2018 Tournament of Nations Preview Show

Wednesday, July 25th
In this preview show for the Tournament of Nations event, Jillian Carroll and Chris Uno Cero break down the matchups the USWNT will face. Jillian talks to Becky Sauerbrun, Megan Rapinoe, Thad Bell, and Peter Vermes. Then Jillian and Chris talk SKC before talking about the pressure the USWNT faces in next year's World Cup

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South and the East Coast kid born in New York in lean led that relocated to Kansas City where I started playing soccer and have felon month he'll play allaying. Through college. Made stop I think times clay in this Chatman saints. Scary times eighteen PN's Craig yelling at her for listening I doubt you are. The reds up from an airplane that northern Iowa a very strong but small division one school had a great time there. Came out and started touching right away. Most recently was committing an act C Kansas City youth club and we just changed names hit it in the city athletic. In the city. He's so. And spent time on the sideline. Both the plan to each eats deems an NFL and then most recent. As island reporter for sporting Kansas City on fox sports. Midwest and fox sports in the city. And and now all I have the honor of covering a sporting in the city for 610 Ian sports radio and I'm thrilled to. If assistance force or you don't you review the AM I like to be descriptive crests fairly loud do we don't know what can you literally the only person here is sixty in the calls in the sixth an idea. Why the body of the call sixth in a room no listeners all the sixth inning and. You need in no case. Of the 610 Sports Radio. Thank you for that. The appearance that they think TU John and the office for doing the price. Before we get started and and just overall in general your thoughts about the tournament being played hearing. And this is. I think it's I think it's really cool for us here in Kansas City just because the fact that. You know everybody here can as a small town complex bill that evening and also comes here so I think it's really cool for us to view and hosts a big event like this. Obviously with the go with the men's World Cup in twenties when six. Got ill. And now going to be a joint. Venture between the North American countries. Certainly. Kansas City wants to kind of show their good side show that hey we can handle something like that. So that they can be considered as one of the sites for a big match up in its ways we six women's World Cup so. I I certainly think this right here is kind of did the opportunity for kids is to shell and we deserve one of those big games and I think that's the reason why. It's wrong really really big important match. Sports certainly and well we'll hear from Peter on this I think for the United States women's national team to kick off the match in internment. With an act in Kansas City making that will feel great for them as everyone knows the momentum. That comes from you know and an opening wing so that will be good for them from the Kansas City the team will travel out east. And I'll come back and finish up in Allen only snow. Little bit and midwest and east and back to midwest. Before we go to break here. Again and yanked faithful played Japan's Amaro tickets are still they'll lightly if you go to US soccer dot com on the match will be held at children's mercy park. It is a double header so. US Japan and prior to that will be Brazil and Austria. So visit that was eighty line got tickets and take a pint lock up as well no we will all be there. But let's take a break now and when we come back we hear from defender Becky Aaron brown and her thoughts on the tournament and really just coming back to Kansas City team as we welcome her back. The electric heat. And Sports Radio. I hear. Listening didn't when he eighteen to even have names and that free used I mean I was telling Carol. On its feet ten boards Arabia. Not to be confused as Big Ten and. Portrayed him. A way to protect. Glass that's 10 AM this is not pull it all sounds that's I'd leave it manually person in this that's. Afflicts them and then like a seven year old listeners local station sixth in India in a little nose tackles and six and watery. A mother did he yells but I'll leave that one out and it makes you happy to 610 sprints radium things for tin and talking about of course the huge tournament. He cannot hearing in the tomorrow when he internally and nations now. And cannot express enough how excited I am as a former player current coach and just a huge Ian fifteen ES women's national team. And those some of the best players in the world obviously. Three road cuts they've asked for Olympic gold medals will handle on it goes on. It's been really cool to watch them progressed and then watch their influence on line. Youth soccer and specifically women's soccer. In the United States say we're going to hear from. One of the most critical pieces of this squad and that's going to be Becker Becky our brand she played thinner back for the United States and now seventeen. Hopefully her name is from ninety years he did play hearings in the city for FE ETC. In the city eighty and Eddie as a team that was here for a while won three of 43 of the first fourteen inch. While playing in the end and you found. Unfortunately no longer in Kansas City they where. Their organization. Decided to sell here so they were purchased and relocated out in Utah. They'll be out there playing or doing well but of course. The US duties in there. And the turn and nations takes prior. That he will be doing team and even some past 1810 mar X got into town late last Sunday and plates and scrimmage is obviously in training. Alec. You have training facility the national team facility arsonist pinnacle. Name has done some good air. So let's take a moment and hear from her. We are now joined by Becky Fowler brown that he thinks are coming in thanks for coming on ten day. I don't know we have to of course welcome you back home to Casey. How does it feel to be back here. The company will actually landed in accordance with said the seeing and I discussed for the spot on the I've been on a check for five years who has. It's in the city and so. It's still there but still like well. Excellent of course the fans here are oh welcome me back with open arms though of course he do after his talk a little bit about why you're no longer here so. Seeking and the city's spoke a little bit about it wonderful organization year. I know I think huge fan that my soccer players are very huge fan of yours looked at T so much that recently made them move. And you are now known as EU toy hills hotel mile bit about the experience there and just how things are going under head coach Laura hardy. Walt or hurt the an excellent coach and I have put against are so many years and she was such an adult and I mean the rule where players were just too worried about her and the quality such as it sent the unfortunate fact app which in itself from plaque on the map these. That it's intensely mentor Harvey would help or that the oil now with my coaching. And that you outside. Country where affiliated with me is that we all public organization and so. On the qualities that you are saying this the last being armed and that makes it into the that's different than you were very into or at age. Great and it's really cool to watch you guys we still watch you from afar of hearing KP. I have to ask when he think title Alli your name being the royals nine years Saint Louis girls theory now current. A Kansas City Royals band but did you appreciate denied there is that where the name came from. They're not iron and I mean we also wake up all their teams have kind of aid. Loyal or Monica Sudan in the Big Apple monarch and so it was kind of a team. An organization already but it is kind of tension in this conference at the city where their oil bark and then you're not I mean it's he got a lot higher. Yet cool uncle. Well I think he's much out of course putting and heavier cell play on hold for right now we've got a big turning approaching starting tomorrow. So the turnip and nation that's going to be a second edition of the US soccer hosted tournament the first and obviously that she believed cup. And you talk a little bit about the experience you had playing in the C believes cut. Japanese think if things get out here you know back in the world and and with determination that's starting tomorrow you're playing against the cheapest thing about it Asia. Other than that that's not a South America and so you're playing as very actual. It's wonderful to cluster of now we have a really big commitment coming up in October and that's all situations for the World Cup since our and so. We're trying to get. As much competition and now protect yourself to figure out you know what our strengths what are we this is only it to deter him inside our iron into the while. But don't qualify the work that he's running on all. Brain cell and an it has to be the perfect opportunity obviously is as game like as they can possibly be fair like he said tough competition here. I'm starting off with two pain and what his degree to pandering to the table and what are some things that you guys are gonna be dealing with tomorrow. You look at Japan. You're looking act a lot of these so well together both on its hacked into and simply need to know where each other that could be additionally. For a couple each other out it felt like the isolated. One B one on both on the attack and defensively so they're very much at school and for our. We really important that we're gonna take care of the ball offensively. And defense that we were asked to be cheaper compact. And basically what are on one battles we have. Rates are backing year. Obviously the leader back there at tell me about his