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Josh Vernier
Sunday, March 18th

Vern breaks down what how he thinks this roster will shake out as we approach opening day. Richard Lovelady joins Vern to discuss how he's handling potentially making an MLB roster and the journey to get there.  And Josh Staumont joins us to talk about the upcoming expectations for this season.  


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Earnings are still. And when all that's. Response tools presented by seventh street just. Where it stands now you're seeing stands Sports Radio. Insider Johnson. Once again soon. Surprise Arizona side of real spring training 200314. Trying to decide whether or not US open up the window Gaby I'll be on for the birds chirping. 51 degrees usually you know that. Ever got a good show for you today good show as we begin to wind things down out here wind things down in the cactus league the an ultimate show. From out here in Arizona will wrap things up next week expected to have eight more to conclude. The offseason to get you ready for the opener coming up next Thursday. Seven games seven games all of that remains in the cactus league in 2008 team. I'll talk with two top pitching prospects in the organization this morning left hander Richard love lady. In twenty minutes and righthander Josh problems. At 945. Rule and it incited casino as we each and every week. Had it inside the casino talk about the arms that are believed there are still available on the open market during the Huntsville slot machine comes your way. Read about 930. Public advocate where we always begin right with the front murder it's fueled by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep ram and it on the front burner this morning. Com is the uncertainty. Around the 2018. Royals. I uncertainty when it comes to wins and losses because. That's that's an uncertainty at all thirty big league camps right now. Know what I say uncertainty I'm talking about who is going to be on that first base line coming up next Thursday. At Kauffman Stadium who's going to. Run outs that's dugout and the first base line. Who's gonna run outs. Stand up that first base ball lines at their cap hear their name announced in via part of the 25 man roster. On all day. When the Duffy takes the total opposite. Good friend. And royal legend. James Shields. And what this team is going to. Be surprised at the amount. Uncertainty. That there still is as we states. All week away from camp breaking so quick rundown of how things shake out right now or at least I'll see. She is cents. It Duffy is your number one easy or opening day starter. And you can make what you will spring training numbers they are all overblown for the most part at times they can tally small story. Any of these stats will not tell you I'd dark. Danny Duffy really admittedly hasn't casket out. This preacher he knows he doesn't have to flights to make the team now he's still competing no doubt you don't have to like to make this ball. Right that contracts. And the ability has already put him on this team so we haven't seen and a the 949596. Mile per hour cheese from Haiti now because Sprague. We also haven't seen any doubt Beagle opposite Ian eyes and ears. If you would have seen that I don't think you would have seen beat up the giving up seven runs in his most recent cactus league start. Now he was working on the outside part of the plates. That was his focus going into the start that we knew this and you're aiming outside view this over the middle. The opposition is going to hit it hard. And the opposition Duffy was working on so they went up their swinging. And Duffy admitted after the start had to spend the regular season that may two if you those guys subject music back mall but so Danny Duffy is on the team in my opinion. To the 25 spots on this team are sent. Obviously the rotation it's that Duffy Kennedy. Health is the key obviously for Ian and it went right he's a horse that can give you 19200. Innings saying team can be said for Jason Hammel. If you give act that we saw on the stretch last season. I I truly believe that this rotation could be the strength. Of the 28 team ballclub Nate cartons healthy again coming off the thoracic outlet syndrome surgery. He has not shown any side effects said surgery that viewed as ban one of the most impressive. Performers out here in here to meet its its its cards at June it's it's. Whitner a field. Salvador Torres running going it's I would say those are my top five you could throw Lee boy you're there as well those are my top six most impressive performers. Out here in Arizona. The date card eleven strikeouts and two thirds innings and Jacob Judas is your number five. Last night he rips a contact. That led cues from. Africa man in his fourth inning but overall the duties but stellar. Fourteen strikeouts in ten innings that slider somehow gotten even better. This offseason Jacob Judas is a guy that Duffy. Trustees at all star appearance or two in his future so there's your rotation and again that's the strength of the 2018 wells in my opinion. So there's five of the 22 positions that I think are locked up but this team right now. Obviously the two catching spots have then sewed up. Sense. 