12/31 - Anticipation, Useless Predictions, Kaep, Whatcha Watching

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Sunday, December 31st

In a short show we open discussing fan anticipation on the first start for Patrick Mahomes and Ron thinks he need to move on from number 15. As the NFL winds down it's the last regular season Useless Predictions and we talk about the impact Colin Kaepernick has had the last two years being one of the dominating story lines. As we always do we end the show with the segment that's sweeping the nation " Whatcha Whatching". 


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They show heroes. Run this show you ladies. For allowing us to be a small words. You're Sunday morning. He was then on the day shift this past week sort of and back in the saddle. I did here on my own show. I know boys held at did a radio production it. And and once Steve sort of was he's the was he's even as good tickets six Latin listen this week let me know if he missed the or Steve. If you are hedge takes they've so you know what that means that we'll detail. But we have a good show lined up we are here till 11301130. The Eagles and cowboys although us. And that pregame show that will start at 1130 so we are on until 1130 so. We'll get these it is takes off we'll get him going intersect the B and that it is 1002. As we do with this time. Green Day. Agreement cat. Steve answers Tuesday. I. Miss. Seven kick start today mr. I did I hear that like every two weeks like Mae east African Americans. Mr. Stevens serves of the building was going well. I've got not I've seen you since last week I note that was so good to be away your week. Evenings some of yeah so turned on its. So solid. Bono's at feet to be away. People are saying he was even noticed that and our Steve had great shows he got hijacked by himself during each. I. Was Steve listen. I've only dated it is and I got to elicit this from the eight went six. When he told me this week all these days in told me did this for two days of sick. I want to personally apologize if I had to list and I'm pretty SharePoint 8008 I hate all you want it to you or you wanted to get this. That he broke down one through 32 lives in a penalty for a twenty minute. I have socialite. That is that you know I hate. Probably done in spite of the. I and ideas it was an allied shell out fried. Castle. One to 48 team wish list for the chiefs Ed so I got mad and I. Gave you my 32 to number one NFL teams and absolutely no analysis other than my own. Personal and it's. That's war there was special this is a special segment. It was it was but it sounds. So let's let's take this thing before a game and thinking oh which he did. This out there and and those listening. Lets it be real honest with yourself. And tell me if this is the case if you agree it is. Right down. I stumbled on the level this I believe this is the case this has been. And I don't wanna say a great season. But it is a pretty entertaining. A pretty. Heavy load of things to talk about memorable moments whether good or bad in the season. And. Into this group. I think today's game against Denver. A game that absolutely. Means nothing. Has the impact of a fort pre season games are mixed ethnic. I think today's game. Arguably. By the Fayette days is the most anticipated game of the season. End this series is Saturday it has. All offseason us knowing we are going to play at light six standalone games the first. Paying all your knowing there are gonna play the defending champion. On Thursday to kick up the season. Against the patriots. Against one of their arch nemesis the teams that of one of the team that thrown out of the playoffs alone the Steelers the last couple years. Tom Brady Belichick. All of I had a game. Outside the united it's got it gets shot blocks in which very highly anticipated beat. They had us won't in the middle of the season started and Thursday night game against the chargers that really just kind of and other downside at the side of the play offs right to decide is he wished yet. And today's date against the Denver Broncos that is the equivalent of eight Ford racing he's gay. That has no bearing on anything. And that and the rock answered garbage team yes by the way not to bitchy ex list. The other ports are in the league is starting. That is not confirmed by the way let's go seatbelts on that I'm not for sure that accidentally supports or he just has a stance that look does he still have the stats I think they did I. I've I've immensely man to. Well it's do you think the band is what all of that that happened this year. I this is the most anticipated game of the year I think it is for a. Prefer for me it is to but I think you're not all odds rely on and I I talked about in that this week that this game is it is important to the future of the franchise because Patrick Holmes is that future. So you wanna see him go out have a good game I I think some people are looking in like that like. Mean I'm actually like meeting friends to go watch the game which is something I would normally do because I was like let's go watch the future of the franchise. But right there's some people who're kind of scared of this. Bet that they would prefer Alex just play and got there and put you know have have a decent game. Get an easy win headed in the playoffs I there's some people are scared of this because they're afraid he's going to look bad weather weather weather not scared not asserted their anticipated. Night. They can't wait for this I thought they. Some people are tax and and then Colin insane and they weren't even in Los again because saying care. I I think that there that vessel in minorities. Yes banks vast minority it is I seriously out there. Are you do you feel like here you're anticipating this game that you have IKEA waits. Port more than any other game this year and this crazy sort of as us that they've had six standalone ain't. The patriot game I didn't think anything could be bigger that like this meals all week. Like doing the show went in in seeing what we've