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610FC S2E5 - Jillian Carroll

Friday, April 20th
In the fifth installment of 610FC, the guys are joined by Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Jillian Carroll, as they talk about her career in sports media and her background playing and coaching the great game of soccer. Also, the guys break down Sporting KC's 2-2 draw against the reigning Western Conference Champion Seattle Sounders before preparing you for SKC's next matchup against Vancouver. Fun show as always, so you don't want to miss it!

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You were now listening to view additional podcast. Kansas city's soccer fans old and six and have seen. Owl when you're euros and pretty soon lose zero. And Julio Sanchez. Welcome amendments to the official podcast of soccer fans here in Kansas City. Six NFC minding his personal Sarah and I am Julio Sanchez and we are joined today. By an illustrious guests. You've seen with the Kansas City Chiefs on the sidelines is cheerleader you've seen her. With sporting Kansas City at their games if you go watch the infamous Casey broadcast. She's former sideline reporter for them as well zillion Carroll joins the show. Julian. Give Russell give listeners a little with the background. Of what you've done in your career. In broadcasting and media they won an Emmy I think a familiar Lyndon he won an Emmy right. There is run on my that is out of hockey doesn't give listeners vote yes I've I was very jealous of give us a little bit of a background of what you've accomplished in clusters media career. A game and eighth well. I had to be Guillen. Actually make for his broadcasts. Had any sort was with the teeth so I was a cheerleader. And in my sixth. Year as a curator at the teen approached me asked me if I wanted to take an opportunity India there's and the reporting. For preteen then. So I did before pre season game than 2015. And then was there external media. Personalities so I was ion channel five has a really good morning show Oceana to dedicate he. So I appeared on and we had a Friday. And segment like or red Friday segment so. Did after a couple more years I also covered at feet Camden city the women's team hearing Kansas City. Our IP. And homey thing I hear you wire but I did start there I also covered. The most very comments came from the comic now. Now at pandemic cannot be Ares and kind of fine emailing ANC youth soccer and it finally spent the last year. On the high line as you mentioned the strength in the city and somewhere in the mid that I left out I gave you lean and mean I was really blasts have an opportune need a host a show. With the chief. Snow it was just a special feature show and we can come in any which is com. So she's already more qualified to do our jobs and we are excellent the revenue is earth. We have like ten listener fee. That we don't have him I start somewhere and the other. Hand the keys to. Heard her and have her do the show ended she community plus the remover him that we're soccer experts fear that. Particularly as more credentials in and we aren't going to be and so in that begs for having thanks for being on the show for us yeah. Died today in the long ways congress both to do was last week porcelain royals. Decided they didn't wanna play baseball. And all this weekend or earlier this week. So the worst luck in the world I had to be appearance Sunday for a couple of hours. And and they postpone the game anyway. Then we're gonna show on Monday. Ice fell through the roof at the Rogers Centre so we couldn't do it there and so now we're doing here on Wednesday. And we are glad they've really the Annapolis. Billy at some point we're gonna get in the show clear in the universe wasn't happy about is doing the show. But we've got to being here we got a great show for you today. And a break down this match up between sporting Kansas City. And Seattle sounder is FC. World's gonna get you updated standings here in these Major League soccer. Van. We're gonna talk tool Julian a little bit more about her background some interesting things we gonna talk about there and then. And get you ready warnings next. Match show that they have now but. We wanna start with Venus. This game that we had one on this past weekend. Pass Sunday chose Marcy park. 36 degrees out it's cloudy. It was snowing so it was as though wasn't really sticky and but it still that was coming down. It was so bad here in mission but it was really bad over you know Hillary KCK was really bad over the stadium's. Over at over in Yomiuri town and whatnot. The raw deal obviously adds said it royals game got canceled. Sporting though they decide I our fans inside and I don't then they decided they were going to keep his game online. He and and and you know it they've they've played a game in the twenties when they won the MLS cup back in week thirteen. So I can't blame them. And I was surprised the turnout they got over 181000 people. At that game the crowd was still loud at that game I was a products like the war games have mean giving it to them many people there. And yet sporting Kansas and that we get eighth 2000 at least that's the official they gave me I don't know if you watch on TV in general who was exactly 2000 but it. That's of this will be put on there and I'll take their word for it. Lot of people showed up at his game well it is it is somewhat of of a rivalry game I mean. I wouldn't technically they are rivalry there of but there's always been some kind of tension between Adams just as they've always been so both teams have been so competitive for so long. On the net the top of the standard that's just one of those games where you know you can go there and you know you've been seeded. Yeah I mean Seattle being good for a long time for a long time we already noted there in between their team that is. Not to be taken lightly they have had some main stays for while they're constantly in the playoffs. And eat it they've. We in the times of the franchise started they probably didn't. One of of not the most successful franchises in major soccer so I don't let there at the standings via as far as weather right now who you relishing. So starting from left to right in the starting lineup we head. Frontline. Shall Louis Sheldon Russell playing on net playing at the four spots. In the mid affiliate quads day. Finally getting their name right it's quads there wouldn't unit and Espinoza people playing is attacking me is really playing as defensive mid in center. And the back line you can draw and a who's seems to have taken that that million nicely being role on the back line give these liberal aura and zoos see. Filling out the rest of the Bakalar Emilia obviously uncle. Then for Seattle. You have Bruin. Playing at playing at the senator forward spot. Playing alone on their front line then you have the Alex Roy rolled Don would Darryl and wanna playing in attacking mid position. Christiane ruled on and Stinson playing and defensive needed and then. In your back line it is no hole I think is knew who I think is on the pronounced it. Martialed for as a McCrary fry a is playing at the that goal keeper spot for Seattle. So the run and 4231. Sporting pretty much run and 433 all season long. So first half fear. First in his in his game nothing really happened. It's more gives him war and opportunity. Is about the sixth seventh minute cell league got a short cross off one touch. And he did in. Tried a one touch the ball across to. I think it was quite Zain. But he was covered nobody really was not really open at all and unfortunately. That's the best opportunity they've got four until the fourteenth and when Johnny rockets move isn't Smart guy who heals for a guy player ever. The men crushed. Collects a deflected pass from closet. With passages bald Zeus. But there is that there was Seattle defender that was in the way ricocheted off for the Seattle defender. Already Johnny rockets. And this is amazing do. Russell kicks the ball with the beard he didn't hit pay he didn't even know win the ball clean. He kicks the ball but the like he's playing hack each. And anyone touches it at the goal of his left foot with the shots way too strong and it goes if you feel over the crossbar. Third minute. Daniels shallow. He gets a short pass from Jimmy Madrid on tape accidental. The left side of the field is pretty much what he's done all season long. He gets a short cross. Tyree Sheldon. I read those would he Julie does he hesitates ejection is perfect opportunity here. He hesitates. And then he lets off a very weak shot with his left foot ghost rated at the goalie Frye who makes it easy saved. Shelton. Has to divert that goal Napoli that. So first cause. That was that was a beautiful move by by shall we that would that that touch that he did towards the goal to create some space. And he basically put that on T bird for shelled their department. Look we you and I feel like we addresses every week in the fact that. Tyra show with his touches he just he just needs to finish he just has an issue. You can create for other people but he has an issue with with finishing. You can't get you can't get easier shot than that it almost seemed like like he panicked like he he had so much space that he didn't really know to do with it. Many can just have to. That's just when yet it's almost as if he wasn't ready when he wasn't expecting was an expert only Delaware asking that went oh. And because that would be when he got the ball he luckily he was call 00 crap I like your headlights LA he just he froze in the and we need kicked it it was the weekend shot Frye was right there. Stemming literally five feet away from him easy save his career. By Far East to the right into his stomach. I needed that this is the the one problem I have with Irish film. Is that. The last couple games he's done a good job of getting in position. He's done a good job of being aggressive but he just not finishing. And