2000. Fifteen midway through 2050 brought interviewed Sarah you've had one of the most stable matching. Situations. In all of Major League Baseball Salvador paralysis on one out here at spurring guys. A team leading five home runs has little PS north of 14100. And manager Terry just brings you one of the best backup catchers and all the Major League Baseball so their seven of your first 22 spots. Seven of the 22 spots that I think are locked up. The 2018. Royals' Mike was doctors on the team obviously you surprise med in how well he has performed after being. Throw the holes. What three days to bounce around a minor league camp to pits them. Batting practice in and his guys who already east 31% of its Allred yesterday out of parts or local loan. He looks in great shape. And lord knows. If you can duplicate performance of what you got last year from like the stock has. This team will not lack for power. Speaking of which Lucas you know it is second home run in as many days yesterday very interesting guy had a long conversation with the new royals' first baseman yesterday. But that it is never happy with the swing he says he's not good enough. Ever be happy with the swing he was happy with the swing he wouldn't be at 240 better I think Kansas that equally and alike. Lucas do. Nine there's nine guys that are on the team Alec scored and you know he's on the team all 44 million dollars what you need it light and easy to buckle three. Out here at spring training but what and you do. He brings gold glove defense leadership inside the club house. Ear not benching him. You're not catching him you you'll hide and in the eighth spot in the ninth spot in the lineup yes it is. A regrettable contract in hindsight. Some at that time like myself were not a fan of that deal but what can you. Mean I'm not go to sit here all season bang my head against the wall screaming about Alec scored it. Guys one of the best defenders in the league. Great clubhouse guy you just got to accept it. I know that's not what you wanna hear but that's the truth. Al cities Escobar guys do not take that defense for granted I mean as spring training winds down I've already seen three of the the defensive plays that ASCII unveils on a weekly or daily basis that I feel like a lot of royals fans take program. That ranging that was left behind second base the scoop and spin and throw to first got to hop. They app play for credit he over the shoulder catch right with his back to the infield. Wire where he's basically in shallow left field. In other over the shoulder catch you've seen countless times. He made that play yesterday and that of course the Derek Jeter jumped throw made that play last week middles are three. Instances that all of you or three plays that all you can close your eyes and envision a city's Escobar making them like we get one more year at least. Seeing ask heated that a Kauffman Stadium please do not take a progression. Wit marriage field Witten airfield may be the most impressive royal out here in the cactus league. Maybe one of the most impressive players in the cactus league period. This guy's hitting for 36. I tweeted about it last night this guy loves toothpicks baseball and hustling. Mean I had a hustle triple last night. Eating into the meaningless spring training game this guy is asking down the first base line. John. Solid clubhouse guy another one you know Dayton. They noses eyes and ears open ready for a guy that is going to not only help this team on the field but off the field judge is one of those cats. Are there others thirteen. Of the 22 guys that I think are on this team that will be on that first baseline come opening day or hazel or you know he'll be there he's it is 500 babies this season. He leads the team with forty. I bet that's out here at spring leads the team with five home runs with six walks and unfortunately with. Fourteen strikeouts. Chancellor copper is out of options he's got nowhere else to go. A tightness though. Expect to see just slip operatives first base this year against lefties. At least difficult lefties when he wanted to Lucas Judah a very wouldn't be surprised to see the soft hands Chesley proper first base. OK so there's the position player of all federal way to helping her lyrics he feels a strong as he ever had she's the front runner for the closer. Steele personally. I've. I prefer to see it as the eight inning guy will see if someone can step up and grab that close of April from him. Brandon our only allowed one earned run in four appearances. Those are the two without a doubt those of the two locks and noble are rare and Mauer now. We got seven spots. Or six spots still to fill right. Willy Perle I think we'll take up one. He's had a rough spring at times. 