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Tuesday, January 23rd

How big is this movie in pop culture that the Academy recognized it by giving some Oscar love?  We wish he was still here today, but if he were here today how would the fan base look at him.... more like Duffy or Peters?  Kyle Bush is pretty clueless and Bortles has everything you'd want in a sympathetic figure but why does Ron have zero feels for him? 


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I've been about 592. Show and all of of radio. I. Man's AL winning 59 seconds I am you know receives that as well it's certainly bending. Browns have hired former Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley to run the Cleveland nonsense under coach hue Jackson source told ESP at them chapter. This is indeed. Part eight a Johns browns. Maybe he will be the team's play caller a role Jackson has served as first two years of the brass. Jacksons are his options and coordinator but at one point eight reports surfaced that new general manager John Dorsey would be hiring an offensive coordinator. I see job. And say about this is gonna get real reckless. I can already see the play and unfolding and I am reporting it here first John Dorsey signed up. I'm the one and 31 hue Jackson the mere retain his head coach B is Jimmie hasn't dislikes it. This is all to bide time until he could see my shadow days. And Debbie the next head coach. At the Brent Celek on fun. This photo with the heroes run this you bleach out. To all a lot of listeners. Put those. Traders did and because we salute to. For allowing us to be a small part. Is your Tuesday evening. Stanford Joseph produces bad apple dialogue with Julio stances JNCAA radio production in the building. M I'll I think Stephen certain. I was witness them from the so once it from the text and I think again one more John browns is almost done. Let's stick dale closer to this guy I don't foresee. Well. Wanna be like that I swear I would drag this out to the stud next football snow he won't I won't let out. I'll cut they have CO. We'll come right in with the with a lot of the note that they'll make me they've not lost a little bit don't make me at stake mildly. Is Sheikh. As stick it up like Taylor Swift. That most here I'm segments for the oh thank you that was. As it was is that. So today. The the Oscar nominations came up. And that the big that I think is it really big deal. That is stopped as us animals which had a is mad. Surprise. The recognition and they get out. From the house that we all see that movie my game removing the really surprised and I did a pop culture and not just like that is that yes I think it's a big deal. That you know for Afghan Americans and black folks that the director. In oh. Which was when Z which one is Jordan appeal that deal they would start to know who the that deal. Was is up for best director. And that the gentleman that Tiffany had its head sets or tabs anybody's name if you watched the lord. To guy just wants to slow clap it's helped her so every time you read the snake that big guys up and started it was named. Easy he is up for best actor Daniel yeah yeah and a million of whom who we gonna see thought it fluent. As Eliot there was three different. And that leads. I. Get elected in hands and practice they have they beat which it would appear as she struggled with fifty names. We see it unload the producers of some of these movies it was two. Point is get it over. I just wanted to make up names that just sounded good at what. Like just things it seems confident and Jeff for even though that when their last names I just notice that it would come off. Up. It was a huge deal for pop culture that a movie like that. Could be look at you know academy is real these snobbish. Have movies like that about. Like the movies that were up last. Like La La lane. I couldn't hold that drive like you liked what well what the movies that was that was the site. The arts like use bank but it just don't talk like that is completely exit Meehan. It exactly music of the movie get now does it normally it. Best picture right. Not only is it just. Doesn't fit best that I saw that I can go to them. Movie and know okay this be a movie it's a pulse. Meryl Streep it's OK it is. I knew that whatever Daniel Day-Lewis decides to do they're all horrible most of beat. But a holiday bonuses incredible it's important that all I wanna call OK that was but so that would like the Lincoln will. A good thing wait it was pretty boy I was going that he was into the only you know and lots of us all get out what you. It was really good. It was very smartly done in in an incredibly creative. But generally all he's from the cat. I shot that he got this budget picture. I was kind of build is like it like a whole are blue. I that's not something that's generally gonna get a lot of Oscar knots but it was on it it was like a comedy with. It was everything. And out and the black those it was a real war but it it it was a horror movie and adds the little movie but it was also very funny. So like I is when I saw all those those nominations come out. I was shocked. That the academy gave that lets look. I don't know if this chance to win but this is good enough report for pop culture general that movies like they can't be many. And get that type of recognition. I just think that. It had such a powerful message and the creativity in which the message was conveyed. It's something like that that's something that people take in the consideration. Because it was it was it was a one of the more creative films of the year. And the message was incredibly insightful on incredibly powerful like that's what made it such a special