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610FC S2E3 - Mile High

Tuesday, April 3rd
In the 3rd episode, the guys recap Sporting KC's comeback against the Colorado Rapids, review the results of the MLS Confidential player poll for 2018, before previewing SKC's next matchup against DC United at Children's Mercy Park. A fun show as always so check it out!

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You were now listening to view additional podcast. Kansas city's soccer fans old and six and have seen. Owl fury euros and British sooner or zero. And Julio Sanchez. Welcome and this is the official. Podcast for soccer fans are your kids sitting by name is Kristin Sarah and hi Julio Sanches. And we will be breaking down from the matchup. Between sporting Kansas City. And beat Colorado Rapids. Sporting news last game 822 draw. That know very much at one point very early looks like he was going to be a blowout. In favor of the rapids. Sporting Kansas City had a very great comeback and very exciting come back. In the latter stages of that game so we're gonna tackle on that a oh hole play her poll was published. Recently. Dad wouldn't have delved into numerous topics. Involving the MO list we'll talk about that as well before we get you ready for. Sporting Kansas City DC DC united on Saturday. Acts. Children's mercy park. But getting into this match up from this past Saturday. Against the Colorado. This took place at Dick's Sporting Goods park in commerce city. And sporting can see they they went out late they are playing with the lineup all year long trying to difference says it. Still staying with sticky with a 433. Starting from left to right on the front line you have Russell playing on the left side here Daniel shall we is that he was actually how in this game due to international duty. Irish held back in the middle and you'll Hong Claus today returning over to the right side of the front line. In the midfield Hewitt Espinoza EU EA and Gutierrez pretty standard. And then on the back line personal Vick these lower or Parra and Zeus the as for Colorado you have odd Dominic Bosch G and Mason on the front line. You have price playing on the attacking midfield Martinez and lumber also playing in the midfield in the past Diaw and Hairston. Playing in the defensive midfield and on your back going Hewitt Smith. Wilson and win. Sell. The very start in this game lot of action in the first ten minutes. In the third committee you'll Hong cause day. Just always seems to be in the right place place. At the right time but he doesn't really seem to be ready for that that that timing. He got a fantastic. Lob into the eighteen from Gutierrez. Pass the bill from midfield. Got it right over the back line quasi was right there. And he just missed his one touched and and ended up being the ball ended up be pretty easy and pretty easy save their. And we've talked about that it would talk about this figured it yet from the very beginning very in his papers. Game I said hit his cut she just doesn't have a haven't yet he does it. He positions himself very well lead to that first touch especially. Like that's a perfect example. Of of how kind of gone from the season in the fact that not kick a ball you had time to settle it and then and then one touch. But it's it's almost like he's not expecting the body maybe this is just something to Wear. You know it's gonna take him some time to get familiar with with the with how this team plays and the plays around him and what to expect what not to expect. But it was like. I mean. Granted where that ball came from who I was almost midfield where where that ball game props I could see maybe why he wasn't expecting it but it. You're up there for a reason yet to do better. Yeah and and he's acknowledged on Twitter you know he's missed opportunities in is early on in the season and he really wants to fix it. This guy always seemed to be in the right place right time just doesn't expect the this is multiple times now where he's gotten opportunities. And he just didn't convert we knew he had of perfect chance to make a big play and really kind of show that he deserves that he deserved it designated player. Tagged and on top of that. He's a guy that can help bring a huge impact to this team these team brought a male with a lot of expectations and thus far I've I've seen something that gives me some hope. He showed flashes he shows flash flashes. What when you get an opportunity like this you gotta convert you've got to finish and there's a couple times that a couple other. Instances in the game where you could you could see that as well just the touch isn't quite there just not quite there. On the fifth minute Dominic by G scores on a one touch from Edgar tax deal. Just very simple play Bastille. Dribbles the ball up the left side of the defense. So easy way at a place way at a place playing in the middle field. And would test deal gets the ball takes of the left side Suzy castor try to rush over to get to home what he can't get enough time to do it. So cast feels it would take it down is he starting to head towards the corner he seemed he sees Dominic by G making a run right down the horde of the goal. Beautiful short cross one touch from biology is now one nothing in favor of Colorado. And I we we've talked about this all season long. It's. Guys being in the wrong position. Guys being in and it not being where they're supposed to be. Zeus he has I think been the worst person at this. He he wants to integrate yourself oh no no I don't think I'm very good in the fourth we get out of the second game he was he was. Use and he was better who was in great. Third game I thought he was you know kind of iffy though this game. Bad defensively to started off of the net. And it was just adding the keys they they want him to help out on the offensive side. They want him to help push this team to greater heights because. You know last season's awful. Really bad offensively he's a guy that news he's a former midfielders so. You know they kind of pushed put him back there so he can help jump start the offense coming from the back line. But when he gets out of position. And you know he's not able to close out guys give free rein to make easy crosses. Incident eighteen and now guys did you know chance for once elections and I. I think that that's the problem it's just a mental thing with him what you said as far as like. He did. He's used to playing that midfield role and he's used to. Contributing a little bit more of it may be on the offensive end and then maybe. Holy possession of the ball to the morgue trying to create things and so he he still has that mentality and so he catches himself. You know. Out of position sometimes because he needs to. EE still learning that that deepens the mindset of okay I don't need to press so much and maybe that's something that that Hermes maybe needs to work on them you know with a little bit more. But it's just gonna take some time for hinted to kind of get acclimated to. Today different mentality now that he's kind of playing a different role for the. Yeah and it seemed as in the that the team doesn't need him as seller or building and the sell on our side expressed did you Gutierrez play right in front of them on the midfield when you've got. A guy highly Gutierrez is leading your team in goals. Being able to create office the way he is got Johnny rockets in front of it Gutierrez. Yes shall we on the opposite side of the Frontline. As the noses done a really good job of creating over having to create some offices well. He don't needs juicy to sell out as much in the offensive side and I think that's one of the biggest reasons why it's really hurt them thus far in the season. An eighth minute Joseph Mason also beyond the opposite for. Four for Colorado. He scores. After he gets a lob. It into the eighteenth from what I wanted to do one of the I think is the center back Tommy Smith. Actually he's the he's the wing back. Just Smith logs it right over the back line Mason who's right in between these coronal Parra. Easily wins the ball. Takes the ball into the eighteen. And these are able to catch up to him and get in front of him but Melia was out of place trying to trying to stop his run. Wind b.s like catches up to him Melia stays where he is is there backing up you get out from the hole and he gets caught up in no man's land and Dan once. Mason they would get the ball past v.s lurk he gets a nice little. Just easy tap into the goal now is to nothing eight. Minutes into the game. I mean that that play honestly shouldn't should never happen to you can never I mean. Some would argue that he was maybe off sides of that that is more of it again we were coming into the season. The rules of have completely flip flopped as far as what we expected. Mean we came into the season thinking the defense was going to be the strength of the team and they're really going to struggle offensively. Come to find out. There there leading the league in goals right now offensively. Defensively they're what you say Ehrlich point one seconds second point second gold they're just I mean. I did not expect this whatsoever but. It's it's it was almost like a communication issue you would think that with with the players that they have returned on the defensive side of the ball that that would be an issue. But that was just a breakdown in communication to Wear that that ball should never have been dropped in he should never been that open and then. You know we've we've kind of talked about this earlier first two million. He's not have the greatest start of the season