610FC S2E7 - They Had a Bad Day

Sunday, July 1st
In this week's edition of 610FC, the guys welcome back Jillian Carrol and talk about SKC's loss to Montreal. They also update you on the MLS standings and talk about the biggest stories from the World Cup before breaking down SKC's next matchup against Real Salt Lake.

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You were now listening to the U official podcast. Kansas city's soccer fans and seeks to enhance CE. Our interior posts and pretty soon who Cerro. And Julio Sanchez. Welcome in the official podcast soccer fans here are kids sit sixth in FC. Here on assistance force dot com the radio dot com apple. Whoever you listen to your podcast who we are on it. I am a person of Sarah and I am a little sciences. And Julie Carroll they are full name largest in doing it and I like DiFrancesco budget. Julian knows if that's going to be her name that's good money on any professional parachutists from now on the Julian let's say on an uncanny. Turn your opponent. That we're gonna include that part pretty we're keeping them. This. It's wee hours include our Massa so we're gonna witches and those who don't know him as a sensible thing and this remarkable thank you. We're going to be talking about oh we'll talk some World Cup action later on in the show in lieu of Leo's web kids. World's gonna break down sporting Tennessee's next match up. Against a Real Salt Lake this coming Wednesday July 4. But we need to start off with what was. A disaster. Last night up in Canada. Montreal. Sporting play Montreal impact. And this game. Might might have been the worst game of the year for sporting Kansas are leg might have been the least. Inspired experience. That I've seen from them all year like obviously the first him beard is near city FC. Certainly wasn't pretty at all blame New York City as good as a talent and yet there you know and and in early early in this lack of effort yeah it was early in the season so I can understand you not coming out playing well early on it happens. I mean we see Seattle every year start the season off bad so like it I can understand that. End of June. You're at the very top of the standings in the west. This team was dominant image has been dominant conference the floor and they go in Montreal and the bears. On it was on national so it was a blow themselves. Yes yes this the and then there's the exact. A description of what happened. Last night. Up in Canada so. Going from left to right the it's what I can see the line it was jerks so getting start. Over there at the the left forward spot shall we in the middle Russell. Playing on the right side in the middle. Julio boy you hung cause thing. Aly and still your guy as your your guys and their Roger Espinoza playing on the right side and back line you had Jalen Lindsay. These rural Parra and zoo see with Melia on the gold is a 433. In Montreal also running a 433. From left to rights soar with the front line US PRD Mon Crusoe and Silva. In the midfield the red tighter. Yet in cruel leaky and then in the back on your love it's too macho funding and Paul bush was on goal. So the beginning of this gain was not very eventful. Most of it was just kind of guys commendable around the whole list. Pretty much hurt us in the ninth minute did not COP Gotti corrales across coming from the right corner. Zoo see just barely misses being able to stop this cross. Getting sets a long shot from the left side of the field fires it this holds on goal this was accurate. And it is it's going towards the right post Melia has the dive and punched the ball away Eagles flying we have some twenty yards out. And he's able to prevent the goal. A lot of the opportunities that Montreal had in this game especially the first half. They were sporting was lackluster as the first thing I notice exporting is not attack in the defensive side it doesn't seem like they have in the energy. Let's say they were just kind of run it around just going through the motions as oppose it really putting in effort. Yes it's. You can tell from the first five minutes of the game that they just they did not bring their a game I think I think some of that was that might have been carry over from the previous game because that was one hell of a comeback yet by them. And I think there is just they have. Little bit of hate notre over from that I think he played it played a role in this as well you know the hang over along with the heat and kind of they just they just didn't have any energy they had. There's no aggression in the game play at all. They it it's like they went in there and just. They what they did what word about the wind they're worried about just maybe let's get a draw on call today with the body. I think as. The thirty minera that we Fina flight you start. Thanking all of the comeback last match was. Wonderful her around like you know so cool so funded be apart of everything that. I think guarantees and they concerns now extreme Columbus mats. He cement and now in Montreal. I think in coming detained thinking that they're related they've been starting in is unacceptable I asked Peter Burmese about it after the Houston match and I said are you concerned he said I'm not concerned I'm just. He he can he get angry look saying that the hunt and dies hoping between Houston and Monterey out a few different and I really think we dead. Yeah now and a Dell's would have things that I saw going in was like you know it. Two months ago we sold we would see this team and they would be attacking especially early in the game they would be attacking and they would get tons of opportunities usually see this team Gillick. 