3/18 - 10am - Come on Bill, Tony Bennett, & MPJ Overrated

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Sunday, March 18th

Come on Bill, what's it going to take to for you to realize there are a couple of bigs that just can't be played in certain games.  Why is Tony Bennett being praised because of how he's handling losing but not being criticized, some changes need to be made.  MPJ might very well be overrated but the saddest part is that we may never get to see Porter be dominate at a good level. 


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It showed yeah. This show was your votes. Ron to see you leagues now. Dual let's the is that I had we salute you for allowing us to BA's all art. Your Sunday morning were always there on Sunday mornings from tidbits well. What a great day this is the did. To me. My. Most favorite sports we did sports times worse situation. Even for me better than some verbal. The opening week is that it's it's sort of as a whole the opening week in last night. A great day almost every day competitive. It it you know except for the first when Villanova duped into a lot of those like it as the but. This that this second session of gains the evening's says that games capped off by this decade which would have it did not. Capped off by a basic in winning at the bus. Producing this bad boy one and a JNJ radio productions. Stanford Joe's not here. Let loose inches. Julio was a year open out Bernie's openness that because the sort of has taken it off so. Uneven. I'm regret at certain it was amber and feel he should kinda be ashamed of himself now now we know why he this year well. While most odalis they're doing is going to be a he's going to be gone next week to policy but it wasn't all that other to make him. Well yeah. 06000. Will be back tomorrow. Yes or is out today but we'll have a lot of fun. A lot that to get to a estimated yesterday it was a really really fun day in the tournament. Kansas advances. Today K state goes you can hear that lives year. And a 6 o'clock of of voters start around 5 o'clock. That you can hear that live here on on sixteen sports he state. All the love it. But. Let's let's go to the and it and so it does allow Julio mates are. There are several type of thing. There's the positive thing in the optimistic they would eat eat eat all these type of incidents they have the optimistic person. Oh yes yes you know it is always super positive. They'd been there is the person who well you know deep is the pars at odds over as I told my story. Being at the wild card game. James Shields gave up a home run some guy that was an edict to all it's over. Come on dad duty now. Like the second batter of the game addict you know that there's the fan words although. My mom is that am mum on its own game. My mom heard last week grade one injury to joke. He says all of my god he's out for the time that's it no they literally just say it is this it is with Africa. I unit. I'm the type of paying. Not say is that right or wrong but the person that I am Leo is. I'm the type of bad. I always look for okay. What's going to hurt us in the future. What do we. I was so the celebrating there was that there was no what do we do grow. But. Until you get them on not nearly the term always look at okay what does Kansas need to do to prove what they need to do. You know get themselves in the situation where they can possibly lose the game. And I it's it is just natural for me and that's just kind of how I look at the T. And I looked at this in. Meant over the years also is a hall of fame coach right. Obviously he is he would. And he is a hall of fame coach if he is one of the best coaches in the country when you combine. X.s and o.s. Recruiting. Being able to motivate his players all that he may be the bet now he's got to have. Final fours in hardware to show court but he may be easy is up there there's no one except maybe K that's a bit. But many does and his grit and. That it'd come back to haunt them Leo. But going into that game this is not hindsight going into that game I I talked to several people. Kansas fans people who will next how the game is. And going into that game I sit. This is not a emits light to a game. I think there are some games admits to play and that's admits shouldn't play any of the day. Because obviously you broke that could go you know thirty minutes you know he came up with a huge woody to. This was just a game where you would steal minutes with Mitt. Like this had to be a joke and a as we called the big game balloon Silvio game. As if you ever seen. It or Angel. What is his last name. That is. I don't know what Colin Cabrera right now I've just lost. Angel Delgado I think I don't want to call him. Carlos Delgado all week but Angel just got to do. Ever met Angel Delgado. Admitted yesterday. That's that's okay wait three and Tony Tony or what to Tony for every bit he was dominant on the inside. But he's a big bull he rug in about 69610250. To sixty again you'd never met Angel Delgado. You met before the game I know that was the case and I said this is not a bit like what day. Like Mitch I don't believe me it's to prepare like miss life what is the only person that Angela moody is filled. I keep its its like he cannot put on what we're in year two. I I I've watched the boards to its make a joke where it was like April 15 will capture. Your must I've not seen that from. But did you do you know hindsight you know before the game just what the size. This guy averages a double double what the best