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Thursday, December 7th

Breaking news in the last hour as we find out John Dorsey’s been signed by the Cleveland Browns on a 4 year contract as the new GM.  Did the Hunts possibly put extra pressure on Andy to suspend Marcus Peters out of embarrassment and we find out “Whatcha Watching”.


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Then let. Iran does you please. Two listeners. Hook those fingers to because of ways to. Or allowing us to be a small part and you know our Thursday evening to JJ radio products operatives is as bad line Julio senses. And Stanford shows in the building violent tank guys the concern we've got. A little breaking news a little breaking news that you Rhode FaceBook live you're able to hear. The breaking news and my rendition. One of the greatest field it's alone in the world him like three times from now it's down for some reason man god. Yeah for some V I was answer because Steve inserted city in the that are knows what he's doing and. Deep lower per hour old. Football chiefs insider. Terrorist tailored T Ford has been placed on IR. Is sees it is Obama. As Billy packer would say and Justin Hamilton that she's at signed defensive tackle. So people. Is out here. In the. Rinks not those who act. But a valuable piece for example has been for that seat I think he has been sees that is going to be a special team he's been at he's irreplaceable and the last five weeks he's been a better pass rusher. The just use. Feels that way he's get more pressure. They epic is that probably really close to six last port well. Specific you know about it. Examples got a sack and he's a bitch is over the last week just has got one of the last full. He's cast. He's got one in the last or did boot it was a lot of gets it now though there. But no so whenever we are looking at is this just happened about twelve minutes before we got into the air. And I threw it out about. The port. The first thing that Stamford Joseph says we rescinded here is hey. Looks like his chief careers probably over. I gonna do you think bet is that is that how you see that. Is is she career over. On now we we were just talking about that and may may be it is he's not going to get the big time payday that he was obviously looking for because he didn't play this season he barely play it. It out of this out to you guys securities six six 306. Baseball plot of this team would you would you bring a bat would you even entertain. Bringing him back. On a one year deal because I think he'll I think he'll I think we're looking at a I mean. If dot target pulled is that what you're deal and he played a whole season. With some back issues I would I would venture to say that the Ford is probably not going to it. Offered a huge deal a huge multiple deals are multiple years of the deal. Would you entertain bringing him back. Or one year as I would argue. What is the reason why the chiefs defense isn't working very well they're not getting a pass rush. And I said there's a few few weeks ago and I feel like. I started to come around to believing this is because they're best pass rush has been hurt. Know that sounds funny but the way that the players are right now the last time we Saudi Ford and the last time we've seen Justin Houston. Which is looked slow and slower. May be their best pass rusher is 84 and he's been injured would you entertain bringing him back in a year. Yes or a one year deal excuse me. Well I mean and yet that's that's kind of the way he sings tend to work out is that he's not going to have the market. He had hoped and so you probably can get him on a cheap one year deal or maybe eighteen friendly two year deal like they did with. Jay Howard a couple of years ago because he's the market they heed dot was there or in just wasn't there. And then dot Irene Dunne died all he signed a one year deal with the falcons went on tired though is quietly having a very productive season for Atlanta. Can I hate would you do. IE it's achieve their defense is this season pass deal with. Grady Jarrett and on Tariq Al clogging up the middle on that defense of unit doses I hate when you do. You're not as bad as Brinkley. But you know you will just taking it to make I I I literally got a ball off the squad having a very nice he's in Atlanta but certain. All all as we were talking about was the money in the one year deal he sighed you waited to do you know what you do that. It's not bad not type. And I yeah it is just a into the big why should we but I. Those are yet the guy that you know the cop is the Tories what year third yankees all year but. As a side note I'll take it down this road for don't read it that's hard oh. Quietly had a really good year with the with a bout is an integrated we've got eighty on this deal. Easter eggs at this point it's all