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610FC S2E4 - Back to Basics

Tuesday, April 3rd
In the 4th episode, the guys recap first place Sporting KC's domination over DC United, Julio tries to take over ths show with the Web Hits while poorly describing US Soccer's new uniforms, and the guys get you ready for Zlatan Time in LA on Sunday as SKC takes on the Galaxy. A fun show as always, so check it out!

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You were now listening to the U official podcast. Kansas city's soccer fans old and six and have seen. Our all the fury euros and presumed Cerro. And Julio Sanchez. Welcome to. And we've got a really big show for use Dey gonna break down the sporting Kansas City matchup against DC united in their one and zero victory. It out and children's mercy park. Gonna take your around the league need to update on standings in the MLS who feels it has got his web hits as well later on in the show. Before we get you ready. We're sporting Kansas City. Believe they Gutierrez may be if he's not hurt if he's not slots on lever you move Mitch. In his second game in the year in the Major League soccer or really gets you ready for that matchup today in this show. But. As alluded to sporting Kansas City this past Saturday. On March the 31 out at children's mercy park got a one net zero victory. Over the lowly the terrible. Do the worst team in in Major League soccer last year. DC united. And I didn't mean you could we both agreed on this when we talked about this on the on the lash ago. It's not gain that you crude. A 100%. Say sporting she'll always gonna dominate. Put. Last year sporting team dominate that game doesn't give a book goal. Yeah at least gets one goal I mean considering how good they've been offensively this year they should probably more than one goal. What we're looking at this game in the way that they performed compare you know that we did they performed last year and relate. At least one nil but probably two nil ya and I mean. You know kind of talked about last year's team you know we we solve the is the complete. Product what what they looked like him what what we that was what we expected we we still don't quite know. What we're getting with this team just again because that's on the new pieces and I think what we did get what we wanted to see in the fact that you know. The team like this that we know is not going to be great in DC united they were still able to leave no one nothing control game patrol pays play their style. So there was a lot of positive note that you can take out of this game on the I'm sporting side. So going left to right. Starting in the front. Lion we have. For sporting Kansas City they ran for 33 like they generally do shall we Shelton and Russell on the front line. They changed up a little bit this week in the midfield they Gutierrez and Espinoza playing up. More like attacking midfielders as opposed to playing straight on the wing. So he would Gutierrez and Espinoza pulling there from left to right. You EA played in the middle on the on that in the midfield he played morbid defensive. It's animated. Then on the back line yet been drawn down bee's laurel power as juicy but drug and Lucie playing a little bit up. On that back line there so they could be a little bit more in tune on the defensive side than what they were before. As far as DC united they played they ran a 4141. Maddux playing in the very front at the at striker position you have aside. Sick girl. The darkened. A Costa an Oriole. Is an awful last name you play in the as he had to give me there is playing on the and then on that midfield. Actually Durkin is via other one he's also play he's playing in a defensive mid position and your back when you have Mora burn bomb Bree on. And daily own. Round things on their back line boost it is their goal on sold in the first half the year. We got a quick dose of excitement. Third minute of the game. Fully big Gutierrez scored his fifth goal of the year now there was a little bit a debate on the broadcast. On the on the shot. We there was an own goal where there was radio where there was a goal itself originally was counted as an own goal. But then they changed it over and they say Diaz who we based fifth goal of the year. Flea bay. So that would ends up happening is Kyra Shelton is balance for the ball with one of the DC united defense defenders. The ball gets not you know kicked away from the two. Philippe de corrals it takes it into the eighteen. And nobody no defender. Attempted to make a strong play to stop him from giving an open shot. But unfortunately we BA didn't really get good contact I think he shot with his right foot which is weaker foot. On it goes off Embree on its leg balances into the goal one nothing sporting Kansas City yet it could've. I'm glad they gave him the ball like he peed on the put the pressure on them it was. Wasn't like it was an easy shot by any means not at all not to know when he poked it through you know basically two defenders and did ricochet off the defenders I mean they very well could it. Technically it wasn't illegal I mean there's there's no doubt about it technically yeah but I mean. I understand what they gave a tomb as well as he did take that shot me just happen to ricochet off a guy but right. I mean eat until they gave it to him as a and I agree with that nick who was an accidental contact or anything you know he was little he was really trying to figure shot. It was difficult angle but it'll be very odd. If we had been more aggressive maybe that's not a goal both defenders are just basically stand they were just standing there and as one of the things we've talked about lastly on the on the last. Week's episode and we were going into like. The biggest ways is willing to take advantage of DC United's defense it was that if they are aggressive. DC united generally is not going to be very aggressive on the defensive side they're gonna be little passive. They're gonna try to play his own the night and really go in and try to attack the ball and that's exactly what happened here. Realigned probably could've stopped this if he'd gone in and tried to stop. We pay for making a run unfortunately he didn't. And that's the reason why it's one nothing in favor sporting at this time while I'm gonna be selflessness that I wanted him to keep his is goal may two goals scored streaming live from Sudanese via honest. So the fifth minute Paul Oriole. He gets he gets say a lob down the field it was tipped by men drawn the bogus lobbed down from the mid field. But drawn to it jumps in the air gets his foot on the ball is able to tipping it away from. A more direct path towards the goal but Paul Oriole is able to corral the ball. And he's got a difficult angle on the goal on the right side of the goal every birdie and he pretty much would have to hit the perfect shot. To me would get this over and written two million who was closing on the ball and he does. He kicks it pretty much straight towards mealy Emilia makes it very easy saved and that's pretty much is as good as it was going to give for DC united early on in this game as far as attacking the goal of trying to get that goal back into a million dig a really good job of of taking the right angle on that I know is he's like we said the you know in the last podcast. He hasn't had the best start of the season I'm not real so I mean they they want they really needed this shot out to he just did a good job overall throughout the entire game of of taking the right approach yet I think I really liked about it was. I really liked helmet drawn to play it is having withdrawn probably more key to it could be forced him into he threw that anger he he threw the ball up knew he knocked the ball over so it was at an angle. And there was really no way we Oreo ahead hit the Horford chip shot yet to give Deb ball into the goal and by the time he was ready to really shoot it. I mean debt that ankle was almost impossible it really did a good job of being aggressive in trying to stop it instead of playing back at the goal. And trying to to see if he can you know the rest of the defense to come up and make a play. So I like to aggressive he was there and it be if it it's. That's the kind of play this morning's been getting burned on all year. And been drawn to make a good play nearly maybe he'll play and prevented what could have been a pretty easy goal for for DC united. In a thirteenth minute DC united a quarter. The ball gets headed into the air by. Issues winner. Opposing players are