610FC Episode 3

Chris Uno Cero
Thursday, June 8th

In Episode 3, Chris and Julio break down SKC's win over Minnesota United FC, Julio gets another name wrong, they commentate a soccer fight, and break down Sporting's next match against Montreal.


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Do you were now listening to the official podcast. Of Kansas city's soccer fans. Some six and it CE. Here or your posts and pursuant to zero from and who EO Sanjay this. All right welcome. View latest addition. Here on 610 sports guys. Fine who play in any way you can listen tool by. Places where podcast. Are stored upon me you can listen to them from were probably on and Rio alive he lives recording. Your comments do you do for. The because talk 980 studio now everybody uses it for everything. And this third episode now that's going to be that we've done in I increase in a Cerro. I'm in Julio Sanchez and we are going to be delivering to you show that covers. Not only sporting beat down their massacre of Minnesota united FC. Last night but were also going to. Cover I I wanna talk about what I saw from US men's soccer the US men's national team last night. In the air 11 draw with Venezuela. One goal and a little bit about the match show that sporting has next week against Montreal. Julio has his web hits that were were recovers well. But first we talk about this matchup that we saw last night is game at children's mercy part between. Sporting Kansas City in Minnesota united FC a demon neither of neither of us were able to go to I had to work the royals game. Royals just absolutely demolished Cleveland twelve to five. Julio you're over at other company picnic at a function of a job that we work at our day job. So I got a chance to watch some of that wall we were doing post game for a for the royals. And then I went back home. The united re watch the game saw everything happen and this is will it. Sport has to do. Two teams like Minnesota in Minnesota is category. At their skill level. This is the kind of forms they have to do those counties where they are just slapping them all over the field that first half. They had so many opportunities scored and then they were finally able to capitalize on them in that it would get one goal in before halftime. Michael par with the beautiful shot just ridiculous she doesn't do Jewish. Defense didn't do anything at all in order to trying to stop. Well I think. They didn't expect him to shoot Michael pars not. He's somewhat offensively challenged I mean that's why he plays on defense and end. Don't expect him ripped a shot from from that far out I mean he was a good. Let them together probably was outside eighteen by at least another fifty heated so. I mean that was it that was a ridiculous shot in even the into the goalie the goal of the key predicament you coming and he literally stood their flat footed in just Washington go right. Yeah that was because it was withdrawn that was in the I think with as president of the screen on the on the heavily. John blah tool bully the shy that's how that's so strong knew it was a rocket that was a rock a laser. That's what Dallas yes so really really great goal bio pars there. Com I love the fact that we're seeing like fail over done it twice this year. Where he's taken shots from outside the eighteen just on the edge and he's been able to vehicles obviously apart medical there. I exporting got to do more of this where I agree where they just. Defense pushes back line pushes up and somebody gets tonight Celine gets a nice look the leaders seek common. Because frankly you don't expect a lot of guys take those long shots. And because once or twice a game just. Take that opportunity men just seem even get on that because I know and how much you're league I want UEFA you know I watched teams over legal and EPO. At least once the once or twice again and they've got midfielders they've got defensive backs taken shots like that. And seen a Big Apple one in the corner well dual dual. What it does too is it it it keeps the pressure on on the defense right and even if you even if if you just get it on goal used there's always a chance that you know you get a bounce the crazy bounce or. You know you get a rebound and being so. Again they need to keep the pressure on that's a good way to keep the pressure on and it's it's an attack style that. That now a lot of people utilized and they should more Boroff. Is that I feel like it's one of those is it is definitely is something they should do a lot more especially when you look at them and their struggling. To give the scope and offensively. I mean they're they're a lot of games where you can obviously tell. They they're they're just move the ball around but there's no purpose to. And so I think definitely more often now. They should be looking to try and and CA thinking get something you know just get one of those long shots like that you Selig stepped curry out there are just. At the end of the half you know at the end of a quarter just throw in a shot out from midcourt. Flu shots. Sometimes it doesn't happen you know or maybe it's failed in the Courtney just throw one up just in case sometimes there's still works you should definitely drive that. Well I'd I'd I'd like. And I think that sported should make make it. More of an effort to at least make the attempt to see if they can get one of those one using your analogy you look at Golden State and you know they fire off so many threes. There there's so many long rebounds that come from those long three years. They're great offensively on the team it's his it's the same idea in soccer. In the fact that you take those those long outside shots you're hoping for some kind of