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610FC S2E1 - The Comeback

Monday, March 5th
In the first episode of the second season, Chris Uno Cero and Julio Sanchez review SKC's 2-0 loss to NYCFC on 3/4/18, make a big announcement for 2018, and we see the return of the only segment Julio ever does any work for, Julio's Web Hits. Plus, the guys address the problem they have with US Soccer. A fun show as always, so check it out!

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You were now listening to view additional podcast. Kansas city's soccer fans old and six and have seen. Our all the fury euros and British sooner or zero. And Julio Sanchez. It's. Welcome in this is sixth in FC here on sixteen in sports does come my name is Chris you know Sarah. I am Julio Sanchez and we are going to talk about all things soccer. Here on six NFC podcast. You can listen to us on sixteen is four dot com you listen to us on ice to lose wherever they tell you give George podcasts at. We are on it this is our first episode of our second season in. Here. On 62 NFC. And visit there's a clear mission for a this year where to talk about that later on we have big goal who we want to achieve. Would it won't get into that after the after we run down sporting very first game in the season they kicked off last night. At children's mercy parks sporting Kansas City started the season off. With a 20 loss. To New York City FC. Thing to do this game real quick so the first two minutes. Sporting was very very aggressive they were on point they were attacking. We saw them I think I think that it was the very first possession they got. These books since the ball up to the front line. Trying to get a goal at a rubio unfortunately there's too many guys there didn't you also have a another attempt. With Johnny Russell I think it was cores day who sent it out there and Johnny Russell try to fight with. A defender in his goal in front of lump he wasn't able to corral that lob in there. First two minutes we saw a very big attempt. By sporting try to hurry up in and get a head is finally give you when you watch football and a team on the very first play and secondly distance deep ball. That's exactly what lies. Then in the tenth minute Julio decided that you know high and you don't mess with the Ohio and cores that just wasn't a good soccer player. The yes not a I don't know you'd sigh I. I will I legit just. Like he had so many issues in person follow before we jump on that will I think we need to address the first part of this game because they might have looked okay the first two minutes. Overall the first 25 minutes of the game. They they looked off who were ten minutes then they Regis started I have to acquire or interesting to me it's worth the game to go to the first event were horrible first wonder irony of the game. They looked. They looked timid they looked unsure of themselves they looked like they did nowhere to go with the ball. I don't know I don't I think a lot of it had to do it where and why CFC. Really had. Kind of controlling the game and doing a good job of coming out and taking the crowd out. Out of the game the and the other in the first two mentally as the first 45 minutes of the game. And in New York City just dominated the ball dominated possession time. They just looked like the better team. And it. I don't know what it was a sporting they just they. They looked. Like crack. Behind us with you which it would just expect the first game of the year and have a lot of new pieces. I just expect more energy out of them for the first the first part of the game yet and innocent Julio was done with whom you with Leo on Korea's net of course today he was done with I mean Otis our our weekly video player to cold last press box wins Killen if and turtle would the what do visual mood. Or anything it absolutely is Weller because Atlantis play. But you were sitting up there in you worry you were just like us. He's on these. The first I believe that the sat at a house the first forty minutes he turned the ball over four on four separate occasions where it was just plain bad touches. He just and that that was that was the theme for him through out the game even preview Burmese. In the post press conference. Mentioned him by name is saying. He struggled a bit in ye he's going to need to figure our salary offer out there and make good plays which you could beat you we will just left out he made he made a couple okay plays plays that that are expected to what they want likes spectacular plays by that he means. I mean his. The the negatives far outweigh the positive you you have to get that you. Does any good plays that you were pretty. Chart of the track the dude the first game of the season the Lake Erie clearly you're currently trying your best and it did this critic in me being a value on agrees they I don't know what he did do you would clearly you're if you or I mean I'm not vendetta against all of sporting I wouldn't just pick a person out. Just suited to mock the emergency. He looked you looked bad even just be ready there are other guys who were needed but you clearly marked him look worse than he juicy. That knowledge that that is does that I think that's societies whose whose really been out Susie didn't look like he had his a game but he was not on the same level as. Mr. Jones is not good. So the twentieth minute. Sporting it's probably the best opportunity they're they were gonna get the entire game Espinosa. Gifts it's a beautiful. It was a beautiful corner kick by Zeus the Espinosa gets a beautiful near post header just barely misses. He he tries headed in from the from the near post. And the ball sails past the far post so that was obstacles opportunity that sporting got a giving their goal. In the thirtieth minute. Your homeboy. Croix is day. Almost one touched a lob from Gutierrez into the goal beautiful lob battles doesn't count and there were two guys exams are between two guys posted a goal in front of them. And Troy is they all most line touched a lob from Gutierrez into the goal but he misses. Far right and and again it was another opportunity the you can bet you could argue between battery Espinosa had that were probably the best opportunities sporting had to get a goal. 32 minute Maxine moralis. Scores New York New York City FC's. First goal of the season on a one touch from a short cross by WV. They did a really good job on being able to move the ball into sporting defensive third and then being able to move it along the goal line there. And so there were able to find some guys who were Theo kind of running in today goalie box and and they were able to make good plays on that they were doing that pretty much the whole game just. Numerous opportunities. Where they have guys moved the ball down their goal line after they got to the quarter and then looking for open open guys who were crashing the the goal there. And they got a couple goals out of well we only talked about this less I in the fact that. Sporting got caught on both of those goals. On some really good counter strikes in all of that Cottam built on other on other. Occasions to write it they looked the transition game did not look good for them I mean and I a lot of this again stems from. You know and we talked about missiles last night as far as you know you want them to be more aggressive on offense but the problem is as. That is their weaknesses this year is it's going to be there offered going to be scoring is going and so. What's how what happened last night was you know they're they're trying to put pressure on the officer trying to put pressure. They they can't maintain the ball. They get caught in the car owner because they're too aggressive they're they're not familiar as familiar with each other as they were last year because they have some new pieces and because of that. They they get caught in that counter and they don't recover I mean the first goal of the first goal was. That was a legit goal that was adding you don't NYC. I'm just out there that caused him being better yes and then in the fifth minute stoppage time in the first half. The week they got a free kick. Zoo to see and I believe it was good years. We're standing over there are trying to get this freaky bit kind of fake and now the defender in trying to trying to trick the trick New York City into not knowing who's going to make the free kick. Knew this was you know right in you'll deep into New York City territory. Instead of of crossing the ball into the into the eighteen box and trying to CP and get a one touch into the goal. Zoo as he passes at the Croix is that. And glories that try to corral the ball I don't think he expected this path trying trying did you write it triangle. And instead of the solicit across the Boxee passes the cores today cruising gets the ball punched out behind him by W via and then he takes the. All the way down the field gets into sporting eighteen box and then Christie on though Christie and the bottle. Luckily. Through Joe's house and I like that was a big deal is expecting net. Not well look bottle comes in from behind pokes the ball out and that in the first he rain and I will give him credit because he rain. Half of that field. From from midfield. All the way to the goal caught from behind and poked out yet that it how I caught him. I have I've bill that was just point I think it was just a hobby clearly when you're running with the ball your obviously going to be slower than without