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Monday, February 12th

If you’re coming at Show on twitter, you better come correct! Lebron is like living in New York, some can handle it and some can’t.  It would seem like he would be the easiest superstar to play with, but it being so easy is why he’s hard to play with.  And Lonzo’s dropping a hot new album and it has to be Lavar Ball’s doing. 


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This you know would your own rather Visio view these out loud in law a lot of listeners. Put those figures because we salute you for allowing us to BA small art. Your Monday evening J&J radio productions produces is spared away. M I'll let him as the conservative is in the building. Like I said man. As we continue this. Lose it iPad. Kids just me it's like well like lake was doing it this morning. Were a lot of means that the people were Texan like this. They're gaining. What they believe will happen at the target. From the regular season. And I gonna say it it's impossible. Impossible to believe no I don't believe that you have Casey. Because they play crappy all year that they keep updated did. Go be the number one seed because if anything happens at the turn out not saying that what I'm saying is. We've watched kids is beat up a lot of teams have put together great records. And just lose to teams they had no business loans and to. And we've seen time and time and in every year there's been teams maybe except for 2018. That had no business being. And I'm trying to get people to retrain their mind. You look at their contemporaries can't just intemperate Michigan State's bid as a seven as a four and they. Kentucky's bid as an eight as a full war. Duke that's been ended in a vinyl floors below sea like. As a lower than once like someone now. We have got to retrain our mines Ed this if you look at this team. This team has the elements of teams that can make a run especially in this be better at. This was. At this with the 2018. Feet. Or 2008 field excuse me I'm with you all. That Anita hello a lot of stuff to happen they don't need some like unbelievable stuff to happen at this was last year speed. When you take a blogs old ball at UCLA were three C. They'd think of up blocks and belief bought it Kentucky were two seat. It will be tougher. I doubt the best team that it will believe. The two best teams in Virginia Villanova. Villanova just loss at home this week to Saint John was on a live. In their craft. They'll duke got a duke lost to them that the game before too. And don't get me started to saint John's all of sets a better team that we take with just cut. And not make it anybody's. Like I said. It an added at Purdue the other team Virginia just lost to an unranked. Virginia tech's team at home and we know Virginia has trouble scored. My dream as a case to Spain is to be in the in the bracket with Virginia as one or Purdue as bow out take Xavier team. Of those are the ones seeds I've. Given away for duke. I have good. Kansas as I say they can't lose in the second round. Ella they're three C that came balloons in the in the first. But they can lose in the second round to eighty. But this tape also. Makes ten plus threes a gay. Ed. They got it. Broke. As it is if you're on a text. You're gonna tweet me. You're going to try to comment me on Twitter you can follow me and Ronnie H oh or oh in in IT HO. An alum and I will call you dance right on man Alan Handley. Man. Makes you cup career. Pulley. I put out a week. About this 60. What the committee that put them in and did CBS had gone through and I just went through that that rate. This person responded and he cut ought to pay you is not beating Texas made him or North Carolina take your case you glasses. Period it added UNC's strength. This case use weakness plus they both played good three point eight the only problem is Alan. They have. I double bigger. Well. It was a real Steve and now pulled on what he did have it any different course. England back down beat it back I came back yes. And without Robert Williams etc. It is just not getting their just a beautiful day bet K it was not being hated it straight. Up. It. Like a onetime Baghdad just three and out that absolutely meaningless stat. Good god made it. Does he ride. Up it it's a lot of trash. About all Lola. With these folks. Just had to look at the schedule. At what. He had that look at a price what I said that they expect it looked at eight. It leaked just look at the box award you call it was what brought with it like. Davis plated eight. With eighteen enough. I am maybe 100% healthy US got its. And they're played managers that would look. So what here in the eight Laynce Nix I think I hired Isaac Haas is one of the biggest players in the nation for Purdue. A kid is needs to be a two week. No they tell. Can't just does not need to revamp and winning hit their east away kit is loses three. Kids this is probably negate the plate what it our kids this has lost the rebounding battle woody time. Outset