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Monday, February 12th

Lane Johnson chimes in on the fear based culture of the NE Patriots and Johnny Football’s back with another comeback attempt at the NFL.  Parrish is saying Paul Pierce is the best offensive player in Celtics history and do we really care where KU is seeded come tournament time?


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. Now. And then they no longer win and he had second show I am innocent and says as well as sponsors are certainly bending it. Pressure also being brutally rejected by Josh McDaniels the colts have pitted two Super Bowl winning eagles' offensive coordinator. Frank Reich is their next head coach replacing chuck got. Wright was one of three candidates reportedly interviewed by the colts GM Chris Ballard after mcdaniels turned them down. Colts also considered bills defense of coordinator Leslie Frazier saints assistant head coach Dan Campbell and I wanna give and I thought about this for my weekend how well a timeout a little bit longer finance sector. I give a hug today tell why did Dave tell gets some love you this must be the top candidate Chris mallet. It was supposed to be is guys at said he continues to get over. One of the best specialties closure will. So this with zeros run this you know usually. Shout out too long a lot of listeners. Put those fingers today because we salute soon. For allowing us to be a small part. You're Monday evening JJ. Radio Burnett since produces this bad Malayan Leo stances. The and Stanford Joseph and I let him guy and I wanna take a round of votes. From the tech slide into the rest of the folks on the CO. That felt like that was real Lance admitted in that you didn't end it there agreements that say about Dave snow. You did a pause. Now don't you wish sell out and just talk about deliveries. To feel. Let's get out fifty no I skip I don't know. About the third coaching candidate I love it out. And the pods at the end. Joseph is in my ear and when I when he's in my here. I can't hear myself so I thought that it was no limit her brother I got all that I said in his ear was fifteen seconds and then three. Yeah itself but what he said thirty there was a little bit of upon. Ons and I thought it was over sought dries up for exactly and then he came out and I know the music was so gallons that's why it through that last line you used ours. To got to do. To get it actually. Is does he could not coaching candidates for the colts. And even. College he's at him attacks has a better next time Dave. Even at that time. It used to deal and it. You literally see it there yes low particular time. During the service. The best part of the surge shows how 45 seconds into his 592 show he said about talked about Dave tub of I have a second. Yeah and I thought it did keep us about it being I had. This. Is Jenna and I day out I don't get you a couple a monocle loafers I believe you didn't have a lot. I get out that is hired to sell. Special teams guys especially to a guy like Jim Irsay who wants. If the flash on iron barely want to not flashy high here and offensive coordinator of Super Bowl winning team. Actually got kicked to the curb by Josh McDaniels. Is now coming deluge is speaking your identity and this with a pressure was. Out of my gag de Milo to get a shot. And I alone was ever not let that cares about day to go out to see him there is like around Indianapolis and seven Saint Joseph, Missouri do you think sort of lost a lot. A Dick head bereavement in terms of information. The very much a squirrel moment. I did pretty much given up on the script we ultimately its we all the re elected each other night. He needed him. And now he's done to fake this and come out with everything he's yet radio he did. I mean I just feel like Dave Tubbs proved himself. They've announced on a track record of success he keeps him what's he got to do it again is shock beat it this here's but he was six it is. It keeps it. I did not. I'd. I'd like to talk about it. And it is what happens when you try and Edwards are browns game I. The third coaching candidate that was what atlas. That was vital information and we all needed to know and understand their I hit the room. And I panicked I've banned in the entire script that I had prepared but the stakes that big. It feels like there. Third. In debt and is. Lots party wrote I like OK now I can't help now has until now it's got to Dave to follow. Knows how to manage a team like special teams coach is. Actually can't be pretty good head coach is because they've managed more guys that any other unit on the T didn't have this would you were preparing. Does it this is I hate this he. A player's talent is in your life be ruined. And I think he's going to because they want for the flashy hi we have no idea what is offensive coordinator in Philadelphia was really do and when Doug Peterson Colin all the plays and I agree with both days it saved Angela. Yes. You united. At this point is it did that sort of held account first you blades. You blame Joseph for speaking did I as I place. It was just I plotted to be done that the plot and there were I can sort of do. Team ponds and that's that's. Why. It's like the music stopped and just said 300 he's got to get out and got more. If you take away sodas promotion of himself in the show. You take away the sponsors that he was 324 and the read the apart they range. I've pitched Saturday at seventy. Let's that's what I would. Actually irritant Elaine jets Brooklyn. Legs yet who has really got to wait that's. He was a bar stool sports in widows or talk have you heard this late jets I have edit it does that talking about. Just taking