movie. I I know that I thought it was created I think everyone here thinks is created me a Jolie's we taught us several top it. I don't necessarily think that that would be something that the academy would look at it that I I said I guess that as I think I think. Dunkirk was nominated to I love Christopher Nolan. Don Kurt I thought was a pretty good movie but under is not close to any state by is not close to his best work. But anything that Christopher Nolan does just it's not now because he's revered as one of the best directors a lot. A bunker is awesome and on the get out thing like there was part of me to kind of saw how much she was. Taking over like social media and things like that throughout the year in the back in my attic analysts thought. Mike you shot because social media dominate so much of the conversation now and I had. Thought it was his kind of evidence of where we're at in terms of how the narrative get set and everything to kind of confirmation that were starting to progress in the way that the narrative shaped. But it was a big part of me that thought the academy was going to just. Completely ignore it because of the nature of the story and all that. But it took over. It took over social media but that doesn't necessarily mean it. Academy would we did here is that like yeah. Always movies that are spectacular. Or or take over. Industries to take over things are things that people talking about all the time does this say the media academy there. Academy in that that was the part of me that was just like wow like. They like not only did people out ready and people that like us who watched it Felix. And understand how creative it was so. I can't when he was. I'm I don't do more movies either as there is a key appeals. Who just wrote just wrote what is that movie Keon of the stupid cat movie how do you go from Q are new to some likeness. Pretty impressive. I mean movies gets snubbed every year and may it may be asked to do with the actual. But. Amp it up so now I can do it that a lot. Of they calculate that it's. Is. That I hate you tells us it was Eric I mean in this country and beat and I think I can have a lot to. Stay well. Excellent text of moonlight. Why is why is it movie that you could see the academy going it. Like all like that is different that what is the movie you could see the academy Sam okay. Yes it is well. Especially having the the sexuality. Things that happen with a bit like you could see it. This one. Please get to this palace outside this with some meat to the edge did you watch right now what's right now they like it. Atlas. With some nine alone in the Florida and it got a big got a 88 last week that it. So suck it. But. At that without. Because I did as there is a question and that's that this. As sick I wanted to. Ask the question because we're here outlets here yesterday that it would give it your Donald that was the one year anniversary. Have a conversation that he can be an interesting one. It just a simple question. That one glance that I don't think's been Anixter talked to a man. Bad here news is I believe trade yeah. And this game right now is about to say to deal. I've done asbestos that the I've done as much as that and it yes allowing guys to get involved to deal with very young at six tips at the great. I believe jury he's going to say to him. And a humbling. But this Ayers sit ill with. At this so yesterday it was uncorrected and and and it'll be sent in that we talk about all week. Of that yesterday. Was the one year anniversary heavily. Does this. Mean in. And I believe was. And it was this time last year we were at an offense and we were discussing this. It band fans that remember how crazy it was in terms of light they had this entire it's. Spot expand based dedicate it to him and it it was this in it was a real emotional thing around the city. It has been a year. And act I guess where I wanna go with this is. I just throw all Quist and we all wish the O'Donnell was here today adding columns and meant we all wish you'd done was viewed. But I do throw this out ovals. How well. Do you think the fan base would look at your Donald and terror. If he was here today in 2018. January 2018. If he were here today. And that awful tragedy didn't occur do you think that the fan base would look at him more. In the Danny Duffy light or indeed Mark Peters. But I tell you right now I think. He he is the closest and Lee in the last ten to fifteen years that we whip we've ever seen too. It was Marcus theatres before mark is Peter's got here. OK he was like maybe not as bad because of the the political nature of what people don't but he was marked his feet. I'd like I won't argue that it was like that and I challenge you. At this got a dead net and never had a off the field stuff but never been arrested. But I knew if 2018. He was here January that it never happened. I bet you the fan base to me about that you would look at him more like closer to market leaders and they would any debt. And by the way we'll be live from fan fest on right. They sound bites him. I like when it went when something is so series. Are might atrocities like I don't know if it is this that is. I do think the year Donna woods. Get a pass spam. I got because I think a lot of their royals players in general yet. Passes because we're seeing where you know heeded he never again he didn't get a but I think it's yeah I mean it's hard to say now but I think that a lot of these royals players especially now in the current climate that they organization and it is in where. You don't know who's coming back like no one signed a new contract Nolan signed with another team and you don't know what's going on people