The 4:44 Episode

Carrington Harrison
Thursday, July 6th

Carrington is joined by Damon Smith and Aaron Randle for a detailed breakdown on Jay Z's new album.


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. I don't know just yeah. So now those. I've brought to very pivotal middle. Like delegate that's part subscribe to that I took office on the sixty in the web site appreciate Douglas into the things. I guessed Dane so my last. Areas of our right from the Kansas City Star what are you writing these days every time I ask your writing about blind kids or something something like very noble the cause. It gets accuses Thomas had just finished the whole big slick. Part of my life has brought two weeks in my life so and now I'm doing very strange story only from for instance who's like. Called him from the cynical play makes all of colon problems and we should situations. Literally they hit it it's fine. What are you working on these days you don't life men. On discount trying to hang out and get some ideas that Marbury I don't know. Hopefully that must've done something in ninety commitments. I completely understand I brought you guys here because you were two of the more knowledgeable musical years and people that I know solid to discuss this very. Pivotal Jay-Z album with you I think we have the start with this part of the conversation. I huge JC fan it was not shaken for this album. I thought that at least in terms of a complete body award that was over four JC. And and Iowa is still ended that in the first three minutes I knew I was wrong. I'm about our children easy to I was wrong in my assessment this was going to be a different kind of constant out. Who do you think about it ever since jays come back from retirement. Incredibly high shooting percentage didn't come what effect good. American gangster is fired. And that's really about it he's shooting it very high percentage post retirement. Not affected the thing I think and thanks nearby can agree that's a strong buy it workable blueprint. For our 33. Like some major life and is too long to override ending you know he got the or some thrown people were on the fence about me is considered good album you know. Okay americorps magna Carter it was pretty much. I think some people and even says that throwaway album you know I just he writes with negatives and is in it since he's come back. He has had issued pursues the dishonest things still snowing yet where is Jay-Z this two artists in the hip hop game. Com. Who everybody learn a lesson to everybody but it. If your millennial I guess you can say you're still checked in for them. When they drop and now it's kind games is the RC that Kendrick Poland goes straight and so forth but. People are still I feel like I'm on some level wanna be curious to see what they do because. That's the culture you know and they they have held the culture down force shoot twenty years or so. Oh no they absolutely have been I think I saw Dryden flight you don't say this one time and really stuck with me about it and you got all these you can incidences. Rap music is based in use and prevail. And it was never may need to grow. And I felt like Jay kind of hit it from the point that he wasn't gonna be hostile or hold it so to ease the worries about back when you were younger. That how could it successfully transitioned into you now being adult different kinds of problems. Why didn't like about Magnum or car holy Grail woods. It was a rapping about our working parent all the time and it wasn't very in depth about him being appear like I know you're married to beyoncé I know you're kids I know your interest and artwork. Well what else is going colonial life and I never felt like he told us idiot it. A great production was amazing yeah on the album is due by August or be the best produced JG album that we never heard before. But the substance in a while fellow low we Jaycee was just missing from that album. And since then he's dropped a bunch of features that McConnell warming up to this album that it started. All the way up is OK I don't like shine and he just hadn't really shot a good person it's I just I felt very easy going into this little. I think its interest in because it's like you go from kingdom come up until magna Carter an example of singles that you talk that you mentioned. And then you get here and it's like he's finally reached that point. Where he's released and problem. That actually captures this adult like. Not be boy not to drug dealer hope like this son Corey Carter like in its really him and his wife did you hear it in this out. It was fast and enemies acting to it this what makes this so good is this the first time I think in a while. That hold it like movement and Amir you know scene like this is what his album would I think a lot of times he's the last two arms and leading animal models you know we can said he was animal since condone calm days. And you know pretty much every album since Tim magna cart parts of the world who would that it's been him boasting you know in and you know like even winning your whole. Boasting wheeled vehicle and he can get old in acting and clothing he could have done here at this point it would no animal out it would have been like I've been there done it happened this album works because it's. But a first time I'd say probably see it slightly period three he will be like peel back the layers and like he's on top is that personal that they'll personal life. We knew we hear reducing like on a particular daisy like you gotta be soft it's easy like you know like you have heard bark a lively just likes to invite. In Nazi in the way that that opening. On sob would be in the right into an open to see the first to mean she knew this album especially it was different. It turns out our quick hits this household you know the moments where. Instead. Boasting about having an art he explains team. Why do you as the only thing and in the purpose of it. And then literally says I'm trying to give you a million dollars more the game for 999. Like this are appreciates like. Outlook from 1000008 million you know over the course of in league leaders in in the same thing scientists would dumbo heats explaining. You know wide and in other albums I don't necessarily know and I would say from team and come on. I don't necessarily know he's been as explicit in explaining. What it is that a lot of easily to things like these this that's it's dumb down to some extent. Really right and I think that. With particular Quebec's marks of their I think that we and our loved it but what I liked it back in my loaded because I feel that it was hollow you know it was it was. Like but that's how we knew that I was Richmond was right do what you really do like date they've they've they push it as like this this uplifting kind of album like you know this is meant to like. With the people but it is a slight. You richest tension actually outposts around retract. This BC he goes to the meaning of why his book is important how we got that will be you know and that's why the people who have talent cog in this from daisy value we know you rich like Telus might. How to get there. I was gonna home bring this up and I just was thinking about it. It's like Jay-Z recently came back from retirement it was like over ten years ago now at this point but it feels like daisy just finally it now because. Like point and I kind of forgot that for a three happened after retirement but he did the retirement blooper and three. Boy did they US is such big gaps there's just as of four years is night and coral agreed then reload is in them before you can just celebrate the fourth anniversary. He really drop a whole lot of music between me and that jazz. I've I've made a point about aging out wrapped trees in Jeremy alliger good friend of ours. He always makes this point that once you get to a certain point he wonders if you have to make that black excellence conceptual Allen or four to work. It kind of felt like that way we jail like you told us every that you talk with everything about horse you told us every day Q and you make this kind of album. And he succeeded in doing that. I think the way that it is this and I didn't even realize it was four years since magna Carter but it. Artists need space and time bites actually live life. And when you considered elevator incident and so forth like this kid's been born. And everything else that's happened salukis actually live life and he's come back to those with an album about his life like. Like we've never really heard before we've got drug dealer hoe but we've never really had signed Corey Carter and we've got that on this album you know under very. Possibly to realize that we. Like he apartment in our greatest arson you know you don't since we have a chance to even experience. Honestly not legislative obviously airplane legends tour who were keeping it this way. Legends who are steel which is so highly regarded and so on after that hold these notes and who else. Would come close I was I guess not we might even not as that pulls on the culture. Outside of just hit. Like holy person over forty that I think people anticipate their views I guess you could argue to change its and changes at the point it. He's is he always will copy what the popular trend as I don't know if you count in this that's not pleasant change aides never change snow for the most part hasn't changed it. But see I think I think those people like snoop snippets are countless stupid push and move in the culture of violence and enforce and I know I check you for exactly like Cartier you'd think that my company doesn't feel like he's that the like he he did come. You know in a period after where OK my hope is is squarely ninety's. Like came up in the nineties pullback here he we've seen him match rape in my yard gain to a mole in cases like to see. We have had that in his when before someone that was the ex president who has just like. I was an offer that's close will be nuts but other that is like known r.s one Q are so right if they make. Like hip hop makes it format makes it more but. Pop culture's it. Here are 31 news I guess maybe the last album you can satellite that was tribe called quest. I guess some anticipation for tribe called quest last album cause of fife you have root out Al or deliver I would like to try again is left out and it was I mean