3/16 - 11am - Tourney Love, Honey Badger, & Crisis Averted

The Day Shift
Friday, March 16th

Why do we love the story lines of the NCAA Tourney so mcu? Could it be gambling, the cinderalla story, or even alumni pride? Who do we want the Chiefs to pick up next, word on the block is it could be the Honey Badger.  And the NCAA had a crisis averted last night as Arizona gets knocked out!


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Visit drive now Kansas dot com now for more info and get yourself into a vehicle today. Drive now Kansas dot com. Six and sports. At city. Yeah electric he. We are indeed back did hoops today K state and action against cream coverage starts at 445 here at six. I don't stop doing the things you. Late game it won't be effective today that's why would tell you about how not only to date what the majority of next week. We'll tell you is going to make it appears they'll get a because we're paying now at our department headquarters that winning streaks inside here is casino with a by the auto parts maker that he too wanted to. Day to watch the tardy to this is our party block party because we're giving away a thousand dollars today. And I use that thousand dollars today because it out when you've built that day. But not only that would give it away it to a dollar when the auto parts gift card as well we got sixteen food specials. On throughout the day. We have a great selection of craft Beers but it's gonna be a fun time out here at winning streaks we get a lot of one yesterday by 1230. In the gains were tipped off. Mean displays pretty. Views pack report it's Friday. That do want to take your sick day lead worker week streak. By the way Leo it's fun this week uh oh here itself. Apps and let it run with this bill like you should get a feel like it's like that it's a world where we're happy to have Leo with this news with a shows that pure air given due December. Do the show so that they be here with applicable is absolutely man about a and it's obvious but because he's back the inner compound as the south like that. The dimension is eagerly listen to promote yet so he's the spaceship. In in the studio bought Dow down a little bit too were the early before we pop in to talking on a little antsy doubly hard and I'll not worth your winning streak. And the controversy to deal. Is that the authorities got the day he screwed up and we have a server that's why it's open her name is Ortiz. Mean Barbie was back in the kitchen and there's that now to sort out here in the restaurant. Ian weekly taught because a supper that are all bank. So Beckley authority build up our youth are at the office are reputed critic street. To inspect our colleagues made use of put them respect but they don't call me bar because I'm not bar to arguably got holly here so you invest up today ripple birds. There's two servers and he messed up wanna yes he did surprise arc. Talk out it'd be acceptable to all snake as it's been quite odd that he. We equipment but how but on the mighty how. They act that you try to get in the pick race Ali because that's what it feels in that's been the most part I've what do pictures. He built this morning called that's. It's worth it up dirty work just about everybody they. Well they just investment return that's got me moments which is where we're gonna start. Eight clearly want you got coming up with thoughts of winning streak. Book one of the questions that we had. Amongst it was me when I'm talking about this we ask you talk about this last couple days but we didn't make it into a topic but we'd start the show with it. Is what it comes to the NCAA tournament. There's so many people all over the country. That absolutely fall in love with the tart okay. In why do we love the targets so much why is the NCAA tourney such a big deal we we know pick. That there's so many people they get invested in the NCAA tournament but why. OK so we probably out some some some things that we think all the -- while let's get the bullet point number. Before restore points or I will see this. What's interesting about this tournament is people or talking call best bowl NC. You do lake and of course we do your job. It's partly on the minds that have been atop. On the mindset. That it's helpful. I talked that small difference but like the coach Mets will not something that's. On your mind to it yeah eight vintage music shall we that you chiefs or do we get attacked. Apple mean it doesn't do well there let's just two weeks but the casual fare it till now. Yet they don't know where yesterday they don't care about with your McDonald's all of it didn't hear anything about it speaks suggesting that we all talk a lot about it well. People. In that mr. You're exactly right so so I picked the force being is that. People watts and they load the story lines. They loved the story lines in regards to NCAA tournament. A week we tracked so many unique things but happening with certain players and I think that's the number one. I would sit at number one thing the number one asked that the best definitely key aspect. Is that we tracked so me unique story unique in that certain players and we look distorted lines would toss it to double our topic