rebound. Some kind of deflection something like that so it's it's. It's a different style of play but again it's it's something that needs to be utilized more specially by exporting the second. All the game was one it was Jim image drawn that was second half pretty early on. And Sunni side gets the goal gets he gets a shot off in the eighteen goes off the crossbar. That I think balanced and it crossed the line a balanced in debating divot tool and so everybody on the on the back line there thought that was goal. Everybody thought that was a goal and then much Rhonda he's like you know it. I'm not I'm not by any quite yet he goes in gets a hatter puts it past the goalie as a second goal of the game for sporting Kansas City that entire sequence was. Why you don't really stop until the whistle is blown. Because days. First and foremost there should have been a foul coal. One that won the Minnesota guys did for now believe was. Why NC it was a big was withdrawn that was that was fouled the dating call it and soul. Latif blessing gets the ball and the rest slick keep playing keep poignant. And that's when he is able to pass it over to Sunni side who lets off the shot that should have been Canada's goal. He kind of scrutiny -- the first goal of his year of his first goal of the year but men drawn to was able to go in and get his own goal. That mated to nil and then. You saw it later on in the game I think was 87 minute Abdul salaam. He comes off the bench and he is they just. Rush the goal they had so many guys in there they'd just put in dumb about ten minutes earlier. And you know they may have some of the guys are on the goal that eventually salaam was they would just. Right place right time he he's able to just you know easily to that in for the third goal of the game for sporting. This was overall was just a performance where. You were just so much better than them and it's just crazy how you city. This team. The way they play at home. And then you watch him the last couple weeks where they played against Colorado where they were punch list. And we before with a plague of Vancouver and they had some opportunities that they never capitalized in Vancouver just executed two excellent plays. And ray it was scored goals. It's just crazy how you watch this team and you watch how they play at home. And you look at him away and it's like it's completely different team. I just dole. I don't know if it's mental pain I don't know what it is but it seems like. This team loses. All in vain as they and that it has the advantage but they lose all of their momentum. All of there. F for this kind of sales it might be an effort deal would they start going on the road like that because we know talent they are home I don't understand why doesn't train. Lee tomorrow. Wolf for this this particular game for me more than anything I think this was. This was redemption for them if you remember back on May seventh I believe it was they actually lost to Minnesota who at the time I believe was in last place. And in the conference and lost to them to nothing surprisingly very surprisingly and they looked the sporting looked awful so this I think was more of look this is who we really are. This is who you guys really are we are that much better than you and we're gonna prove it to you that's that's that's the way I look at this game. And like you said they came out on fire just went right out of the gate just. What are don't yet totally opposite of opportunities. It was they wanted this game really badly. They could've scored five goals and yet he's at over the opportunities they had bigger the couple other chances before they for a par just rolled that slow and and into the corner couple of other opportunities there and overdrawn at an opportunity blessing and one. It. It was one of those games were was just your night and they smothered Minnesota. And that's got to translate to the road so you gotta be able to do agree not three goals but you've got to be able to get some goals in when you're playing teams that Colorado who's awful. Colorado is not a good soccer team right now. And you let them smother you would hole yeah little. They looked elegant way they scored a goal and early on a great play and then after that date just packed evening and you let him do. You didn't pressure them. You can put a whole lot of effort and and it stands six games in the month of may. But you're you're a replay of five games this month in June there's got to be more effort than. So going around the league now sporting Kansas City as of right now is in first place in the Western Conference. There's that it's 45 points seven wins four draws four losses. Plus nine goal differential they increased the there gold different about 50% with that three no win over Minnesota last night. That means that they are now second best in the west in goal differential. Houston does play a game later on tonight. And does sold. This team leagues could change used to to go back in the first place the aid at the just absolutely destroyed Real Salt Lake 521 on Wednesday. So that's that's they were in first placed up until last night. Houston now second place in the west 23 points 72 and five win draw loss with a plus six gold differential. I do find myself pretty surprised the Houston has found their way back at the very top of this of this west win. Few weeks ago look like it was going to be a three horse race between. On sporting FC Dallas and Portland and now Houston's back in it because their urges. They distorted blue Obama and maybe the patch for the play bad teams put their obliterating guys right now. That was really really big win that they knew they were able to get over a Real Salt Lake on Wednesday. The