talk about quest by a little bit before my time it. I appreciate the sounds and artistry of and I was curious to hear how it sounded. Knowing this the last album and I thought they deliver on the product that's the last thing I can bingo with someone. That is clearly and that tear any of rap lecturing I hope is a different level for himself but it. And I think of interest things that I think their whole may have yes. The gain. Superintendent said a blueprint for how likes Clinton he's cast that are like younger life you want them make music. Past thirty past 35 announcing when they say it grabs you the young man's game like. This is the first time that it might a precedent is set for life held you may be could it could it. Good approach music or brat when you hit over forty because there are cats is gonna wanna keep doing this once they've picked at age and it's it's like whoa you though. More than anything I think the blueprint to this album is. I thinks dreaming. Has killed. Albums. Because now if I did was start to see now at least the rat I can't ignore the kind of music. Artists don't pick singles anymore so that's put on streaming streaming will decide what the single little push that already a that's how to. Today. I well I like most about this out mis. It's tinged songs a complete body of work it's less than forty minutes. And you can listen to what it once sitting digesting it and repeat that process it's clear that songs were not made with the point of view on the radio you guys know Alitalia. I know every time I hear dregs song that was gonna work the budget I've heard enough Drake music I know what's gonna hit the radio and it's clear that goes in there with thinking all right. Maybe this is the theme of the album probably three songs that I know get put on the radio in and out through the rest of the stuff. But I appreciate the I'm not making any song that I'm worried about being played on the radio. That's the way you won an artist. I don't know. Develop the project I think you know if you wanna hear something that's. And it's from the tree that we really ever get anymore because of the nature of the market like everyone is trying to stay afloat in this you are Drake Kanye or JC who can. Kooky and have the luxury of if they've been so chooses to make a album what they sold wanna make an album about or you know how the one package it. I think it was cool to actually get this from atop to your arteries connecting people that we could get from I'd like Drake. You know I think on do you know he's not going doing Drake is CA strictly Fuller for records accolades and I think that it's refreshing on that wraps taxis and what has been like. For Garnett I think that is at least there camp owned coal definitely does it Kendrick does Sunni. That might be it's the only people that and I guess not our view today. It hurts coal from the process. Coal isn't no idea to had to produce an album that I think date. What is good about this the a's affairs songs like caught their Eisner's all play for 44 anything give you a different kind of feel later on. Calls music like you say is just sleepy it's just one along a lot of varieties can't tell what song that you can't distinguish between the sales. You can distinguish between the sounds and as well as no idea that clearly superior produce and what Cole it is teams do about themselves yeah. It was a complete and I actually agree with this idea that that. Here's socket at Dane you're talking to air just kind of breaking through this JC before and really break into it. I think this is a very I take about what your opinion on but could you say that no idea is you saw aura of the album with the production. Without doubt without a doubt like the production this album is (%expletive) astounding. Or and so many levels. It's both hunting. And beautiful. It's clear and concise. Yet the same time it's messy. It's a lot of things but when. You get in the listen up moan samples. From the sample 4444. Is probably one of and use timing. But it's probably the most stunning thing I've heard in a long time. And the fact the lady is sitting there saying I'll never treat you the way that you think ashes. Even as jays he's apologized and it's like to this is crazy. But it's no ideas obviously disarm Leo it's not Jay-Z it's no idea I definitely agree. I grew up in there it. Bad boy ray which kind of developed an icon EA in the soil samples. I love the samples in all of I think the I think the Stevie Wonder flip is incredible it is I love the split 44 or four. I this sample in the old feel loved it. I was always worried of eight he was able to do it in the production at least from the the first time through I thought no idea was to stall or of the album. And then I think you go back and you start the like on Pixar and jewels and things that was said in the album. You can appreciate the artistry of the words that it did we just from the beats and melodies of it the same apples over how he transitions how 444 samples are transitions into family feud. Is amazing. And how it starts that I just think about the production on this. The production is not a magna Karl holy Grail level I thought that beats were just over the top edges. Very monstrous it's not that level of production. Boy it is it's kind DA asked my beautiful dark twisted fantasy like San album is now in the league. At the gas and he likes it's like. It's is beautiful when you get that perfect synergy because so often you have. Mike Katz. Was that like with OJ go like he out perhaps his his beats or someone who are Arturo what. I heard this on tour I think I am I agree acting sometimes been staples of the rebels are really low I think he and he washed his beat sometimes. But like being you have this album where you have the her feet mentally and I think. Of like no idea deathly shy guy I agreed to into what you're saying boy I don't know I immediacy just tell the synergy that those who after the it would just reached a fever pitch with this album. I think there will what you are saying to him you have to put in this context that. It's easy to say easy you can daisy in EP he's gone he's gonna know exactly what to do what to do with apps whereas a call lore can staples. You know yeah they're not there yet and maybe they never get there maybe they do good so easy. Get these collection of records from no idea he knows exactly where is gonna go. Yeah 'cause I like to be honest people like Tuesday's opening day. You get that eight and it's and rappers they probably like. That's all could be boring I feel like if you don't know how it is float on top of its would keep the key person in gates because people sometimes they they they don't they don't really special in today's climate. They don't fancy that production anymore but like Jay can make anything to contemporary and fresh in acting today aegis. We got to start they ring cutting the track by tragedies track number one and I thought it. I think a lot of times set the tolls for how the album is going to be. And to give prepares and other African players suffers for using keep that close song. I'm that would track when I was not gonna light views on likes me I thought that I would like announcing her big all right everybody anticipate him brake problem. All right song when I click play this is I could just tell the told that the album was not robotic trash and I felt the exact opposite feeling about this when I came out urge showed Jaycee and her. Hey how it was basically our over the last four years what's anything what it's all about j.s you want to your com Canada. You may account is wildly due in August of what you think about it. Your wife just made a pretty big problem about you what do you think about it. What I salons like it was everything wanted to know about easy he told me you got the track was right you're two minutes and it is sick. Everything about what it's in all about you eat is put out there a song one with I think sets the tone for how open and vulnerable the album's corn beef. Four I got the Republicans now have time elements of the title. And before I got the rip. You're sitting on Twitter and you see the line about it today. Think oh man this is about to go in you know this the first song and then when I finally get to hear I hear it. That kind yea. Couple that are way and I. And men though one that follows it about and if you like he's really taking this to a different level like he's. Thinking about. Kinda wild now that and also thinking about how he reacted a while now it is just like dude he's got this. On a different level Eagles right in the talking about B which is just. You know some that associate. When he's our south and how the Bay Area there today. But at that point like you said you kind of knew we were in for something in the right then and there on this for a stretch. We have some like you say I mean he said himself UK he'll never reveal. And. It made you stop me when I first heard it. I've seen parts of ego in that he's you'd you'd know what you were getting with this arm hurt people's and he was only making it because titles boundaries need to make some money so little Google so you know two gay. It would have Earth's trek. The heat he was right. Release medina's talk about each talking about you know be talking about should we yea he distilled it with him coming from space that was so vulnerable Russell opening day it's that the special was coming in the next. I. What line do you think it's better there have been a lot of future line. The future line. I think there for Nightline it's funny year. Who think the future line kind of stakes in his. A little bit more clever that you shall I might my ten favorite AZ Lear jets and the worry playoff vehicle pop culture relevance of it the fact that you released a single with future. Everything about the lie just perfect. Like he lose he technically really doesn't even say futures and hanging. He says in the future by double entendre there are even less and I have not he's my but he is obviously Santa's name. But he saves somebody's playing football with the suns like. Like here and that you got a picture Russell would maybe she's there you know on it and to throw it's it's as. It's so good like it's along those lines it made me wonder how nobody said that before it could it's not like it's a over the top line and nobody did they