it. So I think that's what even so he was such a lead I think I think the obvious thought he was. I mean I don't think he knew he was he was on his case gotten there yet K great he couldn't give my upper school of the year. And he didn't expect lobotomy just fly down the field in and poked a ball loose during that time again you attempted to put the blame on inquiry it was on the grounds not on Corey is a man he realized yes and you I want to tell me and you tell my wife does that does Leon everything on a port touched by an auto here's the reason why is because first off I don't think he expected that path. How can you not expect pat because that's what you're in the game you should kind of expect it and it goes on no no no no has he was not the guys should've gotten the ball. Zoo station across that vault into the AT instead Zune scene payment because he took too long to cross because they were trying to do some fancy stuff that threw off. To try to for off New York City if they were struggling to get offense and he's trying to is trying to throw him off he should just crossed it into the eighteen instead. Cores day was not ready for their past. He sent it to a position records they had run overs he's the spread over it try to corral because of a port thought should I am very all know is not to report to my old it was awful decision to pass the ball in the first place. And if you don't -- kid if we're to go right now throw something at you it probably hits and defaced if you wouldn't be expecting me to throw something that you it was if we're playing catch before hand then and I know they'll get guests on the situation you were expecting that you would this would not be a situation you would be expecting me to pass the ball team that sounds like it sounds like my criticisms of cores that are at our big I think same -- a view having criticisms of grand juicy who I think I've got -- of criticism I thought he put the entire inning as compared to the way that present to you and here's here's the difference all of the amid the greens and he's he's really -- -- -- he's really awesome players what a best players on the team. You can pass judgment agrees they Tim and his daily key stuff. Because when you turn the ball over four times in the first twenty minutes and you look like. But it's also all that child out there with ten minutes I mean when you thought that he deserved criticism that very few guys on the team looked good. You specifically pointed out crews are worse I mean there are some like you know we can go with Roger Espinoza he looked slow you looked you looked very slowed that tiger Saudi I should I was a month it okay mr. possessing the ball good he did it. But you can tell some of those some load at some point in the game he'd get a ball in the middle field he turn and someone would gain ground from behind him just because he's so slow. But I mean he did it. You can also tell though at the same time but he he's a better just by the way you would turn off the ball the way he created some space the way he took some of those fouls to where. They really were found that the way this guy celebrate when the ball in and other vendor kicks in guy he got some free kicks out that that's because he was a better place either veteran player but he could not look. All right my degree to I didn't think juicy look good I think Beasley would glued. It looked look at visited with them I I don't Laura was saving them it'll zoom all or part of our own hole early got a couple questionable situations that he put himself in as well and I Wilson was UC. He did not have a game I don't think Hughes used terrible right and IDs I didn't know I don't think so users that. So after halftime 53 minute he's as medina's scores New York city's second goal. On a one touch from across by Vince what seemed exactly that they did in the first half except it was flipped. They just somebody. Some news that would get the ball toward the goal line he was able to move in towards the goal cross it over one touch from from a Medina. It's now two nothing in favor of New York City I thought that was about political I thought that was sporting jest. Looking slop that I don't think you can mean taking credit in my seat for her. We're finishing. But that one was more on sporting not doing what they should be doing. Her. I can't. I agree with that to a certain extent but at the same time legal and with it was wouldn't say it was ugly goal and who's really well excuse it. But it seemed like I I agree with you did seem like the back limbs cut slow. The only person I thought was like really. Energetic was a power. Michael Barr is doing a great job of defending dobbs via. Yes he did say he was that he you don't really hear much from him the entire game nobody is that is that is not our school but it but he doesn't really quite intern here and and he was doing a good job of blocking a lot of the shot that is the biggest hit six shots and thinking that. And soul. It was a lot of the a lot of attempts there and and Opel or was right there to block every one and he'll block the assist on the on the goal that now Morales scored in the first half. So yeah I'd I think he was good but only to get back one was really good at all. There's questions with assists and no they could do not play instead Byron is he by the way from it he was we we meet we saw toward open site Brett. I don't know if he's hurt. I don't know that was his decision where they wanted to kind of see what Lovato was I would think that's I mean you look at who throughout their just in the starting line up to begin with there was a lot of you know players that with you. John John Johnny Russell or yellow are what's everybody that debt acquired one that they've just acquired in the army basically throughout their team to see what was that yes the maybe that was it. May be some know legal is hurting or maybe eggs thought you know hey this is a better match of four who bought a bottle from the facts that he's so let go you don't really solid actor. Google's Korea so in the 57 minute. Oh Julio celebrated as jurors so Fernandez who actually at the last name now. That's okay for Ohio and crazy day on this 67 in the 62 minute. Daniel shall we subs in for Diego rubio and then in the 73. Minute. Jimmy image Rhonda subs in for Christian will bio which again. Kind of makes me think maybe sent over was hurt. Because you rethink in that situation snow that we could put in at the position he normally plays. Which is that left wing back as opposed to withdrawn and it also is interesting because last year were drawn to it would usually get sub in. At the wing forward spot right and instead he got. Moved back to win back his which was his original position anyways he accused of plate on the right side resumes he is now also. That's it's that's an interest in change there. So I wonder what did with the deal was with snow. And then in the 77 minute. New York City up to nothing. Clearer stall tactic. Jurors so. He winning if and fouled Maxine Chanel and then right after that Chanel when he's about to do his Afrique. Falls over like he just got such ridiculous somebody in the thing about this or did he fell over and act like he was injured after a foul by jurors so. And sat there for literally two or three minutes trying to burn some time clearly they were trying to burned time after this news clearly clearly a clear bigs. All tactic there that kind of shows you with their minds that was being I don't understand that why like that's something you do in my case. 85 minute. War like. Stoppage time and does not like the way he was treating that. There was still so much time left why even bothered taking the chance of of getting a car like he did. For being an eighty. Or for wasting time and that I don't know and that that just goes to show I think a lot of this that is all encompassing of how the second half went as far as it was chaos as a ball and as far as like. You know sporting did look a lot better in the second half and I think. I think I mean it's easy to look more aggressive and do you know when you're down two nothing in you have to change your style of play. So I think some of that was them having to change your style plagued by trying to come back some of that was NYC. You know having to. Have the to leave why do they need to be aggressive so they played more defensively so that did make sporting look a little bit better. But but overall they did move the ball a lot better they were more aggressive think some of that was was a little bit of how. The second half adjustments that that Peter Burmese made as far as the line that goes on. And just this overall style of the the second half was much better than the first the. Yeah it was just we shall we guy he sell Linux rubio he he was a big part of them juror so kinda Liz. But you know he did a lot of jurors of things like dribble the ball into the eighteen bucks blues and he's pretty good news is being last year. Shall we actually. Use EU's. Able to not only get some shots off. But he was also very aggressive and created a lot of a lot for himself yet ands and speed than its eightieth minute shall we. Gets the ball in the eighteen box. And then he's fouled. It net eighteen box so he hits the PK. UA EA's standing there at the at the spot they're ready to make these PK so he can try to make it to one sporting. And then the New York City player's. Goal overtook his wrath. Oh cool clearly he has no it is he is