winning the ball in the air that's not something that happened here you really want the ball. A fortune the ball bounced up and it really didn't go far away from where alienated. Steve borne bomb who's right there next to you is able to corral it he hits a weak header righted the goal but it's an easy save for me. Yeah. I mean I wasn't really too that play didn't really do anything for me I mean. It was easy you isn't isn't isn't easy it was a stop yes and if nothing from now on and on top of that I think the biggest thing is his. It was it was one of the issues I've pointed out winning the ball in the air we saw it you know last week. Expendable you are slowly over it's been a major issue for yeah oh par falling over on and on and crossed plays in. You know guys not marking marketing guys inside the eighteen box on corner kicks on crosses on lawsuits that are. And so guys are it would be easy just win the ball in the year get a good shot on goal. On this wasn't one of those situations here it was pretty elementary. Saved there from you via. In the nineteenth minute Steussie had a corner case. As he makes that once he makes the kick the ball goes straight towards the goal. Instead pop the ball up into the air but easily days it was stop and on the far post. He then bounces the ball in the air then lobs it over to the other side of the goal world par is there. All Parra head the ball straight at the goal this time it was saved by Tuesday. This right here is an evolution of the offense that we've been talking about all year. Where last year's team doesn't have an attempt like that gap where you see somebody may you know stop the ball. And then instead of taking a shot that would have been a difficult shot because there were defenders in front of him and he didn't have a good angle he instead. Does something creative pops the ball in the year chipped it to the other side of this of this to the other posts and a par is there who's easily there is he. He signals. Shelled the tallest guys in the team. But he's either the second tallest guy in the team and he's clearly gonna win that if these aggressive on it he got ignited a header attempt there on and on that shot. I well this is a general theme throughout this entire game is is that exporting get a really really good job of moving the ball from side to side. It and pushing the ball into those open space is not in greedy. The legacy of being creative with a but at the same time with in the flow of the game yeah that was just I was a really good example of them being able to move the ball from side to side. The two minutes later in the point first minute. Shall we takes the ball the left side something we've seen him do a lot this year. Gets a lot of open space on the left side nobody's in front of and so he just takes his time moves the ball the left side really confidently. And waits for it takes is done after he reaches the eight team takes its time waits for everyone else to come out. And win patients yet when guys stars come enough. He crosses it over or Johnny Russell whose start to come in on a trail. Johnny Russell the bottom left corner of the box takes a long shot but instead makes a good save this is a low shot. But you know we got a crowd of players in front you sometimes you can lose track of the ball is a good shot by Johnny here. And egg you know again more creative offense in the flow of being. This is an evolution of the offense that we've generally not we have not seen from sporting in. Home in years yeah there's. The whole oval they notes are at that as it did look like Johnny may be rushed. A little bit rather not and I think that's that's kind of been they've outlook they've created a lot of chances for themselves offensively in this I mean just. They look better offensively this year than they did let all of last year to begin yes that being said they they do seem to be. Flustered or think is the right word but all I guess I'm a little rushed. But this is the good example of that and the fact that yet I mean he had a wild shot he had little over the top of space they tried just kind of poking through and it was it was still good shot solid it was a it was a damn good save. But I think because of if you would have taken the time little bit like Pollock could position ball a bit better I think so too ideas that too but at same time and here's the thing. It's mainly just timing issues as opposed to that's a lot of main problems. Like we've seen we saw last year hell we saw the first game of the season dated issues of positioning. They had issues you guys giving in to the right spots to be able to make an effective an effective play on the goal. They didn't they didn't they haven't had that issue weeks in this game I thought even though they they were missing a ton of opportunities to that they did 22 shots. On day he still had tons of opportunities. Because they were putting themselves in the right spots in this is in a prime example here. With. Shall only being patient. Finds an open guy who has space and you may be Russell did. Kind of Russian shot a little bit but he was in right position to take that shot had enough space on it. As Julie not something that we see from sporting Kansas City. In the thirtieth minute I every show finally does something is so we talk yeah the last show game and here I didn't really get a really good game yeah they're really good game. He finally did something here sporting makes a great run down the field pushing the ball in coming in had to be less than fifteen seconds. Had to be less than fifteen seconds from. From the eighteen box all the way down to. The final third were DC united Shelton get the ball he fakes the defender out. So what is the ball to his left takes a shot it gets blocked. Had he had he had some or a little bit more open space there had he not had a defender right in front and that's probably goal. He had a lot of power and had shot and an M light from that distance I don't think who's there would have been it would make make a play on match. Yeah if he could just finish that does he just finished yet you have when you probably have a good 234 goals are probably just finished he probably I think he creates opportunities for itself he just. So close the page you just can't do it you. Probably good at Africa as we look at what time he broke the hat trick in the is probably good representatives of boos at the little bit more could of had a hat trick in this game. Because he had a lot of shots. In a 31 minute agreement drawn to feed Shelton the path. Any takes another shot this time on the left side it gets blocked in the goes out for corner kick. But this egg again Shelden being aggressive. An ill that we talk about the last show when it played Colorado. He actually he was a sinner and basketball. And he was given in the box and you just turn in his back to the goal edges watching his players play soccer. In his league hiring you can't do that you've got to have at least one deciding your body. Has to be facing towards the ball as opposed to standing nearly cure sinner posted up. You've got to be ready to take a shot at any time and is you never know what happens. And is that he was just ready to pass the so wealth and the league we don't need to do that. We did you take I smell you play that position oh yeah exactly be a little more aggressively comes much more aggressive and he it was it was Blakey was green lit. Take as many shots as he could. Are all over me set to home forehand. But I'm pretty sure it was the lines of take every shot you can get I don't care if it's a great shot or not take everything you can gate. And he wants to build up their guys' confidence stingy with the ball yeah he's in the ball he's playing a position where he needs to take his and the most shots out of anybody on the team. He's in prime scoring position he needs to be one to tickle take take all the shots. But a majority of the shots when they're in that position because that's what he's there for specially for guys going to be six foot three. Should be taken a lot more shots the way he's taken. He's a lot bigger than the guys he's played well do you think maybe in this is just kind of thought that popped my head's news. He's positioning himself more air to where he's used because he is that being. Had to use his body in play more of the air. And that's not necessarily how sport and play the game even if your plane air game though you'd either ya gonna turn your back to the goal you're going to be sideways you can hit it sideways into the goal