go to. We think about it it's not mean he people I think are clever enough in you guys have a kid that line to reapply it you know I mean like. The epic the crazier part about it is that. He's not even talking about future. In the same with Eric Benet and I think he's he's talking about them so you never wanted to or been talking about himself in the open. And but did at the same time plan and on the employees it's there's some brilliance in that you know first two minutes and 58 seconds like you see. My first time listening through the album's story mode it was my favorite song on the coach Jerry came over a dozen to two times all the way through start to finish. And after that first initial listen I was like story OJ is a is a perfect song like I thought the sample was great. I think the story of it the fact that we released at all sixteen focused in his glory and now I know that port treaty called silk black beauty was OJ. In the symbol. I've reached this level of wealth and success could be viewed as an equal all my years I would never be viewed as an equal beat by my peers because I'm black. I thought was their great story like we're talking earlier. I hated Magnum are only grow with a we've all these are bars but that's the first time he was like Joseph this is the relevance of the art that I'm talking about I jewelry and all others it just doesn't it doesn't appreciate in value. This does appreciate it and it's gonna give system like it is going to be worth. X it's gonna be like that was the OK and he won the first time that he's ever talk about something that he didn't do. The like where we talked with a lot grill could invest two million dollar and 25 million dollars Abbie. It was spun the leader who is that easy but Jane everytime you here to talk about business as always away. The nets was a week. Based faith in the entire goal by tiny cells that is going to view to endeavor loses when he says that part you've lost a fight it like Richard do you. If so who do. I thought it was again kind of fitness FEMA that'd be vulnerable and honest India. We talk a little bit about our favorite lines that first my favorite on the car now right there when he com. He quotes boat races on the black vote. Aces. Okay and it's like though the complexity intonation. Of I says how sensitive. You know. Yeah right naked light and hit hit hit. And it also kind of go in the kind of wraps up this entire like decent year OJ that we experience. Embryo this story back politely do light. Listen in like this is this if the initial time that he says it is an. 68 nationalities says that they showed in the video's story out of the popular thing. But it comes back to blow where US now. You locked up in jail. Do you also like hell hole like. He. Quietly. Addresses. And those accusations and those Lleyton you know exists. Those Lleyton mark against him he isn't what do people commitment by that week rebounds in San in my treatment shot in like he did the he active. The teacher NBA games I'll spoke it were thinking you were a teacher he described feature LeBron and for the underwear and I. If he was seen you know he built like he was nasty enough or you know lesions in the nature. In the we find out he's I mean you know scenic college people through these its in its it's etc. liked for him to come. Was sort of OJ it's like. I don't not the right people. They like seem people at high heights heights you know coming just like Norman no on this thing you know east. We are still unique in that and happy that we he'd lazy beer like. The incumbents like Gil is just so what probable for the people in the culture. Lately here. Another thing to me is like these bars her life. So blatantly reduced. From say to Steve in the future line. That he's. Literally putting it you know in layman's terms our fourth grade English to where you could. Understand exactly what he sang it like he's using nursery rhymes users don't the story of dumbo. To explain to you like do like. You can turn two million in the 25 million people about property like potentially you know like that's. It's that they. That being again that we have to appreciate about our whole like I think at times sometimes keep looking you are a little too cerebral I think they have one reason Marcum who went Afflalo wasn't. That grates me was because at Tommy just was like he was giving you a lag could always digest it you know it's got a heart the light hole he said these bars. It's like. They're simple what an elementary yeah they're not based at the British is slightly is side but when you do and when you really. No matter crafted story legs you know just like. Which for which one approach re like being able to say that with the least amount of work is clear is powerful that's that's a real town to my heart it's an. Our head beaten in its funny you bring up to him a butterfly I was taken its the pry. I broke the sound department by seven times but between that I'm sticking his at a vertical times. It probably confirmed out disappointing I think that it will butterfly is and how I am not it. As enthralled with three other people is. Jay z.'s album is that is that the album it's just respected album it's like power album exactly you can listen to would go like right from start to finish to get a butterfly you always had to be in a very weird space agency oily mess that you wanted to write to us in general here out. But you Jersey gavel from Carthage at a house party everybody in Julie you can do when you lose and it's been butterflies you gotta do and to whispers that the air respond to that bailed. He'll fit. There's no nobility in being like. When I overly high bright light light wrap up in the best art is. Is is digest of acting the best artists know how to create art that is at. Equal is equal parts arresting as cities like understandable happiness with hoped it would and maybe. Can you can still learning how to do. East is certainly still learning if anyone can figure out I think it's him because he would try to give every album accounts that any any. He's improving it was improves and mean and that you know this is a major improvement. In my opinion from like the despair at the knees of. I saw interviewed kindred the column a clip of where he ranked his albums he was sitting out this was finally. Half solid work don't you can't miss the ball or a section eight yes I'll work butterfly it help me put this album together. I think if anything you are enough of the people like me your other book club like I appreciate the sales of the problem. I appreciate how heavy album and it's not so you can easily digest it out on with the problem. Because they took their plot is not fun to listen to. Listen to him. Not fun like I don't see the enjoyment it's India the people being fought is just going to be an cloaked its tribute. I mean it's music it's funny club music but it's it's enjoyable to listen to. That is album wasn't enjoyable and I thought it. That he found him really good weight balance that's to keep you very deeply respect those stories and also make a funnel and it would make it I think. I'm looking kid Massey put gist it is that this might be a better idea of working group cute messy which like a clear street tail like this a little bit everything and it makes it look at more balanced and acute. Specifically with music I think that. It's a good scene when you listen to your brains people that. Not only you know like Allison let let them dictate which you do holy. But you know. You know. COLT when when debate is tell you the right bro I guess some of the producers on you know it's a muscle models like it's OK I don't like are right right. This is that this is a critique and I think that. In no way are filled that hole weapon is quite clear is more act counsels me than we think he's as he is he's. Who hit you let go and he's bark and I think that hold like on the war tot yeah. I thought it important that the that the whole may be clear. I think that in a way. I think that hole also new light. Can you come with some more mole rat even media just easy I don't buy that people don't need and they won't right now I think he shelves that he listens to some degree to what people to do is good to hear decades as a sign I think it also knows that like. You know I mean it was so wildly critically acclaimed but artistry was very you know outside about it. Can't go it. I'm not just like it when when you hear artists who actually you know do understand and respect coaches opinions and concerns. I think if you're gonna make rent music it has to fit in one of these three categories. It'd have to be accessible. Thought that Jay kind of reached this level that it was no longer accessible and you reached this me am I old and all this art work and all this property matters to beyoncé didn't feel accessible anymore. And if you label Ortiz before. Like magnolia is neither one of the first two. For you do you rock when you hear it like it's got to be one of those three. And I thought that this Alan do really good job making Jaycee very relatable because I think so much warrior has been creating this. Hustler mobile image there it. Aside from the elevator. And it's a long time since the incident where he got stamped. There hasn't been a lot of bad public storage like anybody it's his famous Jay-Z TMC might get something but you can never you never been to get ahead a bit. Nothing close to him that and and up until this element essential presidency and any help that way. He's it's a master and a so quick like they've never really explained what happened that never really explain what she was so mad about why beyoncé was a re acting in the elevator. Is. Is new from the beginning i.'s salt Eleanor or like it's now with crazy thinking. What Jay-Z do. That's the lines would be dead today in yeah let's say in no way truck called the lines dale. She puts our hands up she network now is calm down different total body guards up in sole designer which may have all of he's strong blocker defender in beyoncé is just. Clip drop to meet. Should not doing anything to stop and had to be another woman was going to be he shouldn't the room and since that are as they grow that audience that it's sorry. Aren't solid leaders smiled as bond is on this Iowa isn't very happy with hopes mom gets a park. On the song. She had a bigger part of song that I had anticipated