this was the first time what I've seen and have a good opportunity but in the had a deer in the headlights look which he wasn't prepared for. And we do you your plane is and of their position is important is that spot port as important is this in a forward spot. When you get the ball and Amy sort of opened situation you've got to clean shot on goal. You can't with flight data he had you finished you can't win a flight that Bob did so important for you to build a feminist is what they brought him and Ford. They were so confident that he was going to be the answer for them after dom left town they traded they they sent him over to Orlando city late. This was this is his job to lose. Any kind of seems like he's doing a pretty good job of put in the case out there that Edmonton as you go Diego rubio Wednesday. And so I I am not. If it's. Horde of we'd be confident film week in week yeah. When I see him put himself in the right position. Any different than peace creating opportunities yeah he's critical opportunities he's great in those opportunities brother for others. It's just it. At that. At that spot you're expected to finish your ear there to score goals. Yes that's his job that's my eighth year I think his movement off the ball always in positive yeah yeah yeah but that's not life so I think ESP yourself where this. But the ball's going to come that you have to maintain peace and like he said he looked shocked you and that's not what you want from Newark I picked you can be surprised to get the ball. In prime position to make a shot on goal what you hit every super excellent that one he needs a mean look we talked about this through with his size. And in kind of his aggressiveness he. He needs to translate his like physical appearance decided to two aggressiveness on the field and and putting that ball in the net he's almost always the tallest player on the best he's a little but only if he's big he's not a formal framed in Brazil he needs to use his body he has and he's been shocked like there's no other way. He looks like it's like doing weed out the New England doing wave side literally being don't really big guys obviously thinks it slip there he. He's muscular he's wanted because guys in the field. You can't begin bullied by the easel five they do plan on the back well I think politically I think Johnny era Phil would win a ball over him about stuff of it is about Johnny Russell like the widget by they've Faisal I play like he's sixty Israelis except yes you know he's. He was on that we package that the ball and that one's shock at the most bureau will be getting winning over guys or taller than you. So thirtieth minute clock day who. I will say this he has an interest in here choice now he decided to cut of those guys that are now growers here on a little bit seriously and he's gonna do I it. Is gonna dye it silver so now it looks like Cisco. State. He looks like Cisco and for example the as a cripple the lead and we look iGoogle when I grew the age you look at his album. Where he would unleash the dragon and a Thong song confidently that whole album. I mean just straight of silver hair what it looks like Cisco. So cause say. Crosses the ball from the left side of the fueled some form post Johnny Russell is able to beat Al knew who. And he hits the ball at the goal I mean this was as simple he crosses and into the box she knew who. New head. Opportunity to hit this ball out of the eighteenth in clear it instead he let it heat this is kind of the story for Seattle game is new and didn't beat. Young alleged quite a big part of the he led new rule and and just. And just beat him. I think knew who likes 6263. He's a big kid he's like twenty years Albany's. He's inexperienced and CNET and Johnny Russell is able to go there and win the ball he's able to head it righted the goal is not right at the goal is ethical. And the ball in the sailing past the left post what do you want this is kind of the story for sporting the whole game's been getting really good had opportunities. In the 33 minute. Russell takes ball the right side of the field and from the tee box. That's always he knew who. Attempts to do a slide tackle. And. Doesn't even touch the worst life it doesn't even called professional soccer standing death and this would scary though one of the worst slide tackles you're going to dislike is going to Michaels like that there's no way. Yes though unnecessary. He knocks over Johnny Russell I mean most blatant. Value he clearly had to have been here yes give the pin movie Kate. You homeboy eagerly day. Takes the PGA converts it just takes straight guy down the middle straight after and that that yeah and it's one optional forty teams that now. Now I love how they are going to do much on your social Russell in the fact that. They're they're putting him in one on one situations on the outside and because of his aggressiveness he's creating opportunities that do not only for other people before himself. And he healed he's not afraid to take you one on one and and taken to the goal and put a shot on frame. By love the way that they're using him now and in that regard. Yeah I'm also I think a review. Is that sporting has had issues with since Don left of having guys that hinges you can give him the ball he creates his own shot. We talked about that at the beginning of the year they need guiding greens and shot. Under rockets filled that role and very nicely thanks salad and a really good job of facilitating obvious he's a good years a lot of these schools are right place right time but he's also been a good job creation singles and he finishes. I was Sheldon doesn't. That's his problem pretends he's sinner basketball. And then we obviously you know Johnny rockets just whenever he gets the ball that left side. He just makes magic happened he just he just seems to beat out his guy on the wing. And game he gets right at the goal and he's either gonna get a good pass off to someone else is gonna have an opportunity which set other guys up later on earlier in the season. The it was Chicago game he did that down did and on the fourth school. And he just he doesn't really good job of it no one's there he takes his time with the deepens make mistake scores goals that's what did you tell is got a very. He's got deceptive speed that he will eat up any space that you give him and you'll not be afraid to push the ball past you in and use that quickness that. I think that warm. As the season progresses and and more there's more film on him. As far as what he's able to do that all kind of go away they'll have to play a little bit different but for now he's totally taking advantage of what what they're giving him. Alpha thing that he as healer in the league. He will continue to grow yes he'll change his game to absolutely what I think no matter what we're always going to see him put his head down and going badly done passive yeah if that's yeah. Natural feel for. Embargo and I think that's what Burmese wants him to do I think is a perfect fit for the check is he's got a lead he doesn't need to be coached as much death is just gave him the ball. He's gonna make magic underwear and that's what he's doing this year he's done a great job of setting up opportunities for other guys and big aggressive if you. This wanting the sporting this last year was they didn't have anybody that was going to be aggressive with the ball safer don't it's on the and didn't play nearly as many games last year's he had done in previous seasons. So you add a ton of opportunities. Where guys dot. They had changed is that the goal I know that. And I was talking about this media day until I talked about this and say guys are getting opportunities we just weren't capitalizing on and even though they were easy opportunities. With the big make it. Ending war. And Johnny Russell just seems to have that right sides. In the heat did against LA when he scored his goal against them just right touch. Let the goalie get out of position nights off would he didn't kick it too hard it's. Soft zone like this touch just as first thought is always spot arm and his perfect and that's the reason why he's so good this is he has a good feel for what the defense is gonna do when he needs to do to be able to take advantage of that. And I think he's he's the perfect for what this team wants to do. 35 minute. Wanna takes a ball the right side of the field into the box for Seattle and then this is in this well defended by the way by it by sporting Kansas City. And then wanna decides that instead of looking for his teammates because this obviously was well defended Melia did a good job getting him in position. To stop any potential shot on. Instead all of passing. He decides he's gonna take an awful shot. As sales far right past the goal million women have to put an effort on it and after the play. But bro screams Al in anger. As he feels like. And he was if you could briefly was wide open what he's probably about I don't know about. Five yards back seven yards over to his left. I mean wide open he could have had a clear shot is really would have been out of position on on him in instead he goes out and takes the shot. And end to me I was watching those that mean you could tell Seattle really desperate. They are really trying to get something because at that point. They had no points in the season in the first three games they had not played in league play for a little while they're there there was a lot of weeks off is the wave of the scheduling is now 132. It's still a lot of scenes also Arlen that it only played three games or forty games going into an into this past week it. So you could tell that they were really frustrated at this point Andy at this point does the eighties some some kind of self. Thirteen minutes later third minute stop third minute of stoppage time Seattle gets a throwing. After apart clears a ball after a failed header attempt by brew ball gets headed into the air vice Marshall. This