1520 shots during the game and since then in this game they were not very good and and attacking. On the offensive side they definitely weren't good at attacking the defense side either using the very aggressive and they they've played very physical style of game. And it just wasn't prevalent here and you can tell really really early they were not. Seeded in the suitably be likened it in their regular form they've been in for most. A year unlike Julian said. Did you do this there is precursors applicable and I don't think anybody should have been surprised. But at this game just because of the last few games. They were going to lay an egg and that's just how it is anyways it's a long season there's going to be games like this it's it's just one of those games. Do you think add anything Mindy was being cross conference ID think their approach that they came at it way. A Calif is getting inning get out with a point and maybe a mean and who they played to that Montreal's not a very good team so there's no reason for them to to come in hyped up in and ready to go and find that challenging and I think it's it's exactly that they just came in. I'm okay with a draw let's get some points let's get out here even when my baton did you expect to see some of the guys dressed and then if that was the game plan. I Russell comes to mind. We hit again and again I guess you know I know he struggles with the heat and conditions you know over here Kia. And I'm kind of torn nine. Was that the approach isn't getting any get out at that point. And if it lies I feel like. Will address we'll have been. You know better suited maybe they're at the facts if there was. I would say. Peter Burmese idea was lets them were put you out there 'cause we're going for the win ray players that I think of the motivation for the players themselves was out there. Yeah me a lot of it is you a lot of us do league know players and how other other what their motivation is what their feelings are. Yeah like a lot of times that mute you'll move on blame the coaches you know like ally and a lot. Of friends or soccer fans in nearly you know watching the World Cup. They'll look at and no blame the coach for you know the team's failure as a handling. It a goal I want to Germany Italy Germany didn't really seem like they were like a 100% in two trying to go out there and give a 100%. When they were playing in grew in the group stage trees when they got tossed out. And it's like knowing a lot of it is just kind of the mood and feel of each one of the players in soccer's one of those games were everybody had to be in the same mode. Yet to be in the same mood in that same voted Argentina. Yes we are as a perfect example of just. A crap fast yeah and if you're not especially out there. If you're not out there with the same mindset and united united playing with same level motivation is really really difficult. To have a lot of success in this kind of which you saw there was like. They really didn't it it was like everybody was kind of a different frequencies. Out there on the there on the field and that's one of things I I noticed very early early on and I wasn't seeing guys pressure on the bowl Q re used to seems like. And and this is probably difficult you'll flying all the way here to Montreal going across the border and things like that and and muted is probably a pain in the ass doing then you can use a different time zone and whatnot so that's I mean to certainly a lot of different factors going to a blade. Mean you you guys get paid to do this has got to a better job of actually mentally prepare yourself to go on the road and try to get a win here because. We know how how it happened in the in the last sporting was one of the top teams and with last year in the image fell off the last half of the season. You cannot come out flat in his situationally this knowing what happened last year Lee Witt and losses are gonna happen. But if you lose you got to lose to teams better than Montreal that's just that's got to happen for girls were there it's on the road and so on the nineteenth minute you'll Hong cause a gets a pass from the defensive third begins a run down the field once he gets past midfield. Can crow late key rushes in and pushes him out of his Ryan in order when the ball. And he gets a yellow card in the process and it sets sporting up with the free kick from about forty yards out. Ten minutes later Graham Zeus he lets off a corner kick from the left left side of the field. All oral wins this corner kick on the back on the four post there. Has a clear header I mean these with six foot two so he should be winning these these crosses into the box like that. And he's able to get a clean header on it unfortunately wasn't able to put it towards the goal its sales. Fall wide of the left and you know that was that was that attempt then. 37 minutes Espinoza. Makes a deep run in the Montreal territory he pulls back sends it back the cause and he wasn't as gusts of space here probably about 3032 yards now. He looks awful long shot and its sales just a bit. Over the cross our this was probably besides the header this probably their best opportunity get a goal. And so Ed at this point now where half time. Nothing's really happening exporting has gotta be they've they've gotten a couple of opportunities to really score goals goes into Montreal saw that day ugly first it was that Montreal relieving get a whole lot off. Halftime stats Montreal three shots one on goal no corners. Six fouls. 85% accuracy on on their passes 46%. Possession time meanwhile sporting three shots not on goal. Three corners seven fouls. 89% passer act received 54% possession time. Most first half sport it was actually Al possessed it wasn't like the last does not have often. Yeah often. And I that Beckham plays as of the whole league they were very willful urging us. Because the agent reunited now possess usually it's like 645540. Yards but within now Allah on now possessing teams for most of those have. I mean we've seen league calls 73. At times for possession percentage. And you know much of the first month rolls on top until the very like final ten minutes. That was. So we kind of talked about this before that this was. For casual soccer fan this is the MO that they need to say this is why don't enjoy watching soccer. That this this was the definition of that mindset because it was just. Especially the first half it was just brutal to watch you know and that was like no one was interest and in and playing that game on either side. Am at a part of is also the crowd. The crowd really wasn't super into it until the second half. And I mean that this is one of the things like when you want to the World Cup where you watch like. The yelling UEFA champions leading things like that or you watch with the big club teams over there when their plane and their respective leagues. In Europe this league you see tons of interest from the thing. And if I watched a soccer match image the fans don't really care about it. Then the talk from media get