12/17 - Fantasy Football Sunday

Ben Heisler
Sunday, December 17th

We dive right into the Sunday Morning QB to get you all the info you need on this semifinal Sunday. Also, Brian Johnson joins the show to give you his weekly sleeper and Justin Fensterman answers all of your lineup questions. 


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Save. Paul Sunday presented by the joining us on 610s or. Here's Euro. This week fifty. In the National Football League in that semi finals week for daily and season long fantasy but also it is time to make sure your clients are ready to go. Welcome samples fantasy football Sunday presented by Bud Light my name is and Chrysler's to insert is with me for the next hour will take up until ran the show hugely. Answered coming up at 10 o'clock today for the shell. And then leading you up until hateful. Trip Saturday here on six and Sports Radio your home for the National Football League you're in Kansas City. We'll start things off of Houston and Jacksonville that's followed by Tennessee. And San Francisco 49ers despite having three wins our favorite today against the in the Sunday morning quarterback in the of course Sonny I came as well between the Dallas Cowboys in the Oakland Raiders all three games right here. On 610 Sports Radio as well as on our sister station 1660 the score. Got a full double letter over on that station as well between Cincinnati Bengals and the Minnesota Vikings and then the alternate. I top team in the afternoon later on AD Alley rams are heading to Seattle. For a match between Jared off Russell Wilson's out some outstanding match what's happening today here's what's coming up on the show. Throughout the hour will kick things off with a Sunday morning quarterback all the matches in the stats need to know for each game in the NFL. They'll be followed with a visit from archive Brian Johnson gambled dot com we'll reveal information you have to know for each game as well as his weakness sleeper. At 930 Saturday and I will give our daily plays those are presented by fantasy sports markets dot com study sleeper reach game. For your daily lives this week and that of course is semi finals week so make sure you send your questions and on the early side. Just an instrument of serious except fantasy Sports Radio in fantasyland dot com will join as as does every week at 945. To answer your lineup questions are sits or starts. Who the guys that you need to have in your life of this week to make sure that you move on to the championship game. Get those questions in the get a ticket sex line is 69306. Keep it's just two or three guys. Maximum of its anymore we just choose the best two or three for you. In her gonna hats is the one that keep its two or three guys and tax on its you'd better opportunity of getting your question answered on the air you know also has a on Twitter as well and that any ice. I assert is that Steve inserted you can have the station as well at sixth and sports easy all right. It matchups against we've already had a couple games aren't in the books apple is get to the rest of the sunny morning quarter. Hook it so easy a look. At the day again. The morning path. Monday Morning Quarterback. I was kick things off with Houston having to Jacksonville today the jaguars ten and a half point favorites at home. With a pretty small totals 39 points that's implying the jaguars should be plenty of control today. And there's bloody good reason for it Blake portals three straight games of top ten fantasy quarterback finishes. Got a great matchup today against the second worst defense in the NFL against quarterbacks. I do you compare him with eighty without either DD Westbrook a marquee sleep daily I think that pairing has perfectly fine. Can't H Ford because the way to Jacksonville has been playing especially and offices of late and factoring just terrible matchup in the Houston secondary. I think it's a wise move especially in cash and sounds strange to hear Blake portals and reliability and security but that's how he's played especially over the last three weeks. On the running side letter for that expected to be out for today so it'll be Chris Ivory handling the early running worked TJ Elden in passing downs for Houston. They'll be TJ Yates getting the start against the league's best defense so. You know it's. But that matchup against Jalen Ramsey is going to limit his ceiling so I think it's decent floor I think he still can get five to seven catches today. But certainly limited outside a guidance the second best. Corner in the league and him being the second best wide receiver in the league so far this year. Baltimore and Cleveland. If the browns seven point underdogs at home over under just 41 and half. Yeah this is still something that's a little bit frustrating for me to talk about it in a