3/16 - 12pm - 610 Pack, Tourney Love, & Bruce Webber

The Day Shift
Friday, March 16th

We fit our daily 6-pack in covering everything from Tiger to the Chiefs.  Lake gives his theories on why we love the tourney so much whether it's the cinderella story or strictly for betting purposes. And we explain why Bruce Webber is NOT on the hot seat today if he loses.  


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Six we'll pick back here they ship taken out here winning streak society here feel. And it's the tape they believe that make the that they ship. Why would healthy is battleground right now although he'll be one appears to fit Wii Fit and he's got or could do we believe what he's not producing today who this Sanchez is producing today. But now he's gonna lead us on the other systems or expect updates. There weights it's noon here. All right she's lost another QB battle with former offensive coordinator business. He's currently has not come to terms. About. I that is the news because right now you know this heat don't. The seventh of back before that. If they need to figure that out I. I want to get it out your release of in the next delays if it means checking the guide people that are out today that because they orbit Matt or. Wouldn't mind either one of those guys that they're serviceable backup quarterback to mean there's there's not put out here but Tyler great with not. Doubles not something out there yet we'll favorites music net more oxygen in your really saying. Eight nick full situation she said no C because they're not normal people homes like like person wins its first though. That's the problem with that report that corporate. Quote. This guy and now he's back chase those Google how to make money you. What you think you know it die now because he's he's he's behind me. I ice that is a while ago that I liberated this job and keep the city any perfection. To see me reportedly dollars at stake. Professional quarterback in the accurate Wear yellow Jersey practice working that get it. I'd like step he fumbles. It Getty's its concert Chicago mayor's. Perjury here which means third street Lake Huron street clothes during the game yup your right a duty paid I. United hit an Arab. Facto quarterback of the bears or group changed we operate as this thing made. Typically you'll if the intimate hitting it would chase if you would chase an instant hit racquet their body enough why would you like would you agree though it. That right now there isn't a whole lot out there when it comes back the quarterback. It like Beckham children's in the but he could be liking the compelled to get by it you're right there and Cisco would put that grabs the ball boy. Talk if we hit it there's not mean it's not a lot healthier if if you stay. Who would you put on the keys right now to me if they go hitting ability. That they go Matt Moore fumbled it. Wore a little bit better that I released it but what it easier he's the one that's gotten that he's the only one. Estrogen that one. Next up being out on the tricky which are Joseph what is demonstrating on the island that split the applause at all not on the yeah now. That's what are going to be definitely you know we all Russian bear you know I don't think he's that you but it got me so much to like take. Or 5050 Pittsburgh 45 that's down 36. Just feel that make him more like I just skimmed over it this year and it. We'll get a shot at them back to shop for agree that a north coast to shout at each other not that it's not going to be put out. It's north awfully tempting idea. We can go and finally returned to practice as of yesterday we're still remains game time decision in tonight's game against great. All right so so let's get to important it point to this will later in regards to team played well I don't know if you saw the out. The footage of him walking to the court. And eat it look like he's. He's gingerly walking to say at that I did see you put it to the actual practice what he could not have done all that much. Partially. Coping Azubuike 40. I don't expect I don't well I just thought I'd just. I know instead the walking all that would from what he's told him leaving a lot when you walked out to be out flight. People comment on it do they don't look I just accused persons is what you'll do it whether it was a it was a speculation. That that that it possibly struck it aptly if this threat right now that saint definitely if I had no idea with a foot injury. Put it that people speculate that this if that is indeed does the actual injury not playing. Awfully. Well. But split. I'd like Russell assaulted. All right well and enabled giving way to get it without being played outside but also if you were built in excuse that it did they were about the way Al. Totally in agreement wolf it's ready enough people for twelve yet. Yup footprint is already in the college basketball scene here for you get these scores on the tenth brought to you by Casey trends. I'm heading into halftime looks like Texas a and M over Providence 28 point seven. We got about ten minutes left in the yeah Purdue cal state Fullerton game Perdue of 1110. Move on to the next one fellows. Today any Duffy has officially been named the opening day starter for the