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610FC S2E2 - Business Trip

Monday, March 12th
In the second episode of season 2, Chris and Julio break down Sporting KC's first win of the season over the season over the Chicago Fire, update you on Sporting's position on the league table, before getting to Julio's Web Hits and predicting SKC's home match against San Jose. Fun show as always, so don't miss it!

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You were now listening to the new official podcast. Kansas city's soccer fans old and six and have seen. Owl you're euros and pretty soon lose zero. And Julio Sanchez. Welcome men. As the voice guys said this is the official podcast for soccer fans here in king city. This is six and have seen my name is Chris you know sterile it's time Julio Sanchez and we're going to be talking about sports Kansas city's games. So against the Chicago fire this past Saturday up. And Shiite town for also going to go around the league and give you a quick taste. Hello some of the trains going on the Major League soccer Julio says god is wet his as well. In the end we will preview warnings next mantra don't include this Saturday against the San Jose. Earthquakes. Fly it we're gonna start with the very very. Big win it we're sporting Kansas City this past Saturday. Act. And it was a Toyota Park dip in open the windy city of Chicago. Sporting Kansas City has some lineup change is mean you were we know this team's been Xperia maintained throughout the pre season. They were experimenting. On Saturday as well they changed the lineup from. What it was the the previous weekend. A week from yesterday where they opened the season against New York City FC. Children's mercy part. They lost tune nothing. So this was chance for them to change things up and see what they were going to do so starting from the front line going left to right. We had shallow we Sheldon Russell. Mitt in this in the midfield we get Espinoza humiliating Gutierrez in on the back line we have seen over returning the starting lineup he was none of their last week. I think you think he might have been an artery injury and then. You had you have these four or par and zoo seat with Melia playing goal. So the first hat. Ninth minute of the game. Johnny Russell. Gets this Johnny rockets maybe got a great left footed shot out of pass by Zeus he goes in between two defenders. And he hit a good shot on goal is saved. By the goalie who comes in slides in trying to trying to pull that ball away and and get the ball back in a plea for his team. Instead the ball bounces up into the air. Where it is headed into the goal by fleet big Gutierrez his first of the season. Sporting first of the season one nothing sporting Kansas City in the ninth minute wouldn't wouldn't be his last of the game would be able to do that. And it gives it this wasn't it was a perfectly execute plays Lucy. Doing a really good job leading a pass and with with Russell. Russell last week played on the left side of the front line he moves over to the right side. Which kind of seems to be is more natural position anyways. And so who's really really being opportunity for him to go out there and show why exporting was so confident bringing him in. After his time over at derby over there in the in the in the European and English English championship lead. He did a really good job on display and then Gutierrez right place right time. It was eight Dallas situation where you've got a goal on a plate it was really more about the scale. You can't count on getting goals like that we're just ball bounces in the air you really headed in the. Yeah I mean the good moral duty good job there the and the ball did bounce their way but did you see did play a nice through ball. And Johnny Russell I think made made a good really good run through the box on the and was able to at least get a good touch on it put some pressure on the keeper he's got about pocono in there. You can't ever count on a rebound like that. But Gutierrez put himself in good position. And I was a bit of a tough Petr I mean he he did. He put some he put small amount of all heading here don't yet hitting it over another defender did to put it then there's little I mean it wasn't like get a complete cakewalk but it was I mean. Yeah I was ahead our public right just decide eighteen racks so that's that's that's a difficult one to head in there a way to exit wallet that it be difficult for guys the candidate right on the edge of the goalie box let alone right outside the eighteen so. Really good job by him being right place right time been able to make the veteran play and get that ball into the net. And it's 12 minute Gutierrez. He got another shot on goal this time it was assisted by Russell. But the goalie comes and saves the shot and and it was the bottom left corner another really good excuse to play the offense at this point look like they were really start to put it together. Yeah I think sporting did they did the complete opposite of what of what they did last week from the fact that it is anything good Jeff yes exactly so I think they came oh. With a purpose this time as far as look cool that that first game we came out flat as can be. War on the road. We need to come out the complete opposite the way NYC did last week put the pressure on them quiet the crowd quick with a with a quick goal. I think they accomplish that would that first goal. And then the first you know the first 12530. Minutes I mean made. They pretty much dominated you know the ball for the most part. And then in the 33 minute we see Tim Melia. Get a yellow card for stalling on a goal Cusick. This kid was originally supposed to be just inside eighteen box for sporting. But Melia is kind of taking his time looking around directing guys and he slowly but surely does contain decent kick in the ball Peru down field. Eventually left but these did it take a look at would give it thickness kick it was about. About a foot or two outside of the eighteen box that's a win the referred comes over gives them a yellow card. We saw this last week with the York city FC's goal week where he ended up getting a foul. After he was taking his sweet ass time trying to take gay you got a card there he got quite a car yet I guess he got a card so that's got a car that's two weeks now. That we've seen goalies give yellow carded. Forward taking their sweet ass time with their free kicks and clearly this is is is a the emphasis by analyzed yet say they watt their they want the officials to make sure that we're not having people stall. Like we see in it we've seen a lob Minnesota last week as well. With one of New York City FC's zone players that what was it. He has some free jazz guys who goes and and it was in my Knoll or something like that where you know felt like her so much the same any minute and he fell over. Like he's he got he got shaken by jurors so it clearly within stalling because they erode to nothing and we're trying to hurry up and in the game. So I'm glad to see in the last go out late take a real old real stain it's against T players trying to stall. Teams trying to stall is sucked it sporting govern in this situation but it's. It's a good emphasis by by them I think they need that I think kind of the reason behind this is that if they're going to implement. The whole. Review you know of situations that's gonna slow the game down and you know soccer is. If for casual fan you have to keep that pace up the game and with with killing that pace a kind of kills the joy of soccer for for the general pain. So this is just the way for them to keep the game sped up. And keep people interested in the game. The 36 minute. And 36 minute you'll hind cap off one of the defenders for the Chicago fire the yellow card for for now. And what I bring this up is because I every Sheldon. After the now had to be held back by two Chicago fire players as he was going after apple off. Like this because that's one of the things that you Connie deceived from a your team is in chief penis. Pro situations like this is one of the things that. I enjoyed seeing sporting do last week boys they were very cheap the times with New York City and with the ref Reeves in the Philippines got wrong like it EL LEE. This is