dough ball. He is is very cowardly and they're just petitioning him trying to get him to change this call all no no no don't give in this PK. No no that wasn't a foul c'mon c'mon man replay look at it. And still they. Go to replays the very first we've played we've had. For sporting Kansas in a miserable second and I feel very bad same airlines and had. The second half was not they spent three minutes trying to convince him to go do these replay he does the little they do boom box sign the rectangle sign now would there to index fingers. Which is the they've they kind of motion the outline of a box with their fingers which is kind of the which is the to signal for replay Hayward to go to replay. This dude with two replay for like fifteen. To 22. He literally stepped over there I think you may have seen the replay once or twice he runs back out waves off the PK says that was enough out. And I'm I'm watching begin this morning. And I'm like how in the bleep kid you watch the replay twice. And think. That that was not a foul. The idea is that the defender. Kicked the ball and was able to knock it away from shall we. So that. So that that shouldn't be considered a foul in that situation but have watched the replay back. The ball goes off of the left side to the right side of shall always left full. And balances towards the the goal line away from the goal. And then in the shallow we gets tripped by the defender of the defender never contacts the ball. Not that the contact the ball that is is that it's not conclusive that all that he contacted the ball once. Clearly shallow we did an Indy gets tripped over and they take away the PK anyways well. Just take it away but take it away after a second it was definitive for that Raff that he could take away after. 152. That and that wasn't necessarily the part that bothered me the most with that the the part that bothered me the most was the outcome of it of him. Then not only not only taking that the foul way. But then putting them in a dropped ball situation I how do you go from calling a fouled going to do a replay and then doing a dropped ball situation where. Like the pal never happened at all when they were you there was clearly a Fallon five you don't get a peek at them by de Afrique. You don't you don't can't believe it was in the box so he had to do that note. But still it was a drug do you go to drop all those stupid though that makes that makes that windows had done their hope now or don't. That guy just made no sense as of that looks treasury can't really go to a dropped ball a situation if it's a row in the eighteen. If he gets older predicts even if it's in the box jab but he should certainly yeah but in this situation the statute should have and we've got a situation should about it. I guess now he gets I don't think there's any justification for drop ball there. A big that's completely out at the suggestion that was I have I have no clue what he's watching I don't know lake it was very obviously. Be different if it was incidental it was very obviously him sticking out his foot in tripping over shallow. I I just I don't understand it. Ended an 86 minute. Just six live digital worse news for six minutes later this is even worse germ cell dribbling the ball. Just they they're just outside the team box. Jurors so draws a foul right on the edge of the ball a needed its debate a week it was in or out of our. The rest initially does not called fat at all they spin doesn't call five minutes. Five old bleeding minutes arguing. New York City players supporting players lol this Red Bull look at OK who you're skip the part here so. Perseus vowed yet then. I believe I believe bush Shelly like there's like a spike probably 45 seconds worth of game play go by a shall always so pissed that he this this call that he then fouls and NYC player you'll create forty by a lake in lake right after that. It would play because it was a good thirty to 45 seconds of play. Between him it shall we got so pressure that he didn't call stop but he thousand my C player on purpose yet not blow this opportunity. You harbored it with a rap too good. What the hell you do you agree. Anyway in what is your just lunged for not call it was like at least half of the sporting team or probably three or four guys from New York City and they're just sitting know how we are with the it was a conference of being it was a it was a sit here like what would. Or anybody do. This after five committed to getting yelled dad. He does the box signal a game if he goes to do really review any of this time of course it does what was not a wrong thing that's wrong by the way. And he caught with a bow. But he says that jerk so god fouled outside the box so it was just a regular free kick. Well. If you look at the replay. So got ball outside and bought their initial contact and without us they started it was it was probably about a footer to those just outside the regular contact spiked. He pushed jurors so to the ground when he was inside the actual file took place he's the question would he has left yes guided jurors so straight into the dirt. Inside the box. And here's here's the kicker about it. The ref clearly knew. He could he he he clearly knew that this was intentional. So much so that he was willing to give of vaccine shot no. Call how do you how do you get after the replay after watching the replay give them. Give a red card first of all. Which which I thought that was not a little excess that was excessive at least maybe just give me yellow card wouldn't give them red for pushing him out that would if we ever have like you know like he. Stumped on clear dome in the back LL be placed it on the back that's a record debt or feel like you know. It really really high and just happened to clip them in the head like yeah I I knew I read it was a normal soccer player in the normal soccer. What they don't call red cards like there was round after numerous times and most times is just a free kick. Is not easily be the yellow card for that. But they went out of their way to try to right this wrong. They gave them a red card which. And they get the you can eat secondly didn't give them the became in the bush to the ground inside the if you Witten did this UN watch is replays that follows time. Had had to have sporting players convince you to go watch the replay watched the replay. Did the fact that you are giving a red card wrong at the fact and then get the fact that. The actual file took place inside the box or PK and not give them the PK got that wrong or did it and this entire time stopping the entire flow of the game you complete you completely killed the momentum that sporting pad. And completely killed the flow of the game I would say him supporting him momentum bullet hole of the fellas a position where that was does a critical time in the game where that that PK. Probably could've made the difference yeah I mean the fact of the matter is is. We've is even with instant replay we burned. A total of about ten minutes. They spent ten minutes or do you winning for instant replay. And in the rep for re for some reason. It's the coal wrong. You have to have more control over the game the ice gets the call wrong. How would the hell. Are we supposed to justify. Instant replay. It we get it wrong toy. I I can understand as a rip you not wanting to ward PK. In any situation that you don't have to do. Because. No ref wants to be the reason why team wins the game or ties to gain. Or even loses no ref wants to do that they don't want they're called to change the tide of the game because. It lets say they do it did PK and eightieth minute and it's 21 now. And analysts say the situation happens it would jurors so where he does give felt they give another PK. They scored now it's 22. That's hue that's a drastic change in the moments momentum for game word New York City though they were dominating and then now the game's tied. And I guarantee you the good coach for the manager for New York City FC's going to be on that podium post game. Very very angry about the calls it that the refereeing guy. So it's gonna be mad in that situation and I understand that but you gotta go out there make the call that's right. And that ref was so afraid of making the right call because he didn't want to be a port of the decision of the game. That to me undermined the entire. Replay process. And I don't want to annoy you too much into this as we're gonna get into this little bit more in depth with. With whether it's. That was just I was just it was a poor showing and it's hard it was not it will will get into this little bit more. So in the final. It in the final six minutes six minutes of stoppage time we saw it sporting really pick it up they were they were now open man it was Lebanon ten. Because show no guitar got tossed what the red color. These are shots from Gutierrez. Russell Russell again and then Zeus seat before they called time at six minutes I overall. Big stars of the game I was a big fan of what Johnny Russell do mean you really be phase I think he's he's. I need to see more out of you know Russell the first game of the season but he. Is are you looking like he's going to be one of my favorites this year yet he's he looks really good solid I like Gutierrez alive he he he is he Ed a couple of really good passes that led to good shots. I won was he he knew he had the pass that cores that one touched him and tried to get into the goal and and just was far right on it. I think