12/27 - Pat Mahomes

The Day Shift
Wednesday, December 27th

Chiefs rookie Patrick Mahomes addresses the media after being named the week 17 starter. 


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That's where homes start for the first time became city chiefs so it is first up press conference as the chief starter. Is this. To start. Here that you get a whole week to prepare and is this just you know of the human race report. I mean is not very different I mean every single week this entire season trying to prepare like I was. The starter and trying to learn and Michelle is ready for any moment so this we can do the same things can bang in the future that I can go out produce. What about that if you get that deep. Things went too long ago they were number one that they still play hard they still make the chiefs. Yeah and candidates had a great defense is India a great towers go up there for a start and get to get it gets a great defense mean there's no announced that anything on his desk when investigators believe. Coach coach three camping told me I think it was yesterday. I mean we were in here watch a film as a group and we just gonna learn as we go and I hate it when I'm gave his plan of the exciting news to announce don't working in the film done on the price. I was under the media roommate talked all the quarterbacks against the plan for a for this weekend what we're gonna do and then the new Ford plants some. No I mean I feel assault on the I was I was ready and that I'm ready to go in the book there and tenderness like candle and affable man. Since its. I'm earning almost got a great relationships and I mean for them it's it is gaining confidence is all there and play your game play fast and and hopefully multiple. As the injuries. Not none looks I get a few more practice reps and that's that's that's a big thing that same time. Mean I've been trying to do as much like it was in the week to try to stick to that routine. I guess you more reps aren't really the physical rents have practiced the same time do what you mean juveniles. I. Means it is a good time hasn't film of how they played us. You talk to Alex and he's played in a couple arms I mean it's a good deal to talk to him and gets inside him. I mean the same time it's great defense will be great town to go up there in needling. Patrick deep this happens will be. Just tailored a little bit more you rather than just the generic chiefs' offense. I don't know necessarily affiliate Tiffany I mean for me it's about to go out there producing. Whatever place country those tags on them all so I mean it won't necessarily tailored more premium feel to other. But it must resolutely it does mean dolphins had an office to be for anybody. Williamsburg ones. Yeah I mean that it is prepared for an NFL football game on the news. One of the best added it just me prepared knowing every situation. No it just happened when he needs to hear this happens don't here. And I mean just those things of stuff I'd watch him do and watched him make those vessels sideline and is preparing to win a football. So it's. I mean the biggest thing for me is spectacle out there and win them in any way possible to go up there that's. 300 yards that's up a hundred or whatever it is whatever it takes to get a win as the biggest thing. Him. I mean just having. Our defense is. It's not going as every single week we have a great defense and a lot of great players and they they tackled me and look a little to help themselves just get that. Mental reps as the rest of going against a great defense held. You and I did this week and after college he came in for injured. Yeah yeah interviews this is different this. There. Fares start and it definitely helps build prepare for the defense so we can get all your all the risks that you can't guess certain looks. But I mean they're not necessarily. Best way I guess you play I mean it's just you know players on the also.