into it to even is a really good game. And make one of things a makes it the World Cup great is that the scenes are really invested in their allow it in there and you know they're they're really charged up. Is one of things it makes going to see sporting Kansas City overtones mercy park really fun. But the crowd is really into it as a road team isn't that something that you want. Well see you want to have for sure Billick I don't just under speak for public viewing experience. Like if on the casual fans and I'm seeing you know late Montreal and you know having possession. And the crowds kind of in different. It's hard mile policy and great play guitar for me to really get emotion invested in it because of the fans those who might they care why should I care. Deanna I think anyone his watch matches either televised at times received park or pain purse send them and then to go and watch this match at Montreal is. Definitely underwhelming and the like without about the meaning added the missing piece may be the guy needed. And PC nation in the called Dan and all that but come on your professed he got a you do the job where. Where did it amuses easily as they you know as as a cash if you're casual soccer fan or just a a sports fan you're trying to get in the soccer in the you're watching a match like this this is not the match you want to see not even just from a tactical standpoint from entertainment standpoint boot from. You know scene. Feign interest and there was very little of it until the second half. And even then for much of the second half the fans were really super into it I mean. You can hear the cauldron cheering in the regular cheers but you couldn't hear a lot of Montreal fans really getting into this game. And so it just kind of felt like it was like high school soccer game you know if Phil later was a whole lot going on and I mean it to me one of the things about. About link if you're trying to really get in the sport into the sport is if it it has to feel like everything and that is happening in it is important. And if you're watching something in it doesn't feel important the fans are into it. Nothing's happening really but it is hard for people who didn't like there's been a lot of bad World Cup match ups. When you've got fans cheering every time their favorite team gets the ball like it kind of brings you do it even if it's not a great Kindle it. So that's one of the things I I noticed about him especially in the first half. It was a very big crowd and it kind of hurt the experience. So going to second half 48 minute. Clause a gets passed from humiliate probably about 45 yards off goal. Moves across the defense horizontal and then he lets off a very difficult shot it's on target but it's really easy save for bush. A minute later. We get a corner kick from Montreal instead of crossing the ball and the box. The bulls simply passed Yani. Yeah ID plays around with that little bits and used pennant you know trying to do across a legacy in basketball. Then he cross that's the other side of the box were come macho was waiting c'mon show lets loose a volley towards the top of the goal. Forcing million at the punch the ball away and and out of the field in order to make the city of five minutes later read this crazy sequence for Montreal pushes the ball down field. Across attempt to stop by nearly comes downs of the post ball away but the ball is won by tighter tighter takes it. Just outside the box the ball makes its way over to yachting. Who is just outside the box he takes a very long shot. Millions gets his hand on it tips it but unfortunately is unable to save it it results in a goal one nothing Montreal. You have I mean that one. So first of all Doocy got caught transition even in game gave up way too much space on the outside he put no pressure on the ball again I just kind comes back to them. Seeming seemingly very lax lackadaisical with their approach there was too much space that we did they want marking anybody. And he just allowed him across and then not only does he allowed them to cross it but then it turns into a three on two situation. In your own box and that should never be the case it. I don't know where other where we were as far as marking people. But three onto your own box. I mean you that's suddenly can have and then and then after million made the initial savor whatever. They are just stood there and really is running around the contiguous had come off trend you can cut off angles and and they're all just kind of stand in their like or just let you do the work. But I will say that was an excellent finish Obama trails park day they earn the goal and that was that was a very well struck ball and does very well placed in Melia got a hand on it but really fit in all reality a no no chance. Yeah and back to the three until you obviously out of position initially you can rely on your way to do a lot of things. Likely he's proven. You know he's along at perhaps the most times straight but three on two with a player like PIE I mean you're asking for at plane. That out is as disappoint me it whether it be lack of organization like he said. The transition was not there but even with these they're back in the back line like I just expect more organization. I mean you go across the back nine with the use of RS. Either even Lindy he's doing really well but he can't you can't have a three and two. Especially with a PI right there I mean the guy has what mangled. You know he's got you know he's gonna put the ball but they'll be given the chance exactly as if the plane meaning it is that obviously that. Now this this very well angle keys. Yeah it was it was really disappointing to sealing a team has been so good defensively the last with three months now. Come on in that situation and they just look like they it would liquidate in the first month season where. They were is that police and a lot of it completed the whole lackadaisical attitude about the game. They did not really put it's an effort into being strong on defense. And you know that was a situation where it had they attacked. Like if they're not let tighter go out and get away with the ball in with so with open space around the edge of the eighteen. He probably doesn't get that shot. Because he would have had somebody right there in front of me would have had to give the ball and moving