yet another wind that was and he said downed Russell was well. So he he he was very good decent and a lot of good passes to the front line to try to get some offense. On an NF Espinosa was really good. Bizarre he was he put his hands and he W Axl played I mean frankly it's probably just because he is slow he's all he's the golden eagle and and he's probably does not superfast and those same thing with some of the other guys other for instance at odds UC really wasn't as fast as some of these guys at New York City and but yet when Roger he had a run where he was trying to get into the eighteenth. And then he drew blew a little too far in the and they were via a New York City defender was they would easily corralled the ball. So. Clearly you know you could see age but still he almost had a header he probably the best opportunity for a goal for sport did. With that with that near post had a that I think very it was very close to getting in. On the committee also had some some good veteran plays giving some fouls and getting some free kicks. So I thought Espinosa play really good game I was a little disappointed in some some others. Dark Diego rubio didn't have his best game no shots that he'd zero job having its best game. Now the visible yet now he. Because I think of the position that he plays in and having. Somebody new pieces around him they're gonna have to figure out how to play together. Council by Billy didn't really do much of anything either he was. Kind of just nondescript yet -- it was visible through death which didn't look good especially when you've got. The guy we Gutierrez making better pass is readily anyone's right and it really was a guy that. This team really really hard on at the beginning of last season when they brought him in as their as one of their designated international players so. I I definitely want to see war for one is even more from alienate the gig rubio was a guy that they clearly put a lot of stock and because he's starting in the middle were Don used to be. And he's a guy that they're gonna have to really put a lot of faith in him yet yet. The a lot of faith there you put him in the middle of the field it sort of Iraqi run of 433. Instead of wheat I thought it was. It looked like a 4141. And then it kind of look like they they put the type that at times it looked like it any kind of flip between a 4141 in a 442. But it I think. The idea was it was for it to be 0433. But you saw Russell LeCroy he's a crazy drop back into the mated. And yet she saw Huey drop back play in as a as a defensive itself that was kind of weird is low we're positioning going on it was a lot of times where. It gave you know very much rubio was kind of in the middle of the field on an island between two defensive backs senator backs. He couldn't get anything at all so. I wonder other got to address that in the in the future years I think they might have to stop running somebody in the middle. That it in my ever start running in two forwards. Like John Meehan and and have. Diego rubio playing the two forwards and then maybe move crazy bat into the midfield. Because it kind of seems they would be really need to do Dickens. You know it dated the they have they seem to have a really hard time being able to attack the goal. With just one guy that incidentally that's gonna be all year and as in Peter Peter does do a great job. Of adjusting your. Making adjustments to fit. The team that he has on the field so I mean that that that will be a problem this is again it's its first game of the year. That's why don't think you can take too much on this issue so many new pieces. And you can do it again you can even tell despite lineup that he put out there of him just trying to get a feel for who we has. Before they kind of settle in and establish themselves as far as what formations they're gonna play who's. Who's even going to be the starter especially up front. So there's only so much you can you can take away from this they would they did it. Of I thought they did do a really good job on their set pieces. They looked really good on their set pieces except for the one of the into the first. Except for this where that was an exception but overall I think they did they they created a lot of opportunities. Bomb especially on a corner kicks. With the with putting pressure on and NYC. Yet they did they look they look good doing yet for the most part I think and we saw them working on this set pieces on their freaky is pretty cool I knew coming in on media day last Friday. We saw them working on those sorted it's definitely going to be some that's going to be important for them considering that they struggled to score goals so. I did the biggest thing though is when. That game awaits must stop it's gone eleven minutes of stoppage time what they need to figure out effective way to call for replay yet in these games this. Zarb a five to seven guys standing around the rev bitching so they can get a replay takes up way too much time and is not a very effective way to did replay. It to get the refereed to go make replay. They need some way for managers to be able to indicate to the rest hey. You better you got to go out there you better read played a plague is you've clearly messed up in that position. They need to go out there. If find sounds a late may be they have like I Arab born or buzz thirds of them now as they relate maybe they have like a bug like these two buzzer but and things like supremely feud. And they got omelet right here in the middle right I have a line that they got to write on behalf line and have a bit of a manager gets minutes is due to challenges. And a big big big messed up big goal there hit the buzzer if it fires off over the whole stadium. And now the ref retails OK I'd better go man is a better go do that play yeah they need some pins so that a manager Ken likeable players are paid on an L where you did you know coach need to call them for call for replay in a situation. They need something like that. Because that's going to be a big problem this year when you've got five to seven players complaining to a refereed a call to go for replay is gonna eat at sold much time. Yeah and again I don't get too much into this is related into the sea of market that I have a couple ideas that I I think. Could be implemented. I don't think they did a very good job in this new system but I don't think they did a very good job of looking. At what some of the other sports do and incorporating some of those ideas. So there is definitely going to be a lot of room. Or improvements. But it was not very efficient the way that they did dated. This first go around there was market so at this time Meehan Julio. We want to Milan I got higher question for you before we get into this via yes I want to ask you what your thoughts where. On peer Burmese the post game comp you I just got I wanted to ask about the refs I wanna feel about it but I also did what he added I'd also yeah from a question it would cost him money yet. 'cause like we're we're trying to get a good read these. I don't wanna ask a question is gonna cost him money in the first game of the year. Event may insulate them with the Vietnam asking that question I'm not asking him now the way it what were your thoughts are this to mean. It felt like he was a little bit overly optimistic with how that game where it's especially in you know he got he talked about. In and post game press conference of you know the first half they looked bad but he thought they did some really good things in the second half. Which which I I can certainly agree with but it sounded like. And an I got this from him last year as well this feeling of he tries to what they win. He he doesn't really overly compliment them as far as their performance. After win. But when they lose he tends to Allah. For lack of better term babysit them a little bit as far as as making it more positive than what it really was and I thought. While again this is there's only so much you can take I think this is why it took that approach the first game of the year July new pieces. You know I don't I don't want to overreact one way or another but at the same time that first half was was pretty ugly pretty brutal. And I thought he was a little bit overly optimistic on on his outlook on how the game went overall. I think the reason why is because if you. On what we were at media day on and on Friday last Friday. He was very open and honest about how they pretty much retool. Are just. A little step up from rebuilt yet does still have some building black pieces you have an ID unity as the team's done a lot of returning PGA solid a lot of that you you're on the management team you're still a contender for the food to win the the Western Conference. I think for him. He doesn't know what he had not at all and so because of that I don't see things I think I did Burmese people to be under precinct came to view. He would tell eating thinking they were gonna win that game yeah now idol I don't think he thought they were gonna win again yeah I mean especially when you got a bottle sitting in for it's that's no big. And if you can't when you replaced a bottle you replace them with the draw and a instead of so nobody. I think. He was trying to steer me and figure out who's good didn't think their real windy game because you've got a team that's retooled it try to figure it was good it. Vs a team and in New York City FC. Who's minute what the best teams in the Eastern Conference