either and he got like deer in headlights at one point and just he got caught a position as well he's that's. Another another thing to where he needs to. And I don't know where it was coming from I think it's he doesn't trust his defender summitry now and rightfully so look. Regret that because of the rain out but it was almost like he didn't trust is defender it did to try catch up to make a play until he felt like he had to make a play and they get caught out of position. Yeah and it was it was fun exile when I saw that play happen I was like man like that someday it's boarding was doing a lot last year. Where they would try to lob the ball in between the two sinner backs and then have their forward Ankara will make a run win the ball there make a run goal. And it's really hard to do in this you've got somebody that can really easily and that all talented village or if you've got your face in a really bad back line. And this back on its not bad they're just playing really bad in these situations here. And I did a lot of the blame has to go to the fact that you weren't giving pressure from the midfield on Smith. Who made the pass because. There's no reason why a guy like that should be able to get a lot like that with no pressure whatsoever it's like that in football whenever you see quarterback. Be able to throw the ball down the field with no pressure at all from the defense. As exactly what happened and these slurs used to got big and as easy but over Oregon beat because I don't think they expected that ball to come down right right over the back line there. And on top of that I don't think that. You know after the ball you know got their peaceful did a great job of coming up and went on the idea Bly. To me when you've when you've got Melia being out of position there in front of the goal it. It you do is nothing you can do was defender now it would stop death though because they did all he could again again he could. Positioned themselves better to begin with. I think that I think a lot of it is just Melia has is. You as far as the way the back when his plate I think he's probably surprise. At how bad the back line has been playing this far. And as the reason why he's you know he's looking at things like that and I think. He's not prepared for the back going to be able to give up positioning the way they have been we also saw this in Chicago as well. When they were able to do is lob the ball over to that too right next to the goal and then the player one it was it would just. Easily cross it over to I think it was been Mon June Nokia's aware of Allah guy's name bullet. And he was able to do is once such an offer for goal mean just simple play like debt. I don't think Melia is expecting guys to be awarded to two crossed the ball. Lob the ball into the box the way that guys are and that's the reason only he's being caught out of position and you know frankly. This right here if you're going to be competitive team and you know actually compete forty's the MLS cup this year. They got to stop this simple easy pulleys that teams are scoring on record in the fifteenth minute Tyree shelled. If there's anything he's useful we're not a fan of it I'm not a fan is but it does it is useful for it is. Establishing that we are not about to be played around with. We're not going to be bullied. The united known you a bit of the enforcer he is the inventories were thorough and he got a tour rapid or wrapped his players face after he thought they were trying to delay the game after a foul. That got a yellow color now as I don't know he's the right fit for that that sinner that senator forward spot. He's taken a once craft. He is sporting means that morning someone that they don't really have anyone else like that yeah especially good to be defensive team like the way they are or should be anyways. You you can't allow teams to go on try to stall. Once they get a lead and man. But it will as we'll see later in this game. Colorado was doing their DM just trust Paul is getting around Russia I hate and I think that rove or hit it totally and I've and is that gonna have. That's what apartment Healy eight he got a good run just outside the eighteen passes it. The eighteen. Since Shelton but. Shelton failed to take the shot and it works. He hit the ball in the getting blocked after a really weak shot after then Colorado Colorado -- will stop the push I think this shot. Where he tried to pass it over to his right foot from his left foot and win he tried to pass it over to his left foot shot gets blocked. To his right foot shot got blocked because it took too long. This is what that this is a little from that Michelle Beasley he's not prepared ever to take a shot. Your plane and similar on their front line you may you need to take the shot when you give it. Is not every time and are you gonna be able to just get as much time as you candid to just let one loose and you can't have. Yeah two players up front like that no in between him occurs if you can't meet Italy's went with with quasi its imposition. Shelton is rarely in position to make a play. And windy it if I give you that it like it's like he hesitated that's the thing about shelled Leslie. Like this was the opportunity for him to go out there and you know see if he can sneak one past Howard the Howard had a great game. Our enemies he was really good in this game particularly if you would talk about that for a second because yes he. Look he's what 39 years old and he is which is due moving is old balls on who's gonna throw that out yes he's very old the old you don't look 39 but he has started now this game he. He is what kept Colorado in this game yeah homeowners there were quite a few shots where he does he got a hand on the ball or he just positioned himself to be able to cut off angles. He looks he looked like the old school. Tim Howard of you know back in the you're not only is hurting your 1010 years ago yet it's exciting I mean I looked really now here's my thing with this is. Again he's 39 years old yet so. While he might look at it is very very early in the season. Let's see if there's 39 year old body can handle. You know this long the season and still be able to be that effective because I have my doubt that it's about that. Those are home opener yes though he came out with energy eight. Wilson halfway through the season appease them playing the same way. In the 45 minute quads they he got served of the ball by Shelton is only good things Shelby did the entire game way is needed a really good job passing. If he serves up the ball because name and yeah after a pass from par Oak Park as a Parra vague I don't know why teams do this the big evil part too much space. On the offensive side he had a nice little run and gave over Sheldon Sheldon got it over to cause a cause they dribbled it too far into the eighteen bought he took one day and one Drupal two point 121 touched human yet and this is what happened at IC I do I used to do some people all the time. Is right take that I take that dribble little too far in and a goalie comes of mixes they've. And vessel have would cause they he put over really weak shot easily saved by Howard. Shelton is they eat it how wasn't able to actually illegal block the boy wasn't able to it's actually stop it. Shelton he got a shot easily blocked and then it into the run after Howard hop on the ball the ball to Howard. That was all how hard it was all because they should have he should again the touch he should have been better touch you see the shot that earlier that it's just one extra dribble the ball and you know you beat. If he couldn't get off a good shot it was too many people around there and after that you know Howard just went and saved the day. Did right after that Jim Edmonds Rondo in the 45 minute comes in for Cecil know Vick I'm wondering. If this is. It was like. Three or four games now were so nobody has been. Either he didn't play or he was solved in early in the game I don't know what's going on if he's hurt or he's just he's just give them their age he's just not as effective and I'm kind of starting to lean more I don't know that it's interesting oh I don't I don't know I. Madrassa just looks more effective so maybe it's just madrassa thing to where. Enemies and oh easily easily thirty well. Yeah I mean. I'm a little par is going from one mile as a Mavis is Madonna thing to where he. He is looking a lot better he is now because he's he's looked good the last couple seasons. But he's just he's really stepped his game up. Maybe he's just the better he is a better athlete than sets of Iger just to be honest I agree Andy's. I think I think one thing I'll say Obama drowned as I think he's more effective on the offensive side of who's not some you expect out of your back line but he's more effective on the offensive side yeah I think Seth is more of he was pro player age he's appeared to an easy and he Lenny he relies arm is in soccer smarts you field. As as far as positioning in India poke ball that kind of thing no word no word you guys to be under way try to get him out of them I mean the offensive player trying to get him right from being able to make an effective run. He's really good at that and Seoul via edited. May be its aid I don't think his age because you know Zeus he's like 3031 line. He stood in the south say much of the disease is flavors yeah because he asked me and he is just him being in in acclimated to him. Committing himself to the defense as opposed to selling out on the office. Tiller reach halftime it's too innovative favor Colorado. As Casey they're gives you good runs offensively