is that's hoarding can see he's a team and the ball fall straight into the center of the six yard box I mean could've fallen in a perfect spot. Bruins easily won touches and into the goal now is Warren wind. The 11 tie going into halftime. And eye candy I came leaving acting even get on the defense. And I and I can I I I and there's I tried there's a lot of blame to go around on the hagel I think. The majority of the blame has to go on roadrunner for purport position he got caught ball watching he'd be he'd gotten caught one of poor positioning behind his man. Too he just kind of stood there and kind of watched the ball instead of trying to position himself. I think. Oh Parra. Could have. Challenge it and now I will I'll preface this by saying he got shot in the back. So I'll I'll probably could have they call able far. But he if you would have gotten had on the ball it's something on the ball he maybe could have the ball would've felt a little bit differently. I won't put too much on a par I think some some blame could also Goran on millionaire look what do ball falls in it it anywhere inside that six. The keeper generally should be on that somewhere and he just got kind of froze as well I think he needs to be. And I think he's still kind of working his way into the season is welcome we've seen some Kansas this year where he's not. Has eight. And he's not into full for Mikey was last year. And I think this is one where he could have been more aggressive and had he been more aggressive going after the ball then maybe you would have been a little bit different result. But like you said I mean the ball fell kind of where it was and. Not much that you could really do Heidi and it's one of those situations where is issues and in the only person I could put any blame on his view because you would think. If the if it goes in six yards you gotta be able to chorale and women make sure nobody is able to get it didn't touch especially when we see. Anybody doing any kind of cross. Like of your goalie you can beat out and and in this six yard box like. It that just became well and we talk about this too in the fact that. That's our wasn't a traditional set piece no thanks noses it was a buzz it was throw win and the bald headed into the air and it just happened to bounce right just wing and right there Bruins. Simply just tapped it in. The score that goal just hurt so much because it was. That the timing of that he that we just lost all momentum with that. You don't wanna go into into halftime giving up a goal like that when you pretty much dominated the first half that won now what kind of hurts. Yeah I agrees the city can I do I honestly blame a myth that the miscommunication I think I could anticipating. Came would be right there he drones that like hearing the fear that his. At his home like nobody goes there I think last year ten million. What have been on. I think he has started off a little lonely on the not typical ten million but I do think that it was miscommunication I think ten expected. I've seen I think I expected him to be all over. You need to be more of the quarterback that he was last year and that back in fact I can't get on the Toronto has dropped 55. Thought the challenge there's no excuse I don't get bottom line is thought to have fun and you can put him back there that's battles that he just can't win there. As this this is not the bell or I can't get on him for that dog is I don't expect him to win new mini balls are going merely. Ideas as to rules. Still halftime it's 11 tie both teams pretty evenly matched throughout much of the gains kind of played in midfield there. Sporting more opportunities in their first half but they weren't immune to elect a ton of green opportunities there. I mean obviously he did this Sheldon opportunities should have been goal. But there's a lot of should've sort of federal order to him. So we've we've we've talked about that last year a lot of should have been goals. So you know it is kind of par for the course but they did it obviously convert wind at the Russell's it would draw PK. And then. I'd Russell easily best player on the field. Likely. He's probably the best player on the team as far as creating his own opportunities. 'cause for the big ears a lot of his goals have been right place right time he just comes in all you know off the bat balls out of there you know quick he's finished. But Russell is the guy that's taken it down his side of the field and he's giving those opportunities because. The defense just doesn't want pulling. They don't expect it via fast and they don't expect and via aggressive. Jim expects but he explained middle would be like that so for him to be that ways certainly it certainly is an advantage for them. And sporting. Their biggest weakness this year. Defending any sort of cross please. They've been really bad in defending the cross that's. That was been their elder killer back in the back in March that killed in last year's playoff yeah and after just got slaughtered on any kind of cross played just. For some new piece of Chicago where Chicago went ahead often just to silly plays. Where a guy that would win the ball right near the goal and in simply easy you know once such cool. Well that that translates into those in the set plays that they have they have issues defending. I think a lot of that too comes from from being aggressive on the on the defensive end yet is they're just they don't have that. That presence. Back there that's a physical presence that that can dominate people and just it's my ball to the hell out here is the only clear they they don't have that they don't have. Aside from maybe Michael Parra. You'd like to say carried just because of his size but that can defend in the air and that's that's going to be a problem for them all year long. Yet it Bennett obviously is gonna move from would be drawn to playing one of the back line spots. And then you know I am IXP's best guy on this team in the year you want Shelton to beat because he's a little bit a couple of inches taller than night. And the fact that it. This team seat in the news this is the week before we saw Colorado Chicago. It was the biggest New York but Yorkers it would give simple easy you know short cross is on the ground and you don't want to vote for goals of mean he's a simple stuff like that. That's really killing them and if if the air game wasn't as deadly and he'll against sporting sport we're probably only given up maybe 45 goals this year. Instead of the eleven that they've given up this year simply because of the fact that is just. Simple easy plays their allowing teams to convert is not like the teams dominated is just. They convert that one play they get it going collapses yeah just those those small mental lapses they get caught and sole second half. 51 minute Graham Zeus. Takes the ball the right side of the field for the quarter crosses it into the eighteen. This was so well into the corner very long cross shallow Lee is barely able to get his foot on the ball. And he deflects it over to Jim and drawn John does sit in the bottom left corner just outside the eighteen box. And he lets off a long shot that requires fried I have to make a diving save. Good chap yeah I think the strike I want him taking these wanna be shot there yeah. The least quality shots every game like it's and I notice this when lone win it's where it was playing LA last week. Slots on was just taken sold many long shots just trying to catch the the big goal keeper nappy. He did Amy that's what he did in the first game is first game. Enamel thousand that's I was told the yeah like yeah aren't each. Scenario wants files. And it just went right over the with a goal was still at a position to. And it just sailed right and expect him take a shot like that nobody a couple of ex and I shock yeah. Actually shocked he sliced it so perfectly does him and then he and I and when I look at that and you we've seen this team. Being offensively challenged have a history being Clinton's numbers are not this year but we they have a history right now and we don't even know. You know this level swings gonna continue we hope windows but you're right you never know. Who's pretty big turnaround from last year. And then they're gonna do it I think in. What ever. Want them big and long shots for last year maiden name for doing that he was just taking shots right on the edge of the eighteen and he was scoring with it. And it was really it was really well work and Foreman and me and him dogma that last year on the show. Now we these guys in the think he's long shots is is working. It's really effective forms. And so. I I think that. I want my drawn to taking one of these shots every single week. Every game to take one is somebody just catches soon sneak in and literally team nobody paying attention as a look at it Johnny that would be and if we day. By the way where else repay these these supposedly he's he's he's given that these are the way back and better yet the the he is being guys that he was giving you all the balls down there. Well you leave look around at children's mercy pack and looks like it's drag this news Thelma again they're turn and blame us for hear from you marry well. Yes it earlier this week that he is he's already started training and so he hopefully in my he might be back this week. Well good that's it's a possibility and I know they said that he was almost under percentage I don't know almost a 100% is it's important yes but this early and there's no reason us right now and I and you got Johnny plane as well and you've got other guys going out there and finding them off and show he's doing really good right now. So if you don't need him back. Which in them I I do think MP for me is Smart enough to do this is taken efforts need to watch what he'll hunt does now. Yeah it is Dario decided ten minutes into the first game. He despises him I think he neat I think this incident in Anaheim I think there and I