a game where. You're going to need is a long season there's a lot of frustrations that happened. You're gonna go back and forth at times you gonna have great runs you're gonna have runs there aren't meant to you or your not doing so well. We saw that was were in last two they were hot early on in the year the kind of milled out then they got hot again and they fell off the map of the in the season. Like there's going to be ill times where things are frustrating things not going your way and it's good to see. That you have teammates that you know for each other you have guys willing to go out there call others out on their BS and you've got this team really liked. You can tell these guys are playing with a lot of emotion lot more motion that what we soften him at times last week. In the home opener and I think it is. Having guys like Shelton on the team who will in the go out there and be vocal. About stuff like that is certainly gonna. Get on other teams to earth is clearly no we can't mess with these guys order how we're gonna try to give their heads so I I really like that got ya gotta show that fire. Pun intended there. I was thinking about it the idea that I was ridiculous thing and that when I was like thinking about the youth who have put in this my rundown together Els club an enemy that stupid book are going to make it all they record. In the 44 minute Johnny rockets Johnny Russell he gives his first cowboys' season. After he won pledges of beautiful short cross from the left side by Daniel shall we. If the exact same play that New York City FC was able to score on twice last week. It's it was two nothing now sporting Kansas City was feeling good I know we as fans were feeling good and are going to it's the half follows like handling. This is finally the office we've been looking for from sporting. Not the only goal to get you last year and a lot of games where their recent fluke goals. Like you know legal team blessing getting two goals or use this kind of right place right time ball bounced his way. No v.s were set plays that they rain late Gutierrez is ms. fulke but the this play was set play. Everybody's in the right spot you had Johnny Russell go out there and just. Be in the right position middle of the goal shall we took his time with the cross waited for the offense to come up. Beautiful crossed. Second gold of the game for sport yeah I think this just one the importance of what Johnny. That John Russell's going to have to this team this year. I think it just goes to show the soccer I Q is it it's out on a different level when you're talking to. You know Premier League or championship league when you when you're talking that level of soccer verses. Vs something like the MLS where. Johnny Russell is making these runs with a purpose and he's he is positioning himself. Boy these crosses to be able to put pressure on the offense and on the keeper. That was the Biden that was that was by design that was not by accident and shall we did I mean now's a perfect ball goes through box. But again it was Johnny Russell making that run and that that soccer argue it's really showing that he's able to finish on that goal. I really hustling to soccer acute shall we there are taken as times and you go to Russell got to a field. As one of the things that I worried about when he got that ball the was making the push down the down the field was. Please don't shoot please don't shoot. Please don't shoot it. Of the I and I know a lot of guys especially because cellular 21 years old he's really young he's young he's young he's going to be so good in the end he is going to be so good you look you know our business game. What is his what these young players though is that they come in and they're trying to make an impact trying to make a name for themselves trying to get some stats. And what ends up happening is they get off but a nice little run like that three run there got one defender. The goalie is over they're trying to make a play and you're like I need to go make a play now my teams that struggle on offense let me just hurry up traded on the field to get a shot off. And instead. Yeah once he started getting towards the eighteen he took his time. He slowed down his draw line waiting for one his teammates to come over yeah Johnny Russell come down the slot right just perfect positioning there. Got past three defenders in a one touch in for the second goal of the game. That's what we need to see from from sporting Morissette please it is Leo they're running plays like that on the offensive side. So at the half. It was two nothing in favor sporting mornings off its dominant and that forced out. You and you're not only did you did you get that one in you those two goals there Regis. Great opportunities you pushed down the field. Guys good looks you you were they did a good job of moving the ball down to control the pace of the game and airline didn't count. Quick yeah do. Really efficient the wasn't a whole lot of guys just pass it around kick turnaround would no purpose like we've seen sporting dual lot especially last year and we solved a lot against New York City. On last week. They were doing a whole lot of just purposeful movement with the ball forwards get the ball they pushed down the field. Well I think they did a really good job in the first half especially and the system that they had had trouble with last week that we Paris talked about Obama on podcast last week was. You know getting caught in those powers just not getting back in and I think they did a better job this week of of opposite of that and encountering themselves taking the ball like he said moving the ball with purpose. Once they got that turn over and then taking advantage of that they get they did a really good job of that I think in the first half. Janet I think. Also one of the criticism was moving Russell over to the right side of the Frontline there he so much better playing on their rights that. He was not that it was bad last week of the left side I really liked him there. But it seemed like he was more comfortable on the right side passing off his right foot. Seem like he was in in really good position for a lot of shots. Shall we plan on left side certainly helped him as well I think so shallow leaves a lot he has an older guy he's got a good guys there for as far as patience and timing in looking for his teammates and Russell was a really good position for a lot of plays so I was a big fan of him playing on the right side though I think he could play left to. But if he seems more comfortable playing on the right this problem reachable in the wall and I think what what shall anything by nature he is. Mean he's he's an aggressive player and I think he'd. He is one of the best adds that putting pressure on on the defense but at the same time he's he has. It's analogous to the point guard. And basketball to where he hasn't I wore for. Where those crossing points for putting the ball on the ground and putting other positions. Players in position to be able to you know get a good touch and fire one on goal yes a lot of time yeah patience that goes yes. So in the second half. But the fifth minute you're so Fernandez subs in for Kyra Sheldon. And this time we see Shelley move over to the sinner for position where shell was injured so comes in and takes over on the as the left weaned. On that front line. So. That. In effect puts you shallow in prime position to score and jurors so now players on the wing he was he flip on the right wing most of last season. Blade neo from what Matt lords Hussein on the broadcast for FS Casey. Jurors so we has. Has is more naturally. Prone to playing in the left side so it and he was a lot better pulling on the left side of the of their front line as well so. I have to agree with them did in the 69 minute. Jim image Rondo comes and he subs in for sets no vague after Sanofi gets hurt on a on on across. He had bald Eagles and Eagles corner kick he got bomb fell down he was down for humans and few minutes overdrawn it came in. And Nam that was it was a big play cassettes and played pretty well up until that. And the drawn though coming in come off the bench I do like the fact that the drug is not playing in a Frontline anymore he's more of an adhesive