but they're kind of at a saint guys are really. Making the right. Plays when they give the opportunities you know quasi dribbles it a little too far or just complete doesn't expect the ball he lobbed up early in the gain. You've got Shelton trying to move the ball over to his right foot in you know league that is making sense that needed to do that when you don't have. Much time to get a shot off so just simple stuff like that teams can about a police on the defensive side in terms of positioning. Big debt at a that's always been dollar Arby's to issue this you know this entire season just guys being at a position where they need to be. It's all starting slowed to mean yeah it was almost like exporting came into this gala Colorado. Was second last in the Western Conference last year so there there are no by no means no good powerhouse. And I think. They kinda came in into this one little lackadaisical. And it didn't take your listeners if they should. And they got caught off guard to begin with and they just they had a slow start in the first ten minutes was was not great. Put the rest of that half I mean they've pretty much dominated possession of the ball yet I think the biggest issue with them just. As a whole is I think a lot of guys in the back on its own so now too much offensively just. I know par he's he's been caught napping and at times I definitely Zeus you've been caught napping at times. And I think that there and we talked I'm not as I talked to a bar about this. Yell at and sporting as Casey's media day earlier this month. You know I talked about you know league. What kind ill how frustrating visited it you'd the offense gets opportunities that isn't converting on them any to how frustrating it can be to do that. You know especially because the you know the base seemingly are easy chances to convert and creep often and it just not doing it so. I think maybe the back line is plagued and emphasized today. You know let's try to help out the offense and generate some scores or. Maybe it's not a director from Burmese but maybe it's kind of reminds that they've come up with on their own weather like Kate. We need to go out and create some offense here so. I wonder if that's that's the case there but they definitely need to improve on fifth of defensively after Connecticut this point we can be confident the offense is good. And you have really seen it from the defensive side. So the second half of the 54 minute another example. Sporting inability to mark on the defensive line. Dominique body almost heads the ball and on across. Barely misses to the right on the right post to the goal. Open morrow falls down. During the cross when he he had Marco Biagi a par falls down or trying to make land the ball. And just. I mean is just an eggs in these guys is they're not winning crosses. Geyser on the an opposing teams are it would be clear here. And via wouldn't make really good attempts to head the ball in that barrel Bobble beveled barely missed the goal. Just barely missed the goal and oh par was right behind Bosnian just fell over. Well it's just it's it's weird how. How day they du soleil like. Offensively onset pieces that are really good they're really good assurance that via via the defense we have set pieces that are also really bad they don't they. I mean it's like technically that big of a lot of goals just don't they look a little bit disorganized. I'm and they don't have. I'm I go pars really the only guy on the defensive side of the bothered to really get up there be physical in the air they don't really have a dominant presence on defense can. No bodies about don't have a guy that's like a big do you know a big lead team RO Parra in shell that. The Dole's bill though the Eagles have two toes guys in 190. Partly six foot 61 he's both excellently he's he's a nice let's Alaska but they might as media. And and I think shields probably so he looks like he's execs to maybe six there he's used since he's cute. And a league I think definitely you you can't. You cannot let the opposing team win balls in the air like that. Wean you got a guy as tall as they. Both these guys were played soccer and six feet tall so. I got to see better from I guess in more from all or part of in that. And then in that department especially considering. That gave big haven't been bad overall defensively it's just on set plays and you know would like the opposing team just makes really good Ryan in you know makes any Google. There will always and we talked about this before in the fact that I think this is this is really their weakness. From from the onset of the season was. Was the counterattacks and that's both the goals that that were scored. You know. Were from counterattack that was just think it caught off guard in transition. And they just I don't know whether that is that's communication thing again or they just don't get back on time or it. They're not covering their man properly but it it's it's all about the transition in and there are not transitioning the way they should as far as. Kind of trying to cut off the other teams are. Play makers and in those in those types of situations. Thirty minutes later in the 57 minute cause they barely misses a hatter great cross on this on this path here. Beautiful cross on his pass was a bear and he was this always a good good showing their requires today. Got a good head or just barely missed its went off that off the near post. Gutierrez is there to corral the the rebound he finishes it nice and easy with his left foot for a school to game for sporting Kansas City now it's. 122. Sporting is only down by goal now at this point. Isn't this this great time this was this was this what that this right here early showed me. Ozzie should be plain abuse should at least try to see what he's got in the middle see if he can just get right place right time Sify confused. Begin feeling at this point now I know he knows where he's supposed to be he knows positioning as far as being able to it. To get into the right spot to be able to create offense now at this point is just about him finish. That's only thing now I gotta worry about is finishing. But I think when he's trying to create for other people. Question marks you know he's he's got issues with accuracy we saw that the first game where he was just playing on an island he was trying to cross the ball about it too. His players you know his teammates and he was making bad passes overshoot and guys but when he's playing in. Right at the gold and able to get him positioning to make a play he really go. He just he says get that opportunity. So I I this like this was the playwright here that kind of sold Leo cause they hear. Obviously Gutierrez is always seems to be in the right spot he just always seems to do. He's just he's he's a Smart player he's very Smart as talented. Smart player I don't know what it is. He looked he just looked like the best player on the field yeah hands down he was the best player on the I mean other than Tim Howard. But I think you as far as like actual position players he was he looked like that's where am I thinking about incidents at 'cause he's like even if he's night. Even if he's not scoring he's Cree is creating for other players Iger and he's done analog this year where he's you know gotten some good passes and and gaming guys giving guys opportunities are goals. And you know I'm obviously sometimes defense makes a good place sometimes the the into the player he passes two's not able to convert boy you know he's he's done so much we would have. Put guys in the right spot. Yeah I think I think right now good years. Decide youth. I besides the slot on I think in and maybe he he made his thoughts on his wheels off of 36 years old. Maybe he'll be the most impact full player to come in from the international. Circuit and be able to come in and we have a major impact in the in the last this year there might be the most impact all. Acquisition in teams made in the executes if he keeps going at the rate is gone through yet absolutely just. I'd be brought on by name yes yet might like to see what he what he does. I mean Gutierrez is just that and he's just looked he's been everything in more than us but boy he's been more. Whether what anyone expected in the 61 minute your so Fernandez comes in for fuel on cause say and right after that the CNET another opportunity to get a shot off Gutierrez. Gets the run from the midfield makes a pass. Even passes the ball into the front of the eighteen for Johnny Russell. Just the little is just this ball was just a little ahead for Russell and Howard was able to corral the ball and and this is another just another showing the Gutierrez. These chips. Perfect and not only being in the right place right time for the offensive side as for scoring but also setting other guys up. Eight minutes later. They get a corner kick on and he's what was put in buys UC and Roger Espinoza. Perfect positioning on this corner Kate. It's the ball towards the center of the goal. Great play by Tim Howard here. Because this mean this was it looked like it was going in this was going to be a goal it was just under that cross bar there. Right in the center of the goal. And that's when you had that's an idiot Tim Howard sky up there like he was Tony Gonzales is national ball on the back of the end zone. He was able to catch that ball pull it down to save them from being a gold there at this point now you restored to seated at some point. They were gonna they were gonna kill his deficit in at least get a get a tie this game where I mean. It kind of something we've overlooked