royals. This will be the first time in his career opening up a season. Yeah. Yes lots with this makes him and makes it may defeat that they're only there were only two guys that work. A situation like this is the eighty again it's so obviate this makes its ability to best picture right. Could be over the year but photography Judas is the guy. It's not trotted out to suited to follow open yet now but I get really excited. Duffy. You what it's got be healthy for the year it's going to be good. I would he's a role he is our role with their targets via short window would be VW EB. Now he's got electric stuff that principle that certainly if 98 the lefty he's got a phenomenal arm I look. The question is always it was dusty if you go the injury that that's that's the number one thing. He would Duffy. I think he's deserving of being the opening day starter at the war on the date of the period. Well what we've got to get this he's gonna he's going to be the starting off budget deficit Kennedy's old pro. He's better now. It's rattle off. Good those don't get there. All right so there's been some serious talk but the chiefs pursuing free agent defensive backs lack free safety Matthew itself insurer secondary. Yeah it would this work we talked about this well with these big eyes. I'd like that honey badger look what look if any that you don't hear it it it if he is going to. Stayed out when it got a winner did not take less money come upon with that I'm not overpaid but I honey that I'm not that you always are. It's always I'm not I'm not overstating for him to say it happened Jimmy you do slight effect at the theater built necklace that need to do what it. Moreover the shooting 45 years all of our tour rabbit beat advocate video I don't. So vague in what is he if he did not this I want that or that if they see you know what in your limit. Us. Has this game's history and it's yet to actually let the results which specialty they. Read to bring some added. You know Larry I can't wait to play those any better equipped. The study that they had a bit scared of everything had a lot of things that you like. I mean if I. Even with the ultimate reason LSU how about a honey badgers sure like Hadi where that. We're OK if I'm ahead but at one. That like that he believed that officer has to get. It's that attitude here we'll see if he AD signs that the industry he thought to be where the war. Do see an ability afterward. Your real well. Now. You hit that it really gave them realize that there could be YouTube looked a bit you're not. Now I don't I don't I don't go to YouTube look at not now I don't. It is it is and where anybody could beat magazine he's mr. random got a disability. But we are now felt. He's well let's look at your IPT get editing gave us the street with the most aggressive partner record. But again there's well over it that that's. And I've seen that I see a picture of about a fairly late this video honey badger takes all of six quietly do you go to YouTube at local honey that alternate time I'll. Fearless honey badger takes of six ballot Iraq it's Friday night fearless study badger takes on the US. Act if etiquette. Beats the jobs. I guess I see the correlation there. It clicks via a debated we have all. Why I'm not out of prostate not a fan of talent I don't know all over papers at all. But he reversed thank. Accelerant. Please please please gaga. Got to be you'll see the magic but it it. How has Tiger Woods is on fire lately I'm helping breathe some life back in the gulf. I currently sits at an on the go and get the update here twice tied we're kind. Looks like he is seven back. In the Arnold or Bob Palmer invitational. He has yet to tee off let's keep that in mind. He's bought itself I integrity wouldn't admit it and it hit a couple minutes yet yet salt salt. Look he's got some ground work seven back. It it if there's anybody out there is that take about four strokes up to date movie date tomorrow if there's anybody out here that. They say Tiger Woods does not move the field or he didn't have to say don't call us at every turn it come on now this got the favorite to win the match which I. This way. Prefecture in terms of what you think you get get out of Tiger Woods I am not at the what we're up making him or betting him the favorite to be. To win the masters. But people like it resident before that I was Julio BS Lexus structural one point six drove by weights around the same time third round. It's hilly tournament quite a big tiger periods. Yeah I do I take all the money. It's one of those deals where you look at it you've seen with the score and at tiger to it. But that and that's. Yeah that is good at it again as he ought to know you're good you're all good. Clinton put it it it's what bills feels would you look at tiger wasn't everybody looks at tiger what they build they want to. He invested back to what Tiger Woods doing you'll. They are. Everybody can ever everybody wants him to be good. All right looks like that's gonna be the last one prospered as Taylor of the Kansas City Star. I've achieved so you have agreed to terms with and I just hope quit my three years seven point five million dollar deal. The chiefs have a potential though and could release and after 