don't play and on the right side of the Frontline was in the states. As it for seem right in the art eat yet because he's attacking me anyways the saw him playing forward spot he look like he was and information to these like he was on an island. He luckily was out of position wasn't comfortable there. I'd like him going in the in the one of the midfield spots his scenes now he's I don't know how to throughout another very. It's more than just enough hitting in the system it's also about. Pittsburgh got an awful for such a mean every time I agree I mean it's got it's like he's got a brick report that you'll get a first let me just goes it goes crazy. A night and again maybe that will come with with more time in and being in the system longer and knowing what Peter wants and kind of positioning himself. But third to certain skills that I see that are still a little bit rough. Or what was expected of. Well now that he's of the here's double platinum recording artists made that up maybe that'll be slammed into the little talk like that. And you'll be able to finish the deal I liked him more when I saw it here's the I like I more I got I got some points of Max theater icy pretty good ball it's on Spotify. For those lost and as of Monday I was type and all my notes of the game of the council on. Only this to be his destiny has come elegant and then they have walk council in soccer for individual players but if he had won it would have to be. One of would've Cisco's big hits one of the songs to win gold I think you can we can do and complete. He he's the only backward that are only that every song he had I was relieved that it's very easily you know that maybe ninety true. If I know that guy's gonna and I feel like idea I'm pretty sure they probably have given him a hard time in the locker you have to Canadian just play this song public eye they had to. I think any of these guys in the community might sneak you in front of you some for a hit only only ask you. Only only try to throw in Leary X from one his. My question if you can see if he'll figure it out. Now he's friends that he might not figured out by wealthy by could do it anyway. The seven milligrams juicy to pass from Roger Espinoza. Takes at the rights and the a team. He lets off a very difficult shot it's on target though. Barely had an angle to get this one in the goal it's on target Frye had to make in other guys diving save. And he was able to do that you attach it to heat and does it didn't just deflect off him in. Usually a lot of times we'll see shots like that it'll deflect off the goalie and then when the other guys in the team have a have a chance at it but this time. He was able to corral it and was it was stopped that offensive push. One minute later Jim in the draw and it gets called for a hand ball on this side of the field and the ball. He hit his chest he was doing a slide tackle it hit his chest bounced off his right elbow. And then we have like four minute delay didn't. Along castill be talked about that we've talked about his numerous times in the show eventually that they would soon be AR. Today determined we hear there was quote unquote intent. On it results in a dropped ball that sporting Kansas City wins. We we need something we need something sleepy little we don't have the waste. Three of four minutes on a figure if they're good did you replay I don't walk out of that applaud. I applaud the referee what he actually took a look at the AR and made it pretty quick decisions yet it's the leading up to call it having here you stuff that that's just a time killer and yeah you should have to argue like that. In order for them to review something like that that should just be again we talked about there's different methods whether they're taking. Tips from the NFL or something like that as far as the flag or some kind of challenger I thought that way I'm so if I if you buzzer or. I mean they might go that route just hit it right on the sidelines all Mac ago. I. I can go with health or collect clothes like that like like a big blizzard like just like we have been we've been few know what's gonna have bad found anywhere but the united accidentally played it over the PA easily you know that's the sound that's gonna make an end and they reptiles okay these towns and it was couldn't go to the that they got to come up with something something to be able to. Clarified what's going to be child what's not yet because we think I'm this year they've they've taken a big initiative trying to eliminate stalling in games they want more action they don't want guys standing around that this killing that they had a good time they made up for the cards are now killing it with you. Challenge that making these via our challenges and again the goalies yellow card for tickets long dated for their goal kicks in. The only new economic color or because he was slow motion images nudge in the bull I hope they are continuing at the ideal life. They're pretty on it there and is this like you watching that like we know they're cracking down. And in yet. This is the one thing that's counterproductive to that. Win the fourth game of the season BC ten minutes wasted. Because guys or group we do we either go to VA are now would we need something. That is standard easy for restive to know OK they're challenging it. And in OK let's make this make a call on and you know wasting as much time as they did going into the situation. Certainly isn't isn't good for either team there's a 69 minute. Sporting Kansas City it's freaky eggs UC sets up to take it. And before this kit Kat and I tried to be slick here he goes over to a nice to do is rightfully due. And he's gonna go over he you go over to guide is doing freaking hate. Whispers are that and it obviously is so obvious and so you know I does distraught over the visiting team bugs. And he clearly is he's getting this ball. So Susan lifts up the most perfect free okay. Just it's the right side of the field just. Horford right on to the far post writer from four poles I will easily beats out everybody. Is stronger than everybody on the field. And he gets a perfect tanner. Unfortunately goes right towards fried Google easy save for him play it. Just. This is one of the things that this team is he's doing this year that I'm seeing that I didn't see the last couple years. Is him being creative with how they're trying to get offense a lot of times these free kicks you saw last year. They just pack kicked the ball into the math and there really wasn't planned it was like Ellis opened presently is there had on somebody to put on him. You know give that the goal but this was like there was a plan in place they'd big juicy new whose passing it to he knew I was gonna get it and they got a really good opportunity. Off there well that's why I thought I play defense. Lies noticed most. Was jobs and our goal scored. You can on right now and I'll Dalai you may not like he can think he's proven he can finish yet but at colonial last year I think. He did he got the apple can finish with that that's also why he plays on the defense that I think that people like this though. Like Ellen teased me I think you do go for the matchup I think he'd do yeah. It does I don't agree I think it is. Second hole to take your chances all day every day with that even really I think is stronger and higher than most people. That we saw that now solve our leader on it later on in the game here like you realize. Giving they'll. Shell was more like Anthony Jones a little bit in the DC game and asked I have enough that he shall be and he a couple of times he was a good track down headers. They got saved bullet you know he. He at least show the willingness to try to go after the ball here and that's what I wanted to see much forgotten at all and it and the fact that you get a guy and I. That seems to be proficient at being able to win the ball in the here in negated at the goal obviously you know. If you petty righted the goalies in the ruins of a cult you know at least he wasn't on frame and rightly or at great opportunities never know what happened he'll put on bring you don't know what's gonna exactly exactly so so every third minute Bruin. Takes the ball into the eighteenth producers runs as right down field. And then it's very well defended by men these Beasley or did a really good job defending this. Forcing Bruin kind of pull back on his Ron holt that we for teammates come out. Unfortunately that's with the defense stop. There is then Bruno was able this kind of com. He was it would chill kind of way. If he lifts off is very soft pass. Christian world and who's just sneaks into the AT nobody sees him lets off a nice long shot and he's it was where Seattle's second goal. 21 Seattle. Again this is another one of those plays late yeah it. You want the defense drove her job tracking new tracking players that are coming infused scoring position there. But that was a really good for side by brewing there you would think that grew just. Take it in just you know try to get a shot off but he was patient. Found a guy that was common open nobody saw and he was it would Emeka make a really good pass there and you know rolled on once he got there was no. Well I. First of all Wilbur was really their only offensive threat that entire game yeah Omnia and we we we talked about this is well aside from from. Has sporting having issues defensively with set pieces that also. They are not very good when it comes to pounders that they want to have gotten call all year long on those towners to with a quick Connors. True that transition from mid suited to the defensive end for whatever reason. We just had issues with with marquee guys. Now I will say this particular goal although it was a transition issue. That was just beautiful ball that was a beautiful run. I mean. And that touch I mean no one touch right from outside the eighteen. I mean there's not much really can do with that either that that is obviously it's just