going to be playing next year obviously these matches probably see a different use of personnel. Until maybe we can expect to see and what they bring to the back line. Well I'm not. Tell you what I should be a unfortunately. Or formations and what you know when people aren't secret way to share a you know that you have a very strong back Klein I think you can see. Attacking crap as back in this lot. It's really great place settings from the center back you know chapter back line is that a lot of our play and so I think you're really gonna enjoy Atlanta. Excellent and back to coming back home to Kansas City. Things have changed since you've left your out these clean out training and going to be playing back to world class ADM's Allen and training facilities. Let me think about stepping foot and into pinnacle and the facility that you guys are training at. It was wonderful I mean when I was your anchor in the city that we heard about the national chains that are being so I never got a chance if he or an apple and now. We're training there actually could exploit their the other day and a wonderful. So these armed heal their curry sat in the car after a locker and everything they are sent. World class and so on there and you for the public extreme out of there but it. And moving for you mentioned this many times that these danced turned a man. And meaning for a to CONCACAF all stepping stones with that the eagle on nine of qualifying for the fifa World Cup. Right now how are you feeling. It's been any issues before you've you know in 2015. CONCACAF champions T doesn't fit. Fourteen coming calf champion two dozen fifteen fetal World Cup champion. He compare how you personally are feeling right now team in the past is this field for nine year. Is there are a company going into this madness tournament. I mean it feels familiar and I'm also confident I mean I have been fortunate that I've been through this is time now. And so. Ink will gain and second oldest in training their people are fighting for playing time are fighting for roster spot and it's familiar it is it really interesting dynamic because. If you want to be competitive with those around you but also they're encouraging it and are evenly between the peace. Offer individuals the B six are at that that kind of subconscious where copying as a means knowing that we're encouraging each other for a while the matter but ultimately we know we'll be ever passing. I. Acts nine you heard it for and that he's our grand kids. Always playing with class such a leader on and off the field it's been a treat to watch you. In the city but then also flares to the US women's national team. So grateful for your time today and best of luck in the upcoming tournament Becky. Thank you or. So cool to hear from her. Probably sound like a big and all right now let. I am I that admired her and the way that he can in the back line believe that he. Just handles herself with class and professional is then you're never gonna get anything done her best effort. She's absolutely. Of that encouraging each other to get better. Friendly competition there break and then come and touch quickly on something that she she brought up. His feeling familiar coming back in the city and company. I had a moment to speak with until Allan fed cup coach deal island couple months ago when she isn't announcing. Becoming. And he just had. Only the most positive things about coming back year. Even today at the press her quotes that is basically connect in the city owned this place rocks we love we love coming back here. And now I'll comparing facilities we have here is that European. So it's really cool to see. How they feel home and I believe that whole team. Yeah I think I think when you look at the gazette Meehan who Leo we view the six Tennessee podcasts on success force com and the reviewed them and a plug this thing. And you know we we we wind to the pinnacle facility for sporting Kansas City media day. Back in march and it was a and it stayed the all our it in those killed late winners so that nearly grass outside who still really dead bullet. Within the facility everything the state New York beautiful brand new nice and made it look like the kind of place the U would you would see from. The most high end of professional sports teams something you would see the Dallas Cowboys have. Something that you would see the New England Patriots have been in organizations like that. And you would think yeah some of the big time Euro league teams you events is Real Madrid. Maine you would have something like that. And it's right here in our own backyard. And you know I obviously the United States really wants to try to push. They gain much more here and try to build it up in you know the best way to do it is by having facilities like that you want more of those facilities as is going to be hard for. The just have the wind in such a large country. And you have so many teams around here but it frosted be able to get a start like that have facility like that especially here in our own backyard. Certainly says a lot about the culture that we have here for soccer and how much faith they have that you know this is the best place to pull. I app and it it it clearly world class actually request facility I believe that some of the characteristics. Just the variety and multi use aspect of it so there's everything from classrooms specifically designed for coaching education. Rectory education and certifications. Here are. Obviously the the trainer and the medical piece that aspect to all of that world class and I believe that it's like he does that put us on the map. Hopefully more will come and all. All all at the goal and mindset and increasing encouraging in growing US soccer so obviously the women are taking advantage of that. Well they are here. Training and playing it's really exciting to see and the EUR watch mean listening to you know watching appear on Twitter or an attack minded if by the way if you want to ties and it is on the track mind it. Does a good headline news is that the average XP as the liquid tide that we have not been able to get his name right the pet projects famous Philly. Does grow famously excellent six and 306. For all to view or listen to his right now don't text and drive. We double more than two and one of the deafening and I think that he had hit that if you want to Simon please let us otherwise you're listening to that when he eighteen term mean of nations preview show. Brit take a break here and we come back. We talked they are you a little bit about. In the city's soccer and then we will welcome and that bell for round the blue tests and thanks for tuning in between internment of nations should. Electra yeah. Sports Radio 610 Sports Radio got a public not undertake a radio dot com station. It's 48 team tournament and these scenes preview shell. That we start off this segment with the actual schedule of that the tournament's obviously. To maroni the kick off at children's mercy park starting at 415 so 315 years he's 315 it is going to be Brazil and Australia. And at six. USA and you paint. They mean from the air they teens travels East Hartford, Connecticut where Japan will take on Brazil and USA will take on Australia. Fran and then that will be added to lag between ninety match up and then net August 2 match up will be Australia burst of pain in USA. Letters present. So obviously. For very high 314. We're looking at the United States ranked first Australia is ranked sixth. Brazil is ranked eight NJ pianist currently ranked even less for each team obviously bringing their skill sets. Them. Ins and turn united coach as a player you're aware you're playing. More than one teens that's more than one styled so essentially. Depending on the styles different game plans it's going to be different person now could still Alice has been very transparent with the fact that. This is a steppingstone to the October turn and Comcast which is a qualification round panel. Hopefully allow US into the fifa World Cup. So it is important to you life is met it is many players indifferent and different opportunities. Dan and I think for our from a the perspective this is. Equal opportunity is seized down people played that you might not be able to see. Normal normal. Yeah I know and only for like the it's the national circuit in general your journal and not gonna see a lot of these teams play alive. Because they'll play in various locations around the country are on the world so it certainly is really cool being able to keep this riding your doorstep here. I'd say it's a really good exhibition and taught at these games do matter. You wouldn't be viewed in Brazil Japan Australia those three teams really are United States or knows ranked number one in the world. In the fifa women's World Cup before women's world rankings. But. You know it's Japan number six I believe it is Brazil number seven Austrian great. You know those three teams really really cool it. And so you're seeing World Cup quality matches here one thing that we saw and a man's World Cup this year. Was number seventeen in the world France win the whole thing. So we could be seeing one of the teams that could be winning picture walk. This stuff really mad. Put into perspective that's pretty exciting Philippine at the match for a tomorrow. USA will take undue pain and what do we know about Japan obviously arrival of of the united yet. Always bring a good match I listened to it that Ellis today act that presser and it was really cool. And he's still insightful to hear Hearst's aimed at. The team that opinion is actually has enhanced the game of soccer. When they brought in they're technical and as us. So prior to that NC specifically spent about 2011 people World Cup. But he beat the United States 31 PK is. They said she specifically