2019. I called this yesterday went with the news broke addicted they was a little bit frustrated with my hands. Come on me to keep more money to Dustin Colquitt because you want a few other Texas. Honor in the draft. What I feel like. That's a hold of the dice if you don't know that that got to be available. Via the draft. Especially the fight that everybody is a lot with with this talent so you had to do what was best of the organization what it executed out right now plus you get to get a bad. At about. In at a reduced price that was the big thing be picked Cheney it's the draft the guy like Michael Dixon. This is Kutcher for Colquitt is very manageable we cope with. Like you know what my age this prepare countered but she's really it was right they can actually back away from this deal first sailors are field. On the contrary. In if it's feel they can't back away from. Was faced guy hopes defense though. I guess you are I don't know who feels that that was the last item in the sixties or so expect before it got to also be Wednesday about beauty. Got to be the first homes nor the holes are the lesser of Minnesota yet yup but before we go to more to break. Who yelled let's I get to our sixteenth every hand. Brought you like AC three and give us the school board update with a company now. Baffled all right so scores in the tens brought to thank these trends has played just that half time here in the first game Texas a and M Providence. A Texas in them up 28 point seven. We got about seven minutes little more than seven minutes left to go in the media Purdue cal state Fullerton game they are up seventeen to twelve. Our. October up next we'll defeat you keep you updated on everything that's happening with the target. We're hanging out at a winning streak is not here for fairness watch party. But also why do we looked at target so much we'll tell you why. I won't go back a link being who seeks is here on sixties would reveal successful. Now. We're paying it out today again. At winning streak when he streets in the marketplace to go to show all call out its attorney headquarters six of Sports Radio with the right auto parts. Give it away at 200 dollar. Or quietly off part gift card as well it's a thousand dollars. A little bit later this this so. You use a thousand dollars statistic about all the money that ultimately of course the last months have Reilly on this none of them have. The south Tulsa and clear some might get a win at. You keep people here listen to the shelves. Yeah like excuse me into that. Subject to something and asked not to acknowledge this epic four he wants to be like mark at least one about DOS earlier in the week it seems you. That. But it would be like. The crap you. Couldn't like he did it after amber oh. But. If there the only outlet built all the Abu undersea announcing. Oh man put down eight let's back this. In regards to law now. So we won by a member via all the wells here this couple may guide him does that the F. And with the recently advisable you know right. We we we meaning the little guys you are able to. My personal but he. Obviously look at it took over. Eyes that we may be two point of but dockers at it with us here. On now with the team that occurred back on the beat it's all about it out. We need to buy a new ads always free clear for the bit Ebert also called would that shows whenever it looks as though they they may have a royal four is. You know you'll gladly take. It's cute that member of farm on it whirls on those acts. Let's get back to something that we are talking about earlier when it comes to the tar. Mean it has to view with. Why so many people all all this country. Ball. All we know why support. Our its assaults also Josh partnered up with got into it on the line utility summit activity was the mister royal Ian you do it. Very. They were or do and I'd be able to sit here I'll watch all these tournament games. Odds are bracket yet to the royals get it executed at the where. I really bill a lot of those guys you guys are common. I've learned I'm not very good at it settled on the it would spend my time doing that follow what is that like. A little blocks and you know some of the up and so cloaked in its first Olympic Games. Go through the term the long on. You know my actually my wife kids go into it could she played all of the actual and he she still took settle accounts and then walk but she is back to back. What's it like to life. You repeat that or we weren't. Well you'll solicit questions that you look. I was with was which he pitted US he did make that target. All of no real root but that I. Again. This yet. You know what. It's so it hasn't you know like what the word that falcons move all of us so they have them. Yes sir if you knew what to augment that Fulton street. That's power couple right there. Pro baseball that are about that school player hey Lucas do is the US seagate the news media two part of the group. He did he was not from a culture of me. What you hear Leah so we all know particular to. Develop and I were dating. You don't remember me from home yet so we need to mature to help. Yet do it didn't remember it the putting that you are talking rumored that the Memphis in broadcasting. You alive down