when I was on the track was Soviet. I say about rap music rap music is becoming very accepting. Of the LG BT community. I think which is obviously it's very far cry two most of our childhood and Grand Rapids always being homophobic arriving rapids. I would say it's not that way I it's always gonna Abbott and I it's as it accepting it ever did towards algae BT community and a. Sleeping beauty is. I don't think any of this rule. Com whiz. Hip hop community lord black culture that. The church even that was really except in. Case. And to meet a listen to this this song specifically. To have him. Gracefully out his mother. And half her talk about the ideas. Feeling like she needs to hide who she was. And talking about that aspect holes you know. Being gay bomb was seminal in some respects this messy four to be on hip hop album. Even though it's a woman and this is mothers like. You hear that on this out when you have to actually. Burned that into your mind and realize that there are people who lived that life in the closet wanna come out potentially. Who fear you know doing that so. Just having that on or wax. On this album is a symbol. Mark on the album itself. And it was a palpable like compassionate plea and I don't think. Really ease on accepting of those two GBT community acting they know that too. The anti is bad for business yeah I think. Light. For example let me go slapping like like that is how people feel like people there's still like tons of slurs and the nature of a bright throughout. Brat they just know that you can't you can't be home folk openly. In in a picture pockets they know this though different packed with a political statement with the person I it's a mom you know on CNET I don't think that we seat. We seem rappers. Embrace that that this week as he BT community with compassion before like it's been more so like you know it's cool whatever in your view that kind of slop and off. This is like this could handle and gain. That even it was seventeen is still a rarity in. It's become. I it's more accepted. Now well when I think of bowel. No C got a problem or frank ocean at all I don't assisting in the city nobody's you have a problem with them to right I agree with you some of it is now it's forty certain teams she's better you'd be neutral all the time and nobody no worries they have come out against something. Because the backlash from being against something it's always going to hurt you more than just never giving an opinion on it. But I think the embracing a frank ocean it. It was a it was a big deal for a week and frank ocean ever logos on corporate Kosher right now I think that news. One of the moments I would say people like young vote continued to push the limits that you wanna call that would come out addressed. Like people are working with him either or openly against that it. They make me think is more accepting in general and with that I think people like me goes in again it's better than not say anything. If those whose view might examples though I think it is becoming more accepted in your uncles. Still would like you could argue I think what we have two in which duke and I'm packing with poppies. You know we can't view of the changes to either coast isn't here like from a licensing round. People in a beach community accede seed in the heat in the costing like you know him wearing the dress sells records because in the same record re wearing the dress he got a few high end rob just like you corporate whispers in his music he hasn't actually like. Lincoln opera lighten making me no meaningful collaboration with community army you know we don't like you beat Arab problem precautions that we know we know who he's with any you know you have today holding quarter. He will will mess which we don't know who stern and L or who made you supporter but you know I don't think that. Going back to its explicitly what hoped it would be a problem. I appreciate how he approached it from human state. Perspective in the past and it's gonna have two wins from steel it was extreme extremely powerful and it's a great moment. I'll say this vote. If we if we're pretty and some sort of scale one to end it before frank ocean. Hip hop who will respect the homophobia was the twelfth Irsay it's probably about an and so it's still really pretty bad the lucky suited to coming come back on this scale. I think that that power vs smile might be this like numbers the last versatility breeze that smile in the nude insult on in. Out of the object Iraq better than that I didn't go over a minute and a half where he is just on fire every bar here it's every punch line here it's. It's just him rapping at his best bit I feel that I got a whole poll still add that it believed to put those kind of words in flows together could be just. He has consistently poll what rapping about crack over the last two years it would really didn't mean anything anymore than I'll play alma he can do that. That when I heard that burst those who wore most Bodiford summer heard it but that last verse we just goes off. No hook like oh my goodness yeah it's it all of you to rent much better than. Really grew on me what a life one of my favorite song mile trek feel good song. I would say there was some controversy though is gonna happen with prints because prints very anti streaming anti YouTube. Sold the music to title they had exclusive rights to sell it. And me into once he died restarting it was apple for a while it was a lot on Spotify it was a lot tapped that in for awhile wit prince's music. Then I'm happy here at least pick one individual song to at least give averse to I think what most of us had questions about. You're one of the few people that prince trusted with his music what are you gonna do with that on the song. I don't have to to listen opinion on this. The song sounds good to me. And I group what do you say and I'll still kind of like I want the music video there all the platforms with the. That they're not and that it. I really well right right now I have titles a log I lose it all for its its catalog I'm not arguing beat prince's catalog of Spotify so I'm not complaining youth vote I'm all right right now with this I think 56 and seven or the couple leave your meat of the album. For more for family feud and bail because start with the title track 444. I dipping calling it song cry too. Indeed and you're probably right 444 is. Apropos to some extent of because of him waking up in an all the different you know symbolism between four in his and we and so I don't. Only that's the word. Did you notably Florida. I don't believe he woke up at. For four for the song is that OK you can take the I think that you don't you over. You came up with it and it was over you what all is good don't think McCauley MD and everybody was a lot eliminate the business specifically the response to eliminate. Do we agree this is the most open Jay z.'s song that he's never may or what that we think of maybe meet the parents might be amusing all the hasn't been. Appearances. Not necessarily. Centric to him and his liberal source so. Man that's. And song crier the mean is about as close as you boy yeah. Even a song cry I was us in the buds podcast they made his point. Even a song cry is kind of from a position of strength you all hold I was under the in the light I was honestly don't talk fishy to me like this I promise I'll go right back. All hold all all of may I guess they'll finally get the aid. This was from them Jay-Z starts speak until the time he starts speaking in this essentially eight open apology letter this is the storm's eye I saw the hundreds if she didn't. So us for letting them of the image we had a crazy like nothing this was absent broads I'd. And members. I out of the buzz about this do you like it was maybe mix improperly like for the first like me and at the al-Qaeda are all like that. The list to repeat itself if it'd be dated the pieces louder and ho is. When I when I say that. This album in spaces this ponting. This is the first thing that I think of is this track. In the sample I forget the the the lady who thinks that sampled that there's also Kim Burrell. Actually cleaning up a little bit of the locals as well on it. But it's hunting like the listening to what she's saying. And it had JC's voice over whether it's. Mixed improperly or not it's just to obtain loans. And I think so on it's it's a little sick to amaze I love this as simple as brilliant. I'm OK with Pat Nixon if you if you feel like if Nixon Robinson right. Mean I'd rather be that that that theory you know. Voice over the top of its loans. Over the top of daisy a little bit more I'm OK with it there. I think this is the first time that. At least I don't know why you and you guys heard from wrong. I feel talks about blue like a person in his life. Watts like every other time it was. You know my daughter is Richard Ollie Ollie she's three year's goal or my daughter already at the cooler like you or my daughter never gonna have to struggle because her father Jay easy. That this is the first time I felt like he talked about blue as. She did. Who is two it has two incredibly famous parents that will always brought in the spotlight we all know everything about them. Today I felt like this was the first time you talk to the problem and brilliant self from an emotional standpoint and not. Not just a prop in a show and he split and he always has talked about flu like she was the thing and not his daughter at times the. And that's it thinks he's not a product she's a person right there to be you know the song he humanize this hour because. He says that he can loss feels like he could lobster and thought thinks. With the family and that in that very moment you know. Takes her from being you know is in essence the plates away. To being something that's very very tangible com. And it makes a track you know. Resonate what is it. A lot of people who didn't do the situation. Whether it be from those the aspect of being a parent who's about to get blocked out of the family or be in the kid you know like you can feel that because. It's riddled it happens every single day. So much of rap I think. He's like you could compete pain quite a lot of rappers like surrealism this is such. Realism and like humanism plate is this is this. Completely. Stripped down like in in topics they usually were approached. From