sets of New England page and how they don't have. It. What is it. Today I played it first. Ed double what Beckett today I was all away with let me understand the the patriot way is there's a fear based organization obviously due to win. And hell yes and women wants relaunch under I think people enjoy it has to say I had a lot of fun playing there. No doubt Brent assists on our shooters they amounted reckless where they how column a trailer have fun and and and win a Super Bowl and be admissible in. You don't in the previous wins I suits him a possible with the idea. Have a I'm load. Guys coming out and look this late Johnson who apparently can't stay out who's. According to his teammate if they skills rather than as a connection that we had to say. But I. Think all the way it's the I got pretty. I just strained the the patriot way is a fear based organization is even with yeah. Yes and women want for a long time to other people enjoy it has to say I had a lot of fun playing there no I don't pay now is on our rosters that amounted recklessness and a hell elements. And reckless. It might not say heated bra seatbelts. Debates and have fun and and and win a Super Bowl and be miserable and you know in the previous week I suits him a fossil plant part of it is just slightly. What they hilly Utah. I'll do it rather than run five Super Bowls. I guess it's miserable when he fives and below. If but I miserable. Night. Asking what he's knocking off. They still miserable he wears boots it talk radio is miserable that outlet dealt with that miserable life I did it take a look at. Bill Belichick's new growth rate. And it got rid of whatever happens with that the first usage but he's got vets and let the guys miserable. You could agree that watching the Eagles play football this season looked like more fun. And the patriots like that. They're celebration. How much fun they're having on the field in edit it you can't be miserable when he five tickets. What would the all the way I love him to this day but did the Jews came back to. It just gave that that would flat championships but but is there is that Rampage it seem where you looked at them and sent us this email looks like they're having a lot of fun well yeah I mean he's put the ratings like there's. Right there's a cut around bragged asking ways and I'm not supposed to talk about cell and Jim I enjoyed it put on the rings SE of from the outset perspective yes championships. Are what's important but I'm not gonna tell somebody else to care ballot if he cares more about having a good time. Then winning a championship that's his prerogative. He's telling people. That's not had a good time yeah I do have more on the legal team is doing. This Eagles and he shot inning Beers on the sideline all setup. Julian Gamble and started eight. A situation where they just had went and bought the company would then it just basically screwed seatbelts. That thing they had where the ticket you get paid for VIP section with rocket Julian. It was Oly women. They de Aaron member grounds crew and I say this here's to the late job to say it's a fear based think what's wrong with their base. I. Just was your date. But low. Air rolling up your house listing here base I was mere days. Let me actor got halfway right. Halfway back but I think that that is there are a lot of coaches who shot that way I. I don't think there's a big rock that I think there's a lot of coaches who have been successful doing that for a long time. I I think Nick Saban and Bill Belichick and very similar coaching styles. Doug Peterson it just looks like those guys are having more fun when you watch him on the football field it just looks like those guys loved every minute of what they're doing and how big he can always at an a major Schmidt at. You fear based out of about who'll shoot. A lot of stuff I didn't do. With because I was scared to death about vision. And I see people eyes lit. Drank its ball yeah I I thought twice. 'cause of that feared nut case that was limited aren't that I was livid at how the so I went to. I press on played for the patriots Lazio played for the Eagles this year. And I used to have a lot more fun this season in my opinion any at last sees it looks like he was having a lot more fun that when he played with the rates Eddie what's the adhesive for both. They give medium with this. They're based often works. I don't blame him for not wanting to be under that kind of organization up that's not what he's saying and he'd make it play out like Dwayne Johnson also as a supervisor in the offseason to keep and get these. People. Having fun. It may not have. At they would an F five TPC. Should fear based out of fear based. Market might group had feared. Outlets a couple of parties. That you want a drink out of this KL now Teresa's birdies. And that's what Bosnia. That's a month. Coming up. And I've had a lot I am in the next segment going to break cardinal rule as we pulled the curtain Becky gave. I've got to break a cardinal rule in radio here generally supposed to have a take it know what side of the take you going to deal it. I don't have this next subject I just. I really don't know what to. Yeah. Well a man. Pretty woman sits around on. What plans. Being linked to the editor successive. Air base OK with faith. So both things to work. Blame it has got we've you've escaped a kid that team is let's let's well. Are so this this is one of the big stories of the day and I was on with. Lake being. Lake and speaker earlier today. So check out assistance with the cut everybody one and we kinda talked about this and I really wasn't sure how one in the at that time. Foods diamonds are a little island. What