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Thursday, December 7th

We define whether there really is such a thing as team identity or is winning the bottom line?  There’s been some talk of whether Marcus Peters should potentially be traded and we get the 411 on the Gilmore Girls from J&J Productions.


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So. He runs the show you please out out to listeners. Put those figures today and he can easily salutes you. For allowing us to be a small art. Bit Thursday evening. It is but it is as bad boy and Bert show and if you on FaceBook lied which. Outside look at this song. Julio Sanchez. There are here tonight and you know in his Father's Day. So what's a poor one on one on the Gilmore Girls is this episode six. Episode six. Was the pool and Gilmore Girls this is this should be fine. With the emotions that I got from these guys that are really into it so be aware be ready for your questions with that. Bill Schneider programming note Bill Snyder legendary coach at Kansas State the bill Snyder's show will come on at seven. But the full game will be back at 8 o'clock. You don't wanna miss that so you back here stay alone for the ride those Snyder will be active clock. Ring edit. 60 line and we do this at this time every day sort of navy stand up. Let me bring my guy. To the stage. Mr. Steve start. So I. Mr. Hyde street sense kick start today in this give I hear that much. Most African Americans have two weeks and you want. What's good and you're ready to go to eight. Cox Ali's right. I'll. Always always posed us a list after the this is day two of Barney's either side. I think that was still the number one story today right if that this seemed like the that was stories we're knows. The number one story and I think all of balls all the shows that were talked about. There are a lot of ways to go to this we talked about yesterday. This one they came to mind and I heard this several times to different shows today. Answer different things on the media and social media people were talking about around the city. Is that this thing needed to be done Indian company. They needed to do this. Because they had to save face about this team's identity they had to make this deal we don't do this here Kansas City. This is not what this team and I think a lot. The bad guys this way this is not what this team is about this is not how you represent this city this team this is not cheap way. This is not like that's like the patriot way we need to establish. And I did any. And we need to get this nipped in the right now and I stated that. Yeah. That's what I say today. Came out dated in my hands there's no team I did the. Team activity is we hear about leadership. The leadership of it I thought I'd. Is when you're asked wins the extreme activity. Talk about the patriot way. As the patriot way sir what's the picture like Robert half of the patriot. The patriot way. Hitting bolts that date is any women it possibly can't. Downing Beers with Ed Ed and taking your start up but vacated doubting airs at that at the celebration or how to defense of coordinator. Dining shirts. Roger Goodell that cloud based on. This idiot when he does that make your way at the top rate look where that where and they avocado ice three. They're great course does tell us what is. You know patriot way they way. Yes that's what the patriot way and I can't let the audience. Didn't that's all this out Russell Russell Wilson. Amateur sermon on the team now explains what Steve is which let that go. Nagle Russell Wilson rough it doesn't it sir immigrant or the Michael Bennett route. You know what I did it is they win it. David is garbage that he stated that now we hear they don't have leadership now. I did. That forced wet but the taint these. When he's on the east is not eat all of us not to do it but I'm not vocal leader and not either. It let's play the first five to eight. At me but there is currently get is the add back about how. Our guys had great leadership. And that's what it is we need to do this about markets but it is because we got to step is that today's activity. Kicks off. Any idea it. City this is bit I don't know probably it is an adult was not the idea that the the activity the we needed to get this and about activity. Look at the other teams you don't see the patriots do this you don't anticipate is that rob. Other patriots the cheap shot artists and drink. Without a problem with but I. The patriot or is Belichick. It's just it's winning and it's just awaiting their and it it's with the patriots though. It's a winning at all costs like I have a questionable exit date data over the years or people accuse them it's. But it's still witty it's the patriots way because they went on games that would championship. I do it's it kills me with that I heard that today and it is yield. The broad state of the best leaders it's the best