an abstract point of view and talk about her ardor in previous albums you've done so her as kind of like. A monument to your own success you know like she's so dough because this dope ass guy like this when he he approached it from. Like he strips are appalled that are often materialism. And all the you know the the NT dressings and it's approaches in respects in sees. The human side of her and that's just not what hurts with her with his mother with these two new twins coming you know it's boot to a beyoncé with himself. And that's what I think makes it's. Albums so. Powerful is that he strips everything ended in the that is a matter in saint. Do you think we get this album without. My somebody had to take the jail first you don't get this now without the elevator. And by. All of the business do you think we do be do you think we get this album if we'd never seen the elevator not only because I didn't get out of the Indians three albums without the limit without seeing the video that records up I say I don't elevator happened. But if the court had already been appealed. It was eight cognitive being by the it is like Leo. We finally are all well and people see are behind the scene problems. We can be upset about a profit off movies and finally just tell people what happened in our old way not interview. Not sit down with Oprah boy let's monetize. Our ability to talk about this again they still never really told us what happened in the elevator. Who was about what it was the battle. They never what happened when they went home but it never really quick in depth about it. But I wonder if whoever sold the video AT&T doesn't today if we just never eliminate we never get this album we never decree that this guy. I'm happy we may get pieces of those albums I don't think we did the projects as they are. In in their totality. In their breath where. These folks like actually hearing now you know their emotions the way that they do because these aren't. Publicly emotional people in in that moment. She often don't typically are even though even though beyoncé is technically stoic like. There emotionally in that moment you see it and they take it to the next level where they put everything all accidents and author Beatles albums are brilliant so. And I actually are these could be mean being naive and I actually think that. The public. Over plays of the month month nation expects of Arab League tilt the Reich in the emanate. Cranes in the sky or you know that it seeded table when I hear Woody's arm I just don't see him sitting down our our ago. Christian edition on sale that's now what I do believe feel like I like beyoncé was hurt when I hear him an app that like he's really just. I believe CJ this idea might mean out of this is this is art really come from reality properly may Christian. Rumored. We know. That I also wonder though as to. I council launched his two of the most successful business people that we've ever seen before this and I'm saying it's what you had to realize. Today. This is probably the most clicked on story aside from the death of Michael Jackson on TMZ we all know what happened. End. If I'm not going to do it your view it openly read a book about it. I'm going to have to beat Drexel I'm going to full embrace account like you people make a funny it is all right I'm gonna go into the joke. I kind of feel like that happened with the music's viewpoint which crazy he's talked about literally everything I've ever wanted to talk about the only thing he had talked about. Fourteen studio albums is that is the elevator in English it would beyoncé India you talked about it and lost the ones for a little period. This is no real if ordinance. Could Tommy talked about or even in the first order of 444 with the pursuit of the young's idea or accomplishing finally view quick yes they got Odyssey game where might change. Yeah it's a regular marriage ups and Elvis stuff happened and finally saw what they don't in person who would be greeted them. I got to know greatest love you talked about all this time he's ever thought what you and your apps them captain planet our mind the talk about it. I don't think about them is some pet sometime next. At airports Uga but it's real like this is to meet with the three albums there actually. Like creating art like it's not. About the monitors monetization of it's literally about these people getting their aliens and you vote them doubt the best way to say you know now. The absent that the only way but it deep desolate they know how console that's what they did it that's that you give it. If you view and it will eliminate you wind up with the example you end up with 44 and it's. Can't complain. Yeah. I think solve an audience weakness. The reason it's called lemonade JC led and so she did me in this situation. I don't know that's the real meaning and her excellent color without offering theories for. He says he has hit the limbs like I mean yeah husbands that she's going to make lemonade by Al. Cited someone very clearly was 444 humans eat yeah I hit it emanates great that's pretty note today is a great one. Next up or are on track by track family feud. I think family feud is their best song on the album. If I really go back and think about law obviously refute that I think your duties good Mary's a young and old. He talks about stuff he did when he was 2526. To step up people. Down he's like oh we was doing this thing being. Look back at our generation stuff that we idea how it ships and out of the only few minutes about his relationship and all of whom the shift day everybody in power needs to be on the same page or frost progress of people. I feel if you think about the candidate may have from the choir beyoncé and I've they'll refuse the that's now who've served as. Mario. It's a great song I think me and is better now is wait until we get there bit. The Steve Harvey line it is fire is fully areas. It's it's a good song that out of the way that if M is up next that's all seven Damian Marley clueless the from the highs not already done an album Damian Marley despite all of this take not this one is great as it is both the gates took me a couple of listen for bands that really hit me. AA it just hit me like we're to save this weekend the album just came out it took me it's not before five listens for being the kind of hit me the way everybody feels but it is finally got me to inspire. It got me immediately. The food comes up again a book obviously you know it's not core races aside partisan Leo like that lie and you know lets you know. Art I'm down with this you know emotional stuff from what I'm about to give you the real. You know. The regular jays units are being used to about the come with it right here. And the bars follow it up like that entire second verses. Probably my favorite hole bars shoes in ten years. I easily and I knew it immediately slipped again talking about the Wii even weeks houses like dogleg dispute is over. If that's all we talk about topside in Emery Emery actually needed it it's not that it doesn't the sponsors are the second verses the one that I like it is it's only like you know handful of bars but it's it's a really really did ours bank they don't feel like the only radio single out of this we agree. They have built like the only solace gonna play on the radio listeners on a flick of his old I think is the one place of the club. Got tiger and yet. I think they're mapping DuPont a way to make him if you work place you can make him if you were collecting them is is is singling you know I like it I'm like damn. And I like you aegis like satellite deviated for a minute from the know that they mostly heavy stuff but that's the kind of Mike. That's the kind of move that bag that keeps our own ground you know here from from made that I dislike Hillary garments like maybe what some might fetus like too emotional outcome for for some listeners like that. Right no wonder just like you know. Revert back to OG hold light nor how does this give a different style that makes. Of the the body were complete. Com. Nick does he skipped in leg day just to run their mouth IV scare them live they are still run the world like ho was actually out here. Realizing that people talk about him proof and that people are talking about how skinny you lately and is clearly he's now you know. These looters these give him that day and he's actually still talking about I like the fact he's going there. I'm in those bars I think that the further you get when he's flip in the lines about the week in the lace front it's it's it's probably the other. Not my favorite. Moo Lai is the eighties song on their almost done with the tract by tract moonlight is skit for me. I do not like moonlight I try to listen to a private animal like six times is trying to like all right maybe I misses something maybe I missed in a bar. Yeah moonlight not doing before I do what the course is saying I do with the song is about you moonlight is is that for me but. I saw hum B dot from rap radar this argument this comedies how many songs. In a classic album can be Stifel bull. His point was not based off it you know like blueprint a low pull out Vito is escape for him but yet I'm not saying looper is not class it was into the rest of it. That that's what that's what moonlight is for me that's. All I'll Vito that's I I just best that justify my thought of this album I can do. It and I think it has its purpose I don't like to be honest we don't like those the last three tracks much I Marcy meal okay good. It's I think this is definitely did the point where their album starts this dissent. I like Marci Mia a lot I don't think it is good is the first seven songs on the album yet I like Marci me I think it's all right mark CB is timed appropriately. I thought. Jay raps for about two minutes on there the dream takes over he got to realize that this trip back just to be that long even lower lights used to begin beautiful. I'll fire four minutes long. I like that you like the concept of it. I like Marci me a lot it's not what the better songs on the album I think is probably. Out of the nine salty gone through so far pilots 600 vessels now is a bargain about it I like Marcy and I. Appreciate attention like the last three songs you give the album like for moonlight it's funny we use such a contemporary you know moment in in. In part culture the