been talking about here at C a social media Twitter people digging up. As a step Kaiser digging up things for Texas Tech people digging to get it's I. People like out the remember the week of the charger game I remember talking about it feels like this is not. Treated as a bigger game is that. This is for every day and this is the game LaMarcus unit returned all that. Like this game of the week from the same base as well. Like interest has been playing bigger in this game did anyone and it doesn't matter like I don't say it sort of aren't careful now. Other airport Jack I think that good lord above some people say we take the sports guts to tell what the sport's I think the real thing it is you know. I think the good lord above that he gave us this. Because good god who knows what we've talked about this we took today in this game if Patrick behold Tyler bray was getting the nod today they. He gave us something to talk about because all week. I mean basically Ryan wheat and pit stop until you've got. Could roll this today. Would be talking about that we pull things out of our asses to tuck the gallery talk. I would rather see Travis Kelsey get put in quarterback there watched Tyler Brady at quarterback hootie. May I I think I think the lower. That we had this to talk about but it is kind of. There is still kind of odd to be. Not odd as the werder interesting bit it feels like all of the fan base but even the patriot gate. That up by aliens are sold. Eight about this game. It doesn't matter. I that is that is incredible to me and as him and I. Out. I guess that's what happens when they young quarterback. I'm not I'm gonna go into the aspect. Of this is put pressure on him or sub did not comment about the it is just it's it's they need to be that the interest level of this particular gate. 01 bit what awaits sir I am I am. Almost. Half the Denver Broncos. Could give a rip about. Their performance probably will show that it. Point five degrees there ready to get a lot about the bod don't keep to Lee is ready to get up on that he. They don't put this game here I'm. External one is they act well and me of being labeled him the seventh street casino red Sunday post game show. Coming up you know. Where you're seeded you know your hosting a playoff game next week right. You think that the post game showed today is going to be about. And next week so heard about the playoff game I guarantee it. At least Monday probably spilling into Tuesday. We'll be talking about ten days I mean that's okay because the Patrick well. Of course that's all we talked about all week long. I. That's what I had thirty shows and I talked about Patrick mountains a little bit every night you had to all the Nazis they're on a playoff game next week. And this game is a pre season game essentially today at after the post gate we're going to be talking about a match the ravens titans are bills. It's about Patrick and Monday going to be talking about getting ready for the playoff taxable which we will vote. When we talk about that ball. Out or let us it. All with that. Tickets six 69 of these heroes it's at the right are you more you have more anticipates. Where this game that you did the patriots gave the chargers gave. The Texans game of the raiders game any game this season do you have more anticipation for this game. It also sort of before in an alien we and number. I figure one who is who fits in this case I don't want to answer this right now what to wait this kind of misled ET. Muslim celebrities. Like do you. Do you like you should take a step back. With everything that's alone with this year being that it's ease at one point where the best team in the league that everyone thought you'd like you need to take is that that. Feeling that this game. It's so meaningless but it is gave that you have the boast anticipation or. Other regular season. If you get the show put filters. We used to good media it's the show will run. The show you lose seats teen book written. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. So here it just breaks yeah. Honesty and yeah thank you. Reporting tonight. About it go back to list everyone shows off. Did they sound like just did things that I hate. That person is alive. I don't know if you live but I did not do a map rush. And if you miss this we're talking about like as that this has been a crazy season. All year. And so many things that have been sold them that she's at six standalone gains. But it feels like this meaningless game which is equivalent of the pre season game like eight or pre season game where they don't play any of the starters. Is war has been it seems like the fan anticipation that this has been big here. That any game this season and like I C Warburg. Or original VIP members rich man. Is saying like. I you know for him it's not there's not going to be people up and this it is their seats. Certain they're going to be people at the end ticketed seats. Nuts like they went at it hold that thought this was going to be a day where they'd do the team's game did matter any thing that they can get away with. Maybe I. That husbands are going to be the boy is going to be front and center today. Watching this date this is not a sick it. Bye week for you. Those surgery Bob they're going to be fronts and their they may be more excited about this aid it any of the others. And it seemed that way but this week. Or every they would give him up that's from homes it is. It is wild to me but like I. I want to fix this Saturday and those of you may be in the same can't. Who are and this may be most if for you if this is the most anticipated game of the season where. Watching via a chance to see pat mahomes in the regular season and re you'll gain sort of like this game is all. It's just a step above. To meet the Missouri Kansas. Game at the sprints it. It's it's tell. This is this a step above that in terms of matters but for you do you feel like you need to take is that. I'm saying like I don't I like this this game that's it for me it's not as meaningless as that game was