that they put a lot of grow up today lost the rebounding. Battle more than fifty times. They'll need to me to win the rebounding battle. What does it say the Joker being hit three speak it come out Eddie. All for sap and in the last two games for thirty all. Do. How how how often do we see that in the NCAA tournament where these. Easiest and these smaller conferences with lesser talent come out and get big big time upsets because they can shoot the three relief well like Kansas. Is doing that this year but they're doing it with talent they're doing and what a lot more talent the most of those small programs that. I this at the Texas game released its. That game was a lot closer this text is just started doing stuff at the but but Texas out re dedicated to. Buy. Eight all the ports. Is they said. I'll take attorneys has died two days I'll take the check out Bo. Above ahead. Fifteen rebounds and eight blocks. It the day it well with only two people. Working on triple double. Grant them but day. But they've made six birdies being made fun of Gerald made I'd love it. I cut correct bit. I look if you watch his kids ST they virtually lose the rebound battle nightly. I promise I think what they've played K state is the last I've recently that if one of the Boortz. I mean that. And out of it. Rebounding is a problem for the yet. But the game against Baylor was they set six except 19% from three. Did take a other they take it's great to 33 digit they I don't take them. Hope they miss they'll make six. But it didn't say they've paid six it had the lead to ten. Five minute. This please. I don't think you can bake a hitting 153 tonight you don't take thirty of them the jokers they hit over ten game. So if they had over two and it gave fifteenth that crazy. Watched. It once again when I say. Please listen. Look at the NBA and held two teams that particular have changed the waiting game in scoring has meant. And it's Golden State it used. They're gonna take forty three's at night. I don't take thirty to 43. If they'd make it they make fifteen your intro. It can't just makes nine the parties at some of these gate their troubles as it's in adults or with. This man. Now speaking in his fiscal miss it. For a. I was. Oh lord to play liberal. You would think of all superstars. The bride would be so what it's easiest to play with. I think I know why it is that if fascinated still did X. Yeah. What a man. But it then he's not cheap but it's. Joseph I know their names and because maxim that you didn't make them even though there yeah. Hello how this man next. You write so I think it is. It is nice it was an. Advance -- I mean with this show with run. And David's day. In implementing this week. This is being. So last night I was really you know yes dale let's keep it. You know I act I was trying to dictate that they'll. Could you not by noses that I'm a big LeBron number one of the medals they may. It's sold yesterday. Had to keep myself together. What's the game and it was is dominant from about the middle of the second quarter. I was like oh these guys like can run. Like. George chills just that giddy beat off the dribble. And that giddy veco deep it's like he could clearly see I guess my biggest point after that. Understanding of who is the team to beat east yesterday yes it was what game. And I will clearly let you know you could see. That day nobody beating of the K and it just took one game. Because these jokers are gonna get bit. Hope you bet on one until two. Out of it. But ever done. I'm on the Tex lines in on the united. But analysts say I that think that took away was an hour and I'll watch. Some of the losers at the trade Jake router who says. I've rejuvenated playing her. First off that's a lie. Nobody's. Updated at happy about going to Utah suffered the fact that they are well known to have healing and rejuvenation Paterson so it's okay yet here alive. All of the first up. IE and they tell us how they're there I don't know and they really does give a damn ground. The chance first off I don't even know. If I don't even know if this is. The truth that I feel best stuff. Jake routers that pitted for us to even give a day if he is rejuvenated. After retreat okay. Like so to expect. You weren't even that it was a third. He said that the okay. And now. All and allies say is get his superpowers. Is what he said after his debut for the lakers. I felt like and by superpowers back with this T. We have seen this because apparently carries struggled with it. It is it is apparent for some people like LeBron is like living in New York. Except people could live a New York it's something we'll just take. It is an aptly so people can play in New York some people the pressure that is K. And I think there's some guys of this royals team that we watched in the past I don't know if they could play in New York. I don't know if they can handle the scrutiny of boss you know. New York all blow Sandoval as the clear person you can look at that cannot handle the scrutiny of boss but some people