are clinging on. To the players from that World Series T ads out like with the cheese where as. Artistry is angle on people's Asia's market fears comes from the protesting in the kneeling but it's also now it's become. Just frustration with the organization and lack of winning because. Are you speeders was in my opinion the MVP of that team down the stretch as you were trying to point out long deals. Agree with. Like I figured on though at times was the best pitcher on their tee it people like people like. He had that amazing game. In game six of the World Series against the giants when it was the most pressure packed game I'd seen it can't city aptly have a professional athlete and in my life. The most pressure packed at that time situation. To where he came out. And hey Ed do we. It he was young he'd never been on a stage quite that. The two time defending but the two time that if it but two time world Chiat. She lived now. It went seven innings and the death of his brain on is mine Oliver to various when it's to their asses down. That didn't hold the next couple years bed and hold. They're just ultimatum it's Otto he's up puck is all of this people talk about it and hold up from that moment. Number it's okay you'd think he'd get highest utility. Get a pay. Some people wondered about the team. Liked that the similarities that I see between them isn't in markets Peters you have a transcendent talent that does it be happy to exactly how a lot of the fan base wants him to. And so there's irrational anger and frustration saying get him off the team is he worth the trouble. You're Donell transcendent talent. That doesn't exactly behave on the view of the way that you'd want him to you heard that some of the families once in two and so we had all those articles and in talking points. On the radio on television is he worth the trouble. Is he mentally right things like that Agassi a lot of similarities between them in now. And that sent his pop. It's a tough puzzle that we woody here. Like people some logistics and are you all high let's admit I'm not gonna forget about worry let's I know since he's passed. It is it is a different thought process with. I don't that is because it's he's passed it but do you you can't remember you can't forget where he was and how people looked. Before he passed he was Bart is Peter's. That's it it was a it was a different because of the political aspect but there like if you think you're so okay. Maybe it was set as an athlete in Kansas City then you can reads you can remember that they have base. Having the same closest feeling that they would have to market beat it's your Donald two. Legged out and it just it. I'd be honest I think it's a bit about it because I don't think it can you say there are some similarities. Yes there are some similarities. Did he do some chocolate stuff that people didn't like yes but I think that was in large part. A vocal minority that that now what they stuff like trade him not kind of follow and you and you could see him growing. As a pitcher as a player as a person. Throughout the rest of that 2000 happily do that 2016 these I think. Coming into this season coming into that next season it people expected him to kind of carry on the view real estate is available at I got mad about it. Brutal. Nobody outside of the ruling. Was sane it. This might be but nobody outside of the royals were saying that you're down to was role until after. I don't think that's true at all there were on the Castro are we did hear fans we did hear media nobody listening and they can't was rolling in until my guy. I do feel. I do remember the criticisms and everybody being very harsh blaming calling him a child and immature and things like that but what I'm saying. Is that right now at this very moment. I think it is it is a different atmosphere around the organization because everyone is terrified of what's of what they're gonna trot out there on opening day. So if he is still here instill on that team on opening day. I think he is one of the more revered players at the time assuming the you don't have half a roster that you add lassie. To people watched. People watched. People watch that she's the game. We're terra. Of seeing achieved the mark speeders. It has stopped. Mean I'm. Like ups aren't there I liked it liked. If you missed let's say it if you're out opens or were alive today do you think the fan base would look at him close to the way to look at any depth the think they were looking at close to the way that they look at markets beat and I don't think it's. Like that's all he ever head there. But that that Danny Duffy and Danny in these built up supports these built. This leverage but any can't do anything wrong. Dedicated to anything. Liked it is on it Eric Hosmer type missions and other cities that's. But Eric Hosmer is that not right. I talk about anything off the duty to any Duffy is up and that it I don't not figured out of it too would like. The I think only if he won like. Cy Young. Maybe. At out. Because do you remember how people reacted during the many which not opening. About people not. Edit your final act of the Oakland a's they would bet Brett Lawrie was trying to get. Skeet. I'll also remember how happy everybody was when they gave him an extension I remember how happy everybody was on the days that you're Donna was pitching. Because you wanted to go to the K you want to watch and guts and there'll hundred miles and now which brother equity stints in came before all of quirky. You know that are actually Machado and things that got the fan base angry at McCain way or that. Others and win was not able to go out and about his office say that aids was excited. But. The