because. I ain't it it's critical and it's our it's our first opportunity to see him going against. Legitimate NFL starters I don't Broncos are expected to play their defense I don't know how much they're gonna if they're going to care. I I would imagine they keep deleting prisoners. Don't wanna go out there and get torched by a rookie. Who's never played before and who's playing with baca players I would imagine that is something that big goes in the their mind like. But not trying to get burned by a rookie quarterback playing with a bunt to third or string players. But I dig it it means a lot to me I'm really excited about this game and I don't think he goes out their balls. So you don't eat like I'd be are you more excited. Or you have like. You have more anticipation to sit and watch this game the did the charging yeah I'm also just really excited to see Parker anger play what about the patriots where you'd like honestly. You bowl are you more excited right now to sit back and watch this game the PG. Yeah I think a lot of people who shared it it's it was fun I just expected us to lose that game has also on my birthday so I drink two not it doesn't talk about. They ended until going into. And I think there were a lot of people who had that same feel. That they think that way Ed. Or any. As I've said all week patch a hole. Is. The athlete in this city that that seed make people's solar rational it is it is insane I've never seen an aptly kids that you liked. Added to a point that obviously there are a good segment of the fan base. With the season pat. Re easy games this year crazy highly anticipated games like the steeler game going into the steeler game how I'm. How big was that didn't go in into that escape. Because he's starting people more excited of this game that somebody gave it. But he'd bring that it has that it makes people it just that well or that devastated by its Curry's. It's just uncharted territory I get to somewhere we've never been before. So it is Exide like. Cleveland. Those fans know the pain and sorrow of C get different quarterback start every week it's a bloody five quarterbacks over the last ten years or however many it is. So they understand that but. Patrick Holmes is everything that you hear about it from the chiefs is that. Well he just does things that other guys can't do you like he's Ali he's not he's come so far in his progress late. Everybody's been waiting all year long because we stop those glimpses. Of the special ability in the pre season granted it was against. L bottom tier players and he also. Should have had probably 45 interceptions in the pre season but everybody overlooks that because. They got dropped he wanted not throwing any interceptions I was numbers look pretty good he had some bad browse so if he does couple picks today I wouldn't be shocked. I mean if would we put up a poll. It's at okay. Besides the chiefs' playoff games this year. Do you think this week seventeen day. In terms of fan entries is the most interesting game. That the fans accusing me of a subject like besides playoff gates but I don't think that it is crazy to say. That it would be. And that is coming off of the year were you pick up the season playing it it's defending champion. New England Patriots. You are five an old school and against Pittsburgh. You had a swoon. Where you had to. Win against the charges that when a standalone game to beat the AFC. West champions again in the playoffs. Like it if it is. It's crazy to me. Give me sowing dissent the real quick certain. And you know. I get either you probably hear this today. Because I am I am this assists and Kris. I I hope whatever happens today Saturday. That it is able to influence. Actually Holmes. Took come often at number. OK I am I I I don't want him to win over fifteen anymore. I'm a big believer of numbers. I am a big believer. Of that type of numbers when I hear fifteen. I hear two empty that's policy I think number fifteen for quarterback in the NFL I think Tim Tebow. And I don't like him to be anywhere close to that but I don't think. He will Ives is about numbers I three NFL and I treat sports teams numbers athletes numbers like I do musician. Okay. There are some musicians just by their name. You know they're not going to be success. You know it. Soldier boy tellem is never going to be announced as a Grammy win the never going to say the thank Ed a Grammy goes to designers who heads to eyes in the spelling of his name now the Eagles yes. Kings of Leon yes. There are not giving grammys to. Dogs die in hot callers. Okay they're not giving grammys to told the wets rocket. Ed Baird. Mickey great quarterbacks. Would number 58. Our all star won fifty don't seem tech's stated a let's see if that Tim Tebow as a waiter stop. I'm washing patch on and. Number five is oh it. Why didn't pick number five I don't know if I didn't think to do with Cairo's Santos is a syndicated on media outlets that finals. And anyway it was five. But didn't us all a lot of people who bought fifty yards but Ed Wood out and bought a fifty Jersey right away I don't care. Santos is gone. Six spot you want political editor of blood. Does Bob yeah. Okay does that not add. Let's do salt tablet was when he. Would detonate. Problem was with me. OK I'm so but I know it's you've got sick of it eight. Wait a holding him back Santos and it got on his AM need to crawl to given up his serves as threatening abdomen and why do. I do as soon as we warp fifteen odd was able. Bart Starr is the only ones at least successful and he was a professional and off. It's only all of they've because with all the actors and they won multiple Super Bowl bet it'd if you're a quarterback the team that won a Super Bowl. You would go litigating its land DOS. Who does it deserve to be in all the may I don't care kiss my ass and. Chamber he's got a he's got a pretty good running back young running back behind him. Got a very talented wide receiver very talented tight end once they got they sign Allen Robinson did cheap one year deals will be a pretty