12/29 - Josh Vernier

The Day Shift
Friday, December 29th

Josh Vernier joins The Day Shift. 


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We've talked a lot about the need of people to talk about this tweet he once they are royal this one will know it's usually about business. You some about venture with the emotional side and ensure quite a bit but the business side of that. Like if insurer was still here if you certifiable won in two adventure and Duffy do you think the off season this year for the royals is different. If you had those two guys the top rotation. Well I think you know we didn't. Why would you even want to be content if you know you're you're out and that happened. We lack right you don't Jason Hammel made it out but elsewhere that. The AMOCO. Burger Donald opting. Abdominal that it never did so. Yeah yeah not only. The these are. All obviously. And he didn't. Could turn out not much. Asia because. Short for future. It was no water. After a bottle. And I don't know I would hope that the more sweet. What was going to happen 2000 that it seemed odd move into the web. Because. I'd. Change. We've all oh in public and you should talk with. He. Struck. Out golfing public. 60%. Of the day. But you know about what. And direct it lot yeah what the. Regards to DB Duffy there for this alive and that would talk a little bit off the year about a harper right about it this whole notion. Did Dini Duffy and the royals would be doing him wrong if they went down traded him because of the loyalty he showed the royals. By Simon that. Team friendly deal I sit there and think about it in my. Did he really do that again in five years 65 million dollars after goal on the deal three times as he did this last year about the span of the newsroom January 16. 65 million guaranteed dollars. And he really had put a full season together at look at this burn I say. Was just brilliant hometown discount as its market value of the deity got do you get at the bet on himself. A lot not that it was market out it was easy. Offer the world should present the adopt. He. Picard. At the time. The he was yet to grow under normal. It immediately he. Tommy John surgery and other injuries. It is past. That looked at about the extension before he gets free agency bombed the world that he who you're going to do not what you have done. And whatnot we're going to shore could. Have been great could still be great. But it was potentially. A possibility. Has seen it happen on the field. For what he could. But you know. What we know he will give you a hundred. There are eaten it and you bull that was. But remote. That in the EQ and. Either a mop the deal. For. God to keep them off the field and hurt you ultimate product that you put out there are so they don't but the award. Took more to adopt the button that opted out of it but if you look I'm not there on. People now rate as well as well in my work outward making 65 million dollar. So polite but yet why it. But he gets it right out to be making upwards of nine. Want the appropriate because they sent it on the on line were aboard but didn't it didn't hometown discount. In Newton on an up or Hewitt signing up for getting paid and we'll see what happens on the lot to be in about. Dennehy used to pay nice center for the day more press conference at the do you live in any media angriest moment I've ever seen date more but he's got the 65 million geared to aid. It he had to sit there and you'll there's a reason I brought the sober thought is interesting it'll be trade rumors. They put up the largest contracts and it will be history for pitchers post Tommy John surgery. In I'm surprised the point is a big deputies was the date. So he is the eighth best contract in Major League history for on off Tommy John which that shows a lot of loyalty from the royals. And seeing that now that that took all right there. But and I at that an agreement with our character and few weeks ago you know what all that stuff was popping up with. So the trade rumors have been going on Twitter. Yeah they're work quite they actually that was the but I think the most world but if you treat you any doubt he would. You know. It was presented it is it's you know you can no longer preach family as you. If you truly did not have been taken care of god never been harder than what he what that in. Who looked up and now who left the game awhile to get in 65 billion dollars and we believe it for the next five years. What she knows. More loyalties and then putting well so you have to hit the world want to put the biggest. It's a job I'm just curious the reaction. Alec on Twitter because it's one thing the athletes will oftentimes you know use social media where did the fans on their side and we all like Dini but. The whole loyalty thing beer in the royal all of this. I understand that but I understand the team has the make decisions to business decisions they can't be pleased with. I don't know maybe the pandering to the crowd that we see. You know I don't oh. Had he heard the thing that we're. More on that in. What we are over years of that relationship. What we were on the tree out. First didn't I'll explain to treat you outrunning. Prior to. Filing the paperwork what our relationship helped you with you there. So why people out there. Something that it. You know. But that is how old we open channel of communication come talk. But. That was that would bother me. I was more. But it but it aren't that that the potential. You know it didn't. So now the upper but the people are looking better woman went in wore in the tree line. I'd open about the oil pull the trigger that give one of those. Two upper echelons prospect in the third goal of the prospect that they did. You know what you do on that that the pipeline. Birds of the ditch on the line are you surprised at all how slow free agencies been. Coming towards Christmas in less than five. Hundred million spent in usually this time has been were billion dollars spent in baseball last five years when it comes to Christmas are you surprised or you can you're the one got to put me on this whole. Free agent next year than last year we're talking about it. Do you think that's carrying ovaries prize at all. Yeah Portland crowd sure sure that the here are some that you. Know he could even could be. A lot of general and the saint Marie are all very copper cookie cutter holiday. So now a lot of Lamar. No shock. The I hit you know that they should be. Because everyone today is not now did you eat in the red sock money market for all was well. Building eighteen to create he would take more out it's. Flawed or. That one now on four it is. More with a lot of free agency the although it.