at that point one. The port number two in this it's up at age you mentioned to meet a couple of days ago in regards to why you love the tournament are so much is that. We love the underdog we look this Cinderella story that is one of the things that everybody enjoys watching when it comes to the into W target. Even if you had filled out brackets. Even if you haven't put anything on a team. You find yourself in a ball or you find yourself at home on the couch in what do you do you're sitting there and you're watching him. A team that is well known all across the country to everybody loves watching that program or that his sport coat and all they basketball coach you know what. You Rudy Gay gets that ports to because the at a small school that nobody really knows that what's about age when invest in your story. So you look this. Rolls toward the outfit in the bracket thing I don't people they can talk of recently. Until maybe two important states that drawl to fuel eight port in this. For people haven't filled that bracket stated usually brick contest ignoring didn't want these that were three calls on that day you'll wreck I want another. All the fuel port this is that the brackets at that they'll. And I got to get his sexy package these heaps of on that green to slate Goteborg wherever you're not just the jury can be part of this pivot he's. I feel a lot of people looking for that sparked the drawl. You don't feel you're part of it until you're taking part of it even still an opera five bucks to bucks river did you feel like to a port. What's go I if so that's the other answer at that point actually number three get to when it comes to looking at. The NCAA tournament is that brings a lot of people gather is the practice practice for folks that don't hear that much about college hoops. You'll have to have to be a die hard or somebody that knows it dispersed them dolls all mayor if this were the wall on this or this matter. Anybody vehicle hit it sit in or a lot of bracket. But he elected bested that aren't they can watch it you can if you put money out just a lot of practice that you know let's see how this how this works out for me. Actually the ones don't hit it too they always the best you over like I think oh with that being said. Tied into the brackets. Is that gambling aspect. When you units at some numbers yesterday it regards all the money that is is is is is is is invested or gamble when it comes into double atomic. That is the biggest aspects of this department is that everybody wants the week. Trees it is your cable news does his ability brackets. Typically an old legal legal activity fees. You don't do it I guess there are some cockpit Steve Hewitt. For Winnie gift certificate or a lot of a lot of people don't propriety. Seriously. On this if I. Something in bull I text a couple people ask you got what you racquets and I know that they weren't light like these out we're not gonna do that there's just for purposes the for bragging or is that yes yes I mean that's like. Not everybody's looking to to make money help not only myself but I don't have a whole lot of what it is right now out of the like you know the whole team prospective. I think that's what makes department at eight beta seat football. Drives the unit though it drives you to watch teams you don't typically watch you pay attention to it I think it's great sport keeps you care about the actual players that are playing. And I think that's been peaceful doesn't mean it's football those you have an interest in players outside the ones from yours because she goal. But yet suitably turn it gives people a chance and I'd love it. It's very tough but it won't draft the team. He drafted or fifteen players. You make that decision that you'll get averages 25 point two gay or I go to guide for imports but I had been scheduled to win four games so it's gonna be more total points. That's the interests did you have something audit and I think Heatley part of us. Let's face that drives to turn it does drives ratings address people's interests the gambling aspect it will never rip the figures are yet though. For some reason. Doesn't wanna rip their fingers around Italy that drives there's that football. The fantasy football aspect of people when the money on this after drafting of the places that weather watching and that's what they care about Thursday night. Beware pertain Major League Baseball understands what game Lincoln knew. In BA and NHL understand what gamely to do it drives ratings for the export yup this is the interest of missile tournament. A commando game and I think that they want it be that the. Final reasons is eat you talk about alumni prize if you went to instituted or you support this school or institution your entire life he's been a danger to life. Like you look this Tommy year. Because people and it is wag its support this fool and you feel like your best today is your school gets everybody else. Look at that just walked in right now do they got through stuff bought their their rocket has so they're supporting the tiger today you know. Seriousness does you know that they're here early they got the stuff want to get ready at that to watch Michael Porter to