around and they could possibly prevent that kind of shot. Blade win PI got their ball there was nobody around him because nobody was pressuring the ball. They were just standing there like looking around lake they forgot where the ball and on the world is and it was just. It was though a big lack of of effort on this on this play. Pretty much the story of the game with these guys just did not go out there and put under bush announced we'll be easily even and in post game bees or even commented the fact that they just they didn't want it and I guess there's just. There was no one in this team. And they Montreal deserves that went very much and knowing this was like the prime example files. We knew don't put in a 100% effort you pay for some point in this was the time they were gonna do. So with the disseminate Kyra Shelton subs in for jerks so. Then a minute later zoo seat gets passed from about thirty yards out from goal puts the ball bit before. Taking aim. Difficult shot them bounces off the turf. And bush tested dived to make a save com problem with this was probably the best attempt that they had in the gold second half. On there really wasn't a great shot. I mean certainly you know. Bush had to make it a difficult saved because the way the ball bounced. But yet I mean this is probably the best opportunity that they had it was a good thought I'd but I did and I did like the aggressiveness behind and that's currently what they needed to do in that situation considering how they've played offensively through row. But they've been doing him in quasi were both like you know hey if I get some space on the intrinsic shot because. Clearly they did they probably knew namely this not everybody's on the same page so. I did do what I got to do when you give space like that you gotta you gotta take Russia. Then. 69 minute of Parra gets a yellow card inside the sporting Kansas city's box. After he trips of sill and it later so it takes PK. Sends a very slow roller over to the right side of the goal to put Montreal second goal on the board. Two nothing Montreal. I thought the yellow card was justified I thought it was one of those situations were Apollo was kind of lazy to stuck his foot out trip the guy. And and it was it it was again story of the match. When you get a little lazy start making mistakes and he made in state their stick in his foot now in ascension mean you know the situation you're in your own box. You can't make a mistake like that you can't trip guys. And in the rest are usually very vigilant about you know league when it got falls over in the box and they you know cautious about making that call. That was like the tech's bowl give somebody a PK situation that's textbook. Down. While and while that was actually off following a Parra. I don't necessarily blame him because he was put a tough situation yet because leading up to that. I mean that touched by Johnny Russell was to those awful days that was I don't know what he was thinking as far as he can turn around his chest. Put it kind of back on the ground right in the middle of the box like that's soccer 101 you learn that like here in killer guy yeah yeah. Let's get into clear clear to put back in the middle no I had ideas and saw. Oh par I had no choice but to kind of stick his leg out there and just I would rather take my chances with the PK then. Pat him have free shot on the goal you know. That's a tough situation for our. Especially when a man millions behind you like bright confident familiar again that what do you think about you fill that PK. Do you see him dance that to the bottom I don't know I really do think I do. Yeah that a lot the World Cup to. I've within a lot of like good at like Jesse players do with a lot now that they billions of two at the do little feet shuffle and in the in in the you know billion or exploding goes into the guy parish or they'll do what he did in the situation does. Slowly rule over to the right sentinel and like blame in this situation because like I mean imagine the kind of pressure. They've Euro under and officer Bert this PK as we saw was it the first game Argentina and messing missed the weekend. And a slate if you miss the PK like you're going to hear ruined by the fans Jimmy ruin my life you. I mean this is that is that is something that you just cannot do in this situation so you're at take every precaution to try to throw the goalie offs on the blame in this situation but he did look funny I just feel like it. The evolving you know we thought all last year sporting and Vinny del hombre. Within hesitation in mail where every time but now I feel I can be evolving into the flight. What a show up but yet like I don't know do you ever feed. Limitations being approached on a full is being set in place and maybe like a. We would approach dollar. I don't think long touchdown celebrations are well how little Selig guys that trick shots like a match to Blake let's say like. This action through cool if after you've Lagos say you get soupy haze and an important game in the to have the five for the five shot that tied after. But he because they really donated to trick shot you know leaders like now you delay that fate with the front leg inning ending keep with the back away big league gives to future he'll back climbing and the like that that be fun. The actual. You know. If and second before where you would dribbling and was better at it I guess could devolve from that Tim this standing still you know shot on goal it's. I can can I like both I'm thinking that there entertaining. It may mean it can edit the single shots more more dramatic facility is better for the game is still but so I'm curious is do you think he'll ever limit the approach on it because this is not like it after touchdown celebration did not an actor global. Celebration is Saturday in the middle of the mats. I don't can they regulate. I don't think they will an big hand but I don't think I don't think they will because I mean that's that's a player using it. That hasn't been asked if you're able to do that mean. PK is our that's not just walking out there and and kicking the ball there's there's still too unfair and that's something that date. You really have to practice doing something like that especially hesitation tactic I would say as a as a sporting band. I was not a big fan of that. It