kind of the content of the don't Malan they kind of like pull pull pull it back to skirt flows and you know they trickles and video like I think that it was scoots his seat again is just section right we knew you had hoped so foreign arm. Tackle our progressive issues and really just go respectively got an eagle lipped. But being here is like. The lane that in most or reference of taken like two colleges you know poke fun at new wrapped in you know they've been to the new tendencies in the right of the kind of like the true reality of it RO. It acting just against the backdrop of predict what we've seen other tracks it just makes that album. As a whole to this a better party work it is different strokes when I say dissent I mean it's. Don't like those last three songs per say. I'm as much as I like the first them but they're still quality. Tracks at the very least he's talking about being the substance that you know may resonate with folks I'm okay with them I just don't like him as much about what. You know moonlight Jones it just doesn't like doesn't do anything for me out like to be a light bulbs blow. I just don't like I like Marci me like apple skip Marcy B I think it's a cool little two minute a kind of like interlude to be marketed as kind of more than anything it is while like you so much. I want your legacy I don't dislike legacy I don't like legacy I think the coup plot isn't always the good that it got in trial like the album spartans killed Jay-Z incidents. Hey daddy what's a will kind of talking about Al. I kind of view roll like maybe subconsciously tell us this Indian might not have done it I could do this the last well. What I can leave dollar for every yell yeah it's like you leave is a legacy that my kids have to follow at some point. So I understand you placement on the album is it is cool it was the first seven songs on here are you close those songs but I have its place. It's a fitting. It into this album and it is the last Jay z.'s song that's a rich nobody ever does I can live with ever alignment good good ride for easy. Let it be lame like it just felt like I felt like I almost like. Exhale put it in an apple I've never believed he was believed retire when I was. Thirteen Amy back I you knew that wasn't. Saying you know no matter cart when nobody doesn't like this really feels like like he's continued. I'm in today like. If you if you boy just becomes a dad and starts where you know seen this in Ingraham good like you've you've you've you state your claim you this is the perfect summation of apartment. A great career do we want anymore JC our homes as this it is everybody final at this as the end being happy with that being in the last problem. The one thing that I will say that I do you like about the last songs that. You think about that in the reasonable doubt that it ended the evidence that first album is regrets. Then and now you come and it's. It's a clear better rosier picture in essence. But I want this I would hope that this would be his last album simply because. It's like dude at some point in time you really do have to and. The only way out wanted to make another album is that it's with B and I don't want that now. The only reason why. I don't count lost the wrong way everyone else though I don't repeat it with all the other Jay-Z music that is it's clearly going with a different mind that what you're trying to accomplish. I don't think after eliminated activist Al I wouldn't mind. But students long kind of like this I don't need seventeen salt I don't yet to be these big. But they just drop this they went on tour with that opera that be fun but I would you pay 88 solo album for Jay-Z it's done to me this is the in. You indeed I wish we can get into it you haven't what they need your classic album might have that you could do more you prove me wrong at the aid and visit your body you know. Your career has been better than anybody that's ever try to rest it's over I think. A little more solo albums but I think. We always one. A little bit more from like the great things out more more music from daisy experts say like I love the CP can collaborate. This Herbie Hancock you know lack of Ottawa is Canada. Really. I think it's I think to have. We. And that there is a mirror to see what he can do when he was like XP or me you know and maybe not next year they'll probably don't know right now bulls they will we wanted to boxing news. How the only thing that I really considers. One is for him and I'm in Jamaica and you know what's wrong to be in its. Like everything else is going to late. I think of best of both worlds and I'm like no you know yes and it went Utley and and I hate it when I think is. His sounds legit with the parents they did most of the light moment though would you want for McNabb. I think they're a light. Hit and beyoncé are probably 40% from the field drop you'll love this cool aka the hold up by thousands who holds works verses. Drug little cuckoo crazy love is cool operate did you school I like they'll bring you back that's that we now the ails I think they'd take it's an eligible to vote the same song. Like I unplug I don't know I wouldn't mind. You know I don't wanna save one's easy it is like keeping him out I odds this would a priest are alike as much as an artist I would appreciate it wearable look for experimentation and the latest crisis like capital are rat. We. Ending up with its I think the UK has always wanted to go out with the trees were. If black double what it was a great aid that's excited. Met a girl grows could've been in me thinking it was watch not want me. Meaning more this is the it and you talked about everything I want to talk about gay was a great album. There at least in terms of a solo project I don't want and a well listen to get it you'll prove me wrong again but this was. I doubt his next body work any better than this it's feels like Jordan over Byron Russell gates is it's over at that point. Relationship with condi. It doesn't look like it's getting sixties. Sues you and tiger out. It doesn't appear to be fixed the B which. I was talking to Brian beside about the bright shine above the hole fans it was its own for world Sunday together. And I told my stated. Jay always tries to paint like the other person is wrong in their split July. He did that would Damon he did that we've ever relationship it's happened with the Maine and it's always video would you say he is built we'll all what I've done for him. I think what he's doing the same what kind it is not telling you the full story it would happen within the stone. The jury early interest in the C you kinda puts a long way X. So markets. Chris for OJ to speak on film in that respect. In Kanye obviously well he rants with a rant he came out of what the rants the congregate. With Jay couldn't something and you know in bars Kai and he is going to put up numerous themselves. You know you just kind of you see too tough for me personally you see two people who follow and out like that who have a bond of sorts UConn hope that they can get it back together and that's that's really what I'm open. Although there by the it was still messing with JR Todd tie Emery and guru. Like anybody else he used the light back in a deeply get around to be freeway turnaround teams and our hearts and not migrated these days that's your. He's been our thing that I don't display and of like and ass hole became more attacks alike low culture and the people laughed like kindly assist leader and assistant distancing himself from his day one's and its rituals mean and that. Has played a partner relationship. It is to a certain extent. Like. I'd look back against like police and team and I just hope has been very vocal behind the scenes you can say look like you know like cultural movements. Whereas like. Kind Asus China get a C at the you know passionate timetable we snapped right those those issues played a role I think in the waited their relationship deteriorated. I ask you this cancer. Who would you rather have all speed out kinda of Barack Obama. And could it go right to credit. Does look at look at kind in the relationship. Any news. BO report. I'm curious what he did in the vacant acres it's incredibly kind ecosystem both believable stored. They'll cut you were crazy Jay believed in college drop out you're even though you really noticed or he wasn't that great believer Colleen McHugh now he does have some reason for its success the bank I Love Boat what does anybody. He got the best rapper a lot and so kind of started college age earthly shoulda after he reads the Nuba. Cruise bought you is why I look at realizes bottle. That's. That's hot today and I. It's a big commitment and want to throw away lose I don't like about it at all and it. The album the look and I admit some current and it will bring happy. It west. And it got it Wes gave them some classic beats the rap over so be deficits. But I think got all kind. As. He gave it twenty million apparently yeah. I as I mean like it that's intriguing I think is it for me is is I don't even know where it began and likely a scenario where it's like. Are kind of pointless because binges so nonsensical to me lately I just don't know my way you know that I would you say kind of party Kirk hours are reacting it just seems like. Sees believe very believable sometime. It's not chosen truthfully who tells the more believable stores through blaming. You for being rational we all will believe. We don't you love them all added to the big Brothers Big Brother used to beat day in Big Brother. Always showed a lot of love and respect oh. Maybe he flipped out maybe goal with like you know you're not good for business the more I gotta keep a distance from you I came in general more. Eight all because yet so. I will say this I do agree to a kind of day on the give the keys to musically it. Screw title I do group I'm bitter. I'm with yeah yeah yeah albums like Carty and his knights an athlete so I don't think so. Issue has created that day. I think streaming has clearly set up. Because coal and argue about this all the time. Day you not be our record label that signed album music you'll record label but I think we've created at the record labels. It's streaming are kind of saying. Now you're tied a record shall now record jewels Spotify records everybody's title on their own streaming deal that they can't