backed any ways. He was he was playing on the back when resumes he's playing now. So he's more prone to playing in that position and he was playing on the front lines so I actually do like me drawn to playing over there but it's. I'm kinda worried about Sanofi. Says he didn't play last week. And then he gets injured in this game I wonder if you just aggravated an injury that he already had pins mean you were speculate about that last week. But we do he's hurt yeah okay is he didn't play was warming up but it. He didn't play heating gets solved in so this is certainly kind of setback for that back line there. Yeah how. I mean that that back Goran is getting a little bit older you know it's that this is 31. Via some of those guys certainly they've been together forever. And again it's beginning of the season so you can only take so much. But they don't look quite as dominant back there. As they did last unions can take some time to it to just kind of gel. You know the offense with the defense of the midfield and kind of have everything work as one piece as opposed to separate pieces. Proof of this and they you know in this in this comeback by Chicago. I'm as well over these next couple goals as well I'm again it's is going to be some moving to pieces around in and Peter just kind of see what works vs what doesn't work to begin this that the season so. Right after the sub image Rhonda in the seventieth minute. Alexander could tie heads in Chicago's very for school beautiful lob by bastard swine Steiger. So why is tiger came in and he he burned Jimmie were drawn there he cross disaster over. And then after he crossed him over got a nice little short cross lobbed it right over defenders. If I was on the near post on the on the right side of the of the eighteen box and was it would just get in a beautiful header. Nothing you can really do with the defense on that play to tie was a right position. And I don't think anybody thought that plea was gonna gonna end up with to tie giving the ball in and make it a shot on goal like that. So that was one of those plays it was really well executed by Chicago joins staggering could tie now it's 21 in favor of teams city and now Chicago's back in this game. Yet another if I'm not mistaken I am pretty sure there were two defenders on Schwarzenegger a macro yeah yeah he broke their technicals of a two defenders are adding Espinosa was nice on this idea but but my drug was right yeah rival yeah. Yeah parallel and thumb drive he just got June got torched he he jet he just got Jew. I think he he had his body turned towards the sideline to his left. And choice and I thought he I think he thought this once cycle was going outside with that ball that was brought to help. And instead. Wouldn't have happened was is he just took it on the instant arguments front and got beat me like a slim involvement China's state who. They get past him and they get they're crossover but it was it was a straight a better move slugger like 37 years old. And he's still cross and over rules like that it. It was a it was a crazy play there and it is shows just how valuable a guy like that. Is to you team and it also shows you what kind of talent we're seeing in Europe. We're here you can see old asbestos winds tiger 37 years still got it coming over here images schooling kids in in certain of gold he made a difference from last year he did he did he was a very big big reason why Chicago it was I think they finished third. In the in the Eastern Conference last year. And then four minutes later in the 74 minute biggest no Montreal Nicole it's the monitor and Nicole it's. Not really sure no mine near Allison LaMont lets us know in the college. Nicklaus say the money on the same money as the Olympics and a monument coal that's. One touches the ball into the goal after a header is saved by Melia. It was crossed into the eighteen box and then it was headed in by Chicago fire player but the bad debt header was saved by it's in Melia. And then Nicole Leach right there right place right time once such as incident one touches and into the goal to two. It's tied now between sporting in Chicago. Yeah and we we kind of talked about this is it in the fact that the sporting his seeming to have on defense I think where they're kind of falling short is are these balls being served across the box. And getting that you know that that one touch or that even in the air seems like they're not very strong in the air this year. I don't know what it is whether they're just not marking their man their just I mean this forum was simply just. This shows that. High school through high school defense I've had played to Wear what you have to be between your main in the ball. And you've got caught watching. On a ball that. You just you can't stay in their just watch the ball when its costs like that this is there is little play where I think it was a par it was a pars guy who was able to just go up to win the ball headed headed towards the goal. And at that point. On even if the ball is saved unless the goalies are able to catch it and keep hold of it. It does it mean it's it's really just down to look at that point and the ball bounced off in his hands went straight over to the Coolidge and Coolidge is. One such today in just one of those plays where it's it's unlucky there. But you give him get beat on these crosses like it I don't know I don't pike wasn't the initial defender that got beat with. When the balls cross I don't know who was. Who was. Who is the defender over there. Armed allowed that guy to basically wanted to back across the goal. Which I was then in in position in the middle of the box. And got caught stating there as well the end and and then it was just one touch him let you can't fault him for the one touch after that but right. Whoever got caught standing there but given everybody's drive and Nicholas was standing there nor does it technical part of the put back across exactly what the problem was that whoever's main one. On that initial cross. Wind heat win win it when the ball back headed towards the goal that should never happen would it. Nobody jumped accepted it for them guys who who headed the ball and nobody jumped up that's unacceptable. What you. Yeah there has to be bold. Noble people crowding the ball so that they can go over in and get that ball out of the goal in added danger and the fact that. The only person to go up and try to attempt for a bowl is the Chicago fire player. Is it it's unacceptable that situation that cannot happen. In even even really got caught. You know we were gonna talk about this earlier. As far as million seem to guys have gotten caught in no man's land to where that ball's crossed it kind of made a couple steps towards. Toward the far post it just to make sure it's gonna lie bounds I don't think he was expecting. First first of all of the defender to just leave his man wide open to be able to have to put it back across box but that time is already too late. Put the ball back across the other side and it was just a simple one touch by by nick which then that says that on the 82 goal were nickel good scores on one touch after crossed and is of great crossed. Who was right for it was probably probably from about forty yards out. And he crossed the right towards that far post on the on the left side and in the end. The Chicago fire player was able to. Get a simple pass in the Nicole lidge who was able it's one touches him for the third goal for Chicago who went up 32 at this point and and yet it is that we we talked about this before the show on. Melia I cannot fault him for Napoli and the reason why is because there is no reason why they should be able across across. Probably landed within. Was ten feet from afar about ten feet by about ten feet from the far post that's unacceptable. You should never went across that is ten feet away from the far post that's either that either right or the post is or past the polls. It should never happen it wasn't like he was in front of the post in for the gold there he was about horizontal who is about mixed ten feet away horizontal to it. And he was able to get he was at the crowd that ball and pass that in four goal. It was it was a situation where they were caught napping completely they