devastating profits. Right here seven it I don't know if that's correct. Table he changed name to check. I don't know two today Spain first it was table at outlets not marked as a Grammy goes to. All. Rights at work you did say the grid goes to his rep. If it goes to the Olmert quite ain't all day. It's not done. I've not what does that say it. It's not gonna get done. It just say it over the airwaves to write it but what does that you've forgotten about this sort of I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to say. I think that's a lot of that's one I don't know what it is or they drop a line that's why I typed it out of the screen that's not saying about the biggest idol down did somebody die I don't think that's one. Olympic Peninsula I'm pretty sure that's what the odds announced I'd said it three times and I'm right. Nolan has to be it. I doubt it was I'm so. It seemed like you don't look at people would numbers let go running back in touch if if Corey came in and shows number 49. Or 47. You would had a problem with that. That's doomed from the start. That's don't from the start. These kickers out here are series if it kind of say it. I don't a brick. This kickers tick me off the ones back for Mike. College kickers that are wearing those ninety numbers you have defensive linemen Roland. Around here which 61. Let's go right. Jared. Pop and Dan d.s is not going to do it's in a Grammy. I may be. After the playoff game we're just gonna have to ask Patrick mom's white has fifteen over five and probably because the saint. Panic at the Disco was less and. It off of that number whatever happens today. Can we please come back. And he's number five next year. Yeah but does it Tony Riggs deployed. Uncle who active day forty now. Prince all beat forty not Chris is not a bad and that's actually thoughtful. No but not say. Coming up the most argued let's admit it Casey radio coming. This is the last installment. Of useless predictions at least for the regular season. Now you listening to show. Will run. This show you can fix team sports video good at getting tickets dot com now for six enough particularly using remote code six did sports. I want and I'm. I'm sorry I'm a big believer who named him number now are there's people maybe. We've made but it's written 878. Shots that big a bookie with the good. We'll win a grand except that you locked. I'll say it at their music their talent so they will win one. They won't be announced. That would be one of the guys just run across the bottom of the screen it's guerrilla attacks and a Grammy annual I don't know. It's just like wrestling. This could be doomed from the jump out never did Nicole Lee. Whose was coming up with his name for mankind. They first. Gave him the name the mutilated. It is the fifth at the bits that you have the data to figure out that aides that he was like oh god I'll be doubled. I think and let it dangle came out. You knew this was shortly. Baghdad there's no way you don't become a world anti. Well I'd seen the undertake told the undertaker side Michael what was his explanation for being plain stand side. Out and it's available lot better than the mutilate her and then did he have other personalities like Texas Tech cactus Jack. Ended love that Mick Foley itself fit dude love. It like stone cold. They have an initially called him the ice. Was he like a pretty boy wrestler when he Stanley is the Hollywood line. They was ice pick at the big at odds are I'm a big believer. I on the big believer of numbers. Your defensive line and you were 61 I'll pass. That's our this is acting. I don't know how Doug Flutie made in 22. As a quarterback that lawsuit out of seller big believer it. Like seventeen feels like a bad basketball. Big believer. And I broke with. Before we get to use this prediction sort of I know we all had the enact as we normally give this before uses predictions the guys who are in and out. We do know there are some people who are playing right. Yeah I mean obviously Alex. Tyreke has been officially ruled out. I believe Turkey in your quest is it BC what lies this this could have been his coming out here. So I can't it was gonna get on ferries today I think it came hi is also question oh ports a curt are great I got. Have a choice but to play to create interesting title factory data that might decide after play Currie did I we don't know for sure I don't know if he says that we would assume that like that's kills it wouldn't. Play on a time. I've really it's it's see if they'll gains at this. He's he asked that marked his needs to take its. Eight at he has to be mart disputes doesn't need to be in their in this game I personally feel punishment and a just use our though every so I mean if Vargas is in there. I key easily picks out pacts and now the Texas. Even got a fu with throwing open. All right this is the most unique segment in Kansas City radio. If you followed the show you get it we do it around this time every every Sunday this is the last one of the regular season. This is what we call useless. Because they all law useless predicts. The most fuel this predicaments. In sports. Well team our. Whole tradition is so. These little most useless predictions and sports. Well you my nifty. Ain't this the final. And it has started a good one for an eleventh the orient will lose track that they're ready president on this guy he had done I. You got it started in Annapolis where the colts the Texans beat thank god it is not going to make the trip. But why is this want to add to go to any. No one wants them this time that I will tell you this. I have earned the right. That the entire media. In a year. That is in clever. Protest. The entire Indianapolis media aren't going to tried to do it themselves out on the fifty yard line before the game starts and they're all gonna take. He's in protest to the firing the typical. They do now. This took the Donald. I think it's standard. How protests asserted that we will play the entire audience that got killed last. Press conference the market does that the because we