week but and they can value the stuff I just. I had the browns plus Ford in a burrito that was Carrington. They had a fourteen point lead in the fourth quarter. Gave up the go ahead touchdown bout seventeen seconds left and it asked why touchdown in overtime the browns signed. Is not only lose. Not covers while very disappointed Saudi look back on track. Another solid matchup for Josh Gordon you won at the face of against Jimmy Smith so that I haven't Silva wrote a world actually predicts the browns to wind today. Against Baltimore and Baltimore is coming off that let down opportunity against the Pittsburgh Steelers on the running great opportunity get a massive. Upset as they contending for the playoffs. I mean there's just too much on the line for Baltimore they're also in playoff contention so I don't expect penalties to be when this Cleveland Browns and they do expect to be closed once again. I'll for the ravens on the also susceptible to great matchup for the passing game. I'm Mike Wallace who had done nothing the first seven weeks of the season has seen an average of seven targets and asked why games I'd even though Cleveland's been pretty stout against the run. Fully expect outs Collins who ran his way through that defense for Baltimore. Odd Green Bay on your answers are three point favorite at home against the Packers although Aaron Rodgers back nice high over under 47 in this game. You'll reasons that I love this team so much for both sides both need this win and you also desperate quarterbacks that are looking to the row throughout the game. Think Aaron Rodgers returning stabilizes the Packers offense they slowed things down under Brett Conley and it basically cause Jordy Nelson to be magic acting completely disappeared. He's fully back and play this week with Aaron Rodgers under Saturn. And really wake you beat Carolina is the ruins the passing games through the years I like rockers with Jordy Nelson on Adams today. But he can also play Randall Cobb with decent amount of confidence is a potential lax at it for Carolina. And Jonathan Stewart had a monster day it was a day that I think a lot of people of the week before for a while on and I think that. So greatly surprised a lot of people CO. Because Trish McCaffrey basically taken over as that lead back got back to run the football authority with Jonathan Stewart. As another solid match it's green Bay's rush defense this week but that the player that I like most besides can you today as the bad. Add packer secondary DeVon fudge its. Is there a red zone target monster since they trades help badge and buffalo. I would be absolutely shocked that he doesn't score touchdowns thank. And then what about from Carolina Greg Olson's foot injury it looks to be 100% healed ran 92% of the snaps last. Miami is going to the Ralph over in Buffalo Bills getting three and a half points at home pretty small total. Of about 39 points as well same as these Houston Jacksonville game. I'd near freezing temperatures but no word like what we saw last week with a blizzard between buffalo and Indianapolis column wins I should be a fairly decent passing game for both teams. Tyrod Taylor back starting the bills welcome competent that option at the quarterback position. Fully and it's been lots of Shawn McCoy and die as well. And it Charles is he tied and play op with someone who's gotten consistent target volume when he's been healthy. Aren't most front of the football now that he's back I can Charles play very much play and very solid sneaky daily and is tied and barred. Miami they're coming off that short week but a monster home win against the patriots on Monday night. Thought the big key in this game that. Stick injury a running back when my neighbor plays of the week. Averaging 24 rushes for a 117 yards the last two weeks and battles doesn't include the eight catches for a hundred yards in the passing game. They're using ten intrigue all over the field and he's got an outstanding match up against the Buffalo Bills defense that has been the worst in the NFL stopping the running. Arizona to Washington the Washington Redskins coming as a four point favorite over Arizona home. Smaller told the scientists created just forty but I still think there's some opportunity for Washington here. Really heat this matchup for Arizona as a variety of reasons for that dissing the struggle mightily in these types of positions cross country trip to East Coast. I'm playing in noon I guess 1 o'clock. East Coast time start pulling Gabbert shockingly has come back to earth a little bit and that's scary surprising for a lot of you guys to hear this. I'm from Washington Kirk cousins last three weeks or so he's been a quarterback fifteen to seventeen so quarterbacks you a much better matchup for him today at all an opportunity to get so I'd Jamison