about ready Gerri. I mean they become a force in the middle of that deep thought. And it's not guard Mo has had a really good year. I was event. Beyond the odds are not alone. You sit back that they can build the yardage is give as the added that support or don't raise. But. I do think that you could probably get thank you leave Florida on a one year deal not I want. Because if they could take. Alex Smith there are going to have money to spend next offseason Alan Robinson is another guy who's gonna be a free agent next here. I think you can get him on a one year deal coming out of daisy Ella to account. We'll look how they. Happens after this that. Slope down to him. Would do like I I think that passed it's it's very difficult. And to go ga. Yet though. A free agent pass rusher is typical U possible you possibly have a double digit sack guy. Who is injured and not a commander a lot because that position it. Commands a lot of money people are gonna wanna pay it when you look at he's injured. He's coming off a back injury which is scary that's why I acting. Dots all right we'll got the one year deal because of the injuries especially to the back and his production was that eyes. But I would because I asked at at what you do it I still think you need to draft a defensive. Up pass rusher very high. I think I think this team is obviously missing this when you have. Rob oddly AKA John Amos AKA the data off coming to America. His dad playing in Tom at least based. Like they need to the younger they need to get guys that it's gonna you can't get stuck with Gregg -- adhered so I think obviously they need to address that but. I would bring it back or else you gonna go towards a pass. Why it would Utah about a certain sort of hijack just used it has hijacked the hell out of this TI but it would help. Is they actually got any type of help from their interior. Passer because anger. You need guys that can get you a little pressure from up the middle every now and then and Chris Jones has not had a very good season I he has not taken that step. We all thought he was going to. Allen Bailey has always been. I'm done I average tide if he can roll. Yeah I'd be out he's all always been just average to slightly above. Very intimidating looking. But I ruled. So would you would you entertain bringing him back next week we enjoy it you're watching us too we love your humor to Betsy. But still. Bill would you entertained bring about a one your. Haiti's always provided I would provided that it was. No more than four or five million. Yeah because if that's the price is right that you're not prepared to bring on what your deal I mean I mean it was dots article one year eight. I don't know I amount of the exact amount on his one year deal. A British security whereas allies want out that way here yes it is want yet. It is eight by the way if you are just coming on as he's owner of the tax idea or are our cheese insider terrorist eyler. Before you can hear in the years twice a week easel with fiscal and the drive. He has been placed on IR is a season is over. Were wrecked in Raj Reddy enrollees with Google for example and maybe this is about to be re asked guilt. That's a really get it. Yeah I mean if if he can ask like why are. Forget about. That's this week I'd pass passing is a guy you knew in the draft and he was going to be a project but he was a guy that you're drafting on here. Rock talent and physical ability and they he's just a freak of nature so the. Export gains at throw this out the Eddie's here a lot of focus what county. The next court date. What it asks you oh starts to host shows signs of life like Lou browns and in Major League what are these parts shows signs of life. It's like force acts and starts to show he's a guy who depression you still wanna bring Beck deport. I still gas because I think I think when this team was. When they had as you have three. Good pass rushers like Justin Houston. Destinies or might not ever be. Forty sacked just amused ever again I I he might just be done maybe injuries did just take too much from him. But if you can get him to restructure doing more team friendly contract and he gets you eight to ten sacks a year and then you mix in a guy like passing you know indeed Ford. Who can be went too deep or we know when he's healthy he can still be productive because he's got that quick first step and a productive when he played this year. But I got you know that he can be productive you know he can get to the quarterback he's got one model but it's pretty effective. Like. This is it is set for five million hits it I I don't spend resources on before and I I. As for us but what if he comes out. And has. Eight sex addicts here. Is eight million too much for that now I just don't think that that is what. Is most likely to happen what do you think is most like you