leaders of sports did it. Just JR Smith is on his team any way too weak without wearing shirts does that made that that is the way of the Cleveland that. Adds. Don't think. We need we needed to waited a port au gear. We needed it so it's at the pages at a loss it's seven gates now doesn't mean anything. That's your whole. But she's ever done about it hits and they had a horrific later at all. But so that's what it is that she's way out of that she's only had like one loss on the season were perfectly fine with our speeders there out of flag in his stance. I guess we war. I guess there was a big hit the first but gates we're Travis gills with racking people in the patriots gave to her doing Eagles. Dance is it. It seems that way we got to admit this much is eaters laying it up but now. Because that seems way. What is that opponents lightly. What is it what is wanted this one seed. They had just had a this is what they do that this is the leadership you fall every I can't think of a team that does. Typical one. Jerry Jones tries to draw that line in the sand with the cowboys. They got dazed and the leader they got debt they've got all. I didn't. Does is itself is used to be against right yeah. OK I was maybe the best tech we've had now that was a lot of this at the winning teams just justify their way. Just just the thought there would ease. Because. Do that then that's the activity. Then. That low I mean I'll take it back to the old days for people. There never some of those 70s80s. Teams. Those seventy days to aid to do not like led by Reggie Jackson. Didn't do anything but fighting each other. I want chippy at the. You remember the bad boys pistons now I'd and beautiful that's why you're here. Yeah it's bill and it was a leader. Were they walking down to the bits of bell had nowhere with real live near record leading the growth. Was at a Jill hill are. Our esteem or do you live beard T seem like a bill to eat all OK here we go we got what it picked up knuckleballer out Steelers yet. Which dealers. This dealer what. That is it's O'Neal brown gives his coaching staff and owners of the finger at every time that continues to do sexually stupid. Touchdown did is as big of a risk. My name's Brian is coming up that your life and it ought to write it leadership ought not to. I wore out that's a leader he had this Time Warner had been on his T. Do we forget about bin derivative forget about Plaxico Burress. Was just a Plaxico Burress Tebow was just a bit robbed this Borger T who found himself loving to go to. College party and do the things he did. The greatest winner of the person that most of us consider the greatest winner in sports history Michael Jordan. As white the laundry list of escapade Brady did and it game. That our team our rod did. Well alt on the T they did have it all it's. Give me this we've got to protect our race and we got to show our idea that he can that. They activity is winning. At these joke that was guided to a market means is doing this they you will be saying about protecting the idea that he. Or are all of a sudden Derrick Johnson would have become a bad leader or Eric Berry would be out though it is what other people seem to feel like. Because Marcus Peters can act right. It your eyes. I say there are areas did anyone who just came into that late odd to say people act like. Eric areas. Like he's nowhere nears the facility ever in his leadership is shot. I disseminate. It's his team chemistry. Is he's a cancer I don't like his attitude. You know he's and it's. Are you talking that rely on the team about Argus leader's every week well what does Rob Gronkowski had to do to be a kits. I bet there's guys on that team that have a problem with the way rock carries himself sometimes. When Ana winds that you know maybe like a say a Dion Lewis like I give Dion Lewis is doing. Like the way they ages shuffled through running backs I don't think Dion Lewis is a Florida leeway that Rob Gronkowski. Collar of vehicle. A day to the days you can listen to every day with late big Bryant did it. Said the difference between kills me in Peters is Kelsey smiles. That markets linked seems anchored. Well. At a possible. Well. 000. Well you guys. I mean I smile I'll ask this mildly in the room that talent and it is a state that. Great to be fair Peters was smiling when he was walking off the field after he threw that flag dynamite. A joke is to get its exports tonight. I smile all the time and I'm dead it's. It that. The. And eight. Got a a year ago. He's got a last night and we said there's a lot will open up the phone lines for this I have said that this is that show about learning. I want to try to open up things that maybe our listeners that don't open dot to a lot. It does go to I know it's only not all it's sort of answered don't know the boat we're going to rob. Art and I guess it violent rape bots six six to those of you. Who think that