was Good Morning America. What do the American pitchers do have the board. I'd always with TJ Holmes who. TJ Holmes AM in the morning. TJ Holmes. He had had a night nights he's good at its Allen the dads like Larry key rates or that Allenby tee added. That. They got the interviewed the picture on a day. Men's jail at a football. And I think a lot of the questions were and I know like debate they have is towards me was like did you think he was sincere did you believe him. And do you think he's really at a place he's turned his life around. He said he was sober he said he had been drinking is performing in football was the Inco the haven't checked that I have fun. On line but he is. Here's my deal and I sit this all the teams right outbreak in a court rule if you if you know like. I think one of the first things that I was taught. And I tell these guys. Is get on the side of the Tate right got to take abouts of the get on the side of it don't you think it. That the chase aren't stupid to have let go of Alex Smith they should have kept us out of the take. I don't get in the middle of it right like this. England have a sop to play both sides. I'm gonna break their rule I don't know how to appeal is that this is what I want this to beat. What I wanna focus on what is. Meant PR firm's public relations publicist these people were handlers were all of these situations. They are sold to. At doing things to rehabilitate people doing things that make the public think differently. I mean they are they are sold at the I I will go Good Morning America to begin with is working right I know it's worked to try to beat. To change the narrative in the belief of but because these things are so he's publicist these PR. Groups are sold it and being able to change the narrative I mean if you watch scandal. On Thursday night this the final season here watched Olivia Pope. You know how good these people aren't being able to change and notes to would be stupid dance. And I collect a lot of these people are and Mike Tice the hill the hill that. He become the funny. But these these people are so good at this I don't know if be it worked all the way through. 'cause I know the beginning he's got caught a Good Morning America is for the help of the he's got it and it starts to try to start his tour. I'm good idea. I'm well the key. But I just don't I don't leave it. I don't even know if he's. If it is genuine or if it is not because. It could be very being very genuine put these PR forms are sold that'd put this together and making you see a new life and make him look like somebody's rebuilt. Yeah I mean no he has somebody who is. In on getting the wheels in motion on these types of things but but for ten minutes. It all and I wanna believe it was genuine I wanna root for the guys to go on into succeeds and his professional career I I mean he's gonna have to go play in the Canadian Football League. He's got contracts open and he can go do down I don't think he's going to play in the NFL until he gets something on tape there first. To prove that he can play. Out of it but I don't know I. I just I just don't know how genuine is I really don't because there was well I was watching in Iowa I was questioning whether or not. It was genuine and whether it was re. It doesn't act just seat for me use it like when you're watching. David take place for me while I was watching it did everything he was posts do. Both. Coming cards out of Israel's got a couple of it to you worry is used ages like around. But do everything we see with how ease these groups are putting that together out what are. A guy. Is the early it is a bit for God's sakes let's. Look at did they kept talking about. It goes to get on a rushed it picked it is to promote the cloak. He does have a new club critic but it is close at six I. I think we'll be origin you. Genuine excuse he could be like this could be real. It's just that you know it's worked well you know it's. Like guys are yet come outages especially as it caught. Josh is that you win but I just don't know because these guys are sold at these New York or what works appeal these cats are sold it. You just don't it's. But but for him to lay it just feels like. L he said that he is you know he had a drinking problem and that he's been diagnosed as bipolar and he's on medication now he's not drinking more. Is trying to do it would seem like all the right things to make you believe. That he is trying to turn his life around. That being said I get it did feel like it was kind of a plug at times but also like this is all for him to try to get back in the NFL where. I think he should be more focused on his life and what's in front of him and you know maybe football was bad for. And the party tests on there about the mental health and the bipolar. Diagnosis is. Why I'm rooting for him and why I think that. At least that portion of this interview was genuine there when he talks about the depression that you faced I think that. A lot of athletes can probably relate to that of of chase or people in general chasing that euphoria that alcohol can provider other kinds of you know drugs or touch ever made beat. Adding a lot of people can relate to that and given his diagnosis I think he was dealing with some significant mental health issues in for him to recognize that at this point and say. I don't wanna chase that liquid courage as he put it is a huge step and regardless of whether it's only a successful foot locker successful whatever for Johnny football the person. I think that's very junior. I ulcers are probably yard out of the meet people are rooting for. But I I said also obviously alleged texts. I can also say though. This