think you'll that you of the QB and I think he's an Ivy League. Most likely use the below average play. I mean he showed Russians though they bump him do it was that the music he was he arguably. He was the second most important person probably on the deepens last and a most important guy behind. Period Peter's place. An international sales of two for awhile so he would take that long it had sacks last year and got them I mean this to this team's this team's ability to arrest the answer. To me feels like it was better last year. Arabic the numbers you came with act out in those numbers have to be worse today. Lackey was but he was this team last seem to arrest the pats with deep or as their main guy that would Aziz Al. Now would just use that the main guy at the Puerto. I ain't. I know well what he's been healthy the last two years. He's been productive he got to second the Pittsburgh game. Got a sack in other games that I can't remember right now probably because the bottom line but he had others accidentally gave this year he's been productive. Eight million. Now that's how it. I want to and I do. Well what what Steve Ford like. And honestly I wouldn't really have a problem with that contact either because I think what your your page for pass rushers bass especially dis Dolly vasser asked that that's what it's gonna run. He he's just a guy though. As Joseph said like I think. He is so fast off the line now that doesn't mean. He constantly gets overpowered me just got to available what he aegis gets pushed to the outside in over pursues the play because he can't overpower. Offensive lineman most times so it's it's he has to beat them off off the ball like that that's only didn't he can do but that I am certain that can turn into production. But it passed you know can turn into anything. I'd be happy with that and it just used it is just. And they figure out a way to work on dragged down just using its tense axis season that's a formidable pass for a. I like each year like this. Joker in. I don't I just the position. IPad is I just know that the position is a position of which you add to it and I odd is. I don't agencies take passing out there wanna spend ten million on the Ford and Ivan have you prepared to have pass and you know does it it involves Al others to have more right yes it ankle into the next it would francs up bullet pass or maybe somebody. Asked. Ask me a few weeks and see how they look at it also you know would. Where he spent his NFL career so far so. For a guy like Don Tyree pulled the chiefs were just like we're not going to re signs like even if it's on a one year deal we're just gonna what you walking past the free agency waters. We deep or you might be more interested. And just staying here on a part of the deal rather than moving everything knee he's built here in Kansas City in China go make it work somewhere else. One year deal and hoping they he finds a way to stick it out and and land with whatever team he manages land. I'm here and he plays the piano. Ass so obviously. And and you and you and you guys do this and you guessed by me. And deeds or playing the piano acts of elect latest news. Because this can meet to meet the vita game changer on whether or not we bring him back GeForce via play. Outside we'll hear it before piano play at a here ago and I get a sixties. There is you read seventies. Aaron boom. To the Yankees. It's really made me think. It's made me think about eight Kansas City Ike. You don't want to miss. Who I'm talking. Amanda. If they. I don't yeah. Eight athletic but I'll let it ride but I did to the test I could say look I flat load right now because what. It looked like. Those opposed the Liz Liz is that this that this gives them read it right I'd that is that is an miss out there and Donald LB. Adamson again or big and it worked after he needs somebody that sector of ESP. And that he has yet to Ortiz just ears yeah. Edits after his reported. The clip. That's guy. Eat it and at that. I see as their general manager. I. I like doing. At FaceBook bibles in a allegedly would Isiah Thomas did. At the Detroit reacted it was a decade these are running it lace. I can't out. Out late at. What if not Dorsey. Curtains around the ground. You just don't let. Exit edit yet he's got a great opportunity to do it isn't aren't out there. I know it's completely blotted your general manager and you take. Let out and I know that's a big deal but if you take the browns and the name Cleveland out of there as all of this it's always a bit of a better. To go and you've got some young talent you've got a lot of mix. Uga Uga plays where if you win but did you might have a cuts are expected. I think this is the test. I did not as part of the Cleveland Browns I can't. Wait to see what the reaction will be here. I don't I don't blame cliche when he beats I