when you're heading cell. Yeah I mean all of these like closest planet to a bicycle kick every single I have no Christina. Ellis this before resuming six bicycle lawyers put out a lesson plan on doing a bicycle kick you wouldn't be turning your back to blow incidents of little over is that it with our editorial recovering going to be turning your back to the goal like that so. I mean. And if here's the thing is if he was planning on doing that. I think they would lob the bull ball into the incident into the box more than they do. And that will they do they typically do towards a par they typically don't do it we Shelton. But maybe something that they need to do because so six foot three. And engine I mean that these diseases Pollock got your team I know that the position that he plays me. Why would you even set pieces literally looked like day they'll go on their way to service in the ball Null Null and you know maybe that's where were confident no par. Which they should because of horror really good it when he's when he's you know going after hitters like that. But he's Irish film six foot DM three. That's the guy they're going to have given the damn ball yes he's six foot three you go guys though that well that's what you're doing. So. 33 minute I reload his plea agreement drawn. I don't know why he was on the right side of the defense has started on the left side of the he makes a beautiful slide tackle wins the ball in sporting defensive third. Then he lobbed the ball down the right side of the field Johnny rockets. And John he's one guy could be. I believe I was born on one guy to beat. And so he's able to he's able to get to the ball borne bomb him Burr bon collide he falls over. He had a good chance to get a shot off. It probably would have been a little bit of a difficult angle because he was coming off the right side he had a good chance to get a shot off. Gets tripped up after contact group berm bomb and he's not able to get anything anything good as far as you know he sort of clean shot. But the ball ends up going back towards the eighteen towards the edge the eighteen box. Believe they Gutierrez let's lose weak shot using his right foot. And it goes nowhere near the goal waved to the probably twenty feet to the right side of the goal and an entity in its out and I think he got a call that balance situation. I it was outside eighteen box would have been anything you know you're obviously not calling the series bullet. Mean freaky. I mean it wasn't really. Egregious but that's now. It is by the within the flow of the game there wasn't related. This wasn't really a lot of what little tally yet there wasn't a lot of this gallery and they know now and that's. On DC united is DC now because there's not a very there's not a very physical team now don't mean. Sporting mean they had their files they they did have their fouls but that though the played the pace of the game I don't think dictated him calling now. Right Arnold I think you should write around. It could go either way I'm in different management and 33 minute you mile sot for DCU he takes a long shot from the edge of the eighteen box on the left side. And really has to make a diving save it in your post this is the one really good save. That we've that I'd I said he was gonna have to make. And big DC united was gonna get a whole lot of opportunities to score in this game. Especially considering their defensive nature I thought it was going to be pretty much. Sporting his bullying their goalie in their defensive line and didn't live shot which was not the case yeah and and and you meal aside. This was this is one of the very few opportunities that they had to try to sneak one in Emilia goes down makes a nice little save their. On the near post that's as good as he gets Familia that that was literally has now that was probably the most danger than they were in. For giving up any kind of goal during this game. And then in the 43 minute. Roger Espinoza. Even though he's given up there in ages like 32 right now. Even knows how fast is a lot of these guys on the on the on the field he's playing against. He still shows why he's a very valuable member of this team in the gates starts every single week. Playing on the right side of this of the of the of this of the field and the ball's been kicked around about your right around eighteen box for DC united. He gets the ball from zoos see and he's got a clear lane to switch the ball to the opposite sides of left side of the field. He sees the drawn to just chill and out there nobody would literally just waving his duplicate dog a dog I got this. So Espinoza who would go beautiful switch crosses it right across the field. And we draw and a it is difficult to do with it and with someone's switching typical plan really difficult play. It takes one bounce of tournament drawn and withdrawn just winds up his left leg lifts off the shots. Trophy or put the crossbar as close who freed over the crossbar. Just barely missed out it was probably still favorable but who stayed anyways because he was right there to try to make a play on it so. It might as either gone anyways. And while there is a while back to you that that is what I wanted to say. He's still would have had to make a really good save there because that was an excellent job I'm drawn drawn to scored on a big word is. Who it was it was I think it was Chicago. Earlier this year he scored he had a score on them. Where he just had plenty of space on the back line on it and that. The back of the eighteen right in the corner nobody's over there is everybody's looking for everyone else and he just let one loose in got a goal. Is the exact same thing here didn't get a gold. But. I like to draw undertaken these kind of shots yeah I like him take him taking these long shots from right now. Site 181 just keeping the pressure on on the on the defense you know from from coming debt that far back as it's always a positive. And and gone back to to Roger you know that's that's why you have my on the field he's he's your leader on the field and you keep them there. Not necessarily for his athleticism but for his vision you know I mean he's yeah I think he's just like we said in the you know older he's not. These Italy's not as fast as a lot of those guys you know but you you keep him because he can control the ball yeah he knows where to place himself he knows where to put the ball. I'm not gotten the last game he disappeared for a majority of that game this game. He controlled the midfield without without you know. Completely exposing himself without. You it wasn't pretty by any you know what he did a really good job just controlling the pace of the game VA has got to be small. Yes that's slick as you know going up there as you get old you gotta get Smart there but I after a solid as of late withdrawn their needs to be starting. He needs to be stored I mean it's about the time it's about at that time I mean easily flown four years old. Which I wish I was are stuck with a shocked by an effective point for our shock the easily five of five. He should east York little yeah you're short you know he was that short. And I was like I owe him heavily this dude really. He could play like he plays small out there. He's not afraid to get physical guy aggressive play he's very aggressive on the defensive side he saw that in this slide tackle earlier that he turned into it. A lot down the field for Johnny rockets I I really like the draw and a plane playing on their back line. And and it's outdated it has been much better for him that when he was playing on the left side of the front line last year which made no sense to me. Jim in the draw and it should be playing in the back line it's the kind of sneaking in on offense. It getting the shots like he is like he's like. One of the the basketball players with three point specialist. If you sit in the corner. And the rest of the defense forgets about him in the next Theo good pass over to the corner his victory. That's wooded ads were issued before Jimmy in the drawn let him be that guy that just sneaks in there it gets a shot may may be can get your goal or two and Selig gain. And that would seal the game I mean any data needed anyways but that would have absolutely fueled the game and put an exclamation point on this game for you. They in the hat sporting and they have in the 44 minute. With a pass from humiliated zoo a sea routes right outside the eighteen boxers who takes a long shot but it's way over the goal. So we get to the half there was actually like 22 the