were out of position they deny and understand. You you'd you're here. You're the line of thinking is. That you know hey they didn't expect that crossed there but you gotta stay on your men so that there's no opportunities for guys to be able across the ball. Down the field and have a mean it was a super aggressive play that was similar to what exporting you've been trying to do last week against New York. Where they just crossed their descent and the ball of the field for their forwards to see day to try to win the ball and get a score. You don't catch in the back line napping. And it didn't work last week. They're back line and they were ready they were game and they made great place. That was a situation where their back line got caught napping. And and they were able to make a par for cross Nicole which wasn't Mort he he had an easy simple one touch against this is the every goal that sporting has given up this year. Is. A simple situation and can't miss it came to see that not every goal the one that could tie guy was it was a play aware. It was just great XQ should there I don't think anybody expected to tide get that ball both for the five goals they've given up this year. Our goals that we're just simply not defended well. The back line did not mark up they did not attack these guys is they were coming in. And it. Put Melian a bad position because there's just shot he can't defend and you're giving up goals that you should not be giving up consider we saw him last year. Same situation they were given of these goals we we now go on to the 83 minute one minute later. They give they give position they pushed the ball downfield quick one of the things that we talk about allies and Jim in the drawn to. Who's sitting in the in the left back corner of that the low amid the left front corner of the eighteen box. It's a ball passed over to takes this sniper shot. From the corner and is able to score his first goal of the season. Another one of those shots which is indefensible it's a long shot. Goalie doesn't see coming is you don't expect those long shots Baghdad it was perfectly placed it is now tied 33. Between sporting Kansas City Chicago. I would say on that particular goal that was just. Pour goalkeeping by bosh cut by Chicago's keeper. I mean Roger Espinoza played a great ball across the box. But the keeper should've handled that initial shot or or punching out the much better angle the heat he allowed that rebound to bounce out there. To the drug the Madonna just I mean that was a that was just rock I mean there's nothing at that point that he was going to be able to do. But admit that initial. Rebound he gave up was prob probably should not the I will say Chicago's keeper did not have the best game in the world not not the end deathly nine especially the way he definitive for hill portal salutes yes desperate effort it appears that first show was so awful we defended us just going in the sliding as opposed. You know make him a better attempt added. He slid in in the it was a poor judgment on his part you have very poor judgment his part and then you know this situation were drawn just gets once served a dual. Perfect just perfect long shot there and is tied it 33. And then three minutes later in 86 minute swing gets possession again they push the ball debt pushed the ball down the field again really quickly. They Gutierrez. Gets his second goal of the game now that this starts would Johnny Russell move the ball the left side of the field. Easy shall we in the middle start an article telling you start Iraqis Russell passes and over shall we shall only Smart plea year. Eat eat eat instead of taking a shot. He decides that he do a backwards he'll kick over to jurors so who knew was trailing right behind him. Jerk sell even more heady play decides to threw the ball. Instead taken to kick the ball goes through Gutierrez comes up as the trail right behind jurors so wide open shot no defenders in front of him. Nice easy gold because it Eagles hope sporting goes up for theory we could we we could've finished that that was the that was like. That play honestly first of all that's left the play of the game or two games and that's play the air by far by far so far yet offensively the and it just just based on how they executed that play. Yes it's actually good as gold that they its very best the very best goal I've seen sporting have. In the long lashed yes and it'll ask awhile and there was it was just such such. The thought process for each of those players in each of the moments when the ball got them was was just amazing it was. I mean you can't that's stuff you can't coach that that is Paul. What is the UK's hello T I mean it is but it is it's it's instinct I didn't look at the guilt are priced by shall we that's just steel. Look at Duracell as far as the decided yet what that is is three apple dropping the ball. That's that's soccer I Q. I mean and then per premier as a premiere you could finish that ball bad yet though I don't know if it was Kate without all the good positioning by you know for himself to be heartened following through with him and making that run the way you know it is run there right. You know I I thought it was I love that place simply because. There was patients in there was trucks in as one of the things that we talk about last year is published in these guys trust each other biko's. There was there it seemed like there are a lot of times we're late juror so would get the ball. That he would try to force in across. But he wasn't taking his time he was being patient he was give the ball get in line and in huge cross it over and guys write a position and or and you know it does choices he really trusted. What was going on eating for heated of the patients go out it's blip things develop. On one of things that Lobo. How how Russell played and shall we play is that they had a lot of patients Russell. Almost had set up a goal for many years in the first inning and that first half where he he took his time. Guy got the ball over Gutierrez got a nice group shot off of that had to be saved by the goalie. This is what this is what one of the things that we then I see all the time from the good offensive teams and soccer. Is that they take their time they find the right person. And they let him go out and get that right look. And that was so important for sporting in this game and it'll be important for them going on the rest of the season because. Yeah we all know they. Their office of bombs probably arm Phoenix. Now know Nadal and you don't take so much away from this game no I guess but this was like their first real show. Like real professional level often were guys take their time. Guys make sure they get they let their teammates get down the field and find the best shot. That's exactly what happened on and watched every play that happen every play they scored on or should have scored. Yeah I think that's what happened it just goes to show. That that's boarding has on the offensive end and that in this is this is going to be this by no means solves the problems of sporting an offense. And again we're two games and then some of that was this the player sporting some of it was that the lack of play there of a Chicago. About I will say I really like Kelly in the middle I think he's he's a natural distributor of the ball. And again justices I've for the for the runs a Peabody. I'd I didn't I really like him playing playing center in having. More control over the ball he's this guy he has a natural touch to him on in peace and I think his pace it won't really be. A key going forward for sporting on the offensive then. I studied it a good job last week union's New York City bringing some energy when they brought him in the agreed to play in the senator. In place of Diego rubio so I I do think I think he can play center I think you can also play on the left side as well. And though I thought your so plea really well on that left side when he came in in the second half. And and certainly I think he and it looks like he might be better plan nonetheless I didn't do on the right side. Which is where he played for most of last season so. Certainly they they kind of it'll sauce and confirmation of some things it that they'd they'd kind of conferred