just hit play and live in those place. I think play well abroad is just like that some people just can't do. And the thing is you would think it would expect that LeBron. Beat a person that people would want to play with it it would be easy to play with. Because he's going to do it to a ball it's easy because you're going to get single coverage every time you play with them. He is the most of this that passes are the most shared a lot like superstar back time we've ever seen outside a magic. Like you would think it would be easy it'll get all right. Of the blades sort of what's something bad habits too long ride a cab but that's. That's what happens when you're the best player on the team and you're pretty but it's a head coach and general manager it sometimes is it be different than any other T I can tell you right now I can remember it one of those games. Where it that the game was close it carries you step back threes for no reason would know what else knows he's Oprah's set it for the depth three point line is it's an air ball. No talks about but all the latest proposal. Well it's great. But I think this is the reason. Because he's so talked about. They saw talked about etiquette that it adds guards at. Because he takes so much pressure off of everyone else takes so much attention it did you get to go 101 you think you're better you'll. Ed you'd think he'd talked about the same way that he. Circle things first I was opponent stated. The last couple years people blamed everyone around LeBron for their playoff he's not LeBron alone he has gone pretty much and scheme are you in the supporting directories. But that's beside the other is that nobody to blame for the people of the rot out. All good though at the last few years has been his supporting cast wasn't good enough that it made us an update us and it's because of it. I he had a lot of love in the finals last year because he was revealing every statistical category. That he got out of the like. I exit Tom Brady it is 505 yards passing he was an amazing a desirable. I can tell you skipped. Ed and Paul Pierce the other. Other analysts came down hard all the brought it on idol or messages a day as they cared I don't and I know those heart and rebuild an estimate was there is is wrong. Yes yes yes but I Dallas that god has got to you know not. Ever wants this oats the greater point though. Ego does play a big part of it when you play with abroad don't you have to. As an athlete who spent their entire lives inflating their ego in order to succeed you have to take a seat back in liking Harry's case he. As it is it virtually every statistical category became a much better player in the run game but he became second federal. Isiah Thomas is someone that wants to run a team by himself as part of the reason why it's our back because he knows he's the. While it is but it's not but it's not that you have to take a step back all of all of the tapes so to speak it's really within the big. Elect looked rod allows you to pity you look. Out country to not have to play defense the broad. Al-Qaeda reits have not had to get others involved a point guard would. You do what you do that he did it for way he did. Boss but he did it for those that are allowed to. It's because he's talked about so much a category feels like he's. He talked about bull I I was sitting out last week that maybe it was LeBron who has just the bad teammate back in take that that seriously but I kept bringing it up. Is adding that. As you go out you make you make that ridiculous chain where you worry eared. Overall hacked your roster in need get a lot younger acting there's something to that because we were saying that. Maybe they were struggling to get these guys to follow LeBron and you figure out how to make all the pieces were like we saw that. They struggled at first to Miami to figure out how to all co exist together and I think that there. That this season. All of the parts were just struggling to to mesh together because. They were such a veteran team and some of those guys are going to follow LeBron is easily as these 45 year old players that they just Roddick. I think it is winners on the east talked about so much even though he gets most of the blame. Iron just like there were about it it was more than skip the ball players there are people who were hit with I don't care what it talks would you say. It's a rock is the best player in the world if you lost five times in the finals. Are you lost six times in the pot but that was being Sydney ads triple double the five there are people were saying that he should no bid that. That pottery. Was that important player of the year they won it. Because the shot he'd even go abroad let everybody in the series of both deeds in points rebounds is blocks and it's it's big. People say dumb stuff. I'm not to say that that. They don't happen with Brady that don't happen with other players that are as great as he. Like you're a big hit the runt of the play. You don't you don't get the brunt of the blame