would be appropriate to because I got the news at all. The media seatbelts are going to be at the yeah I'd like taking these because they don't want to go I got the executives distorting in it waiting six to three that are born in the. That uncle bill's stuff that's nobody and I don't body the entire slight. Well well more excited about their week seventy game buffalo. They get to be in my feet today. They're going to be inhale and buffalo is probably seventy. Low Ed now that it's not in Miami enters that little guy. Ever picked up front it did so stupid that made bad decision but watch sued U. And you know what else the reason why the dolphins are going to win or lose this game besides they cut and given a damn is because. The dolphins. Credit consultant Anita Hill sort of the dolphins aren't ready for guys like Rob Johnson the bat the dolphins are ready to help the guys. Ready or not it's like third at times like Andre re elect the Mets along the guy. Ready like Eric Moulds maybe Bartz lives in the other local local golf at the plate got Eric Moulds I'd it. Jon stayed in the old gone they're not about her credit card. Well let's look at Robert was Bob that's about sitting pretty epic tennis did they then. Those old buffalo like Williams Mike Williams will take it exactly what went beyond its technical ignorance and rapidly. There not many. Buffalo yet. The nine at seven wood at sixteen that the fans in the well bullet Steelers brown this is an old AFC central battle browns Steelers I think the browns. This week they're all it. They're gonna let. It's not noisy. This week. From my sources sort of that they are there are going to win the motivational tactic of playing the sold. I believe children are in the future but Whitney Houston. They have been singing it is is that their monthly all week. It's an. Fix it list. Play well because it did it well but the windy it won't it will for the press wow that was little it is not good. The sixteenth heavy than ever looked at sorry. Rosen your rant that on the clock bed that. Rant Snyder's all all we heard how great of a coach well that they is pretty late that day. We have the words here companies in the history so it's shown that they are beautiful you can do which it called. You can do that with talked early we'll still need stuff. I listen if you real coach you talk about your better tip blitzer obsolete at this again this team what are you gonna do is John Maine what are you gonna do. Let's stumble exit light shown me what you gotta do what these gap I think that that you don't want to look at that guy. The best seats and I mean T bones. Antelope Sikhs and Jimmy. W six and did and go win 27 and up and Bynum. Finally the big Packers lines. Normally. I would say the package that went running away because they had the difference maker at quarterback in print and but this time you know nobody and I mean. At a loss to Detroit gets away nobody walks in the fourth fielding it to win it nobody walks. Superdome against the wind nobody. Watched Joe Louis Arena unlocks the Comerica Park and watched as I've stated that I've lost the pounds off and do it with nobody. Was it that that the bill yet the little city arena that's going out right let me add that Detroit Pistons big only two stadium. All that's what Steve death camp that nobody walks into this game book and video. Taped segment too late. Avenue to try this ticket bought it plenty to say this flight did it. Like if you're looking for a good state. With the same sex you're big picnic just let him out of luck they'll look we wouldn't upload edit ourselves but now that's led all that was a Barry nobody wanted it right ex date look at videos. A lot of kids that they. You're quite well this list. Critics it. This show would run the show you can leave. Probably MVP electric heating and coups don't you. Six he's the Sports Radio. Did or six tonight he's. Yesterday I know I know you'd much faster. Yesterday college basketball's lots. Billiton thoughts and I did what we attacked it yesterday cause that's while a lot of the lot of great games yesterday. I in intensity. And and high level. I sent that we may get some intensity game's best with the Virginia Cavaliers played with a scored like fifty to 48. That would case and a lot of games yesterday. But Friday. Kansas opened up the big twelve and it went like the 27 street it will open at its Texas on the road. And. As if you listen to this suit you know that we can be a little nuts. And we can't take things differently. And it's different way. And that most entertaining thing to me that come out of the game. Happen I don't know if you watched the game but John Higgins the official. I have generally always hated it I'll always on Higgins as it did. It's its justification that. It could know before this year I thought for years study in has always had an agenda. And he is our direction it was which group he did so many big twelve game hitting woods is. But at the game he gave Shaka Smart a technical. It was about to throw his ass out of the gate and went socket was talking exerted in most officials are probably supposed to do. I think he's probably give. AAJ. Melissa added a run out of easy you'd be reprimand for what he did. Because shot as mark was talking and walk away from him to miss it. But John Higgins was having none of it and he walked in March down passed them saying I did hear other readers what's the job. I did that would got it OK not against. Is that he's around doctors are to be rude to him now is not just that Higgins to meet deserves to be coming indices with a foul mood. Not against should be on the verge of and yet it. After what the Kentucky fans did last year to him. By screwing over his roofing business college basketball. Scorer and his other businesses it humorous if you don't remember last year in the NCAA tournament. This could Kentucky fans were happy with the with calls that he made in the game. India and us in the elite eight against north Carolina's tanked to vote they had so did they screwed over his roofing