3/16 - 11am - Foster KState, KU Winners, & The Arrivals

The Day Shift
Friday, March 16th

Marcus Foster was basically forced to transfer from KState for off the court issues.  But tonight he'll finally get a chance for revenge, but is that really what we should be calling it?  As good as Devante Graham is, he can't do it himself.  And both Watkins and Hitchens arrive in KC to meet the media, hear our first impressions!


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Here on the day. What sort of watch party this is our pick for. Actually we would like all the more. Today key stops did. The part of the great craft beer selection that they have here to tell him to specials. As well given way thousand dollars. In Detroit a little bit later this evening also went to one dollar rifle or gift cards. A huge stop on now that dealt with treatment to be hanging out here all day long the tribal broadcasting after we're done at 2 o'clock to six delegates and specials. Start at an earlier it was whooping it up in age you don't wanna miss again out here watching the target. You can't beat this TV set a date I mean look at this we got so I mean look at this we get everything right bottomless and I. For work or Baghdad orchard. Exactly so we get a masses let the craft Beers to note that took from that is so company out all day long here at any. All right we'll get back to the department conversation here next segment thirty minutes away for niches when a 1000000 national past contests. But what does that they say JP we love to do. Date does he loves sports warts warts is his whole life all sports yes you know sports. What he loves its football in one of the things that beat that beat the loath to do you know I don't not the point is because we all have our patch I looked out basketball and I like. Following impeach wrapped up whatever. When it comes to the National Football League to vote wrapped weekly loves tough marine. Prospects and who's gonna rise up track or get a fall out trap or to the lows topple ball on saint whale looked out basketball. You go to sixty and sports dot com right now basically. 2.0 draft board is mock draft is up right now check it out six's port that now. It. They street suite because of religious yes. This 2.0. Yeah ardea 2.0 look good look in April after. Usually slow play I think it five point oh I don't know I don't like draft they let some weight you give final mock draft last year was one. Beat data rate to be before it was not what. But by when you're already 2.0 party two point when it's time yeah. Are ready to windows quick but the way things changed it looked down. I bought one point oh looked at it that thing about it. The I think you got to give Philip would take what took it upon doubtless I wanted to acknowledge that doubles partner okay the conversational speech but he did opt out of wood and yet people like you. Natalie and order and it was right. On this April the department. It picked up there there's in what they don't know either. Stills or point me that stills or play if he's getting department teams to fix it through a door. Michael Dixon right behind it appear likely make you leave. Me here's the thing. Which would obstacle towards Taylor broke down a couple of these contract on you played in two mock draft I do you believe. Dustin Colquitt epic four million but he's got a three year old Ellie in this. Old includes one point 95 million signing bonus total gear tall gear T formally okay. So it's great it's all there you can live with that essentially. Almost back away this year Dustin Colquitt yet in one year Cold War base salary one point one by a million. Dollars two point here's my 2.4 five million X. Out of your pig but it's the all year it one point five 95 million in 2020. So was kept that creatures point six but for me what atlas. But warned by the way ethical quote yeah. Youngest team unit fell at the only player over thirty years old but here's the other thing also signed Thomas is in greens in lock so normally. United Michael gallop in key key key early like Seattle like mark let you know that these receivers back. Yet change IP lit me up with a marker or without it. Six at eight yeah your right. Like at its third on two point those last couple days. Other putting it at the Thomas by the throws it is counter to many thousand dollar signing bonus salary of 709 and not making much money at all act because they'll cut. Me there's no cared team he asked them what point in that team. There's no guarantee that they like. Bricks like in Denver so I don't know what is that that's illegal man he does eat. Until until being OK let's see I agree Kjell quite yet. So. I want to keep that at that number at that at that my money out on the paper of course the use you against Michigan with Mark Warner. Not an issue at their. I didn't happen to think about one point you extort eyed guy. You didn't when he closely. Near. Homes the homes the only one. That's how bad I want that she's a it guys like Al more its budget hearing you right at times it could cut but there would we need it to the finals and yes we take your right. A water to rate that's that's not what you did a great job like you would moderate but there's got