said United States brought the bigger faster stronger more athletic. Approach and neighbors theory. Very successful at it. Where they battled in the biggest hurdle that they could not get over was to took care of the ball heavy heavy influence on the technical. The game and the technical side of bank keeping. And she said specifically that they have been speaking I think really cool how. That respect is there between two countries and how she can take this country this style has me to gain better. One of the things that you you really notice about him soccer compared like other sports. The soccer one of those genes were even if you have the bigger stronger faster athletes. It is very much as skilled. And you can have people who wore waive west politically gifted than their opponents but if you play sloppy. If you go out there and you don't really have a playing and you've just got to keep the ball around it and you know it doesn't really matter what you do when the opposing team has a plan they're playing together is its. Very much a team sport. They're going to go out and and in beat that more athletically gifted team. And who didn't seem like Japan and the very well disciplined did you seize on the men's side as well. Very well disciplined team and they know take care of the ball and they find opportunities because they just wait until you make a mistake they try to play mistake free soccer. When their opponents make a mistake that's in the capital. That's right they're very very organized and game. The game itself there's just too much ground to thirteen to cover and there are too many people. On the pitch at one time to be. To be unorganized and Japan has definitely done a wonderful job I mean teen teen attack as well as getting numbers behind defensively. And just being really really nice organized and its Arab. Bet you haven't even commented that he severed Kathleen just gonna have to take care of the ball be consistent and winner won so. Speaking of that he's our man. We are bringing in me and added now for around ugly testament US covered Becky Aaron for the past couple of years. In covered in the city's soccer in general everything from making any comment indoor. TU ST in the city outdoor team and a less sporting in the city add I think he's so much for being here today we appreciate. Didn't travel much closer to him. I.s so we just finished talking about omni. Organization technical ability and Japan has been in this challenges they will brain. The United States Mara we specifically protect them back and she is. Just mentioning just a really organized and win those one he won battles when you liar probably somebody is covered Becky longer than anyone I've now. Who that I know. Intel as a little bit about your experience covering in the city soccer and also just simply test. Low. Also the announcement. One ESP nation namely those soccer and other sports blogs we discouraging. Soccer can be and what is restrained from. Available to national teams in a written and so are. Becky. Each team that actually wanted to required in the world for anything of any sport -- though. Intellectual options purchased everything. And one of the great things about and that it now when Turkey keen to prosecute the city that urged here cute. To the Internet in poll does she was not correct starters is getting a little bit of time and there. But she grew into the role thinking experience you're with at 88. Adultery into a much better player and was quite honestly I'd. In a lot of people out of that pretty well it should be at the center in the world not just what you but in the world. In the living in. And with aperture and I have talked about her a lot we just spoke with her earlier just. So consistent so organized. So methodical about everything she does and she's won those players that makes players around her. Better you know they know that they can count on her. To do her job in ticket get. Get the job. There and WS now. And in so that I can pull out of you for this interview today it's a real. Equal to meet to look at these teens beings and the top teens in the women's game today and is he still may need. India via cell teens represented so obviously. The US teens obviously the US women's national set team has many and give his players but also looking at Brazil now Marta. Now playing in an obvious Alec and Australia. It was Sam Kirk won it. Arguably one of the best players in the league right now. What do you think about NWA cell and its growth and its impact on international women's soccer. It's been tremendous actually. You know the growth with it and you know there in the states and England that it that it set back but a failure but the HTTP. Being relocated essentially and and off the opening play. They overall they've been stronger or that he as far as franchise that you know you are. Taking their cue the city but I. Orlando Portland Seattle. All haven't you know really good turnout and strong. Genes that are put out a technically I think it's helped the women in a lot of country. Specifically the US is you have different coaches now coaching those players and they're going up against each other national team players. US players and Canadian players which currently there are the top two teams pretty much in the world. A lot of very old now. That you're in you mentioned you know a lot of Australians and a certificate number eleven or thirteen Australians. Were in the that it sells or pop up with a I think he Japanese players. And so it's it's a really heavy into the so contingent here while on the other at each other at least a little bit. And at that level has helped in the result as well the national team and people that are trying to achieve becoming more technical not just apple. Brian I think we're both in the presser today and heard until Allen speaking about. The end that cell you know playing domestically weather whatever country they're in by. Did you hear it too is talking about the resource. And how each each different countries affected binary stars it's. I know that their country might have and how that impacts and you know their level competition. And yet it's. Obviously it's been you know register notes that our resources towards that are that are. One of the game units have been you know. We've all been listening to all the discussions over the last years about how the women work as at a we compensated and you know haven't played on stadium looked to her sin when the guys are being graphs and you know women are learning what winning World Cup's the guys that are not all the but it's still below US. You know some of the resource in the world or eleventh national. You know training and. The camps that they were and and and like that so that's one of the reasons the women have been so successful over the years. In the United States and Canada that. Certainly as gonna bring up Hannity I know Christine Sinclair is probably one of my favorites offensive players to watch. How would you how would you rank Canada. Right now I. If you had to look at the terminations. And he's he you know USA EC. Brazil Japan and we're rigid Canada and Nat. List. I'm equally candid second behind you that's. Betty you know fuel to keep drinking the entire weather right now. And units at the turn first and Japan Australia and there's Miller or something like. Seventh eighth and ninth burst open like. A candidate though is going to be in the outside it's just and no matter how sweet and gentle those numbers. And you know and to nurture their churches right now since between its only popped lit bigger always just get it. They you know that's that's where you know and I think he has soccer idol who took the then it's the ones. Teasing that's a safe and common that people can ask me about the United States. Look. Can you eat it at that for a long time quite out of and interpreting it included a in this case brought in to the world. It was a little bit examination of a lot of things in together. It's Turkey looked. On the inside that these seventeen that you twenties as there's only teaching in the world that house sent. He's seventeen he twenty. Always been. Choose the quarter finals of the respected each morning since he broke out and that's the United States and and on a limb tightly replicate that pretty much all of our having you know the US women whether no matter which expert it is you really well. Right so there's a bright future ahead insist you'd think so for that for that you seventeens in the twenties coming up as you're saying. Mean I'm with the amount for share weird and me where can our listeners and read your writings CU pictures any guys are doing a lot lately. I'm with sporting in the city was well park. Where can viewers or listeners. See what your announce there. Lou testament dot com. He's in orbit along. Simple move along. Well we had its name from a previous team that we hadn't. Looked around and if you don't lose and every single soccer team in the city it will matter. Their caller somewhere along the line. So we as well Lou edited something out pollute the net and we decided that he found out that. There's a lot of looting in the world are there ain't it and so that's it'll be in look so good news that the news being in the boot. Man that had not played that India for your time today you can check out ads work which is great by the LA. On which has been dot com. I think you for doing nest we deadly appreciated acts we'll see you on the medals tomorrow cracked. Will be her right that think he's done so much. It. Eight you are listening to the attorney eighteen tournament and nations preview show where we are breaking down. Attorney kicking off aimed at Kansas City tomorrow around don't go anywhere when we return we'll hear from midfielder forward to making her down. Thanks so the electric