here is where where did Roger Espinoza as he did a Armenia that. Yeah that one play but other than that he was it was kind of Esquire is is quite as a very quiet game I mean usually. They need him to be the facilitator. Both on offensive and in country and in transition need yeah. I just didn't hear much from him at all yeah I mean. I think we can agree he's not he he looks a little flurries not as fast as lot of guys that are playing out there. It's one of things that we noticed in the very first game of the season we're watching him against a new York city of Z. Is he was. He was indeed out for he would he would make little runs and we get beat up for the ball because guys oops faster or get caught from behind the eighty copper mine and it's it was a situations where I think. I think you know as as time catches up to you. You're not as fast united athletic visual word immunity got a bunch of young guys playing out there and so you know he's not gonna get a ton of opportunities I don't think the cradle for instance you know put off of the on the board. But you know this was a really good opportunity here just a great save by Tim Howard and you know there's. It's not novel you can do there 72 minute as the 75 minute Gutierrez. Makes another good run into the box it's a shot off on the on the left side that saved by Howard. Then the ball pops up in the air Gutierrez tries to head the ball in. But is not able to get good contact and we have another missed opportunity here by sporting. Late in the that we talked about Gutierrez so much this is just didn't know. Opportunity here he's creating office so much getting all these opportunities. I seriously think it did have a guy like that playing in your midfield is so valuable it takes a much pressure off that front line there. And it should in theory take off pressure from her back line because they don't have to defend nearly as much. Sitting ninth minute Tim Howard. Hits a yellow card. After. He has the the ball kids the kids that are going down crawling the balls they go back past the goal line. Ease these kids are taking their time. Going out and getting these balls for Howard go dues goal kicks. I think what he was evident dues they were corralled the ball and he would have he would have the kids walk. From one side of the goal to the other side of the goal and then give it tool. And the referees I am pretty sure it notice it is. And invade any of giving Tim Howard yellow car this is in serious this is what what does it. Third week 33 time and a four weeks that we've seen a goalie in sporting game get a yellow card for stall. I think it was the second game of the year it would Emilia they got one. The first game of the year was New York city's goal this unit they're eyeing another guy's name but he got one for stalling on on a goal kick. And then now you guys Tim Howard here who got wind because he's telling his bulky. Take your time with corral when the ball so that we can we can take our time didn't school kick off well that's a mean that is. That's then. The emphasis this season for for the grasses is. Mean what's what's what is one of the major complaints about about soccer Italian it's not a whole lot of it's not as a whole lot of it's the flopping in its its. The lack of action and so this is part of their that are resolution to it is as far as speeding the game up and making sure looked. You get up one nothing two nothing and and I hate that that teams do this is they take their foot off the break in in the allow the other team to get momentum. And then then divide you know that anyways unless it works out mum I need a room you're sporting here where I don't report a team like Colorado like you know your not a good team Y why just packet. Like why not keep the pressure on why not why not try and stay strong offensively and and keep that momentum going instead of losing the momentum and and then allowing. The team exporting witches which again dominated pretty much the entire game. Possession wise and allow them to kind of worked the way back into the game it just makes no sense to me. Yes and I'd I don't understand either. It was one of the things I noticed was just kind of seem like. Colorado Islam more passive and that in that second half. And they were just trying to do their best to stall now sporting news didn't they didn't want. The wanna lose well they just I mean you possibly can't play that you can't played enough games played yet you can't played enough yet it is not played it yet and that game was there's days they law there they tied him. They should feel bad about themselves are forgiving they basically gave him yet and that is that it came could've very well if these just go a little bit more sporting favorite sporting comes back wins that game. And they could win that game handily because sporting it so many opportunities in the second half. I mean we know we've just gone over their numerous opportunities are sporting had really good shots. And and Colorado just was never in good position. And it just came down to Tim Howard or came down to the guy who's taken the shot that didn't really great. Great contact on it. And it goes off the post or did you know it's. Wait two or away from the goal just just don't stop you can't really affect his defense now we know just happen to work in your favor. I'm glad that the Melissa's taking the opportunity. Really deep down on on on guys were trying to stall the game now. Because yet we can't we can't have that going on in the game especially when you've got issues in baseball would stay. Have issues taken too long in between action. Fans want action bands like something that happened you gotta letting go what's the path trying to grow you're trying to grow your sport that's that's the exact number. And 81 minute zoos see. Has a precise cross into the box. Gutierrez stops the ball but the ball bounces our way too high. And he just can't get his foot on it to score the equalizer here another opportunity there. You know Gutierrez right place right time ball bounces just a little bit too high and he wasn't it voted. Cora he wasn't able to get good contact with the roughly. To score there if he gives good contact that's the goal late. Howard was that a position there dizzy and he was right in the right on in the heart of gold there Tim Howard was out of position easy goal Il would have been easy goal there. For Gutierrez. Then. Five minutes later and 86 manager so pushes the ball up the left side. It's until he gets in a picture perfect cross into the box no one else can catch up to it though. And sporting this is another scoring opportunity this was. Isn't in the same play that we've seen teams run on sporting all season long you take it up the left side of the defense. In the end you just give little Neitzel easy crossed and hope when you guys can come out there one touched into the goal. Practically indefensible. And they just didn't have anybody that can catch up passengers voted to make exporting sporting had their opportunities and yeah. Offensively to put some goals and eighty. 88 minute Diego rubio subs in for Johnny Russell Russell didn't really duel won this game that's you know. You equal it was a quite is quite different but you know he doesn't need to be great every single week ago that you have to have all your star players being store players every week. As is now or wait soccer works a lot of times the best players have quite gains and you know other gods the bullpen and do the job for. In in the first minute of stoppage time in the second half. Jerk so give the ball to the box passes distilled. So I think I hate that he dies which is where he acts like he's a senator in basketball worked out the post op in the paint back to the basket. Trying to just slowly but surely drew the ball up to the basket so we get a shot. So what does this way too much in its we really gets on my nerves and -- gets a Matt Lawrence is nerves as well but it war. She'll get to pass jerk so jerk so kicks off his heel. Rubio gave orally or who just got sub in three minutes earlier is in prime position. He gets a nice simple easy touched the game is tied to be too now. That was a hell of a heel pass. Without how we feel that if it does. View of it whereas if there was ever right time for him to do the thing you're not supposed to do was four which is toward your back to the suited to the goal this was the time to do. And he got a great Gil passed there great instinct there and Diego rubio right place right time great finish by him. I as much as I'd do as much as shalt give them my nerves and how he plays when the team gets its eighteen box he was really good there. And I really enjoyed. How he handled this one specific play of the he handles very good meeting these opportunities well. This was the 1000 okay good job fiery you do a really good job here. So the game ends and 22 draw. On. At their embarrassing first ten minutes the defense short they really play well part of it was to Colorado kind of ruled up in front plea defensive. By if the same time I think it is much better job of preventing opportunities from from Colorado the Colorado and other opportunities to score and I think they get a better job of of defending bear. But we are not soccer works. Just takes a few plays you know a couple really bad please. By defense and you'd a couple of goals and we we saw this is Minnesota united last year in in late may where Minnesota early in this in the first half. It's a couple easy goals where you just. It's as bad execution there Nam and date they really didn't do a good job of marketing guys