at a soccer fan in general I really enjoy because it just. They add a little bit of player of the game that's a little bit of you know fund to the game and it shows that they are having fun out there. I would I would take it out at all this extra secret and it really did look like if I look silly on that did he uses. It's entertainment and that's the only things we always have the remembers this is an intense sports is entertainment and you any if you want to add anything to it is gonna make you more entertaining on all fours even if it sucks that so many stunts on your team like that. Is such that that happens but I think that is exactly the direction that we should go with that because is gonna make the sport better and frankly. We're gonna make it if soccer is gonna get big enough like the US to be able to actually compete. With the world teams out there. Stuff like this is gonna have to be going to be at the forefront it's going to be more on forever and watch it. Com so 74 minute Diego rubio soups and subs and for Jim Lindsay. Three minutes later ZUC takes free kick from about 22 yards out. Puts it right on goal a percent or the goal on bush is able to make a dive knock it away for corner kick. Bush then falls right on his ass on the goal post. Breaks his ass so he's down for a few minutes I have done this before practice when I was pretending to play goalie. And it is one it was a painful things. You can do have actually run into the post once they're in the middle game on and on him on corner case. I win and try to edit them for post and just destroyed my shoulders against the post it is very painful. I clearly missed time I jump there are bullet yeah I know it's very very painful and this I felt right on it room and I write up like a fish caught in the net. Elliott he was innings is laying there in pain yes do are broke man sleep very very painful editor and an idol. I I definitely feel sorry for him in a situation as a reason why I never wanted to play goal there because I just. I never wanted to run the risk of running into the post and hurting myself or just my diagonal Tyson's. A lawyer happens. Yeah you'll larger bag especially you know you make a religion it's a seat on the on the upper corner and the U truffle that you fall down you don't fall down right. It is it is very very painful. 83 minute one could Zain comes in for you on call Jose. Then ECO Parra living on the field and 86 minute hopefully that's nothing serious maybe uses you know. You know. Injuries nobody on the docket doesn't isn't iron so I've seen any updates on the solemn oath is serious or not maybe he's just. You know maybe it's just having played so many minutes the this season. You know and the game takes this hole and use we known in Europe and around as much these guys or it's gonna take its fallen knew that was the same way when I played in high school like. After games I'd be Wimbledon because my joints would hurt so but hopefully is nothing Sears is that they Wenzel Barra. That's going to be serious blow to the. I think we'll be all right with that I think humans and Alan every time she's. People get through politically you know just ahead in the magically 31 now that I never it never fails to give. You know 120%. I think pat in the nine and never. I think that the receiver and yeah. I get hoping that having me on yeah Wednesday evening. So it's it's an open final for Montreal. Final stats much trails eight shots five on gold to yellow cards ten fouls. 80% pass accuracy 46 present possession percentage. Sporting on the other hand nine shots three on gold to we will court's twelve fouls. 84% accuracy and a 54%. Possession time. Third loss of the season for sporting Kansas City first since that loss of the revolution on April 28. This is going to be really difficult for them because they're gonna quick turnaround playing you know Wednesday team looked very lethargic. And so now they're going to be flying out to Real Salt Lake. Not a ton of effort on the defensive side. Very impatiently often cited times you know some bad shots. You know some opportunities where late. They try to make a run too much as as supposedly being patient waiting for the team come down so. Com lot of lazy fell to cause they have and a few lazy files were just like. You know he team somebody would league you'll steal the ball from because he was being very assertive with it and then he'd bow so. Like there's this insulin that's going to accomplish your boy. As you're when you're the one who decided ten minutes in the first. Even seasoned with a good. Sticking with that salad that would that what about that the united synagogue in the does as a unit line instead by general finds another renowned. Give ten minutes then he let his negatives if the other day I remember that first match I felt like. There's so much Muni their officers to this point what is happening. I've said yes I think well I think I think I think. He's continuing to find these forget this I think that put a Manila and a better spot now unemployment in the field as opposed and that's my ligaments. That in the confusion for yet as when he was because they'd been in Peter brought the so too is like he. Whenever quad they had the ball in the first game of the keys on an island for because he just he get the ball and then he'd be in a situation with a so many people around him. And so he'd happily try and find a way to get the ball to someone gives you into the box and you know you're trying to get it over there Italy. He's doing too much GM is as he's doing what is there just wasn't anybody there to go make a brilliant player and so is really difficult for him. And it seems like he's found a good place now. Hate and the like is that what happened when they say terrorists come after Julio. The finish the. I don't think you give them if they may be early on legacy of flu becoming of the bench only so Yzerman down. But I would assume I'm excited very good about all for share that asked him I think need to right now and I mean that is yeah I think that's gonna need me when I met Kathleen play. Known now Arizona seen them so they're they're pretty close. I think it will be and really I mean it's kinda reset button. You have been like a second half surge that actually you know if they were going to be it was essentially Billy if they got to be transfer. That it would be severely before going to suspect. Someone or early now sporting Kansas city's still top the last. Because they are tighter now in Dallas 32 points but their goal differential is five better than the policy the Dallas says. Sporting right now nine wins five draws three losses on season. It lands very top of the Eastern Conference with eleven wins four draws three losses 37 points. Plus eighteen goal differential. It is crazy how good this team is that I'm really surprised that they've been. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised because their roster is would you loaded but they have not falter whatsoever now they have been very consistent with their play. And on top I think that the biggest thing about it is. They're they're so new to the incidence of Major League soccer. Com they came and they were good last year and he's just. The fact that Dave Grohl and it wasn't like one of those you know first year you know at least it would seem that the Carolina paint as they come and make playoffs the first season and after that. It's kind of slowly viscerally meld now before they a big surges again. I'm in the mid two thousands this is just really surprising to see a team like that. Come in and be successful same thing like LA FC's well yes LA FCs come in I think there's in the third right now and then in the Western Conference. It's just really surprising to see teams like that come into the league really really quickly. And have a ton of success as you generally don't sees something like that happens sports that quick I don't know I think soccer's a little bit different only because you can draw so much talent from around the world yet as you can come any you can just build a roster and it's not like here. They're pulling people from college in in trying to fill a roster or your you know killing your roster with a bunch of nobody's from other teams your patient so together these these are there's plenty of talent. Around the world you can draw from. That's kind of what makes soccer. Great is via I'm but there's also a chemistry at the worry down via via you know because he saw area. I think if you're nervous the first month of the season you can tell sports chemistry resolved the at a bunch of new players on space food one and then you see him in April. And they were finally restored to put things together guys really work and now how we waited going to be at. Burmese was able to figure out where gosh we put that so it worked out well for. Com I'm surprised Toronto right now I think there its second worst in the second or third worst in the in the Eastern Conference they played fifteen games or wins three draws a walk outs fifteen points and fees. Minus five goal differential. Which you know you think that they would actually be a little bit better than that with just the minus five goal differential. Because of you wouldn't that mean hell rail solely. As they as a minus eleven gold and and there are they would make the play if the playoff starter now. That's held at an active in the in the Western Conference. So get into this world com. This World Cup has been crazy it has been. Really really nice it's biggest stories thus far. Germany the chain looks. Won the World Cup for years ago they eliminated in group play. In in this year's World Cup losing Madison to Mexico which of the it was a very bad loss because Mexico is good team. And I mean certainly you know it was a little surprising at a loss to Mexico but at same time you know it it happens you know you start out. Bad first match of the of the of the tournaments though you know that happens. But then they lose to South Korea in a game that they absolutely had to win if they won their match. Knew it would have made it out of the group stage would have played the knockout stage. Instead they lose and they've put themselves in a really really bad position. Has now their next four years everybody's going to be downing of Germany's ruler non. This right here to me. This was. An even bigger even more embarrassing event in the United States now make a World Cup. Ball high and I think it and I haven't I get with that eye chart I was rather get in and lose and not play at all at dale but the thing is here's rather not make it in. Then lose the weight in Germany as where they were that they were the number one team in the world. According to the world football or rankings they were the team they have to do with the number two betting favorite to win and right before the tournament started. And then they go out and who's in the mix of him not to use the 57 ranked team. In South Korea. A team that you're so I mean that's just the team you're supposed to beat if you wanna be leaves. That is war and that is as embarrassing as it gets to me. I mean I guess that's why we play the world that's why we play these games yeah if the team is favored. World Cup none of these teams. Bad they might you ranked them where not. Let's Saudi Arabia is bad. But they made it bad but they made it to do is bad don't qualify though they're in as some of these teams play a bad football confederation. So. Some of these teams player really bags didn't give you if it if you play in the Asian football federation that is not a good football federation. You can't tell me that all South Korea that Oprah so group Tel subtle way of the federal gogel and in my make of the vials but I believe in in a normal or cope South Korea should have no points in the World Cup was regularly in the the really bad team. Like Saudi Arabia or Egypt. But David is to me this was way more embarrassing I am. Much more content. Knowing that at least I think the US would have done better than Germany. In this year's World Cup as opposed to have a game that formed in the in this situation what about that you favored to win you got eliminated by two teams. But you may even on my and you've got yourself in there I think what you're in the World Cup I think teens have the different kind of confidence level on every game it's and may even add to her game but it's if your World Cup now and think I have a team can play bigger than they are but. Cannot even make it there. That has. Yeah it does have stopped immediately did I get in never lived in May get in whale and make him a heck of a lot of and it seems that didn't make it and you know she'll I