it all the it is some big this thing and it's on the actually hit a disappointment they got more per unit and two burqa yeah. So I started this way I hit it in the block but angle through the race to Ireland's quarter but out of it could be that. Let's put this. Chiefs at this point if you get to me it's that it is Houston. They keep it which yet. Before you know. It eat hit maybe four. That was big to bring it before back to your doctor if it fails physical so it's guarantee you know. You keep your way that words of course that your big time. They have the records McMoran the core but I still Gordon of eight he could go. In this global auto it was a gift not to suggest don't even as slaughtered for the second round hasn't not to accidents fuels the rap warts after his Tom why immediate right everybody was an important role that he's going to be that pressure believe in the second round at Georgia. Britney loves guys in the SEC he fits that bulls edged in in the round two this week defense sleep. Draft and I took a lot of the off that. Of course Colquitt at Michael Dixon. Round three which violate it just to clarify for those that are just to name right now would want to launch a weekly not draft two point now at six in sports are now but also. People have to understand that yes that he did not work out at the stands right now because of the home. Three of them for. A adultery late Harold like this not with corner yet though speak. Doctor Jackson in. My second I hit my reach but Jackson. Re before. If you build your team speed. It's the speed corner basically do that were fine but. What fortress to speed and you can do a lot of stuff with that so dark the Jackson again. Out of the south Eastern Conference. And L issue. In in that round in the third round pick 72. Runners in this week in and this is were Altman's it is the post state of Britain's missy see this the local like I was talking. Each city they teach me to set me up people Britons but he's gore. Legally this out with team captains and every game and Robert. Workout machine do three strong this team with that full blown Houston. But I still believe you have to dress theater Portland and now with the loss I think go off that we both agree that cycle with a loss to B that's again that way office ought it's getting worse off at separately. Our round for light. In misses this guy have always liked Hercules and Washington State and that they were. He's underside. That he's played it's like to report to a report by the call strongest guy wrote. Rex sex stat sheet he gains acts against guys forty pounds that. He'll slightly outside. Outside linebacker at her plea inside he can do whatever he's got it slows playing football com. But this this guy's a boat high motor guy that gets accidentally it and if we nickname Hercules you better be at these that's nick. Edited news that Josh Brown for another go like this one and I hope he still has her hands on the phone don't. Round four with his directional is not you know like the story. Is like the week please she key group. He was the story combined. Talk about guidance third fourth round third big guys. Twenty reps on the bench press does not have any. Yes in the fastest he would like to but the talk about 438 so in this team speak. Any blood in dying due to the quarterback. He was the eighth seed that's where the year back in 2016. If he's there. Or quarter. It's again would which key group that I would interpret as some might call her that's it. To write it. If you don't play football in your name is certainly what you do with life. Back to roaming should be us. Now Adidas or. At around six in this lake talk and a dispute. He's not a guy that he'd go become. It Natalie he's going to be sixth or seventh pick if at all. I like you've been the population and yet you're sick at all of the holidays that going Hewitt assault me you were just although it is it's a view their probe Saturday. Ruffin McNeill causes strokes get it out to look at a capital rat for highlights. 64335. Pounds they'd get address beast in the oaks will pay this guy could seriously. Being good rotation player that's like he's extremely strong he stood out pupil they were by the way. Bet that there wide receiver Patrick to Oklahoma in all four to seven. In the forty Prodi's pizzas bagging Prodi's suits going on this guy. He's not its Opel mock drafts would come by it and it will be. The other one it in round seven mean it's. Food or what shot she Hitler thing about him his seat the 265. Tackles he's looked seven around it sixth and seventh trumpet some people have them. In their mock drafts he's tackling seat the nightly seat these and other positioned if they don't meet the opening day. Now they have McQuay you know playing their last draft you know in the like Ian in the final. What tied in it's the only other time when dolphins so what in the first 21 little blurbs by noting that account name plated central Michigan. For about school polar turn football applicable to your body Joshua Allen touchdown in the Senior Bowl this year. He's got the block. These guys catch in and he needs some ideals about eight. I don't meet the extra plump pets have been picked him two years. So is electric heat and yet he he was that Dorsey guided the Napoli coach who can't jump and maybe get tight out I don't know. That's. A ball and we had two days of the winds as beach about Regis there at least the guy all try to bounce a ball that bit. Home on oh yes office two year. So edge couple times Warner. Only opted gored in the seventh round or that it tighten that. Acts. Seen on the put together. Think these mock draft 2.0 check it out at 610 sports dot com we are just a few minutes away from all the force gain a spot the tip with the Texas union on the and new will be facing Providence at the apnea supports innovative starting in about five minutes late debating it out here when he streets is not a heroes coming up in just a couple of minutes ago. Somebody has something to prove today and it's not Bruce Weber out to Yahoo! next. I welcome back the days you secretly dating swinging it now. We you guys you're winning streaks it's not your casino and everybody else out there it was six in Sports Radio sports. That economic tees off on handed me out Dustin. Have law at some nights at six balances of appetizers and name who specials. As well as the rate craft beer selection outline winning streaks. And watch the most out what if the death sparked it started way down. Eighty among the clock. Take saint in the proper spot to get off here to second on. Every day if we're out here given whipped a thousand dollars or somebody else can win thousand dollars a little bit later this afternoon this evening. Also they're given away to Cal O'Reilly auto parts gift card. Petitions that are coming out that would be fun Dotson probably joining us out here when he speaks. Right around now while there's a Tel we know so while the bill we don't have children out here it's like racquet sports. Lot of people do a lot of people works for you go over that little guy that was it Mexico what. We. It's as illegal made my daddy which tells takeaways are that way though it's a legacy networks already. All right eight fired this could be very interesting you know. Date. It everybody's gonna be pain it to two Q and you can hear right on sixteen and sports that now. He would not NASA does what but now with sixteen sports three. The radio home for a state basketball. In the coverage starts it will fortify and take the cup which starts at what 45 it is a state take it on tree. AC or the ninth seed here right here on sixteen Sports Radio. Think a lot of people will look at this gain in they'll they'll they'll they'll they'll say it's. That's there's the markets bought the and I do believe that if the markets bought the game gets he is in this game plate for Corey it's his old school is all program. A state which him mature outlook people thought about it that you look at all its power lines it is that the Portland. It has the locals with you picked out double the fun story line when it came to look at the brackets not mass saint I don't think. NASA NASA it's got late us let me sick or that we need to make more use. All the got there are not saying they are oblivious to reality at the BBQ what they're desperately hungry. If he should of cared about the misery that. There should be that. This thing all this up this match. Today. Is mad. At like 88 means. It puts them respect on the upper thing. It is important to talk or specifically at ball. 888888. Other aspects of the game a little later but specifically in regards to mark his ball does not remember when this up for a couple years ago. Metro when Marcus ball there at two with bits. He actually sat out McCain immigrant that was issued heat as he did it to with a total. There robot tasty and the like Webber. And they decided Marcus ball at exit eight what at best we're a team. He was getting information from Brian's been repeatedly that he was all the debt backed it that he was at eight I got which. Actually the market falters table plane in the NBA quite honestly. But now with what he was being too hole. In so yeah database. Epic a lot of these were siding with the player. Because they didn't like swept you know whatever whatever that if both appease congress that read that the critical to the world that we don't like his voice that he he gets out of all that stuff that people were saying about it. A sizable markets ball. With that wants. Said that I said that you got to support Bruce Weber execute coats a you can have. You can not have. A sin to waste with a base to support a leader who may be feeling of self will be too much. Sports is a colts try to do with the right way because you don't what. If Webber went about it the right way because this program is bigger markets Boston Marcus ball does not beater that you program. It has said that at the time. Would you look back at all that. How was case they recover from here transfer out one great. They've done just fine they made it that department last year they wanna gain they'll look at to yet another victory in the NCAA tournament this year. A lot always backed up what comes of that what you ball. Which the main base was. We would get the stage for good. Okay Ryan I hear you I knew it. But we'll freaked out what to expect last year at the end support people more support local markets off the important flipper. Would meet at the at having their issues in that ball to let the program. Okay people orbit with Bruce Weber. Well the asked Oakley you Mike while they talk to the current cycle tick rate Greg Norman OK he was like yes you heard it earlier. To date on sixteen and Sports Radio on ought that's what the morning in one of the things. That came up was clearly one of the big stories this markets Boston. In this Greg Norman had to say regards the ball there and happy to walk a little bit it is not victory. Real quick before we get to net the scores on the tens brought to you by Casey trends. A first game of the day just tipped off little over sixteen minutes left. We have Providence up over Texas in import nothing. Marcus Foster. You know Marcus is Marcus final well you know he's certainly recognize is that that he made a lot of mistakes education date. We also learned a lot sold yen you know I'm really proud of the person and a player that he's become his a lot of cause continue in his life. Can an substance really proven a vegetable for us well. Did you hear that he said he made a lot of mistakes to K state. K state they have all over Bruce Weber and now they critical it is that you know what make any aid groups that are right here with you decided with a clear at the time. That is the current Celtic right Hussein bit more pissed off to meet a lot of mistakes. At K state. And he's he's he's wanna. And it hit right now he's actually order a lot guys and engaged point three you don't always point three. So a lot of brought up to do that that's plot never got out on on on colts at the time a couple of the problems doable with best with four. Besides Stinson. Last August. Race recount you know what they. Out to be the first weeks in what makes the World League that it. That's the bees that problems occult athletic these coaches that these extensions. In either the buyouts a lot money. Is that ninety million dollars what's the school but they do that protect them. Also connect army. Coat appeasement of Atlanta's big buy out yet almost ten million dollars with this problem. But this race again. Here's the that the buyout decreases after may first 2000. In what they do is you're not moving leopard next year if he's got. We're best team Columbia in Bogota audible lately also so as far as the buyout routes wherever he's actually. The other thing that we should mention that mr. Armitage and 2 guys on this morning is. He doesn't want markets Foster. To be caught up in the match up now sixteen was. You know he's in the bill the one thing is you know he's in the streets here coach's choice rehearsal so it's not like your view on an eighteen year old kid. You know Marcus understands that and obviously understand division there's a story there. But he's also really focused on trying to win the game and you know that's my job is to make sure that focus. Remains where it needs to be in and it's going to be different format although there's any question. But you know what small little player and I think that'll goes out the window and then it's going to be two really good teams in our planet very competitive game. I double as a theory very interesting SoundBite from the coach Gregg McDermott from Creighton on outstanding job top bass local bodily but. Right now this year you're talking on markets faults but after what twenty points a game last super cragey Aberdeen eighteen point two on the year before. It's finally your case state average what Walt and a half and in the U points freshman year. He was fifty and half flop today. Marcus Foster it if he doles into this match up against a state they'll feel like he has something approved would not be a lot topped apple will elect its of that approved. Protect you plea for critique that which puts you don't eat it with you put that have a crush on yourself you got to play your best a lot of time to me to root. It should be epic in its Sydney. It's shipping according to what we deserve the McDonough he's he said that you know what he needed he made a lot of mistakes that a state oral B Gregg Marshall what life. Bickered marshaled stops exit. We can't we talk about that without was doubtless some see it. A couple what was that you let out Ellis that we could have hit the right city people are when Wichita lost at home which gets it could not elect the senator your work. But it Marshal put the team. Gregg Marshall points here. Capabilities. Political hobby not here he's books of people route. All my doubts that yet. I think that when you look at tonight's now what is this afternoon's matchup is going to be interesting this markets Boston put pressure on himself that he asked do you. The law of rule that you know what. Outlets in the rightful one Motley a state as a polls that say you know what made some mistakes basic look he has it now people on at the right way. Mean at the time he was a sophomore at K state he thought it was all the bought him when he simple to reschedule your week it. About rent or meet local call everything got an early morning succeed in whatever and everything done before. You know let the clock at golf I don't have a schedule when it comes to armed Afghans say I'll. Fluid I have right now at the gals are regularly in doing I don't have a doubt he talked. At least I know that they did at least she left. Which it he's not locked down all of his. Say. Now off witnesses technical director of the office. You put that the silent if it goes. Eagles outlook for business will propose it got knocked it and it Cadillac you know that that's not humid all year ago here you go out to all like sang the song. Off. If it to what Michael Butler and I voted to seat I'd tell with. It's like oh don't worry about a double. Double bit art. Elected to be greeted basically what that's like when he is not here to you know a coming up just a couple of minutes. We'll get back to our school or get the sixth in every ten. But you ITC trains. And it. Outside Obama look at it these initial well up one game apartment right now there's nobody there you know that's a bad look like what the bracket that. Oh yeah which tells bill there's nobody. To see him. Outside of that would give back to sports here perspective. Bullet that they take away had in regards that you basketball yesterday with it to that in two minutes and. I want to thank you patiently hanging out of the sixties or radio this is what I'm now broadcast live when he trees. Inside here and watch our. Coming out with us you whip out volatile later today one dollar and wily old or your car and coming to its most nights beverages. And six dollars to exit polls that we'll get back to talking about that part of it. Let's boy hitting it great to uphold or who built that station we have a thousand dollars. That some might get a win and national that process along will go Sanchez went anyway. It's a thousand on the third text the word care. I didn't care piece of paper TE a TE a messaging data rates may have point six pence portrait it was the only Sports Radio station in the city good militants who went to 121000 dollars. Each week day just listen on thirty and 66 the next chance to win coming up is going to be well. That's right that is right and by the way since words that were already. We're doing the six in every tee and it brought you ITT trends you might as local it taken away. All who BOT get a school board update worse. It. I thought well I'd I'd get blown so we'll get worse without a bit but Beckett ya sound right out. We got a couple Q with so little wet this would let people do with that being votes up it definitely wasn't a little to do with that. Oh I didn't know you had no idea what you've got. God look where it looks Ralston don't always twelve minutes left in the worst still profits up over Texas paying them eight to fine. 88 the five are a lot of this exit modular at night that we didn't quit right now. I did just that evident and another you know it aside etc. but I'll open it. And it showed tilts out there you go every actor auto loan is now I don't. This data show what you thirties the Q did you party that is how I took the Rodham does that. Rod got the save our outward it's a little bit later this evening with these up because it's all public. I do too much. It was basically I've just thrilled with your big east you with the big expanse of a twin peaks and if I don't let it beat a Peruvian gloves and especially Abu glitzy to block the although he did into this city DA to get it up but went oh million dollars. Active active. All right hey let's let's get to this been asked to do with dom. The opening round victory. They hate you additives. Pennsylvania yesterday said he 660. The one seed look is it hasn't happened yet that it that once he's been knocked out by sixteen and will do it is it is something now our thoughts. It blew my mind at the nervousness of hate you being indices have been nervous at all marketable it. So after all don't get nervous and although. It was it was weird out you'd just a little bit but take you Wayne's. By sixteen points. But I got a little bit of an issue with that. On this stamp point. If your into Spain all of which I am. You cannot cannot solely rely on the spot to Graham. It is through hard. Not a lot believe it if you guard play what what what what don't what what he's capable of averaging 25 with a gain absolutely. I'd be the spot they grant you do that. He scored 29 points yesterday. I think he's cable to an ever topical play date I'd give me that. He's he's gonna start oh man that was pinned. 29 points from the Arctic rain let's not get enough to beat duke 29 points on the spot to grant does not get enough to beat Michigan State. He's got to get some help man and it another big advocates aren't the is advocates say they want about it though Azubuike and him being. The into not at the Kennedy you know it didn't it didn't need him to be healthy and he'd play three minutes yesterday. That's the caddy oh he's not buy it Bill Self basically admit you know he's not anywhere near to be a 100%. They got away with yesterday because it's a sixteen seat. They get the plea in much better in C hall and if you saw the seat Paul if he's that game. Seton Hall Justin Bates that are athletic it will give us some problems and at the plea but better much better tomorrow is to. What's that. Split it. I've not Epoch that tomorrow day at all. A bad seat all after the B I've looked at what that they just liners but I think there could be the people out there that they've looked at it that you with the did you yesterday it's it. They'll probably play the best policy at all. Like feeling speeding was down there were people who went down by you know what I see tiger got caught up for the this I don't get sick teaching I'm not out not wavering until the guys that are reporting your no no not at all not at all I didn't do it the reason I didn't do acting because we didn't I didn't for strategy I. Is he K unit here is national TV chip the tiered do like the they are that it's here now. The reason I didn't look team and I want them well that its bottom porting it to go. For all my heart budget for strategy gives everybody excuses in the butt or your Brecht duke locally if you don't you people give it a final. You don't talk a jail for like your big jayhawk it and obviously joke from like the thing about it is. You go up if you're off to jail for it right it's loses do you jump up at the brackets. Because it's the strategy things that it's either way because I thought I'd you know to beat them for the final or I don't abuse. Lead a lead it to see you meet meet so it though because we all believe they get it all but that you got to face either duke or Michigan State not beat those teams are probably. Pollen out and it just update. Repetitive ideals through one what actually with a practice for team now out of it you watch ESP immortality but I get a lot of experts say with a lot of respect particulates all the guys here. What was that about a roller panache and can't. Everybody believes a Michigan State beat them it's just that it's a body of the does that mean you're gonna find my body attitude. They're a lot like the Michigan State Tom Izzo every game every year. Obviously this point but bookmark but I always buying the same thing they're so well mop I had to look at the mall well my point weekly is is that if you look at. If you look it based on yesterday Azubuike only play three minutes everybody's been you all talked about how the young kid but the source pinpoint what. He was he'd like to admit yesterday I mean it's it's not like we need him to play to submit it but you can not. Just look at what the plot to grant date and expect that every single day. I don't think that the or deepened now I don't think that it now enough to just ride him all the way to Santo not next year. I think BK you should be. A little bit late AC opponent. It deputy opponent dictated that you think about how it re happy to hear deputy at the team that you expect it to Minneapolis in the final four that your. Everybody's one await for national ticket next year doing it would precede his duke because it got like the best class ever come. Look at the big twelve teams that you can at the state number two. Yeah apparently it we'll talk about that at the bit though lost you know. We're guessing you'll get no winner yet in what the door but what we get blocked it or you get a split Seton Hall is would be a tough out. Because their bigs are going to be an issue fourteenth in that it's what happens on the bow and it though is bitter or angry you know this injury and Summers. Because he's he's not right now like three minutes. And that's got acute need to be giving you quality minutes. All the course of the target we played somebody ought to help the way enemies and the bigger dangers we we we talked about this couple days ago. When it was direct military talk about his big guy here and though he says it's really up later if they're not ninety to 95%. Because these teams are tweaked it Steve it's it's ratcheted up if if I expect the bullet a guy opted not it and eat it in I depend on and aim he's on our best players. Eight he's not be where the year 1995%. Which you don't he didn't look like he's he's called the date it's up to the coach he's at this point. It's the personality. Of the its electorate to teach in the play their council that he's the player. Bill so let's look at guys. And I don't give him that he has to eat totally that's a gag order complex countless too. Because he goes both just go to the NBA yet you want please keep holding her that's gonna start making its way around the good play it'll customers. Let's see the difference this year though for calories. Everybody on his rosters young so he's got so many young kids that he it is going to edit you know he eat what does it come down to is just that one guy. All what it would mean it is. It does come down to whether you didn't have you built it in the air base in the Michigan State or Basie duke possibly even facing. A Seton Hall Sylvester also to play in the trade for keyboard for the year. Duke Kansas slowed. Got off its guys that gets on the net result is that the sisters they're practicing with not play dummy payload. Expect a lot of league knew with that you'd be hugely Newman in the he's got better date is August it's got batter I'm not I'm not I'm not trying to bully do without one of the aisle want the ball a lot of ticket it's stated UPC wouldn't want to. We hear yeah yeah we were there where it. This this was my I guess my scouting report on him when it to the year and it really hasn't changed at what I think that we don't it is really dictates it's the player he's not the greatest at at it take you people the trouble. Least it better if it better with all of that cell. So we'll see out of step up against the ball because they'll come down to it you can't just quiet spot that ran the entire armed accurate I've got licked. An 888 which got a half some depth. You get asked in depth with that as well. Aren't comic up next we'll get back to our school board sixteen and every ten lucky by DC trains as well as the typically. Outside of the NCAA tourney you very much slot you have focused on what the chiefs are doing your out eroded. You got your first impressions of sandy wanted to hit it went into that. I've thought about it basically the chance output speed without opportunity sort opinion now. The district got the office that got next we dolphins well. Although I think you give it to a backhand. And do some stuff on overstate what is what we're hanging out at winning. Apple because get a plane if your reaction all he can sit back. Work to do we kept reduce game you know earth. He'll slowed down or man ballistic missile that is the audience he produced in this thing he's back in a compound as it out like that calling. Winning an item with extra exciting here arc from the block party and you lost our we'll probably. I. Can you there watching that little Purdue and tells people that they are in Providence or what you know we got a couple of games along with YouTube box scores here about five. We are being used them on TV it. Whole classical all last one yet because physically alert out for you Thursday I had over the with the rigors of TV I mean it because I try to make something that recording academy what was going on obviously afterlife we found them. Mary's. Beat on its now I'm not make it paid off. More mountains record for models. He beat prep study we'll see all the help speed up you know what do they paper. The cup the point spread look at this grant for Seton Hall in an air force captain. I don't know SI. Segment asset write quartet. Oh it's also that mean nets that tells all you need to know about it respect the suspect on and it. Put them respect the seat Altman. Tigers. Seven. These are all off. Well on the day dollar and play. In due to all get teed off yet to overweight so all the difference whatsoever why aren't getting teed off with Peter extensive and that's the a game that specified what we'll see Todd and I there are job. Bos minus I acted Macy's actually. The second element in our public discourse in a few minutes with who yell bomb does we have via a sixteen every team brought you like he's he trained but. You were at noted yesterday date. What was your initial impressions of its instant locked in they were introduced you yet it it will both of brought the team. Welcome. These are. These are good guys it what about seeing you want. Vick in Wheaton presently telling him to smile on your year is its weapons of this changed the complexion. Of what the chiefs offenses. Haven't burgers not up so every kills tweet let's that I shouldn't be chipped over the hump and it disguises the freak of nature. Idiocy be walking to the outside what's this mean for green on wording of football trips skills to get the ball in the middle. You're watching him but a long way. Cavities. The 24 years old how everything seems like he's definitely in years. If he knows he's been replaced and it's treated with buffalo chief turned treaty and make two places he'd been last year didn't work. But he talked about that. Eight to the LA times last year that is that your level seamless keep medium bowl buffalo. Idiot did just what he was in LA and think about it mostly what pompous he's very humble guy he could have brought it up we didn't bring it up. He's eight unifil touchdowns last year. Despite it brought the you know the production for the Iranians so we people comfortable. In what him. Yes that team and how Leno he's already gone through that. Phase of I'm the man on the fourth pick in the draft. You know he's matured to a level but he didn't care B and bring them effectively lead the greens touchdowns last year when it catches or yards that again Cooper couples get. Let the team with touchdowns but he was eight in the NFL. He touchdowns last year he has that knack to keep the end zone so I just kind of like his demeanor. You talk about it could locker room guy on the walk me it's been a walk and eat pizza he's got a lot of experience on the unifil such a young age 24. But I'm just got to blow away with just kind of news team. Read that mindset that he adds it kind of player and I think he's actually want to be it illegal for skated 25 touchdowns he wants starts. This guy knows how to unions and though that. But most stuff you watch that he was open. Because it's so many options he'd get the ball that's woody Greenberg beach and it's got so little time even though what in the ball leaves open. You were dropped three with a guy like scene walk in into the sports kitchens. They need that you know that he has the attitude at least read it covers well. The kitchens jets stadium it'll eat right or personal all round red rag what is but you'd hear him in regular in the middle. It's a game changer for the chiefs defense expert beat so we've talked about. Is his propensity to want one that he'd love the inside linebacker position. You know I've always been our on this those corporate Dorsey he's I didn't think Dorsey made this per hour. Expert beach since the moves you made big moves would you like yeah right. Bernanke yields could be some morals next year if you re Munich argued that he which was by the way was the worst guy. Britain beat stirred last year it's Chia pet at least it would have been moved rag when but he wanted to get hitched in a desperate about that. Right you like linebackers actually it's kind of would rise and drug enforcement deepens its rock actor Johnson's so many years. You build it stable guidance would be out. All of you call an accident at the word better too much money. It's mystery coupons and you know if you played at a lower Susie and on with that was not out there. It is this time. That's because not for the rest until the work every time I'm on a pastor to be the sound for the rest of the deal with it he said. Susan I got the scores on the tenth brought to you by Casey trends. About three minutes left in the first half property and spurs Texan in him Providence on top 2221. How stable and do you just kicked off the 08 to five. Eyes so that's that's a sport sixteen and every team brought you by AC three on some papers he made yesterday and said at a so I love that team and he'll walk in heels that was important that we Netflix iTunes. In the school back in talking about the Atlantic it's. I'm working on this he values in their values to the guys that aura but they're only active you yet Simone defensive line. Although blockers I think what was it. Doctor Johnson about that. Guys that would fill it you go back to the Baltimore what was rate Mosul that Wiltshire goose to a great these guys. There is responsible. That's what that's like keep them off the line backers so it's instinct he'll make the plight. Dallas can but he could directed at that he'll Mary in Dallas what. Yeah acquitted it's that it says that was the last guy that that with Don Perry Q. He would like apple what you want back it just happened equal what they teach you know living and in effect. In real fast and Taylor grow quicker every feel that he is bouncing around you to be in ability. Resting video with like 47 kids turn to regularly by the adequately keep York yuppies that. But with his actions outlined actors. So Morton the repeat your more so when it scouted. Authorities doubted seem reluctant to sell these region and the Eagles team sheets even used primarily it's easy but he makes he sees well. But he brought in guys do good fits in Natalie that he values the inside linebacker position which is why I think. Our read the news changes to some extent with there's. On skit just want to I'll watch in Dublin born today is I like seeing you want to its potential and happy we're paying them based couple potential I hope that we over. All right because this based off of his body more we overpaid made a little too high. It needs a young guy get by the time he hits three seek unity can be twenty set a date. Oh with that for all roll pay. This'll be as Dougherty. This past. But I don't defectors aren't ego. And too little changed both on this you know buffalo did a story he was three operations to the radical then accounts in advance to look at TP. Aid buffalo meat. I just saying it. I'm not I. I'll work of passing he's not Tyrod Taylor passing thought to be good for us all I'm saying is is that I don't think it's a slam it's of its of roll of the dice it's a wrist. What you pay eight sandy blocked it to be. Oh really did receive one to come here for that reason. Weber fifty a day it was on the week as well he's out there on the field in the football. To scout let that weapon that. We get ill at one since the five minute Mark Richt out would yell walk in and get ill in the terps still seek immediate treatment. Any light up balls and generally like cynical here but. Think about what homes they and you don't make it his job easier you call it the five minute monster. I can't tell until it until you download now. You just load outs and he's gonna be about Susie way to get this job for the rest of this year's NC emotional politically. You need useful in a row. Up to you know what with a three at a mosque a couple of years ago that now the four at a monster you bought last year on it Anna now get a spot at monster. Let's see what they've got beat that aren't just pop by the office comic about politics thirteen got a dirty ripped off. It again. Oh. They had the Jersey issue latched on earlier this year because of the new Nike jerseys and now they have to do with the third the issue here in its deployed to hot they. Habits so how do you do with that. He's got extra dirt of sponsor because it is they haven't played yet they always had and severity yet but that was weird to see it deters rebels like that. All right just a moment up next here on the base of misery broadcast live from when he street is not here. We got to sixty in sports expect. Estimate up in two minutes with legal Santa's not Ryan tells you estimate of two minutes.