they made couple religion plays two goals. I'm also sad about the softens this office. Really it looks at and I hope and. It should go this way to the the fact that it's only going to get better. Mean once these guys kind of kind of gel. You got some great young talent I think that's most important thing to take away from this is that. That's a great young talent. And Malia says that that's a pleasant surprise because this was supposed to be a mean you know we we did the whole. You know press conference you know with with Peter before the season and that was a big concern of his was was getting his offense up to speed and to see them. So far ahead of the game to begin the season is it's really amazing and it really. Credit goes should go to Peter. But knowing that as a weakness coming in and being able to work with that get them to the point that they are now. Yeah and and the great thing is you didn't guys in the midfield. Or hoping to crater on the offensive side so you're getting that Healy a EO he's had good runs this year results that guy's up for good shots. Obviously Gutierrez just everywhere on almost every play in these games he's either setting guys up or he's scoring. You're seeing opportunities there from Russell he's made really good plays this year. Shall we he's made really good plays this year he assisted on the goal I think it was. He was too. I think it was Johnny in the second game of the year he set a goal for him around like I mean there's guys are just. The offense looks so much more confident because you're having guys able to finish. Which are having a lot of guys who were it would create for others and their finding that person who has done the right shot. To be able to put in put it in get you some offense sell. Com I am really excited about organ see from his dame offense this year. So go around the league now sporting right now is first in the Western Conference. At. Heat they or what is to. Was it to. 21 in one of houses to what I want to get seven points. After their first four games. They are in. Good position to make a run now considering their offense is what it is and if they can fix that damn defense. Making Scott given up easy goals. This team could be what Toronto was last year I agree. This Toronto was it was they were great defensively they were number two in the in the league in goals allowed at 39. Nine more to with sporting had but I think they were the top teams force schools score which was I think with seven goals I think things scored. So where he was seven goals they scored I mean just out crazy stuff. UK if you can do what Toronto was able to do last if you can have the kind of defense. And I don't they're obviously not an avid deepens that they had last year but if they can at the Kennedy visit Toronto had last year. And practically unbeatable now. I don't know but I don't know of any team's going to be able to beef up especially. At at children's mercy. They dare him to you know because it just that were about it rewards were inflatable. Really hard this dual life and death in Kansas City that so. If you cannot. Give up these give love BO easy points out here if you're sporting because if you can fix if you can picture defense. It is going to be so hard for teams to Hillary did anything on you stretch considering which you can do on the offensive side. What what did you say thing that jumped out to me only eight teams right now at a 23 in the last team's only eighteen double positive goal differential. Yeah eighteen I mean. And I think only three of them lay an egg that was like the tour three of them them play in the west. Our offense. And it's and it's a lot like like football in the sense that. It takes indeed the defense a little bit. I guess it's opposite of that NFL and that takes the defense a little bit longer to catch the offer an offense a little bit more and catch a fence it tends to. I don't know with some tumors the league the teams that are. There's like if you look at in the eastern in the Eastern Conference ran the top five teams in the conference have positive goal differential. Which you know is pretty standard here but in the west is just crazy late sporting right now top but they have it they haven't even natives and several to virtually zero. And you're just seeing all these crazy numbers we're the only funny how we've seen lake Minnesota united last year an awful boulder for a two when a one point. They would just outside the play offs yeah. And then they you know they went back down but viewers. Seeing all these crazy teams have bad goal differentials come because they're winning games close but did not have the game they get blown out yeah he does and that's it. You can only take so much away from gold different I mean it's a decent barometer. But there's always those outlined games to where you lose it before nothing the end you know you get blown out or you'd do the opposite of that and yes you win three or nothing in the team just kinda gives up on. Angela takes so much and I think another odd thing that I noticed is that there are seven teams that have only played two games this month. That is on I don't know what with the deals with the schedule this is because it's an odd number two innings this point three team so that's no that's exactly and so when I have been league somebody's got to have a week off. And so now you start getting these weird situations where like you LA FC played the first two weeks haven't played cents. And you know you'd look at the a lot of teams that have played only three and sporting. This morning's very rare number of teams that have played every single week of the season thus far and they're gonna they're obviously gonna they gonna play again he's DC united this week. Which is five games in the month. There's positives and negatives that positives being in does give. You know depending on where that week off next week off balls in my gives them you know teams in action progress and player's right via the mile but at the same time if your own role throws I your moment as your mom human animal momentum off what about. Art so getting into this. This play your poll we talked about yet. So ESP and win now and they be the day it was navy in the last confidential. Is what it is called and and they do this every year every year does that do it was the fourth year that they've done. And I like please yeah I related to and so they send out a you pull the players. There are hotter for current players right now in the in the last that they they pulled one. A lot of interest in Mosul your first question who's to blame for the US failure to call five for the World Cup. Ninety cents a the players 9% say US soccer 7% said coaches 75%. Said all of the ball. As far as who is the blame for the failure Nicole firewall come I do think there's blame to share around death. But I would probably go towards US soccer because I think that they give. Very much swung and missed on their approach to building the Vick they kind of have an elitist approach may wish the best. You know we know we're doing we're not gonna borrow from anyone else and then you know it. Can't really set the standard if you haven't actually been good and you can almost roll. Coaches are under US soccer he had it at heart problem output coaches in front of players and I don't think that it's specifically equal. But I I would put coaches in front of play air force who's the boy but good for the players are kind of taking also hold themselves accountable for. Maybe it's just the talent thing as far as I guess is that logos of the town. Tell it tell matters to a degree yes but it SA nose at the same time you know only. I don't I don't think there's trust from the players to coaches were two US soccer organization as whole. Do young American players get sufficient playing time in the in the last 51% said yes. 43% said no 6% did not answer. I do think that's an issue. We that we are seeing where there are a lot of guys who wore young who relied. I mean if I'm gonna get playing time to go to college. And so you're seeing and this is one of the things I think is really stupid is is like. College soccer's not good for young American players is you don't seem players over to other countries do though. You know if you would like Cristiano Ronaldo and playing pro ball like the big twelve years old it was planned semi pro ball into he was late in oh youth ball is in my pro when he was accepted. And then he was he was playing with. Sporting CP when he was. We used twelve I think it once and then eventually he even though. You know playing with him for awhile he got called up to the main club eventually worked his way over main use now is Real Madrid. They he was playing pro ball when he was preteen deal. And if they if we're gonna build up. Young American superstars are going to be really great international play these kids got to play early the airplane often they don't need to be playing college. Well that's I mean that's that's the difference and I think that's a lot of the reason why the talent here in the US hasn't evolved as fast as we would like is because you know. You look overseas these guys they have a system in place to where. You know these big clubs have there there younger club teams and they bring them up through the ranks in the big the kind of do it that way whereas you know we we have that. And and the younger side of things when it comes to into the youth soccer but then once they get to you know getting out high school than what you said they get into the college things. And then it's just a whole different ballgame and then that's