Crowder in the slot. And Vernon Davis going to tied and Josh stocks and likely will be shattered by Patrick Peterson but the rest matchup substantially in Washington's favor. I'd and one last note for Arizona Curwood Williams looked at the start running back Adrian Peterson went on injured reserve this week. With an act entry. Philadelphia is on the road against the New York Giants Eagles will be without Carson once they're still seven and a half point road favorites against the giants. Predicted total 39 and a half points off the Eagles soft but it pulls for is that these are starting quarterback for today. And certainly it's a downgrade because Carson once Zanetti legitimate MVP candidate. I'll but I think also very solid position to deliver is great weapons. Al Shawn Jeffrey now Nelson out alarm on the outside he as the top three tight end. Exact hurts you return Salina today and the giants are just atrocious as we've talked about here on the show before. 31 in the NFL in stopping the tide in position. And it's an opportunity for its use both. Also behind a strong offensive line is while the giants. I still haven't Ingram. Just a supremely talented wide receiver type of tight end sterling Shepperd is back to being healthy and start him as well bottom line though. I'd Eagles really don't take as big of a hit and is it wise eyes you might think even with losing their MVP candidate parts one. The New York Jets are going to New Orleans today the saints' sixteen and a half point favorites against the jets. Op which is crazy to think like you lose Josh McCown and all of a sudden you go from writing anti media nine at ten point favorite. To sixty to have Josh McCown is worth touched on this. Pretty remarkable for a guy that was the same ages Eli Manning Philip Rivers in that same draft class. Doubles guys are paying on your life count and battered eat like a fine line. The saints taking junior out today everybody feels very much in play. Love Drew Brees Michael Thomas marking a Malvern Maher also returns all those guys bibles while. On insert you were discussing what to do if your Robbie Anderson honor what you are today. I'm and I still think he's playable but it's very high risk high reward. Rice paddy is gonna be starting for the destiny he loves throwing to him. Could still break they play the the provost Marshal aboard is going to be on and let me shadow him throughout the game he's the top five part of this year. And so I think about it like the way Tyreke Gil had the big play against Casey Hayward yesterday just burned them in one of those kids is still deliver value for you but. I would expect target load Ott and the receptions should not be one of his better days today in Latin. Let's move on in the afternoon games here on the Sunday morning quarterback. Via Los Angeles rams readiness Seattle Seahawks as the one point favorite at home against the rams nice high total 47. Russell Wilson once again as he has these sentences to start slow and finish exceptionally strong. Did that against Jacksonville last week on the road 321 yards and three touchdowns. All I know grams of had the Seahawks number. Recently but I fluids as they Russell Wilson played well once again. Especially at home Seattle on the outside looking in the playoff race they need this went even more at the rams Mike Davis the running back for Seattle has a chance for decent floor. He's become their number one guy. Rants are very suspect against the rod also unlike all the wide receivers for Seattle as well Baldwin Paul Richardson even there on Tyler Lockett if you want for a little bit of a punt play. And it's the rams it's tough matchup for Jared dolphin and I just. I don't saw this in Seattle defense. That we're used to but Carson once went in there on Sunday night's trouble a couple weeks ago. Our Robert Woods comes back for the rams I think golf will be okay. And it's nice to have Todd really to be able reliant actually the matchup and all Seattle's desperate there at home it's really tough place to play. I think this is it in the Jerry got struggles there's a couple text also talked about the way only held fifty yards from scrimmage last time they played up the purely based on volume alone. That amount of volume that he's getting second and on right now on the NFL I don't think he'll have another chance to clear a hundred total yards from scrimmage once again. Tennessee's going out to San Francisco the three wins forty niners are one point favorites against the eight when titans odd pretty high over under actually coming in at 45 and a half despite Tennessee offense. Are really struggling as of late genetic or low. Looks legit. 