we need help understanding things around here. Especially in dealing with this market leaders think about 1 player on the morning show that I just I want to sit. And not try to allow. My bias is to run and I need help I want you to help me next. Well a man. I think getting here. Let's run this only presented lie. Sentence based locations is Lee's summit also an old Lleyton that added no line coming soon to use. In. It parks bills of the building one of Norris. Nearby neighborly. Coming up that we had this ultimate Christmas party. That will be held next week. Late speak is going to be Sam I think even. Fannie is going to be is ill sort of go ahead and tell him about it. S the ultimate Christmas party is presented by sun fresh admission is free each person will receive one drying to give her a chance to win over 5000 dollars in prizes. Including some fresh gift cards now want for 500 dollars Simmons bank skim away some visa gift cards flat Lander is he can get a beautiful snowboard that I know lot about Vasco has been sharing on Twitter quite a bit. And plus. We are adding prizes as we do because this is the ultimate Christmas party. And out through camp quality of greater Kansas City you also be able to win a pair of tickets some Missouri vs Kentucky. KU vs K state. And as well and and this is bit. Further royals fans out there a four pack of tickets to every 610 Saturday for the upcoming royal seats. The that is being. That is extremely big. So get out there. Have fun with us all of. On this like this admit I need some. I really do. One team and I don't know where it is so so. This is. Right now let's say the utterly. I have no clue about what it. This is ready general idea I don't I don't even know what I got. They are just like he's this week and had to take it catch your bike ride it's. Now I've just a bit skeptical that a that it was a critical are too good to talk about what you looking for. They. Surely they'll pick as aid package that are disable it shine on the arts and their best at their apart. It first though this morning I UV maybe go to the website they have it by themselves use boats to the woods did you ever actually cut idea that it. Back edit and edit view of six to its ports that Cobb. That's where they're talking about if he should be trade. And it gets to a point where I think Bob is talking about this is this is how we do it right here in the year. And what Bob is talking about. That he's just kind of a bad guys. That he is. They compared to Deion Sanders. And he thought that he was very different for Deion Sanders that Deion Sanders of the fund got but that he was jerk. And I I when I listen to it as there is ill was ahead at play I don't know what. I did with. I think got this thing could be saved under eighty I just checked every single folder and did not see anything that sounded it back out probably may have just not pursue a bit there's eight that I. As I put down as. The morning show that made the athletic out lit up. Anyhow but. I lot of people if you do find that joke if you go all the way they have it in particular statements you don't buy that it may be cut that part it starts off. We're Bob is talking about. I just kind of eased back either a lot of guys are heat starts out talking about I think he has an embrace the city. And the city has embraced market. As you know. And I thought a lot of people felt that way now I don't think. I personally and I think a lot of us on here don't believe. That mark is Peters is a cancer or I believe is they said eBay character guy. And that day I don't they what will city was that will city did things the baker. But it seemed positive. Fiscal and clean Philly debate here to. I don't think that I think there are a lot of people out here socket so pleased I. Absent as it will open up the ball out what to hear from people. How you've got to this point because. They compared him to Larry Johnson and Deion Sanders I don't know how you do it to Larry jobs. And I woods is like outlook is not a lawyer who explained that to be but I feel that I don't. At 1 o'clock I went its outlook two offensive to compare I want to get to a place where how people compare him to Larry Jun. Outlook it's a place to see how he's a bad character guys. Outlook get to a place how you get did you have a. I think I got to learn our Hanson Deion Sanders all right so play this port. Point that I think. From a vocal standpoint he brings a lot of negative energy to this team's organization that we haven't seen a singular player bring says. Probably Larry Johnson guys I mean releases today nobody's brought this much negative animosity towards the organization. Like Marcus Peters is bringing from the fan base and I'm not looking at Marcus Peterson saying he's these. Huge character issue I don't think he I do you reminds me of Deion Sanders or Charles what's the receivers wasn't jerk. Little bit well now the