don't blame Cleveland for jumping on John Dorsey because. It's very rant that you divided general manager who went out of the playoffs now. It's a success at track record. And who just got fired for diseases ides I buzzed at those guys aren't available. In the middle of the season and you're I think you need to get a head start on the season by signing with them but I'll take I'll take the morning's those first topic away. Right now. Yes all right maybe they'll get on the whole morning called John Dorsey to its trademark is leaders. Because he drafted mark is Peter I can't hear right now I dared the dumbest needs to do. I dare I tripled dubbed live to our medical taken I bet they will they'll give him a McCord McCord in member's that are. And and employees I. Not second I hear aliens. This is why I series I. Caller right now I click to call it right now it is December 2 at 823 the the Cleveland Browns are going to get turned around Tallahassee toderat what would ease the excellent. But they get to the playoffs I promise that the next three years. In the next three years the Cleveland Browns will get to the playoffs the Baltimore Ravens have fallen apart the bagels are falling apart. And then Roethlisberger I don't know what he's a it scheck is just really be. As a side. But I think I believe the Cleveland Browns are going to get tired Gorelick a judge Dorsey is going to do it. And vote what is going to be the thought process here in Kansas City. Would jog Dorsey is turned around the Cleveland Browns and we're sitting here with a AD beach and it. Not considered say that it he's not going to be able to be successful here David Patten holds is Aaron Rodgers added that manner who did GM is. But I just telling you what. We know sort of you know this. You know this. Al Qassam buys it fiscal just political poll somewhat by your light eyes is like don't you lied to me is it. Once I got to find it again now okay what really makes the Super Bowl first Andy's chiefs are Dorsey is grounds it is bad. Lay it lay it out or currently. He penned it. Oh road act. This is the oppressors Lisa Curtis he is. We know that it salad evaluated. And a kids' password to damp but that's all right in Cleveland. It isn't that talent about I was. And about certainly let John D'Arcy yard big John Dorsey is that it is now of course you or anybody with respect should've been hit by hello everyone just assumes that it was all. It was all Andy in the door he's not really negative job. Dorsey was very good and I think all the major decisions were AD it Andy got the last call bullet. But if you look at the bottom of the lot. The roster in the bid to the bottom of the roster. And draft picks. It was pretty. It was pretty. This out undrafted free agents that John Darcy and now it's up on this team he's not hold to quarterback. He's not beholden to the coach is not hold anybody. And he's got talent he's six pitches got a thirty just court. As you bring you bring him in we call right away and Josh Gordon because he's been suspended for seven years is still on his rookie deal. What core big old Ed and David in joke do. I think is gonna be one of the better tonight ads that actually years. And their coaches out there that he can go after. Against that team got so much talent and the absurd amount picks draft picks at yes what I John zarrella John Dorsey I. Is they gave in the call John Darcy is probably just again giving the paper outside John that's because John Dorsey is in. Again if you look at risk reward is nourished because if he can't turner on the ground and religious right is status quo. And if he dies he stands in position to get sold much credit for a whole bunch of stuff he did not do. Oh yes and I said it is it anyone the Bryan Terry the grounds of ram is going to be like turning the royals. Whoever turns the Roy left the ground the mix around those guys are automatic hall of famers for. Automatic. You terror around the knicks you turn around the braille. And he has all the parts to do it not to mention the strong stuff that he's fit he's got all those dip mix. The browns fired sigh she granite ten hour 49 AM. At the hired John Dorsey had island dia ultra nasty did anything fishy going on because it took about twelve hours from firing tiring. Well. I just really it was Elektra well I. Eyes earlier that there was like they had an outside consulting firm speaking with John Dorsey to vet him for the brown. I think they are they wearing contact with I think there's a judge Dorsey still uses like. Like no coloreds. Well I hope and light. And that's kind of makes this really perfect pairing because they're keeping a lot of their analytics did face front office like polity to best is it. Huge utilities guys would be a perfect pairing with John Dorsey did it. I got used to be like a baseball person that oral bed