president all by Houston I mean. Over the last I'd say probably 344. Years and probably longer than that they've they've banned a powerhouse I mean. Houston sporting. Portland. Seattle for the most part I mean those guys are all consistently at the top of the league every year. So. I know it's only a matter time before before Houston kind of kicked into gear. Got the legs under them in and they're making some noise now and I mean like I said every year. Houston is probably the only team that really scares me every time we played them and I feel like they they just have a number. Yeah and they've yet to play Houston this year. That I could have played in this month I believe next month that it is when they're in the first matchup against them. On. Really looking forward to that one because generally sporting does pretty well against the teams that are alike in the opera actual line. Another and there there you know 011 against FC Dallas boy. They were able to beat Portland. In Portland a few goes at him. Almost like almost two months ago now. They were able to go out and get a tie me down in Orlando first team to get get points in the standings. Down Orlando they played some really good teams and they've they've fare very well against them. So big definitely. Have shown they can beat some of these upper Echelon teams. It's just a matter of can they be able to do you know obviously on the road that's going to be a big issue because they're losing to bad teams on the road but Caylee consistently do that throughout the year. Because is. If you look at him early on their really consistent offense was awful were not able to get anything going in their offense found some life then they had some dead Ryan's mean they were played a couple of road games last couple weeks. Now their offices pactel safe. I hope it's not just one of those situations where it's often sent home none of it on the road because that's really hurt sporting in the long run in the stain. Well it's like I compared to kind of like the NFL as far as Major League soccer goes in the fact that. Home games. Gasoline need to win though that we just need to be able take 3.2 yet but on the road is where you need to at least be able to split your road games yet and get away with that you know. Something a draw some some kind of points. That's that's what's gonna separate the the top teams from Europe from the mid to bottom tier teams is what they can do on the road. And another team that is making a statement. Not a good way though Real Salt Lake. Who we just talked about better data to guide their heads bashed in by Houston on this past Wednesday for fuel and right now negative toward legal differential on the season. Naked out of school in. Minnesota right now as negative sporty. Because global losses sporting. Of hole. Both trickles Salt Lake that's impressive Real Salt Lake got crushed by sporting me and they came up a year a few weeks ago it that is just. It is amazing. How bad that team is right now we're still not last once you know there's still not alone last night and but that's exactly that is really probably back to. Nick fourteen goal differential isn't in last place. They win a game if they were a winning game the big problem may be it may be in the playoffs dale Collins. So Colorado was in last place in their minus six yeah goal differential which so so what would you rather have would you rather I mean if you're gonna lose. You might as well just lose I have opened a lot of blue collar I'd rather just lose close I mean believe yes. Editorialize ago real slowly and that a lot of games they have no change and they have none not one chance. At all whatsoever. The way they lost to sporting was embarrassing. IBM there's the view fan of that. Then they they get one penny goal won it eagle against Houston but Houston dropped the five spot on you and is meant. Always high school scored. Though that's worse than I as little as I played it is cool we got we got array and a lot reports that five war and hope that odds data from birth experience third they've not been as high schools and removed about five to one of college score. But good and no it that is really really embarrassing. To lose like that all the time. Even for cholera knowing you've got a good goalie and that there in the rapids in Tim Howard like that helps ease your your concern because you know hey if we give. You know are battling gets better maybe we get some better midfielders that we can possess the ball better wicket win. Put it in the fall of real slow way I mean look let's put this late goals against Real Salt Lake 35 Minnesota 33 the next closest team. Tweeted yeah yeah just that's it that's. You basically have no deep just slow the team. And then look at the top team over in Eastern Conference right now Toronto. Throttles of 29 points right now. They're running no they're look at the start run away with the east. Five point. Differential between them in second place. And in terms of points 95. And two on the season two losses is all that day. They don't lose very up and probably the last and the loss was April 15. So and and the goal differential will lead to better than sporting. So they're consistently. Blowing out teams exporting does. We're sporting gets her home in Abidjan three nothing. They don't do that but they still win games and they win them in a way that yet there's still dominant bestow bullying opposing teams. On May end it in this from a sporting stay in their in this is something that should definitely build confidence. For sporting fans. Going through the rest of the season. You're able to get a draw against that team should be viewed by the way yeah elegance bushel lost but