49ers are two innocent he's taking over the position at one wins since he. Became the quarterback in week fourteen to 293 and 324 yards the last games. I had a chance to really burn about Tennessee secondary today. He's just mark he's good when a household name twenty targets to took over two weeks ago. You can make an argument that. The weight mark he's that would engine problem in plain. Markets were in the last couple weeks has actually been toppled top fifteen might receive not gonna say that that's where he has also a little bit of breaking news by the way according to ESPN that he. Cincinnati dangles. I have fired their head coach Marvin Lewis is is planning to leave the team after the season. Want to double check and see how long Marvin Lewis is then had coached Cincinnati. I think it's been ten plus seasons or Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati so we'll keep you posted on that. I'll we'll talk to Brian Johnson of ambled iconic piece that's anything to change. With the angles knowing that Marvin Lewis now lightly line. He and all of this season. One final out really quickly a tennis in San Francisco all make this claim here I'd Tennessee wants to beat the 49ers they have to do with I have to do with the with there and they asked. 49ers are bottoms reigning NFL against the run DeMarco Murray has not been getting on I hope that's what it dare I think if they do that it'll take pressure of Mary. It's not healthy has been able plant has available available accurately it's far too many picks and that there's somebody as good as him. He used your ten senior running game I think you in this game over San Francisco and keep their playoff hopes alive. I'll pitcher it's going to the Steelers in arguably the best match of the NFL season. Patriots are coming off they've lost. Last week against the Miami Dolphins on the road up their coming into Heinz Field in Pittsburgh is a two and a half points are road favorite. Nice high over under 52 and half basically long story short. Play three patriots and Steelers player audio out everybody but certainly that the guys the it would really think. For New England Rob Gronkowski returns from suspension this week for Hogan is being backed 100%. That'll help out Brandon cooks on the outside as well. Opera Pittsburgh obviously Ben Roethlisberger at home it's the pats secondary is great matchup Levy on Belle broke a scoreless streak at home at three touchdowns last week. Are patriots rush defense is giving up almost five yards a carry. Antonio Brown 15100 plus yards from scrimmage or we fifteen need started she sees that Shuster is back. Also it's great opportunities for this offense ala the highest over under on the board. Up before we get into these sun and it money making it's that from are assert that. Marvelous he had coached Cincinnati since 2003 so it's been longer than what scientists guides at ten seasons and I knew he'd been around for awhile. Services. I guess you're number fourteen. In the NFL for marvelous the only. Tenured coach that has been around longer build knowledge. And missed the Santa. The way it's it's it's the best game was an ailment often marked as listened this is somebody that just completely lost the steam no injuries were bad. It taken so many suspect after being barely competitive for awhile at this point I think he just lost his locker Marvin Lewis. The line. He will be done at the end of the season for the Cincinnati game was on the decided Nike and you have the Dallas Cowboys going to Oakland. In this match up it's going to be beat Al was coming in. Ought to Oakland three point favorites on the road decent over under total of about 46 points on deck press got once again and another solid spot as is Alfred Morris and guy. As Bryant op from the raiders perspective I think Michael Crabtree as a brilliant opportunity here. I'm very quiet last week against the chiefs. Amare Cooper believes expects it to the outs tonight but he might be at game time decision. Hiding car especially homeless and Yankee games he's played well these situations for. And I fully anticipate. It Michael Crabtree gets himself back as a top red zone target gets himself in the end of this week. Jerry Cooke once again after getting a touchdown against Kansas City start to get himself back on track as well. Silent football these dolphins head into Tampa their six point road favorites. On. What's crazy seal is. Tampa Bay has just like so many people down all throughout the season. And I think they're gonna play well against Atlanta. You know these these these opportunities you cited is on in nineteen primetime games. It's terrible wake up call for a lot of these guys tried not to embarrass themselves on national television so I fully anticipate James Wentz and has been making mistake after mistake. Target Mike Evans heavily in the passing game. Not a great matchup though for DeSean Jackson but I fully it has been like evidence he had and look at outgoing and Cameron Brit couple