business opera. I guess I'd have gone out of business. They don't like 151000. Negative vote well read well reviews audit. It was just crazy. This may have side is it's a good thing though he refereed to of the season. Gotta gotta wait is why it ain't got to. And have groovy like it's hot but if he knew it Joey with it is true that it ask. It's probably not that it's committed this year saints saw that Ted. Second it had to do with us throughout his life over. Don't let him he should not be allowed to arrest three Kentucky. Let me be John Higgins and advocates that gay. They would get a call I will go over ruling people like out as a lead official there's now just. Is that time it hit showroom stock. Us. Stop. Yeah Oakland Raiders are preparing to pursue ESPN analyst John Britton with an offer so strong he could even include. An ownership stake in the team according to league sources. It will be tempted to accept it according to sources but what preferred not to make any decisions and teller regular season finishes Sunday. And there is making final determination on the record head coach Jack Del Rio. It rapport reported this morning day it does include the offer does include a stake in the team and upwards of ten million dollars year. And the words at face Ventura pet. Tech. Tired Indian rights. Doesn't appeal and the other right there. Not alone somebody called it somebody called at this time last year I got a feeling we'll talk about. It's got a feeling we'll talk about it this week. Well there was somebody was giving out hot hey same sex appeal to have been fired. Know what it outrage become what the coaches that that it's it. All these did you can't keep pick Hillary when you've got that young talent you've got guys like are wrong for tomorrow. Our bomb it Jon Gruden out. And look who they're going out and they're gonna be invasive. Helen you undo that you'll all go just to see what twelve games by the skin of his nibbles does not mean that you keep a level very old. Is he should be gone too. The Miami Hurricanes. The alliance for forcing turnovers by letting them when be cleaned out and caring gold turnover today. There was Scott should badgers though the culprits had a look like they're not let's not let all world. How about it and had it pretty funny touchdown celebration as they did multiple times during. There or triple victory on Saturday that they did it's it's when they scored they put on an imaginary chain only to have it rip Don. And of course had coach Paul Crist even BC and saying. Turnover changed mine we began. As say what makes him. And is Saturday if you watch that clip if you're listening go back to check up on his head coach of Wisconsin it makes me that it's just that stick out the NBA. I am a big believer like myself who are going to be an ankle just go with. Big cup does now it out but it was draft picks in day epic day even myself even though he left a little stuff that open on the bottom that you could seek. Disagree that they'll coming up at him and it's the best 59 seconds ago and Sports Radio primarily because it's the only. That's kind of who runs the show. And you move me from the show. Speaks team who. Radio but the good advocate dot com now for six in off your ticket what you can promo code six did sports. I've for the last 592. Show and all of radio. Now. Well a man's they all are doing in the united second show I am heroes even senator as always sponsors are most certainly bad. Cleveland Browns general manager to continue my ten part series on Johnson Francis is part numbers six. John D'Arcy genuinely intends to keep my head coach hue Jackson according data found that receive Rappaport. Our Jamie has them has now several times that you Jackson what in fact be back into wanna eighteenth. Don. You're really let me down here I have high hopes for this franchise moving forward and it all starts with them. Relieving their one and 31 head football coach of his duties as deep as bad but it's not the worst football team I've ever seen. Not only sixteen to where that's an excuse for lack of a court this week every year we find out who's gonna get fired that's not forgotten those of the world how do Jackson was going to be on that list. You show. Into the show with your vote and run this will you please out out. To all our listeners put those. There's been ahead because always salute you for allowing us to be a small part. You know Sunday morning. By electing gas Steve inserted in the building and some sort I really think this is going to be your first. Sort of seven to win you'd guess it is still it can typically the ground. Could you have been on. That day he's going to be a lot and thirty line in two seasons I'd tell you to. This is the hill you've wanted to die you believe you believe this out of a debt is I've. The media. Is it. He does not just bad to where he can just blame I would shot Kaiser's terrible. And he's got the quarterback that I wanted so it's his fault or outward sixty so you're gonna. Is that you team. Ever to do that would succeed. So I'm gonna do something Saturday as an. It's a militants of the sort of that I hate doing apparently for people. You did this this week I I hate. You this I'm not gonna completely do this because of the business day. But you know things I hate the things now it is what New Year's the so every was gonna get Hibbert would be safe tonight. But I do wanna look back real quick hits. And I wanna throw this question can't anyone out there listening and writing. As just couple those. Housekeeping things were off at 1130 year preparing for the Eagles and cowboys and listen to right here on the radio. So be prepared for that and will be back and for the have timer set street scene halftime. Rich said they have time college. That myself and they Brinkley you watch us these live as well would that for the set districts in Allred Sunday postage. But. As I said I hate doing the rankings and things like that but I do I did find this very enters. And I wonder how people. Feel that is enough those that users after its