the I think he's talked about so much April I'd be crazy epic Harry SS AL I get the blame for this debt nectarine at vick's legal 0% the it's still ride the prospect that at that day. It wasn't like the bride got criticized the decade because he rolled through the past the cow. In a quarter for a wide open. He wouldn't take this out a lot of people that would argued that LeBron is deserving of the criticism now that he is brought this on himself with. The moving to Miami going back to Cleveland and now kind of holding Cleveland hostage with his contacting wary. There's no guarantee he's coming back he might be gone in the end of the season. So it's a lot of that has to do with that because people always argue that while LeBron. Had to go build teams other places he couldn't build them here which I completely disagree wit. I think LeBron should be doing that he should be putting himself in the best situation to win it. And you say Eddie eagle Jill and I think there probably people within the lead. Who say to themselves they'd rather play with whom we. Did because. They play so what's his texted lady Brady go bowling for it is and why. Cool though he did at 505 yet I did that not one personally to the Belichick. But it re no I've not hurt it 88 conceding totally act hail Mary a negative negativity today. But. Let people read that people would rather play with cold. I don't know about that I think it I think there are it is it's so much all right. It is so much as crowds. Stop it is exhausting to play with LeBron because he has just. Whatever egos is able scrutinized player we've ever see its sports instantly it eased it every day LeBron. In an 82 days he's the prime instantly the legal Lola still. A everything. Like more than any other star. The warriors are the only people start to get to see with that that's like. But at least it's more of that LeBron I think it's just missing out there able to spread it. Between staff and look at Ed Ed Ed cabin and bring about and nights of them but no public of their spread it between really the three of them. I happen to ticket to dole. But I bet you can't every sit here say it should I should begin talked about likes the eighties to begin top but like any. But I don't know and is now I burst obligates all that to you think LeBron was as president. What is our attention to be on hand yes. Apnea because I think he knows he can I can evaluate it. I mean I that I dated announced about it Aggies fine with it. Notes but I I just they do that as he pushed this is he angling for word is so all the attention is put on the way that. The answers interviews the phrases that he used his like possessive terms. Certainly would seem to indicate he wants to shouldered that responsibility tired east play for the attention was that force his way out of Cleveland. Let me. And he would do interviews with let Kevin wade would do the interviews together. But after game two was staring at it'll that he would. That he with its share with Chris Voss what he was playing good enough it left the three of the coma it was share a fiery. It's air I've stated. I'm by the heist. I just don't like it is weird you would think of all superstars. He would be easy is the play. 'cause he does it really complain about electric. And he's got to allow you to get shots on like Colby would. He's got plenty in the face and practice like Michael did. If you think LeBron even harder on his guys. I don't feel like he's horrid owned guys. There. Maybe his future teammate is putting out a rampant that it seems to me that Lavar has finally. It. Yeah. Well Amanda. Says any time you're just head to Emma. And the serve afterwards and I take it pulled the kid. Bad things happen. Under review. That day after I was little Cleveland gave it to flow hood. I was you Risley. Oh. Kind of what is there. Yeah. Like. I thought I all I've said. Now the bar has gotten it. I told you I was I was. I was loving taller because they just picked up from woody is rooted and eyes that sixty. That are of its a PC. The literally. And he lost with. But I thought it was a perfect match right I guess in Lodz though is it really mild mannered kid. Who if you look at lots of personality. It doesn't have as he's not a super is right. If you look at his personality it doesn't have a gravitate person out as a gravity plays out like you wanna play with. Because he just gets the ball out to people pass the ball very well but this is personalities. But what has made him a stars is to. It's day has made him a star so what's it like our right is that made him very. Entertaining to where they were setting attendance records. It muddy records at this summer league games when he was participating. Of people were really excited to watch lines people is just. Like is a draw outline those legs as it because he's really what one life. But I always thought is down at the handiwork. Of the entertaining. A deadlock so just kept it straight coup. And it worked out because he was being a star. Now finally it seems as