stoppage on the when he was supposed to be stoppage time they just stop that path too late. So after the after the first half. You have DC united with four shots three of them on goal. Three quarter cakes three fouls two saves a 31%. Possession. Recessionary. Sporting Kansas City eleven shots three on goal five corner geeks. Four goals three saves 69%. Possession time. Is that if it was pretty much a boxing match where one person was beating the holy living Helen the other there weren't knocking them now. But they were winning every single round they take that beating them that means it's only. Again to only lose one nothing. And that says something for DC united that they didn't just up and quit you yeah you gotta give a lot of credit for that because. That's definitely. It. It's got to be tiring having that many shots and it did 22 shots. In the game. Exporting got 22 shots and again that that's a lot of damn shot nearly twenty to thirteen against only 213 Blake it was. Very lopsided sporting was already leading the MLS and shots. To begin with with 67. And then they go out and they get almost with or almost a third of the amount of shots. They've they've gotten already in one sitting against the team does not very good defensively but still like. Yell like that that's really impressive. Really one sided and you look at the first half feeling man a little while more opportunities for off funds were big guy yeah I mean it's soccer meaning. You never know with that it takes one wrong bounce or one. Good bounce for you need to get back in the game I mean it's it really is mean you can look at the game elastic as yet as an example caught the Colorado. Going to not to know. Almost immediately off of just some some crazy a crazy bounce of the ball so you'd ever known as long as you can eat you know you keep pushing and you. Give yourself a chance you never know what can happen and that's kind of what DC you know I was banking on. So in the second half. 53 minute your Hong quasi subs in for a fully big Gutierrez. Who appeared to be hurt. Does not appear to be serious Cortes Sam McDowell that would mean it looks dogs and I I had I was too I don't know there tooth holes saying he still makes me alone there is that I don't want it to be something that. That's lingering throughout this is exactly but according to Sam McDowell. Covers were intensity for the star. We big Gutierrez right now has an inflammation and swelling in his pelvic bone. Apparently. When you held at the Al items Dana I don't I'm not a doctor. So I also this. It is a little concerned. The fact he was able to walk under his own power heating need to be carted off. You know like they did and they don't have a full body cast or anything a little side a little I'm a little optimistic about I'm like okay. And they said he's questionable for Sunday's game against the LA galaxy so will see. Which that when donor X is the gallery goes to a game like that the planes lots all straight yes he'll lay a glove on and that's gonna be big test for them defensively. The LA probably not that good. Offensively. They give a couple of goals soul will defensively I mean what are don't mean yeah all in a defenseless limit. Defensively so we'll see what they. We'll submitted do I would assume you're on Wednesday probably plays for Gutierrez if he's nine he will go on Sunday. Com but yet deathly concerning. Her recent really coaching a quasi to where you put him in the game here. He music it was like yelling at him but he was like really animated with him. We like it yeah I like it to a Liggett to cause they was cause they thought again AM would have coached Little League Burmese is really give me in the eight needs the base in this and then that. And you know considering that he's replacing right now the best player on the team. That's pretty big expectations their pay attention that's odd that they. And the big seven minute Melia drives the ball down the field I mean just a beautiful. Beautiful clear there. Since it towards all the way down to DC United's back line. We Shelton is down there actually doing something again. It's a 101 battle for the ball you win the ball and gets a left footed shot really typical shot. And this time the ball was saved by who stated. I've been talking about this since that. Behind him all year long but I was through talking about the slash show is that. I just need him to do something take shots being aggressive. Do something he's finally doing something he looked like they'd competent center forward. Into this game I thought. Last game he did a fairly good job and he there one good pads as game but you don't want to stress the Diego rubio is at the pressure on by I think this game he really is started you can kind of see him coming into his own as far as. Creating multiple opportunities for himself and maybe being a little bit more selfish than what he was last. Any fears is that if you got a clear shot you take that damn shocked. You don't try to try to be the best he made everything. This is something that I'd I wanted things that I think hurt the team last year was everybody was out here trying to look to get everyone else involved when they got offense. And it's like no. Just if you got a clear shot take the clear shot beanie Phil Hubbard did that a lot last year where he'd have the ball you know right around the edge of the eighteenth. Nobody was there. Anyway did he just took the shot and he got like three goals out of it Michael par save. The day the second game the they had against Minnesota united. Hit the ball and on the back line nobody came up. He hit like twenty. To forty yards between him and any defender the Nokia are just the catalyst meal ticket he took a straight down the eighteenth tee shot goal. Did it the goalie didn't see the ball because in the the defender wish you only him from seeing where where all of our lives. We need more of this we need more aggressive needs if you give space to you get a clear shot take it. So I'm really OK to be so yes he has unhappy about this. A minute later 58 million zoo see he gets a shot. That gives block. Ball pops up into the air goes into the box every Shelton 101 again against the defending this time he tries faint. He tries that he tries to finessed and Altima is should the goal. And this time he tries to head the ball into the goal this one right on target forcing them instead have to make another save. This is the expansion of Shelton's offensive score skill set. That I wanted to see X show scored many well you spent six foot 34. Name. For something that could be productive for the teen he did it here. Heads up play because that and I guarantee. That was not the plane and it now if I would not allow the ball to bounce it off the defender in am pop the ball appeared to be there now not La and you know it. You know that also tells me though is that if if I am Burmese I'm coaching out guys who were playing in the midfield on the back line. If you get space and you've seen carrying a one on one situation. He can lob then seemed to get chipped the ball up and see that you try to hit the ball in six with three. He should winnable thing wiggles every time we need to play today or maybe a little bit more that's just not. The typical way that Peter Emmys implement a game plan. Right and you know on your mind is slow to get British and I think that the thing that that would be good for it is that you don't have to have a power coming up the cell now to try to get that she. Because you we talk we talk about this all year long about. Whenever the opposing team stops and offense have pushed in and make it counter attack. What you have propped problematic we've got Michael par playing up so close to the goal try to get it right. It's easier if he's playing a back line you got to six foot three guy out you're trying to make trying to get that header in the front lines so that if it doesn't work. You've got a way to stop that counterattack. And I was one of the things that help sporting in his game was that they always had people back so they could stop any sort of push after they made an offense. So. It's coming together and we can only take so much get out of this just because. Of who you played but yeah they handled their business is 75 minute. The man with the awful last name Mario he embarrasses himself would it in very bitter at. I can't label for doing it this way but this is embarrassing he tries to clear ball inside DC united a team and we was up across. He tried the bicycle kick the ball out of the out of DC United's