94 to 96 miles per hour I think his stuff plays in one inning stint. He struggled last night but in the long run guys your pain and a half dollars American eat that before the season starts. Willie problems on this team Kevin McCarthy who has suddenly become one of the tenure ours out that royals bullpen league that are. Right Flynt is out of options he brings a left handed option that royals' bullpen he has looked good. So far great. Disparate. I'm Brad Keller one year old fives elections. Look. This guy is consistent strike thrower consisted 9596. Miles per hour and 22 years of age. I'm intrigued by what Brett Keller could bring to the 2018 royals. And then beat the final spot that is locked up on this team. I'll give it to Blaine Boyer the 36 year old veteran is a tremendous clubhouse guy and has tossed five scoreless appearances so far this spring. So there at 22 spot that I think are locked down for opening day which means three spots three spots seven games one week remains. Out here and Arizona. Those three spots I believe it's a battle between eight. Eight men vying for three spots on one team to get that chance to trot out that first base dugout sit back at him be apart of the opening day roster for the 2018 Kansas City Royals. Those eight men Apollo Orlando. Apollo let it probably has the inside track. Because he has raked out clearance rate the issue with Apollo right now is eight grade one hamstring straight now. Gil says it's nothing to be overly concerned about and yet. And injuries and injury and if you're banged up they're not gonna happen on the opening day roster. Apollo Orlando Michael Saunders now he's basically. DH sure he can play a little right field. If needed. Big left handed that potential for pol or an all star 2016. Odd to see that powered the big league level last year. Haven't really seen at the spree either with an OP yes of 736. Another one of those. Outfield DH possibilities Tyler Collins he's been battling stiff neck he's been scratched from the lineup each of the past two days he's a better defender than Michael Saunders put the bat. That is the question market yet and oh yes at 746. Out here in spray. According utility infielder will the royals decide to keep utility infielder knowing. That would merit the policy says the barn my sockets are all everyday players now with they do Ramon Torres is. The internal option right. He of course has options you can maintain the inventory at start him off it all law because it like writing going and who is yet to be on the forty man roster but could easily. Slide are that forty man roster right Owens has impressed I've mentioned earlier you as one of the six most impressive performers in my opinion. On this royals ballclub out here in Arizona courts is a tat it's smoother in my opinion a tad bit smoother than Torres defensively. And boy oh boy you've been shelling out offensively you know PS north. Of 1000. So those are five. Bert Smith another one of the rule five guys he either makes the 25 man roster or he is sent back to the Tampa Bay Rays. I he struggled at times this spring but I think it's tough. Again ninety's could play in one innings one innings it. He's going to be erratic at times no doubt. Com and 27 years of age he doesn't have the upside that a guy like Brad Keller possibly does a but it you are rebuilding. In my opinion you hang on to the rule five guy Z feet can bring anything to this team. Other options include Ricky Nolasco. The royals signed to a minor league contract yes that opt out coming up. On next weeks of the royals will need to pick him up or cut bait sometime soon with the Ricky Alaska the other option to inhaled the submarine. I'll sell off. Another option for that eat bull or not. So there you go Orlando Saunders Collins Torres goings Bert Smith were last goats and it in my opinion those three. Our articles eight are vying for the final three spots if you want my opinion. I'll go with Apollo Orlando running goings and Bert Smith. There's your 25 man roster that is that he will seats on the Chicago White Sox coming up next Thursday at Kauffman Stadium. And the team you will hear right here all season long. And your home for royals baseball for more than a decade now six and Sports Radio a guy that wouldn't be surprised to see in the big leagues at some point this season gets this season he's only 22 we was in college less than two years ago. Kids got the goods got 9400 from the left side will talk to mobile we get back he's one of the top pitching prospects in the organization. And one of the best pitchers. In the organization. Richard lovely joins us when we get back on birds console powered by seventh street casino. Are welcome back just for your live from surprise surprise Arizona is burns hot stove pile where fly seventh street casino. Where it's at for jackpots pleased to be joined right now by royals lefty. Richard love lady joins us from inside that royals' clubhouse Richard really appreciate the time. One start actually we're with. With last night's Ned Yost looks to the bullpen with the bases loaded and two outs. Late in that game last night and talk with them after the game he said I wanted to see what that it had in a pressurized. Situation. I know it's spring training but your competitor in sure it did in it didn't feel. Like spring training let me know