didn't get in. So I can understand Leo good season Megan and then but we you are good seeing you Guinea in the you just give roadhouse by South Koreans. No no that is unacceptable to me that is way more embarrassing the united state is now getting in. Another big story Renaldo and messy both give limited yesterday in the knockout stage. This surprised by Argentina. Getting knocked out the price is really good. Argentina analyze our problems the entire stage articles dumpster for years they art and and I I won my when my friends from high school she's a really release date Argentina fans. And lay ahead tiller was enormously. That don't count on argent Anderson the club don't count on our Barlow and like and Argentina made it to the final the last World Cup and so they they certainly had a chance but we all knew that they were gonna blow against Germany and they did. And I I was late of the deal if big games like it was a big names don't count on is this is what they do. And things are kind of the ad for an although Portugal. Completely ravens have the wrong team to play in the night they did that was tough. That's a tough early matchup yen or I always look at her life and I see human groups is a suit and a good scenario states like. Past one team never wanna play a knockout stage as the one he. How someone else to take care of them burst in and Agha take care that he uses the second or third round. I would never wanna play or who they are just so physical they blew you out there on the field. And I was watching that game and has had a feels like an important. Thing is by the blow it away their defense is ridiculous today the day is their game plan in the way they. Positioned themselves and just the overall defense the play is is that's gonna make it tougher allowed teams to score. Yeah I I really really felt bad for for him is that I'd forgotten that the Portugal at that draw. The torture because the nuclear what. And Russel metals like who. Is rough actually thought portable 11 of the they're one of my teams that could potentially could really win it and these unions are blindly. At the pilot of the real come eat doughnuts and again I mean it's so exciting. And it as as some fun fact the little things that these teams are really. And a lot of these things or a lot better than you deal they will be looking group staged as you like three games. So we see some of these teams to a parent they can I'm just barely see economic Columbia just barely snuck in the knockout stage. Good thing considering there's debris Vick is mission of the Spain's now but Colombia could make your final pick kernel and it. I don't really wanna see that that having a little bit on in Abu England yet here. It's like that's gonna be really really tough Manto. Fervor England because. England would redo their woman hottest teams that side of the bracket is not a good these teens get this this momentum and like I said it's like it's bigger than they are and me who knows that happened. Yeah and then I obviously France and England right now. Of those teams would ruin France looked to. Spectacular. And especially offensively yes yes they and in Argentina donated them because frankly them play great defense in this tournament. By the end date. France right now propping news this problem with the best of any of the team principal I would say so. And it probably about the most dangerous team right now like him or polite to me. Com but you know I think and in this situation like France looks really good England and as at a big resurgence as you know. England alas the World Cup and then man yeah I'm winning at that draw hits United States who was it. In 2010 as being the world's falling apart oh my gosh I couldn't believe we should have been denigrate him. No no I was very surprise and it was because it was on an own goal to that they cut the pitch well against those so that was that was pretty funny. So it looks like in probably beckon things calm then earlier today. Russia tossed his Al Spain. I've I think I'd think coming out of their side of the bracket in in the knockout round they beat Spain with the lowest ranked team in this tournament. They just beat. Spain whose who's a top ten in the world right now they beat him MP case 43. Com. My god is just this just blew me. Had this this. This is a major major upset Russia only got in because they're the host nation this problem would not have died in event next call 54. So this is it's it's crazy because now that whole side of the bracket is just. It's a program. Yeah. I guess that's one of the advantages of of hosting the World Cup is that that that fanfare that yeah like we talked about earlier this. The crowd gets into it and you eat your playing for your country your playing against. The best players in the world. You step up your game just like Julian said that's exactly what happened. Yet you tell them that the fans like that that the fans allowed us that as of any of the games it then I've seen those four they were really into it. And you know I mean it. Part of it is hostile environment because clearly you know there's there's just way to many Russian fans who felt like you were on the road. As opposed to neutral site and that's certainly doesn't doesn't help at all blade meets Dylan Neal in the situation league. You can't lose today I think he's just cannot alludes to what they did you cannot lose the rose and it is embarrassing because they. This debate team was loaded there were some meat they were there might or courses. But I've seen Germany France Belgium. Portugal and Brazil and I thought they were you know you're one. But then you know I thought I thought Spain. Dark horse they get right side of the bracket. And they have the right side of the bracket this time they had a good side where you know you look at the teams in this question marks and handling this is is. Now if anything can happen per week. Now I wouldn't be too shocked if Russia. Was playing a final it's. Somehow some quick question and any of the result I don't wave I don't wanna watch us every four years to see Russia. And champion two on no idea and I question the validity of an I would question does a pass from had a legal limit. But I mean that this is really really crazy deceased so many so many upsets just in this round that. I can only for tomorrow's match. That's that's