do you think in his quest. Do you think it's a good or bad thing that the number one story in sports this year. Is that the exact same thing that was the number one story in sports at 2016. I happen to think it is equal rate I think hampered expand and people can can disagree. Can't predict stated was the number one story in 2016. And I think it 2017. Effort to expand and that the other things that came off of that. Is also the number one story in 2070. Now we'll see what it is if that will be if it is next year's game of a blow away. But I think this this entire. Conversation his story is shed a light in the best way in the history. Of my life I've only been living for 33 years so in the history of my life this is that in. The thing that this bond the most. A conversation in. Is starting to evolve action for big things like the National Football League given almost nine million dollars to the cause. In basic racial injustice and social justice and social things like that I think this has been. The best conversation. Starter we've ever had. In this situation in mind and my life time now on I'm just speaking at the time that could be real the last 20/20 five years. And I think it's a great thing. And and I believe it collar Catholic news. Whether you agree tonight some people may think he's well deserved for what he's got some people may think it would sacrifice. For the cause his career. And it seems like he has what I. I am a bit shocked that it is still the number one story in sports and held to be honest it's probably a top five story. Like just in general. Sports or whatever. All along with the president along with the election along with Al sex harassment is going Russia. Between men and women and I think it has been right up there this year and I think it is a rate I'm sure there are others disagree. I think it is a good thing because it's. Al you're you're trying to effect change and going calling cabinet decided to take that stand and start that protest. He knew he was risking something. And it is cost him his career. But what we're still talking about it and it's been too. Full season since that started and you think about how it's affected everything in the impact it's had its pretty remarkable that it took one guy. L taking a knee. And it really at the beginning of a football season and it and it is it is come this fall. And the crazy it it's not been repetitive it's not been the same story as it wasn't that sixteen there's been like as we talk about this business chemicals off of the story. That has made it different. In 2070. Now you know about him being able to not play and basically being black ball but the league. It to where it is it is going off of other people in the league now we we still closed the year with Marc spears and how that situation has handled from him. Not not participating in. The National Anthem and all that I just. I just think it's it's. I think it's a good thing to have the conversation even with people I think it's big good even to hear people. That completely disagree with his stay to get out I I bet you there are people who completely disagreed. With Colin cabernet. In the last two years that have at least gotten to a place where they can even understand. Edit and understand why people feel the way they have. In that situation and I think that is a win and that I also better people and I'm telling I am living witness is to be one of these people. I think there are people on the other end who are. War in agreed that it or agreements or understanding and and with the stand up collar can't predict that got to understand where people on the other side. Are remembered this year we did top whereas it. I won and I came out apologize to people. Within the military. Of telling them that no you're not this in what he's talking about. You should be feeling disrespect because what he's talking about is that disrespectful you'd. I I I was able to kind of really listen to people throughout our job which I love that rate the don't understand OK. Well. I can't. I it. That it is disrespect. It is disrespectful. And I think I've got to the point rested but there are some cases with things to be disrespectful because I think the cause is big enough but I can at least acknowledge that it is disrespect so I think this comes as it is to help people. And so many ways on both the. Suspect our one year and trying to affect my significant. Societal changes. Ike is going to be a lot of blow back from. Certain parties that they disagree. And and so you know I I get that there's there's a lot of people who still. Disagree with this and a lot of it is because. Bay the message has been misinterpreted. Or there there are only taking bits and pieces of information and manipulating it. To fit their narrative by like a lot of people in the media. But I mean it's so two full seasons later and we're still. Talking about what Cong camper and it started and I do think it's a very good thing that were still talking about it and I hope that will continue to talk about it. And that. We continued to show progress. It's like you know and we're getting a text right here for someone just sent this in repeatedly like I think. These are things that are good for this conversation like he sends in more white people were killed by cops. It collectible commit over 50% crimes like me in six and a half percent commit 52% of murders. And I would say yes some of those numbers fit as artists that narrative. Well I think more white people are going to beat Cuba cuts because there are more white people. They're less than 13%. Of black people make up the amount people in the cuts that it. More depth but then go deeper look at the percentage of black killed as just manipulating the statistics stupid your narrative while I don't know why does the entire section it's others I think we've all the but I think it's good that we could even have this conversation bad. This is numbers he's an arc arc well. But they are manipulative. And edit it has been done on the other side too but just as they'd