laborious that. And now he's putting out. What is it called born to die. I don't think that other ones who ball look at or the ball and went. That's or not the out board denies the name like a bad but it's going to be a fire Al. Legacies are you exactly at least the other songs as you really I really hope that. Those just list I'm gonna lose your daughter percent out probably will lose its of them. I don't withhold judgment until I I was eggs and his status is reckless and wait for that kindred check on is it 7070. In his note in future. Anke is party bill easterly upper senate office spec but if this facility typical bar. Babies of guiding KG to Johnson's. But kids yesterday. But this has to be level likable man. It was as it did you did it all we try to do. That you make it seventy threat. That this giant. Take over the wing. The first track by the way it's. Slide past that the first track is called levoir. And oh they say go for it like they're just trying to take over Lithuania. They're gonna start importing water from Lithuania. But this he's gonna have his first rap concert in Lithuania this. This is that this is the but this is the first time where you can see real cola elements. Of our little lady it was going to be great. The bar on showed up as Bob Oakley and it will lie so it gets back up bars. Eddie's a bit star all the while Alonso is is being the very calm cool. Now now this what. It. Odds of it about what that out. It what. That right now. It being injured in his first year he's not been able to suited jobs that all year this market to support. This is this as low blow our written all overeat. But now I am starting to get. Considered for a while Lavar is due thirty you've been considered that the power and not our night out. As reported a year Alonso won't resign with the lakers in the past we Angelo and a mellow or signs according to Limbaugh at the lord did say that that's a full hour. And it will be got his third year and I want. To laugh every NBA team know that Alonso is not going very silent the lakers but will go to any team that will take all three of Bible. Yet edit that edit the lakers get LeBron Paul Jewelers or aided by oracle alive the next two years. They will be seated for two I don't give a day of who the lakers they're going to be seeing a different too. As I don't think you really understands how things like restricted free agency were all caught up with an understatement but I know for sure the odds are those that aren't as a ticket that's going to have then you can just throw that comment out the window I mean he's just. As noise everything is trying to take over Lithuania we've heard tapping appalled. Farce the way there's a lot of us directly at throw out that we've heard anything about his lead. Now. It just plays against our selling water. Is that time if he show you stop. So I'm. As. Children and do you think we hear anything about lines of please. Before the exit they'll start to he would like to think we hear them announce anything else but he ticket to slip that oh. I feel like every. Few months golf ball bring it up again and you and I keep doing that went nothing ever happened I don't think it's got a couple. I think that they're just throwing as many dart says they can and and whatever sticks they'll roll it that think this is one there's been a lot of missed the board that you think it was still haven't got there. They're gonna call that ball water. I use is big Boller brand water eyeball water better. Ball water that's what she's the product if you call. A the offers timely is directed to. Well it. But why do you like water. Because that sounds like a war thing just sounds like a little hard to fault lines I have no I have no reason behind that. He's catching the ball Watergate or not. Today hill as. It gets. Terrorists eat nearly and a reason not to love Raymond. Very weak actual. Weekend action at the Pebble Beach pro and the golfer was nearly ready to tee off at the fans when someone told speak to dot Norton speed nearly. Now I just repeated that some of the incident but anyways it was the ball what do I. Why not big ball lot ha ha your are disarmed. Here on this thing on the stump that he just took the words they're afraid if they did on anyway is a motto let's play again this. Pro am pissed at all it Johnny's feet. This must do live from. Some of or not your LeBron obviously. Demanding Giuliani had a stellar iron about a none of that to me. I just made you ask it. This boat race. By the way a very underrated tell them to read about it and I got an. Equity. Terrific. But did have you seen the video. Yes I think like if I'm Jordan but it got to admit he's used to it are out there. How somebody else to yield something more aggressive than what. You watch like let's look. I mean it's all or. Well hello. Idea kinda like the videos of the fans yelling stuff on there in the back to them. Nine on Allen went right ally that unlike the chaos. The Boston Police department's Twitter account same account responsible