there. It ain't just all the things changed in this. I would dude whoa John Jay and moves come back at me. Does this is that we are being that the clubhouse in Arizona ages welcome to the short today. Yeah for a little bit there you know let the other there are implementing new and you know pretty what's the thing. A huge project vote counts and so all. You know we sent Ricky Nolasco. The Marley deal. You like every other day you're trying to. You can view the achievement was blocked the door her and check in the Internet. And it OJ OJ decide mixing god moves coming back and I think a lot of royals fans who just. Static when that news broke here this last week but what would talk about getting moves back because what does that mean for you as a pitcher knowing that you got a guy out there there's been so good defensively. When there he supporting you up when you're on the now. Yeah it's nice to what you've faced but we'll have moved back bought them you know kind of the feeling because of openness you know like. With a lot of serve openly accused openness. Things were. Don't work out work enough financially that or are like our long term deal somewhere and you know if people for in the family but then obviously land. You when you're probably vehicles kind of backed. Now what I told about the book percent happier back here because it. You know we Mitt you know it's personality is and leveled. We're gonna live here that the blues chain of let you make require that the states do all the we're. Yet not a a lot of concern here and and he says it's sort of communicate. Give us give us once they Ian we'll talk and eat anything to Tennessee Rossi on the dates ship. We gotta give a quick school or update and dumps it into doubly target sixteen every T and brought you by Casey trains we'll take away all pretty calm out. Had a job that would Texas a and M up over Providence had a halftime when he 27. Purdue about three minutes left over cal state Fullerton 2218. Yeah it's about that Hitler update rather good at. Did you get updated. Or. It's brilliant I feel in the last year. They took off you hit it in a mystery it typically change a little bit towards the end of the year it did so I yet. The how to think come together. Nobody told. You know field but they're normal for training worry I'm trying to work on in the really. For me it trying to repeat your delivery over and over and over. When your partner in the middle of the meaning that you're trying to make a little bit of an adjustment. And how they will make those. You know lack of autism. With. The but he says to try to stamp both the help. What did not vote on the policy violates the and that usually take that makes Mohawk on what will order a sell out here and you know Bob Cain get the is that strong that well he. Not for the global and those like. There it is that he did that I had blocked are the years. Has. Formed in the beginning of the year so it's. It is well you'll you'll pick up when you're out there and now. You know from felt better. That's what command. We'll try to work around for training to folk throughout the political getting you know. I mean you are extremely blessed got it gets you. Badly you've got a Major League Baseball career. In the thing that I look at a look at that mass of hot tickets you have you got a nice contract and eight when it comes immediately baseball right now. You know you know so many people are talking about what's been. Happening at three seat with the lack of money that's being given to guys your Major League Baseball as a goddess is backing in it you know you were created a couple of years ago. What do you make though of what's going on right now major based on the house not a surprise you at what's been happening here in this up freed. There really surprising. You know we have. If it's like we can expect a lot of things that happen argument that. Some of the how later we assignment and some guys are getting contracts for years that they are expecting. Our home yet so extremely blessed but it's like. You know. It's a tough to see so many different teams trying to take the approach of not competing in so some of those players are out there. And all black man you know like someone I mean the picture look at the Arctic area that it came so long form his own with a team. Win. And the engine because of records that you'll love Africa and the pitching staff on it he healthier than anybody he. You really eat eat. Are unheard of eating habits like Colquitt squirrel he. It's work work ethic but like the outlook for example. Where else the prices. Utility. Three year deal but. It is. You know that you're seeking their big. Rebuilding or. And certain currency as a and so on me if I'm right it's not what you know experienced a and then you get them in there are starting to back into it and we shouldn't have them he has accepted in the rebuilt but. They don't. And he can do a picnic bird. Approaching it the right order where we can rebuild and still compete. Were those guys are still. Young and learning but still have some guys around them that. You still need leaders around them and them guys that are gonna either after the rebuild record quote is. And I just feel that. You know most of the product