seniors was not a bad as you immediately go back to the falcons days he was selfish you talk about themselves but he was like these mayors about you know like a show rather than I am like the good do you hang out what the the do Mark Peters. Are so that's cut while still in Leo Becker Stefan I think well we have multiple produced. I. I thought I'd like us an outlook to learn. I think we wanna look at I think most of us are all in the same boat and we don't I don't see how you get the like to me I don't see how you get to a point where mark is Peters is a character. Or a bad guy. Or edit or like I don't want to mess with I don't wanna be around I just want so what to help me. It's help explain it I guess we'll multiple lines as he's up. I'd just I'd just what I understand worked were other people were on the other side who may feel that way by the cling to. I just when I just wanna try to understand it better on and so I. Higher responded to weigh in a tax on the tech signed who said that they felt like Marcus Spears was a cancer. To the team and my response was. I'm not gonna call the guy a cancer to the team because one I don't believe that he is. But in the past and we seeing guys who are quote unquote dancers in the locker room. You have other guys who were vocal about it and you'll save that and this team has not had anyone come out and say that they don't think mark is Peters is a good teammate and and that person's response was. I get what you're saying. I guess me and other fans are just looking for a reason to explain why we suck. And that. That that to me says a lot of the it's I think part of it is the protest and the other part of it is. Fans are just looking for someone to pay in this slide up our darkest Peters is that guy for a lot of people. Because I think Joe's in the same in the Annette Annette closer place that we or. And I Julio is probably closer to a place where some of those people feel but I don't wanna guess anymore. Like that's it we gotta fault lines fool I don't want it gets more I want to try to understand. Where you're coming from stance in Casey. Are you going to help are you argue is that can't it kind of feels the way that Bob and clean graphene. Not meant to be honest. You know when Larry Johnson was it was a known thing like oh with other players like he was the problem locker room. You never hear anything like that about. Petered out from teammates without an important. And that. You know I. Problem myself personally it's fair you know my own reasons but I don't you know I don't think we need to trade him. I think all of that yet what I what actually called him. Home voice that miles all the time and I'm dead inside out and Robert mark a month give props that they. Appreciate. It I Esther and I area. There's an eight was X is only a Baghdad because he has the balls to this is job wrote. But I hit I just I Ab series like I I really wanna learn I really think this show is about learning from each other out one year that I know you're out there. Dan I know you've hit me on Twitter. You hit us up all last night even in Bob do the people in Bob Lee who set up. I just wanted the 'cause I don't how. And I'm not consider it a lot maybe I have biases that brings me to displace I don't now. You can see him as a comparison to Larry jets I don't it now. Would you see what you hear the stuff that he's done around the city just by read to kids. Pairs of scenes for Christmas because he thinks it needs a more going to visit high schools to talk to them or. S best goalie that said yesterday goal at two. One of the local police station the just meeting with those guys as he did yesterday at ease it. Back at all. How we content Larry Johnson eagle territory. Or. He's just such a cancer or a kid I don't I I don't know how I'd eat out 101 Laura to understate. Sir dollars jokes that it's easier to tell white lies in the trees sometimes and I think it starts small start start small with people. It's making a big deal about Marty speeders doing something on the sideline negating a flag it starts tiny. And then somebody else makes a big deal about it if it dignity does and the net just compounds itself and you feed into this citywide narrative with. The group mob mentality. That builds on itself all of a sudden everyone has mass hysteria about it's like a group think psychological. Match import bill and you will understood maybe the are you a place where you're closer to where fiscal and clean work. Well. I've been you know I think he's. What we do not it worse than Obama. I mean it's one day after another. Practice dinky. So that's where that's one point on I just wish that you were paying more about the whole team themselves. So for you me feel like. You've you know you've OK you selected. Warrick each who is he's awful himself and he doesn't care about it. Like you said this earlier this is apart Rodney confused he says it's