rebounder in the country used to. This was not a bits like the game. And every time he was in the game. He looked like the team alive. Every time admits was in the game he looked like it came alive well. At City Hall with the role at the offensive game plan was to that's ranked. As soon as mixed with Matt step. Against they'll battle they would move would not delay it yeah. They can't either be forced to double team which it got that this kid yanked it and go hairy -- to go and it will get it made it. They got him going because they would Dublin you get wide open thirties or he would just dominate the that's played fourteen minutes Silvio played full. In that game that should have been reversed. Because we is all. When dole wasn't a game. It was a different ball game. It was a completely different ball game he scored a couple baskets tickets go but it wasn't even this thing. They weren't running their offense through him Edwards is the Kansas wasn't having to be forced to constantly double T they weren't even posting him up. They had to do other things a bit obvious offensively. Delgado could never get a foul trouble so he could play orcas are different team without him like when dope was in the game. Our Delgado looked like a regular person that that's a bit I'm not saying it Sylvia was going to stop. Dealt with Sunoco with a gain you at least looked like Thomas Roberts. Would expose the game it looked like. Marie. And and he was unstoppable. And I was like OK. Are bill come on now. Because down the line. This next game against Auburn or flimsy and that's not play in this. It they say Michigan State. That's a gain Mitt can't play it very much. We will miss hits they got about four guys. With the the size that Delgado hit. Like Anna and I got sent out putts I admit it play at all. Thank you could steal minutes with him. But yesterday it was clear and if they'd like Michigan State they play teams would pick sides. They'll duke it except. This is not like Mitch is to slight this is not a debate. My bitch was get punished every to update the related to air that's an just. This is tackling. It actually it was a. I made it was just like everyone know it will watch the game just like this it can't play in this game. Lucky to. But he did eat up. A lot of minutes I mean he was. They were very productive but again he didn't that's really really hurt them all that much I don't need it at this in a game. In the game where the fun it was off. And you got out rebounded by said. If Mitch instilled hill's minutes were reversed. Even with this caring team kid going off at the end I think Kansas. Would have won by double figures. So that while what do you what's the justification behind Bill Self not. Reverse singles Ross I don't know that submits it to. Like for like a couple of years ago. Check out what was your most talented big man. For celebrities that he never got that rotates. Doesn't seem like he always does this only during term time tip. It's it's all like. All year he should be like he can't like he was much more talented Atlanta Luke hit he's played for the Norton delicate and that they. Landed right in alliance CA import. Cheap seats and belts of that shoot. But. I mean you can just like I get they played Michigan State. Like he cannot play in that game. Like he can't guard mark miles bridge and they let him at like the three set up the that you all ready. You have for caller. That you already had speed is the second big person out here. I mean it was in was it was you talk about licking chops with. Would say all would have him at the gate it was like. I expect. That. Delgado and on the right. And let's just see what happens from day and I did it was. It was it was a like built just. He's like as he is a great coach that knows basketball. Better than I but next yourself ethic how many of you out their new. If you'd if you'd if you'd ever see Delgado on India there'd knew this was not a game permit a bit the first five minutes. Good detail all yes this is not a game orbit. 'cause when I don't applaud their life plus twenty. Like you saw the all are close to what you can't play any off it's it gets out and Delgado could not get it absolutely was not. It was embedded in a touch wood to open and offensively he just had his way. It's it's the equivalent of of the royals in Ian Kennedy just eating up. Innings that's that's all the that's all he needs. Permits likely is just for him eat up minutes that's it but certain gains but that would be so they're not very deep that's the thing is he has. He's he almost has to but that would be the case though if you didn't heads of the. You watch what's billed as we dump and eat the big dominated. The big twelve target. It gives cannot say I've got very similar in size and weight. They can read them just like we would add to that eight. Because he couldn't get on the outside the about it that let it plates will be you know any got tipped towards. Like so I don't. Maybe that trusting I don't know what it looked at. Whatever was going to be out. The majority of the. That it should've gone to still be. This just picked up the 686 it's expected sixty depicting just like it got. Over the next big twelve numbers Atlanta Lukas is one of the best teams in the big twelve is senior. Stop. First of that was his junior year that we're talking about. You think you do you think Landon was one of the best day. Coming up. Are so Leo we got addressed the the biggest story of the week in and it was a great example of with sports net. Friday