about the team. Obviously Johnny Russell pleats so he plays supply that's my that's my guy. They'll dock is my guy another guy that has impressed me the most I think he's a good team MVP right now is to be pretty good year. That guy. Grew put into goals the model not only justice to hold the last week he he has some excellent passes. That you know he set up some really good shots for sporting last week in that loss to New York City. He just seems that. What we're looking at what he's doing on the offensive side he seems to have he seems to me that's more past that sets somebody up or. He seems to be in the right place at the right positioning and that's just exit two goals based on positioning just being on in the right place at the right time and then you know he set up media that. Play that cores at almost at reams between two defenders last week. And he he put he put that right over the shoulder and of course that once it's stupid you know win win for right leg is just. Passes like data or to keep on target and he was able to do that and he was it was sick guys I really I think he might be. Be the best addition for sporting a wild from. In the Johnny rockets and telling him. I think he might be better than on me and I think he I I really think he might be better than John. Because of just. His bit I think Johnny has a billion past the key is that set guys -- he'd only just. The looks that he's been given other guys has been so important this team thus far I think it'll be important as the season goes along because this team needs guys compacts say guys. Healy is kind of faltered at that you know we saw last year but he hasn't whereas even the thought I had the way. Even in this game he really didn't have to the issue to his impact at all but he's been more defensive than he's been offensive so. You know I was not so much because yeah has gotten in touch torch without us really limits on the back. Another important milestone that was achieved. Matt bees color 20000 minutes plea. As a member of sporting Kansas City that's third all time in team history. He trails now only me Garcia who is second with 1157. Minutes. And former midfielder and now sporting Kansas City assistant coach carries a vaknin whose first with 20515. Minutes. I think it's pretty sick singled set that record this season barred some sort of crazy injury. I mean that's that's pretty good company to be in. And it Garcia was really good defender back in the day for you backed it was a decade ago for sporting back when it was Kansas City Wizards and playing it. And Arrowhead Stadium. And the vaknin and he was also playing in those teams as well and and he was on the team in the early sporting days. And you he was really give me of milled through there for the team as well even when they were going through a lot of changes. After the at some competitive teams so that's really good company to be in initially didn't see a guy like piece of music Beasley or who is a great guy. Did that kind of recognition yet and I. I think I like the fact that. The MLS is taking more the international approach when it comes to free agency and signing players because it allows teams like sporting. Two to keep you know unlike the NFL unlike the NBA. To where they can keep some of these guys more long term meal eaten even throw them. Major League Baseball and there but allows those guys did to keep some of their their key players you know and potentially through their their entire career. He as long as they're producing. It just allows for attempted to be able to do that title I hope they don't change that format and kind of in any way shape reform as far as echoes. If you look at their starting lineup. It's four is the foreign players on the team shall only. Russell. Espinoza. You the Gutierrez. All guys that are that are foreign players that are now playing for sporting. Espinoza was on the team that won the that won the the MLS cup. But it Gutierrez was a got a gut this offseason and who he's looked really good. Shallow the eerie music Hungarian he can he's coming he's really yell and that was a guy that they've they've thought very highly of and he. He's played really well thus far. Russell I mean so much can be said about him this kind of battle between him and good years as far as most impact full thus far. And then we low Bob Dole who's probably gonna be starting for some over I would guess on Saturday barring. No less an overdue is healthy enough to play a mean. They've just done a really good job with kidneys international signings. Present as well we'll see what he can view and of their base the wanna work him in. Maybe she situation were shall we please in the center and they decide to play Corey is a on on the left wing. And see what they can get there they've got to options there but. Plays it very important for these guys this is what sequel we see in Europe to. Teams bring in foreign players he still sees teams are mostly of players from their home from that country. But you seal like you're seeing a lot more you see a lot of these teams over in Europe bring in foreign players from around Europe or around the world really and build their teams that way. And did the analysts galleries and wait. Yes why and that's to really good point that sporting stunner really good job of finding a balance between. You know they're homegrown talent and being able to keep those guys. You know guys like Matt Beazer war. You assassin open or graves you Selig you know those guys have been basically come up through the system. But doing a good job of balancing between those guys aunts and still being able to scalp and find. That might not necessarily be an entire mortality as far as the season goes but finding. And Peter Burmese talked about this on media day at finding the right fit. Might not be the biggest name on the might not be a name that you recognize at all but it's more important for them to find. The type of player that's going to be able to fit their system and and Peter Burmese give the mold them into the shape and he wants them to be as far as. You know incorporating them into into this team and being successful so they've done a really good job of balancing both of those out. Our support early now sporting Kansas City right now is sitting at seventh place in the Western Conference. At a record of one win that is one win one loss zero draws. On demo minus one goal differential. There are actually numerous teams right now who were sitting who have who have three points in the in the Western Conference. But the goal differential is the tiebreaker so sporting kinsey right now. Sitting just outside of the playoffs in the Western Conference obviously does really matter because we too. On Boyd to sort order is worth Yancy what it's worth it certainly one sporting due to make a run and make sure that they are staying consistently in that race so that when it come September but I have to go make a league season pushed try to get into the playoffs. Yeah I mean at this point I guess going. Real negative thing is this I mean really a negative thing is I'd like to see a better goal differential should never in my yeah I was so it's also early in the season here but you know for a team that that's kind of prided themselves on on the defense an end to it to be a negative one as far as goal differential those right now the economy could be better. And then out what does surprise teams in the Western Conference LA FC two ways to starts right and plus five. Gold differential. They are on fire right now. I don't former sporting Kansas City forward Latif blessing. My god he's written down I wasn't a big fan alone I was sad to see him go I really want to set a CO go out lately at least until many of intellectual he got his opportunities. And weighed 95 pounds but I got toss throw when I expected the buck broke out of the sensitivity to hear your very good under was ardently bicycle but the T blessing he did have a goal and LA FC's 521. Win over Real Salt Lake. They are beating ass right now in their Western Conference. They are looking really good right now. In the Western Conference and those two games and and you eat we know our soccer words some of these T I mean Orlando city SE was really good. Wins sporting played