decide this happen. It's no particular part that he's big talk better is we ought to be because late tonight we talk with you got got a long day like. But it'll impact do well we don't know about that Georgia makes. The money they brought in the buildings that it would. Just because of the since that people like Tucker. Casey that tournament counts could be number absolutely. He will be right now about what he probably be unbearable heat shields appear today. Let's let's be out there he'll be here and you please you know it'd be exhibited what you know what Steve Ott Tommy didn't hear it and here he will be watching the games whatever but yet now you know. Right glitter in with your school we got people here yesterday and on the stuff you know they used a multiple pockets of that brought them some basic that we had died yesterday at the up. They'll be almost a form. Never it is part due. To their waksal who for an Xbox you know the mate it's it was too onions in what some people. You know not with demand so you know the entire base they would that's news to Sports Radio. We've got your awards as soon as we have our games started that ball goes and gets sixteen and every tee and it brought to you by VC three and as well that has come to what is not winning streaks. Register to win a lot of stuff on its gonna be off with out of box all the latest from the takes like 69306. Well. My daughter is from the text my daughter feel that the first bracket this year if she beats beats you up. So she wins she gets adults and sees it that this. So she get ago she beats it yup that's what businesses that all of you it was a lot of fun but don't get next. With the recent signings at the Kansas city chiefs of pat you the last couple buddies who do we want next. We get to that. On the days. I backed PO patiently. You know out here sixty portrait of the war right now we sent it back to states. Hold down for the next week in place. Why south comment you know that's ultimately winning streak. Inside your casino would you or watch party. The widely auto parts. Each day yesterday it without doubt they'd give without also makes it would act as will's dollar all by the auto parts gift card. In a dish. Check out the foods that they're also six dollars and instead India would reach select the craft Beers well and it you want it makes him be here because. We got some of the tiger fans are already here today in and they can make ticked at 858 at night right. And we already know the start. They're a festive already and that's part of what about this bit of an apartment if it quite a few a few years it's gotten in the targets that they're back. In their cricket the party started right now without it will be participating. I'm excited I am not that it lifted the party started right now and it all report watch that game tonight. Without your scores armed. The sixty and everything it likely to train that'll start at around 111 Dave good sports team that if they start to run the team now from now. But let's talk for minute. We talk for the last couple days the ball. Acquisition whether it's in what in the note got to the media yesterday it will to battle later the year in the house or at Watson those guys you know talk to you. It reduced its members of the species. You want next. In the it is because each seems like it I would die. Like like you said yesterday it's almost like the made himself. Because the properties I don't really try to deal leaves make. It got it wants it to he's going to be the app. Active so that being said. What's got to look into it does one thing but now this year. The last couple days. Is not match. The body back in a lot of people want a scene of yet people wanna see him come here. He bet on. Like the. It's Bieber he seems like analysts. In that that I know you always talk about his injury concerns were a bit which lets face it. Eleven games six games. Fourteen games started in. It's a ticket that's the reason why I don't want China but I also this heat liquid which is funny he led the had a film that. He had 99 point 4% double cork stance. It was over thousands there to plead it. Being added over 207. Special teams. So natural place special teams 42 he would be unit though. It snaps and eighty feet past that. Even set it buys well you know he's he's said he's willing to take less money. If that's what out of here that's what I want him to set that's what he's been all right this guy wants to play football though so this. In the great scheme of things. How much we got DC united you see the need more. We value their bury it because argument governor entered the money that we can what's. But state. What you pay that much to say get your although I think Kevin his players outside tree and what he means the team bigger very fair it's bumper like that duties at quarterback that secondary leader of the defense. He brings is more succinct speech. Two team which is hard to quantify what he brings. Evan Chiron. Ritz cover skills with quarter that it's eight in the precinct the little strokes last year to. You pick which second you have to seek the light what's bitten one of these problems stop being. The rough and it's been a big problem chiefs nuts and