defensive third. Suppose barely get up against the ball. He falls and is asked the ball goes out the back of the goal giving sporting Kansas City goal a quarter K. Just the most embarrassing the ticket just you tried a bicycle kick you fall in your ass in your beautiful corner. Just is due to much is doing doing a little. You have no chance he. Had to retract it because it is back. He he was he was facing DC United's goal line so you know he's trying to completely get that ball out Neil gets in space they've been pressured all game. On the defensive side. If they try to just do the same thing and just. Since it forty yards downfield suited towards the middle of the field and get your teens more space to work with like the simple plays usually the best place. An example isn't a perfect example of that just. And just make the simple play and it could cost them conservatively is that yes the minute later on the on this you know corner kick Michael par. They they don't get that they don't that they are not able to get a good attempt on the corner kick votes warnings it would keep the ball inside the defensive third for DC united. And Giuliani has the ball. When you space there. It's a nice beautiful cross on the floor post article par out of nowhere no reason why he should be up there. What out of nowhere he just comes on the far post and give them a gift to great Petr opportunity. Puts it a little bit over the goal not able to get under your I mean and not be able to get over it and off. And it just goes little bit high and the goal was well defended he had a he had to fight over guiding get to it. This is what we've been talking about all year creative offense. Than that we didn't think last year. Cool real you know special opportunities. Where guy is. Trying to do something different then would the what we tip who agree are going to expect from them like having what are you having your center back come in out of nowhere before post. Try to get better not on the defense is expecting. They're expecting Johnny Russell make a run the goal respecting Dana shall we. This at their maker on the left side and kind of wait for somebody betrayal now trail backswing getting shot they're expecting Gutierrez. To make an an aggressive run in. Nobody is expecting no power come in to get the ball's lobbed in for him to take shot. Gotta be creative and that's what we're seeing from them. 77 minute Joseph Fernandez comes in for Dana shall we. Can't blame them for this though shall we had been playing earlier in the week earlier in the week for the Hungarian national team. So that's the reason why he was out into the in the last game saying Jurcina Joey comes in around this time anyway he does so it. It's if it works for them because he gets the opportunity to get some PT and bring some energy coming off the bench. I live I loved her so. I he needs he should get more playing time. Where. That's the problem where the problem I mean that that is what he deserved more playing time I go where is all I don't know. I like him being an energy guy at the bit I did no idea I like him be indicated that Terri off the bench I'm I'm I'm a fan of him being in the rule the season. If he's coming around being aired gore and I like him and don't need him to be stories as caddies starter mark me of like the role Jimmie we tried to played last year. Like. Well I guess the energy guys it. And Dodgers are I would like to see get more play ball doesn't do starting but the idea you know I believe they were playing in the same spot dead alliger so wonderful glorious and he's effective when he's coming off yes. He's young he's fresh and easy aggressive this year what is things last year was that at times he'd he'd give the ball into the eighteenth. And he did know what what to do with that never get off a good shot. This time he's just taking shots. Got the ball to Asia go for so I like I like what he's doing this year and like you coming off the 84 minute Johnny rockets get to pass in the eighteen from Espinoza. He took too long to get a shot off it gets blocked by the Houston who came in pretty strong. Did try to stop this play. Then four minutes later you EA gets the ball over to juror so come up the left side of the eighteen jurors took too long to give this shot off. And when he does it's way off to the right and another missed opportunity for sport but then four minutes later. Cause they knew who had been so did earlier in the half for an injured we big Gutierrez. Makes pushed down the field got a lot of open space jurors so left side of the box he's got open space cause they've. Smart play here can't complain about this Julio. Now it came out and about it and gives you give it to jurors so with space on the left side of the box and juror so makes a nice little run of the left side. And then the goalie who's that he comes out he's trying to stop this run he's trying to be aggressive here because he doesn't want her so to get. A really good open lane there just so. Yeah pretty much just crosses them over like a basketball player does moves it over to left side of the left footed shot it's wide left though. That should have been converted that was as that was really exciting play yeah eyes it was just one of the good of an opportunity as you're gonna hand. Playing on the plane on the wing there in their front line to get a goal jurors those got to finish that shot he's got a game does an admin. The thing without his he had the keeper beat he had the SP yet to keep her beat each so you just he just. Didn't strike the right here at just. For whatever reason just couldn't put a dongle. Yeah no end M and I saw that public all got to get no he did it was disappointing but I will say this though. I can't be sold down on and on guys. Missing these opportunities. We generally don't even give as many opportunities is the view and indeed these games even when they're playing bad teams like DC if they don't give the opportunities that they do. They finished the game winning one nothing offense was. They were really great as far as getting opportunities right positioning right passes timing was off. And he's the easiest thing to Phoenix if you've got offensive. Yet the easy thing to fix. You and obviously if you if you were positioning of if you got issues finding the right guy. You know that's that's. Really difficult stuff to overcome. But when you're just off by your timing you're just a second off which shot. Or maybe you took you tried EU took a shot to relieve should've waited in gathered yourself more. Is just it just seems that is a little bit off imaginable time to get an idea comes at time. Yeah and I think the more more these guys play together the more and more these guys get into the season. I think the more comfortable there going to be in the more than I realized OK this is the right time community fish they're going to be. Easily the best offensive games he's in by four. Which should have been short of what should we have it looks at the last show that should have been the best. Removal of deceit that they've followed up with yes it does not see that we as he had done goal that regret that we saw against Colorado when it too dumb goals and ten minutes that. No don't goals. No bad positioning. Whenever I DC united would make it would try to make a big Roland nothing they got enough and they they weren't able to make any. They got to. Get one good opportunity. Towards the latter stages the first half and even that really wasn't that good of an opportunity. So I can't really get and get on them about that players that it was a one side of boxing. Then. There's really nothing that commits needed these Unita is going to be able to get anything. And that game other than what we've seen other teams do sporting. DC united really hadn't. They showed nothing they give me the confidence that they were gonna have any chance to win this game. On top three guys for me in the game or gym in the drawn to fighting is easily the best player in the field. Gutierrez is really good for the time he was playing. But you it. It really good job setting guys up set up a par with a header that didn't. It didn't he is suitable par with a couple hitters that didn't quite foolish though. And I thought usually good defensively at the defense would last week to. The formation of they had them running where they had. Healy playing more than defensive front we talked about there was out here EL AEU is morbid defensive midfield yet. So I like him in that position more and I like what they're doing with com. Having