could also be something that was put together but PR people. I mean we don't have a doctor that's come out. Like he he told us about was diagnosed. Unless it is not pretty. I've just saying you just don't know with how good these people along with putting stuff together are you literally just go though because. You know we've saved we've seen countless times were his work and well. And then that would be Alda yeah it is two weeks that to make themselves. No they kept. It to the interview today was right. Everything eat at worst all work into helping the process of him reaching the goal of whatever the game is which he says it was getting to yet. What. I can see house level would they like. These people so committed what stuck together. And and knowing exactly who to talk to and what avenues to talk to it what he should say the I don't know if his three. Like it'll it'll be years down the line to no injury. I don't think a doctor to come out and say yes I'd die knows him is bipolar like. Maybe he could give them consent to do apostolic tang NAC Ellis of the tally to about mental ill. My concern at this is and we you know we kind of had this conversation with with Josh Gordon in the fact that. You know he he took some time or so and rehab himself he's getting himself back to where he needed to beat. But then again how is he going to react once he gets back into the spotlight once he gets his football career backing he gets back into that whole realm of things is he going to be able to handle the correct way. I think I think it's all I think all of the news that every like these have just ordered every guy's talking about that it's the same thing but my diesel is. Will we see these these these situations were people because our how many how many people how many people have been hit with this. The sexual is not meant it bit across the last what six months to a year. How many admitted that we're going to see a tour. We're gonna see it would probably Louie CK. They're probably gonna see it with. With Matt Lauer we're gonna see with a lot of people. We're gonna see it poor people who have great PR stance we're going to try to put all of those people in the writes it's laced by how well. Before odds if it's even genuine before it comes out because I feel like you're being worked but the beginning. I've got to say that bipolar is is not. Is that real and all of its deficit re not saying all or. But before it do you. To you set dumb questions like all right. Is is is is he really feeling this way or did these people. Put him in the right situation to help. An air of a historian I think you'll know that for a couple years. I think tiger Gil is a really good example of that like still. I still think there's time that is needed to to see it Tyreke deal. Has really rehabilitate they've done everything right thus far they don't really letting talk as much and they did at the beginning of of the year when he first or Ellis is first year they did let him talk as much of that. I just what their. From the beginning that was not that was my first technically was is this Johnny. Where is this study's PR team who knows exactly what to do. To get them on the right state instigating it to football as you you don't pay somebody. He paid a farm did to do this. How can we how can we give mine there has changed. Coming up. This may be seat belt where Z. But I think former Celtic Robert batters. As the doing hard drugs for very low. Yeah. Man. It emirates. We. Need to. Ease the idea. Gun. Owners nicknames. The team. Who. Don't you know Robert Ayers. Well as it did. I don't usually their question disrespectful that a lot of duties if you never heard about it it plays that it never heard. How far. So I'd seen all the clips argued that yes it reminds them of it out alive list. Round partners to oddly it cheap to me. That. It. But did queries like this they done. I don't see any there. He said all year. Is that this offensive player ever at Boston Celtics is that he watched IT last year he is confident sent. This is this is the only audience that night you're listings or to make it. That you IT and made. He says there. It is what to think that Robert Ayers and not put seatbelts. Rob prepares the smoking though titled eat and babies of the stronger the route he's years in the eighty's and ninety's to today war. There is a secret hatred that he heads for Larry it. It. It was the eighty. There are stories about Al vicious and brutal area would be two opponents and teammates maybe he'd torture all. Pairs a few too detached. That's a retention is this irresponsible it is ridiculous. They said that I would have taken my I'd microphone out of it's coming straight finals in particular yeah. He's straight up which is just not let it. Hitler. It's probably some other Celtics. That are rolling around in their liberty or death or basketball great subway here. That some credence Tia theory Obama thousands. Complex magazine in 2014 range Robert parents as the ninth best athletes donor of all time. Yeah he's ties the and yeah I've got to be kidding. That was. I don't even know you get people I was later able slayer. It killed us would say it really has got better both those that I. Robert. I used it to you practice every day Robert. I I. I give the details a better offensive players DePaul Peters. Let's cop it's. It Bill Russell is it was a horrible. Soda and amid knows that if I bitch I. Updates to cheat was edits on walker in the top five. That we gagged what's good about that person but that round bursts of what would it as a Celtic what's up. Answer our locker was jam on my 1997 NBA alive bill Russell's career highs in field goal percentage