last year. Ed they were a team that law that looked like they don't play together for very long time they've got a lot of minutes under the you know pulling together getting that chemistry right. Meanwhile. For sporting. A reworked their chemistry now because now they've got new guys on the front line now they've got new guys and in the field. As the drop figure out who's good. Trying to figure out who fits into your long term plans. Who fits in with the style of play that you want and I don't answer don't think that they they really expected. A win no and peered Peter and said. Our view on media day that. The first the first ten games of the season don't really mean much of anything at all and we thought it was just a feeling out prop the first half of the season really does matter because we possibly reworking of the state in of the of the of the league table. As the late summer got through and as it got into October we saw teams that weren't in the playoffs make the playoffs and teams that were in the playoffs make the playoffs. You yew remembered was. Boarding played Orlando city SEC. Was like top two in the east finished. Second from last in the Eastern Conference at the end of the year. Yeah that analysts is unlike any other. When the other sport in the country as far as baseball as the gap yell like did you see that you see eighteen start off high in the falloff was thawra couldn they get better gig iPod towards in the season. But we've seen it before the royals than you know a lot of yeah well I think a lot of that too is just is is the length of the season is just so long it's just like you like Major League Baseball as you really long. Until you go through these hot streaks go to these cold streaks. And really it's about how you're playing going in to the playoffs is really what comes out. If flawless football and that since where it's more him more about momentum and anything so. I I think I I honestly don't think he's leaving room I think he just didn't expect I wanted to see a little more and more. Actually I didn't hear from all and in the because I am I understand the situation meet these top of that I don't want him to. Kill the confidence the dollar and also if pocono arrogantly about everything they've. That he just destroys Corey today. After after so did mention that Angela Erstad did mention it. If he if he goes in it crushes Corey today and lake here on the bench now for the rest of the week but there for the rest of the month because because of what happened lake. Did thickly. Point him out as far as it on the field you know you mentioned the positive things I think you mentioned those positive they even of their color for the fact that there was a lot of a lot more negative and he does that went on that for everybody but I guess that I think for me it was just. When I when I looked at at his demeanor and I was I was I am in this is one of things that I knew the kiwis going to two. To be about in the situation when you are retooling is. He was gonna try to put himself in a situation where he's not being overly critical guys when they're trying to figure out but it's still too early for that yeah yeah it. Soccer's a real bits of its one of the the team aspect is so important in the game and so that's the reason why I think. For him he understands that he played only one in MLS cup here in Kansas City as a player in this as a manager so. I think he understands the whole process and that's the reason why I think he's he's being Smart about his criticism. If we're in June and you got guys doing the stuff that you were doing this week he's going to be he's gonna rip people in new point but they now meet as early Marge. And guys are still trying to appeal everything else I think that's the reason why he wasn't it wasn't like get a frankly I didn't expect him to be like that. I think. It is this is kinda stayed read you kind of keep everybody's confidence at a certain level and let them build it up because if course that. Has this company's destroyed in March. You just wasted all that money trying to hit him over it they're they're I'm so I was doing what I'm still concerned with what I saw out there a big figure draw still concerned. Though those stated as I stated before this is time for us to. Push our big campaign for 28 team this is it for us mean and Julio. We desire we yearn. To be part of these sporting Kansas City media game with a burning passion we want things we need to be in myth. We have to be in the innings so. Sporting Kansas City this is directed a U. Other big stride tag you guys on the post Appleby posters on or website amid tag this tag tag you in this on Twitter. We want into the media game. We're gonna go out there tonight because the best show gonna happen it's gonna happen we are declaring ourselves as eligible for the 2018. Media game draft we don't you guys have a draft I looked it up on on on the Internet last week of the localized Internet and realized this does not like you guys have a draft you guys headed no other club last year. And we won in. We at we we don't wanna play in the same team either. We we wanna I wanna detracts yeah I wanted to clean comedy is that's what's gonna happen is not gonna happen on the score five goals and you. So we want to go like Anheuser one and I don't know gonna look like any I don't know you I don't baptized I love you out of the anybody who looked at that hi salute may be nobody who looked at eyes the look that bad we will we love you guys that we do that was that. So no we want into this damn game where you I don't care what we. We're gonna have pro day we're gonna prove to you that we belong in this game we're ever pro day we want in here. Will hire agents we will have our agents contact view we want in these game sporting Kansas City you need to let us into the is bleeping game. We declare ourselves available. An eligible for the 28 T media game draft let us live out our dream my dream is Carson who Leona games soccer. Think personally I have two main reasons why why wanna play in this one the personalized Jersey mandala pretty good that's. For every athlete out of our personalized Jersey. So you go and look me up that morning. Now you are in the 150 dollars just kids out of every dollar and Alicia unarmed look this is why we're doing a podcast we're here because we can't afford stuff like that we don't make that kind of what it then too there's I really is gonna get presents. I really just want to I'd like to I'd like to make him attire to I would I would really like to do that or your -- so they've -- guys and had to make the an adult and so those are my two may I mean Toronto it was good value I will I will get a red card if you make the edit out gonna how is that is not gonna have that it comes TVs when skill siren and I'm Steve puts give us an amen to do with Allen Iverson did. So Michael Jordan when he broke his ankles crossed and him over that is exactly them across Hoover so bad the whole stadium's going to be lack. And Lou. And it everybody is good that you that the like hide your face a New Jersey a walk on realizes he's all of your aggregate no no this has it's ugly that is what's gonna happen so I'm declaring. Myself and Julio as available for the 28 team media game draft is all we want. There's always think we ask. From giving you this amazing coverage here on this podcast we want into the damn media game let's get the wheels web and it's. Julio was when he gets the. And welcome back to. This is Leo what I have my world famous. Co host over here mr. Christmas there might be your resume and lupus. I'm Leo likes 600 that he was 650 falls. Drastically drastically lose I was measurements because if not the case comedy series titles 613. Underneath you've got me back are more famous than you phenomenon of athletes and what usually happens at six. History. Okay that's what could be a few of welcome into the web hits. This is where we go into just a few things interesting stories. Around the world. At times we do is the world of soccer sometimes you don't whatever is interesting for whatever purpose here and here. The first on the Dutch soccer hooligans we all we all love. The fans passion especially internationally. I love it unaudited three advance this and this is this is what makes soccer so much different this is what. It had a lot of time to get bad rap right so for their. The Dutch soccer hooligans storm pitch to all players in security. Art so. He's practicing with a all right another rough for here and try to rebook a blizzard mrs. and mrs. Aniston. We hear this June live our scoring we should think he's about to reach. Way way more often than we should. I'm not even turn announces. This is that's beside the point it does Sam know as a juvenile here you attempt to drive them rock shop it's. It is a team. We are you and so when the other to go to rob Summers who's who. So what about the mask it's about color of the eagles' first birds do it really brought shock. Anyways for the Eagles I didn't show much and his team as they move. Ford and nothing could basically get blown out. And their fans are really too happy about six. So it was because of this is a joke on this. And they start attacking using the opposing team describes Sean yeah. So they start attacking the other team he is security the security then run downs and it's an attempt to kind of break this off. And music kinda get it under control and then there's more Williams. More soccer hooligans