heat. And Sports Radio. We're back on 610 Sports Radio I'm near us telling tale feeling to waive. Praise Allah and you are listening to the Tony eighteen trimming of me shame that preview show. We had heard around them but US women's national team center backing captain thank eats our rent. Planning favorite that he can tell. We've also heard friends and out of the blue testament which is it local and speed needs in the group and thanks again to boast the both of them. And checked SP nation and it. Alley chose also does a really great job covering sporting and local soccer and the Inky summons add an FB nation and for hopping on and on our show today. Speaking of that tournament. And really excited just is not every day and age is it to have. Such high level soccer in your own backyard so really thrilled to have the teens here in Kansas City getting set matches team. And really excited for his coming on next but before we speak with Iran Megan subpoena. I think it's important to do is go back and highlight the fact that. There are so many so fourteenth coming to this tournament. All of which are top ten mean women's soccer today and so many of those players are playing in NW. So Solis professional soccer in the United States has had a few different leaks and they've they've started and they failed and heavier cells on the eighth year the longest standing women's professional soccer league. Is really exciting as a formal former player myself and turncoat. That women's soccer is growing and and and just hasn't momentum so. In your name Chris. Badminton eleven Australian players but also just players from all four of these countries. Our plane here so is and nine T you lead the United States League obviously and and is now doing really well. And it's ironic Timmy because it's the opposite in the men's game yes so. Game it's over ever all the elite teams over in Europe. And so it's really weird for us and I was looking at that the women's roster. Every player on the women's roster play easier. And so that's really cool guys. You look at this men's roster and many of them go play over and other countries obviously minute many of them play here in the MLS but me. Krista you'll see plays over in Germany so. It's it's it's built things like that to be able to have players here that are being domestically. Is gonna help it gain build you'll get out because. We're we're in America released about our sport. And so you know we want to have the best and we have the best team are gonna be adjusted. And that's one of the things that that helps out the win scandalized the fact that we have the best women's soccer here in the U. That's right and other countries are sending their women here T you develop and grow in our league so. It is hard to when he said Sheila sic is the best example I think a local guy Eric Palmer brown who came up here and is now playing overseas another example and it's just so opposite. Elements. It's really cool he slammed by an esteemed team a player myself but it's really great finale is. Am very excited for this next interview because Nagin or pinot. Was just recently nominated one of ten players. And the fifa woman dubbed best woman's player. For 2018 she's really great she's actually hilarious. If you ever watch any of their social media always are around her because she's just characters so. Really excited to welcome her team. Sarah thank you for joining it's Maine repeat an. Narrates a huge congratulations for your recent nomination and had no one of ten net women named as the best fifa women's player for 2018. He shout out TO Harry feeling about that resent nomination and. Thank you. The price of and a and I ad you're implying. That year that. Quality players in the world am I going. It's solid at otter absolutely learn to be recognized like that and yeah thankful for my teammates my coaches who could mean the position player it looked adamant that or. Certainly and I am sure that they would say the same about you know. I might talk a little bit of that your teammates so uneasy taking a pause trim and Debbie I found getting Bakley the US women's national team. And they hold they drill Hillary must excited he had is that welcoming when you face each other how does that go down again hug and report shouts and creams and what is day. Yeah I mean it like we need it Alec Kevin all coming man. That we know other so well as well as it. You know we haven't like a month ago so it might have a funny like electric each other that deter all right back in Cuba. Our normal lives together and spend a talent at the Indian. At all about your pretty. For our. Eat eat eat on a weekly basis. You back and change their. Delicate bachelor. Certainly so let me ask about the flag how is that there are some fresh face is. I think yanks have a great blamed. You know some fresh new blood in the hobbies inexperienced players. When you get together letters and things you guys are deal when are you cloud there around I see all your. In Syrian story takeovers in. You gotta kill time somehow facility ideal and Linda do have some downtime. He added that. It is to keep ourselves Spain lot of pop era. And I allowed shopping. Go out to dinner hang out. We turn it that they it's. You know as much like being at home as possible. We try to get talent. You know circular that saying that it was sort of contest disconnect from the environmental and just. He yelled at times are sort of weird things saying the hotel for a long period of time. An expert putting aside so he had to go because. A pat on the field pulling your in our city welcome making in the city verse about. Have you been able to get an a vineyard a couple of times obviously but. Anything come to mind when you think about coming back here is your spot you have to go in fear anything like that. Yes collection had to on these. I'll mention about it and fixed dial. I think we did. The plaza. So gently. But that we the election certainly likes. Of traffic but that our. Sort of make it a little bit like well I have the things that we like is it. You know hanging out at our cater to sort of get out of the hotel a little bit it's really nine but we always feel like. It. That's off and you're like speaking to my heart there hammer out there and prevent. And well it's a quick question about still off of activities. Do on the team is most likely to you and maybe they have already but film a Drake in. I feelings India. And Jerry Jerry in my feeling idiot I would. Say it let. What the other ones and Lynn and Alex my. Although it was and that's that sets up that and got all of them. I'm. In other Big Three are we dietary just gonna go like you are and beauty being killed. At sonic you know that you have like a bowl. And a thought I was on the belt and them were atrocious. Acclimated. Got right at American about at. And. Third and in a very get an IMAX check him out to Santa Clara Alameda and yet but it -- or not. Thanks though and slow moving to is serious side as being you ladies are all business once is turning kicks off it has heavy implications as being a steppingstone obviously to CONCACAF and within the gold mine of coughing for the fifa World Cup how are you feeling about the team and where you're at right now. Triggered another squad back now I think it's. Wally another. Upload and until it starts there what it he can't honestly faces. Start that are consistent so I think that that helps us on the yields are building. Redundant and just bring already planned eakins. You know get competitions yelling out into the tournament thought Mikey did you suspect but you still have. That's sort of prize at the end these benefits are fabricated. I think that's good for the players shoot. I don't have a lot of experience in world championships or had any experience. It's gotta get that low in the back to back and having each game matter ultimately claim. Two in the circuit again. Absolutely and the round Robin tournament obviously determine a nation. Though since strong team so clearly obviously used USA ranked number one Australia ranks sixth Brazil ranked and Japan ranked eleventh. Is there one team that you feel give. Give USA had more difficult time than others. I feel like good team Russia is probably the strongest team. Into your teachers are all very differently to dial. Brokered a very different profile from each other Circuit Court challenge for us since. You know and and a big challenger actor go from game to game you know I can't assure them that. Kyle. You know the way it like to play their best players in their characteristics. That the Arctic and the where all the heart query itself perhaps the article now. In that way at the break every team down there are a pure Kosher either have to bottom out August. He's a very. That's got to be. He had a company is this going into the match tomorrow. Yes access line I'm excited to play. I think they hook back they are acting as they. Expect there are attractive picture. You to have a couple couple declares eight. Other. Some Olympic figure out. Summit cooking your. Malaysia airlines can be if there is difficulty right here. Certainly now. How do you remain. Fresh and how do you continue to lead the new players that are that are gonna get some minutes in this tournament. The question the hoagland and it that he's currently the most important to the provinces you know I think alacrity dark well older players. As getting a picnic or market leadership taking a player that I think that boy you can beat that person. Happier when you need to keep sharp you'd keep growing. And keep challenging yourself at different ink. They're gonna the play old very sharp and urged on a copier that you. And then sort of kick in again replace your help and the players are sort of mentor back he. More of a leader and not. So I think the