what does. 47%. Was the kid Lewis who died. That the kid Lou bias no Lou Ireland by no look of Reggie Lewis. If he had pants Reggie Lewis was real. For the Celtics. But check out that there with him much he Bos. All of them all of its eighteen it was pretty high school T. Hills world with. Are they sit there has to be some series beef between him and layered. Maybe him and pollen usually get France could you ought to use that it could use a Scotty did it do it. It's got these gossips brutal hate let that this feels Kobe Bryant Haiti's. Today that this big ever played with was outlets. It is difficult is it. Scotty Condit did when he said the brought it probably pat Stewart in into. I ideal audience I act he was just being honest he walked into that that was an honest says. There's no one in the world believes that Paul Pierce is a better off its players that Larry Bird except for Paul. Who doesn't tell the truth. And I love Paul Peters a Billy keeps coming out in the early every member of so what he dislikes under the bus. Yeah it's got to wait. Baby is sick is we it was late. I mean it's something. That do we know the cat her relationship that bad like maybe either clubs maybe he's meant toward pol little bit I don't care if he's been to a poll. He has got he just had he's had a matter right John how much it is that this that we're losing. In 2013. Robert pear said that Larry Bird and Kevin McHale wouldn't return his phone calls and asked them for help. As unlikely that you as a coach in the NBA because of how high he. I grew these guys got it through just treatments. I bet he can go Coutts the big thirty league that's pretty much. By the way a late in this case divide outlet at the and a hearing. It's all look up what's recently had to do you read it out to make this the first the first Tuesday. Look at it legally and returns to coaching at age 76. I did it Arafat that. He's hired. Them and you know. Do you know this. Certificate and sort it. The it must not let us did you know Jerry Glanville was still a lot. Don't. I can't believe Jerry Glanville is Beckett does he need money that bad or is just for the love. Jerry glad bills from the south of England bill lived in England black candidate. Plus side. Can't the last I've got to say this male let's put it at a sports addicts. Maybe scatter off home life that isn't that the team and I think he's done it all on site. Yeah I think it started getting on on the comeback. That's the selling points at 6. AM June zero as a I getaway that Johnny folk June jones' hiring Jerry Glanville to 2008 the take Johnny football to the top what's scary is the author of course. It is the defense court. That's what it's just not identified outwards years live fails to. It is that time didn't show and stop. Us. As showstopper. You. Ask you will be there in defense of coach picture I don't know where isn't that fits well. Yeah political speech it's a bit hesitant. It's not use the offensive or albums and let's. That's all he. Oh yeah hired. Soon Jones to be the coordinator of the rented suit ballots. Do you think maybe June Jones. At all or scary or jeering like. It series back and he's if he's burned every bridge as last absolve Portland State like he's always oh June Jones by giving him his job. You think it series in any talent needed favored it. As head count here entered the NFL saying games under 500 in college he was 924. This is baby deregulation bills in that he's cult. Called him on. He sees this first right he did use to leave tickets for of this every game in Atlanta say he's doing it ambled. Tied to a bossa. Was so excited after his knockout win over Cyril ask her and from his fellow Australians a USC to two when he won that it suits and celebrated the win by doing the must Australian thing one can do. Drinking a beer out of a strangers ship. Alias I think people do and Australia. They even have a name for its colony shoe we. Clearly just why. To the crowd. Take to shoot from someone they feel that would be a nicely would you give your issue. Now by that moment now what I am aware hole. This Arco with gross. Stale Biersch. What does he gave you this Google and what gave you there as soon as you go back. What they let me get a good night's appearance that you or he gave you like some cool fights lag. I got a grant gloves so what's it everywhere is walking around barefoot but he's got we'll wait what's gonna walk out. I don't know advancement for you refer like some memorabilia. If I were him I would be a real Lance and I saw him walking without us you could get a glass breaking in the front of the next. X. Hug people are shocked about kids is. Being on the two lives for some reason. They got a real it's eight and number one seed actually if you really look at it but altogether and this day. Say it with me boo Ayers. Well. Mayors about once he used it yeah. The ball well. The man. Check out my hands there needs we are in the and the number one. Is it in this city TE radio announcers and sports. It all of its city radioed. The guys are really good job all the station following any of us. Except other this Jeff guy yesterday. I told this and as it means is Spain. We need to start retraining Irma nobody. Virtually nobody. Really gives a damn about. The regular season college basketball it seems. Mostly the players and kids. Festival. But even these other fan bases that are to do you know you would think that their own Kansas level the level that Kansas is on. Adam they've really kind of gear and a. In the in the postseason and that's where should be held I'm just posted its early. Marks this is a would you grade this has become a three week sees it really. And it put