it hasn't always been whitbeck. In Jay's been a while like Joseph we need to push title mean to put title. This time it was going to do an album would break and a quarter percent believe they were working or releasing an album together I think. I believe that. That's because if you listen to Drake really closely always talked about a higher ups and how to came in at a higher try to stop. I think Jay is he's one of the higher ups. I think date JC what it's great to be on title. He clearly took apple brand equity to it by overtaking apple day and I think says that happens always been a rift between JC rate. I think that it the industry itself as the get away from this exclusive messages. Honestly like kind basis put all the musical all the channels and let people get it where they've where they get and it's just like on a Wal-Mart target and just. Let me have access to music. He let me have access to it won't download it. It's as simple yeah. Yes I wondered it's like video games in the sense of our people buy a PlayStation 2 did these days people buy an Xbox to get these games there I don't like it but I also understand it. So if you're like title. Mean jays play in the game sue day. I was like it was a reasonable doubt I can't rap music I can't act either steal from you. Or I can download titles there they create this they trained me for you to feel like you have to have it if you wanna here's what I understand why as a company you wanna create that it. I don't need in the I don't have to I don't select and even need to go to target a that's what I'm looking adamant beat box it was essentially I don't. Needed need to go to target or have our have to fill this. Underpinning desire to go to Wal-Mart like do this in both places like go to either one gate which ones might go to good music Nazi music is this now this morning. You know go to the store. The CD from him from Forbes dot com or parkway immigrant and beat the movie theater remember yeah elements factory yeah I got my first see him and I got the single take a case nobody home media up opium that's. Yeah and I got the checks you can't stop the range that's unfortunate that it. I. Last thing here I I don't think you can rank the album yet just for the simple thing. Ever is without price start to finish a hundred times. Her group for hundreds not a sport that is not counting I just want to listen to part of the city different cities counties that are. I only heard this album seven times I only heard bail like I had it and I can't tell you eighties song or worse yet I don't have that level I think it's horde of please rate seen in just like I have my defeated it by head to places. Just for the sake of conversation. I think its top five. Don't like this five years from now where do you think it'll be in the end it is in the sense the Jesse Helms. So that you give yourself some time there. I think it's better than black album. I think it will be behind black album when it's done. I kind of think that black album is kinda it to make it appears like he always makes like magic bird and Jordan it's so entrenched. You'll be hard to overturn any one of those in one of those out of your top Rory. I think it is a better body of work the black album. I don't think you will get the notoriety that black album got but we'll see. I think it's I the fourth best Vizio. Com from that context educate about. I think that black album was a much better victory lap. Indices that it had songs like I according ailment what more can I say that it was more defined that was the aid. That may feel so triumph that this is a completely different story. I think a better body you worked just doesn't feel. Ash try LT NS said there is armies fighting the last I ever hear crazy Brett Baghdad black I've had a few plug the hole out. It's either going to be 45 for me. And album and thinking ahead it's playing wit or in line with this American gangster. It is hauntingly. Beautiful. Album. Com. And like I think you put out the take their earlier the question is it better or is no ID to start out no ideas it's our album and it's probably to me why it's. Up there and Ford in that area in that range of four and five. And then on top of it you know relief for icing you can IK RJ's he has emotional. In his opening as she possibly can pass them. It's going to be an orange give it five years. Kind of the same name for me is like what emulates Willis were kind of like technically has he been better sure there's there's moments but I think that this overall. That. This was just an impressive feat like. Yes black Armisen is a better victory is a victory lap but this just seemed like closure you know San I think this is impressive for him at his age. At coming off of you know. Three underwhelming arms you know what people thought I was gonna lie down now like to see in. The wave that he circumvent almost Chris isn't in the created this this great piece of work I think that. Just like the external and the nuances make these you know great and I think that for mead does that. And I'm five behind black album. I guess what I guess what premiered thinks what. I struggle with in trying to rate the album. Is like how why compare this to volume two. With volume sue. Clearly was still built with the different mentality I'll listen and heart not fly or with all that was clearly built for Joseph let's make a song on the radio that this goes over the next thirty years did I don't. There's any song like this index had a law a hard knock life is more but it most popular trees on the ball comparable like straight radial placement on it on my top five no divot just like it makes hearted compared then I think about the body of work it. This thing better body of work that volume to the volume two I think just. It is. It's better constructed for radio and this is going to hold a pathetic season. When I look at he's got to look at numbers like that I think that they obviously have their meeting they have their value of respected dollars for people put their money but to me it's about. The art. And where where the artist is. The production values. And in those things they are the lyricism. On this story telling. And it's they year in this south south see nothing wrong with volume two. But this is is better life. You know. Jay-Z is grown this a grown album and he's giving you game. Way better than he has over the course of the last fifteen years like. On this album. If anything I'll say about this album. It feels different and it feels new and for somebody that's been making music since 96. The very hard thing to do. For me to say you made a different kind of palpable. And I also think that you know when you. To appreciate it's I'm RC receipts so it's a freshman. I think about what was the scene and how will he accomplish what you set out to do I think that. If his goal was distributing beer images like gave us so excited that we and that seemed before. To commence this you know but the establishment but the you know the trains in ravages do what he failed. Would best communicate this we had seen before like you couldn't you can't really do much there and we deal discounting so I wanted to go right what I think is both of them were in I think about how he could keep the execute them. I think he was this is a is across the boards and that's marked for me acting in the paint the arm of his of his party work I'll always appreciate this album in in the top position. Classic. Five years classic. It'll be if they don't get there calm and I think it because of the callables that are there. They aired but they line is gonna stand the test of time. Because obviously people have you know look at air Renee is you know. How do you let Halle Berry go and take comes with this you know classic line that's gonna stand the test of time. And there are few others OJ line the future lines like there's there's there's lyrics in there that are going to stand up and then the production business. Bonkers so that's I think that it's going to you get to five years it'll be classic. I think the answer to this is a very simple love how would you rank American gangster. It is an emerging days of the classic you have to include this in the classic I would think no on American gangster I think it's a really really good album. And I think it's one of those. Like Paula fear he'd do it but really good players that never gets into law thing that's kind of epidemic I love American gangster. I don't know if this album is going to help the same way that loop current and reasonable doubt are better as clear undeniable classics. I think it is is right on that wrong below and that your call like American gangsters but if you can't aggregate of the classic to you have to include a so now you would give Jerry five class properly given. I thought they like to songs on American cancer and they just that to me that. People ma it's it's no doubt classic. Otherwise it's a little bit between. But that's why McConnell like 45 I don't know. Com where where the peace well in game five years I think that this this new album 444 might. Surpass it really because of the strength. Jay z.'s lyricism the production and then daisies openness. And the fact is he's. He's an adult rapid and yet he sounds like an adult like he sounds like a grown man talking about grown mansion right into speeding namely trying to. School people asked to do what they need to do why he's been invested his money here and there what they should be influenced them. I think eats. I still think class had to have like monument to light. Sheets or shape the culture in general so at that reaches its harp mean is assessed that so so so so closely in the I don't know how what does seem like Kim a single come from this horrible and we'll do that to me those things plane into the into the face of classic and can be. Is acting this release is a really really great stroke work. Barr great artists I don't know it was a class that these are lead I think right now I mean low witty but it's a slight. Is site you don't classic that you you need time to sit with in our ideas and I never do right it's a question like that so early in the game but he had to be yes or no. Hard hard. Part it's been. Really good light really great really great out alive I think it's really good debate here right here I don't know if it will ever. Being pushed over all of so being