players here he's getting older car backing. Rebels are. And like an equally bad. Be able to be consistent and shop in the fire environment all the time but also to keep. Keep our game you know at the top level that we absolutely can't sell. You know expect for the younger players and that sort of what are being you know kind of get their. Way. Alternate between. I sound awesome make him think he's a mature tank dates so cool to hear how you're feeling and how the best of lefty tomorrow obviously will be there cheering you on. Best of luck as you go out east and then back to the midwest in Elena I. During Helm a cup we're looking toward to watch me I. Bernard thank you Eric all the wrong. One of my favorites just full of personality. Completely embraces her platform. As an incredible athlete in the United States and just as it as an incredible theme. Love her love her purse and I let her and really exciting for me to hear her say. She feels really get about the squad. As she feels that some new faces came in brought some fresh blood. But that they are starting to seize some consistency in the starting line at. Some of the same faces appearing Mair. And it's really gray gets me going to age is remembering you know pop in on the field and get nit tournaments he said. There is that prize at the end maybe it doesn't mean much right now but it's so that prize and that's you know working together and and building that chemistry. That's as one of the best parts about teens portray. For a common goal working together that's cool. I appreciate her honesty in saying Dan that. As far as rain meaning an experienced leader. The number one job she has used it in maintain growth in staying sharp and I I wanna really think as Christie think that. And older players in MLS and and Evian seldom they all had that mindset. They all still see it's my responsibility T you not me continue my girth but also am I responsible for my teammates got. Yeah because it's a team and it's over but really team intricate game more so than a lot of other sports. Just a gentler one storm on the field. Doesn't mean your team is going to be wildly successful so that's the reason why you gotta be able to inspire everyone else and help them Grohl. Because it's one of those sports where like you can have a great player like Ronald Renault on your team. Well it if you don't have good teammates around him being here you know you're in a situation that Ronaldo was and you know. Couple World Cup's ago where he was sounded and the TV at around it really wasn't that villages because of the fact. That none of those guys can go on their plea at his level and compliment him so it was very you know soccer one of those words you need really great leadership and Megan definitely bring. Absolutely really cool to hear about her let's go to break quickly want get back on the topic of subpoena and how she thinks the team argue against it and took anywhere you are listening to 28 teen treatment of nations preview show on 610s moratorium. Sports Radio One thousand on the thirties weekdays from seven a seven on 610 Sports Radio KC SP Kansas City KR BZ HD two Kansas City a radio dot com station. You know AT&T'S Internet offer maxis out at fifty megabytes per second he could go as low as 768. Kilo bits per second to. You know where you live kind of Internet is that. Specter of Internet started 200 negatives for second. The fastest starting Steve for the. 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Pretty excited to hear from two of my favorite players really great to hear from thank our brand and just to have her back in this city obviously but also Maynard you know. I ain't. The nomination for the best fifa women's player is spot on. I think she just brings so much creativity TD team and in it is the master of her craft and and really again I really appreciate. Hearing heard is being so honest about. In order to continue to be a leader on 18%. Pharmacy asked they share in continue grow herself so. Unser properly get point one talked about. This turned me is going to be really great opportunity for some Indian players and even just the team as a whole to get used tees that turn in name. Feel so that is the plain recover and travel on plane recovered plane recovering travel its its rigor and so it is unlike. And WS salary by play once a week. Maybe travel and renowned again but it's very different and it's part of and Chris has resigned and Ian in world those back to back Eames recoveries is east and child. And so and I I just I think it's kid for an eighteen to get these rats and but what else do you think that. The astronomy can do you fourteen at this point may know October is CONCACAF and they know obviously next June July is going to be rock. Wells says this turn and allow for the team as a whole. I didn't kind of give it helps them kind of set themselves for lack of a barometer of where they are compared to the big kind of teams that are playing against. If they wanna win the World Cup because we know late if this is and this isn't one of those terms for you kind of like. It's not gonna be like what happened in the men's World Cup this year where like Russia mated to the knockout stage you cannot have that generally that's that was like one of the exceptions to the rule. Typically we see the best teams winning and winning every time they have this these tournaments. We typically seen the best teams in general making it out of group play. Because in group play I mean these teams are just going to added a lot of times you you'll have that one group the death and is actually this is kind of bill and replicating a group of death because you got four top ten teams. And it and so you know they know that you know you're not gonna get to go and play when those teens leaky generally having your group stage where it's kind of like a I take off nearly you know it's it's not a good teams so you get a chance to kind of rest a little bit you can. Takes a mute key players Al earlier in the game so they're not you know used her legs up so much. You land that this is going to be simulation of a very difficult group. And you're gonna have to keep fighting throughout each one of these games to go out there and try to win it and these these women have prize able lot of pride out there. You know a lot of people deluded this is kind of like an exhibition. By their plane for a lot of pride because the women yelled a news that the US women's team dominated the World Cup. Three years ago so for sure. They wanna go out there and set a precedent and it seems to come and Angela don't wanna beat him to win and set a tone for what they're going to be able to do next from the World Cup so. I think that this is it. Just one of those situations where there are preparing themselves mentally for they may have to go through next year. Certainly in on that mental preparation nineteenth at eighteen actually TU the more experienced players so. You're Alex Maureen here Carly laid back and may subpoena all of these means even in the artery he's back from an injury. And and those are the teen does the players you're gonna have to. I feel as if we have. On three most of there old head as far as our legal aid. May have been big he's our brand and there on me and. Chandler did you go to urban dictionary and doubled. You know physical he observed that the young Heidi is that there watches soccer world would giving him. Is is very accurate but then there is kind of that other. And if you Alice is an like mid level group like Morgan rank and hurts Lindsay her hand. Allie long I'll I'll women here it is. You know made a case biting needs you get their minutes and and banned from top to bottom team star. Said today she's really thrilled about just the chemistry and he's been playing like. I think we also heard thirteen now and then after that as well. If it is it's really special. They're able to travel and get back together and do their thing after a really fun to watch. Obviously moving in to act with pain and answer me. You know there's much pressure on the kickoff. And selling in that. Island shoulders for tomorrow I think they're they're going to be your life it's them. Moving forward let's go ahead and wrap up most of our return men and nations and as far as one Mueller deep dive in team the teams we talked about obviously and being incredibly organized incredibly technical. Deal Allan thank me change the game with their in four lines. And is and this is I'm on the technical side. How would you describe the US women's yes I think we know the bigger faster stronger in there but I have grown into more than. I think certainly with him winning. Three years ago there's a lot of pedigree there as a confidence there. You know it. It has always trains it was those who have would have been assured Germany where they wind. Four years ago in this in the men's World Cup in this year and he knocked out in the group stage. And part of that I think was kind of arrogance and hustle when he things you don't want the women in the US women's team. To being the only you'll want to be arrogant at all because this is going to be a situation where if they do come in and they do had the big heads. It's going to be a situation where you know a team like Japan can stomp out that eagle really really quickly. And then you know if if they or they do well in this in this terminations let's say next year you know Leo they'd they make it's that the World Cup. And then they get their group stage and then you see what happens to Germany where first game they lose to Mexico. Hey you don't want that to happen here. And so I think and as partisan talk about with with a repeat no. Is ill leadership like that or we Alex Morgan and and Carlton will make sure that all the players or level headed and they're not. Taking