12/27 - Andy Reid

The Day Shift
Wednesday, December 27th

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid addresses the media prior to Wednesday's practice. 


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I'm a won't practice. We're going on turf in the Betty Logan. Is doing fine he program. Back up things a little bit. Other than that prevails is going look for the challenges of playing Denver. I will go ahead and and so bin. According to position. Some players. Some of the younger players. Thatcher cool going to quarterback spot. In them is that there's going to be some rotations going on and so on but. I think that's right primary. Concerns that that's what's going on. You know it. That's we look for the jobs plan that we know other good football team it's just a situation we're in right now that accuses the young guys an opportunity gets. Experience and that's a valuable it is really good teams so. Again. You know you prepare yourself to play your best possible game and that doesn't want to. I'm its. How much do you. Were you. I don't know I wanted to see you know everything goes. As I can hurt for sure and he will learn from it every snap that he did so as a valuable snap form for. Whenever he has that chance. Didn't and there's so. You know that that's. As a guide and unfortunately were in a situation where we can do that. Fortunately we have a quarterback Alex and understands it and having a phenomenal year. It's MVP MVP caliber year. And so. Understands the situation this long. The cure anything off from what he's doing. Commanders is so it's. It. I just think the fact that he goes and plays and has that experience. I'm not. You know I've I don't have come out and set expectations. Are that as our allies want to go play learn the game plan play and and immediately take you know. The office and most all have an opportunity. And how was it about all that we'll see. Rules you know we get there but. That's here that's really here and there. His plan as hard as. That affects them. Well you are here. Don't have the numbers that you have some positions. Those guys though. They'll rotate in their place and just like numbers. Yeah. For the most for the most that's where I'm right. Yeah. Oh. Now I've noticed that the fact he's been here and gone over things from where he started to where he's at now. I think it's a tremendous. I proceed in the courtroom the reason is priceless. Knowledge with a coach quote the players. You know art I'm planning got to come to work your day like Alex and then it will learn from that. Just prices. So he's come a long I would say he's come quite a ways. Ways. 19 head towards its. Win. Over the standouts now. No well. We hear kind of what he's all about and utilities so players there you know. You really don't know. He you know I'm saying as a person and so. He's everything everybody said he was you know great person. Works hard and loves playing all those things. We've seen now. Obviously hasn't played that game. Operations. Hartford. He's he's done a great job that is them. I the most disgusting stuff and then any individual were killed or get all that done in. And they'll be good form going down. Stretchers. This will be good very moment. I'll get the reps who have with the office rupiah. It is. We. And I wouldn't tell you right now let me get later in the week right here you better. You know better read on that. Right now. We'll just start their real practice. Steelers abuse at 51. Thing. I guess you'd love to play Evers. He's got a record on. News. Do love them. Your view. I yeah I got to look at that sure is. Let them do that Alex. But yeah. Let's admit it he's got to do it this guy hit easy ultimately got so whatever. You know whatever we decide you know. Is it is there packing up my door. You I know it will you know look. It's. I don't think I've done before and it's very it's worked pretty good so I've. I haven't seen in negative would. As long as they continue to work and that's the thing you got to keep. Gotta keep practicing and you you you keep yourself precondition. In all those things. It can be a positive help right away.