an accountant workers. As you were saying about don't care about sales I do think that pivotal point for a classic album have to be there have to be that boy that smashed records. Like sneezing and I don't think that I know when I'm while the muscle in some consider a month up into. You can 2014 ports to be a force to drive and graphic. I. And look at their air and half. I guess they are I. In class and I didn't. I don't I think in respect it is you know once nets you know whatever. Force. Work. Like it's important for so I think color book is a borderline classic hit it and the ones smashing its legal. And hoping for some drought has this sentencing like that's that's when I was all like in in in it was a miss Lebanon and in and but the sees no dove but. What I mean that's like every like men. What classic wrecked. Rap album doesn't have that one smash singles like everyone that I can I don't know it's there is some of my but I I think that's a part of it I think some thought I think some albums or clothing personal classics. But to meet you got a classic rap out there have to be that one single that I can prop up his state givers about pride in clubs on that problem. Digits it's hard for me to say you made a classic if there's not that one single like. Bloop bloop Brit as each of the years old take overs on like this singles that were clearly propped up his. And his radio singles it I think that factors into the discussion of it of its class because. That's a marker of how well or how how far how wide. The impact of them were growth in at missing kind of solidifies like how many people Russia which would be there they are root sell homes that are classics there's little brother out homes that are classics. Didn't understand individual there's one. One or two out of each of those. That you don't look at and say oh there's a single like it's the body of work it's. I also look at little brother though to me what they're trying to accomplish and what Jay-Z you're trying to accomplish different like. Daisy is making music to try to appeal to everybody in Damascus overload brother is its niche in what you try to do not not not get little brother Donald of Britain or call an execution it's it's mixed in what they liked it like like to not to make classic album right it's not. It's not all these I felt like one now like a second thoughts on that level what the smash single you can go to or on it. So to me I guess I'll this at this level it exist it I asked that actors. We may just have different. Ideas and classic. That's classic album too easy do you know and that's that's kind of what the witnesses who I don't think it and I know is that I would say very similar to his ethic like. Argues take care as an example of just all like and why I think it's a classic. As a benchmark. Defining single. Take care has the findings singles headlines with the motto is on there like clear singles. I would say if it's like would break tries to do you need to do it for five songs on the radio seven songs from liberal to recollect affection Jimmy multiple salt has got to be a rotation. Obviously generational defining I it's one of the best albums come out his generation the sound is clearly traveled ever bother to try the satellite rate at this point. But I think stuff like that just puts it in their ID he needs to be defining for the error that it's in. So people need to try to copy that sales of you make aren't afraid awaits a heartbreak in use heartless as the example in nickel out of that. I don't think it's a bike at least you're the argument. I would say you need to smash radio single. And I would say it clearly needs to be one of the better body works and generation it influence its years in trying to emulate that's. I'll say this and this is probably the only. Characteristics. Or rules that I have with this. Doesn't have more than one or two skip both capable songs and that's really it. That is next and you consistent rocket like I would argue because it because I think there's some albums or different kind of classics like I think DS to the classic now. I don't know what they elected track category in my idea is that had he gives up there with. It's there were TO one award and but I wouldn't put the immoral war up against the blue -- like they're not trying to accomplish the same thing the standard of music is just completely different. The ID you have to kind of you got to be able tumbled a classic into what it's trying to accomplish that are in Diaz who were trying to copy the exact same thing urban legends trying to account. There are only a handful of records or she's you know homes. Where I'm getting in a car for four hours and I know I can play this album without stopping them feel okay. Miseducation of Lauren hill. Music I just wanna saying the blueprint. College drop out there. How I got over is is up there. There are few others that there aren't that media albums were me personally worms like. This is this is what I Helm for myself as a classic in those kindness are in jail because I had to skip anything. For instance though. I feel Novella future mix tapes of Purdue's kids I don't know that I've got a lot of peace and order is the tonight so I would put them in the classic mix that category. They originally Thong. Their presidents have. You're. The Lucifer. Alou or easily I don't Michael in my top five pretty quickly without him sit hit it much different and it's too song cry. Would be in there. Room. Cannot live is normalized generalize everything Jones. Come back to your quick article with a couple more heart of the city yeah that's it has other cities in the air. I think girls are girls allergies. Girls girls girls girls girls girls as close. Excuse me miss is a crazy song to me that I really really love. Shoes and slip and no one is the one with respect. Espy's line in it part part of life and I and those are. In real top five. You got anything worse if it airs they have. Puts it eons ago. And acts like the hardest city zip Leo mile excellent basis I think you actually fans this this is double the that is about our lives are artist's song cry. Obviously this Lucifer was sweatshirt it is what are these jokers besides record meet the parents. A week ago for a long week ago. With a passion. Beat the pants as he appears like I think depends now like I don't know. A story detail you know it's got that. If you don't hear today is the ruby tell his story. You know the way that he did all that often in a neat appearance old if they Elvis Stewart from different from fort eons ago. It's a great record. I was. I've elicits aussies he would Ivan is for Cairo conference too and at the first song lowland but her second however the second one was. Doesn't that added yet like Jay second verse it's incredible light I think if anything the last couple weeks is really show will be. Made you think you ran like you it is like this like is you know that when you go back and it was and you just kind of go even different periods like. A rate of song on blueprints or grain of salt low volume might. Have been doing this better than just about anybody for the last one year. Crazy thing in this and I'm lamented over is now necessarily but. And make it dark but it it makes me kind of think of tuba can be key in what is because of flight. You wonder when if they were able to grow. What would have become of them out especially. Having just watched it two part movie and you realize. How great he how great of a lyricist who parked himself would you like. Both of everybody ask yes. I don't know I don't know if this. Guy that like patients and yeah. There is that they are locked and you know expect they can get there there is it was terrible walking like this actually it. But this I mean it's if it is not it's not great but it's also just kind of like. They tried to push the story island this you know two hours and twenty minutes and didn't do it as well the pot weakness. This somethings that are made news somethings that are but it's not as bad what's your neighbor. What's your favorite like. Wrong part about the move back outlets they at least they're part. With the fact he sing hail Mary just trips yet every single time like you wrote and performed hail Mary so affable likable and a really wanna know. If he was seeing in black beard glasses. Call him. Right where you guys you like that's the one they are I are really have to none out that's that it necessarily is aggressive but this look an his well. The last. Practice there eight Pete does go up the last hour. And a lot charges it was talking he makes California. Load. Third party this is a variety in eight minutes in the movie. Well I didn't hear it this foolishness kind of sucks because deflected begin in they have to try and Gonzales exposition out to trying to help you understand why two pot became team but in the and you get this rescue lucky sit eight in intensive. These classic classic songs. And it's not this is not done as well as it could have been done I think that that it was a cap the well all it was tested extremely important aside from the top two people move. And then trying to tell the story through through the jailhouse interview with the way that the pieces of the jailhouse interviews that they chose. Worse so uninteresting. It just was just not it wasn't the story wasn't so well. There would you promote your I was roads and every time myself aired on LA Arlen Arlen yields we're probably back or bomb them back does that. That's an integrated video where it's as they always do so detail work on this that's coming up in two weeks it's always on. I had to think about when I was blown motor coach and baseball it's a lot of fun. What's your team's days and unfortunately the cardinals a man if you're gonna cost. Aren't sitting next to your dead meat Ben Smith notes what do costs sponsors I mean probably about a thousand dollars say to get the with the proper uniforms and nets. If it was sponsor seeing cholera mean then cynical Twitter because you know we. We got a team in Kansas City in the car the cardinals and we really don't like it the key is don't like it I refuse to Wear the Jersey you know. Just because this all the artists I can do that. You do it dog oblivious to it and indecent. After. Oh I only like sixty listen to get this joke a day but a labor days later. I putted carefully added you're.