things lightly just because of who they are what they've all. They need put themselves in the situation where. Everybody remembers why they're there and they remember that they then it'll have to be entitled to be there but untitled Wayans and so I don't mean. Talent lies at the rose was and women's national team. Is the most talented team in this World Cup for next year they just feet. Goal in an act like just because we're the most talented team on paper. That we should just be entitled to winds we should they just give us the group win put us in a knock out stage and it handles that trophy they have to go in. And have a mindset of we don't we and our. A and and it is really. Get in three of the man's cup Germany. God rule him by Korea. South Korea in their matchup in the Mexico came out they were on fire engine just cannot go out and take your opponents lightly when your position of the the US women just because. It that was four years ago. Yeah on three years ago now but it before yours when they play and tying is undefeated. It changes the whole makeup of your team they can now going with the mindset of where the same team words what if they got to go with the mindset of where a different team. We want that same approach but we still got to go out there. Does that occurs. Is that you have confidence. Right so looking at a team that I think could be and make Europeans at the same bank could be. And can be dangerous in Australia so they just coming off Dan. So a lot of momentum a lot of growth and this. Obviously led by anchor and leading score leading goal scoring and had to sell. And go confined to back and she's creative she's fantastic Adam so they're gonna bring a lot of momentum and sometimes it's those teams that. Like Croatia against this year kind of like without that history by just all of he. Wilmington and hype and hope. I think they could be 12 laps obviously and then you have Brazil. And mean to Brazil is as Brazil but I didn't think they're they're aboriginal and they are super athletic they are so comfortable on the ball so cheeky. And create an accurate they're born at the ball and reflect. And so clearly all fourteen with unique styles and we said that in itself will be a challenge and something that I think aliens can appreciate it every teen in snow. Stylistic. Yeah what does exactly that you would of the Australian. This Austrian team to use. Lot of those women are mid to low it's it's you know until the early twenties mid twenties and are in the early eighteenth. And when you when you look at that kind of matchup with the women's teams more mid twenties early thirties you know that. Fresh legs and energy things like that and soul of the of the you know if there if it's gonna be a situation where they're trying to play winning the US is trying to play game. With some of these younger teams. Where the lake Hayward is gonna try to outlast you and a war against the teams like Australia. Like you still got to play we talk about his last out at a place more than your own way you gotta you gotta go out there and you didn't take advantage your opponent's mistakes and they you yourself have to play mistake free. And that's going to be the one thing that that there's women's team the viewer some women seems gonna have an advantage over a lot of teams. Is just the fact they've got that experienced a lot of these teams a lot of these other teams out there are more so young like Australia. And so they're gonna have that advantage of that. Yet dabbling definitely so. Obvious people were strong teams it's going to be an exciting citing tournament I love that it's right here in our backyard. When we return. In the general mean that your Peter Meade and his thoughts on the turning a year. And his adds perspective as a coach. Don't go anywhere you and text in and we are glad to hear you on the record to act real famous Billy text flag saying. He got. 869. Battery beer at. I think. Yes yeah the other look at our right things listening don't go anyway. Yeah electric heat. Six and Sports Radio. And I wish when he teamed him and ancient beaten out on 610 sports media had stopped. And they went out skiing is like at least some. Someone from the tech fine really doing Michelle and the coach Ford he legends from the east summit. Going to games with my daughter. Off the club really hear that actually catch and Casey athletics like that against each other. No harm and I don't like shown. Do you know with the zone now but. Led into the fantastic club senate and I overseeing an injured left in and actually working wing. Some of the legends players and we actually T eighteen. Eight tree at T you up. The women's cup in free we're bringing some local players over the air. You experience. What it is way over in Europe or is it. Yes he. We are gonna go it's great times legends you guys have. That's respect. You for listening. Now it is time TU welcome and I mean manager Peter ever means let a guy huge tech is. Ten days to hearing in the city not only playing bad coaching. Big ice an online and not enough good positive things to say about him spent the year last year covering sporting in the city and learn a lot. Just from watching training from watching it with his players. How he runs this every evening and respectful. And respectable. I'm thrilled to welcome manager Peter Hermes from sporting intensity on the ship. Our order gerrymandered to query the ad minute fed did hear from me and obviously got a big Mac matches tomorrow doubleheader at children's immersed part. That's not swearing he defeated the US women's soccer team they are gonna play Japan. And just hear your thoughts about being a local Kansas City that obviously. Have mean. The US team here what does that mean TU an organization that they have selected to. The sporting Kansas City facilities to not only trained to play their teens and. Yeah look I think it's been. A big part of our vision moving forward as an organization that. We've always wanted the city could be viewed. It's. You know. If not the one of the soccer capitals of the world are ashes of the country and so the fact that we're able to. Attracts. Not only the US women's national team to do that are to determine who's there's obviously great. It's it's part of this that I say or this vision this project that we've had him. So in national training center and and continues to bring on the US national teams here are so obviously it's. I think it's great that he's great for the city and to be. Couple great gains structure. And I think it's always great when you get out and see that the women's national team play life in in in our area. Certainly now. Last time accident very first time I ever had the opportunity to interview you was back when the US national team was coming Kansas City to place in friendlies. And they are training at a slow part. And that is a big idea and now they're obviously training at pinnacle. I'm he's spoken about the vision of that organization and how much work and how much is behind this team had to go lean too. Very mean pinnacle here and and doing what is doing right now bringing the US teens hear how much behind teamwork. Has happened that we might not even know about. Yeah if if if I'm not mistaken I think that we actually made our first pitched the US stock risen in twelve or thirteen. Around this idea and saw. From ownership group to do the staff. And obviously. You G and and the revision of this as well and making this happen Lewis was tremendous. You know getting US soccer on board what was not an easy. Have to accomplish just because. You know there's there's a lot of different organizations around. The country's cities Alatas states that would love to have this opportunity as well but it. Kudos to all the people here that not all the work they did but also have a division to a lot of times he just all you know see what what can be in the I think. That's where you know a lot of the credit has signaled it was really seen vision and get it now. You know the F living proof of that with which he gains that are coming into the area of justice next couple days. Certainly in those games does so fourteens in the round Robin tournament will be playing in May boast first place team the ninth eighth or sixth place team Australia. Eighth place team Brazil and Japan placed eleventh and so from your coaching course perspective here when Indio. These fourteen solid very different style of yourself and deal elephants used how do you approach has turned me with opponents of veterans style how do you approach preparation and then execution. Well actually it's it's. I would say it's more. I would view it this way and now on the George wanna win. When he has to be. A setter to it but also. The channel wind up being great because you know all the teams play differently. Do they come from different cultures and these are all the things that you have to be able to. Maneuver. Through what you're into groups stage. Whether it's in the Olympics or World Cup. What have you and those international church you have to go to. To find your way through it and and you're playing against different styles of playing against. I guess different cultures. Different mentality and you have to be able to set up game plans. I'm Eugene has to be able to them sort that deal to execute. Game after game. Most big believer in group play it that first game business is these huge and important. It's always great to get a good result because it kind of sets the stage for you through the rest of the groups so. It is important and all your all of your effort should be put into making treaty could result that first game. Lucky for US first game is at children's mercy park obviously is as an electrifying place to play and when you look at tournament like this with. This instant qualification rounds