kind of like where they lose traction as far as being able to better themselves a soccer it's yet as a college amid I'll call soccer's not as good sound in their own you know small competition is not where it no not level that it should be fine and good it didn't mean good enough for the amount. And solely if these guys of these teams really want these guys to come in Indian pactel they got to be playing professionally dapper. It's like I do agree with that. Army fewer if you were commissioner for a day what will be the one thing that you would change 36% said they would increase or into the salary cap. I'm surprised by 15% say greater freedom of movement and hope for since that charter flights first thing I find the seller cap right now. Because they don't have a did not reach week to bring in more more revenue got to bring in more revenue remains. But once you do right. You gotta get rid of that salary cap or at least make the salary catlett what they do only the NBA where it's like a soft cap. But you know you can have the Uga Uga looks reject or Berkshire now. Fuel over it. And you can pay you can go over to resign girl players which would be great because then you keep teams competitive. Iron. Because it's one of the things I think is did it does hurt the week is the salary cap but. You don't have very many teams to have the funds to just go out handout hundred million dollars contract players. And a lot of teams would go to make money off within reach Dave be taken lost them and if you want as many teams you possibly can't see get a nice meaty. Health the television deal you can make tons of what you could make billions of dollars off of television deal you ought to have a ton of teams so I understand from their audience. Once you establish yourself as hey we got millions and millions and millions. Now let's go out here in birds try to get rid of this get rid of a hard cap. Get rid of a you know great like in the NBA style system we're teams can overspend if they really want to. Com do you favor promotion relegation in the MLS is hot button issue right now and 63%. Said yes 36% say no 1% did not answer. I'm all for all I think they need to move more towards that for me to meet him I think it creates better competition. We see that mean they do over England they do it all the league's pretty much. You know it's very very big over in the EPO which he mean you know Johnny Russell. He's playing over their fur for derby county and a when he left they were in second place they were in prime position to get promoted to VE PL. And you know they've fought I think that less and particularly to fifth place they fell off busy you know he left there. But stuff like that is really important for the competitive nature of the sport. And so I think in a top they would draw more interest forward you know that the the US cell. Which is the lesser league you could sell a television deal for the US cell. Hey you know some of these teams all work that good you know at Colorado can drop down the US cell. And you could you'd be able to sell a US sell soccer more money. Tell ya feel I mean it. So I really liked the idea only because it holds not only teams but owners accountable for for making sure that they keep their teams and yes yes the only problem is right now as that's. That's not where. Where that and Ellis is a farce structure goes yes you know that there. Soccer is not quite big enough here to to be able to do that not to mention you know if you if you. I don't know how. Like say a team in Colorado. Like. If you have a team that's that big a city gets relegated down to a smaller league how it's gonna go over with the city itself. No I mean and then and then do they lose momentum and then does it. It opens up a lot it's not quite set up the same way and can't necessarily be treated the same way that it is in an ash. Yeah let's go for it just got to figure a lot of the some some different things to take some years they via before you can you can actually do it just simply because the fact that. You need actually believe they. Convince people hey even if we do relegation haven't been watched games right studio our coverage cares much yeah and that but then applicant falls on the owners make the team's competitive yes yes and once you do once you put that and obviously need to be in the situation where. Teams can go up and spend some money to keep pitching good. How has the impact of VA are video replay a billion. 58% said positive fall for sensors and ideas 29% say it's too early to tell. I think a lot by that I think a lot of it has to do with just simply. It is you wanted to comments here was talking about how. There's the how you call for replays really confusing deaths and so I can understand the you know blues. Pete will be able apprehensive about how you call talking about. We talk we talk about first game of the season we haven't. Does that they sat there and argue with the raft twice for like three to five minutes. And relate always some like a buzzing off a thinly few balls or something like that NFL style throw them flag and now they see the flag was a bit of those are the buzz the site will hit the buzzer. But we need something that's like RV is they'll be like hey uncalled for replay years. Goal of their check the screen as opposed to hey let's argue for five minutes but let's burden ten minutes of people's lives just doing nothing be yelling it regional and did we just establish what is that analysts is trying to work on the pace of the game yes this is something together that could it is worth goals against the ya gotta hasn't I think some some affect the way. The call for replay. So I do agree with that should the playoff system be revised 61% said yes. 38% say no 1% did not answer I'm fine with the playoff system as it is. These weird for a lot of teams because you don't like EPO they don't have playoffs and if you just use. Whoever the most points at the end of the and given season wins so they're used to getting used to it so I think it's confusing for a lot of people but you know and at one of the things it does hurt as there's there is time off that they get in the in the middle policies which the which some people complain kind of frozen off I agree with that and wanting it does heard about the analyst lighthouses if happens when basketball footballer in full swing. Well in it means some of these comments you know you read and I totally agree with them that. That the season just is it's a little bit too long and Blake is that it bleeds into them that timeframe when there's way too much competition sports wise. But maybe if they shorten the season a little bit and bring that back door bill get a little bit more draw and I think one of the things that would help is if this season was going on my. The way that it does over in Europe. Where it starts in late dog is goes through the enemy. Perfect position for them because it would mean obvious he would have their climate controlled stadiums can. Teams will be playing through the winner but to be great just because of the fact that you'd have more interest we in the most important time of the year comes witches. At the end of the season it's the playoffs so you be primed then because this will be like the perfect time for them to be winding down season. And getting ready for the playoffs the only thing you'd be competing with as the NBA playoffs and baseball. And is like the perfect time for them do so. I do think that's one of the things that vision that to the look at but I mean to be tough to be required to indicate climate controlled state affect. Most overrated player wins two GO money DOS Santos of the LA galaxy. Who got 11%. Of the vote lot of the guys who who are getting voted our our guys who played in the US national team yeah point. Guys and I Bradley 10% Jozy Altidore 7% agree with I I agree I agree with president not Bradley but I think outdoors I'm not a fan of Michael Bradley it's I have been a failed Oliver made euphoric senators that he got his nose and it was all before of being real Robert. Tim Howard of 4% as well I think you can scratch among the list of them watch this past week's game. And then most underrated player in the mullis was Ignacio PID with 7%. Of the vote in place for Minnesota united. GA got as Helio got his name on those 4% of to a win to him. I think will be very good years will be on this what's next yeah I oh yes to be on this list next who's the toughest individual opponent in the you know less. Sebastien Jovi Inco. Got 10% of the vote. Idea yet Dunleavy gets him percent Ignacio PRD was on that list. Duel you understand minimalist roster rules such as general allocation money. Targeted allocation money and other crazy as Akron is the use noted describe the way that they go about building their rosters 50% said yes I don't believe that. 44% said no six presents its sort I do only because it's the analysts this polls where four analysts players they were to poll. They end of the fans of any kind I think that yes bill would have been the overwhelmed yeah yeah I sort of understand yes I so I sort I don't think analyst does nearly good enough job explain in I think they just need to create simpler markets that I'd that this Creighton Centre just create easier ruling Kenya or that. Just in case your journalist that we don't have to sit here and become accountants to learn how to how to how they use their money. To do their rosters with current coach would you most like to play for 43% since Patrick Vieira and coach for New York City FC. Which I was impressed by him and it is great. It out of