them one of the top teams in the east. Then the second worst suppan is the second with a record fell off in the Eastern Conference last season so. We we we know things can change really quick but it is interesting and exciting to see. A brand new expansion franchise in the city of Los Angeles. The Los and listening does really matter but its brand new expansion franchise coming in scenes and success early certainly interesting and certainly fun to watch I think it's gonna help now. On the MOS and as far as building its brand and giving more people interest in the game around the country armed and then Portland. They've lost the first two games. Right that's surprising first two days at all right this five goal differential what's going on there that might as well and I think they got their asses walloped by by New York City FC this past week they did. They got war it was for nothing. Like Portland right now it was a Red Bulls actually it was the rebels rebels OK and one of the New York teams. Portland right now does not look good this team that last year was one of the more consistent teams. They billion when the workers throughout the entire analysts they've always been big into that ever since they moved up the gap being really good. And it's just it's crazy you see. How a team player and doesn't have a dumb that I've done. It's way too early wait tour Leah. Every minute we're not condemning them but I mean that is pretty surprising to see him come out and and and start the season off the way they have. Definitely. Going to be a really interesting pushed to see. In defeat we do these expansion teams are able to lake is we just all limit. United FC last year make the playoffs in the east. It it'll be hotly contested Western Conference if LA FC's it would make any sort of run for for the playoffs. And it'll create more competition for sporting as well. What I will say those I don't like. The fact that there's 23 teams. In the of Alaska's with a even lead number teams in major Ganassi teams the weeks off. And so would it what does it mean to be good for rest but it also be there will be a lot of weird scheduling because that means you're gonna see a lot of teams get. A week off more often and I'm gonna wonder what how does that throw off their momentum. And on top of that you're you're probably gonna see a lot more games played in the middle of the week we're teams are gonna have played two games of the week. In alerts are kind of balance that schedule out so and then you were looking at. Heavy molasses looking to expand their gonna add two more teams by 20/20. So it's going to be 25 teams which means the same thing they're doing right now so I think they got to get it even numbered team even numbered teams out there so we can kind of see you more. Even rest schedule as well 'cause that's that's going to be really we're for a lot of these teams trying to catch in plane back in 19. Now let's get into who knows where it. Who use when he gets. Welcome back in this is your host Julio Sanchez I've got my guy mr. Crist who knows there are over here in the world famous through. We're not broken and you're not a local emptiness but we're trying to beat me to try to get an exchange with forty kids in the media game. NASDAQ is Casey maybe gave a team that's right six Tennessee here. Make sure you listen to our podcast so we're trying to do this you weeklies. Trying to trying to what worked up because we've we've got Stuart rose to a record for the president's job for the record that that's exactly why this is a job Dennis. The Republican somewhat yeah. Our you know we just left this last segment off kind of talking about some expansion plans. I thought kind of wanted to get into that a little bit deeper. What the fact that it's. Alina that's united FC honestly DC united yesterday some famous song. Yeah and it was they wanted 31 foot and that's the thing did Edwards miss. Mrs. Hogan just showing the could be the way that. That that the analysts is trending towards which is becoming more popular. They actually. Set a world record for the general manager of the world record what the world record almost a book about. More than seventeen. Some 1000. Yeah 2035. There we go. Yeah so I mean that's our position that that's NFL style yeah bar as far as growth crowd goes that is who doesn't. It's it's really fluent disease. To grow so. So where they. Elaine and I mean I'm plan is not this is the second you do any united FC has been. Been playing units for the last. And it comes they're owned by Arthur Blank same motive for the Atlanta Falcons and deceive. At least that team that moment I emerged I I I've I I was taking a nap and higher river I woke up and it was like one tough. And then next thing you know just saw two beautiful goal to Krauss and rock. That and need to let him fire was great it was like you do watching NFL it was like the problem or yeah. And it was really exciting because. Generally when you think girls soccer here in the US this especially so we see exporting those boards that. Shows her support Iraq's 40000 person Stevie. Maybe that gives us when he wanted to see if Stevie when he. Put lake. It's a fraction of what Jack Mercedes big stadiums. In the fact that they were in the past few football stadium. We've made to see you guys put soccer fourteen that doesn't have a history. Is really exciting to watch I know it it definitely tells him that if you feel good product. Bill game. Put the game on the stall. And if there if the call us eight to keep better play better international players. May be in the list would be the NBA is what you know leaders of their respective sports for the best and stall or playing here in the United States. You could hear the numbers Ford ratings. And makes soccer. As popular as what we see the other victories and I just think it's a matter and building up the relationship with the did the big time where you can only Christians and hopefully in Germany guys play here now. We've seen most of my best and see improvement in the US national team. We see a situation where every one of these teams playing in bill size stadium and pulling tens of thousands. Tacoma Washington police officer then I think what they needed most happy about seeing something like this with a story like this is. The fact that he had some 70000 plus fans. That's got to see an exciting. And I think that is the most important part you can. Soccer has a tendency to feel kind of laws and have a low one nothing win with a 130 and exciting way. Winning out fast start. You've of that and they gave people what they want at this point. Heard people not group in Washington to support the team sports analyst still think that's that was what they need it the most excited about it. Things like they had to handle as these do better job of kind of explain the game as yeah yeah when there's only things like I'm gonna go to our boss. Lashing. Talk. Right he has soccer trying to really get into it a lot of this infection. Broadcast work and see approach every viewer as if they're like hardcore fan. And is one of the things that I don't know if they're doing this is rolling out their broadcasts. Plus being Beulah and so it's gonna things and trying to explain the game better for. People who knew. Yeah I understand better. There's various new one casual fans kids like to casual thing to see kids understand the strategy behind it. He's as one of the things as I have this mean my eternal hot. The falcons lost because I don't understand a lot of same here is going on and so you know you really want you to game cross and much better life IDC. You are better off. Winning casual doesn't really understand at all so that's it's easy for him to understand. Individually. It's politics. All right so this next one is plus just this is just to play them. Purdue had been stars sports suspends Jamie carrier after he suspended hecklers and his daughter. So gene carrier. The former Liverpool legend who is now popular TV commentator. He's been suspended by sky sports. Where there is a videotape. Him. Spitting in the direction it's what I think it is he took a ball and you thought of Macedonia where some blue dots that you literally it was felt like water. But he spit in the direction of