the mindset as you try to out of that bullpen last night. Her target first start by say I like. I'd like create a situation. A lot a lot more than. Because. There's more urgency you do your job. Or. Should. Love. You know this huge wages. You just he just. Drives me. Wanna give Qaeda. Q. Did you program. Say you know you did you get. And for those people listening that I don't know how it turned out he got the ground ball and got out of the inning and impressed Ned Yost in talking with them after the game really light the way you. You hear yourself on the mound I think he's been impressed at your performances throughout the cactus league and you don't want. I'm big into body language especially out here in spring training and for your age for 22. And you carry yourself with the exact amount of confidence I think someone would want out of a reliever. Yeah where does that come from who instill that confidence and you. And older guys that are. But it you know there is my way in there and take their future. Incidents like today. They can theaters. This is we're treading. This show me so being. What I do. What you do. You know more. You know here for a reason and it just it's at a market in the act itself. As you know take that from from these guys that he'd be here. Make things are nick always. Accused you can do just about anything you as a matter. Well I'd been there. Six gay guys leadership to keep your head. You got to keep your head that there. He knows you have. It takes to be here that's got to get beat him again be scared QB. Figure out here. It's royals lefty Richard lovely joining us here on 610 Sports Radio let's go back grow where. Two years ago today march 18 2016. If I would tell you that in just two short years he'd been a big league club calls for spring training what would your reaction today. I'll be shocked because the front of the bully in the where they were. A big meeting it to where it's incredible complete bull. Right. It. I'll hit it to be there are a lot better if there. No now well how would you say your. Public is your difference on and off the field. From that one year old two seasons ago. Are. I'm basically a lot better shape. What were stronger per share. While we're smarter. Project we will talk more later. Date or all of the city dubbed these things get control. Well he urged for sure that people see it. As far as JR. But like get this far you know that your. Days. You know don't. If it hits it deep dish. And I just I just got engaged as well. Lot of a lot of a lot of people build it up like you're a mean. Nobody now I'm not nervous about it I'm pretty excited about it. It was not that there. I. Didn't know what. How was that it's worth it did did they brilliantly you're asking the parents where they are where they pretty cool take us through that moment. But. It. Is a big. The fact that now. What do you say. Uttered it goes bought it after that. Without a doubt and it's not too much at the they're wondering guys sitting on the couch asking for their daughter's hand institute that could see the big leagues in. I had a few ma. Did you. What what is your goal in 2018. What excites you about what this year could hold Torre. I would think it's great. To hear. The victory. They. Sent out there. Think they're. Huge huge hit. There. I'll tell you what man you are definitely on the fast track I got I got our question just because night I have to know the feeling for for those people listening that that don't know what you did last year at the age of 21. 0162. ERE across 42 games in the minor leagues held opponents to a batting average of about ninety to explain that feeling of driving to the ballpark knowing. That you're just better than whoever's gonna step in the box. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She. It's. Easier. He. Well. It. Shouldn't that's what that's obviously. Certainly it is media we would like situations that are. Obviously. You know certain actions that we have that mentality. One. Out there do well. Give out any. Severe. Acute some way to be hurt you know situation like. Well that killer attitude of Richard lovely man congratulations. On the engagement. Nice work last night out of noble and and now. Policy inside act while possible little. And I'd appreciate it Richard love lady joining this year on top stole. Your docket of forget that name he'll be seen them real soon. Royals fans. Again like I mentioned earlier the exact amount of confidence you want to see from a it's closer regional. Inside the casino would have a seat at hot stove slot machine while we get back comforts hot stove powered by seventh street casino. Live from surprise Arizona. We'll talk with your royals righty another one of the top pitching. Prospects in the organization Josh all month. Do touched a 102 miles per hour and last week he joins us in ten minutes. Rob the show here glee the show comes your way at the top of the hour but right now let's head inside the casino. Presented by seventh street casino. We're at seven street casino to lucky seven club members get ten bucks in free slot play. Just grab your