night was. It's great you know sports was sports happy as I say it's you never really know. When it's happening when it went ahead did I maybe went for appointment television or. That church there at Virginia lost. I swear it was every have a look to name a vote that was a bit. United missionary bent to for the US visas and lost that your. You have an easier time relatively. Is that mr. what time is but obviously this is every time out when the details of what we. You NBC. What's on the Sundays but they laws that with a loss of that shirt Virginia did but nobody knew that was appointment television. It was a late game of the day. And added in a sixteen loss to a woman. Amid a sixteen veto would for the first if 135 trends. One in 130. And. Apart it's me and end a much Adobe talked about a lot and I'm sure I'll talk to the guys all on the patient tomorrow to join everybody at 1 o'clock. Which I will be producing this will be you know we've heard. From. The park that is giving me. Is it. The major parties Tony Bennett who's the coach of Virginia. He easily handled and he's getting a ton of praise. Any did do this well he's getting a ton of praise Leo for how he's handled. The laws he was very. A standout got standing. Spoke. Very gracious in defeat. Do everything you want to do in Dayton. Coach losing game like right it was fantastic. He taught in the media afterward. He he talk like right after the game he talked to Tracy Wilson he talked at the podium. Didn't shyly from anything talk about how bad his team played on this. But here's here's my issue. It feels like to me because what Tony but it is a good guy. And is widely known in the it in college basketball circles as they're really really good guy like almost Dayton Moore liked. I just don't think he has crusade against porn almost Dade board like. Put unnecessary shot. Play. It feels like he's being led off the hook. Because of how well he's handling it. It just they. It feels like he's been let up yes it was twisted the fate but hey let's hope that during the day. Ed that should be first and foremost all right you're a great job barely the loss. Thank you now. You should be getting criticized. Up. The itsy of the top because there's all the hill that Surtain said about the way they did it. Hill pitching change off the. Didn't change any thing. It looked like Bob Sutton. Let's hit like no McCain is and it's got to keep orchid. I walk into a ball up slow out for you sir X edit it oh. I then tight as tight as he blew it is as nervous as he looked. Like to me that is one of the all time bad coaching jobs and I don't care how gracious he wasn't defeat. I don't care about these should not be lit up the look of how bad. Job he did coach. Ever RG just kind of looked. Again it's the first time the sixteenth seed is beetle one seed are you gotta just rubbing salt in the wound every one knows. The poorly coached and does poorly played game on their part. There's no point in breaking that down I mean. And there's no reason for. We also know how bad bouts that defense was that gets that tight it'd be weeded stopped talking about it. We also know how bad it he was in games down the stretch of the playoffs and he was gracious in defeat but we didn't stop criticizing it. Every news sources com's Bob Sutton was incompetent pretty much the entire season Indy is pretty much incompetent. Every year knows about playoffs it is borderline all of it when it comes to the playoffs though he's he proves that he's been deprived of each of these examples of what's he done with the Q so he's not that he's not content. There's two but Virginia was I mean they are dominant all season they tripped up when it mattered. And they and they tripped up and lost that this T Ed because he was so gracious in defeat. He does Nike Chris that. There's no. It's not just not easy not getting criticized. People are feeling sorry for now MI a can't. Ain't it. That he should be fired now I've heard and seen people say Tony Bennett to be fine that's ridiculous that it. But some needs to change. Something with his system and how it does cup needs to change. To where. They can't score like date in games like this like it was my. You saw him trying to press and they've got the better athletes at the bigger and faster players. They couldn't do anything. Thank I'm sorry meant that. Yes great and when you're a teacher venue or a great guy and yes I can understand. Hey man great. Great for him and he really handled it well let's get on to what was then Tony. Did you who did you have your team ready to go. Did you just get out coached by this person who is playing with two hands behind his back when you talk about talent disparity. You can't lose they gain the weight or talking about Leo David is little. Then it lost by one they got dominated the entire second chances to beat him by what. You lost by twenty. To attain the has air bloods jerseys O. If you seen the movie air that's the jerseys that you in DC head so they've got retriever in person. Written crossed mergers they got to hit this point point sort it looks like he could be a difference maker at Rutgers right now. You're laughing I'm not that little guy with a hit ban on like 58. Tell you look like he'll look like skeeter from Doug. I'm just. You mean there was no adjustments it was I mean no. Campbell I try to think of it at another moment with it something happened like this work coats. Who handled so they get it in a good way. Tried it. You remember. When Kansas when the national