problem with John Oliver. He needs he needs he needs somebody else they. That I'm playing like I John like I like last night the latest I think he needs somebody the playoffs. I think he does these guys still just he just sits there. It doesn't really boost from his space fertility 98 and now ages sometimes he is as these solid just thirty minute online. Like I'd like it's good to be at things like yeah I'll party would be users do that for thirty minutes straight I. I nobody gets also old for the body. For me light I. I'm gonna guess he won. You're I'm going to let out a desolate Depp movie times the Alamo draft house I'm gonna guess he won't quit giving free effort as. Like I act like it like out lots. Outlets cold Beers every night. But I I think he needs somebody else like that that lead singer of the vein and use. It any TSE would be. He tried to sing the National Anthem that it gales start gave it was rooms holed. In my life since they're like well. That's why he's just the name. An airbag got up and clap their hands of our. Oh yeah all eyes on me came up to. Forty. It's. I mean it it's today. Will be in Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Barring any rain announce. For Julio. Sort of I'm runs the show and we are outside. And that's kind of.