you know that you can hear me big difference although LaMont later they beat I'm getting seek the you know that she yet. That that line if it hits the pits like markets that aren't are proposes that actually the best one laughed. On the market he's gone. Did you books and post on battle to its but the one thing that we saves the reasons he's become possible the stock and he wasn't shy about usually GM's who have honest about it. We can't it's free now before about the dark about yes meant repeat them creating yet talked about it you know Reese freeze and talk about it. It all the smoke and fire on Twitter. About honey badger in chiefs are not put anything past beach. Is this lightly if the free freewheeling. Mean receivable where it's at a US. Ports. Dorsey the first Terry Keenan. He understood the tree tonight is the next Olympics at. Dorsey did not like 30 Cleveland he's doing it because it gets to. Yes it's it would guided us nobody yes nobody trap we can take you live all the old city editor from the traffic in the play she sits holes when he took over thirty. 2012 were seasoned C geez my worst season we've seen team in keys that he would hold. It also eight point oh cool with all the players Dorsey is philosophy was home grown out. Green Bay did this to Green Bay. To its core philosophies. And the Woodson. They would in the money to Saturday in that sport for the year but big and heavy three teams like the Packers the big old believe. The NFL at home grown player. Beach I didn't think values core. We also values young team does apple or Google or thirty Exel. Tuesday even just that he's still in but but but now let's be honest beats no he asked to do something reasonable one not just because he's got. We do it but he flat it's a skeptic your leg and yet you gotta do. How many times you see Twitter accounts of what it's released. Albeit that cheats but you've seen the skills that people it would dispute that the chiefs. Before him say well. She's back. It's pointless talk you to treat it like we say Dorsey and what beats. I don't know which deals can seem to sit there and watch him talk about walk. Which by the way the show to date till players SCB block as a means something to view. If they try to trick for you last year in Natalie. That bit at the free agency was opened the chiefs optical didn't wait a cold and I don't play out in the cold. Beaver stories about G and back in the big week in the driveway of players. Beaches it's that he got to runaway vehicle. Game studio and related. Legal to note that. Because we are all that it's okay. Paul thank you so yeah if not you're not yet. Out and we thought the entire time that they had not reviewed reached out to warm but now we're starting here some information maybe. They were not it was eight but it never got back to the agents though that hit since I asked this question. His actions was actually the first rate repeat straight to make it took over Xia. Little bit about a disease can work that. Pill you held a cutesy. Eight book and don't bother information if you learn a lot more now. Refuse him telling me is that and it just turns it yeah it and she's the first one call. Prediction some peace and so backwards okay they about the royals thank. Believe in the world the region Egypt Egypt doesn't value elect withhold information you'd pierce. Pete seems like this active GM so whenever somebody's got to be that Cheney's. A welcome that now expert beaches listen you know he wants players that he's got a salary cap world he's back it's been big but he beat that line. He's good at the dress that is dressed he's at the dress that it's cut victory yet. He's which could be movement as a person he with perky PO rightly tried to make this team better he sees the weaknesses in price change. But my mama rolls right Becky today sixty this might she's at eighty is here now that this is my. You see the honey badger unlike humans is as a player. But ease. Is just an interest men and I don't want to overpay for guys like at night he'd get a on the on the cheap. It come on that but I'm not overpaying. To do it might that be part it's just not I'm not active got other issues that app to address that's that's my issue with him. Number two. I got a question about this Thomas wall stuff. How must wall of the seats if he ends up to these you've got to pay a visit. What does this osment to what are. Aspects of where on this team that Thomas Rawls and where you have always been back he's coming from the back from Italy system they looked at standard what my purse but what does that say about. Who would have though Thomas ball a bit more. It's it's answers position. I don't know what it's rehab to hear Thomas roles here two point seven or yes if we can get back simpler it was a fifteen. He's five and you're here he's been battling injuries the last couple years he has been put in just Spiller depths to the plate. To worry time. Excerpts what they've been through its double. It's circuit circuit Wes is actually very blocker he can get credit for or thought you know on third down below last year was cream on the bitch who's. News Turkey's quest. In the game he could provide protection. For Al Smith and they're gonna want to exit for mobile but it. Who would you rather have to read at Thomas walls in the mix now all would rather have Spitzer where coming back from injury. Rather have been too well experts were was missed a running back last year it is cheap in the west the book she. This year and cheaper than potter musical. Yeah I'm not a fan of the Thomas Walt really Nat actors. To me out rather to school into the season streamlined as does Easter studies or number one running back. Hospital where right behind him coming back all put it into Dayton arena with a mean. In that you got for it was steal your enemies do so the Thomas Rawls yes and it Chet Haney said. They have to address to the quarterback situation in game will get into battle but later in his article but let's let's. And I don't look for that what happened there were two names we talked about this couple days ago that said that out I wouldn't mind haven't answered back quarterback. In IP unity. If there's not much less call metal bat more expect more bad or as close out the year that we want to Chase Daniel but he is a losing record. That more has more that's important or is actually more productive but either one of them you can deal with some twit and us niceties to sign any. Packer quarterback that mattered moms who not true. It's Philadelphia group to get back up still helped you carry on which are traded without breaking of that pack up like it false Zaher. This guy with the Philadelphia the chiefs all what could possibly do we know won't be it won't be titled the greatest. It's still collect it that's. He has made it home like he's kind of deliberate. Calibrate this make me out your man dismay it uses it to you get a stick. Every single out what does the public money borrowed two million. Already were that you voters during practice that it is you can say he's pro football player which he has. In India achieved the plea in Denver people. That's great art of late been out here when history. Inside here for turner watch party the game will be taken off a tip off the bottom out or get people that are sort. Make their way in here caught up excellent minister next chance to win a thousand dollars and our national test contest and the NCAA. Had a crisis of Puerto last night would get to that in two minutes now. I welcome back decently if anything it out game winning streak is not here. And yet one yesterday it will have a lot more fun to stay. If it's a fraud and we'll watch in it's only action your attorney watch party. Inside of winnings just. What's out right now is your latest chance to win a thousand dollars in national cashed in on this will go back to the station in the studio we'll Sanchez. He's at the make it rain this the law giver by Nicole ward who goes so they can make some money. It's a thousand. On the thirties text the word permit to 72881. That's the ER MIT. Could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest. Miss a message in batteries may apply 610 sports radio's the only. Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance to win up to 121000 dollars each weekday. Just listen on the third from six to six next chance is at 1130. Liberal arts then sports icon. That's right man I mean who he has given you the sort of people laugh. 103011301230. To. But when it scores in the pits expense were previously this new Leo actually in the the thousand dollars and it's exactly it will just you know men cope with respect inning for the next week we appreciate what it would ever while. Listen to this old little bit the show me the peak a little. He he he which shot that not you guys not two but it's not it's not the pulls back and emptied them that it has that it got this thing around. We'll tell us the great debt of nomadic each year Christmas carols pocket to get to a sporting KC your exporting TC Julio crisp but at a rate. So in sports Etsy podcast all with the answer I go to USX and sports dot com under the podcast. We are 610 at CU we talked everything in all there is talk about sporting. Analysts all the good stuff. Yeah great stuff. I would look for two tickets it was a this week with a 42 with a big name are less and it does make it and a crisis that was the order last night comes it. The guy NCAA tournament last night. And it was a massive upset. Nobody I predicted I thought Eric was gonna go on your way to date we're playing here at into the season. But a little while acts they get upset last night. They were the fourth seeded team in the south region they lose 8968. To buffalo. Okayed the teensy. They lost like 21 point they were never relief. Halftime they were down by two points but in the second half they were never in. Any. Buffalo just this need to to which it and what's up what's up fortunate wall Lotta people that they are the brackets busted. Lot of political and relief well is what your bracket to oppose the air but it. From the new a lot of people like that's become except you went. Heard about it. That's not to talk about the it is not it does it doesn't bother me in already indicated it no it doesn't know not know it use it you selected. Awful upset eurozone. You got every right to have a little fun but you'll hear that. Rector of both parties are as transparent. The pace up there. I talked about it means possible team out no it's not talking about your bracket I don't know you also talk about your brackets he's like talk about Europeans. The text you get for people all of it acutely now is like how does how the site. Except everybody part of that protects us navigate the wreck that does this do you got this here it is we. Bet is that no one question you have to the debate how to practice. Give us the boxers are dead ever thought to what the final Manassas that's how we do to police blocked the I says. But the reason why they uses speak accurately cute it's become its global. Now a look at it right. I don't look at the senate seat that. All right you do get back to being its football team lose it and next thing about it is like talking to all the out right now they are. That at Augusta what he wants to talk about right now wants to all the racquets lost all boils baseball. And we don't know whats you wants up to start the absolutely sure. Bracket let's it was fruitless that I care about your bracket seat at. If you match why would I want. I wanna take time out of my box 2.0 oh yeah you're great to see more people are invested in the bracket that they are being pleased. Artwork that I would seek the chiefs out here about. Moss. But I care about at my bracket on the talk about it a ballistic it to your zone and then being upset last night. The reason. Why crisis wills or is this what what people think well the entire time. Going into the into doubly hard the last month with this FBI probe the equipment talking about. Arizona. In the allegation old. All up payment a 100000 dollars from the told shortly at a game and yet the wiretap stuff whatever it is also been talked about. Other players spoke other programs with Bill Carter all miles Brit I mean if so many different program that it had on my. Alan sexton from Alabama bagel dog Lester there's been a lot of talk. That you met if Arizona and it went on to win the next that can't beat yeah Indian they have to forget all by now. That there was there was actually a paint it in detecting. I don't care if it would be easier to keep those of you that it wouldn't here but everybody else. Lately. The supplement that there I think stump you what you mean Apple's local debater or how about Erica or check your equity that they just were not who really years but they're talking about it. Now like this might be good to be suitably there provinces of there's there's been confiscated at what the file forehand vacate their. Software zones private better off if you know the ultimate distraction there. The Arizona gets bounced vetted her opinion I think it. Tick tick their focus well it did so they just don't about the what does not seem focused. Did it's they ruled by a blow from the moment that. All the the stuff now they play better basketball in the last couple weeks bank but they get here at least that man made Davis is this action. How are what we just say. Twelve was back to a ball. How are we to say that. Big twelve officially been in the pack cooler out it's. Not it's not good. Not good at all there are about three teams. It was a it was. You still got ousted in the fourth for the news at Arizona to balance. It in the other with the with The Who was thirteen. Out of their conference that it dipped to target at that depth that Abbas immediately Hewlett. But you still like him at 440 law and done. Don't like it on the on the final team. You Philly Arizona game and there's a state NASA Datsyuk opened the Politico that the character of a on not a good look not a strong look for their profits not a strongly suspect pulled it a big twelve that was that bad at the drop they gain to. Big dropping game Stephen Austin bosses to. Oklahoma like it started off for ski yet Oklahoma it pretty Eric tuchman big twelve lose that game with a lot of people did not have any they eat in local home. I think it would look giddy yesterday everybody looks at the Arizona game and basic doubles. That was quite yet it is a lot of people wondered about that the and when you say it was at each other real upset that took place yesterday. I mean put the most part there were upsets at all. Yesterday in the into doubly hard I mean for the most part that the favorites just went out there to here this is the noble want it. Kansas had a slow start to their game winning by sixty points Michigan into 28 points in fact that a spirit a dog fight but they did winning but four point duke they won. But point two points it would handle. Buffalo city Arizona that has been so far the well Loyola Chicago you know preteen daughter and a lot of people talk about it the in the hole. So Britain then they upset Miami. It out to talk for life and they are polite but how's he is in the house yet doubtless that was not upset that people look at. But mine would be really think that mine was in the eighty mine was all were all receipt I you know. They had to privacy it was a sixty that is didn't see him do anything but. It by twelve it was really count on them. Now your mom breaks abuse are there so Tuesday. Screens. Turn Yelp site run Portman went. I think the team that a lot of people this what ass on Twitter council meeting yesterday in the evening that a lot of people kind of they looked at you know what I hope this team. Is able to pull out like happened going to the second weekend I don't want my right to be busted eat even though it probably your zone and right now. But the team that Lott talked about Texas Tech. Texas Tech pull that out or were Stephen F Austin. Seventy to sixty. And to add Ella that America to eat five in studio with us a couple weeks ago playing night is the reaction she is a statistic ran it. Each he was this in worried after our team was now my point that you did a little late in the second half when he but it's also the big twelve big. It looked at with that picture homes. What's to come here on a taught art it was in the building right he was. Gay. It was in what the air it. Yet that's what's you got it right the Portland be this year. But it's terrible tech but it is at a press now with bald and I looked he's probably saying it's spicy you know what to expect to hear that for game. Few I'll get to the east region. For game number two he's got plea it's on it's it that is red raiders if they can either make it marched through the it's beautifully. Are winning out here winning streaks inciting years. Four NCAA tournament watch party a handsome lines not only to be out here brought a lot tired today but afterward done. Got to drive C got and Brett many negative beyond your broadcast into national as well. Each day in year 2000. Dollars in separate joint as well as a two dollar or righty all parts gift card it's gonna be given away. Eight we should mention real quick before. Asked what is it dollar intensive who specials that year at that winning streaks we got some awesome stuff I trot out the out. Like UST talk for like protectionists explosions and special at the national hot when Jeff thanks a lot in this league mentioned cheeseburger Fries out the operative. He in the cheese breakfast repertory is. In it was excellent dozens craft Beers they answer the Google local Beers in what they're doing so yes. You can sit and watch all the games sim chip like that. It notes in the fight the half light. And hit it. Oh I don't like it he hits it he. Like he is that it ate it all that you've fitness dies maybe part of your original Willis Group. Although there are 88 coming up next though. I think there's one former duke beats him on college votes. That we all know. That had a bad day yesterday watching the NCAA tar out of Yahoo!. I'd welcome back in case you late Tuesday morning about it is out of when he speaks. And here is to see failure or swat party something now what does. Update. I've got to meet his people back in the top buckets at a sought wolves from what it was what you can't. Avoid it with a two. And ease get a start treaty with Tara what a day. You see five. Because there's speculation making it in the octagon like I'm wrecked I'm McGregor who eat them up. If he tipped the rust the quote though. Hopefully be with the team I can rest well my wrestling it's actually not that that I am doubtful. Doubtful. Point always good dude you don't. Know that. What you make it about raiders moved this honor well. Floyd it and it's those things in for it you know it. I hope it lately whether it's in the I hope it's rough economic or health reporter Rick. Dixie. I don't think that'll put it why not. So. Saint what turned out on the he did well our first to say Rossiter that it received a possible. Athlete presidency the intricate Russell actually being that it's actually he fighters. More now. In series yet but to be treated with the 20 lead them for. Lol lol I'm off to war if it looks at ease with this. Thabeet go to lose. So it. Given what he's gonna make. New York picked abroad I guess yes to that arm broken and I don't regulate the got a lot of money which regulate them. Yeah you've got. Bring it up with a brick load runner million. Broke he's not I know that he's got the gallery which you would accurately notably of course this of course recap. It can never do it now that they need you you'll meet. I think the yesterday. Was. Oh really rough day for. A former division one take notes. That. I think the youth support you work thing you know. A lot of people around work and now but he was they'd get the job. That course. Is to advance. The reason why say it it was a I think it was a bad day for Ian Anderson we used to be it was Hillary. Is because right now be NCAA army he's got a couple low former players. That. What did the number one let's go back to keep Saget went they went on lacks unity suitably term. Doctor Williams. What's he got to keep him report that it just off a last year yes he wants he's still a member all their faults and apparently he's still a member of the program right now one of their best players. Okay. He's gone and done great things that you beat the Arizona game they lost the buffalo deal let both lowest point yesterday. Wes Clark former point guard he hit 25. Points seven assists and four rebounds. Think it was a re tiger and the prosecutors say you know what the heck happened. Wes Clark went off in outshot the waves at the Gaza movement on it. Visit to Africa did with the explosiveness. The state 360 before their Hewitt seventy to save our state eight. And efforts led to a state of the last Oprah what's she gonna support after etc. aren't. At a saint you've got you know. That's not your division too is that that you want Wes Clark leading buffalo about BE TW torment him to the YouTube has worked for him. It was a rough the office for. It at all for what one. Because that was the guy that at the end of the game yesterday when era so I thought Arizona they blew it they choked. We got knocked out a fourth round and we have some idea what podium. Speak eat it or microphone it was Wes Clark formal or tied. Ads that make it. Tiger on the. Stuff at the main street for things that's that's. Up will like your your. Different time and date part of there. Are wide. Open owed to him. Are you sad I didn't realize that you sat and I'm really excited about him that's where. We make that's where. What quarter. Is it yet about getter. And I hate out for little activists note today that he did you not be out there. Will be out albeit it at that time but I'll look at fort Watson at night because it's going to be interesting to see how he looks. Eddie Eddie Eddie is able to it that the Russell the average was busted last week and at one game he played it in the SEC are at its Georgia. He look like it's a look like yet the explosive. You know title plays typically immediately in the ball he used to beat them not to look at it a little bit just at Missouri tiger if it wasn't quite as it already. They're ready let's sort it out but already after ticket after but but look what happened that night and does it eat it tiger if they wanna watch you know in what is he it would it would not yet tort bar it. Because the the DW I he not be plant he's a second leading sports so a lot of tiger mentally focused on port. We delete that the by the league soccer's. Starter. To lead that art soccer's. By the way you should mention that. Later on tonight you're meaning it now what's the case. You will tell you opted to watch I don't let it took him I know man. On a lot of trouble and now CEO. As you'd see you tonight. What is that that's the big. Well what you mean what would immediately make the boys don't let ex attic wanted to elaborate for the people what what what he did not know you've been out lately he's. Your best guess local but wanted to say for the record there who want to at least. So wrong for that is basically what you say is that right now the good on the winning streaks he's gonna he could have bomb. A couple of up effort to look up the first at eight PO I QB response think big I think he's getting out of Eleanor Odom and he's gonna be responsible. You don't think that he's going to be awake at the net. That's an outing after climbing these could be doctor pepper. Right now that you Popper. I'd history idea that I history line to the people is that he has a proper department. Like Aussie comes up from a jail like immediately if these Arctic I'd. Oh that's right we submit that we use. He's the favorite to win the masters favorite with a masters ticket the the waste by in the sixth place finish. To relate them air by. If York does to everybody wait for Tiger Woods bounced back pay despite the White House for final round got higher ratings and or the masters. It better ratings US open British Open Egypt that Tiger Woods bought it yesterday for their. What stroke off. Four that he would acknowledge that he's more as or extra off day four strokes back if it were predicting a four under yet yet he can export results but everybody is back in the Tiger Woods. He really hit it I know he's. The once sent. He plays that well in all witness not a major everybody has made him the favorite to master X five. If not they had to put it into yesterday before it right. Now that's due to deal they'll. The whole. Eastern oh. That's. I think it's remarkable and they eat at ease. Witness the tiger effect everybody wants to Tiger Woods the balcony it though that you support tiger. And these tournaments. He's gonna pay more if Tiger Woods these tournaments but it back at all the psyche backed off beat Erlich. Big night back in time Tiger Woods. It you'll see the residual effects guys to see you next to be back up play. That goes making Mort I just they believe he's the favorite felt like like I haven't seen enough from tiger was for me to go authors say I'm Dennis the clintons. Up the spending money on on up on on a favorite in the masters. I'm not Betty I Betty tiger what's the state I know it's with 81. It's been backed out eight to one but I'm not knotts RNC apple samples I've dot. It's difficult. But I don't think they get the run that tiger did that take all day Jack. It should be elicit that you know it's a new date and nobody really sees the opportunity. Good golfers but nobody liked it better athletes report yet. Regis oh good dominant role yup our public debate came out it when he streets inciting years or turn it watch party coming up in two minutes. You know when told that the chiefs did it make it's that state it's here it's free agency that means that meekly Mason saint it's already too with mock draft. It's about two minutes next.