one thing after another but what does the word the one thing after another like if I were answered like but what we're. Things and it continues to being EU can you draw attention away from the team to himself. But I mean we is that what awards the awards a little like what are the things that are. Like if you can go at specific. This week in what about the bill what he did. Dallas street low class man you have been rejected it does he just brought a little tent or temperature up there and at what point. So is really just this week it. It you asked that that really did it for being with them. I can't overlook all the other stuff stainless Travis I'll be overlook it they did that begin to look like he just quit on the team and they're just really no excuse for that. Editor real quick. Roca and what does the other things that you would overlook. All the other balls up in the stands. Up in the stands that kind of thing like that are fine I'm driving that. All of us know you're good I just I just really trying to get an understanding. Are not gets I got out okay. That it. Adam you get the last word on this and keep you held. Yeah eight. I kind of feel like you know Allen Iverson here and I think it was a two point conversion. To. I mean. Not let our. Or two point timber in the bass. And has built. It's grown as. Probably. What's the war 11 on the Gilmore Girls this is a sick within this slowly building. The rules are you it's the quest is this why this you know is completely different that idiot who still could no one's rates. Transitions from board is leaders. Thanks you guys out there to help me out a little bit I was at wartime. And it looked at it later on. But nobody transitions like J&J radio production zone what's the for loan. Well Amanda. Early questions on the scale of one to innovative award as the mom. Bum and I want to re run. Eaters is a good football player but obviously had trouble dude as well I don't know why you're acting like others are crazy. Or seeing it that way. I'm gonna say that you're as I. I don't I just don't ER OUT to a point of a troubled. I don't wanna go to foreign ides is gonna just haven't seen I don't. I mean has he had some. Some of something's happened. On national TV with that troubled. Troubled Larry Johnson that's trouble is the guy I've never gotten in trouble. Off the field it has been passionate. And upset. At times during game that didn't that it showed him the trouble because Tom Brady is done. Many of the things that he's. Travis Kelsey I don't see people as being trouble because I don't think he's troubled with the talent and official. All right we do this every Thursday if you have not experienced this you all voted this we have forced. Our production entity to have to watch. Gilmore Girls and give us a weekly break down. Before long one this is episode six. Lot of you have stayed with this a lot you bashing when it is if we're still doing this because you love does admit. Well this is it what's the 411 on the deal. In the world of countless streaming options. Two men are forced to watch terrible shut your Watson and yeah. Steve and for general. Think it's so there's players like mr. it's three out guns. Latest. Leo son Jesus. Reached deep down that he just put them Pinkston yeah. It could just take those underwear off. What's the 411 on Gilmore Girls. Here. Yeah yeah. And you go to Texas 69306. You can toss in your quest is at any point FaceBook live as well. This is episode six are glad I thought I'd like you guys in his last night I had experienced Gilmore Girls I have not enjoyed watching you. That says gunman let what is. This guy that this this leaves me wanting more. This is the first time that I legitimately enjoyed it taught this isn't the answer is that an episode visit these people of the book so. Did so. We have got character development. And all of us as all eyes to you've been bearable so we've got Rory birthday. And hurt CS two birthday parties that the central theme of the episode. Her grandmother. Claims of really fancy rich people type of party or more alive. Whereas Laura live Meyers group roaring rivers Rory bomb planes are regular birthday party that Rory actually wants. So this is her grandmother trying to connect with their what she does it by you by just doing what the grandmother one. As opposed to roller yeah like she invites the entire school heard tires would shield which she hates all her classmates which invites her anyways. She invites basically your grandmother all her friends and that kind of Sosa threw a party type party you you guys it or add. An upset. Without she acts when you think about how her area so it. So then on. Well. Aside when it with her party you know if all of her friends at all well it's all Rory is no friends. So it's it's a much different environments so there's the struggle what are what are grandmother wants that kind of how she's trying to interact with Rory. Vs what we're actually wanted them trying to find the balance. Let me tell you her grandmother is eighty. Start. The whole time as I understand while Laura lives off due to remodel it's not a hello but she. Oh yeah see op boards just haven't responded that that case by the way I think voted by the way once it's that the mom's about it for the right. He's he did not a negative. We done yet but that is that the grandmother to be fair towards the end she does have some self reflection stuff that and she comes to realize maybe I do need to change the a certain thing as far as the web. I'm trying to connect with my granddaughter actually paying attention to who she is as a person. Of course Laura line. Is now involved with. He said we've got a guy named for now she's moved on from the does. For films so she's banging and guys she's yeah daisy and retain its entertain but so what do we get. And it is the other guy looking at a guy wasn't in this article that I whatsoever so they're you know there's yeah there's going to be this paternal about it. Who's gonna pick why I didn't know you can't. A we'd done it's all offscreen. She did speaking above inches pets. Ruler used with the entirely new dreamy dean. Also any doubt that the window dean's back in back in the picture is opening bit odd dean is dreamy I'm in the dean. But the only deems it a little of what you say that you guys that let you in these because Israel dreamy the other guy that. I'd been hitting on her laureate school all the time and it's like bordering on. Sexual harassment very close the Portland big enemies of your call there was this bully at school that was driving Rory crazy and really mean Stewart. Come to find out the reasonable it would mean to roller is because she has a. Crush on the sexual harassment GAAP. That keeps calling Rory virgin Mary seen it all circles they all feel that lies solely towards the end of the episode tries to kind of befriend Rory was this light is named the bully. Pulitzer and man you guys pay him respect I. OK so this white areas is picking honor it is because he wanted to screw. But she knows that or is not injure her her way crash announced. Warming up to Rory little bit more they found out that both wanna go to Harvard but they're they're making some connection was there any make this. Knowledge is what really deep hug from close coffee shot and and moral. But he. Are you Rudy or the copies I am I am copies I act. To talk about the copies I've got about liberal but when the world how long do you think it will Lance the are they easily. You did it start how big multiple CDs and accomplished actor I feel like all around Leo. Yeah he's the he's not going. You need those things go. This team copies that gap peca is so for one thing he he made Rory bought me in the upper isn't dead is the underdog that's. He. And I I like it is a success he right now is that this rugged and it's not it's the cubs right that's like I like attitude he evil. He really he really liked what makes these stupid comments that these like start it little little things that he has good rebuttals to. And need to put their place so yes I like this and then you don't. Shortly whatever alienated. Lauren Graham sees you liked to run over these. She gets any desert after a certain degree that he that he doesn't play as he bit Rory oh yeah not he may well he's. Owner for years he made Rory a birthday cake that deals and put input balloons and everything will they go to this coffee shop every single day because they're addicted to coffee apparently don't unhealthy degree which I can relate to. What kind of cake let's cut a copy complicate fitting. Looked pretty the most. The most emotionally deep episode are part of the entire episode on an island dimension was that after. Rory is grandmother throws her party that Hillary hated on that today's AC it's and its gains glories birthday party that Rory actually wanted to have. We got mothers entirely comfortable but tries to play along. And that is this heart wrenching moment where she sits in the car with growers and bother after looks longingly at the house and says. I don't know my granddaughter at all I'll really allowed under the moment. They got their wives. A constant kind of started let me get that itself funny but it. So I'll name to an illuminating happened us. But the bulk. I think Politico wants you there. I don't know it's not sit well look what Ingram long. Leno you're rich. And you're darn. What they have a they started to make progress the grandmother and more I actually went out shopping together or rotary we're seeing some great knowledge development on. He's on them. The teacher didn't ability to keep strides as Liberal Party. This late point it's about as their icon and let that episodes next next week. That's leading. Because now in this is really giving an outlook note that the hawks snapped is