you. You you're essentially got to win on the road because you wouldn't got to draw up there in Toronto it's what we just talked yeah. You essentially got to win there in terms of so if so wind calmed two children's mercy Bart you do have that. Played in their minds. And if you're able to get a win over them. Many you can look so much better than them even if they got the standings like that you're a look a lot better because. You got their numbers so. It does make sporting look a lot better. Obviously the last few road games we've seen from the little embarrassing. Three low road losses in the month of may. But you've got to draw there and you win now you really get a win at Portland Portland's very good team. Man I. Toronto though Ed the better Toronto looks. The better that draw that you got at Toronto books because Toronto right now is dominating. The Eastern Conference. And they would let their starter run away with it. I'd say it. It might be a rematch between sporting in in Toronto come playoff time come MLS cup. I'll tell you a team that's surprising for me right now as far as the standings though at least in the eastern conference's windows that he would just talked about them a couple weeks ago now great game came up trade yes to this morning yes and they they came out of the gate on fire. And now they have just. Hit a wall. Yes yeah they have additional fourth they're still on board but it's just I don't know are offensively they just looked so. So good in just. Unstoppable and now. I mean they lost to Minnesota last week yes I mean that's that's not a good that's not a good loss. You know they lost two and and why CFC who has a very good club they lost in three up. I mean this it's they're just it's like they've hit a brick wall so I'm very surprised if with a with kind of how. They've had hit hit a wall there. Yeah and you're in right around the time that they start to fall off his right around the time it's run a story catch one that it is it's almost like Q. That sporting game against Orlando was was do you kind of start to that and so yes yes because they just capture first happening that week exactly because a sporting with a beat down on rebels and Red Bulls start of fall. And they and that's when you saw Orlando they were it would get first team to go into Orlando and get a point. And the team's blessing when out there and just he killed these balls he do all of that game and proved he could be good commodity their. And since then it's just like that team is so different. And I don't know what it is I don't Chicago's gotten babe they may. Pastors Weinstein yet. We'll move other bears are normal he's our guest via his web talk about when I say. It's great when you have one of those big time Euro league players who come in and help your team immediately. Because schline stagger right now is can. Hilly immediate impact yes immediate impact the one thing though I'll only get into four Rio gets here your your web it's here. Dump the wire. One of the people included in the forty man roster for the United States national team in the CONCACAF gold cup. It's exciting yes yeah aside very exciting he just became a US citizen earlier this year's. So I've really proud for him there's little scene. And Ed it was funny to those watching the of what an international game last night between the United States and Venezuela. Man I was. I still don't believe I'm never gonna see a World Cup from you the United States soccer team in my lifetime. What they're given me a little bit hole with some of the talent that they guy I attorney game minding Kristin Pugh Asik was out there. And he can be dangerous days they were playing good functional soccer against a really good team in Venezuela. And you sick makes you know just he's right place right time. Makes a great place sneaks one by the goalie acted to give the drugs they were down one kneel at that point. And I I watched this team play in a watch him compete normally man if we get some good call developmental classes good talent. You know when other police evidence on the you bring up in the way it is I'm just. Jill good young players playing over in Europe developing and playing with the very best. In the world. And then they come back here in May start playing here in America that so you've socially eighteen which 125. In the little less their valuation goes up in the campaign board. How much these guys are going to be worth. And how much did the national team is going to improve when you get tell it that plane for our team dom Dwyer is gonna be really big addition I think. That a national team and I can't wait Zeum suit up guy I can't wait to see guys Enos these guys late. Guys like that come in and build up this national team. Goes. Wires are really you'd score pew listening key start to show he can do an international play and I think he scored six goals. And in I think that was fourteenth appearance is fourteenth camp in his career. If he's already got an eight RF five goals or think. And he's a fielder so. I am really really excited for what I've seen injury in national soccer I still not concern convinced I'm gonna see. A a World Cup in my name in my time now and all of their real win a World Cup. Blade man they lowered our show a piece of evidence that might be able to at least. Make it in your Steve makes the noise yeah lake but they can't work their way up so let's get your web it's Julio. Who Leo's web via so. Welcome back everybody to our web. For a bit to say debris begin with did you study released this business. Let's get into a legend here when it hits so what do a better way to do it's awful Facebook's. This is a soccer show we'd be here all. That is that radical it was a