fourteen. Fourteen year old girl was with her father. And I mean you can sales tackling. Color coded what you want there there isn't as. The wolves into the audio here a minute. You know they're they're both in cars so it's elegant as a person this knowledge youth tech whom in the stands or anything like that they're literally just driving by each other on the road. This guy honked his horn. Being rolled down his window and so JV player roles are window and the guys like 21 man that's too bad off that you would you send endgame here. Experts have said they get all over his daughter but she's like are you a huge fan and he's like oh really. Come on guys you can do better that wouldn't let's listen to audio. Yeah. They bring. Xerox. Zero. So you Obama. Maybe there's vomit so a nice. Nice rhetoric saying we gotta get overreact surprise this response awful real. Hello really act surprised that she's that he could be a good bet they're rescue immediately. Hello again I'm surprised that you. Oh totally he's Z. Here's the obviously we Palestinian people's vessel that was despite being so disrespectful is one of those dispersants BP has come up. Here here. The story that Mya my presidential. Well Colby right. You struggle on blue ridge. And ignores us and he knew it was like it was exit the northeast. And he noticed that a stop work. That the person in a very it was a very modest. Mid size that game. The person in the car next to who is it was blue and former chief general manager Scott you'll. To sit there until hours you know what kids don't just feel so good. Mind his own business I think he assumed them from beat some form she's. They move the date that's what it is and here now with two minutes to if you receive them. And and by first of going to be over in that direction us. Nobody guarantees your analysis on this and I am here on him LC is more north began to go around and get a Wilson's. Yeah I I exactly. Yes he. Team presumably comes from big tees and so they be stopped at a stoplight in my best friends like these books. I. Hi I remember the 2012 seasons. Don't exactly so don't act like hear those that your front which you or river between people's exhibit isn't anywhere for that year. That year it was the most disgraceful year as as teams that she's Stanford numerous reasons. Put. He was mean mug and this these guys the whole time. And Scott he'll win. Didn't know he is just as I look forward. Hands on the through the windows I mean hopefully with a look at the chances late model though he should never windows did not understand why there's two million Dollar General manager multi zone general manager. Though it has with those standards what gets. What he was in desperate need much music school full time at every stop like to hear that he was just hard poor. And that's a big black any mode you can Miller call and your Scott Pioli. Needs to exit polls. Driver and a very modest midsize sedan and I can't we'll model mix. But it was it was a very modest midsize sedan and my friend this shock that Scofield was driving this thing. And then you know it's the only it's over there there's. And drive and the stadium. And he was just seems so when his and that he would be looking and life. League you can tell he was life steadfast. Straightforward. You know when you're at a stop watch. Somebody looking through you can you can do you always feel I'm so what is the sense you could you believe that standard yes so he clearly. Scott the only game of the match he was not about the look Covert and entertained us this thing. What giving him sideways. Look at him very infrequently here doesn't care who. So do you think of them as a great in this story that applies applies to the situation. You don't want to get heckled. You need to have tinted windows from you know you're a celebrity. Time that in its leverage you know you can get recognized you don't want to be heckled or hassles usually you should have tinted with that that's just a rule of second 12 ago particularly in this it is. Why you'll indulge your window if you know talking to you you know he's yelling get used to tackle you which wasn't even the serial. If you wanna call hecklers by OK that's that that's now what I would collapse of the good natured read it. That's what I was told us we don't tackle and don't don't go your window down LaGuardia there. Paying this guy any kind of attention and then to sit on this after also on his. He's been on him and start I can't do it. Here are your dumb that you deserve these things that he got to have that you'll be focused and that's so silly to us he's got his focused on his. And not take on the insert that he asked where India he walks incidents since well thanks to a this last one here. And I just. Lack of common sense here with the top top grade soccer league. Oh are suspended after he stormed the pitch with a gun on his belt since. So our clash between our PA OK and eight EEK Athens in streaks you believe. Was cut short after PAK okay a lawyer I've been since I guess I ran onto the pitch to confront the refereeing. Waffling by those two bodies cards. And with their holsters revolver in his weeks. Capacity is higher peak after DA OK appeared to have scored the winning goal right after. The match or where we choose subsequently ruled the gold out he is upset today. Game in. India and the ref called to the game winning goal off and so his idea was to go argue with the rest while having excellent. Schools and at least I don't care who you want owner of the scene out here the president of the country you should now be walking around with a host golf. Please. That he's. You are crazy soccer fans are right he's crazy ass right one would argue that's why you have. Only know. Yeah hundred look owners here in the United States. He's got to be in your cushy little box and weed stuff gets crazy you gotta do is sneak out the back doors let everybody else. That's what you gotta do you do the rich guy think he can't be on the field we'll go with the revolt it's ready to lay waste anybody that makes calls gives you were seen. That you just don't watch. I don't know if that's completely unacceptable here is here's my issue with this is the most telling you pay your two bodyguards for why can't go. Yeah it's your body to waste the money let's look sagged and you don't need bodyguards that. Hasn't carried their guns and they will be there to protect you and I have faith in the people that you're paying to protect. Who watch this is this video and I saw his vote and as we've been view her room. Oh that's awful schoolteacher. I did the guidebooks don't I don't think it is overboard intimidating getting to a 45. Can literally walls were needed just forty plus an extended. You got to let people know they could get at things sit now I was being lied out in the open. Thousand dollars it was not color like nobody can be just a little ones take you up tonight intimidated by this little world. Roll it. I don't know if somebody was gonna make it make you run out of this. Not something we think they think twice now about. The kind of wanted to him if you want to kansans would be catching. It's not out. You can't you feel like turned things are bad guys wherever he goes he wanted to hit single. Yeah the second feel he's you admit that you miss the entire point of concealed carry on with the consumer birds. Toledo you've got to get a word today on the runner and a little less. So that. Was who he owes whip hits so getting into this matchup here in this Saturday. For sporting Kansas City which will be at children's mercy park 730. Sporting we'll take on in the San Jose earthquakes. I will not be at that game I will be a knock on this weekend are you ditching me I'm ditching you that's what I do. I leave everybody hang in like that a lot since June on DVR. On Sunday with a massive hangover. Like I always what does that sound too. Where where you are gonna turn your computer down I don't know if talk about distracted me isn't trying to set this. Segment awesome that as you're trying to how is how you gonna be did you ask for this I definitely have OJ done I'm going to be here the market is erupted at any part of this podcast deserve to be in Iraq and all it was this pardon was the best story. So are I will not be a there'll be an awesome time this weekend I'll be hung over on Sunday when I re watched these. Game. But yes sporting Kansas City has won or tied. Their last five matchup against the San Jose earthquakes they take on on Saturday excuse me three of those of those of the last five they've wind to those being draw eyes. San Jose. Did not play this past weekend they played we won over Minnesota united which they won 32. Interest in some interesting stats here about came prepared idea came from Italy ten minutes with this stuff up. San Jose gave up sixty goals last season. Twice what sporting Kansas City Tivo old. He's and this year they went young they brought in a couple young guys in Jules quiet Virginia for syncing on a but they still get to gold is Minnesota are united in quality as the Minnesota was god audit or really don't. That are slow back there. Really well here at exporting as if we give up two goals of the into the game with the two other two guys in the back one more word about this I believe we did lose to the one we lost to them as to where we actually base that. They said Susie and Singapore as a bird it was a brutal there's very very awful team by us they were really bad and supposedly awful this year you know they're probably going to be bad this year. Actually edit me. And you're here and other agencies that. San Jose gave up three goals or more in nine games last year. Nine that gave up offs mind you. Three gains would give them in three goals they hate mail up three goals or more in nine games last year they had twelve philosophies by two more goals. Well give city. Zero gains for the game of we're more goals in only two losses to saying there's a chance so there is a very minute chance that vent. The San Jose couldn't produce on the channels they actually really was is not a good offensive team. Last year they actually scored less school's sporting. 39 to forty. So if a game. Where you're gonna come and get some confidence after winning on the road and set yourself well for a nice little run early on this season this is the game gains. You've got him at home. You really confident coming off of 043 win against Chicago Chicago is where the best teams last year in the and alas they they were mean. One of the best scoring teams last year. ID B a two guys with over twenty goals. When Eagles scored on the season. They looked really good you win in their house in you beat them. Gotta be a lot of confidence there he saw a lot of really good things was one of fluke stuff which you saw in some of the big gains that sporting had offensively last year. I think this is a game where you go and control it from from day one from from the first minute you walk out within two enough to win. Yeah this is a good chance. Horror for sporting to carry over some of that offense of momentum that they've they've kind of gained you know in the Chicago victory. And carried into this next game with San Jose to where. I think it also allows Peter very means to knowing that San Jose as well offensively challenged. That may be gives them a chance to tinker with a few things again on the offense and maybe do a different look a little bit different volleyed give a little bit different of the field. I say maybe start Charlie and in the middle there. But this gives them a chance to kind of to tinker with things are bit the same time the expectation is you should come away with a victory in this game. You know again this isn't very early in the season but these are this is just one of those teams that that comes into this year with. Very low expectations. And and we need to keep them. At that same bar. Yeah I think I think this game they I think shall we start the middle of the chip cores a play on the left side of the front line. I think. It's an over no I'd say about Derrick I know you don't like crazy enough as you decided ten minutes on the regular shift though like I I'll go with a slight poetry and I think that is no I think he's not a 100%. The bottles got to come into play for snow and I think there's got to be more emphasis from from Burmese. You guys on the back line DiMarco banner on these damned short cross cross on this crosses in the can't have that happen to you can't have the only person go to try to head. AA Crosse come in from the left side of the field be a player on the opposing team you can happen that ever. You can't have a situation reasonable crossed for forty yards out and guys they would take probable ten yards. About six feet away from the the far post and then one touch it over to his own teammate who gets a one touch on and on into the goals and it's clearly lack of concentration. And it's it's not. Not being mindful of where you are and where your maintenance as opposed to the ball stay between him and the ball. And put a little effort into it. You know when it comes your way that that's all that's elders you're gonna be more aggressive on the defensive side that's. I think they do that I think that we really good position to make some really good plays. In view walk out with a win here I I still think we're not not a 100% sold on offense but it does now and it's a lot of progress. In the in Europe Asia and overtime game yet. Massive step massive jump up from we would be to. I added this is one of the games where you have to see. Something from a dolphins again like you saw maybe not quite as good. But this is a bad defensive team. This is team big key -- twice as many goals as you view season offensively in defense I mean all of them did they found they were there were a little bit works that you were last year about the same level. And they were significantly. Worse for the worst teams on defense last year. You've got to take advantage. So I think this is one of the games where the crowd is hot. The defense is healed they finally find their way they finally get back into their form and I think you see a couple of goals come in. But one of the first half one and second half. And I'd get there probably have a lot more opportunities that they missed out on. Because there's still trying to would spearmint. But I figured as he shall we if Shelley plane in the middle I think you're this shall we set some guys up may be queries that probably gets the goal where shall we Russell says the mountain. Course it finally takes advantage of the opportunity gets one may be seen Gutierrez glob put another one in or Johnny gets really good run in puts one in. But I think there's. Certainly a lot of potential for this team and I think there's there's certainly a lot of chances for this team to make some massive growth. And the first month of the season so to nothing for me for sporting Kansas City over the San Jose earthquakes ion. Though that Tim I think that's I think that's a that's your not your standard to one non monogamy and just like I have. Little to no faith at San Jose is well ahead. I don't think I don't think we're gonna see the offensive outpouring that we scene last week. From sporting but I think they still carry over the momentum so I think I think. The too low to deal sounds sounds good are so win that will be wrapping up the show we will be back next week to talk about. The app for mentions sporting Kansas City and San Jose earthquakes game. Don't forget we are trying to get into these dams. Boarding Kansas City media game two later. We need any and everybody who puts us on their hash tag as Casey media gaming team. We'll be putting out Prodi videos coming soon. Trying to get our get our skills. On tapes show showcase mr. cisneros athletic of athletic ability lack Aaron athletic abilities side. I played the games are played games. My god here coming on a showcase my abilities that we can get drafted. Go out and do our pro days we're gonna lie here and do we're represented station better. Then anyone else patents. The feeling we were just visual herbs and badly in the last two. Media game we need to we need to do some making up for me to react to being with us the riddle redeem team here and so as we're going to view and I passed a guest as Casey. Media game eighteen where Al would catch you next week. This has been six NFC east with friends and zero. He hosts and she is and. The yeah. And yeah. And and yeah. And and yeah. Oh yeah.