again Soledad and yes in days he has the money out of the vote on that this Bugliosi. Said poll like he knows. Yeah that's a restaurant did the ball it had done from getting the Brad Pitt flow contribution to the not a at each other gestures saying that the browns. Had already interviewed other GM candidates and satisfied. The rim year old her sources so I think it might have interviewed other people. Today and settled on John doors. What do the chiefs traded Alex Smith. Bring just scored none over. In that he would read over redder over just courting come over this is in I'll adjust Alex Smith that the browns would be the browns' record be it. Sixteen you know conservatively. I think they went seven games yeah it would 65 or six games. I just think that there that that roster so young. And Alex would be the best quarterback it is so young and they don't have any money wrapped up that it got so many draft picks why that is take a guy. Or what year. Worse they would they'd be picky right now. While inside ten long legs want to tapped it I believe they have ten in the first three rounds or something absurd like that this SOB is going to give his aides would. Josh gross. He is like is it that just growth. And they need. They really need another I three down type attack B is due Jon denies it they're well on every down back thank. You can add that this draft because there's lot of running back to have a thousand picks that register at. Who is nothing like Royce free manner Bryce Le who is the outside linebacker they checked the number one mile yeah. Yes who looks like gain legitimate game record it they got Gibril peppers do it preparers it is it Danny sealed pretty good audience they drafted pretty high seeded bears set up the good Eddie yeah. I'm there they'll get all the this is I signed in jail on ten. Number. Because the crowds they sell funky. But this setup with this guy. Who has it like you have found got it out ivory Gil at the bottom of that grant. It would have. A lot of advance. He's got hot picks. Any could have anybody telling him what to. Oh boy if people bullet move a little. And that's I have to sort out this excited at. I cannot wait to see this this is we are all we had to pay its its two was this out once it had to behold admit. Mr. biscuit deceit. Who is going to win that. Now it is the Cleveland Browns. Vs the c.'s front office. A you'll all let this not Goldman there. Ed you want to keep Britain beat. And especially with the browns there's no reason to try to ride it out with Kaiser like you get. It a draft draft another quarterback it's okay where are hey I'm Sergio Thomas to play another five years. Coming up we'll get to that. In the CI. Well Amanda. Who knows. Back end here on the CO presented by Simmons bank. I'm telling you right now my dreams is lower as we sit here. VA when six do you think Dorsey called and left India voicemail instead. How he. How you like me now. I hosts outlawed gun dealers to turn himself into. This. Lane Kiffin. Outlook attempted to talk tourists at the G and eighty feet and Britain's feet like Lane Kiffin because. Trophy so I got no confirmation of this I do feel like little lady beach AK Britain beats with eight. But the penalty. I think. I think he gets mixed. And talk trash people back about doers. Hill and doers announced. Outing I've got no confirmation that I just leave. Man out will. Ideas out will like what could be great if in his press conference whatever that press conference is it to tomorrow Monday or whatever. He comes out and hits him with a. Yeah. Andy read. Yes he does drink. That gave you all in the wake of the notes with a big if it's. What can and stay at about. This story like you've been told about Nick's they've it would allow him to whereas yes. In a beating. It out and it an outlet about it is it like yea you know an obvious us against secret about B agreed. If they're coming out for years and he did very well again it's. He's got under his lower it up as reckless bill but belt seatbelt everybody it is Florida's office he's got cases. But overall. Identity. Just. Disrupt some guys in team meetings the idea strict. Oh I was updates that what comes out it tells his side of the story about Mac. What do. Out and tells his side his story about how he got let go and me. Knew now anybody in Cleveland that we again. What does a by the on the inside and is under his introductory press I don't think that's a radio guy by the name the bowl itself. At of the bull is but that's. On shore resort and JB green Hampshire he knows what does what we did Lester questions because John D'Arcy. As I know he's somebody allegedly saw him at a pickles in a pickle meant. What it because that speaks as bees and we years of totally different. About this. This Jimmy Mac would situation. Go what do because that's they. Are you all