song. Baseball and I just it is yeah job does not baseball if you get a job that baseball you can call it goes everyone just went. Well first when we got so can efforts. Part of their effort to. You become global player on the global soccer stage they spent the last two years building Eli and messy. We don't just. Michael Beasley who is how they're gonna auto fleet and do this every week. Your savings blog every we have this week anyways just really meant to be part. Really get to and details on what the actual car was going to be. Appointed business that's ridiculous that they have a message to impart to I I just I don't understand this. They. Like they are they starting. Or they just went and no it they're hard to start they've already started very start doing. It was aluminum only cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Is it that these are based on one for. There's so little really awful like the first. By the time it's bill he's probably going to be played or is not gonna. 2019 is what's another two settlers are to two years. Coaches during the best of both still be around but he's not going to be the same player that. Knoll yeah that's like building a Michael Jordan the important now see this Obama weeks and I know a lot of people trying to attack the here we China's big time marketing. I know X and OW he is trying to do this over there NBA he's been doing if. Make you didn't do it just. You'll be doing that playing on built by the day the soccer there that's locally and good. They need to get better tone there. I don't think we're gonna start hearing that's so people like the reason why would. People start to care more about soccer here in America this could feel molest who's just gotten a lot better with the. Did it in previously been in in the news. You know the French probably the previous fifteen years or so dim unless it was just really. First decade or so a lot of you could remain the team's. And strokes or notoriety because they're starting it more and more team players are really good players or the. To come here and played big names. Tiger do so based on tour and more than your league players to complete the Chinese teams start paying big money which they did. Then that's how you gonna do nothing to do buildup soccer's popularity. By putting a bunch of good news theme park around one player so I'm going to be passed. I'm glad I expect we'll. Some awfully decent. Terrible yeah his decision here yes that was a waste of money is on the west of if I was investing public if somebody told me you hate. Would invest in ideas that we don't Duke's soccer. Billed as a legal. I'm finally Daniels. I'm the only venting out alone and aggressiveness there really. Mark Gardner that's what it's a little brother John Brooks whose expenses of American history. He signed a twenty million. Dollar or Euro zone. Contract for years might not sound. All that all that big could you look at it like all Coughlin got most of some of the others. Stars. To gives them frame of reference. Next instance. We'll be highest before that previously studio to work on someone who tend. Let's. Double. Yeah and he didn't even when he's so there's. He was brought things under way. That's next on the list we've been Clint Clint Dempsey. Seven and how. Michael Bradley. Seven point 4000004. Yeah yeah there I mean that's huge now this is a little bit deceiving as well. As John Brooks always technically in a marriage. Followed were born in America he was born and raised. He's got dual citizenship. Let's think Carly protect Jones. He's not protect these American technically yeah. Flew CBS and that's that's still a huge news on on the American. The stars are making progress that is as far as making waves and in the Euro exit plan. He got hit he's he's been up that you don't know why he spoke. Born and raised in the Arctic politics. This will be next year it it's actually next year he's going you were innocent casualties of we'll be he's in his first ten please only point 40 yeah so the contracts are we gonna go here. And that's really it's what really you're the hero shrug it off so the girls got past the 21 points and they've even been governors and ambulatory or. I don't go to Sebring is exactly. I'm not very good at math anyways. So I'm pretty sure we were might let you little guys. But it's it's at least 42 billion dollars he's made it through this once he's he's making starter court starting quarterback in the NFL. And as that's pretty him Nazis I don't know Chris if you lose that he's taking over. Overseas tour but it may yeah what are you now. This time from domestic gambling man we talk about this but the last thing. And I will always. Bowl they. Believe that United States and political World Cup that the image when I see guys like John Brooks. We play for the national team date twenty million dollars. Since playing over there and you're. We can't go to the Christian Ronaldo was making like thirty something. Over their plea for Real Madrid. Didn't make it and that tells me that they. If you're pretty good that you coach flip foreign national things to try to help with what the World Cup then I'll take any days. My hopes are going up right now let's go to US and what's next. And sensible role would for the US. International soccer next we have on our web hits. A bad as refereed Argentina. Ducks scored a player's mind. Squares up and swings back and I. You you set your computer looks like like this group I did so big screen here. Some fifty years. Always wrapped look at him monkeys don't help those we don't know what article so elbow couldn't do it seemed as easy. What happens if things. Don't rent was throwing elbow so it was. Still he was jumbled