but if he's up there. Are they cannot approach that gold for a lot of one floaters and it's it's it's the political I look at it from a veteran. Standpoint of I mean there's only so many nick area that the analysts saw me Mike my stock is there. Paul Hoffman or you know guys that we saw on the market and trying to. Wait around a little bit murky marking a first for that matter and the it's an up or facilitate it the prospects there there's not that anyone like whether it's so awful there are more than. There's nick debt free agency. And they did that I think what their career. There are in the process they are able to do that you'll have played a couple of years in the Hezbollah. Com united they liked the veteran guy who's done and so sometimes. Years and you're out and and proven himself a that they need reward. William I couldn't agree more we've been baffled do in the show which of these deals BC NFL you turned to year counteract stuff like that it's a it it definitely caught us off guard. Look talking more about the pace of play all that that. They can up your time today you know cultural park clubhouse about that the New York opinions do you honestly yeah it was a budget that Seattle Seahawks will see when you back here Ian. Can't wait to see with the royal duel at the royals or postings without the agreement pieces in in some leaders for the steam. If it's good to see but he takes audience. The point here at the roaming around the recruiting. Analysts that it looked like it brackets. But I'd take yet that's eight years rebates. Like. But it does he wrote the other piece of Whitley debate. All right coming up next you live when he does not here to update all the sports and into doubly target. Outlook as well as give back to why we all the service lines it to that next year on the. I walked back to the patients. Could relate JJ tweeting about it winning streaks. Inside here is casino. Greg credit report Jack it is my trust army headquarters and winning streak with O'Reilly auto parts. People we have all the books will be later today as well listen to what dollar or rightly or parked your car with the latest but come on hang out with us. I did it yet cracked fuselage that we had here as well as a six dollars to fifteen specials which include that Nashville hot wings would just like yesterday. About a bomb that he's sort of crossed. I'll be the proper depth. Indy and exceeds breakfast wrap open field which is which a secret that yes you have to lets you do what you needed to build what America with a it it it to help like you've got it right now that was without. A 88 appreciate you interview with the team unity. Double some new doubles where you would if it was like. I've got a good laugh about it negatively today at a some pop public publicly put a time hospital quote global I don't need three scores. It's it's not go to next if the with a 1000000 on national cats not this would have Leo Sanchez back it yes do you take weighed about Michael. Right at the thousand on the third just text the word hair that's C a RE. Just seven to 81 again that's been CA are you didn't thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest. Meant a messaging data rates may apply 610 Sports Radio as the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance to win a 121000 dollars each weekday. Just listen on the third from six to six your next chance to win is going to be 13 complete rules sixth and sports icon. Now that we got more to sixty and every team brought you Mikey he trains. Give us yet scores the updates on the geometry. The scores on the tenth grabbed you by Casey trends a second half to started in the first game. Looks like Providence over Texas Ain and there were 31. Oh halftime Purdue up over cal state Fullerton at thirty to 21. And Marshall in Wichita State should be kicking up here if it hasn't already. They have tipped him Marshall is up three nothing which soft they it is not read it to you on the board but the idea. As they should get careful. That's all the more support that this school. This. I can't control this though no audible screen is that if you think you've had a bad year with little that little crisis that just give you look back on the patriots' path that that's what happened and we built built with Julio saw salute you do it this happened to trust my ball would say it again and he against what are I ought to Europe and and some clean up a tweet came out. And look at let's say it will still look a young woman and it is the visual policy on YouTube. Community Morse and our. What did you anyway caught up. Accident the top five separate out critical free agency if you don't this happens all the time. It happens in the all the commentary why. The weight. It's set up with the studio so you're you're beyond the the optical and a lot of it and you put the book but my computer is right next that would everybody's walking past the studio. So it's like a pop the what would have were mean. And bicycle. When when they talk about on the it would it would mostly talk when you look at now. Edit it edit edit room saying that people thought. If all people believe it treat they indicate they like. Risky stuff to the it is probable Ortiz there at the Buick some