phone and text plates and 797979. But that's pay outs in the city its seventh street casino where attack and I look Teva. Pulled up the ladder at speed slot machine lets see newspapers. Yeah and right we'll still pulled lover I don't you just hit the button. You know depending upon winning if I'm waiting Bible in the locker room and continue doing that to switch it up every once while it. You guys understand how to. Those are yet let's start with moose and let me start here because. Look I know he signed already by. I believe that all last week late that'll I'll last week you don't listen to the podcast page if you wondering how the stock has landed back in Kansas that. Even though we were also certainly wasn't what happened you go listen to what last week killed explains it all. Anyway I'm glad this is gonna get us started here because metal man. He sure doesn't look like he just got here I mentioned it a moment ago. Videos doesn't let much you know raised his eyebrows let's say. At least not out here at spring training. But moves with three hits. He sure has raised the eyebrows of dad yells at me for perspective. The stock has has three hits and two games Alex Gordon has four hits in fifteen games. And look I understand who's been working out ready came into camp and it pretty good shape I think that's evident by. But still this is the toughest thing to do in sports right hitting big league pitching. And doing it already. I don't think it's a couple of 144. Year old Bart told local loan and 38 year old Chris Young but still. Big league pitching and nonetheless it's impressive. Look what we're thing on most again as I laid out last week the reason why moves his back is because of eight always viewed around baseball. Beat the lack of beef for a third baseman around Major League Baseball and seen me most importantly. Because of the draft pick compensation attached to him coupled with the amount of teams that are rebuilding not willing to give up address that. Well another later took that. From Fayette rags sports John payment. Who says the royals offered Mike the stock as of late February. Started at about three and a half to four million dollars that's with a negotiations. Started. The royals knew that the walls were closing in on whose stock is is I put it last week. And that's around half of what he ultimately got which was still shocking. At six and a half million dollars guaranteed a crazy offseason. Crazy offseason exemplified by Mike moves doctors aren't let's see who's not. Speaking of John Hammond. You wrote about Greg palace this week another one of these still handful of quality arms out there on the open market. Came in links Arizona and Atlanta to the former royals closer. He wondered about the Texas Rangers and a possible that there toward. Personally I still like the cardinals with the cubs in the national I think it's a better fit with the winner. But the problem is the problem for Holland right now so it goes in that Holland has draft pick compensation. Attached to him. Now. There's there's always it means for relief pitching them like a third baseman. So I so I guess that the similarities end between the doctors and Holland right there at the draft compensation same thing can be said with the best starting pitchers still available. Former race right hander Alex dropped. David mentions the brewers for Alex top. And if you listen to this show I've I've mentioned in the past how wiping the brewers. We're thought the brewers should of pulled the trigger and gave it giving cheek area. What he wanted them. That's an area that is in Philadelphia now yet it's it's time for Milwaukee in Alex job I think they're one pitcher away from me. Needed a class to the America that the National League central. And I look if that's Lance Lynn is only getting one year at twelve million from the Minnesota Twins Alex Scott can't be much more than that night. Now as far as the royals are concerned when it comes to Calvin and and Holland. Don't see. That again I didn't see the stock is steel coming so you know maybe in hindsight I should pass. But to be honest I don't think the royals since it's the most docket this deal coming either now. Seeing that on and say this. The reason why. The royals Gideon's. Up there were offered through Logan Morrison was it was still hopeful that that ended in February. Rove was doctors sign. But I did a big day at that time thought that the number for whose stock is would hit as low was that ultimately did. Let's get right to the royals were the only team that didn't have to part with a draft pick for most doctors they would. Holidays for cop. And it would also pushed table near 130 million dollars and guys ownership wanted to April rob one and so again I guess what I'm trying to say is I would be shocked if poly or Alex top and enough in Kansas City. To me at a team that's close should do. Saint Louis. Chicago. Washington Baltimore those kind of teams that's how I see. Those of the team that should be willing to part with the draft pick because they have a chance to win the whole thing thing disease that's why some. But