field you don't sell things you'd get by their. It's the same player here in the Eagles get this guy yellow card. We'll let him immediately as soon Stevenson pulls the yellow card out and watch the guy hole turns sucker punch. Teammate. Sucker punch the guy. And is wrestling nine haven't done that in a couple other restaurants when in. More soccer. Yeah those were fighting and this was under way I was watching I would. Those Friday it was Friday of Britain where right after ago. And I came here royals game Friday night I actually went to 22. And I watched the pacers his uncle's. And I really good math class oh my I river pirates fourteenth time. And I'm a awaken. Terrorism because it happened on Friday. And never wake up this Saturday morning I'm more a lot of fire. A hands. It's Arnold's Woodson primaries that seed that's. That night I watched. Why are they so the whole thing RC YI the allies and build walls listen and air speeds and complain about all this is just Greece. I don't know Walter really what is the greatest moment and maybe it's these guys are just throw and hey it looks like she's finally. I certainly don't want to find. All those guys killing his yellow cards and he just put together around but they generally don't fights. Actually. It's boards and one of the most interesting parts about sports. This guy here this soccer every bush. Oh if you watch this he. That the player of that I think initially we immediately got a under he had a good team and a brand and even though the player doesn't really wanna fight you know in the but that doesn't really I always look at what you do you realize like I bit off more than I can junior wrestling back. The backup Willy is putting the rest would for the first or what it was like three feet away. Like he threw that elbow was like tobacco tobacco and that he gave me with the real one debate about it came in with a real helpful this practice this. Correct that and think it cost her with. Her but it is nice place. Places you her audience is he's always go. Really wanna mess somebody else fiddle with the elbow hit it within. That's the workplace it's. And you hit the hard part survive this helplessly and even our own snowman is that you guys he got hit it's flush. Sports needs more of that. Couldn't agree more titles break down this matchup here between this morning and Montreal. This coming Saturday. At children's mercy park second straight home game that they're going to be that they're gonna have. And so obviously you know you would think yes they're gonna at least give it a draw here they have not lost a game at sporting part this year. A Montreal right now is the second worst team in the standings in the Eastern Conference. Bought it. There are a lot better than their than their they're standing would indicate. Right now vegetable plus one goal differential. A caller. They've actually won three of their last five games. They are a team right now that's looking like they're starting to get some momentum I don't know if they're gonna get into the playoffs in the east. I don't know of the ever going to be a real player in that and then conference. But Montreal is look like it seemed. That might not be. There they're not the meant that not Minnesota U night we're gonna see United's is just an awful soccer team. You know there are not Colorado an awful soccer team they're not Real Salt Lake sure political. I think they were playing in the west they would be higher in the standings than what they are at least right around where Seattle is weather like we would be like right outside the playoffs. Bush is system fortunate that your playing in such a loaded Eastern Conference. So they appear to be a team that. Isn't. No real player it all there is that they aren't a team that sporting should have issues with but. Look at that that Montreal team anomaly may make the ocean not too bad here they I think their fifth. The and goals allowed this year so thirteen that that is probably better than what their record would indicate. And they're starting to catch fire here beaten some good teams on. I know this is a home game at all but this is definitely not one of those. Games are you should look at in the same way we looked at Minnesota coming in to boost children's Marcy park. Or the same women look their real salt Laker. Or Colorado Rapids coming in its shields Marcy park I think there's Montreal impact game's going to be a little bit more difficult than bin. Even I imagined. Just a few weeks ago why. Think bigger picture. This is live this is an important stretch for supporting right so. That's enmity the three out of the last board to use our home games read the two previous games they play Colorado. Played Minnesota who were both bottom feeders Montreal coming up who. Again is not terrible team if they're not on the same level as Minnesota Colorado yet but they are bottom feeder and its it's it's a game that absolutely need it has its at home. And then and Minnesota again next at home. So this is important four game stretch of playing body bottom feeder teams. That will allow you a little bit of wiggle room you and you need to maxim model point out these war games to to give yourself a little bit of wiggle room in the Western Conference standings. Just because. This top is it's so top heavy. So that this game is it's given its report just the stretch in general. Montreal as as a as a team themselves like you said they're not they're not. While they're at one place at the second last July 2 Alaska. Defense of wise days. There's their spectacular they're they're really good on defense bears offense there offensively challenged though. And so this being the whole game. Broke teams tend to pack