like. Part two is sort of this has been the. One store. I don't think Lavar balls having this type of stance the like the bar's going to be able to be a Dick stone I could be wrong he'll fade away eventually. I'm Sam I don't think the bar will be as high is is right now. This has. This has gone and so many places to winner. President is involved. Other other sports leagues is involved themselves other like. It is. It is crazy. To me to see how this has stood the test test the target how many different things have come off of and I'm sure. There're so many NFL cities that are dealing with the same situations that we're dealing with hurricanes that would mark his feet. That would attest it is the Pittsburgh situation with the army Rangers it was a huge deal. With him. The former army ranger who wanted to come out at that like it has it is bid. Absolutely crazy Jerry Jones is on his means manipulating it. Like taking a knee but not for the national and they're wearing threatened by it his yes. Been in sane and the best party is. Is I've never seen anything strike up conversation about race. Or social injustices the way this situation. Ike is it is it is it is. All right we do this to in every show coming up this segment that is sweeping the nation. Any tickets to excellent 69306. Texted which. Those who watch it Netflix Hulu. Amazon from whatever go to the movies whatever what you want to deny big night. Truck that New Year's Eve what you watch them. There. Needs. Battlestar Galactica won't admit it you'll want to be. It's chilly Pettway touched down at Super Bowl fly first class plane. Watch him bark orders. I'd like a remake movies is at. Months and since my. Hi my girls it's been up front the threat goal. Triple and I think that. And web site up. It works against aids what a rather be feared or loved. Evening well. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. What's ones. Johnson. Absolutely no gone for good reason there literally kicked off good to excellent jackets he's six. To fix texted what's in those who lives in anything Netflix Hulu. On network. To be what have you as we goalies can give it expects. The very first blow. For. And I would be days if bill's special trucks on Netflix what does that you know. It's supposed experts come out today so it should be beyond. Did you and his first Roland was do like it to port was that. Yet there at least two of them at the same time in this is the third line I usually that stuff just. It's added at midnight there should be about that in on that. Then I'd let me know what's. And insert about it and he was. It was so that's close movies like black keys. Did you ever had tricked your parents when you're not. But you did actually growth in the hood you had enough money where he wrote The Who grew up poor. With a low around white people they sit the first time he goes in the night at a white person sound. You go back home you left it. Dad and a whole lot to do to step up to admit that if we live in the same luck this week's. You know I was layers. I was pretty. So when you're 78 going to the movies to Monty. Is really and perfect it these days of oats. Jim mines is being getting. It is credible and review he has the it up I thought it was going to be like. Yeah looks terrible but it made more money than blade 12049. In its opening weekend. I like a lot more yeah I mean that they got people that make you ghostly light the rock and the rockets' Kevin Hart those two games. Like pretty much almost anything they've been testing lately how silly in these schools except for. And infidelities but I mean like they had. Those two guys like. I they may they make movies that he's out goats don't necessarily make good fail bothered. You know they're never gonna be nominated for anything unless they get for April. But. Like I don't know like if they do the story of western. I I think Kevin Kevin Hart really be special event rule. You know why it is that you and I think the best and to Canada the ground given what's. Now I've seen it on that it's on Netflix she's really see these really. And Italy. It lasted a little bit of it it boggles the you know the royal look. I thought I do love like. Here he would shows like that that are sent specifically it's kind hey Andy. The what is it zoo in three of them wants the dues pretty strong. It is please throw and on and on a glance at them. I'm in the first season I can really hang with the it is is pretty do and Ivan Watson. So yeah I would I would definitely recommended. That soon. As a must mandate. That Williams as a news you missed it. Ozzy is he's done anything race. Besides besides it'll be done by that I that soccer player you go to jail so that am by tiger playing in a twelve year old kid is it. That movie. Isn't that movie. Bigger. Father figure. Yeah. Look it can't please step and a make it light scenes and give it to you. Black here on Netflix we don't know what that you. Now it's like Stanford downloads and he didn't speak it's not about how he'd get into that. I watched the first few episodes of the first season and I I just wasn't my thing it's slant. Have you ever watched the outer limits but is kind of like that like every show is a different story. Well you know I'm on. Others. I'll watch god. When Netflix. It is raise it but is pretty good that this. Jim Carrey is votes Yemeni. Where he's at where it is going through the glee eighty cough up yes I had I want I saw a preview that I do ones off. It is pretty light. What he did it die like a video like they just kind of had him a run recordings of him the entire time. During during this feel like even even offset. And he eat just completely stayed in character the entire time there these days as AB Kong even when they say cut. If people come out of a great job and less active. And he's saying. Thank you mean maybe. You made it. Coming. Please stay with us learn the service through casinos anything in the head so nice of him being. Power. And the Pacific casinos it's going to be. Post game show of invent well there. And that's the homes.