again lord knows I've been wrong with horribly wrong. I'll we'll see how it shakes out. We'll talk about it next week's scheduled to have been more on the show next Sunday as we wrap up our stay in Arizona. Can't rates next Sunday opening day is next Thursday gaining Duffy in the White Sox Jake Shields square off. It's almost here guys. Do. Speaking of almost year that's exactly what Josh Almonte is hoping. How close is he to the big leagues how much did a rough 2017. Effect one of the team's top pitching prospects will get to that with a righthander. All right you get in touch 102 last week. Josh drama next on Byrd's hot stove powered by seventh street casino on sixteen and Sports Radio. Are back at it burns hot stove powered by seventh street casino in the heart of Kasey Kahne here it's. For jackpots. As promised joining us right now royals right handed pitcher. One of the top pitching prospects in the entire organization. Josh Armonk kind enough to join as Josh thank you very much of the time this morning now Mario. Period there and do an odd man do it all right get ready for the final week of camp out here in Arizona. Com. Now you know instead of getting it axes and always I always like to talk bigger picture about the game of baseball and it's a start I guess your answer could be as simple as. You know I'm I'm good at it but. Why baseball in what do you will you know with with all due respect to the movie almost famous. What do you love about the game of baseball. I think they're vulnerable first or just below the composition aspect of it because there that the kind of left circle especially so much earlier can wolf for. There are establishment. Become a different player wanted that the injuries. You really have to endure competition because. They're a lot of downside this fall and that doesn't mean that people don't enjoy it because you're not always the most enjoyable sport. And I personally to load and the competition and everything that comes with their pen. They're really you know I've been a majority there and if you don't if you don't look very and you don't hear here it could just for the trillion dollar million. So personally I think at first but they're that you need you know helped move a bit and come back and in his fifth. I looked out its own you know I won't struggle. Because started in little more work on. Yet that that struggle mantra from my perspective appear in the press box I love covering the game because. I'd love to see the perseverance. That it takes on and off at you ballplayers and and the ability that you guys have to pick yourself up. Day in and day out in a game that is centered around failure. Speak about your yourself personally. What is it about you that is help you overcome adversity adversity that everyone in this game is gonna face. I don't like ever you know. Not exceeding expectations so when I'm doing something. You know like this or you're constantly failing. Are you get the producer or not the those blow another it's there and Christians or Muslims. The news or Buchberger. And there are not long one you know. It sure you never know what that are they're quote one personal person that wrote to another near your. In control though one little metrics so. But the person itself but for the record is really weren't as you can do bear got really really well from time. Every American comedy kind of streaks where it couldn't hear your work. So I think that you know. The bigger than me in particular phone. There's your internal. Belief on the carpet you know you can tell us you can use that in. A fair and also do you know a little we've been from the garden the Mecca for the possible war. Just Almonte joining us here on burns hot stove my favorite question to ask you because I think it helps shed light on the brutal nature of the sport to a lot of fans that the that maybe only see. You know what happens between the lines. On my favorite question got great answers from like wit and interviewed Terry Mitch Maier. I wanna throw it your way. For a game that's always trying to beat you down mentally. When was the last time that almost got the best if you win when your confidence was tested the most. Blood sugar include different different you're from me. We. But that's about 2000. You're welcome return. It was almost a year. We kind of skid. Or shouldn't a lot of beer you know physically and mentally whatever Orleans. It's tough I mean you're aware of from the parents either but for good luck with the fear out there mired. You know dog everything that is you know apart from the there's no. Six there's there's no off stated I mean they're off it is for those doctors are doing laundry include your car. You have nothing. Other than baseball and so what happens is you you're reliant upon something that you know visual story. And something was solo. Put the same time that's all you have such during the hoses and so he's at the students and he didn't go right and you know hitting pitching and not a word is. You're our pondered all the burn its site so and so from me or appeared to all of our creator really forced me to cut moves. You know pick pick pick if they're darkened and sure what sort of perspective on how much baseball really get better each and every person. Why feel point 47 just he in her power or the ballpark so part of their boxer probably most of one. The best part of my other poker network. Entered decree divorce or vocational career. Have you. Heavy founded escape yes. Whether it's during the offseason I'm sure family is is key. But but during the season have you found me you know movies reading. What is your escape if you found that yet. I think you're not we know some sort of the skit. Our table below of the code so these different things proficient. Knowledge that you used in. Don't know. You're talking about for the president's effort to prevent exports and do any favorites for the fiscal you know some energy here and there is a little tough there's a few numbers you can and you can view our. Usually. You know just final outcome though for yourself where mortar both of those for a while ago it could feed into the good. Movie came out you know. It was something that's important you know we are here along the Carl walker I'm all for awhile to figure model folks and you can that do you know. Restoring economic this go to Portugal I mean there are personally that needs something. A little bit so baseball and reassert in the mountain are far sparked good and so I think that's. Lot of guys didn't see it move. The current is there anything vital food so it's. Bloomberg spoke with that amendment put forward it's not all of it if you can work. Particular government. Have to write yeah you have to have to have that escape over the grind that is the baseball season Josh. Final thing for you with the lessons learned in 2017. And really throughout baseball career. What excites you about 2018. At what it may hold for just a month. Of remarks about the next there can be pretty official with the the field I mean it's. So they're in and if there's not a computer clones are thoughtful and so Arafat let you know looking forward. They could be huge if not all of this drastic step forward. You know prosecute those that are good on the front. Before that our local over higher field most of the wild dogs so. Maria contribute. Severe confusion and I'm I'm really really looking forward through it you know special itself that you went over the past it's a political problem. America really different and so. Field goes in order. What would be the food so this. Weren't for the 2000001 week. Such is life man sounds like. Mean the thing I loved it is the parallels between the game and the game of life. Sounds like you got that. So that you got that figured out. But. I'll bring you but they're dealing. Vomit all monotone toward people that. That's that that's the perfect answer that's another reflection of a guy that has as much figured out as you can possibly have figured out it. 24. Years of age Josh thank you very much meant pleasure talking with via policy inside the clubhouse. It don't just Armonk kinda to join us here. Vern top steel powered by. Seven street casino one hand things off to Ron that shows you glean the show coming up in just a few minutes. A lot of conversation about the conversation with Richard lovely Venus. Any of our chats with two of the top pitching prospects in the royals' organization. Will happen up on the podcast page in a little. One final thing before we get out of here mentioned it earlier. Opening day the pitching matchup at sat next Thursday Kauffman Stadium and he got the against the guy that he. Gives a lot of credit too in helping in harness. He is energy it is. The the good kind of anger. James Shields. James Shields a guy that's an alliance got a lot pushed back for this and I know he will never end up. In the royals' hall thing Campbell what James Shields brought to this team in 2013. To me. Is deserving. Other spots or at least some sort of acknowledgment inside that royals hall of fame. Now some people may have forgotten because when you think of Hamas in stock isn't seen as adopting in the rest. You think of champion do you think of guys that of course they know. Of course they know what it takes to win in October did you not see what they did. At Citi Field and what they did it in Toronto what they did in that wild card game will you have to remember. That when James Shields came over this was a team that Paul Ebert. We think we're good we don't know what it takes so we don't know the kind of focus that kind of home attention to detail the kind of we all need to buy yen. What it takes to win at the highest level I think James Shields that follow me. Follow me. Throughout the 2013. Season and then suddenly midway through 2014. Jake Shields all Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer the rest pat some bias. And they said we got this way ago. We got this big game. And let them all the way to the World Series thanks to Julio Sanchez for the help. He is coming up next along with run the show him leave the show comes your way in sixty seconds. I'm 610 Sports Radio all talking next Sunday at 9 AM take care.