pop so it's not like that in. Get your body. Usually act. Accidental. That he keeps you. It's actually control we can tell already paid more than out of pocket to. Who is doing an accident are. The thing about it is would be Q that he would sit you can go there when we gotta love these guys on the most of the young. The cutter Kosher under contract for awhile ago but he got like Ian Kennedy let cities get a nice country you know we set he didn't read it eight. More than it on the open markets open market. EQ did you all the gonna come out of with nobody and that's how much your last don't prosecute last year atlas. It's definitely did not got a project he does he was like I'm blessed that we had did this you know street. She could tilt the Kennedy used for certain guys that you're yet. You talks along stark in quality player you could tell the kidney from a guy that's been currently difficult but he knew what he can close to equip teens take. He deftly till the teams that are trying stuff like this obviously the royals are what postings but Ian from being around the league for awhile. That's what we'll talk the and that's what we'll talk to these guys have been currently for low double talk a lot of young guys on that worry about yet you know user team control but our order for you know he patrolled arbitration years. Ahead of a bit lower than from a guy like Ian. He'll talk about face plates that it every was more we in the box yup so he's always had a problem. You know the umpiring everything else in sports communications Albion Ian Kennedy. You might be missing page so I was curious the year from like that you know I Lester back to lobby. Why didn't look the tournament some months ago an election dorks in its. Though I. I'm ready for the derby over on about it but don't do it to get it won't roll SEC ACC opener in. Our two counts but he looked on the net and I'm done. Are you so he doesn't usually used out. Over the fine but but we look at department so liked because zone a few different things. The number one I think a lot of people like the story lines we we buy into a lot of story line to become the watch an apartment this. What would it comes to the story lines all the people that you yet but don't watch out bass will be tired year but I'm gonna watch on the you know from from you know. Late night all the wheat sealed the national team beats all eighty institution opted to when you know midnight madness of all the way to the national team to. I'm hooked. I bet on the top basketball the but it turned like you if you don't really follow with every single. You know day or night or week to whatever. You can buy into some of the story lines to ticket track over the course of the target when it comes unique stories. With with certain things happening with sword players a story line this evening it's gonna be with the with the case that gains junior I don't think that sports. Arm a little bit later. Is Marcus bolster. Facing. His old institution a program case that's opened up a lot to do is stored locally. Locally it's Marcus ball to blunt talk about a story like across the war. I mean it felt that way it was real all rookie team city people. That's the key in that and that's not an elastic storyline and not talk about local store on talk at all story lines with the target. A storyline here could be baucus bolster. A storyline era Zoellick to beat the FBI probe would how it affects their at it everybody's got a story line it's like what you pay its its two in terms of the story. So those things get it in it to keep it to to to another thing. You mentioned earlier we love the underdog the Cinderella story that's a big reason why people buy two you don't want with a lot of practice diplomacy. The underdogs and winning against some of the major schools opted to keep the money. The draw. Than it bring you into your foot around between two TD yes. With the gain coming down the wire it alls that it's that story. Even though. You look at even though you brackets. You'll hear the boats that you always see that bigots that you guys know what subtle and witnessed some non metal gear yes I'm not here like like if I have a final four team. In the on the court getting upset early. Yeah I don't like that but when it comes down to is this a couple points you know group Libya Libya for the citadel. Sport city bet that if these programs. But I have a problem with a conceivable that you don't hear you have treatments are you might still see him go. Brighter feel I still wanna see my team exactly exactly it's about. The deli you know the thing is the product. So you know it's like yours it's everybody else we'll fix that problem was it was Chicago the element pride. For that team and that's the magic yankees he would red seal this. In this all the subtly that the universe we eat the meat it eat it it out to be one up everyday and that he would yet so happy that means a lot to everybody is well it though it at the regional queues of eighteen from 68. It's based on a conference that in I think. Vanity tags to the university. But because there's so many angels that it reached dance beats so what represented. Youthful along with that the but would you know be the school for a lot of people