the hole and post game press conference we won he really cool guy that really chill seems to have a good demeanor his team plays mostly eat his demeanor is. So I'm very much. Is that a PR lady was pretty two she was pregnant though she's she's cute though she's cute. Peter Burmese made this list 7% of the vote block it. They also another poll which card coach would you least like to play for. Well presented Wilmer Cabrera Bly 8% said Peter very me that's funny how that portrait yeah pier remains made this list am. Consider bringing. Peta releases demeanor how hard he can be on guys I could Wednesday yeah. Not a lot of guys like to play for coach that can be art wrestling with the girls guys are divas and they don't wanna push like that yeah I am very least and I think that's one of the reasons you don't play that as one of the reasons oil exporting hasn't gone out league gotten like beat until later. Is because I don't think they think that big slot fine. Would not not new output over overview and I have that it would output of wood Burmese at all no he would definitely not do that so I can understand from that standpoint. Are you happy with the Melissa salary structure or and now. 16%. Said yes 82 presents and no 2% to 2% did not answer. I do agreement that duke last year jurors so Fernandez with. Made almost four times would ankle or made a par 150000. Jurors so. Five in nineteen south. That hasn't happened now the Sadat at. So I don't have concept girlfriend as I get a 100% agreement that. Is one of the reasons why do you think. There needs if you can't really make a blood changes right now it seems the league is growing they're trying to establish themselves. Boy and an. Hell look at dedicating these guys are making like 40000 years 30000 years and in their fifth. Baby steps beta these guys were vacant office worker salaries and now these guys are here and he's got to make a six figure you so. Kudos to them but it yet know they got they got a bump. That pay for sure. Especially for guys who have married they're gonna there's got to be some kind of they may be have like bonuses or something that count against auctioned cellar structure a little better. Does it it is kind of ridiculous that you have you know guys where international players we don't know if they're good or not. Coming in and they're making significantly more then players who are quite as good now. So I understand the CONCACAF champions league is. A priority 35% bird in 10% somewhere in between 54% 1% did not answer. I think these guys care about it. Originally the I mean if he if he tucked. Sporting they do they view as electro fees but I don't think every player. On every time after this blog last. Would rather have the CONCACAF cup or would you would you rather. In the us when of the animals. And only thing they care similarities yeah well I don't think I don't think a lot of players especially your international players league you know they've Comcast not you don't mean anything to me is I mean is not the asthma UEFA that EU UN that UEFA champions league that's the biggest club soccer. Title you can win in the world. But the CONCACAF champions league. I also think it. I outs biggest sporting fan I'll take I'll take it as hard and I don't think very many players really care about it via war players' words somewhere in between which means they don't really care. So I I can understand if the stadium had an artificial surface what impact it's a dream team question 63%. Said yes. 36% said no 1% did not answer. Very interest in question civilians who said no as long as they mostly train on a train mostly on grass. Another once it hard yes I'm I do not like turf plain and simple the times it played on it takes a day or two extra recover. I on the means it's hard on the menu as a person who played on turf. In high school I enjoyed playing on turf are at a faster on turf. I deny but I also didn't slide very much on its I understand that I did hear me out I I would agree with this. As a man who's had arthritis since he was in the teens. I might my joints hurt after game it's not a my joints hurt after all. Yeah as is not fun I mean if it's fun to play him again only because like you said fast fast it's a lot of slot more fast pace yet but it's just. There's certain things you can do on turf known as just a lot harder and by it's harder cover. Did them in the you don't see that too much over in on the international side of things no yeah I mean I mean how league and its surface more of an American being an ism is an illegal European things so. I can understand that miss if they're able to and here's the thing is like if they're able to gear com. You have linked climate controlled areas we could still grow grass in. Delhi you know retractable roofs and whatnot you can still bloody thing and you know a lot of it. I don't think there's a lot of stadiums that really use the turf anyways it's like colder climate areas they use the third. I think like Montreal I think adding implementing Montrae only Vancouver and Vancouver does think Vancouver had a player. Refuses to play a Pulitzer for awhile. The one you heard. So. I did I do think that if it does affect people's decisions aware that a player not. I personally I think San Jose does San Jose Seattle does. Turf with Seattle up until after the McGrath well. Cons with special considering the line I figured it be Clinton on that's probably why not probably I guess it Tora. The analyze it I guess that is going yeah I am I guess that I never had any issue plain answer but yeah I agree your body hurts a little more. Where is the hardest place to play in the in the now seventeen. Percent of us at Kansas City I had our elders Jersey part far and 14% say that lancet is well which he doesn't rising. That doesn't shock you know. Somebody out of a little there that is sure they don't want her usual bad thing about that no lawyer so many damn people that play and Opel. Football stadium there playing Emerson. Bins what is it or does it Mercedes stadium would whatever the hell it is. Say he's been stadium I think it's all very nice stadium very beautiful. They're right behind king city at 14% but I'm shocked at all that came through these tough was play. I noticed this and I'll watch the Colorado game the call around it was quite there in Baghdad they're very good guy really gets up and have the positive for. Colorado the fans it's your report. But otherwise it was required and it's not. Sporting doesn't have. The biggest stadium by any means though they had those 40000 person stadium right which is the environment and the craziest fans that. Throughout the entire match bring energy throughout the entire match and every at every game like that it's not just wonder if every game they have a cult following. Yeah we are very lucky to have to have that year. Well a lot of it has to do with with the football side of things and how football fans are in general here. They're pretty wild and raucous and that culture as it else where in general here. The edit it culture of phantom is kind of believing you'd have bled into the baseball for sure. We saw that wild card game against the Oakland Athletics four years ago. And you know we're seeing it right here now with. With you know we see it would chiefs my entire lifetime. And we're seeing now with sporting weird to fans. I mean just so much passion we are out there for that US open championship game against New York Red Bulls. We're out there sitting in the stands during the game and just the craziness from the crowd. The the near fights that happened between sporting fans I love your Red Bull like this was so fun and it was anything a little bit we have got a little bit on it figures yours is due for an there was over here trust arsenals though try to get in the crowds as Letterman didn't into a DJ Khaled. The decal it over there was as he was wild and now for the longest part of the game. Uses it this is the kind of stuff that makes I think makes sports fallen is when you've got to root passionate crowd that's into what's happening on the field so. I definitely did that's one of the biggest reasons or sporting is such an advantage here some analysts which the international calorie yes they should. I Eddie to be easier for it be better for international play. These guys be a little bit more well rested. Bodies guy it's middle of the season win international duty happens in the summer. And on the facts standings and if an end of defenseless players that it affected sporting last year when they did Havel when they didn't have makes him seem diesel were. You know that affected them lie I mean it's easier to I think they should do it it's just harder to do it because you need climate control. And so because you know. Probably never gonna happen it's gonna be disadvantaged. For sure for American players with big name designated player do you want in the in the last 44% of Leonel messy. When one cents a Cristiano Ronaldo. Eighteen presences slots on Lieber he moved it out got desperate. We had to let us wish for is now playing and LA for the galaxy name Mario let on as far as they are a solo every 2 I am I to be at the scene may mark Aziz because he's much younger yeah I'd much rather see him and then Ronaldo. Is probably 33 ethernet or someone that age so yeah he's getting them there and age I read his name. I'm Marge on. He's obviously gives mid twenties I think. He's he's he's he's been really good for PSG decides the time he's been hurt. I address this to be I'd be probably a half mile that I would agree. So but leave a message be fun to cause me illness