championship. John cal Perry handled that tough loss with. With flying colors he was gracious he congratulated Bill Self the Kansas. Economic congratulated the players in gradually Demorrio. Talked about highlight to his kids that he got rushed. For how he handled the into the game. He got crushed or not battling. They've got crushed he was criticized for all it criticize that he can't win the bit they got out coached by a self. Even though he was grace's. Tony Bennett are right it should be a one hide hide their outlook tell Toni and Dallas depicted. To what the hill he's pulled he's getting painful is it not me and him to be handling of graciously. They pay you to be able to figure out how to hill to be. A Baptist Church would that. Mask guy named the rich readers. It was almost like the odd man number kids killing you up the triple. Are you gonna try to do anything up outlets picked the ball out of his day is seen as somebody else to get it done. This players to start jacking up. Nervous three's with like well minutes ago. I mean it looked like he was in just as much of a shock this player's were and he just. He didn't know I handle exit that was not know expected. No one expected that team to come out play the way they did against Virginia and they didn't look intimidated at all they actually looked like the intimidator. And they did not hit it was an all time outs but it was an alt. Bad coaching. But tell me. Were where you hear there. I would or is it. I just like I was listening I was driving around yesterday it was big to different name now. This is just terrible how how people are coming after Tony Bennett. Talking about his system will never work. I don't think that's an outlandish question to it. You're losing the sixteen seats are. On this and that Doug Gottlieb. Going crazy and breaking down why they lost talking about. Oh. They just couldn't handle the force of the fives at the dribble protect. Like Carolina. I would set at one BA's age eight Carol I don't plays guards at all war. You eat the big market badly. Do that puts together to pick retreat. There fours and fives were two fans that are. Placed before. Call plays the five Purdue real light before Puerto Carolina. All giddy like I. Like so like Ellis. It's as it is almost like yeah he's he's come atom heart. But not to talk about what a game plan the podiums came up with the coach for UN BC you kidding me. Game plan was to do. There fours and fives were too fast for the. You've they aren't that bad leak at. Is that overall pick. But you could handle that he would. Somebody. I'm so for me then brace but not one thing is it should be rusty or did outsell. Its they were awful. Awful and it started with it coat. Who I feel like. Almost feels like he will wait to talk about. Coming up they gag it's still a topic of the day's headlines it is Robert's tries to pass as homer since. With his license to pick up. Never did anything yeah. And it would I got to. I could make out hurt a little bit and because this happens all the time. Like data demands. It be. That Tony Bennett that it is let alone or night without it. I would look at it any differently if he did just that talk to let off. Evidently really need to. It was one game again they had a very very successful season does he really need to go about me doing the ladies coached in does. This is all that stuff all yeah. I think that they need to and I think they need to open up. Their game and off the lower I think they I think the error when he worked for them it was one game that I did I think you know it's it has been multiple. That they keep losing game. You know not like this to a sixteen seed that they'd lose games because offensively they're now. And Anna and I said this about why watch. And that second. And it got down like seven or eight. I said. And they they struggled to school and they don't blame the tempo. And there and they they list. Automatically budge this year the way they played it's it's play their games have lower possess. And it they eat it Dan and did what to double figures and steal. A landing well that's. Why can't sit at this was down by thirteen with like nine minutes ago. At West Virginia. And they they got the lead at like a four minute more so it like double digit it's especially when you're head shoulders that. Talent pace speed everything but when it got to double figures just by the way they play. If you what did Virginia was was using shot clock. You really you all. Down to. Kenny Smith even said that before the game. He wondered why it just throughout the terming it once Virginia got down with the type of offense like you said the system that they play. How they're gonna be a limit the comeback that was issued. But it's not only did he is now. He doesn't it very much when it comes to college basketball got to give some credit. Aggies to. If I'm to act like you to hear this dispute that fat guy keeps the show topic it. This is what. It's time to act like you fear this cute. Show. Today. Yeah. So I think in the days. I had absolutely no and that would do it's well. That's what's happening today. Upgrades from England of course Atlanta reads drivers as the Simpsons lights that as a real glimpse of the right as far as faking ID is certainly needed symbol. An unidentified Ratner the key southern England. Or is it any spoon over sit by the police during a traffic stop last Sunday night. In addition to the boat Simpson's identity identification. Document officers also discovered that the man had been dragged it. Without any easier but it. That's rabbit looks driver's car was seen that he was reported bird tracking. No it's it's having not having proper drivers. Are we are we like talking. The giddy by that we'll look at the kiddies stores open they'll look at it is all of. I can't believe it. Pulled her. Did he looked I haven't seen the photo on the look like the metal it's a well. It's a lift it literally photo of home I mean should they just let him off just. Because you guys will be. A big name and also talk about taking it seats which is threat that. Brought back behind you you're just flat. But let me cards that means like it. His car as he don't expect the kid is expected to get them out of you have to show insurance burns night now. I don't think so. Maybe it. That it is that it tripped over a bogey just. And business. It is that time it. It show you stop. Pashos. I. Her ESPN Rory McIlroy wondered Saturday limiting. Alcohol sales might help curb some of the loud and abusive behavior he believes is getting worse at PGA tour tournaments. During Saturday's third round of the Arnold Palmer invitational at bay hill. Felt there were instances of poor behavior that cross lines and stated there's one guy out there and kept yelling my kept telling my wife's name. Who shot 67 on Saturday to pull them within two shots of leader Henrik extensive. Did you know ruling means that I think that they need to double. Academic and I. Golf needs a little bit me happy he'll. Give me bits again like I. The roar. It be better. Come out and some of the it is I. Approval of that act let's go. How about our game and it was agreed rise of early 201 hand what happened to him anyways he got older. Nikes that making clubs that he has used other. Things just update that one girl I think that was the problem was her name it was good tennis star I think is when he got those very. Or choice. I Aberdeen police lieutenant William bird. Told WM AR that police found a 146 grams of marijuana in a briefcase containing 92000 dollars in cash. Inside Glen big baby Davis is room. Davis was arrested later indicted on seven counts of drug possession and distribution. Davis posted video on and Seagram on Saturday telling his followers not to believe what they see on the Internet that will have his day in court. We saw that video was he reading all of it hit him. We sell party can about it chicken I hate. I've currently eighth. That it hired Celtics. That Celtics are high then won the championship there's the most petty group he's and a that would come out and had words about Rleal. Ray Allen's lapping it all at every time we use them that we see Eddie Paul Pierce who use one of my favorite player who I've done. We self edit all ears we saw. We've city Kevin Kevin Garnett who hates. Goods to the side of this did we've seen. Raj Rhonda just a bad first and a period just cut out kids Perkins thinks he's a lot better than he is it was should be allowed to talk ransom Ray Allen. And then big baby update. UConn went into halftime with a staggering in 9431. Lead smashing the division one women's record for the most points in half. En route to a new record for most points in the women's tournament game. Others still seven minutes left in the game when UConn got that record. Only one better offensive performance in NCAA tournament history with of 149115. Win by. Loyola marymount men's team over Michigan in 1990. Oh game. Joke I was walk literally walking in Kosovo yesterday. Eddie Jones. Sit bitten so our six today that said. You 'cause scored 94 point. That's why Tony Bennett. Should be getting craft. Not that innocent this energy the disparity between sixteenth season what's needed women's basketball. Remains is if. But you see that you take care this 94. Of the first and I fitful. Well a lot of what was that last week we had we did a report on those guys where they are. The other team scored adding 71 half points against them a few weeks yet they beat is thirty to seven against Pittsburgh connected issues that retriever the worst. I've been the very. Let's move to Missouri. Because I think the very worst part of Michael borders during your time it if you. I don't think a lot of people thought of it this way. But and I guess. Just say this did you say it's. Didn't really pissed off detonated three to do it now as the I don't do is put. You know tomorrow pretends to be me now. Apparently in pretty. I don't think you re still trying to get to. The worst part about this Michael Porter junior situation his resume gap announced. And they were they would theory others court. In my opinion that they were on at the same time as the UMBC. Game against. It's Virginia. Gazette firsthand. I had stopped lots and misery game. It just get on over there and I was caught off guard and I looked. And so it's 42 to twenty at half I didn't and I mean there must have been an explosion of Florida State and being put. It in the in the first day split apart Julio. There is really sad to me about this Michael Porter junior situation is. The odds. Against you really looked at the and we're gonna have people people rate. Check it less so there. But the odds all our. That we are never going to see. Michael Porter junior. Really. Be as dominant as he can be at eight like. That is done it is he could be but still real dominance. An a level that. Really means it. Like adding people who've seen him play in high school or age you have probably seen the dominance enough herta loudly job Jeff Goodman. Who's a writer for ESPN is one of the best college basketball. Writers. In the country say don't don't judge would you watch. In that that tournament and the game against Georgia's two games he's plate that's not the real Porter junior and it may not be. Now say it is. I've I've seen tape on him in high school day you'd that's can be eased if he was by far the biggest person out there are the most athletic pursuits it was thirties. We may never get to see him be really dominant at a level that really matters that's worth it. Because the odds dollars he's not going to be common. We're never going to get to see the dominance of Michael Porter junior so we're never going to probably get to see and say man. This is what the high was about you know domain it's always to me I think it. The odds with say that we're always going to look at Michael Porter junior and what was that high. Because I don't think Michael Beasley has ever. Bid dominated the NBA is that a couple of good games that he's ever been dominant the NBA but at least we can go back to his year at K state. When he played against good competition. And a level that mattered and say. That's you know that that's why there was hype on yeah it just it. And Matt global war. We got antsy of kids that he had been worked the AM in the NBA but we got civic Kansas out he could be at that level. Wouldn't be it would be crazy to say that it. Long term at the end of the day John. NBA. Than what Michael Porter does and that is a possible. Like his body he's got a portal bigger down like Ortiz puts weight on adult thing to push her on the NBA I don't know about it. It idea unless you. I'm just I'm just saying the hype about him is literally Carrington at one point. It felt like him entering it in if you watched his high schools that he was out. Germany's six did. Ed you say needs but wait of these sixteen and he was well over to a man like just think about the times that we've been able to see him. Not elicit some onus on the Missouri fans he's a rate that's I think Michael's overeat. I'm not saying that at all I don't think the injuries to go up but the point of the tightly sink them was against Georgia. And it gets Florida State. And you know people would say did have his way and he wasn't right and we do it there was apportion their work on though. At one point we we got to remember all yeah. That's the console port. That and submits an account Tennessee where people but there was a ceiling on his coach he just kept leaving him. Porter out there if he's completely games. It just making turnovers. At not playing dvd it's 'cause he's game with them as weak and he did have his lift and stuff like it. But the top seed of those two games and in the fake game. Any of those gains you never got to see. Eye Dominic. I think has done is I think it portal was completely healthy all year we would've gotten to see that dumb and I'd say he's not gonna be good at the next level in the NBA the odds that he wouldn't I mean let's that Michael Kidd Gilchrist. Was the number two overall pick in Kentucky at Anthony Davis and he's not in. Anywhere close it down. Really saw flashes this year chilled off a little local war was a top three pick was dominated duke we now we've not seen that dominate. In the NBA did Mecca where the person is that the top two pick Dominic and we've not seen anything like I. The odds all balls those kids that are. Wanted guns like that. The numbers show that most of them don't show dominance at the next live I could go on the odds are that that's what you say it because. We'll never have that this is what you can point to. Go grab the tape and watch Michael Beasley dominate Kansas. A team that won the national championship that it six pros on Dominic in. And dominate the year was a first team all America can I go back at it there's been down. By him. Porter. We don't have. And he'll always appeared feel overeat. I don't know that I believe you it is but I think it is sad that we bid we've we've had that take it broke us at as they had. Had never really get to see. Him dominate like he may be a 100%. At the next level any we'd probably will be at some point in the NBA. He'll be a 100%. Put. The odds are with the great players that they aired the odds of him being a stalled or are below. You know are below that. And even when he's healthy if he's below average it would be like. This was this is what we were sold about. And I hate. Because. We whatever gets it. And I believe there is the dominance in the year but what we will remember is. Whatever is NBA career is in if it's a big careers like Mike Beasley. Because all have to see is that NBA career and Mike Beasley go at all from team to team and didn't them have in the games against Georgia. And Florida State. Great to the budget sets and he didn't look like he was a bit but it. I saw steamy cash to say I remember playing against Michael border when I first got here. In any GM he walked into he was the best player in the Aegean. Was. I'm just going to say us that it got to see him this year the one year he was a year. We didn't see. He he he was not in the top three players on the court gases should have been one. Taking over and they started play well in districts that ED. Eight point six any chance he comes back exit losers if he comes back is that he's an eighty. So I don't believe he's not a chance I just isn't up to it he already had a back injury he'll know he better not come bad. Are coming up I dare you. There you Bruce Weber lose this game today at this set today consider.