last two years that he was there it was coming down here about. A but the content it's not right yeah. People on this page people everywhere a lot of people. I don't think it's a small mature like people are giving. With Donald in direct yes like they were Smart meters when you would have the the main image out of playing a dual people war. The age saying. Let people need to come down and had his back at it rushed Greg's when he came out about one to kick. His pants no regrets came out of the blue takes a day as it was saves I think. To. Say that it would. Who would get tired of the answer to let the trying to say that. About leaders like. It's an early boards. Are. Think it would be more on the along the lines of on the Travis Kelsey issue where he's doing knuckle things are glad we're sick of him doing those types of things I don't think it was. To the extreme that market Peter I think that's a bit of an extreme comparison I would think Chelsea at the beginning of the season those four or five games. That was more along the lines of where Ventura was as opposed to that extreme I'll committed and but I disagree. Well I liked my counter question to you would be like name one. Person in the media said that we should trade Travis Kelsey because those takes were all over the media are down. I don't wanna the only one under the bus but. We'll leave the names bully the names out of our league the names up now. But I mean. The things that are down on people or you know calling for him to be traded and things like that. He was also his performance was slipping a little bit right I I he was struggling at the time don't know I. I'm not saying that that's why I understand that people are saying that because of his attitude in because they're saying. Oh he's he's got a locker room guy people are like you even though there's no proof Romanian that things but does things that people speculate. I still think there's a large portion in the sand based day. Loved your Donovin terror like I remember I was and I remember going to stand fast you know after they lost the giants the World Series and he was one of the main guys and everybody wanted to see another well first off the royals players they would seek. Like a Bartlett he is yeah I don't want to look at. Guys like. I talked to multiple people like who just couldn't wait to me Donovan during an autograph for nude on a vendor because he was one of the young exciting news everybody thought he had. This this massive potential to become any week pitcher because he could throw so. I would do that LaMarcus. Are here yeah I just. I feel like a lot of people get lost into. The the situation that he was it and how people view him. I think a lot of people forget that I really do. Are coming up on the other side. Just talk about baseball will be cut. Could suck. And an edge in the day. In terms of national marketing itself would be worse than baseball. That so dealers that baseball in terms of national marketing. I think we may have found. His uncle and you're listening to show will run the show you can. Six teams were really good at getting tickets dot com now for six they're not particularly using remote code six did sports. Man. I've advantage here on this that seven bank. They adjacent building. While acting as the surges in years. I know that conversation. And image that we can Texas a little bit later. I'd like a series. Oh. I really think people. Just at times had it where Iwuh. And who you're down it's are good students at it visible. Like Canas is dragged its not humanity can be different inflections it you voted since they have the kittens there. And it's you desperately that here is talking about it. And that is but that's vascular. We don't do a lot and ads at all. But. But I I think is. This story that I looked up Madrid about Kyle blues. We talk about. We talk about Major League Baseball just not getting good at times when it comes to. Like the the national marketing understanding how to market their sport nationally understanding how did. So look okay these things we need to do to make our sport are these things we need to do so are sparse or continue to grow. And make strides and like commenting you know this day and secure. Others to a radio station in Charlotte. Don't Charlotte they don't even give a damn about racing that but. They sit in Charlize it. Out of David out there really talk about. That skull maybe the Daytona 500 I give five minutes but not that insurance. Because of reasons like this car. Hopeless one of the more popular drivers. Number 32 our boss informed us today. He is the heels of this of Everest he's hill the race card. This place it. All you're doing. And this is as this he has an issue wit the younger. The younger drivers Billy really being pushed by natco. Us into this dumpster. All your doing is advertising on these younger guys for fans to figure out and pick up on and shoes they choose to be their new favorite drivers. Okay eight. I think it's stupid I don't know about marketing I'm not the marketing genius. That's behind this deal but I. Think it's still. A series. This is why NASCAR is stuck what does it does that not make it's dark. Tried to focus that your youngest dollar. It is 32. He's forty snack and any etiquette like. I would think that is a dumb idea for NASCAR to duke finally. Finally NASCAR is something that makes its remote drivers promote you know I think this adds thirty and they know. Now these are we talking about a whole. Outset. You well. Think race car driver. What do you think I. Jimmie Johnson Jeff Gordon. Jeff Gordon and out just what dale and Dale Earnhardt junior yeah. I. I'd. Seen it is there if woods well. Absolutely