of obviously moving to CONCACAF and then getting a bit into that fifa World Cup. As a coach do you start planning for that at this stage. Oh I think so I think Richard Norton is is that you're you're doing a few things I think year. Be looking at players you're looking at which players have the ability not only played at this level. But. Who can handle. The grind you know close proximity in games. Libya and perform again in in a few days. Because it's really about player recovery player recovery in the you have to be able to execute each one of those. You know those those those matches so. If you're looking at that you're looking at different players that you see down you know down in the future and how much they can have an impact. Which your team and and being on the play at this level and obviously get results and that's really when it comes down to what you're just constantly evaluating all of those things. Last month exciting and they're here of course a lot of attention on this turned me and of course the match tomorrow but. I. Coming up a little bit of arrests right couple the couple extra days of and the unrest here before. Posting FC Dallas Carrie feeling about. Out not qualifying your TV are you feeling about not moving forward in the open Ka. Turn to me it's. Yeah. You know apart I think you know lists. For the big objectives for us every year we are history competitions that we have the ability to. Two to trying to win there's the here's hoping there is these supporters she'll willingly give them also when union boss Koppen. Our objective is to try to live off three or the year so. Having gotten knocked out. Is disappointing. At the same time. We we only were the place where. We have in the last you know marked here we've we've struggled a little bit based on the fact that we really have had. Five to six starters out of our lineup it's it's. Which it's one thing if you have a couple guys out here a couple guys out there with could be the other. He looked out over a ball was very difficult for us console because opinions or get the majority of those guys back so that's gone now but. We get a majority of those guys back and I think. They will be better for. Going forward hopefully. We've. Had to deal with that at this time of the year as the polls to the end of the year that we will be last year and and it will make this stuff for me out and stretch of the season. Does not qualifying. And players. Work and fix being in question and and and how competitive they weren't that last match. Now the consequences kind of Lila in the teen rice the players and I'm gonna have to answer to each other for their performance poised in that. Like it is it is that gonna be maybe the best. Motivation for the teen to cut turnaround from Nantes and and and really barreled through the latter half of the season. I think that look any time you lose. Do you wanna see what their responses. I always have to be extremely fair. To the evaluation. And there's no doubt that. The impact of injuries. Has been. The part pretty powerful over the last month. At the same time. You know the positive of that is is that. There's this there's this type accurate it would which you're gonna get your players back from injury. And now you wanna see how both guys. Perform because. That's who those are the guys that you count on those of the the guys that you. You deem you know early on or what have you as being your starters. And so you expects. You expect them either want to get the results at the same time. What what. What I look at as well as is that. Anytime there's an opportunity for a player it's a chance for them. To prove their value. At the same time. He could also prove that they're not. Good enough yet or they're about valuable enough yet to popular team get the results are you looking for and so. I think you know whether it's a last resort were lack proper results. I'd have have have proven one thing or another and some have always you know continue to be consistent at what they do they work hard they play hard. They may be. You know they wanna win they prove that they're gonna give everything they have. Others prove that they're not and so. As we move forward you know you can you can't count on that's very important to assess in the team as we continue to move forward I believe. We have a very good team when our kids healthy it was very good team we can compete with anybody. We get those guys back healthy it's still have yet what it takes to. You know again being able to maneuver through 834 game season and the other guys can absolutely have to get back and accept equity. Get back to recruit guys will be report. I send one guy that is coming back and I know every on there's excitement surrounding it. They re introduction naturally they get teary eyes what is he in a nutshell I know he brings a lot of the lengthy and bring back today's game and if he can bring the spark that is needed right now this time. I think he's got to be a big help. He's definitely important player team and we missed them. I think we've done a really good job with him not being in. I think what has happened again is that we just and so many other guys out that. We just couldn't support all those guys being out but the fact that he is coming back. Is going to be huge help for us going forward in the great thing is we got a lot of time. To get him fit for the rest of the season which really which are really. Which are really I'm really happy about. Because know what words you know was concerned about was how much time you can have last. To get fit for towards the end of the season than in the final stretch and now I feel very comfortable with where years. So yeah it's exciting for the team I think it's it's going to be a good. List that the team needs important time of the season. I ask him on no doubt the excitement that the US women's national team is here. You've been the leader of the growth of the game in the city and it did not go unnoticed so I think you from a coach's perspective thank you from a fan's perspective. And for all of the work we've put any you know these this turning coming here. On an obviously best of luck to you as FC Dallas comes to town look forward to seeing you guys and at the black think Peter. Thank you June always a pleasure talking. Manager at sporting Kansas City Peter Burmese man. Can't say enough about that guy and how much impact he has had locally regionally nationally. And that guy ends commits to an idea and has amazing ability to have everyone around him I mean. And also go the direction he leads and so. Really great to hear from Peter Burmese when we return Chris and I will battle it out the male or female respect and the line not only. Just the wreck big game in general but also qualifying not qualifying how much presser is on the women's team now. Frown due to the men's team not qualifying don't go anywhere about a lot gallantly here. I cheers from the. You're like yeah. And Sports Radio. I. Let me keep turning at me since BP shell it's always great to hear from a master mind coats like Peter Hermes they don't have enough positive thing. Say about. Of these in that he had it. People are what we now today easy then national training center right here in our backyard and in this congress to pick apart a couple of things that heat and air. Getting back to the tournament. And he obviously. Isn't his mindset through and through winning have to be at center so he mentioned beings like utilizing its turn in the name. And different challenges that they international play will bring in zone really as coach. Utilizing is to see so many players in in different environments and obviously that winning mentality is fresh in his mind all the time yeah I'll city's day and that group play. And then again Tracy talked about it but the first match is so important let's talk about that match tomorrow. What do you anticipate seeing for. Brazil and Australia. I think I think tiger's image with a just like flying all over the place. Brazil's of talent is super athletic. It's kinda seems to be to make about every Brazilian team man or woman indeed just they're they're so athletic so gifted. Very skilled as it a lot of time to really work in the craft and the Australian team really town are really young. So I can expect it economy back and forth up and down I expect result when net gain but I do think is it's not going to be a matchup that where they're just gonna go out and you know just score five schools we're getting is going to be a very very tough game they're ranked evenly anyways so I do think that that match is gonna be one of those. Where it's gonna be a little bit more exciting than they've probably US Japan match up just because those teams a relief and expend a lot of energy going up and. Yeah I imagine it's going to be a very fast paced game back and forth as you mentioned I do is you have to highlight Martell intact member's bill. She is on the older and of beings he's up there an 8% plan I say she's still in the movie she's incredibly and I'll. Plays like she's. As one of the things that we're we're kind of scene now is like a lot of these players who are older old you know getting into their mid to late thirty's still Lawler playing at a very high level. Christian Arnold those 33 years old. And generally in soccer when you start the 31. You're trying to considered old. And yet we're seeing players at 333040. Years old out they're being able to explain how level I think it was was in Vietnam. What was it Saudi Arabia had a goal Lee who was like forty and like he did. It's still. Right. So like it it's yours kinda see now. Guys pistol plain and high levels blots on with 35 years old plane from Maine you last season and he's discredited and a couple. I human but these. And I'll these ads are being played