weeks to two touchdowns from Winston. And it's it's a must win game and keep themselves playoff contention. Obviously Julio Jones remains must start with Matt Ryan. I'm a hum sitio remains a pillar of consistency. Getting several targets over the last 34 games of league averaging about five or six. Odd notes Evan Coleman rights thirty he's got now is as he'd been officially ruled out. Yes he is not what I'm so plenty of opportunity for Dovonte Freeman. I'll Bucs secondary one of the worst in the NFL odds I think Atlanta's gonna try and establish that running game with Raymond ought to be able setup. Great opportunities. Opt for both Julio Jones Mohammed Sanyo. I think this is the return of lost in Hooper this week. A guy that out really has explicitly making ability that they really haven't target him much in the passing game. You can exploit Tampa Bay with tight end position I think Austin who for an a nice position to succeed. And yeah. The week fifteen edition. All of the Sunday morning quarterback come up in just a few minutes Brian Johnson of ambled dot com join us for his weekly visibility by the perfect sleeper. Forty or semi finals and season long or for your daily fantasy lineup. And also what his expectations and Aaron Rodgers returned today. Is he must start your season Longley we'll ask him coming up next shambles that is football Sunday presented about your ads ads ads words are. Answer C football Sunday presented by Bud Light seeks to end Sports Radio this. Handles Tennessee football Sunday presented by Bud Light your visual there's. Concert the Kansas City heats the victorious Kansas City Chiefs. They'd big. Thirty to thirteen win over the Alley chargers. Yesterday evening in raucous environment over at Arrowhead Stadium you're at their hope you enjoyed. Werner. You're going back hopefully listened to the seventh street cigarettes and halftime and post game show it on the show you collegiate Bentley rubbish as you we will be out. Next with the show him insert it will take you up until our triple matter. Of Nestle coverage here on sixty aren't here on six and Sports Radio. Beginning with Houston and Jacksonville that way as we do at this time every week we lots of the foam and welcome and Brian Johnson. All fan ball dock on the help us prepare for each week the National Football League with matchup numbers that you eat now. Also easier to tell us about some of the great contests over at them all dot com or once again Brian. The six Kate hader is back. If your roster the highest scoring quarterback running back wide receiver and tight end. You have a chance to win an additional 1000 dollars by questions EU is who has come the closest it has any but he ended up taking that additional one cages. They don't that it was thank you. Jeanne slate of Luke. Little skewed view. I think people come close I think. Let you create the real war. Off without my attic in the U that was exactly. I think they're pretty expensive so. It's stopped yet and although the site where it's got to actually pay off part of all why the match but yet it's reported that some of the later. Little over at borders salon opportunities. 15100 of hers again on an interest per user not a hunger since he was that it and so. Much better chances we'll assemble. You also get involved and Scott fish bowl opportunity is well and there's still plenty of overlap as I was looking at the 68 hater. I just before you came on the air I think they're still about. 300 something spots available only 364. At a 689 maximum entries at an end. So he got about its two and a half hours to get yourself in a really nice positions take on some mine today. Over I'm a fan bought a perspective on Aaron Rodgers is coming back from that broken collarbone it's tough matchup against Carolina. But the way that you beat Carolina is through the air on and the high over hundreds in about 47 expects. The big game to be somewhat of a shoot out what do you make of Aaron Rodgers coming back to do you think he's somebody who must start disease among leagues in the semifinals. Yeah it Rodgers is increasing because he's so why the drop when he got hurt and said the owners and pick them up. A month ago about your guys that Rodgers ED Dodgers starter and you can really Italy. That Roethlisberger eighty media Brussels tomorrow pension lumps starting paper routers that. I think about it to me eight start this week I mean Jay Cutler judgment count he's he's in the food for multiple touchdown it hampers. Last month watched it either will now. And the Rogers arms could go given the green light I think it could actually help them like back up there. Why you're doing you might even make Randall Cobb stock bubble or market that falls out more about route is laid out strictly Roethlisberger that you. Omelet you know when it was one of