it in a little bit more and try and pull for the drawl. I would expect the same thing I bought Charles foreign as far as the game playing goes. You know there offensively challenged you know it's a it's a road game for them they're gonna look to score early they're not gonna come out super aggressive though they're just gonna packet and sporting does is play the game and I don't think others but they should have much trouble with these guys that I'd you know put a couple of goals and early and it's over. Also this on they do have pretty good defense is a fifth in goals allowed. They've only you don't have to clean sheets on the year so big gimmick of boggles yes they give locals. And I think. One goal. Is is all their Gannett a false warnings gonna need to win these games usually are at the park at an island home. And overs when it I think is a one new game for sporting I think they're probably to get one early and and then after that it's just give it one of those gains were Montreal in Pakistan. And see if they could probably sneak just just get well and good set piece. It could burn on it but I don't think it's gonna happen and I think sport is gonna get dead give that don't start the month off right with six points. And they'd seen you can steal a gamer too on the road. Today in the month and they also they have another game US open cup on the fourteenth I believe against a Minnesota game. So that's certainly. Something they use is going to be interesting is not going to be game has really meaningful. Because it isn't for the it is a minimalist cup match so as not gonna cost you anything if you lose that game. So I would expect them to rest a lot of rest the other key players. I'd go that's the game Michael par should be playing you know have the one bit where you actually get points the fiscal. So hopefully you know that's a game of it kind of mail and boy. If they get this win this you know this coming Saturday. And very blitzes slingshot their way into a good run in the month. They could be ticket do what Toronto is doing right now in build some separation here between. Him in the rest of the competition because. Frankly if they were if they were in Eastern Conference the two losses that they had. It's in the month of may would've cost him dearly in Spain. Because. That lost those two games but we're still doing with first please open until a Houston beat rail Salt Lake this past Wednesday. Sort of cost a little. And that's not gonna happen when you've got teams like Montreal when an immaterial but seems like Orlando teams would be a bull New York teams. On the you'll Toronto lake a lot of really good teams over there in the Eastern Conference. That would capitalize on you losing two road games like that in a row luckily though. You didn't even really get burned by that he stayed on top of Dallas and Houston's pastor for a little bit but your back up. They got a game later tonight they may get back on top you've figured their if they get a win but if they get a draw if they lose you obviously can stay in first. This is the time. We're sporting past to get their bearings and of them they have to get high. And see if deck of propel them into a really good run in the fall because frankly. They look like a real true contender for him collapsed. And you want to get as much momentum as Ukrainian at this point. So that we you do get to the fall. You're on fire and your feeling good everybody's confident. And you can make it nice little line and capture your third. Franchise titles so I really like what they're doing right now but it does games very important and this Montreal team is not. The at the caliber of the team they you've been playing the last few weeks they're much better than it is not one of those you romantically. Yeah we go with 21. Sport victory always predict teams score goals. I do do then I don't at home and do. Only been pointing out of home and stick to one you're always doing that you're always wrong they were all always around there. So I'm more bright more right click. Atlanta more right I feel like I feel like we need to start keeping track of these immediately like tallied you don't need a board of travelers than usual it is track. Their lives will will work out of the woods is the start of next congress are doing as we will get a Bullard it will start tally and who was closes. Over who is even right at all let's let's take a little game of this in the end of the season. Whoever wins there's going to be some kind whoever loses there some kind of punishment for this whole war and it worked out this will be back next week yes we'll get into this little further little more detail as far as it's got to be good when we're gonna come on isn't gonna have his own funny yeah. Let's do it do something that you're willing to actually do because you're going to be the one that's gonna have to do the punishment. We've used home win because you're always draw and we're gonna see about that. I. That concludes this week showed today mixture you subscribe to this podcast. On what ever platform you're using tools tools also make sure you keep up. With our host pages who actually doesn't do anything his post page and sixth in sports dot com I am the only one of the two was that I suppose on the website. So but you have an extreme keep up on that I'd post sporting articles are still looming NBA as well it rightly so make sure you keep up with guns. For Julio Sanchez I'm Kristin Cerro. This with 610 FC. This has been sixteen and have seen with presumably see aero and Julio Sanchez. For more information go to 610 sports dot com. Jobs every way of me. And which. Are. Okay. I. It's time to see if I mean there's just me. Since seeing.