that it's real mom and it ain't gonna knock her off and I mean the mom. Coming up next month is Peter's paper is due in the we're. This guy. We haven't what did you. Well a man. Yeah. Are coming up years. Let's Derrick coach kids they love to hit the bill Snyder's show is coming up at seven but we will be right back at eight you don't want to miss what we're going to kick it off with. Bomb. It might be uncomfortable. But as realists they. Com. I'll before we jump in to this. There is a big they that we are doing. For new years the Saturday. And I I feel like you guys like I know you eat sometimes get lobbyist of Wednesday's targets but this is not man this Christmas thing. This Christmas Altima Christmas party is going to be crazy. And at Google around but this thing here. Sort of tell them about this New Year's Eve situation says the. All to make New Year's Eve weekend experience and this. You can win roundtrip airfare for two you win four nights. Hotel at the cosmopolitan. Of Las Vegas as well as tickets to for individual concerts and I don't know what the Foo Fighters are grander and and the Zach round. I ask is does extends for stack Tom putting your email address address hit submit and you're energy. To win the ultimate New Year's Eve weekend XP. Boy. Oh. That's out there was certainly Dave Grohl I'm Bradley Dave Grohl I've heard of him fighters but on one of the bad all slide shows. Bit that there is I never seen the Foo Fighters lied or I I saw me at Wimbley stadium. But someone that is and guess that your musical preferences and I trust very much as said that the Foo Fighters are one of the greatest agencies that receive. I've never I've never been. Jack and I was like structural pest. Salt that market the market beaters they use I just this is what I wish that we. Outlets that individually all four of those to be shipped out and said. And and be watching the game with one of those markets Peters haters like you know the real. You know the haters that we hear they call and tell us they you know he's a combination of or bad person. Or that he's not the my favorite one day he sucks this year than stinks. Outlook lots game with them. I wanna see how well because it. I think those people hate. Can't stand mark is Peter's. I hated strong but think it's their market Peters but the one thing that they do. Love and it it is it is is that she's witty. So I wonder if we watch it would. You know a realty L markets Peter hater. How do you think it would take before they will want him back of the. It is that there was AW bigoted before they like yeah that's why I'm glad he's. Okay. The first play of the game set the Roberts goes from like a 95 yards us ally I. Darrelle Revis says he gets a little rusty. Oh rusty OK okay. And if you if I did it stay details of it. All right I'm fine. I dislike like back to back away so now this is the bad. Holding penalty is unaudited thousands. And pass interference penalty Philip gains third play of the game touchdown pass under okay. I act. That president if you exit their next of market leaders incidental all right I have not an electoral gains darkness what we have to. Because they'll be blaming markets RC bar is this just look that we got of the game that you are all okay stop it quick. Back out last night as it adds up like I market leader may run on the field similarly to. Ice box in. Little giants reach this heads on May. Six X or how Long Will take. What is somebody at like a big baby yes yes you'll what does that may be used to see. And it's been it's. Well all day hello Michael. I would love it if they just let it be back with some of its. I. Suspect they just need. As badly beat you. Rattle you pick a market leader Nader. What I'm out. It's hates it market leaders accurate neighboring how the gain. Don't. Angle is just scientific. Does it effect at the records are accurate worst case. An area is dare card does has a bad game and the raiders only put up 24 points and then. Come Monday anime is likes it even. Even need largest don't put up or Boyd's either. That's their prey to be that way to be that outlook that we did not just by how well with a today. You can't you get this it's even bills that get hurt that that he. He'll be like a guy. I think Andy Reid should have a yellow flag in his pockets just throw in the and that's the signal for mark is being used to come out of title. Physical. Physical opposite did I. Can attack or you're not that it existed. That's not good estimate idiot. Up here. This does not it's not that we heard. Rather. I'd rather watch well aged ten it's Mitchell out there and they did it did mark is means. They're going to be tested today amid hopes that day I just wanna watch because I believe they welcome that. I coming up the legendary coach at Kansas State bills night in the Bill Snyder show will be back at 8 o'clock. Did back. Get back. They've. Yeah I'm an actor side. He.