the biggest questions that I got throughout the week and sweater it was my play Aaron Rodgers or seek Kirk cousins. And cousins as a favorable matchup at home against Arizona but if he held on Aaron Rodgers for all this time. This is why you held its to start of the best quarterbacks about the best quarterback in the league. Even in a tough match abuse you know they're desperate you know the bottom back as the needle. Our one other quarterback question that I have for you is a quarterback that I wrote down as a possible sleeper candidate this week somebody that it's. Has been a quarterback top ten quarterback the last three weeks. Late portals is somebody that people can starts reliant in the daily fantasy world. Even his season long can you look at some publicly portals and sent the match and say yeah you gotta start. I know all. Strategically speaking we've put upward Betancourt who. Will officially frozen over us. Let them can't get much better matchup but not for quarterback then. No wonder Ornette Chris Ivory certain a capable back up not as effective as affordable with things so maybe the checks were a little more I am worried. The team that might all out of portals they've heard it shouldn't. Could very well stroke score McCain and me on the island doubt the effectiveness can be built go to Yucca went. I feel like late portals that let you chalk level like you writing on him to the dark of and yeah he's liable so are you argue that. And mention one other component CTV green be Green Bay Carolina game. I mention that if they're shoot up potential for the Packers there has issued a potential for the other side. I think Cam Newton in DeVon functions are two guys that are in outstanding position today against the bad packers' secondary what's your take. On this game do you fully anticipate a shoot out that. Yeah. A cannon rod of another sort of a format that. Who chord with the Ottawa camp on the stand about. Yes sponsors and to the money in the bank UB ports are and what each one touchdown and five straight games and at Packers secondary still lingers built. Budget is. You got. And that that I don't trust Greg Olsen it is it is scheme on the button to name a secondary this or is it more difficult once you get hurt itself. Yet a fourth straight to vote goes. Another question in my you read the under Hopkins just a minute or so ago at the other question I've been getting is do I play AJ green by fantasy semifinals. It's a very tough matchup he's gonna be shadowed by Xavier Rhodes on the road. The dangles just fired Marvin Lewis today easel and a coach the rest of the season but. I look at it from the perspective he drafted AJ green in the first round and this is somebody that's still gonna get targeted quite a bit even and it's tough matchup. Is there any scenario that you envision where you just say you know like. From a season long perspective there's no way actively take. In the if that view usually show equal or better options you might assume they're out a book about sleeper but. You can live with what the UEG greens up and keep using Google news. The conflict. That the couple swallows the eight Eaton. Hold it doesn't have opening view that throughout the do the that I can afford forever. What's your thought process on the New England Pittsburgh game obviously is the highest total on the board at 52 and a half. There's plenty of narratives being turnaround obviously Pittsburgh is it on so that's good for Ben Roethlisberger. Hi Tom Brady and the patriots coming off the short week. On Pittsburgh's defense obviously not the same as we saw from them earlier in the year I got to look at is just everybody is in play battle from I don't know what your perspectives. They blew it should be right but the belief is that if every woman who equally eager to see her that you're going on. That's a highly unlikely. You outside all the obviously MacKey I think Crusoe in. It one of the more intriguing on. Like look patriot. Wet the bed last week at one catch for about one dollar. We hit you but. Right cheap yet a lot of crises in the which could prevent the and so it kind of gone. Got out to them so I think coat in the most and the EU current and upside that thing and so. He began to beat those future and collecting. Focused on them more sold more copies please can. I'd final one before he gets here we fifteen sleeper. Obviously a lot of New Orleans Saints are in play in an outstanding match at at home and its New York Jets saints are six and a half point favorites to get out and Mara back. At to get into the next. On when it comes to a lot of these playmakers on the saints' offense Drew Brees Michael Thomas. Mel I Ingram and doubt Camara. Do you worry about this game getting out of hand very quickly and does that count them as possible fantasy options this week. Yeah