jump on the heels advance start attacking his security guards. I gotta say to these fights are international fight when it comes soccer artistically because it's. Not like any other sports where they're actually doing this note that all jump to huge so this is running around the field just. Basically this Friday to high kicking each other points including the practice field if you know things. Players they're kicking the other fans and security guard center and tackle for coaches they're throwing kicks it's just. They can do that I'm guessing that does not give soccer. I mean I understand you gave away right of soccer ball. Most of the most out of I don't think it's beats by. Like most people aren't very good fight for the regular every. Action movie and now they're trying to find. They give a little too much alcohol or whatever other. Controlled substances they have payment system and they start hitting my I'm sure most of these things and dark beer through it's fine. Even went so right now you had defected there they're under review. Well they did this equipment itself or jumpy. Isn't very good is doing quite. Well I I do you think I'm all for. So I know I loved a lot of people get up in arms about finally attacked it's. Yeah volatility DOS like when they usually have the right to view me differently that's. Let. I'll speak in the big fan base first the rest of the I watch. Always like don't feel we'll get some relievers but I don't like duke. I mean it's just so it's not like fast talkers laid back basketball NBA. You know I know actually wants to fight because you make a living off of him so you don't wanna take a chance itself as a runner didn't deserve to have run out every. Stand desktop U well yeah Iraq the first and it won't let you we will not. Spinach Stephen Jackson need not don't like to you knock down these nutrient is talking trash. But for the most part they dig deal but let's not NFL I don't understand with the NFL's. When they do get quite like you go just throw punches he's a bunch of idiots because your homework home to catch. It's gonna punch my home and break your hands pages are making really agree with target but it is that I had predicted that Jose had I don't sluggers didn't like soccer a little bit different to where would you also make a living with your life so why am running out their turn joy to people and potentially hurting yourself and your legs when that's how you make a living. I'm surprised no more. She doesn't intimate they beat good MMA fighters style. Let's go over here is and I'm surprised especially. Soccer players have been. Anyways you do we guys of that's really didn't have that I was his best books of them. Some elbow shots. This morning's. Well I did there's no there's there's kind of a lot of this go round clearly I. Water what led a master rating stands arrested the very it's soccer match. I was a fan of arrested Saturday after you have to report and caught masturbating in spins out walk. The soccer who aren't very good to have the emphasis on masterpiece I mean it's it's fun we're so I'm. It's a good a lot of this is a network looks OK and you're like streaming. I presume you are you actually do it. Bring judgment down on somebody from masturbating during a soccer match where there's it's and it's in the state of the technology even when it's like yeah. In the bathroom stall guarded as I did this in the privacy of your. So you're. Not contributing cause. You're pretty yeah judging you but I wonder how we'll. Like I wonder if they would like it was like around this it's around a bunch of people like surroundings are doing it right there. You know that only is it. He should tell him to the homeless get this there are several. Who would come home made you can milestones and we'll keep our order that's what's the situation where it was like indeed towards the top in the nose bleeds and lead got the he has. Space there is try to do it I don't know as they would the whole fascination is with his in this situation there's video. Did you on the airline doing this is a that he played so we're not personal calls. Yeah that clearly easily used to it like towel or blanket over. So but it obviously doing you know what you. Yeah round do you really if you're gonna get away you do one thing obviously nobody a couple of house would not please. Do it we kind of alluded to this earlier as far as. Video replays. They're they're kind of they're trying this all throughout Sakharov throughout football and keep. The local Rome is all for what reason Joseph. You know. Tom there were supposed to Tina IC I don't I can't tell you did I try to make funny your preseason all the time. I don't know that's I don't know if that's how we renounce those kids make fun. I've been using managers are tough for Tom it's hard and they had their big match com for postseason play. Just this week. In which they did warn us that they want police. Six to address those who knows when we'll baseball. Yeah I was like 621. The first half words. He's as they played very poorly. Wanted to be like them first it's. But he said he played horribly but it was very competitive this plane was second. From where they had can do quite a few times to what they call me are. Video system to process it's referred to seize I don't know. Complete though that's what attracts. You can just answer anyway okay rare opportunity BA. Public exhibitions which seems the same issues that we. He said I think it's difficult to keep us from doing what. I was the football loves football pads on board that is why we love the game Leo and his boss you're talking about the ocean. You. Are going because of the emotions in the thing is people. Still think there's too happy about what sauce. He's he's obviously. A soccer football team you know mile and a music yeah. He likes. These are poor she I think yeah that is that there is potential in his video replay there's there's absolutely if there is a place where. We have the technology why not you. Again I go back to the back. So many other sports already have for my kids it's. Their content their play and it's like soccer. Football did not take any of that into account and just kind of it's always working Smart what is it about what you're gonna. A bald as a goes instead of looking away coastal. Taking some of those. Hoping to incorporate this weighted. This is ending with the with the major well they were trying their games. To avoid instituting instant replay this game. Cholera in the real cheese on it then so how many egregious calls to business. We've got old tires. Yes he got no umpires out there ruling that a guy is Al. Even though the first baseman impossible to three feet away from the bad but the lives of runners we'll try to put our faces out. Because it looks routine for legal reasons that this is ridiculous and it's the reason why you need to get these egregious stuff out. At the same time I think I think Natalie you've seen you know some push back from some. A soccer purist because is different and frankly a lot of people lately gloat all you take the emotion out of the game. Yeah well you know if you can get it right you can get it right gateway could go for that matter is is that. You don't wanna you don't want fans feeling like jilted lovers when they losing game because of a bad situation we can obviously. Relate to that since we kind of Phil has paid blogger wrote jilted lovers here review replace screwed over sporting Kansas City I still didn't get last night. They still get ice and get it right. So the problem and that's a problem that it's in the major problem so like three I think. That you should have the city can correct some of that stuff and hopefully. The rep for freeze or brave enough to make calls that are gonna be convenient for somebody. I I like I like your idea of of limiting the amount of replays like to predict it could kill a lot of the time they'll like it to ten. Minutes with a kills a lot of time it was it was the replay itself it was the ten minute yes that they spent trying to convince the ref to go to do the deem replay in the first place that should be. At what a faintly view but right at the half I don't I don't know whether the failure if you analyze your buzzer it is like a big knowing as buzzer there was nothing else that's going to make that goalies in the stadium we knew here at Butler all bleed. When they called for repay replay it did you good today because they did you have an airports and it gives me give an airport. They're gonna fire at all you can always do like the NFL and and throw challenge Null or you can have or you can have. You could have. You know the coach go to with the sidelined judge Leo how they'll hold up for like stoppage time that kind of thing we wanted to sign all the way down there just I mean if you want to replay got to put the work into it on bill something like that could be incorporated no idea why do you think you should be limited on the amount of replay yet schools -- no I think you need something that's going to be like over that's a huge field goals not just the regular football field yes and the does like that the judges on the side there. He he's where the back line so the badlands near the goal. And big and that's probably were replay is going to be anyways musical. There were the did the your respective demands are now job all the way down the number you also have the line judge. With the with the flag you know that would not make those calls while the