for. Defense Tom Brady during the deflate gate scandal. Gave a Black History Month shout out yesterday to story's excellent the night Celtics coach an executive read our back. A white guy who drafted coach and hired at my back didn't ditto for the doors for black man this month is about recognizing. Actual black people as Twitter pointed out to be oh Voss and police departments sorted out they then apologized. And nature to prove that they are aware Bill Russell. That this. It. Wait their defense. Says was that they knew who Biller says that weeded out a picture of Bill Russell. What they separate apology and sad scene. That makes horse pretty sad see we also recognize Bill Russell. I don't know it would make. Certain beat them. City and rusty by. Fault water. Big ball water they'll say. It. 69 BC news text him which ones you let it flee to Amazon. Movies whenever woods. Yeah. There. Needs it Battlestar Galactica what commitment and you'll want to be. Indeed but it's chilly Pettway touchdown Super Bowl my first class a plan. Mark mark you actors. I'd like to remake movies exam. I'm not superstitious but. That goal and I think that. And science. It works instincts. What a rather than fear beloved. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. Lets you log on to bad. They don't look it's different. Text line six three zeroes it sticks in what you want what you would like Netflix who does that run. Yeah network TV movies what does whatever it is. Now it looks pretty. Drum roll all the way yeah expect me. Third has got it on the TV here we're going to unveiled this week hopefully tomorrow. Our. Don't who had. The Olympics but we will on this show runs you don't look well. A battle. Hard and we will cover the Olympics. Both fully LaMont a also for the night with the hell's kitchen so many ways down. It'll be honest it's not watch. In court is pretty entertaining I'm constantly on it was it. Here's what's evidently would talk to you put it personally goes disabled one. See it I still haven't gotten that he's alive in that time and so trying to hold that for black can't there can't wait. Yeah yeah listen I know it's an action it just doesn't do any. Forward. But. The shade and water giving it this it before I'd those black and that this is why you wanna see someone had six foot of reptiles creatures. Dead yeah that that happens. I read that happen though I do but I just needs to be warned that. Apparently some. And I did not gather being a key supply teachers and those owning. 78 just like dad loves Christmas at a recruitment. The same club for that bonds or what may. And either one of them they've nonsense there and a regular day let's does it. Run. You couldn't spin this is the stolen it is. Until and it. Frontier it it sounds like westerners and what ails us. For me tonight is it was reported getting it the good duck period. And I'm an episode on the team. But etiquette to. Special place and hill era they've. Who's right there she's not right it was. Theories this. This is a bit if so. Elements. Who sees checkered team spirit paper escalated and it's not as it escalates if you've watched Tina. You know area. If you keep it outside of her fantastic. Pornographic film aid. She's at a desk on. From what I would not press she's an awful of course there's a special place failed not like. We're theories that this in. Who is that guy from Michigan State played Marion asked not not quite there which sees it sees that he's in our rounds left. I'd never see what you ultimately it's on the record show I've distanced myself from then on top. You get this this of the hill club I will open up McCain on the Conn told. And there isn't she doesn't jobs thinks he's damn well wants its old name. I was limited to just get a hold. I don't promote that like some of it it'll. Anyway. And eat it appears is at its but she so. Hollywood and I would like explaining. Constant element. They blitz it's like there's lots of pollen and Leonard. Plus people sit and analyze the mind of her closest canceled they just unheard of that one. That's what you got 90% around to make it yes that is. It's gotten lost its secure has like 99. Does it. I'm still stated down. Just gallons are outlet I'm AJ Kellogg outlet on and Tim and I and I did. Start at the wire I feel that. Gets out about that Sunday I had not watch the wire nominates move toward. So I'm going to run and that is it's it's a little slowly disburse these. Is little slow but just wait the fourth season may be picked up an education miner for a year but it takes years. Or seasons gave seasonally television shows real. I currencies. My favorite season wreck. So we'll go back to excellent which is better at third of the force it to the wire. If you're forty texted if that this texted anyway we've had a good time will be back tomorrow. I think right yeah we'll be back to you are. For JJ. They say the I've run this week are out. This show would run the show. You can lead. Probably MVP addicting TV and coups don't yield six news Sports Radio.