that's just a good soccer soccer goal that there's nothing you can do without them passed uses. That was. Does he really great pace patients by him to Israel to pull back like that and and wait for an opportunity to present itself it and then take advantage if he puts that in the regular speed in those guys put their short passes that. That that's not where you put it on before and he just sent him on nice and slow I was sitting there watching it on. There's nothing good finish viral armament that was about as perfect a great shot it was. Perfect you know million couldn't save dad union ball's going to be from now far. And you none of the defense that data and see him come in in that rate varies his words you know that's that Johnny Russell level. Readers waiting or shall we to be shall we does well Arthur marsh out yet where you just how weak you find the right person Cummins nice perfect easy touch over to. They've. It's hard defense plays like that I can't get on this staff at this sport is a lot of opportunities. Where they they gave up just simple easy plays that they shouldn't be given up. This is one you can tell veteran employees. Guys give their right spots I can't acting you know. For that. Some fourth minute Christiane low box O comes in four quads they. And this format is later in the 78 minute Jimmy would draw and a makes a mill of the hour. Big time superstar play this time he loves the ball almost forty yards across the field like diagonal across the field is loosely. Who's cheating up from the back line. Who's playing over the forwards on the front light even though he's he's and he's defensive back. You were receives this ball and at this point by the time he wins it it's past the back line. Knew who who is who's defending that corner they're on the winning nowhere to be found probably ten yards off the ball. And zoos see in the heat in the Johnny Russell thing. He just slowly usually kind of took it at the goal he didn't really heavy teammates he capacities and this was big this was he had to take the shot. And he just takes his time knew who's not really trying. Go in and and and make any play on him home. Marshall comes in and try to slide tackled just misses completely. And I don't know what happened but I their goal fry just dot. He does does Kansas he's able to do is get this nice little easy slow shot in tied up into this ways. This is the time where we sees you see who when he cheats up it actually paying off. It generally doesn't pay off exporting in hazard is really killed and this year. When he plays way too far out and then he gets beat in that it nano left corner and then next thing you know. The area across the ball over right into the box and guys are able to do one touches this is the timer actually paid off. Yes and I think. This is part of a brilliant move. Foresight by by Peter Hermes of of moving under my drawback in being able to take that experience of his game in the midfield and kind of put it on the defensive end it's the be able to keep the pressure offensively. On other teams by making passes like that he did that's not the typical play. The defender would normally make it to make an brilliant pass like that but I mean that was. That's why you put him back there in I think though the great. First touch abide by UC as far as it being an aggressive first touch towards the goal. He had his mind made up and he was gonna go to goal and knew no one no one else was up there he had to make a play. I know what to keep we're thinking of pars and that was that was just. I was different I mean he had a defender on the inside so why kind of cheated true to the inside them he expected him to go far post with I don't really know you but juicy made. He made an actual decision and just kind of chipping and over and into your post. I mean it was a beautiful play by CC. Yeah not the board thing about that yen into the greens and. I love deaths that gag has an engine he can get up this field tipped the ball at the air on a dime off his chest. He knew I'm I'm gonna get myself a file do myself went right to goal. And I love day he went back and grabbed the volume than good to go gas is that unlike the past few dozen other bidders do realize they're going out of her. I love it if it does sporting favorite Cheney really well Lee Easley what was that you. Something something and we want we want another wine. Just like the other ones. Something like everyone else with it I. Learned otherwise and now I'm only one best is so cold. Trying to stay well they liar yeah I use it. As the owners loudly I'm going to. ZC looked better I mean he the last couple games he's looked. But he started off the season a Little Rock to heed it he did not bring music especially those first couple games a little bit more this disease cheat no way too far I guess he was trying to flee the midfield that's clear on the Frontline. Andy and unfortunately win teams going to counter attack. He's way out of position. Guys take it up his side of the field and we saw this WV it was they would get across over a game and really guy's name he was able to get a crossover on a zoo seaside. And you got too easy ones such as for goals. But this is just that's one of my biggest problems Zeus and playing that for raw. Why when you can have insists she needs a sneak up in the exotic island in the drawn. Who's bit who's done really got pros and cons are sometimes rooted jobs and wages and sailing it out in the fields lob and it's a guys on the Frontline. And being able to set them up just make a single run like that. He did when he's done it would Johnny earlier this year unemployed should have been a foul but they didn't quality that was the you. Should have been filed inning call. And just he's gotten so many up he set of so many guys for opportunities. But drawn it to me he's really starting to work his way out there as far as his give them power rankings for the best guys on this team. He he's not quite there is guessing guys the fight with Russell and with a degree years. He's really start to win me over here even a lot of the pitch and he's young I mostly got a whole lot of her ass plus Oprah's about Clinton he's a lot older than what he did it but he please platelet of that and you know he knows what he's doing. I am really big forum on. 82 minute. Knew who draws now zoos see. Takes the free kick from the right side of the field up 25 yards out seven yards right of the box. Again same situation here with tackle or feel about 1015 minutes earlier Zeus he crosses it right on the for a post view CA. Whose talk. It's a wide open hander unfortunately goes straight at Frye who makes a pretty easy saved. But that obviously would have been a goal again. But this. Again intent. Having the poignant. Look like they know what they're doing this year on off. Last year they didn't look like he knew they were doing. It would be were kind of what's gonna we. They look like they have a point and this year which is surprising again because. Going into the season and this was supposed to be the weak spot on the team and it has turned out to be district. I'm really happy with the way dissolve and I guess it does look like they have a point. Even even congress shielded kinds of look like he knows what he's doing with the ball get tied up and access it looks like he has them playing with the ball and I think he's movement off the ball is hearing. You know he mindful of being added that yes he needs. But like that's the one thing that I wanted to see was guys have a point. We know we're gonna do when you said p.'s we know who the ball's going to we know that if that person is able to get the ball they're gonna get an opportunity. And that's what they're doing this year is people just getting opportunities. And we for the most part actually doing something with that so I really appreciate that this year is the most surprising thing about this team. So after that opportunity. 85 minute. Juror so comes in for John Russell and then after this we just seal flurry of opportunities by exporting 88 minute. Shall only takes a long shot on the edge of the eighteen sales over the goal. Or minutes of stoppage time. He finds Espinoza who's right at the edge of the penalty area and Espinoza itself pretty weak shot that easily saved by fry. And then the seventh minute. Of stoppage time because things went forever why don't tell us it's time to monitor. This seventh minute of stoppage time shall we tries one last ditch effort today give sporting ahead and try to get them three points. And he lets off a very weak shot. In the eight team there's just way too mideast Seattle players in front of them easily blocked. That pretty much in all the opportunities for export in Kansas. Really good job come back down to one. Last year we would look at this and we we beat be down to one. And we starts when. Removing combat from now you know sporting was really great when they're playing defense and they were just. Forcing teams to have the play from behind. And when they were playing from behind that's when we saw them lose games last year Russia and grow really battled growth. And this year they've they've done a really good job of not living really any deficit hold them back from Louisiana your draw save for the first we can cease completely. New York City so that's something that I on the lot more confident in this year. Sporting is also shown that they don't really need Goodyear. Which. You want. I was told them that they don't need they. I think he does need to go he's expendable but you still there if he's not on the field they're not done for. I read that statement Harold and their completely different you guys and Leo yeah. I definitely I don't I don't think I can no gimme that Leo look I think it changes outcome even from the very beginning of the game having Lloyds didn't sound like a tire ratio might it. If you put him somewhere and you can remove some of those pieces around you have someone that