that gets Mikey December cal football whatever your team cited you for the SEC. To us so why's that weight but what but last but not least the other team is the gambling aspect now that's a major of that that policy. More people and it probably all the ones that we talked about before the racquets in winning money outweighed in the interest when your pockets. That might be that number one thing when it comes to three people in the beat the was arguably it was the brackets our money involved I don't think he cares much about Italy. It's why people care about sit and watch in Providence exe and it's the only reason that look to be Las Vegas in the sport but I don't hear it for probably the tournament. This would be placed ever been targeted. Over at the opening week outlasted the signal integrity. Absolutely we have sports books here that changed the year in Q. You know aren't the let's before we hit the way we gotta get two blocks in every T and brought EITC trains. We sit back and we'll call you. To get too caught up on the scoreboard when he got. That out of bed in the store bank. I'll be in the tens brought to you by Casey trends. It's we got about thirteen little more than thirteen minutes ago Texas in them up over Providence 4237. A Purdue. Looks like at halftime of over cal state Fullerton thirty to 21. And arm still I can on this Limbaugh tell looks like Marshall is up over Wichita State. 321 is that increased eight to 78 to seven now earn eight if that we don't really go to soccer. Oscar idolize. I'll bet all right that's a sixty and every Tim brought you by Casey trends. Here on that they ship are coming up next to you with the party talk as well that's the other feasible to do here to the minute but up Bruce Weber. I know that its case they vs Creighton today what Bruce Weber is not on the hot seat today even if he loses up to you why next. I walked back and here they do on sixth ward radio six pack now. Got a beer list with earnings out of that department headquarters at winning streak. Right auto parts. Later today southbound going to be given away as rules of 200 now O Reilly what part if our company public dust. Apple here apt to Athens six dollar since it. Who specials. Quietly asking otherwise he got from the drive that the odds of you mean we're out on my post it here it's like yours that it it is definitely our media codecs like I saw the yes yes we don't get us to know now let's get a win and and and I would ask our experts what is due to the breaking news right now to breaking news in the act. National Football League when it admitted it basically. It's your guy. But you'll like Becker on his work speaks Portuguese it's good to provide leading musical performances. Brooke while the appeal. League sources believe it's vehicle guilty yet that the abductors ordered now to him look. I so it's also fun to incorporate your guide is the perfect perfect out wanna remember that yes I am has got suspect there. To drive right. By surprise. Surprise surprise. Rated structured for me. Things in your. Perfect QB look he's not expect for cheap shot people get suspended for. Real beauties to let you were due to be all you do politically. The US he laid out what to do much about. Big perk it I'd Leo Ryan that's my attitude that you. He talked a real quick eight arts Alex there. The so so so. Let's let's get to date like that you like suspect if that's what you like that will move the via the now. Let's talk about what were sent OK Bruce what. A lot of people have. Opinions about Bruce Weber they don't. They don't leverage their coats ether tasty and it accept for the last couple years I don't know lock you want with respect thing because it tote is is is vehicle to ticket epic about. Having read your program due to to a final four property even though he's been to one national team to a year ago people say it will build self player ever. Duck they're still had to do it. For more dwellers but let people will say that they don't want flipper to be the equal to each state and acting at times there's certain people that are the main double Rudy gets the year old eighteen because they want to out. Well. Group which is why number one number two. Bruce Weber cycle when he where. At least not this year a take it if you picked it somehow some way they lose. This afternoon to treat it he's it will this job. They keep it he's not on a hot seat date even if you lose because in mind needed to. Number one. Team wait his best player sports team all the while. Is it game time decision he might plea today in light what media few minutes he might not play at all because of the bad foot. You think that I die is going to be that you can hold that against Bruce Weber it deeply thought it was an adult to municipalities do. House money right now the evidence as a result between the league's decision I think next year Oprah gives its next year 2000 opponent well I'm just saying. He'll hold well house money here is that the way but it Ripken achieved though buyouts. Goes down significantly to QB I think next year on the clock it would seem to do with that talent in the. And an eagle I get a piece out about the here and now talk about today eighty by the US call for him to fight it looks like I've heard that that's. But they'll go hopped the fans are. The big debate every time. That ultimately. There's a couple of games in which they're struggling they want Bruce out here. I give back to my appointments due to a witness scoreboard updates XT at every tee it brought you likely to re. Threatened scores on tens budget by Casey trends. We have halftime here Purdue up over cal state Fullerton thirty to 21. A little bit more than eleven minutes left Texas a and M a over Providence 4739. And a little more than eleven minutes to go in the Wichita State Marshall Davis Marshall actually at fourteen to eleven right now. Tackle Marshal right on Marshall in Cannes prize made this province and it's a oh by the way you're Tiger Woods update. As well tiger's. What's he doing now. You always minus 330 plus one of. It. We'll see optics now tiger Tiger Woods though but at the number one team played him being injured I think that's a valid excuse. He he he by arguably be the best player on the court. I think the way to play needed. He's happy that he's active player so team weight being hurt that's one thing the number two. You're not firing Bruce Weber even if they've moved the date because of the watch your vets returning next year like he has everybody retarded next year. And this team that's gonna be really good. It down then it's marquee mobile ports is yet but did not win the B twelve because there but yet the big figured it just builds those guys that for mark these guys. And would you look at guys that have felt over the course of this season yet what's got on the on the on the aisle on this team. The belt over the course of the year maybe we developed. You look at shower he developed. There's there's just no way your case a band are looking to part ways Ruth lover after. This seat if tonight is that night they. Yeah I do you think it's been an issue lest you be. You heard voices. Because this year even though we need internal pressure for whatever instantly. It it would get the extension in August of 2007 team that's what McCain more. It's a certain calm those fears them mobile team this year but the the anticipation open next Tuesday that its go to regain regain. You got a date with him just based on the fact that you got the entire roster returning next year. I mean tasty it's gonna be good next. How good we don't know yet what to think that the space of it is is too early to tell you don't know if if if another program and add it looked. On your recently yet who's adding who in terms of summer the other off unsigned. Recruits out here. But Kansas absolutely winning the beat wall next year with all the guys they hand out. Whether it's transfer whether it's McDonald's all Americans in they will have coming back. They're absolutely winning the big twelve. The case they should be one of the top three or four programs India what its top three ethnic unity while it does the couple what they happen to these got to be much better. But I have a state he still Oklahoma's without her young. Texas Tech appears to be going to treat young. I think yes I know the tree unless he was trying to play cool yesterday after the game says he's not pop my family this week but in the new you don't. You're done out there with. He doesn't mean we like you hit it right youngest not going back to the more that it's a wrap or I don't spot people pretty pleased that. I don't know I guess what you're seeing what top separate seminary to to be out would you go. I think this exes will be better trio. Yeah I. I think such as 25 let's let relevant but it mock drafts they have three young the only hybrid in such an act like it sets them be a better pro. Victoria I could be wrong but that's this might mean you know happy to be but oh how hot he played yesterday. You got you beat Dallas at the ready for prime time last night UST what a what the SEC's general tournament. I'm a tennis innovation that yesterday it's the did it looked predicted yesterday so. With its easiest for them. Kentucky in the record. Turkey that he won Tennessee while available Alabama wanted more forcefully what portal. What does Mosul the third day actual start what does wasn't repute at night I get nervous he got all it's yes and op art. A state bill Massey plus they play a couple of times what state they they always meet its traditional Florida State team. They got a couple beans the gas map lettuce is that whatever they never released the ball they reach the never really have. A great perimeter game but. You'd be it rests with state you know the biggest spread. He got you looking up will be 12 but. It. You would think that maybe Missouri's. Which are Barnett now with the Indy before they could be favored by a couple points that's what Thomas. But anyway you know what lawsuit asked that an adult would take a break. It it will come back with you with action will spread to everybody caught up on the scores late debating it out here winning streaks on come up with just two minutes though. There are something that occurred yesterday when it comes to teach you basketball you're winning streaks. Bits in he told me everything about what that means based X while the team in these years Tony would get to that humans next Alex this.