line judges down the back line though. What does that all wait a bit of something that the rap that you have to incorporate into the training of the refereeing as far as snow and you keep an eye out initially decide judge gives you were able to maybe itself than that to call those outweighs. He's the problem is soccer as a paper to which time doing nothing. Gil and I agree gonna see a lot of instances where like what you saw with with the instance woody they've got they've the second time they called for replay. Where they'd kept the game going. Shallow went down fouled the guy so he so they can get a stoppage in play just so they could get the rest attention so they could get a replay that's gonna capital to. If you don't have some hope that it will lob weighing on. Of giving the refs attention to call special with how dramatic soccer players already are asking where you can delegate needs some obvious and that's why you gotta have some sort of thing that's like hooked up to the sound system. And it's obvious no guess sounds like idea angered fame if you book I think there I think they could also. Something that the NFL does that that I like or actually. It would be in Major League Baseball. Is. Having that someone else make that call. So having a central offices in congress someone else to make that call so it's not all on that. Rectory tiger that's it to where it's it's. You know let's go to our office in your C let's have them make the call and then dole told bolt told refereed. This is what this is without should be this is what should happen this is the correct call because I think it put too much pressure on the on the raft that's why he got. You an actor and review actually he got those calls wrong because he had so much pressure and ending an eight. And it's a new process so it just helps alleviate some of that prop some of the of of the pressure. Yes this government also I was cowardice that yes that represent where they don't want to be who won the reason why the game rented a certain way. So I agree with that I do think that's that I think they should be uniform and all sports but within a basketball has refs and they don't care. But in football that needs to happen because of Philly there's a lot of instances where rep for reasons. Don't call penalties in certain situations because there were really especially good against the home team. Late to work at that line judge who was then called a holding call air Fisher that play of game. Man had to go bonus on hill. Day that was immediately. Disapprove called by the fans it was the talk of all of media and all the fans. After the game was that was that holding call there that's not called it generally happens the rest don't wanna they don't want a view want to make that call in this situation so I do think that's a good idea that it should take the onus off of the refereed. Some they don't have to actually be an happens is really. The there are the sensitive pissing off numerous fans in attendance there he was a great idea. Now going into. Art final topic here before we give our predictions for the next the next sporting game which will be on March 10 this Saturday. Against Chicago fire up in Chicago. US soccer. Oh boy they need a major overall. A mandate. We're not playing who woke up this year in in and it's one of the most embarrassing things. As the US soccer fan that I've had to deal with in my time is. Seeing art team which I think every person here in America it takes for granted. Our ability to make there's a tournament like the World Cup I think every country. That is at least relatively good like we art soccer. Is taking for granted the process of making the World Cup I know they did in Italy and Italy didn't make the World Cup either would be more bears think Italy is the powerhouse they want the World Cup and a sixth. So did you know we we look at the situation and it was a wakeup call for. A free US soccer about that the changes they need to be made but I think. The problem is is I I'm not a hundred pursue a 100% sure that anybody who is in the position of power. Is has got the right ideas for how they're going to. Phoenix the problems that exist in in US soccer but I think the biggest problem may be the biggest thing maybe as a mayor basis them. That's something that does not exist right now. Too much politics at all but the one person that brought that into US sock was was Yuri Klinsmann and Jack came last year. It can't laboratories so for now we didn't rifle is a no no no I don't think he did I don't. I only get the tools to succeed but does not his fault that he didn't but he also didn't do. As good of a job as I think he couldn't I don't think I think he did as good as what he was going to do with the tools that he had been give him. Because Powell was just simply not their adolescence and powerful and I there in and the thing is is he was trying to make. But drastic systemic changes within United States soccer to make it more like what he had when he played for Germany. Saying they resisted. They fought against politics and it's so stupid because. Like for instance a lot of people criticized him for Winnie Edley dean Donovan off follow the World Cup team Beckett went fourteen. Agree I thought it was an excellent if old yes. Prime. You wanna have you that's all international soccer is you reveal looks amazing. He looked amazing last two were 22 goals he looked really good against sporting. He's going to have to compete. To get on Spain's national team. That's how good he has it reveal were American he'd ever guaranteed spot on the US which is national team. He guaranteed a spot that's either because they have a strikers good to see them. He's competing for a spot. On the Spanish team I was I was when I was watching the the game. I was watching a sporting game again this morning. They were talking about how he's gonna have to compete and really fight for his spot on the international teams are member win. They had it was the Europa a couple of years ago. And great basin like that might be the last time he plays for the Spanish national team that's how competitive it is it it's a major base just go home and just. It seems like soccer is unlike any other sport here in America to where. Every other sport in America is a what have you done for me lately league meaning it's how you're playing now. How you how you look what kind of numbers are you producing. Whereas soccer it's more. I think a lot of the tests to do with. The lack of popularity in the sport to where it's more of you know the name it's more of what have they done what what have they done throughout their career and can you bring those big names into. It onto the national team so that it creates more of a buzz and it if people are more familiar with those names until they tend to pay a little bit more attention to. But that that shouldn't be the case it should be like international play where it's. Again like you said a merit based system it's it's what have you done for me lately it's. You have earned this you are playing you're at the top of your game right now regardless of your name you have earned that spot and likely to Donovan situation. I thought that was a brilliant move and one a created. It put people on their toes as far as what we're doing things a little bit different. And it put some of those. Some of those players that debt thought that they deserve the spot because of what their darn as opposed to what they're doing and put them on notice that that's not how we're going to do things anymore. To it just. It created did a a different dynamic as far as again. You know giving that opportunity to those people that to those other players that are really pushing themselves right now and are in the prime of their career and are producing. More so than those people that are just going off of their game. And then I think they need to take a European based approach to game program lineups as one of the criticisms that Bruce Arena guy. After the debacle against Trinidad to boggle on passenger through it all they needed was but drawl it one point they'd qualify. For the world choked AJ I lost that game. And it was being badly to evade this all looked like how garbage and the criticism was that. They didn't take that game series. They were like Austrian ads or are we needed to like they've earned like like they're they're talented enough to be able to do that yet and they ended a losing net gain in the into giving him Barings. And not making the World Cup most embarrassing. My most embarrassing time as a as a soccer and was without for all of that all of all of you us yet yeah I mean it was just it was a game they just needed tie Andy they didn't take it seriously in the end of losing. Date. This is the what are the issues like in in Europe. Those teams take every team that they please use because they know if we're not on our a game we're gonna lose. We know. That in Italy no it will take Belgian seriously really addressed it you'll know that we don't take Iceland's seriously we're gonna get arraf. This kid and I just did. Bruce Arena to mean it wouldn't like if you just look at him this is gonna sound really mean. Because it is but he just looks like he's always confused he looks like he is just bought. Like Alec like you asking a question and it looks like he's just like looking into outer space he looks at a Simpson scare you wouldn't need any just like his his spears just like. Like he like he's quality special