about. Is as you know our guys are lucky for Dale Earnhardt junior's just made Jeff Gordon and I just totally made it might lead. I. It. This is. Like. I keep up with kids these days it sucks is that the juniors in college seniors know his son's name is Leo Benjamin. I use it as. I said step according to ice it dale. I literally Dillard's. Ice but those who got a list. For all of my god achy. Let remote younger stars is Jimmie Johnson is nine years ago nobody. You know he's. He's been entertaining you know. And mutual owns 48 as the caller. I feel like at that sport united. Thanks Le journal picked two people people attach themselves. Again it's not like it just pick out who their favorite guy is and then it is Dave's role in Baghdad for years. Of course though score it would promote guys going to be out of the sport X five year. It makes it for them to promote guys that are younger but the same issue that golf as there there's not a young person that they can pick. That's dominating the sport it's that in these sport that. They don't have any young person that's that stands out that you can really grad gravitate towards that game. But the difference is I don't think Phil Mickelson and tiger coming out. Try to poo poo on the younger golfers angry at a fancy and ask. Well what it down. Well and all of weakness at its third and drivers it will spend much time. Golf is at odds were that you were built up. Like credit Kubel one younger taller people embraces. Blogs like the ones. That got to betray yeah TV it's activated straight at a special. This is 32 days they may just LeBron was out here now. Talk about it younger. Just talk about may. Just. Is that time if he show you stop. I. Showstopper. I. New England Patriots special teams ace Matthew Slater said tight end rob during cast he is in pretty gets its after suffering a head injury Sunday. I piece of espn.com pass along their marshals later on Tuesday and noted the pats have not confirmed the Aleman as a concussion. When the patriots announced he was out of out for the remainder of the game following evaluation dailies today as a head injury not taking cash and which is important distinction because a concussion would force Iran to complete the NFL's updated concussion protocol. Hard to play in the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles. That is being. That's I think they did just say it's a head injury and not a concussion he has had to go through the protocol I feel like. I've guys up the fishy there at somebody's gonna have to be stopped and now you now there seeding for the patriots. I'd be I'd share the NFL's going to look into it idea I would assume that if you could if you can do that and get away with it while why isn't every teams do that. It's gonna head injury instead of a concussion. The same. Is it really does is really that he should. Like he was out. More success I've got to believe they call that head injury apparently they did not call it bit it got so heated according to Mike it's so he did not have to go to the as a political. Not Ursa is supposedly that on the injury report all couple officially come out tomorrow. But supposedly according to my priest they never reported it. As a concussion they reported as a head injury which if you report is concussion you immediately end of the concussion protocol. Here. He's got two weeks he's known yet whether he was down for I'll be fine any. B Adams after the patriots away their road white jerseys in Super Bowl 52 against Philadelphia Eagles. Team wearing white jerseys has won the Super Bowl in twelve of the previous thirteen seasons do you think bill Belichick's thinking it. I would imagine they've got some research guy who proudly game that's that is that. All right you think they push it to that level a analytics space at eight analytics I think a lot of answers. They were lights listed in certain. How many times that they want likes it's the rams and the seat they were otherwise gives the CI Leslie on you delegates. What are they wearing an advantage that they Wear blue against the giants here except that out what they where he has done. I have on over to Google images I. Partly I know that little blue eyes first what does it ballooned out it remembers very it's uniform. Aka emeritus at. So as the blues for the blues just look at the Carla trail blazers owner Paul Allen and star guard Damien Miller the reportedly held a meeting Thursday to discuss the direction of the franchise. Just the two. Allen now. Alan feared Willard would request a trade to the Tony seven year old point guard instead made it clear that he has championship aspirations and partly. All star Damian Miller who's this was done Damien. Finally made it. We're talking about like it's about collide later. You know he's having argues that it's about having a hard time it and other. Great players. Two the blades are about another the other great players come you lost Aldrich. From Portland. That's how I. Got there have been reports but here upwards announced schools they sit there haven't struggles again people this year. They've just been really terrible and identifying personal wings to complement Damon CJ McCollum. Are coming up man. So the return of the black heart. I'm sorry I know everything about Blake portals seems like he should be a sympathetic figure. But I did and I actually got into it out of him was. This show would run the show. Have you gleaned from the MVP's victory PD and cooling to yield six news Sports Radio. Oh man. It. It. In this yeah. I was well Etsy. Over the week in on Sunday watching the today and the patriots. And it a lot of people were going for them for the jays in their minds and it is in their