Kansas fans and telling you that this is this conference championship. Street is just become a regular season that he and people fall off Oakley. At this like. And I was give it to this would be with Laker. Today like I think is they came out with a new polls are with the new. It's the first time with the committee had a CD at the scene. They Kansas as the sixth best team in the country. And realistically. If you look at it they're there over duke they're over Texas Tech note if Kansas wins the Vick will. It quay it's as Kansas has more wins in the top fifty. As media is any there there are right up there in the top seven in RP their wins against the top it got like ten or eleven. Right there right there fellas they have a pitching needs to be a one seed and what I say today. Is who gives that day. You shouldn't cater. It's not about the seed it's really not about. It's really about the match and I'm telling you I put out this post Iraq I I tweed at this and said. This is why I'm telling you. Kansas in these added that the path to the final four is not about proceeding it is not about how will your playing. In early February gets Baylor. It's doubt about it it's about your match. Ed if you looked at this the way they had this setup they had Purdue was the one. Kansas the tune. North Carolina is a three in Arizona the full. And in the 78 in game was taxes paid him and used. If you look at it. They would only have to play one team at the top Purdue were Arizona. In the rest of those teams matchup. Barry will for cans because they can struggled to score. Like they're it would be a dream to have Purdue as Kansas as one C. You diet to be out of what I would what does he do. I don't like that exit. Out what is CD's like if that was it that was the pad that's what matters it doesn't matter where you're seeded if you're one. He did tie the kids at what's the third. I haven't I'm fascinated and Big Brother every client every year it is about the La it's about. Your play. But but we do that. We always do that his fans and especially come tournament time when you. When you're talking about these top ten programs like Kansas or like duke. You expect them are leaving Kentucky like you just expect him to be one of the best teams in the country and you expect them to be a number one seed into BOT. The top of that order in the top of those brackets it's ridiculous and it doesn't mean anything as we've seen. I these these teams don't just win national championships every single year because it doesn't matter where you get seat. I people let someone just takes him from the seeding does that remain as you have the opportunity to play close ago. Riddick. Were to Kansas lose list is midwest. Or was it where does that play. It's. Here. They. Lost here experts. That last year. At sprint center. Who gives a day of work it's big play. They want a national championship going all on its right. It's San Antonio. I certainly on a known then and I can take its 45 teams that are tough matchup for KU I don't 25 to eight. Weasels. Maybe I could read them all I did yeah it's funny I receives an idea about to see it. I'm just say it I. I it it seemed was the team does not matter think that the double to C edit at the best closest I'll let it be. Linked into play. I. These cats really give a damn it they play postal. It back I can tell you. Bill Hall. Let's. Go well. As with. It. Tickets at LA. They. XLA. Woman would when he played this year at home. They bought them out keep rates. Close to home think that these guys don't let that man. Why it matters to play and it doesn't matter. It's about your match that we. I'll never forget sort of knowledge that other. The year before that what the national championship. Now the kids it's odd date. The year before it won the national championship in 2007. I had a real clinching. And it really dictate. That the draw came out they were the ones need outlets. UCLA with the two. Where does it play. It's San Jose. That Mexico was not good at it. It also left Brooke as those wrecks that. That was not implicated. And it it it is. So look at they'd this Kate this case you team has heart our space though that the field is not. That they don't just lost like this week I don't. Watch it at all to. So shocked not only product was late or politics. With but it does not let it sit it. And as well about posted. It can't as being the. This year if they make threes they could be anybody if they don't they'll lose early all a matter whether plane or face will it is the case. Not making threes and you don't is it the game they got itself. Like the bit about this game Saturday like I heard I heard late does this say. Baylor won't make the turn I don't think that it's completely. A question you know I don't think that in that the field yet. But they shot 19%. They couldn't do it day and they scored when he went to the first you don't let it end its head. At four fouls between a piece at a around the eleven minute mark of the second ad market area. What WW we took a chair just means I before the gates started its fate is now combined for three points in the last 28 in a playoff. Well America. And they had the lead to two at the five minute mark. This is home court sense in the NCAA tournament doesn't do anything for me anyways I we see this time and time again. At the right team what the right players they can get really hot at the right time can take you the final four we. Go to. As I look at all of this because there's something else at. The week me. About information. Please come correct. I don't like dominating. This show would run the show you can lead. Probably MVP addicting TV and whom do you sixteen Sports Radio.