think judges let their voice mail all alone. The guy who's got a colorful look at tacky tavern underneath his. Floor boarded his office you guys that you didn't drink is the one told me that ultimately will voice mail I'd be a bad look foreign now all to deal with them. I wanted to be linked gift Annie is down manager of the browns. Get rid of it helped out coming out does ablaze. How it's up I just got that X eight about outdoors. How was. In those itself and that happened there at Kansas City got to really successfully bid for the playoffs three out of where years. There was a report earth there was a pot case you do it will use it it wasn't a great day it was a happy day for me you care to elaborate on it yet. And he's been lying for years industry. They. Act out of the fantastic. Just. It is that time didn't show stopper. So. Show host. Children. I don't want him to be and so look at the on a slow day just just let alone know you'll know that would every Maclin. He took my invitation to the way it. Tennessee has ended the most tortured soul funk coaching search imaginable. And hired Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt yet under four so that puts it this week. From what you mean for a it doesn't matter who coaches that are going to be butts in seats there in danger at this are going to be garbage. I don't know about that I don't know if there proved it could go to but the I just I just got to believe I have no fail I think that I AG in this whole thing I see sand seem to be happy with the higher well course don't Chile. I I just I cannot believe that Tennessee has gotten to this bullet. They can't hire the duke assistant coach and a hiring Jimmy Pruitt. A person nobody would. But they're happy with the program they had no choice. Mike Leach has excellent tapes were Johnson leads treasured media experiences when he shares is am I hateful former just once. I should say football coaches expressed his opinions on the best mascots to wedding planning. Everything in between but it was a clip from leeches spectacular October ran about the observe format the college football playoff. They'll at Florida Atlantic head coach Lane Kiffin to call each my hero and and press conference is going to weed out no breast. This is my here on press conferences keep being you Mike it's a good way believe being real more people should try it blazers are at it. In the latest let me cut Imus that is interviews here. And get an and I am falling in love that those that they explain elevenths or so away. What do you remember about your last day. At Tennessee everything was on fire. We've got to that we've got to the private jet knicks that you know I'd landed it. And in Los Angeles I only came back two more times and that was that. Should be. In Knoxville stadiums. The Steelers linebacker kinds Nasir underwent spinal stabilization. Surgery on Wednesday night after he suffered a scary back injury attempting to make a tackle on Monday night. Initially a team said that she lazier was not expected to need surgery for his spinal injury. But this latest development is not encouraging for Shea easier spoke while playing prospects. Michelle seals open neurologists and Ana FL PA medical consultant doctor Anthony LSE. Over the phone and he casting doubt that she's you'll ever play in the NFL. That it that you about the but someone tell me why it was at that what was the idea anyway to come out say. He'll he won't be certain. Well what would see that about it which is of the that's what you believe it like. They are barely releasing details about it to get went so I don't know why and that was that's the thing that they let out. That was is fun but really you already know. You have certain. Pets I ain't I awesome right I'm not even show after weeded out. That something like that could take up to a year or more to recover from. Alan imagine that. It's probably not safer and easier to play football. And the fact that it's yeah Al Father's Day and all we know is that he had surgery after they think that he had that thought he wasn't going to have surgery and that's the only thing that we know 72 hours later that's a bad side. As a side note do you think miles Simon wishes he was calling basketball game it or do you think he would he's doing sitting behind the. Coming up that segment that is sweeping the nation. Good you think it's excellent 69306. Texted what U logic which shows Netflix Hulu. Network what you Watson coming up. Okay. That's not live. There. Eats it Battlestar Galactica what commitment and you'll want to do it. It's too late Pettway touched down at Super Bowl my first class plane. Mark embark connectors. I'd like to remake a movie because yeah. Not since. I am little X I know up front so it Brett hole. Birthdays. If they get the men's side of the Caribbean not me. It works instincts. What a rather be feared or loved. Eating well. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. What's lots. Sponsored by I had absolutely no once someone could step up to be to get six 69306. FaceBook live his politics in which shows you watch it. Netflix Hulu. What ahead Q what shows through logic is we always do give much respect. The first. I'm watching 100 I don't know what that is. For Cleveland's. I've never heard of it out as good I love that the 100 what is it's I think it's like a side by type thing there's like a hundred people that they sent down to earth after. It's been in have uninhabitable for. It's good bottle. Real quick two breaking news stories that we just been talking to that it is burst to risk Baylor has reported. Our own drizzly Taylor's reported T Ford is headed to IR and his season is over here with the chiefs also. Reporter from it by added security is being John Dorsey. Has been hired and a four year deal to the Cleveland Browns we're just talking about the browns head coach. They tell what is the what is he brings it day to edit what is day to hopes is hey. Met at this easier all it. You have complete control IV through my game plan you'll run the option. By the way you've got the number one overall it it just rose and probably. I would do it second. Boy boy ably and enact it is CEO. Dealers Atlantis heads. Also coming up got lists on Netflix is really not familiar with it. It's about this lesson that young shields had. No desire to see that looks like. This has been off of a Big Bang theory dad loves. It looked over it. I've never been I've ever rank and I was never into the Big Bang theory at all. Acts on his that you it is the home. Oh yes that storm like it's currently Stallone yes that's currently still on. Update. You gonna nag you to jumpstart on next week. Gilmore Girls I've made all men and falsely assume guilt or drove him on the attitude now usage you ready for the next reached the tipping point. A restarted it's always sunny in Philadelphia. The rates if you watch the world. On Netflix and having it taken it off like next week there such gain on Hulu some news it was six we watched him. The lost three inches and lost if we did talk about today. It is that but he protected the it is that and it's. Is love is is it's cynically young here's six quietly in the guy get series is now. So is that lots of Big Bang theory every night I do. It's ride. It's Gypsy Jim Jim Parsons when he. The Indy in the globe for best actor at three years and I actually do. I've never the guy it's just never as average on this good. Just felt I had to visit the me emails rod. Quote from. 78 something. Yeah with gas is okay that it resonates and but John Ritter is Todd his Swiss world started. A new season. Outpace him. I try I tried like field what's that by the first episode of that I watched the first episode I goodnight it's you only two. I could not pollute. I love it and it's one of my favorite shows on. At the wild comeback season too didn't it. The law. I you have it was one of those shows it is dead. Trying to find when it comes when it starts here it's very well lots of others. This the sixers lakers game is becoming very entertaining up throws that well what's the sort of a couple of Thursday that a lot. And is that this at a loss just says the show will all come back in spurring when he eighteen. Her last west world. It shows it took forever to actually get made because they kept running in the speed bumps in the production and Mike getting gain the rights to it. Suddenly kiwi chicks this a lawyer and it was six is chiefs go to Cleveland next year. In 2008 is that accurate data released. Apparently is that. Pulled off. Believe civilized I feel like that they probably have release today the we have managed we do you have an away game at Cleveland this. They've opened that we'll call it right now. That excludes it's a bush definitely here comes the conspiracy theories and compete at spears did just makes dips. Alvin tomorrow will not return tonight after being ruled out cash and what. Why are you asking us like what we know doesn't talk about it at how he's handled. Well black. Is it like it is Tuesday scandals on a break that's it think is how to get a rumor I think their on a break and purses is gently addicts on TV that Libya had to cast upon teen mom will keep its parent that's. He sees a world. Is gestures. Have any problems and that you all think you'll see market leaders. This character issues check welfare aid but but the but the that brides get scared and she's an awful they're awful and an awful dark. So large envelopes it's better this is all that's not only did. Not out to get better the he had that awful lot. At the earliest written that was about it is it's about our will be back tomorrow sweet time. Listen kid who had briefly.