has more of an ability to finish that changes the entire dynamic of the game. And they do have to play differently when they don't have somebody. That can finish the way that he finishes they have to make up that other ways and they just played completely different game yeah so while they while they've they've been able to get by. If it was you know morrow long term thing I think down the line they'll start running into a little bit more issues without having him. I don't know about that and move them. Now microbes on. I loved Johnny. And as my guy Aruba fan shall shall lose Impreza Milan this year because though I was question marks about him at the beginning of the sea island and I have till I'm can't wait to watch his team to go back. Like that before when you are going to be a star go and he's so young they went Siri. Please leave your tree unless we won't yeah Phil last year I think he slowly progressed and then when elated from an national duty came back with even more confident that. He's feeling. Again goes right at players right ethical he's fearless I think even I think his bright future and yet he's say I do think it Terry and he did he just provide more of his hand he says I don't. If they lose him. Ada they're nothing. They don't know the makings of a lot more difficult than what it would and easily typical but they don't need him to be good period. Last year we saw what happened after after dom that they've issued dominated town. That'd be office just. Forgive forgot how to score goals eight before when he was that weren't agree I agree I think he's flown Lee. Stop or angles and I think that it was just that with a nor yeah and the office just wasn't it it was it was done after that. I think this year they if they lose like let's say you know Gutierrez comes back policy Russell. I opened it kills me off and I her. But it doesn't kill a path and that's the thing is like at this to me is that they Connally did that three headed monster you can't and obviously that's who we're to deal. And that to me is is something that I think this team to really build on and build confidence with because. Last year. That's not something we can we did we can really be confident. Yet night certainly trying if he fill many offensive threats in the tool that belt I mean you even have your cell not starting in there so often go out that rule. Month off then they had an answer me. A huge Jaffe difference from last year this guy's offense in the amount of contributors and exciting. I also thought as we can see easily go two goals actually thought they were pretty good defensively throughout yeah. Now they they mean obvious ones are okay really do play one Google's bulbs haven't bounced where did. I really liked how they were not getting a ton of giving a ton of opportunities for Seattle. We've seen gains were the ages New York description. Just can't shoot me as everybody humorous and there was in this day and stuff they're busily tuna. Oh my god and there are shambles and it was. It was shocking just because they're so strong and so consistent last year and then they came this year and it was. Only what what happened back laughter what happened it was only ever done that finder and a. Why it was like it was like the basketball players based in the U their talents like Dallas. What is good for the month of what it looks like the like I think there are as Charles Barkley at the plate. Let me hear that critical imposter of Fay personally Bentley get out of here boo. Like that's what it looked like you look like they just lost all their ability to play soccer and big even though this wasn't a clean sheet like heated debated. Guy in the last couple weeks they actually will really confident on the defensive side. And they do a really good job of staying in different government. And and not allowing them he would really very many career opportunities that the goal they did a good job of limiting Seattle but you can tell. At the end of the game. The reactions by some of the players of them kind of pulled his hands to knees kind of bending down like oh kind of let this would go with this is one we've we should have probably taken three away from. Shapiro especially with the way they controlled the game and limiting. Seattle the way they did it. They probably should publicity. They're good today yeah I know that there they will continue to get better and there'll be more competitive as yet so like I Keyon. As much as I liked you know I want you wanna take the standings for what they are in the standings are really crazy right now. I don't think you can really go and look at that. And say all know they the only way around got a draw against the bad team like right now on the standings it Ronald bad stand next to. The nobody you know we RD noted it. It doesn't mean a whole lot right now we saw its sporting was at the top of the analysts on in the western conference for much of last season. And indeed barely made the playoffs and then they went out walks. He's so. I well. You know what one question Hamlet two is Roger Espinoza. Where has he been. Basically offseason I mean he he does a good job of kind of silently possessing the ball in kind of controlling. But he is is basically nowhere to be found. I don't I don't. I can't really think of really. What may be one instance in the game where he. Stood out and created something not many had a one week shot put yeah but other than that I Mena. I would like to see why defend him X specially one near the highest in. Highest paid player on the team. The guy I would expect more commute to the the veteran presence that you should be bringing to this team is nowhere to be found. I would of anyone would like to seal a bit more from him is he on your hate this now he's doing is under its list. I never really made me that's a far. He had not he has not been nap Boxee box Bulldog player that we know him to be reps I think of the matches. Yeah I thought he gave snow from flashing is. You know the pace at which he can have. He's very technically known as did its attack he's very. There the aggressive getting moves quickly I thought there is some delegates even his between him and he's there yet they do a good partnership there yet but I can't he as far as like politically that far. And you know maybe. Guinea's did new supporting cast of characters around him but yeah I'm I'm open I feel that more and tea. The and plus you know he kind of does outshine by. When you have you have guys like Johnny Russell and you guys that Gutierrez has gone out there playing well he image drawn as well he kind of its house signed by guys like that you shouldn't be it's. And you. Athletic as those that don't think I don't think he's as talented as those guys so. League right. Q really get blamed him for going out and get get a samba guys are younger than he is roughly and he is like John Russell's just. A guy I'm. How the hell is he playing him in the hole. They were talk about the on the broadcast that and we'll ask the question is not at Augusta that he's a great well I. Think. This guy should know that there's a big because he's only he simply committee met for the Scottish team. So literally do it why isn't he played more matches guy whose team considering how good he looks. He'll do you think Gutierrez doesn't have a ton of appearances that you late in team. How does not as many appearances that many appearances with the slate NT or. With him why it was put on loan last year to inner Nacional do plan for real bid fees. When you see them play and MLS this guy looks like he's had a clear way higher level. Vinny anybody he's playing against this is crazy how you have guys who were completely out shining the only guy that really has now signed him as that was brought in this your closet and I think that'll come along who we have been likened. I think he'll come along he soared around the league now. Sporting Kansas City four wins two draws one Los have not lost a game. Since the first week season when they played against New York City yet see they've got fourteen points just tops in the Western Conference. They have the second most points in Major League soccer plus three goal differential. As well so the Western Conference. Has sporting Kansas City. At one galaxy to Vancouver at three LA FC four. FC Dallas five Colorado. Six. In the Eastern Conference New York City FC number one obviously I I think that the best team in the in the last right now and landing united FC. It's really surprised right now asks us to death and their demeanor their right their tuners there they're. Very very close to being it's something there's a couple of games there and it could be the top team in the east. New England the number three Columbus at number four Orlando city at number five in the New York Red Bulls at number six. This was the surprising thing from the ego. Right now the two teams. That were an analyst cup last year. Have a combined four point. For optional rule point out that the bottom right look at the box yes yep. Yes because because decent actually just won the first game this past weekend against Columbus. So it they evident that they may actually get more points than in the available draw yes so Toronto right now bottom of the east shocking gazette. Best offensive team second best defensive team and then you've got a team in in in Seattle that was in the same position last year. When they were at the bottom for much of the year earlier on images won their way you know. This is pretty surprising early on but we are just in April. So I don't know we could take a whole deal the results so much so right now because we obviously you know at one point. Orlando was one of the best teams in the east and they fell off and finished third worst thing thing in the in the Eastern Conference. That's pretty surprising here as far as where the standings are going that was are on the leak. So Helio what first got you into their interest in the game of soccer. Ali