Gutierrez put closer towards the middle. Along with Espinoza Espinoza Smart you know he's gonna finally goes to play well together the and a plea renewal and play really well as those he's really Smart he knows were put the ball. And save him Gutierrez Gutierrez is so good wow and on top of that. Sheldon still got room to room to grow cells have a guy like Gutierrez right behind him could take shots at make offensively. I really like that there that that we have to agree with you with the you know putting you Jimmie and there. I mean of course yet to agree here isn't there yes he scored the lone goal but I Iowa probably ago. With Roger Espinoza is my third and it's a voter on the league. Sporting Kansas City is still on top of the list three wins one loss one draw. Ten points. Right now they are tied in Vancouver with ten points but they have plus one goal differential Vancouver has zero goal differentials or sporting Kansas City. Still remains on top of the Western Conference. New York City FC is on top of the Eastern Conference four wins with one draw. They have thirteen points on the season and plus six goal differential. They have the same amount of goals as sporting does they've only given up for. On the seasons plural along yet they and they are really role on. I IV if if sporting. Figurs out their defense. They're playing New York City FC unit in them once a bit of its ads we've got a long ways ago I barring any injury major injuries there's a point that you obviously that put the New York City looks over right now and that wall that speaks volumes to you know a lot of people kind of freaked out. Erskine a seasonal inflated and west this week. And I mean essentially got dominated. I mean and that is what it was. It turns out that was for a reason. And I see SC is a legit really good game good team India going to be in the playoffs. Relax a little yeah I know I'd say yeah it wasn't the only thing that did discouraged me was the way the offense played yeah. Let you know tells you that we knew going into it you can be problematic but like I wasn't concerned but the defense because they knew the defense is gonna play so. Do you have WV. You're gonna have issues defending him and he can't even score in which they did a pretty good job of that game getting blocked a lot of shots but you know that he set of couple other guys did two Eagles so. That was really problematic for them. So right you three teams that are tied for the top scoring in analyst. Obviously sporting right there were ten goals New York City also is tingles the New York Red Bulls have tingles as well. And gay or sitting I think in third place in the Eastern Conference right now. So you've got a really really close races there the Eastern Conference that all the top teams look good right now. In the Western Conference it's kind man and you know it right now you've got LA AFC. Sitting in fourth place right now you've got you got LA galaxy sitting in third place right now. You've got some teams that aren't. That that we don't we got a lot of question marks about them. In the in the east and come up with parity in the eastern and interesting. It's more elite Eastern Conference against aids. We know who's gonna be good we have pretty good idea in the west we deal. In the west it's like I mean sporting looks really good but you know the defense has been problematic. Vancouver who goes. Galaxy will see how you know how long it takes for them to really. Fit with fever him of its and then you obviously you've got the LA UCLA of Sweden they won't play three and moaning and have you know teams like. Seattle. And Portland who are there traditionally have Clinton but they're gonna go back up yet we're traditionally though not. Those are powerhouse teams via in the in the Western Conference and to see them just kind of floundering at the beginning of the year. Is that it's a little disheartening as far as as the Western Conference goes yeah we know it's a long season and they these things tend to correct themselves yeah Toronto right now they they're one in two on the season and they just won the first game this past weekend. You expect Toronto to be able to give some more wins to get back to what they were. Last season when they want me more cups oh. All in all I think I think. It's really early to see you don't really like draw a tonic conclusions. But sporting gives it was in the run for the top team in the in the in the Western Conference last year until a kind of sputtered towards the end of the race. And New York city's. They were they've been a good team for years so. I think you can you can sell who say those two teams are going to be players down Neal long in the season barring any. Catastrophic injuries but if your web it's Julio. Who use when he gets his. Welcome. 610 seems podcast I've Julio Sanchez. We'll re entry. We're just you're really good roles he's played it Agee we're gonna reverse the don't ask residents there I and accuses you wanting to. Feel like you've taken from it isn't much of it's my appearance on your mind my segment the award winning. I'm oh awards where there's no wars is podcasts as it. Well we're just gonna pretend like we're just gonna erode the that we do. Welcome into the web hits. This personally got here. I I let's say I'm surprised by this. Russians are very important she hinted monkey noises. At black French players so. For the national team to freeze in Russia last week. Russian fans in the Democrats have surprised by this and I'm not. This has happened a couple times now but started making monkey noises at first players all talk about. What responsibility. And again this is not the first time this happened with Russia and this got. That's terrible look going into. Going at the republic. I mean how can. As fans why would you want to see how what Jordan reference themselves this way is knowing that the world was going to be watching you coming up. I ice this is one of the things that always. Big soccer shrine always trying to sort or. Do this campaign against. You know I think that was C notre racism when it was either other big thing I mean I think maybe is it didn't come into voting for the season last year we saw the size needs to be able banner out and out there supporting kids into the continuously. Look this is one of the things it that way you know hundreds of families are doing is I'm not from the and Philly series being like hey USO what is going on you can't have these. Or just or people just saying. We're not gonna bring the World Cup. That's because he goes on actually it's okay. You wild and rowdy and even little for the violence. But when you start breaking into the race types. I mean I was not the is that I've I don't condone violence by the it's the best ever asserted that bears little kind of violence yeah with the circumstances and I will condone bonus system. But I think I think the idea is just clinicians are usually teams that would fans. There's been battled and he did the team. Playing safety. And fill sixteen racist who will be banned the stadiums around the edge. Grievances. Because we've. Three countries around. You have to deal with a look at it up right now you racism and associate. Every country everybody from country to deal with the stuff in your pain is march 24 change. One league clubs B roll red diamonds kids played and stadium before telling races in her story once again. But this stuff that happens all over the world. Your best player in the history of this is his lesson okay you do something like that we're gonna cost you guys included go to game to lower cost. And maybe this season was take use of strong local stops. So why isn't those ultimately go to his carnal redhawks. Were champ basketball black hockey. You have it'll be the seat I have is the capital tie the best way to stop the bill is by actually punish its. Decision who. The episodes as. It's up to the individual countries do to take this stuff seriously and it's an issue. When it's a recurring issue that's when you know the major issue that's when you know if not there's not enough being done yeah. Tiger and mrs. I guess this is not the first time in right. Going into what the World Cup it's something is not as good as they need especially after the Winter Olympics there's a place. With the old dog tired yeah. And he's. Rush yeah you guys yet they've been it's a draft came through and play. Billion and ran tenth minute and I wouldn't right now he. But just recently it's where they're coming off. There were races and association football team that would compete rushes for him off. Russia and certainly think it's. Me who's been easy work as a puzzle let's let's hero of Russia. Not a very there's not very much not much at the color me we'll go. It's just that's what it hasn't exactly movement afoot to benefit to divert. With a meg doing all right so we talked about this. Last year it's. There was. The sculptors from Manuel Santos. As dean who wins the task. Doing this culture of young and also. Last year we talked about it he got sports. Because it. Please go to that he created wheel and really look like you're chatter about it look like her children although if you got punched in the face. Yeah I've been trying to smiles after that. They use it looks like this these Photoshop. From like the mask would Jim Carrey on two Christiane we're not to look like key members of Christians and although he had little little things that face was like wait too small for the rest of am confident we creepy he was creepy greed and so he's he's tried to redeem himself and it does look much much better. I guess that you really took this so hard by the amount of criticism that he has that he took. Slightly in his life support in the life what you think hopefully. Because it. Gave them their their fifteen minutes is random mix in order I had them they were relevant because they have an office full updated. A lot of things that would be things one I don't wanna be famous movies through the popular athlete who hates school and the barest. Embarrass you would have thought that somebody would. A second opinion or you would have gotten a second opinion that is. The original story I was a legitimate on support or his wife was speaking which. And he was like a I think I hear this of radio would go with the likes to me. Like just like Geico commercial or what nice handsome as excellent as his chief campaign is there's a lot of a lot of colors yeah. And companies know that she's going on this weekend that is not a good paying me like. You're real life when the whole Euro wide going to be seeing this is like applaud you. Are you doing in the distance hello it's not a good sculpture please try and try try again great. Good good except tiger try it against you that's your that's your duty as a significant other. Of somebody with any sort of creative abilities yet until women mass enough. If you got a friend that's a wrap for us. And he'd do so whacked assets in the studio you've got to tell them that that was way you try again on this. So let me let me ask this so this is what is what the Manuel Santos Nazis in the first of all the bus. Pardon for a long time. Sometimes it's necessary to have certain bravery to guard against England yeah. So what are my my thought here. The message is a purpose because actually kind of tears theory as to where he did this on purpose to be a dusty country. Bigger buzz so yeah zero longer. Really has this do the right wanted to witness real one. You just. I don't believe that I'm not going to fifteenth I don't subscribe to experience. Very often and I that we don't hear. Ideas what happened was he's trying to positive spin on very. Very bad mistake. Of his professional career something that could potentially. How we've never given the sixteenth in the first place embassy would be different. I don't I seek a second opinion as someone else fuels I would not let him try to get in my daddy got a second opinion is. All from someone had told someone had to be on the bucket as good as much as an effort. Whoever holds the record was good don't ever think she's derby on everything. Ever. So. I'm glad I got it right but he's trying to prove positive spin on it. Kind of like you know what okay yeah good thing for me some time and you've taken note the good thing. Is the dozen various. The reflection of their better. Otherwise until the name I. So he. US men's national team that proves there you can. The poor. Yes I think. They unit slipped the goal of the rest of the world calls and now we know that is called his kids or seeding and call your beautiful. We call this the uniform before. Mean socks. Your shorts. Jersey yeah all the tickets. It is. So why they decided to go it releases and make any kind slash yeah whatsoever he's not completely eroded. Since you obviously got this year. We did and so as to quit trying to. Outlines outlines look on what it is. White jerseys. Explain why Jersey Gaza based panel. The American flag it's got some stripes it's got is not really great eastern for bringing us. Yeah definitely got a six like how fast stripes across the across the left side of the jerseys go from bread. The lieutenant. Dave in the white expressed. Which I think is completely ugly but probably that is under then you have the blue which I like a lot better and I'm so much going on. Dark pool with the same kind of line going down going down you know the right side of the Jersey and lighter colors blue fades into that seemed darker. Kind of the day's gadget has looked like the blue so look at the white is just. It's too much anybody who. It is right now doing in New Jersey looks like he's you know you just described is if you're taking its just cool fluid they've been led to years ago they were Google there's Google it. Would you build explain any better than I didn't know it is crazy. I can't tell you recommend I don't wish anybody can describe the entertaining a mental picture. It was and it. There's no way you could have made that oh yeah. No player I don't fight the war introducing New Jersey when united playing pretty do you like why tennis you use. Last year I told him look let's use the same Alexander had led only at a what is little left and no need to replace the last of the winters of actually wanted to free these designs from the previews and use this year's this year is US Cincinnati saw. Not enough play in the World Cup dumplings receiving the man I'd like I or any of the sporting teams and players I would I would. Oh for international due back. Nominees this year Jay-Z yeah we always talk about the positive. Not playing it's now in the school buses. And almost. Pretty happy that you don't have to them about your players up to get them back must courting the last couple times in the last few years of having the sense players like. Yeah he's the right. So I mean there's there's some positives that come on guys let's let's not forget the we fell behind teams like Mexico's three they are not in Honduras and the guns. I mean did you resist. Don't deserve to get on the third place offered all the issues maybe and maybe it's the you know thousand Jersey we love the jerseys last year was so ugly maybe that's the reason why. While I don't know who you just sit up and try and come up we'll have to do so that's why we're gonna go ahead. Tried you give you're up process of the white gimmicks. Oh causes ugly answer. Then they're going at straws clearly clearly you're not fit for this job that you could hire. You need to do I go except. If anybody US are and we use resisters of what happened last year doesn't normally makes knowing what evidence does. Does it get as little oil spread and the president thought that this was going to be to fix its self Nugent. Doesn't really matter at all has frankly. I'm a little. I like the life I don't revisions to these this year. Wait until next year historically both soccer internationally again. That was the Leo's web hits. Gonna get you're ready for this matchup now. Between supporting him city and the LA galaxy which will be on this this Sunday April the eighth. Over in Carson California at the stub hub center right now Los Angeles. Third in the Western Conference. UN's one lost one draw seven points. I like these and they games by the yeah Alex and again burdens and so that's going on a billboard and it's on national television. If feels more tortured. Yeah LA's got right now as a plus one goal differential seven goals scored 26 allow old. Obviously the big story this game's slots on Avery in the village. Who when he. So agreed to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Took out an ad in the newspaper that just said. You're welcome it's the of those slots are no way of doing things these isles lots on way of doing if he's become a verb now an attitude now. As far as how to do things and obviously this is going to be a tough matchup just because they have a guy. That was good enough to go and play for probably the most prestigious soccer club in the world right now in Manchester United. The last year and a half or so so. Well not to mention you know last game they played LA FC. Who by the way is what fourth right now right behind Al Oreo it'll play through game day but they have there are pretty solid team. They're down three nothing and think his lifetime which scored two goals when his first goal by the way. Was with an amazing that you probably going to be the goal of the year from basically mid field. Shot of a one touch rocket over the Huber head. And the keeper toll got caught sleeping no way to thinner that would there's I mean you don't please of that position to begin way yeah car the way out nobody insulin. Browser that was gorgeous goal. And they come back. And then waiting in. Stoppage time for three so that was. That's that's why you go out and get a player of that caliber is that specifically for that reason yes and and he obviously it'll be big test. For them in this game. Mainly just because. Sporting Kansas City is what better defensive team in LA AFC is yes I have played like in the for four weeks foot last week ago confidence. And we know whose team is much better than what they've shown. On thus far in the season defensively so. I'd kinda wonder bell. With the chemistry is going to be like with slots on. Pleased to team with a defensive capabilities exporting can hack and I think it's up in the sport and to take advantage ago. Because if they're able to constantly pressure. On LA on the offensive side. Forced them to stay on their heels and make sure that slots on not able to go wanna run and be you know they're able to make it you know. Quick push into the corner crossover is lots on four for goal if they can go out and make sure that they they make they keep. LA on their heels I. I have to be the aggressors in the U I really wonder what what we're gonna see from LA can. You at a guy like daddy and he's really good player put chemistry so important in the game of soccer is wonders what sporting really wasn't good offensively in the first game of the season. As these guys it you know where they needed to be needed to know where everyone else is going to be paid in no. You know it is differ when you practice were sustained speeds so well chemistry didn't seem to via. At issue for them and that and that first game but. I am more curious to see. How. That's like LA FC. Has a terrible defense by any and I mean they're they've only played three games as opposed to sporting haven't played five. But they've given a bit six goals for they've given that we'll have got well they've given up five and four of those came in the game against LA galaxy. So I mean take up for what it's worth so. But I'm more curious to see how sporting responds after coming off of this DC weigh in on the especially with a player like. With lots on and how big and powerful Lee is en us kind of being weak in the in the air in defensively and on set pieces to see how well we do against a player of that caliber. On in that type of setting that's really what woods I would like see both out this game yet and that's that's that's really earlier point because we've we've talked about this you know. They got a win on crosses the got to win dialogues specially when it goes VA team you can not let anybody he would. Three range going just knocked the ball to the goal that. And you know you got a guy an article powers execs who once the food to perish or jewels he has decent matchup against left arm is near a six foot five so yeah I guess as good of a match of isn't necessary further your career after we get into the double zero but it but they. Here's the thing is if your physical with them. And your physical with all the other guys out there I figured you're putting yourself in good position you have to be aggressive but as one I think that I was seeing in against you know when LA FC is. A list he was an aggressive when they were attacking. On the defensive side and they were. Giving. They were getting giving the guys there are so much position. To be able to move the ball freely slots on was moving the ball freely got a ton of space that's how we got their first school second goal same thing. Got a ton of space got free on the back line. Nearly sent a ball up till he knew he was offside so we got away from the ball someone else when some quarter with a cross over. Easy easy easy go basis situations like that where you give guys too much space boarding had this issue early on in the season. That if you give Colorado through when he gave up the the second goals. Too much space. If they are attacking LA AFC and Alexy the LA galaxy is going to be really problematic for them Freeman's slots on the would want that Google's so. The beginning they should win. Chelsea it's it's hard to scout team like that too that you at a guy like data sort itself out what kind of impact he's been so long term. Sporting right exporting in the last five matchups. Two wins zero losses three draws against LA cease on a fairly O'Malley FC. Philly galaxy. One last year in September 211 of the very few good games they had later on in the season. As there this team really fell apart towards the end of the run so. This game. I'd be a good game for sporting. I think. Probably 221 victory for sporting. I think I think you're gonna see a goal from LA I can see one early from now when they go out they get a goal. Kind of try to set the tone with sporting. Collects themselves. They get aggressive on offense. As we know sporting generally does start games out very well. The they did this past weekend the juvenile star games well so you know we got to be more aggressive. And I think that's what they're gonna do here they're going to be really aggressive from the very get go they're gonna attack attack attack and I think after they give up the first goal to get a couple of really good goals. Maybe one in the first half towards the end of the half one and probably early on second half an image kind of grind it out get a ton of opportunities like they have all season. And we see them win pretty convincingly. Against the LA galaxy 21. On the ago. On the go. 11 draw. Think these teams are pretty. Are somewhat evenly matched. I get the upper hand a little bit to sporting all being on the road. On always makes things tougher laws makes things tougher some nominee go with a 11 draw. And thing and it's too but I was just looking at the offense I watched that game again. His DC united and housing moment ago this team is finally looking like they didn't score. They've finally look like they're just getting it right position and just all they did was finished. I think they're gonna finish this week at the gonna get a couple opportunities of their own selfish and I think we're gonna walk out with another three points. That'll put us at thirteen points on the season and and maybe Vancouver doesn't get a win or draw I mean you can get sported start building some space well. They can start they can really improve their defense and established himself as the elite team. In the Western Conference this frankly a lot of these teams don't really want to do right now. So I think. This is a great this is one of the great opportunities for sporting. To build a nice little lead as the season goes along they're gonna need it because he's his very long and you're gonna need any opportunity you can to build some room for error. And we saw last year sporting didn't do good enough job at it. Dated that ended up coming back to buy completely wrong on so. I'm yet to one victory from being 11 tie for you. We will give you guys next week. Got to talk about this big national peers slots on time here for sporting side of the city. Very exciting. Make sure are you as always you won't keep pucks. Won't keep aren't forced to push for a skins this damn. What what is what is it via S case hash tag as Casey immediate gain a seat on a big impact here. Front represents sixteen Sports Radio in the media game and happened the very best we possibly can. Trying to make sure we don't have bears station let me let me just there's crest. Please just give me the I gonna happen Humana cares mister Serra of the big break Julio they are gonna say you know break who kills ankles when he scores. I already planned out my celebration for when I scored. So I don't think I heard and none Sonoma I got a better celebrations that. Going to bids good for the kids. And then I am I gonna play my celebration already as hash tag as Casey and immediate gains made changes we now. This has been six NFC east with Cris O zero O. Antonio Sanchez. Yeah. A. The the. And yeah. And and yeah. Yeah. And and who. A.