at a higher level as they get older and I remember a decade ago Ronald the jail once he gets thirty. He was Dolan doesn't. Was dull play at the at AC Milan he's done playing at the height will be European teams so I think it it's you you can't really take. Take you know look at her agent like you know even though she's older yet you do is through out of respect or. Certainly and then obviously the matchup of the United States and Japan I feel this will be aimed more methodical game I feel this'll be more. Obviously we talked about the emphasis on the technical side that Japan will brain. But the organization as well number's up numbers back they're very much team attacked teams and and then I just you know obviously BS team. So many us offensive threats and then you have the back line like somebody like thank you Sauerbrun even avid outcome Dahlkemper. With the organization and the consistency and be a good match. I via the weapons that. US women's team has. I think that's gonna put the matter at a good advantage and I think one thing is gonna help them is the fact that I think. I don't think they're going to be cold the aggressive consistently through the gonna do it will be seen here with sporting Kansas City where they play possession and move the ball around dominate Claude you know make sure that day. Find the right efforts in the then they go out and and and go on the attack. I think that's where they're gonna do here because. You know Japan's really good defense team you don't wanna go out there make mistakes was to go on the counterattack killed. That's what we saw with the men's team in this World Cup this year is well they're going accounts particularly very technically single team and you know. Obviously the Japanese women's team is going to be very motivated to try to get one back and the US. After the beat down that that the women put on them three years ago in the World Cup this. A rural and I was surprised that they won by them itself. I definitely think there's going to be a lot of motivation there and they're gonna wanna make sure that they don't make any mistakes against against the Japanese ones. Excellence in India get lines speaking about. Children's mercy park and the energy that is typically the air for the boys in blue and we also heard from that manager Peter mis time they disappoint name not advancing through the opening. I wanted and the kind of some doubts me because generally they're really disappointed in Tokyo the US open. At it and they're so that's. We talk about swirling the minutes that your putting on your lay eggs run around there and we know that the weight of the sporting team plays the do a lot of running. Because you'll be there they put some cal tech while they possessed the ball alive they're running around a ball. And right now in and you talked about this in his interview as well. Lot of the injuries that they have he threes he injuries I mean fleet big Gutierrez aura of these are guys like dead. No but Rondo he's missed a bunch of time the last couple months we were talking about key players that they are missing. An increase O for coal. Too caught wind gains when you don't have the key guys on your team we talked a bit about the some assists and S and podcasts and Internet and radio dot com. There are so many. We thought I besides I was wrong but I thought they lose sleep hey they're going to be fine. And it more fun for a little bit in this sort of lose and everyone else. And it just it really hurt this team and you know over peace talks about this like when we start losing a bunch of key starters. There's no way to recover from that other than get. And the US open cup there's room in the I'm actually very happy that they are out of it right now it gives these guys a chance to rest their bodies and make sure that they focused because they. I'm playing well last month and they kind of need to give back in the being so the last year doesn't happen where this time last year they fell for. Right right well Peter said obviously in three competitions they're only striving TU Wayne are going to be open cup supporter shield and MLS cup. Clearly they're either running for open cab but transitioning our focus over to supporter Sheila M Alaska. Not so much and a supporter shield probably by. You you could probably get it but you got any help at this point and I and of I don't want him to try to push for that in the support shoot this time. This frankly. No one remembers the supporters showed this order shall winner it's always about him come Russert on. Its. If he can both the domestic but like everybody is looking that the real champ at the end of the year in the year is the and the analysts upped him. Rates so what is it gonna take for spreading to stay in their. Third in the Western Conference right now yet. We talked heavily about. Fully big terrace coming back and asked specifically heard is he in that spark is in and bring that life back and he's in and do a lot. But they sound you know I expected him to be a little bit more eye on him yeah. I think he understands that is not so much for leap A that's the reason why the struggling in the back line. It's missing withdrawn its missing a bar missing bees. Guys like that Dole's guys are more important. Two of them dot yelled at their success than it is a dollar fully paid because when they had when they have a back line. With zoo CO RBs were adamant Rhonda. But he didn't have Foley page you'll coastal finds that shallow they were still fine because they had John zarrella for us. And so they were they were doing just fine but it's when you start losing the key guy. So losing guys like. That the guys on your back line when your defense team that's when you start struggling and I think that's where why he wasn't. He wasn't really looking at leap day in late you know that's the key we need he's looking at their back line casinos that's the strength of this team. Day he can bring up the guy I just can't not talk about and Johnny Russell as it's been my favorite from the beginning and continues to flirt so. Hopefully the team we'll continue to do well obviously FC Dallas here Saturday. So when we return is on whether it be more pressure on the women this year to qualify for a cut because the men are not there. We'll battle it out here. Six and Sports Radio. I love and then yeah. Our bags and is indeed when he eighteen turned me and me aims preview yellow. And now we are getting guarantee you at the underlying theme that we've been tacking up very very long time. Clearly the US men's national team abstain to around the World Cup. Recently played in a Russia did not call I. They're. Still. Having said that they did not call I. My question is is there more pressure now on the US women's national team to perform if not weighing. Pursue all that qualify performed yeah in an order definitely World Cup played in France next spam. I your I think there is little. Hole launched an egg you know here we've seen the success of the the US women's seems so I did we know that they're great. Rangel won the world. Expectations are there but I think there is little more just because. Pressure from the US soccer standpoint but just because US soccer has been a disaster. And they've kind of been an an of big upheaval the last year or so. Firing during Klinsmann Bruce Arena. Failed comes back I don't know why the hell they brought him back but they paid and then they don't make the World Cup. And you think they would be able to do that is go here to mayor over lawyer in about our sport so you know we you'd think they would make it but he didn't. Yeah it's just it was really really embarrassing than now. B you make that World Cup. And right now this isn't so much. A it's not so much see any. Means if pressure specifically on women's soccer is just a US soccer I think they died. So I'd like to play devil's advocate here and ask sort of edit different way if there's not more pressure placed on them. To perform because amended. Was there are not announced celebration for them when they did when. I once but I I don't think that. The US really considers. The women's national team to be the main event as far as soccer goals the last. The reason lies because I think there's there's this negative stigma about female sports. And it's unfortunate because the women go up there and bust their ass. And you we vote we we've obviously heard the women's soccer players talk about wage gap. Total how they deserve to get paid just as much is in Hindu and Eddie don't consider it a success they show it. Because they are certainly going out there and having the success of the men aren't but I think the public still has the is still a stigma that. I mean obviously our going to be the bigger draw and until we change that perspective. That he may and are not the bigger draw on every single thing they do. There's going to be pressure on the organization as long as the men are not going on succeed. Yeah. Ollie knows women keep crushing that they do I hope there is next keeps building a fan base is clearly building which is fantastic announcements about obtaining your country country. And we get to watch indeed. Tomorrow being next in the city children's mercy park don't miss it tickets are still available it will be broadcast live on FX one if he wanna catch it. Word Stanford tonight and a big thank you for everyone it extends Sports Radio giant hands and think he's a much Chris thanks for hang with me tonight and now the meat that he's Aaron Brown make him a Pino had the giver me appreciate your time knowledge and attention for tonight. They're real that you guys are listening with us tonight and AT and if you're at and that smile comes they would sat. We will be there thank you so much and now. I can't throw the. The electric heating. And Sports Radio.