out will I believe that I started plane at three. And I'm sure south I'm from new York and fellow. Along I got it or not just real Phil no. Well connection from I'm from upstate New York OK I want all of hang gains steam and I'm kidding I'm kidding neutral with a coconut cinema and how great. But you know out there I mean these are early and now it is that I get every worries are early but. I I I care plan does very young and and I continued all the way. I'm new to California for sure year my life and in panic I think in the city and ran gadgets played every life. My brother played Allen to be like him and he was doing my. Competitor I have three of them that I am a little on the tougher I'd rather than dainty high banks yeah I always played. Drying up. Became pretty theory and I think like a big deal if you're around sick trade. I played for the Olympic development program opening heat now Dyer presented in this ends our power and are now both are indoor outdoor earth man is still thirty. It's our competition doesn't like training and guidance and that we only compete outside. We kind of found club they amp I club and plan. Wink at me I decided to go to think consequent high school because of their tradition of excellence in the soccer for Graham. Obviously my parents had an act as well but Abby I went there and played out of a meeting for years there's he championed three in the four years. Got real serious probably my sophomore year and I hiring an icon though. I did that. I think being recruited to play College Soccer is one of the coolest time of my life because his all the work they put and kind of just paying off right in front and you you're getting. College doubters you're getting asked to come play on the coasts and turn amends and everything their region. Terry didn't you yes. But yeah I is really really cool and slow play all the way through college. An and still to this day I think some time most fondest memories of paneling is being kid but also my high leave my college days a lease or it's shock and would it be to girlfriends or the seventeen in the competitions in the tournament and all that. At it's in my blood to buy him at first probably identifiable. Herb I. These characteristic at McCain and they first. Lung lung Indians and there my hat and just it translated NT a coaching career so after I played four years divisional and in northern Iowa. Came home in thirty coaching and I have been looking for ten years now not today iPhone and any team. B I it's something that I will forever nine view in and yet he's been a huge life wasn't about coaching the ruling that you really interested in doing that after you finish your career yeah I think just oh we knew as a matter of and the fright I myself back on the pitch obviously I would have loved to have played. I would of continued my career in a professional setting. Unfortunately he women's soccer is still in that growing period where when I graduated we didn't happen and I felt quite yet. And at that point you either Abby lombok and playing for the national team regent program and island. Eat like almost at the button on getting my English not inclined but I would. She's Rochester rather than simply not. So he's good enough dryness then you get an early on they left of the data you're saying she's I. They say New York with all ferocity it just throw that out there. A couple of confess that only soccer players all time. Oh for sure one of my favorites at. Me excited I am. Adam knew I would coats eventually I started as a teacher actually at a college just an it was a natural. When you teach I taught their game. And they're great and I portrayed her one year. Really lucky as a kid have incredible like teachers and coaches in my life. And that. I wanted to do and once you exactly and so. I think if you ask me from the time like in fourth grade on what I want to do when I gear up there is always going to be teacher and a coach. And it was probably because it you know all the good times I had as a player obviously. Come from a big family I feel like and believe can be part of a team. And into the F filling the time came and hung up the bid and then went back and now just where where the way Phil because it's. So is there a specific age group that youth or is it one of those things to where you have you know you've you've. And coaching a certain team and Ager vineyard just kind of moving up as a kind of grown and keep the team again. Certainly feel I started with a group of girls who though they are uniquely you know. On their 89 years old and I took them all it to fourteen and not as money really needed you start traveling Mars are doing more and they're really did. And to feel I personally in my career wasn't able to give them the timing yet I passed them on. And I went back to little group and nine year old. I got them and we kind of moved. We're twelve now I can tell. Lee yeah I believe it's more than just like. You know training in games like I really try to connect with my cage. And Dan there idle at time of in a positive female athletes or remodeled and I eat today and fortunately fell IE fully embrace the platform I have to be after from. We fizzles due food cool thing about trying to connect with kids who owns and once your coach muted that's a different world today like weed you're up without in that we are seven and we had to answer him you know they do now I can. The seven rattle and I'm certainly didn't let this alpha brain on Canada and and yet it's like they feel adult problems like. I'm tackle it got cancer and anti let I did not all going to you in I would like to think and monitor ground person I can handle it but Eric twelve. He knows so I believe connecting indicated. It very different challenges I think wise one how ever. Unity finding by big team saying that dance during that does light. So fill in the towns of tally just beat it fat in a world that they are growing up. We're about to so I coached. Or five year olds aren't there for awhile and that was a whole different experience and so what is the youngest that you coach and kind of the difference between. Those guys and say taking over 89 or even the difference between 89 year old to the 1415 getting up into the older. Live. Or in five. Is a lot without a fact now. The anabolic. Let your hired you are patient moon and I think that is all about like islander actually more than in my learning tactics and technique and fellow. At all I we acid that. I don't off by India for a fire early age group and the youngest I've had been a coach can't think clinic one I have had I think he's young like. Fiction fan in your own. On weights I feel think that there's a lot can be said for gift teaching love and begging and happily. Still it's very different I think around you a uniting. I know I value. Education on the actual where else not. Heard ball like a strategy behind dad did feel like learning on the condition like meat and pardon my kids are going to be able few. Tell you what a 442 and victory is you know. I got that and fill time moving forward you can't take back. I gave the maturity and are required to undersea rent though. I appreciate that about the older girls that they youngest ever to and then and it moral off. To find actually and like you want to have fun who can run faster than the typical new life like everything's skimmed off the. So there's a lot of talk about recently about the effectiveness of College Soccer force preparing players for. International play preparing him to go play in those very big leagues. Around the world. You being a former College Soccer player how do you feel that. Colleges prepare players beyond the game as far as you know getting them ready to go play international ball or get in the go play for the big clubs like in Europe. Not in question I would fade. Collegiate soccer. Doesn't necessarily. In the size of international careers or does lynch didn't facilitate an act better word yeah sun I don't think it net debt of necessarily done that. I think it provides an incredible opportunity for. In hand I get from thinking like all of them are the team on game but for both men and women. I think it's an email fierce level of competition and in here. Gaining seeing as that humane as an adult to be a College Soccer player or college athlete in general. On the tie me and them more. We approach. This time period where we need to really figure out what's going on my very Internap like with our men's team for your home. Mum I Seymour or preparation coming from club. So up from nicotine burst your college team and so you know if that talk right now right like how're we gonna fix the system and we didn't do. So there's options for her take you know taking it back further than college like high school aged. So you know we're in the midwest there is EC announced for example or an idea the development academy. I think US soccer is doing a really good job of acknowledging their problems within our within our system. And training takes on some of the DH for example the development academy those kids are ran. Really going to be set up for international. F. Because they are focusing solely on. That they don't play for their I don't play for your college your beer in the program though. Their goal is to move up hearings whether the eve. But EC and now is another opportunity to play at a high level but you can also play actually can also play another sport eaten go play college so. It's strange to me like there's two routes he can paint. I don't think the collegiate soccer programs prepare you to play international. Whereas they do you think the development academy would. Yes my preference it's hard but I would see scene out here is as he spoke earlier some of my fondest memories are. I took eighteen feet or learn you know just playing a game in front of my me my peers Tino my mind how many athletes who might not though. It's hard that. Into your question I think College Soccer did not repeat international. Development academy led. My preference. I would go eat in the the lung Ian who. Ailing leg outer screen and off to Ireland. But he didn't think it totally different it's. Word deep thought here and exiting the complexity and hook up ahead is there it is very. So going and that is matchup years against the Vancouver white caps FC this Friday at children's Marcy park. Vancouver. Right now since the third in the Western Conference they get ten points during wins one draw three losses. A negative three goal differential to surprise yeah he's sitting in there with a that it doesn't that's impressed that is the press try to guy. Yes. So right now. To me the fact that they are in the third place in the Western Conference is proof of how an impressive the Western Conference. A slow pattern yeah. All. Business or charity they're only in third place. Because. They have the negative for gold the route through wall. LA galaxy has a zero gold. That's the only difference they have same point LA ages has scored with him over goals they give that is it otherwise they would be number two. In the Western Conference they weren't over to open so this past week. This should not be a game that. It sporting sure to have a ton of trouble. Obviously they can lose to a team where you know have a draw with a team like this because we just all this happened Seattle. But it sporting Kansas City sure do much better this time around it to Vancouver. Blyth. They have in the last five matchups. Sporting Kansas City has gone one win zero draws four losses. They last beat Vancouver two nothing in August 26 team. Since it lost four straight twice in CONCACAF planes went sixteen. And then twice last season in regular season. Play. I'd still idol I don't know if it's gonna be queen cheater nine. Because of the fact that we don't know what kind of defense renegade sporting sometimes you're gonna give us some really bad play yeah. The sounds of the opposing team's development is making amazing play and team manager of men and and get a goal. Sporting. And team cannot. The team that they're playing against. As the wording is almost twice been Eagles beat you on season. And they are that we haven't they've been negligible difference loves him over bulls sporting this year sporting should be able to win this game. Yeah I think it with with Vancouver specially it's almost like. They played better without. Possessing the volley they're OK with not. Holding possession it it in the game and so I think. With with sporting strength being possessing the ball in kind of controlling the game and that kind of thing it lends it definitely leans more towards sporting. And the fact that Vancouver while that's kind of mean that's dangerous territory when you could that is your strength is is not possessing the ball when you play team exporting that does possess the ball. There's no reason for them not to be able to take advantage of this and that makes cents. Yeah I think and obviously sporting being the possession based. Teen that they are Shiite and arguments and being at home like they cannot afford to drop in depth and the draw would be. It be disappointing you will weigh less but I mean how many times have. They're being games where their possession you've been so lopsided while 8020 Femi thirty. And sporting different game this season it was quite a few games and thinking I'm 41 to get Ethier Loney whose children are there. And IE you know they just have to play their game but also. Finish them off I mean. They have the tools and talked about all shown they have the tools it's this matter is up. And takeover doesn't stand out in any specific cat whether it's school whether it's its offense the defense the kind of just mediocre. Best just about everything I think Vancouver is going to be one of those teams to where. When it comes down to a getting towards the latter part of the season they are going to eventually fall to the bottom part of the Western Conference. I think again it's just so early in the season teams are kind of just finding their way still defining who they are. Eventually things will fall off and they won't they won't stay in the position that there right now and another thing missile that Vancouver's forms standing goes is the fact. He played seven games this year and is the only other team and let's play seven kings sport so. That's what living that felt the maladies the day I mean they've got three losses on the season already. And so you know they've had a ton of opportunities through the gets some points. Meanwhile get teams like Seattle would play four times this year you know LA and see it because of over five times this year so. It has a lot of teams here that still haven't quite caught up as far as games played. That's something that then helps amount as well there but it yeah I do think Vancouver's one of those teams the kind of falls. Was towards the back of the pack as the season goes along. As I don't think there's Julian king did the remarkable do. And so I. I can if I did think he can instantly Vancouver coming different in the Arctic coming in dealing elements in fact Mara that yes I do you think they'll have a game he's going to yes drew goodies because that accidental. Normally would and we're talking about being weak in the air defensively highs theories that we feel. I can had a painful handheld. And he's got to be on his game he cannot give this one of the things that dead I had an issue with. In recent the first month season was losing in the care. This is really really bad first G Chicago. But that that being said that also. It lends Q sporting in the fact that they are some familiar with the stuff because we still have some players that are around from back when he was with us. To where they kind of know his game and green and he's played fairly well this year yeah but I think that also helps sporting a certain aspect. So. I think this game is a two nothing victory for sporting Kansas City. We yeah. How are they go on to go to want. I've that you want to always go to one I'd. I always Grossman is like a clash that's my go to his his signature move in my go to Finland victory for spring in the city yet I think. I think vote bill. Again they're still working on their transition game yeah that's that's still an issue for them. I'm hoping that's not the case but I'm not I'm gonna bet. That it is probably going to happen though dropped one. But offensively they're strong enough that they'll overcome and it was a YouTube. I'm an available here and those three how. I'm I think they've been home they're gonna wrap that. Then Vancouver has a track that can mean is not even death and I do also think that this team is one of those teams we haven't seen it when you leave it is how to game. Would think when season when me. It's like when one. Forget hops out of the jar the whole jar and d.s you know and I think that once they find their rhythm and if we score first exporting of course first quarterly anything that yes then I think you'll be. Upwards of three. It's because I am the and company in their week of ref and the fact that I think you have to traveling in in the is. Back to normal. In Europe are attacked I am going three. I think I think as long is as long as though Parra is cut and he puts tomorrow on an island. I don't think. Vancouver scored and I think that's the big things. There it if you're there you view if you're the Vancouver coach the first thing you're looking in the streets and set pieces let's try to get the ball towards Camara but TP win in the air trying to put it in the goal. And I think if they can do his job shutting Camara down. Is really much opportunity there for them good sporting especially because sporting right now probably. The most confident team in Campbell last besides maybe New York. Because of the fact. They they are looking at the rest the Western Conference. And and we have lost the games is beginning of the season in its and we lost to. With the teams in the top of the Eastern Conference right now. So I think right now this way he's got to be we're real high right now and I think they're going to be very confident here almost three Eagles. Hewlett and Phil will make you comparable and I are long gone and now on Louisville and seeing jelly. And she's it would Caldwell. Colin now Russell far. Anything is. An idea is going to be that maybe you'll sneak on and me and he outta here is in the one. And I finger in the Carey show and let me say you know that I do think it's confident in him and I think Brazilian. Leagues and I think he's gonna. He's gonna catch one as can be right place right time which was solidly blessing last year. Mean he's negated perfect spy at this time to be scared to get caught off guard. The mavs back to the goal is to be right there nice easy to judge for schools season warm. I think everybody go goes home happy. I think Julian did bring a good point as far as. Sporting needs to get off to get a quick start that game I think if you can get being Cooper on the heels they're going to be in real trouble. There if you kind of slow. Play them and you don't come out with energy which they've done a couple times this year. Then you open the door for. Those mistakes happen on so that I think that's definitely a great point and so in that. We have rap stuff and another addition of six fans have seen wanna say thanks to use of the illustrious. Hi Carol for our Irish I thank you had a adding so much star of the show I with a starlet counts. Fakes who else understands. Referred to as. Putting an eleven million Africans combinations the special message didn't have the workforce and to do when it's Newsweek thank you otherwise he talks it's very very darn easy I'm going to show. And then things to do list of things comedy your disillusion us this six NFC. Here on 610 sports. Dot. This has been six NFC. With Chris 00 war. Antonio Sanchez. Yeah. The the. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah.