2nd Half Win Projections for the Chiefs

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, November 15th

Will they run the table??? 


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The cheese at seven games left in the book is selling the remaining final record predictions to round the NFL plus is the chief finishing wet and five. We go to sixth sense for stock comments via blog that we all vote on myself vesco and playing it. About what the final record will be for the chiefs and how they will do in the remaining games. Let's go let's start with you. What do you believe the final record for the chiefs will be where they lose sixty you know. I still believe they're going to be sixteen and an oddly I just three games back and they they are ineligible players are some I guess exactly right there they're gonna get those gays don't I I think they're gonna win the final seven games of the season so this was a very difficult task for meal we'll get because of the over about the over under but the projections from the experts say eleven try to find some games. That this team was going to him to lose and it was it was. It was easy to find two games that I think they're going to lose because. I don't think they're going to lose any of their final game so I went with this. The giants bats and he's going to be easy win the bills are kind of reeling right now but the game is here and arrowhead seems to win that game. The first day I have a losing. It's to the jets because again I had to pick two games and for the second time in the street Louis where you have to pick two game yet is what we're final projection for the for the win total weekdays at eleven games yet find out what two games are gonna lose the rest of the way so that's the way I understood this blog debate because. I don't really have a losing a game but it worked got to get to eleven games that were the X which may happen falling I got to lose to the jets on the road second time in two weeks he got to go to. The meadowlands the play and Denver that final game because everything's gonna be wrapped up the they're not going to be able to do when he thinks that it played back ups and they'll lose that game on. I knew easy to get to the eleven but I don't think they're gonna lose any decent seven remaining games and I think they're gonna finish thirteen and three and I'm all right into the playoffs. Yeah I think you could criticize their team I'm terrified teams I don't want him there victory. She as a KeySpan and you know that he's he's a lot thirteen thirteen threes and that nightmares real chicks like that's right there 13 since he got rooms in Minnesota at the super thirteen in three states that he'll be back in January we got a place for them are ahead. I think I think they'll give away one they shouldn't. But I don't know what that is. Because I look at that look at the schedule and I say this is it feels like seven win this this schedule is so bad in steel plate easiest schedule remaining in the NFL but John giants and jets are sweeping those two games. Buffalo looks like it's really a little bit gonna get them at at at a at a good time at home to Oakland game you got the revenge factor he lost right now I can win the division I don't think you're gonna win the division. But the swept by Oakland and doesn't like a scenario that's going to happen right they're gonna win the division and you know sports and don't let them. I don't know what the chargers are gonna be about time I see him not worried about that Miami's got Jay Cutler right worried about that. And that at Denver the last game of the year maybe something wrapped up. And they lose this game but. But I also think it's were out pat Holmes gets his first NFL win. Despite during a pick six to Chris Harris the homes rebounds finds the markets Robinson for a late fourth quarter touchdown in a ones who'll win this. Ferrari yes I had thirteen I just don't even watch this one off I. I. Just doesn't just let us down the stretch I mean if I'm being really. Is that it this B seven. Why there was the titans last year why didn't the bus blast another candidate they'd lose those are right to give one away and now it's usually home. But when they give it away it's usually that home game we go away give it away give it away now they already lost one at home this year but I think it was another Oklahoma. For some reason eighty Credo is has that special and I think when the bills come to town they'll hit the skids makes it trap game if he'll be that lost the kind of creates doubt and then they'll win out from that point forward. The final five games this season against the jets raiders chargers dolphins and and Broncos. And go win out. Finished twelve and four. Probably two or three seed in the playoffs the one game mean it is a toss them just in the same boat. 5050 at the Broncos yes it could mean nothing for the chiefs fan I put their back or is it now or means something for playoff seed seating and entities so when a black. She called a war. We're in the AFC west obviously Stewart preceded. The chiefs will be fine at the end of the year but I'm very intrigued to see these games because I think he can't learn a lot from the final seven games for the chiefs' season because. I think you did this looks bad that we've got prop it is defense they're still going to play some really solid tee today. Let Tyrod Taylor proved that he proposes a lot of issues like Tyrod Taylor's a quarterback he can give you a lot of problems in that bills game. Josh account the jets man but that you adhere partner Philip Rivers he had Jay Cutler which a bad but still. Some decent quarterbacks get to play against isn't decent running games to play against. We appreciate it poorly against the bills which is a big reason why at that encircled a sequel that's an interesting one with the with the running game there yeah well boy is gonna wanna make and you look bad. That like I did well to revenge factor you bogus injury and lose you know like I really sandy. Soul but when you go against your old coach you sure you advertise on game though I mean it's I just have a hard time looking at these seven games and going. Oh they're gonna trip up here there it'll Lucy I just believe they win now and I think the the only thing that light is really gonna make me change my perception of this team. Is if they go out there and get absolutely waxed by some of these offenses on defense and have to win games 3534. That type of thing and then we got some problems don't and I still think that's gonna happen. I just I love this team I that this team a 100% may be a blind faith but this is a thirteen in three. Top three seed in the it's not direct the regular seasons compelling as I'm blind faith as just that's just checking out until playoffs. Because that's lab it's time it's ready to go I'm ready to see this team I don't see a battered and also out of these these are facing and it's. Not it's just not they're better than a lot of teams they lose to. I got to they got a bigger area I think they're gonna lose one idea I just couldn't pick. Which one of Kennedy.