like he's really he just has no clue of what is really going on I don't know. I don't I don't know I mean he has do you have. A spectacular. Soccer I Q to get to where he's at and T have run things for as long as he's run things. But he just what he why does he always look completely lost to me. I'd I don't know what I don't know what it is I don't know if it. Yeah died and Oleg I don't like him either just kind of looking at him just rubs me the wrong way and we when he was the manager of the team you know back in the 2000 that was never fan of them for that. But the situation there like brought Bob Bradley but clearly was again the job done right and I was a fan of the big failure include a really excited for Clark everyone wants everyone has out of big barrels a big win by the by the US nationals and I didn't brought in that European based approach to how they put their line of together and how they've prepped for the game. He expect he was really really intense this practices in the expected a lot of players. And the fact that you got Bruce Arena out there. In their numerous players have gone down said the key Craig's super relaxed environment were guys didn't take everything seriously. It really hurt in you need him more intense environment because international soccer is considered to be the very top level of soccer competition in the world. Which is a World Cup is the most prestigious. Soccer tournament that happens in the world. And you've got to take you more seriously than that you've got to take Trinidad's of boggle more seriously especially win. You are strawberries and to make the world's just bears and they also need to have more time tell development at a younger age outside of the call the system big time the call system is awful. It's not it's not working. Because a lot of these kids are coming out of college twenty or twenty years old and they're not as good as kids playing over in Europe at the same age. We got guys that Kristin Pugh was sick who he's playing for these small clubs he plays for club over in England when he was it when he was in high school. And he's building his game up there. Then he gets signed a seventeen years old by Boris you Dorfman. And he's playing on their use team work in his. Way up an eighteen years old he's playing for their main swallowed. And always seem a lot of playing time there easily nineteen years old I think. Soccer. Overall doesn't pour job. Like he's at cultivating young talent. Because they out price themselves meaning you know when you when you look at it and again this comes back to a lot of the politics as well as far as making soccer affordable. For every one I feel like they don't do it a good enough job of of recruiting when it comes to. You don't inner city type looking looking for athletes outside of your traditional areas of soccer meaning you know. In athletic. Basketball type player my athletic football player they they don't do it and it they just makes it so once you get into a certain level soccer. To where much like baseball. It's very expensive to travel the end. But should it be like if you look internationally. What these people play with. Any kind of ball with the new their hands on and and it's fair game soccer's it's fair game at it it's easily accessible for everyone except for here in the US we just. Out price ourselves and make you wait too expensive for. Four. More kids that Wear it shouldn't be in the new lose out on a lot of talent. That's also where I was gonna go my final point was they need to start more Al region Anderson yes they need to get bigger audience a young players into the game. And they able that there's a lot of good athletes that orange in the flew into demographic that the game is is of the appeals to. It in the that's one of things if that's like her baseball's Florida slate to divert lake is forcing the number of black players have played game. It's gone down has baseball's best of war in the dude in the in the Caribbean and in the south American countries. As opposed to investing here in the inner city. And so because they've seen a big decline in number of black players play that sport. And he of food a football to basketball they invest heavily in the inner city and they do. Big reward out of did you get great athletes against O'Neal Browner Russell Westbrook. And and Dwyane Wade and guys like that the match those guys played in the end in the MLS. You have what you better athletes and you have right now because you got a big pool. Of talent as opposed to just going after the flowing. Audience and that's the reason why you needed he need to go out needed to go on has more outreach and look in the inner city. Tackle the demographic that the demographic that is in the in the lower echelons traditional demographics and you need to go out in an IV this is what this is one thing that the do over Europe Tuesday paid these kids death. These kids go out they played semi pro soccer when they're like thirteen 1415 years old. And it's a great way to get them to stay in the sport is they're making money. If you're out here and you've got a semi professional team like all these clubs have a semi professional team that these kids can get paid to play Ford. And they develop their talent. Ended and yet these kids are able to make even more money once they go get up to the main club that means that you have a better talent pool. It's one of the things is soccer I think he's. Has really done their bit in other countries that they haven't done here is that they haven't tried to tap into that Irvin. Deal lower income. Yeah talent pool there obviously is a lot of people who are it's who are of Hispanic descent that are in the lower income they grew up watching soccer. But a lot of homes still don't have a ton of opportunities go play these good teams Cynthia black kids to do what with poor white kids through. A lot of kids grow up and there in the football because football is. Funded by the school and it's easy to play if you want you in you go button and approach your game and push your game on the more. Lou on the lower income. Families and try to get the younger kids who don't have the opportunities to play the game nearly as much and get them into it. You've bigger talent well they have I mean they are moving towards that you know sporting last year signed. That fifteen year old Gianluca. I believe it is to boost you know. We GO. But he probably butchered the name I've that's what I did that's that we barred establish that you know is fifteen years older they signed him last year so. I mean they have they are getting a little bit that but they need to do more of that. Including their developmental type leads to where there. Bring them along like you said an earlier age are but there I mean they are making strides when when it comes to that. Now let's get to our predictions here for the gain. Going on this Friday and that's a Friday and Saturday between sporting Kansas City and Chicago fire Chicago fire really good team last year mess they were that. Is easily the biggest improvement for a second half when he says it came on real strong they came on real strong this they had two guys who I think it over twenty goals on the season. They had a lot of firepower. And they they were really really they were team in the massive improvements Julio real quick what do you think is going to be the is going to be the final puzzle for the game on Saturday. Again because I think he's sporting is so many new parts especially on the offense. On and they are going to struggle to score goals whereas Chicago as a lot of returning parts in there should drink. Is their offensive end and finishing putting putting the ball the net. I've got to go to Chicago on this one. Score wise I'd put it adds. I mean sport he's got to put something that they've got us they can't get blinked against are about to want Chicago. Yeah and on the same way too I'm maggert who won Chicago here I think they go there and experiments more at the line I'm trying to figure who's who's good and who isn't. And you know frankly if it's. It's early in the season. There's chemistry issues don't just fix themselves one week which is the biggest issue that they have right now. And you know fact they don't have a guy it's like a primary score and increase their own offense so. There's going to be some issues there I think that are gonna continue Chicago meanwhile. They've been there they've done that they got another year there where of chemistry built up they've got some scorers it's in Chicago. Which unit it was. Help matters Welker is now these guys are on the road in hostile environment. All it takes one bad bounce one bad play and that confidence can start to shrink up really quick so 21 for me as well. So that's gonna wrap us up here for this week. Don't forget to subscribe to a some iTunes or wherever you listen podcasts on will be back again next week for another. Addition uh oh. 610 FC. Make sure that you keep pushing us. Supporting if you're listening right now I want us Jersey dam no we don't need any badger I need that spotlight you do want to slash am media game we want president things go out there and give you that shined going to be the biggest stars and a game. Puts us out here hash tag as Casey media game eighteen Bhutto's son says I'm Christos there'll we're. This has been six NFC east with Chris zero wolf and Julio Sanchez. Yeah. I. The and yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah.