3/16 - 1pm - Contracts, Marcus Foster, & Take 2

The Day Shift
Friday, March 16th

You could cut the tension in the air with a knife yesterday when KU was playing.  Jayhawk fans sure were nervous but some of us on this side sure weren't. MLB and NFL contracts are becoming increasingly similar but is it better for the players or owners?  And Marcus Foster can potentially get his revenge on KState but should we really look at it that way?


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Something elemental. Whatever he's just think the look on big we space. Land that Julio says that but as for. It used PD that was elicited by the national global head cold enough that it took some it was upset he's frustrated youth you. You got any just always get in trouble man and a doctoral finds it adds that Spitzer got. But yet we're hanging out here until 2 o'clock it and that got them. Stated it seat with a drive they'll be broadcasting. Leading up to. To the case they gain. Regain start to fall far. Reported that the by the way real quick. Creighton is. Favor by a point over K state in the hand with border state they are favored over was ordered by a point at. One app that's important swing there. You probably that's probably throw a bit serious because if if if if you play users it took its doors plant that probably favored by. Three prodded him about three to about SC a a good conference this year yet that's the respect for the SEC with hopefully that Nestor Nestor. What are the things that it was interesting to me sitting here doing the show yesterday. I'd talk to Seattle audit on a little bit later. In embargo applauding here Obama up again today. And I know that day. A lot of jayhawk fans the wanted it. But they were playing it means means year yes. As we are doing the show. And it was interesting because. The way that things were playing it now with Kansas basketball early that game yesterday. There are a lot of fans that were quite. There are a lot of team expands network darkness. No worse for what will be back question. Would ultimately need to hold the NCAA tournament. A sixteen has never beaten a one. A sixteen's ever beat the one and it didn't happen yesterday. I'll for the my point here deceptive about that AT fans being extremely nervous but don't let's go to law school or sixty and every team that brought you by TC trains what do got. Real threats scores of intense about two by Casey trends. Let's see we got us a little over sixteen minutes left Purdue up over cal state 3923. Little more than six minutes left in the Texas a and M Providence game pretty close Texas chain them up 5352. Seven minutes left in the first half Wichita State slow down the Marshall 4221. Looks like we have Lindsay Georgia State coming up here against the Cincinnati Bearcats. Who beat him off now. You are correct. The godaddy coach rich yet some some economic ruin which he says it that these guys they get that I that we elect property and it's like that it is different we need it windier and it got it right now you know it got out of every usually Wi-Fi and I got a lot of breakfast this morning that's that's what he's on the if there are comedies are better yet. Debate it out notable incident highly re I. You know the salt. Once the quality express. What I asked that you got two or stay. Now. The opposite I think it's an added we put a flat rip on a ghost like simply. Art but which one thing that's been going to four but what are the things that it really hubble's problems. Looked at around the man in there were so many key is just like you can cut it meets with the I mean they were nervous. When it was 2111. Nobody making noise in the start they'll come back in it or death what what happened. We have asked all I was saying we had all the people that would start to make it it was it was they get it with yes now. That's what they'll get I take all everybody else so I went up and out. A lot of people looked at medium frustrated about not seen it appears to be at its way to where you're not a little bit like. You know a response to squat but I was not nervous yesterday. Because the with a sixteen and one that that that would qualify in his cheeks there was that I could tighten that nervous. All it would. No I actually get lead out that the left that it was yesterday it was more to it lot. Every meet its view that they were a little bit nervous yesterday in Everett made it but let's beyond I think that the early exits. The upsets but Kansas match. That backed into what everybody with them yesterday I don't know I saw a lot of cocky this don't you go at it idea it here. At told me were below in did you feel like brits giving anybody that's my absolutely not. I felt that Iraqi has no it was not doubles not happened yet it yesterday they have it about what they'll get lucky at speeds that he keeps the blow but it whipping up ranked. They have a big outdoor I almost losses at the emotional yesterday that was though tacky it yesterday where we're at the top it has been quite. Are they late in the day we were a lot of keys beans that are built. But I wouldn't eight well that's. That there outside the sixtieth but nobody was packed yesterday evening yesterday I didn't that's Q yesterday you hear nobody was top. People order. It just asked why act Smart ass and little bit of oil are the better to sixteenth seed ever that heard it coming up here. A lot of us here I heard you bash this team a lot. The peak hockey team that won the big twelve look good down the stretch. How was it nervous I was angry every minute of every team he's nervous but the teams that it can't Spain's. They don't think recommend that if that prediction there this year look at this house money for kids tournament. This from the not what three the nerves when you are number one playing a sixteen it's real because you're speaking upset. What happened one of these states don't beat that team that you would be critiques that we part of every year it's just loss of sixty amid that would be every year. Will what you think it how would you played an eight run on top of what you think about college basketball to get in history count basketball. Do you think they'll win it sixteen finally beats out one McCain to be days do you. No. No hole. Don't think that's the take scares noted that the I'll be best able NC blow out the gate is get a little Missouri lose in Norfolk state. I'll be best an app I know with a sixty in a while but you don't stand up an ad out still mad at Aetna and the sword back because doubles. That's a lot of people's rights but you have Matsui went at all that you're it. Seattle to try that we open it and all that and we can't bring it out at OK we brought a couple of double eyes at the day. It may units 88 even when we what we lead up to requested. The whole time it'll man with a all all. Our a few Osce when all this question this seat that's teams months it will be. I wouldn't execute your best workable feedback is that change before tonight basketball one. Okay evil and with Jimmy Anderson there is equal role. Stewart's a basketball. Yeah. You can let season tickets with the blood of the best we did. But I just. At least I mean I just me and that it be here a keen to Spain you make out a flat back. A ball well mail it you have to hold that up up rat eating out flashback what. CD's but what is Arizona fit comfortably in the goat hills and our program now if we get RS beat the buffalo Arizona they had knocked off yesterday. The moral want it or I they were still they got hardly the number one pick in the draft and a debt hammered by activists have today's visitors to the hamster. Yes that that was audited and there's going to be another major upset. There's gonna be made it better at the day. Somebody's gonna get upset they don't know who. I'm sorry man I don't know that I know that it was only earlier walk around Wichita State or ought. Kind of root Marshall and because Greg Martin Greg arsenal for the State's illegal record books or books. For our ought go for the shocker. I'm in the wrong cannot be Datsyuk you nine which they'll stay. Go more in night out awkward. Anyway it but with Phil at the get treatment it was a lot though there was a lot that there was this in Addis. I've never released it to me I'm not yet know the should there be an armistice that its seat all though. I don't know how many people watching it all yesterday. What you should feel a little bit nervous to topic that's a match up interview with there'd be X the F lapses and Tennessee all that to be something he should be that aren't about. But it's up to yesterday and that was once concerned about. Trailing. You know what Don what he won twelve lap and it was I'd never was. A lot. It better seed at Dartmouth institute you know we are yesterday. It's always that first you get that additional energy from somebody the first in the second half. They go sit there it in Diddy roots is Iranian on his shoulders and sets the other team. Pivotal to you expect code vessels that were 32 more of that now. Green does right the top a lot of these situations. Thing. I know that your Missouri it just like C dot com. How. I guess how nervous are you about tonight's game. Under possible wanna distribute the final in its seat Michael Porter how your life. And does that move the needle that much really the ball different basketball. I don't know what to expect. A call nerves. To a determined this to be the final Tommy since Obama oh yeah. All the invested in the awkward and again I. Let's I don't play this year so it's just it's just a California gravy OK. A billion I mean. I looked at it not a lot was it has to be nervous wanted to denies being. A night match up. You hope the best I mean he was rusty lastly I think Missouri started on Missouri's lead turn things around from work they were you'd be in the tournament this year. I could beat him though when they have a coach for the future cuts a Morton. I think more happy about that. What happens and I think he's looked back Kenny Anderson where they sit now it's completely different outlook it's that you looked differently the team. People are rolling in the school pretty soon that can bring out the door to football. On mastered the army earlier but I had I had to take it did data about humanity does. You look at paper that's later on and I mean that but not with which looked at the targeted electrical leaders sixteen auto last year jot that Williams to play well forget that the last year Indian. Wes Clark went off yesterday. If their demands that you got to do OPEC. You have to feel bad noticed it out it's up what he's gonna bring that up what they got a abbreviate showed stable mate you've got to bring that up at some point if it and it's it won't now. You get those guys on it you're programming note the war out of them and then what with you know just look at yesterday. He was the reason are upset Arizona he's a reason why not one overall pick in the draft this is sit at home right now. And already declared that one entity you don't sleep on the man unbelievable. Artist that time utter disrespect sixty minutes at least the media. The Purdue sixty at every tee and it brought to you by Casey trillions. Let's sit back to Leo and it is updated on the. The scores on the tens brought to by Casey trends. Looks like little more than four minutes to go Texas seen them up over Providence 5952. Little bit more than fourteen minutes left in the second half Purdue crushing cal state I'm 4647. Three minutes left till halftime marshals still up over Wichita State to be worried 3326. It's got fifteen minutes left Cincinnati down to Georgia State eight to three. I'm a partial. Looking good for have been in the business of seven and walking Gregg Marshall. Or shall I agree it is. So good or not play was dropped 5802 now. I've got it up next NFL as something that makes baseball players jealous with you to that next. I've gone back. If you let me what your aunt who states that this is an. These facilities rabbit south. Now he's actually here with streets he's sorry if it he died in already rent and you see out here they're coming up next. With that thrive without heels on doing a fine job today come hang out for us. You're at winning streaks and we thousand bucks later today also with two dollar wild card get card. And it's coming out you party via. The food specials six dollar to The Who special that's one here and winning streaks as well not. The craft beer that now now it's all right an example today. But is that for good luck to see them or fix a debt collector for that. That hit for you look it's funny how all the only by the Icrc is this is funny how the moment dead meaning still not okay boutiques. He show result the ball but he still he's got out with costly. Cattle right Nobel lecture what softly almost that does Goldman run. Funny odd network city dwellers you're getting on my dad. Give credit he currently she had it. At least at least to some degree there aren't they based Vick may be which he is and has made it it was due to Matt's name. Art eight before the break though they. We admits in this town in FL. Players probably. Can make some major league baseball players will be jealous. What we mean that. Just yet though in the amount of money. In. He's ordered that Bill Gates which shields and now it is they've been out right they've been outspoken about unique electric where NFL players jealous. August trade the National Football League. Speak boredom 12 year deal re back after years back where to yours let's lock 38. Back away tweets refusal. Tobacco that's the cope with the picket technically back late. Yet though he's so that the chiefs called the bit. That they could for free agency was to walk. In baseball players that script kicked me. It's one minute it. All these deals though. In baseball. We've parties cute on yet because it. Guys like here yet at schools out there till recently we were the Philadelphia all their. It. That Major League mine's easy to average talent you know bill cash if this were the weaknesses. It's. At a chipped for beards long snapper poll. So ID four year four point seven million dollar deal. With the raiders. Almost 900 K years he ought on the high speed long snapper in the league on auto asked what's it say the name began. It's hall update I don't know that is well not not with anger at what put this into the playoffs effort that they actually. And they can given me reader. It would probe poll. Very shortly. Agreement and that's. Be put that ball back the not hate not saying it's advocate Robert grow up that. Offset a comic you know. If I have been no Major League Baseball freaks can. He's he's got a sweet deal could opt out you know there's no way you. Don't wait till we don't know what they decided you were elected he's got a site on the one. But this deal that would make cutbacks that picked up that option the Eagles it's the right away I ripped through beating death he's talking about. You know knee feels lucky these other Kutcher looked back yet at the long snapper for years or point seven billion dollar the it's got about milk here. At 882. Major League Baseball pre. That would at least it's like get reported Q you know the mist that always that that we can with the built. Lockett. It's got. Knightley here sheen's one walks their personal four point seven. Yet though it's OK you know what outbreak that don't. The open that kept the million dollars this year but also are kept. Smarter about cashing cap. She's there to cash money up against the call. To say this law skipper counteract. Optic about baseball and asked you for you to be quiet so we yup well. A little bit about not in a lot. Ahead is difficult. Well that didn't and dragged the Rangers at the scores on the dad's brought to you by Casey trends. Texas thing in them. Currently in the lead over poverty in 6759. About a minute left to go Purdue. Pretty much destroying cal state religion as expected ten minutes left in the second half he wore 33. Which tossed finally making a comeback over Marshall 3730 or just about a halftime. In Georgia State beaten Cincinnati got about ten minutes to go there are 1814. All right that we reach ruin him. Which Allstate was down seven other theory now there a real small thing is authentic Japanese rocket ahead. He walked in an inning knew that he was in what Richardson is a partner at seven lives. Liberty. He now won here last. Last. Opens backpack. All met up with your news outlets but that but I do find intriguing note it in neck in neck in neck. At the point now or baseball player he has his credit already at what does this force selected district office. At a separate this rebel the national football Adams after week. A bottle long snapper he may look look at it ought to look at edit sectors currently. It's all. Cash money Ian wrote in a ball players. You know what the trend you'll see any long term deals. You see these 12 year deals were guys back out but you don't get Smart baseball. Gutsy Walter duels they're either now but these guys the super. Stock it's. It will this year demos are under thirty. He says there were efforts four point seven. It's. Added I don't think baseball player probably looks so I'll admit it publicly. I think it's interesting that at objectives even eat it tweak the bottom long snapper one would be. Weakness that is typically years ago you were tweeting about 8427. Million dollar deal that asphalt points. That's not quite. A wc don't you worked with the bottom long snapper debate I know you all use and value law but he's the quarterback you're gonna talk about that. But with a long snapper to pay the bills would bloodier. And if outweigh the colts in the wac and that it. A free agency. Then he called. Its habitat boat close it lock beat. If you're also showed me would sit and listen listen we want to stuck. In Simi chiefs want to treat for you last year will be in. These dates to tell suck the royals got everything exactly the royals reached at the keys agent. The royals until they felt the city there. What why they I don't know why they holders of probation but the new put out on the I want to believe that I'm not sure that leap all that because. The same way that Nate to beat up the phone meticulous Ozzie can also of the politics. I'm still confused about. Next it it it. Is it yet figured out. I've figured at all. All of my jobs. So the breaking news today is that earlier that would mean whether it's gonna be trained by Ron would leave. Mean he states but what he ought to he said he said after Russell. Active wrestler got snowed yet it was an itself this February that he set up a better wrestler been it will be cute. We know damn well what it would be in class athletes whether he ease going he's going to allege that you're just our books. Usually it is you'll get a leg snapped off that they just it was a pick that flowed like on how to box anymore. But books. He gets the octagon where Obama actually pair I paid right away now how much of ordered them like how much would you pay to see him get in the FaceBook like on. At what party. 120 pizza so pizza. Every will walker. And here to a locker on the start. They use over box itself easily the report are so we'll see what happens the Floyd Mayweather junior. Secondly which he would going to break the news from abject earlier buchert but it worked. Oh I did he. Yet but at corporate he got talked about it's he he got he got he got suspended by the National Football League four games war. He's got to go that route. Here's what we don't care about and Phil beat these Pulitzer got me league baseball. It would be huge deal but in football would ever expect blogs guys that are not being pleased he he he he he is based on figures or steroid. He's basically. Usher got to get all the boat he's got the east room. I don't get it man it used to be you want us to trade for the meeting and he's BD you'll want you want you want boutique. Think they. You want at that he betrayed for. But this part I didn't see what what I like debate the reasons they've reason Iowa honey badgers that tees that you are a little bit this wag your very similar to attacks on the WTO the tax on oil affects lord wanted us that one of the trade away for the Pittsburgh still beat we're just going to like excellent Jack. These all these crazy things these guys to be achieved that speech. He thought what are brown Twitter it's in these things. She's the back Dorsey if there's so much available he's thinking about it if he's talked about it. You know like that he's the ultimate kick their you may laugh but Johnny Denzel Brett beach. Cadbury miniature upped audio right now I'm not opposed on until beat back the art that's OK he's been telling them it's only a for a while I have to read it and played a free tablet race. He's like honey badger take let's let it play for that are yeah I'm not it out once he diamonds of music to try to instill ports record tees and I hate do. I collected two minutes you making excellent now out on national test artists. The end we get back to the the scores in regards the NCAA tournament in it or what but today we start the pre game for. On Tuesday. Take you don't Creighton in the stores might all be watching him in it to 22. It's that two. Cars. On a slump talk about. Now bill. Little might most welcome back in they simply being. Which house each year but who you'll scenes is that Super Tuesday. We'll get weirder it is overlooked that rhetoric and the guys. Out about it. It appeared he already died it to the sixth in boots battles out here with no wheels go they'll play at. My goodness what little thoughts on what this shows yet exactly. I've got a seat got red baiting from the drop their coming up Nixon take you all we have to keep the pre game. Well right now at your next instant when it thousand dollars and on national asked about this. Ordeal what is the Cold War and it. Right it's a thousand on the thirties text the word yards. To seven to 81 again that's guard YOY. A RD. You could 101000 dollar cash winner in the national contest and message better it's me applies to extend Sports Radio is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance to win a 121000 dollars each weekday. I just listen on the thirtieth from six to sixty next if Dwyane is 230. Complete rules Simpson sports dot com I'm not sure being his. Is let it if you right now. Because right now you settle our. I just go out. There aren't yet yard. Might get the scores to the scores on the tents brought to you by the Casey trance like into you guys seriously it'll the we got a wide Vicki -- it's a used to it used to it first final of the day Texas chain them up over Providence 7369. Now we got a little more than seven minutes to go in the game Purdue Opel cal state Fullerton big if he 936. Halftime at the Wichita State Marshall game which tells Dana 3734. Six minutes left in the first half Georgia State still up over Cincinnati 22 point one. Commodity. That's our sixth and every team brought you like to see. Your lord. I just an outrage. If you sort of I don't know. It's because all the fat guys they're like perked up when it's that I was just it is I'm glad you said that as I was gonna mention at least it looks. Now vertical tails. He's going to be able whores on food net. Yeah he's attitude. Just want to clarify let's keep us. So it's a husky sections that's funny that's funny I sit admits is that Leo in the great city to be that that children's sake should be and that is that. So he's prepare for but he didn't eat it figured out because right now would we get it back to the markets Boston stuff here. In just 12 it was RQ view of mediocre and go with that about badly releasing looks Barca real Smart guy sinkers Oscars are moments he does not being sarcastic the agency he's amid the guy. Out to actually give a heads up the wicked back to mark is also the fourth second and take it out on the ground and felt all right well what. Greg McDermott the Tautou Creighton. He he two point fast buckling in my quotes on best in the morning Ian in regards to more fastballs there. A few years ago when Marcus ball the was having some issues of Bruce Weber. I have stated at the time. That you know I don't understand why Casey pains are all with Webber because you can dissents that Marcus ball the was. If you look at the all of debated. Used filling itself in it he felt like it on the beat panel can't listen in you know bomb went in the show what you don't run itself Bruce Weber runs the show. I think a lot of Casey is at the time to beat the likes Angela writer. You know what it. I'll talk about the basketball. Until the agreement he probably does with steel I digress but Bruce Willis they'll look at them. You know what you're my best player with the moment now I'll run that she'll year mean we got to be on the same page. And they weren't on the same rates. And they have some issues markets also left the program. I think a lot of teased the fans were upset with Bruce Weber if they feel like we you know you read this you know don't want to immediately watch your coats year. You know it bitter trying to say. In my whole thing was look bottom line regard so what you like Ruth lovers always you don't like its ports and whenever you you haven't it was swept. He's he's making the right decision for the program because. Witness also done. He's the one this recruiting green in the talent Michael to the town and you don't need it in your program over to one he used the you don't do it and let me do it. Well. I think it's something that Greg McDermott said. On with best goal in the morning. Really epic its open at least they need to look at that you know maybe we old. Bruce whoever apology maybe we were in the wrong will we sided with Marcus Foster because he said that markets Boston has grown up this was Greg Norman it would yet sick that's. You know Marcus is Markus landlord well you know he's certainly recognize is that that he made a lot of mistakes Turkish state. We also learned a lot sold yen you know I'm really proud of the person and player that he's become is not a lot of positive changes in his life. And is obviously really prudent about it wolf force well. He made a lot of mistakes. He's made a lot of mistakes now. Is Marcus ball stupid he did say something after you left the program that you know. That he appreciated you know coach Weber and not every team they agree on. For him to his goals now to say it marked the spot to make a lot of mistakes. That'll keep the pitches that you know what it off without question a couple years ago when acting went sour between it relates. It is a seat at that bet that right now at least usually pro player over coach welcome to coaches want me yep yep what. Said that it would have a way of total right where I can be built you're right you're right. Right today agree Bruce Weber to which typically ballot overcoat looser coach. Is being coached here bill so it was like I'll get ball it was like some some lottery instead about growing up so guys that. It's even walking is used talk about being selfish from buffalo wings and elect. EE learned that your it's obscene is so good at Ford's old dirty gone through that they worked Foster. When they sit like what would your older and cause loss of 23 yet so. Go through these these key people have achieved in the did you change reluctant to change of scenery. That brings on some points and have a two hours ago. It really starts to sink it in I think that's more that your guys moved the situation. It it helps them out. Fundamentally and you have to be realistic at all cool you walk in what you're capable of not gonna sit here and say that marked his ball should feel like he's capable going to be the why he has enough talent to probably sit on the PG BA probably. I've still see it as an NBA dot. I'm engaged I don't I don't they would like. On the main and it it to meet doubles long attempt to kind of think that at the time but I did ask the top it's your abilities and believe it who walked. But what would you TCU. They get a ball. The mistakes that he made a couple of years ago is he going to bring some of that into the match up this this evening against K state. Will he get caught up in having to feel like he had to prove something to get state state will Greg McDermott he spoke on Boston not getting caught up in the match. He's how he's hasn't been built the one thing is you know he's in this trickier coach's choice for your soul so it's not like your view on an eighteen year old kid. You know markets understand that and obviously you understand there's a there's a story there. But he's also really focused on trying to win the game and you know that's my job is to make sure that focused. Remains where it needs to be in and can be different form an open to any question. But you know what small little player and I think that'll goes out the window open and that's to be two really good teams now playing at a very competitive game. I so that's gonna be one of the story lines as is Marcus author in the markets off the game the other stores like I think the major storyline everybody wants to know is is the way to play. Because I don't I don't BP T state is is it's. I would not be. Predicting a state victory knowing it Deen wait is that when the play. He's their best player he's all they Walt sports team if he gets played at night out at the spirit of rough spot. And it's not having Crittenton puts out dot org spot. Without the weight just curious if he was a hundred sit out the health porky speak. LTX price people but that Heatley does change everything it does and we know Richard they're getting back beard props member. In the game tickets take you in the yet beat the top army. No team way you knew that was again. OK so going into that accident thirtieth escapes that you are what every it was it was if you don't vote you know he has got to play in the army at all. Deeply it was gonna play in the in the opening minute game he keep you grounded as the eye injury is poke I doubt we'll read those who is. Now bulletins are. Lots now was was off but you get brown backed. Today with easy. You see the topic I mean. He can put them on his shoulders and that's enough to eat it they re Adam. I don't think so currently never doubt. Evernote is about Bartlett will be below Wes Clark. Political outlet Clark to bite you effort now especially since he's compiled Ward's spot program. They'll come up on it would happen and other than Roy Williams is be in the mid it and it didn't ham. The sports beat updated by Leo look like overweight app update you right. That you feel atop an audit that today treat him like he's he's pretty broad tax the debates he's eight he's Jason Bay and a debate. All like you're gonna do that is his big reason. Let. Go Bob Kraft you're allegedly Osce ego obsessed him. Let's Bob Kraft said it was it is hit. It. They had him and his girlfriend had a break if you Rogers particulates at least some good will they they they broke a four minute in and key at that. Maybe it's my meals let's turn one army. Sarge. Operative which you yeah you some idea of Kate. I have to do it every wants out here now allegedly. Us all right it's not for the scores 68 every team brought to you by TC trains. Who the old it's getting knocked out yet this war right now got one more update them out at about ten minutes but no legal what's yet I'll be out. Every time I think every time scores on the Hansbrough by Casey trends yeah I thought did status or hit all of life's little what do you take out of a lot of extra tech typically. Don't as is obviously some quarter note that was you will do it again. I would that that a guy are at halftime. Alex costing up once he's over Marshall 3730 Fuller. Two minutes left in the game Purdue. Steadily crushing cal state Fullerton. I'll get to Imus left till they have Cincinnati finally got over Georgia State and lipscomb north Carolina's that the tipoff here about five minutes. Right operative takes some effect that that. I'd those they use board seats in every team brought you like he teach it. One it's kinda cool to what you said about Bruce Weber and the voice of the complexities the your book that. KC fans have been with him allotted to get over that Richard Bruce Weber of that I'll talk clothing or he has no personality why. Bombing on sixteen after. On down on the Weber Google Bork go. A our auto segment update you support you and it would done on the dates at a stored. Aunt and yeah. Love and you're spreading your current period. And bad. Goals cricket Peru some how many minutes until you crack. Okay. There are really self. I I. Economic I've files like video on the stage you. Seat on campaigning coming up next the drive to take it up to two case the pre game. Broadcasting live from when he streets inside here is casino come saint take assaults and how does. Dive into the sixth out to sip of specials that selects the craft Beers that how steep dive into all right. But quote we've been having fun I do last couple of days before too well watching little case state action. Here it a little bit before 6 o'clock what does it you'd gain right on 610 Sports Radio pregame starts at 445. It's been fun because we've seen would streaks during baseball season earned. But for the chiefs the watch parties it would have been here at center but yet very impressed with how they hostess German here at six dollars and instant specials. National hot wings cheeseburger Fries. Helping operative which counts eased any comes up on that went thumbs up an image he's reckless strip but I hit you for life says Susan good the rules. For sick and elderly shall be by burger and as. Like the pizza here and in particular that Manning got into the beat yet to that it took the national hot wings. What's dollars in it is on well the national hot but they don't teach on the national Arctic. It's partly national idea. That reputation national hot that it's it's it's been a of the food years. If you're a mean of crap the year which you all. And now he is to meet you ought to listen now I definitely injury Nike but definitely our two winning eight we shipments you know this to you okay. Number 16. Of sports dot com forums notes. On six to sport economically. Trapped 2.0 up. Look at first but false lol also all but yet you went without getting beat the ones and stuff on it. Mean they play and I yes they do. You're excited you got to take off yeah so what else he got a slow ultimately feast of the he got a game to him. You know don't let me about benighted. I'm curious about that outright athlete role in Okinawa or breaks out we went to reach a global per year. So. Or take. Metal Lipman Brian according to this on our. The port. The bucket right to act that is all the all be on the we got beat tonight. It's important that the I pictured to blast. It before I had buckle to the game but here's. If we ought to want Gregory for our football even more into the static collect votes though I told coach doubles Ellsbury doubled in the studio a couple days ago. To what must it Nam I would definitely come in to the games accessible beat their Friday night because I. That if I'm getting lots of top basketball so namely if you whatever the year ago. Here you can see why despite promote or negligent TV locked away at games double BC executives at that no armed. Everybody else on the watch out what mr. I'm gonna be watching. That was our tactics. It's he got is gonna be all right pretty calm and get it yet nervous wreck by this due to our final lump. Check it on the sports at least for this show sixty at every tee and brought to buy BC tree. That's right that we are just starting these second half here actually a little bit more than fifteen minutes to go. Marsh. 4744. We are officially at halftime Cincinnati got over Georgia State 35 to thirty. It looks like the lipscomb North Carolina game has been pushed back with you start time of 157 now. Is that the push it back because the ones who exceed that he's doing nothing runs with it. Let babies right now what went to keep up with rental player at its national. Here all. Here at all. All. We thought Leo outlets. For the date before argue or are now. Oh right that they get to edit. And other meadow view of that deficit ready for what they do is likely to vote for. Him. So many reasons to like it into it. It is on my wife Robert Brackett there's less thing you know the middle mock draft beat. Don't bother me so come and pocket of rocket mock draft. Ain't circumstances they want to keep over assessed that pretty rude about it feel bad about it now but I don't hear about too bright you are. That's what they picked jockey I've wrecked us. Aren't who cares if it's like fantasy football we don't care what team we look about a political career oriented here. I don't care who you hit it right or that I have been kind of a leader of the here right here that really there for about two brackets but we love you that was her for a lot of reasons. One brings people together you watched all the games you know you don't have no interest in your watch mortal which tells state. But it's like you were on the game you find out what he networks or. You scored for what makes her so great. Immediately aspect I think he's now down to that is that what is. We care about records in the wise and confidence so now she cares about it national. Rampant through EPS. It CBS what she pulls out a bracket it see how she's doing in the what's the one thing and it brings us all together. It is boards so I think you should cheese with the Watkins. Let's hit just press conference what awaits them. The presence they even desperate needs to keep an eye on these things like that big move redolent. That he you know he does he was not in kitchens with post guy you want the tree for last year and it's that you value gets that linebacker position. You know me I'm always about arguing certain things in that life that he's one of those things that value him Britney is that yesterday. He's also the GM whenever somebody Italy say this guy with that book that she's. Five ads that say yeah you're probably right because he'll probably look into it if you're available. Beat sites yet anything they do so. It is you know. That is important. All bears. Which I do believe there's something that we should talk a little bit more about getting them. Back to Portland we'll get a little bit short. It says something. Again and then it's like eight weeks. Of the year when it comes to talking about it doubly hard because that's the one thing we know. That a lot of times that when you sit near and you look at it two brackets and you watch these these tournament games that there are there be some upstairs. Will you be the one would you be the ports that selects the updates as they come calling or they come off on you know breaking out from the NCAA tournament. Without it many people last night said. Era sold out losing in the opening round of the NCAA tournament that the best that we did laws because all the puzzles a former Missouri point guard and Wes Clark. Was the one that took him out of the target I think that's. The main reason why I think a lot of people will look at the NCAA coming yes there's the gambling aspect of a term that is. One of the reasons why a lot of people will it take to a lot of people will buy into the into illegitimacy because of the brackets in the office or stuff like that whatever. But I think another reason why everybody is of low with the NCAA tournament each and every year. Is because of the story lines we try so meaty unique things that are happening. With certain players hectic day a couple of times over the course of the show taught while Marcus author in him facing his old. I'll program in case state. That sums it all up people we talk but it will be naked when the game is on the radio your sixtieth or radio another thing that we though it looks at the relevant wealthy under docks the we'll all of that. We look the fact that when it comes to alumni pride. Bet you it's your school gets everybody else we got people in the right now we're Missouri tight wearing case based off. Where he shot if somebody comes at NCAA topic this is something that is for every five everybody to get invested. It all of this because everybody loves. What's going on with the brightness. Julio giver B office pool. It was a turn red but yeah I don't know. If pulls the other up. I did. That he put it that. You get optically. Yeah man like that that it is the eat in the office pool all out what now well happily listening. I mean I wouldn't really feel that bad about it like this that pool in your mind. Get that fixed would. More jokes and JP plea next week who goes into Ryan. The bit to arrive there I'll snags here winning streaks come join us the outbreak about yet they get.