would absolutely dominate the whole. Predominate over in this that probably the do the best or second best league in the world right now. In the league he. He just keep scoring and scored it's ivory dream it's easy WP Steve to not going to be a beat just him being obese as terms of play but his is at his house has always. Justice is his persona and and the things that he says sometimes they're just they're entertaining he's just pure entertainment is what do you care who the USS that a president is 46% said yes. 53% said no 1% did not answer. On idol think that. I just want somebody that has is open to go someone who's Compton someone who was open to good ideas that the oil that. I don't care about means long as no solo. Edged yet no one boulevard past them that Mountain View that quick ties. But I I do think that we need somebody that's open to new ideas open to doing things the way that the successful. International programs do them. Not just pay were American were better than everybody. Com I think you've you made some changes like that I think you use creative a better environment. For the rest of the soccer world here in the US. So that is the end of the MO that's confidential. For the of the 2018. Season. So getting into is matchup between sporting Kansas City and DC united. On right now DC united. Zero wins on the season two losses two draws. Four points. On the four points two points from feet. They all are they have a negative for gold differential. They're not very good in Africa America they're not a good way or Austrian panels though it they were the worst team in the Eastern Conference. Threat to other eighth inning in the east five goals scored on season nine goals allow. On the season now holes were against these also allowed nine goals on the season but they've also scored nine leaving me in the last. Ask Casey in their last five games against DC united zero win. Two losses three truth. Really yeah. I think the it's this Colorado game. Was perfect timing going into the DC united game in the fact that. They're very similar teams in that they have low expectations they did do very well last year no they aren't expected do you view all that well this year and so we knew that Colorado game. You know like kind of let your guard down. I think DC united is going to be in trouble. So yeah we're going to be transporting the princess to correct itself yes finally I don't think there's any expectations forties defense is going to be as bad as it was the first. Four weeks of the season yet I don't think you can count on and dimmed in the they obviously could but I don't think you can count on him giving up some easy scores like they've done in previous weeks. I think at some point. They're gonna figure it out. And I mean this is the perfect game to do united facing a team that wasn't good that big a daily challenge to it would be worst team last year in the MLS I think they have like thirty. Four goals scored in the season which is lessons or. And they were they school we have more than twice the amount of grading 64 goals while ward and twice what sporting Devo last year. So they're not a very good. Good team it's scoring or stopping the opposing team from scoring area there they are. Mountain part is there offensively challenged yet they are it they have their last year's sporting played in the opening match of the season against them is 00 draw. DC united very prone to mistakes were positioning. If you look at stuff they've done earlier this season. I mean just bad mistakes how's Washington he was highly against. Houston this was 22 draw and one added that one of the senate backs just pass the ball. To his the wing on the left side of the of the line. And the wing was running away from Duluth defender so he never saw the ball. Houston the V Houston player jumps the he jumps it takes that ball over to the goal exports. Just dumb. So tell us stuff that don't play were your past and so that is not looking at the ball. And he's run away from the ball. And the Houston. Houston forward just jumps it thinks that things that crappy teams like these guys about a dude is gonna get bad you know goalie gets out of place a lot. They don't really press a lot of man back line so that'll that'll help out sporting softened the laws they should have a ton of opportunities to score. The midfield now particularly good song should be able to control the license could take advantage of this team yes offensively yes now. The one thing the US to watch affords DC date they've made some changes they added they added some names they do you have guys that can score yeah yeah. Do not too if you do you do what we've done this year was forty he's done this year we've allowed teams just execute a player to score. And mental lapses all mental lapse vague DC united scored they've got this this kid named by Darren Max. You know he's Jamaican player he always politics one pass in the right spot he's been score. He's got a couple goals on the season this year where he just right place. You you just nice one good little pass there he makes play yet you yet so the score Jameel aside as well. He also done a good job brain in goals and then got a Luciano Costa as well. You've got the you've got three guys there medics in the side. I dramatic plays as the go forward right in the middle via a side in Acosta were playing in the midfield. Both the all three of those guys are guys need to watch out for because they can create their own offense and someone else can just human now one good pass and they can score so. Yeah there's still an MLS team that there are molesting us this is the potential is always there it's just. They know I've been lower potential than most of the exact date to finish but you just can't let him get into position and McCain's yeah. So I think this is this is the game where you can sees where you're gonna see exporting defense. Maker surged this is going to be the dominant defensive game that they need. From you know zero to ninety and how many extra minutes that talks on at the unit paths. So I think this is likely aid to nothing win for sporting. I think they're gonna be opportunities there are heading million I have to make a great favored to. But I do think that this is gonna be the kind of game that gives sporting confidence back. And with forty confidence gets back up. And there is there is no team I think. That can stop that right now. Especially because there's going to be a lot of teams have a lot of time off because of the waited the scheduling his work has its 23 team does an odd number teams. But as things are gonna get some time off they're gonna. Get out of their momentum as the season goes along sporting obviously be one of those teams because they have they played every week that's for. So they're gonna have their times they did they get a lot of time curia condition out please. That would yeah that would be nice I'd appreciate that the defense appreciated as the the fans we appreciate. I'm gonna I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go three nothing three I was going to nothing memory available to the new. On you ought to be whatever and yeah I think it's going to be a three and a big game I don't wanna say it's huge and other game but it could. I with the way this offense is going right now the and among on the rose three and out them. And I guess I think I think to living just because I think. I still don't. I date there is still really good yeah scored two goals of the game is really good. Blight. I didn't have time missed opportunities. Just because is. This mean you'd were guys get a position. This mean you know if quads a is is playing you know maybe misses an opportunity if Shelton plays he's deathly gonna miss an opportunity. So true yet etc. so I mean there's going to be some missed opportunities I think any Gutierrez gimmicks plays via bounce back game for two million. Yeah I hope I've very if Vietnam's big key mob the school or idea that would be good game I think he's glam couple really good things like. They're gonna get some like a really good cross and cost wool you know try to one touch it. Who get a nice shot there in. Butte C nearly Goldberg died because beautiful save hopes. I think they're gonna see a good job from familiar to the backlash will be a lot better Pollard should be a lot better. This vehicle we be dollars it was you know hopefully him at least UC EZ suits suits hopefully who's who's seeking missiles this will be a good game for easy easy to kind of real back in a little bit he had only been a tennis ending is going to this with the defense of mines yet the only thing that scares knees because is DC plays a defensive. A more defensive minded. Front. Only have one forward out there on the front line. Kind of worries muted maybe he's gonna get caught napping and you're if someone wanted to we must be able to take the ball into the corner McCraw. I mean but but again we know we just a known fact that scoring. Chances and that's. That's one of the best pains and so coming always to a game like this. With the defense of mine sent to flings goes against DC yeah. I agree and matters it I think this. Isn't if you're gonna have a game that we establish yourself as a defensive team here last year didn't you can't get any easier. Questions play my schools and good deal of leeway for soldier. So that'll wrap up this week's edition. All six and ask him threatening or she'll get. I'm Chris 00. Time Bhutto's Sasha and we will catch you next week. This has been six NFC east with friends and zero yeah. Antonio Sanchez. The yeah. It's. And and yeah. Yeah.