hearts they regard than their minds. They understand is this is a much better now. That we're not dealing with the jags. But. I think. Like didn't play. It wouldn't want them offices that pathetic like it felt like main man he was crying after the game it really reluctantly. And you know everything like people trashy. Talk about a man I Abby. Who look and listen for the Texans they came Eddy pretty hard. Cloudy and downy than the guy from the sides acknowledge any of playing him he came Adam pretty hauler. I people people that ever the last couple years people have just crushed. Late portals and a you know I was welts forced us to have to. To go crazy. On him. I hate. This soaks. They. Field at all I've got in Chile. Out of it like it is not sympathetic to me it made me. Disliking of war. That he kept doing it like I like I have now he cried not that he cried but it made me pretty well they failed. And make you dislike him or that he lost which has ever what does it is going to do. It it may be outlets like I really feel bad form and I was rooting for but I yeah. I didn't think that they were going to wind that it is the is that I guess. But it. I I don't think Blake morals is a good quarterback but the guy does have a 35 touchdown 4400 yards seasonal adjustment it's. That is to ideas like when it here it was coming down I didn't feel anything forward. I wasn't like I love me. I would just like. Hailed. Speculate as well. But a lot of people. Don't I don't think I'm alone those that are either are a lot of people who just. Lepers so he's even as much as Blake portals would appear. To be so somebody that is sympathetic. I served sought out of that rubbed the wrong way. Why is it something about from the united in his LeBron it up to us about him that just analyzing that. That rubs the wrong way about maybe it's his girlfriend that he had elbow suck it up guys that would it is. So out of rubs the wrong way. I mean I don't know why you'd think I've never felt that way personally but I birdie for them is a team. Do I think if they got Alex Smith's that they have a better shot at this liberal yes. And I don't think he's a very good player I think that we sock. How cautious the coaches were when they were taking good. I don't care about it. I just what and a B the Susan lynch. You know looses lutes news now this keep those. You can never win a daytime soap opera in eyes lit. That's about outlook and BS's in lutes. And I was just keep lose. There is he'd lose. I don't like I object I was nerve. During the game I was nervous about I'd OK this might happen like there is there has been a topic he has a Smart about it. It's a bit of an eighth hole out. Just this part of this anxiety and seems to like it. Yeah they are all back in. Despite all the criticism and knowing full well. That he is the one thing that's really stopping them from being great. A Mercedes right back in the loan to use because. It about. When he minutes or so hopefully. We will give our reaction. To this game. And and and bill cells and have some explaining to do what he's doing right this is. That this is that I'm on I guess we'll get into this especially if this outcome becomes. Like it looks like it may. Or it looks like a pig because this is predict what he's doing he's too good of a coach would like. Too good of a coat. And now this is weaker. And it he's it is there. Like he's still go to the colts for that I get him out right now. This is up there is gonna come back on me about public portals. I mean I had faith and Blake portals when he was younger player I had faith. In him and Alan Robinson is a pairing moving forward I thought they were both going to be at least Allen adds it was going to be a star I still think he has that potential. Carry out an ACL there. I that team won this year. Even running when I was eating a a threat on Twitter about the entire second half breakdowns like stat for sap of the Jacksonville Jaguars. And they ran on first down. Literally every single possession third deep and second down every single possession. And there was just no there was no variety in their play calling whatsoever. I was just super predictable because they're afraid to try anything to Blake or. But my thing is this do you want him to do. I really don't care about the charity please. Do you want him to suffer like I'd. I want him to win the Taliban know inseparable do you like as a number two on Steve's tapped their heated but I feel like he's buying. Loans noble. But I think it was a lie that I think you wanna see lines but it just wears day. But I filled addressed all of our fans I bit odd that I feel that he's in look at it now he's the assistant coach at that Lithuanian basketball team. So is going to be good Father's Day. Or ruined and Lithuania in basketball career it's. They're doing it the but I that Blake laurels is. He is my version of your lines a ball. Would hate I like the enjoyment I got on a couple of place. Would Steven Gilmore broke up that pass it the enjoyment that I got was over the top wind. I felt it was bakery. Those tears rolling down. I added that used I think it was sincere I mean I think my thing was just no one. I feel he can't manufacture one he added a second one on each. Like I think I'd. You could easily manufacture one single tear on each I don't think there is gone a couple times he and I and honor and a freely admit that I think there Virginia because I did what and to be. This. Bill. Coming up. The Cleveland Cavaliers this group. That's my nephew runs the show. And you're listening to the show. Seeks genes boots and radio go to get a ticket dot com now for six did not your ticket order using promo code six did sports.