so long ago yes. Theory of which sucks because. I've I really enjoyed both teams and the fact that play each other so early and all that and a lot of the other teams as we salute you have been upset already. It one of these good teams gonna have to go that's not gonna leave us with much either way I think that what they should do was initially received based on your world rankings. And away we get the bad teams out first so we get days and it being really good massive in the second round of it and the finals. Just think about it now no messy no Ronaldo in the in the it France Argentina could have been easily the second round matchup in it would have been better. Buttons that we had in the first round and now both messy and all Doral and you know late now. You know brutal half as many big stores in the news in the in the knockout stages we had before it's and so may may be involved they'll become the biggest Orioles war is over why goes out and mean you keep pushing an eagle for name or obviously idealized than any merit but what happens if they get to a minimum tax cuts of Sony gets featured at the end of the T. Cookie on the big two I. Yeah he can't he can't see when they plated airhead do you know who he was so cool if Decker around and he active every run well. The wave at everybody hunter and honest and that's a vehicle you're very good. So previewing this this coming matchup on wins they've sporting Kansas City plays Real Salt Lake it in 9 PM started over in you talk. Real Salt Lake one win one draw three losses in their last five match tie for eighteenth. In goals scored 2120. In goals allowed 32. Negative eleven gold differential and somehow. Some way. They are fifth in the Western Conference they would make the playoffs started today. A hard team to play home. Then there are. There very much like. The environment there is very similar to sporting her two sons received facts yet. Whether fans are backing them 100% correct it's it can meet tough match especially obviously when we talked about. I think it's office towards the fact that is such a quick turnaround from the. Previous game and it looked bad in the previous game and right you retired so. Bet that's what kind of concerns me about this matchup is that. A sporting might come out and be a little lethargic because what happened in the previous game and as Lou you know long road for. Going nagger fly all the way from Montreal three of us opposite side of the country. I mean that's that's gonna be really really drastic change there. And I wonder and a short week if they're going to be able. Be able to overcome that I think I think it's going to be the opposite of that I think they're gonna come out with. Firewood and their ass and Peter Hermes is gonna get in them. He doesn't really have enough this such a short turnaround time we can't really in. Punish the players out of that. For lack of better term I don't know what. But you must be feeling like her again and get in them. And I think the we won't have a problem with this game of them coming out slow out of the gates and I think they're gonna come out with. Aggressiveness and speed. They're going to they've shown what. They've won seven games and then they go going back once having games they lost the they won seven games that it lost so there's a bit of a pattern there too where. They had they had their one throwaway game notes it's back to business as usual. Let's hope so high angle plants they did have they punish me if you will they had a really like red eye flight last night. Yes let me just like regular insider who knows maybe. Red eye regardless of where they lately and that's their plans now are gonna chuck it up and that I'm wearing it out at the and then oh million flight movie that their punishment. If this that here in the Google which you don't agree I know hopefully they'll be arrested. Have to shout out quickly though as they go down to offer lake women's soccer and have you found as speaking fees formally and community now. Down there real fell lake obviously things have just quickly. So I Wear Kansas City. In the last five matches real slowly two wins two draws one loss dating all the way back to October 16 in points sixteen. I think this'll be a redemption game for the short week it was going to be tough for them. They got to be pissed about the what its last match a plea now. And Burmese is definitely this about the way Davidson has the news that were later interviewed him. I know that that I felt after that Colombo that game remembered. Yeah couple couple weeks ago now I heard they had three solid days of yes absolutely hell like affluent hell outside in the heat. Then when guys tell us what you've said well we basically put to the test how much this new. You know facility and pinnacle how much recovery they can actually provide us because we got it handed tea and it was like. Solid sell I am not expected that to changes in an urge to translate into more success and he can game we didn't yet. We did he'd come back now yeah which was ninth again luckily found Montana so. And a zero quick. Four Reppas oh score prediction who. I'm a go to you know sporting. I'm an idea I I would say that as well life especially if we score first the sporting on the board first it could be cute could be three master. I am mechanic meaning to you I had. I hate I need to copy guys if my shoes off. The attic and easy to have a big edit their to start out fast and I think it'll probably kind of even out in the if you want only to kind of put the cap on and make sure the name -- winners on the idea that we all got to enough things point incidents pricing to ones out which is not about. But is there some mines and utilities. This distinction. These dates they shouldn't be real real slowly into the big gains it made. Me and my in my teeth in my opinion yeah biggest sporting things. So when that we wrap this up to special thanks Julie Carroll joining us we're just Julius. Just tell us to join us just special thanks to reveal Sonnen says as well for him back into the swing of things one I think he was well. Think some of your day to listen to us. Will be back next week after the apple mentions were considered Real Salt Lake games with that we aren't out. This has been six NFC east with Cris O 00. And Julio Sanchez. And. The yeah. It's. Yeah. And and and. Oh.