you basically say they're thing that would access code is making. I would I would leave number. I'm Camara and into little more perspective he game script should say to them going without it I don't see the jets scored pretty well against the saints didn't think that could eat them. We all know that by now it's up to walk into the past so I'm a little sceptical still that the unarmed or Arctic. I'm running back is actually they people's backs he knows they proved in the that the viable option but I'll kinda feeding the patenting about how much did you. Remember I think by the week to week three of the season where your fantasy sleeper was marquee Scotland. Iran now Markey is good and our I had never heard of this guy in all his knees are to turn themselves into eight top fifteen wide receiver last couple weeks that Jimmy problems so. Maybe you're just had a viewers' time when he came to that sleeper prediction let's go to we fifteen now you're sleeper of the week is going to be who. We did a quick errand for example it is Joseph Flacco said watt. So she opts. Options allow you to look at it for the victim that the agency was immediate Flacco as touchdown with forty or street and Cleveland. Has 269 yards and two touchdowns and consecutive games. So that you go to 690 again and Cleveland well most such that simple and they are somewhat so to run against Sullivan flap development Benoit. They think all there. I did in Cleveland third grade matchup. Lot doesn't it on the target without people in the door and the most targets per game Eddie to have someone walked into the east side. He doesn't double digit Bjorkman. You know we've with a cockroach. President so that my cheeks turn on them all the you know because you up to be for the pittance. It's a great pick I remember from biting was like week six they're ten he had 854 in ten targets and then. Only problem is that only ten targets in the last four weeks for Ben Watson and hopefully they get him back contract in those sleepers come through. Well elements that are at VT exchange it is Brian Johnson over at fan bald dot com and over the site check out what they're doing as well thank you Brian. We re going to be the final week of Campbell's fantasy football Sunday presented by Bud Light sweet sixteen it'll be championship week. I can't wait to go ahead and bring you that show coming up on the other side certain I will give you ideally plays those are presented by fantasy sports markets dot com. And you have around eleven minutes or so to get those line of questions and just in an instrument of serious accent and sports radio and Tennessee alarmed dot com we'll answer them is semi finals week so make sure you get those questions and and keep them to just two or three guys maximum will be back with our daily plays on ambles that is football Sunday present about about life. To see football Sunday. Presented by bud light's sixteen and Sports Radio. And. At 10 o'clock so they. As the show with Ron that shows you leave and speak. It's gone. Bloody. Sheets and start. Including arguably the MVP of last night's game Mark Peters and both those guys don't shy away from strong and very put together and and caused an event of their shell I'm really looking forward to listening to it once the show is dine is show with on the show you eastern coming up and a clock. Always an opportunity for. Great discussion. A lot of on while I used as predictions coming up to this. Yeah that'll never is and I'll be a lot of fun that can be heard I in theory in Kansas from mission. I've travels. Very loud. Certainly acting here at its Bausley sound studios always fun. I really enjoy the show with Ron that you please answer coming up at 10 o'clock. All but certain it is time for our daily plays they're presented by fantasy sports markets stock on the new number one sights played elite fantasy football on line. You had their use that from a code six and Benny equity fifteen dollars it will use into your account right away. I know fifteen dollars mortgage for three entries into their top five dollar contest where he had a perfect I don't remember it's a lot easier to deal. When you don't have to use salaries for guys at the guys line. That gives you a chance to win 50000. Dollars while making a lot of sedate as unpleasant ads ads. I'll go ahead hit me up. On Twitter at any eyes out that a had at over at fantasy sports markets dot com. I sir what's the quarterback position we're in this week for your sudden fiercely. Paying any brown and out multiple times I think he can go with either Tom Brady or bad not the burger today and you'll be fine. And I really like Jimmy your upload going against Tennessee their secondaries trash grapple a seems to be finding his stride in San Francisco although. It doesn't really help them to win games at this point but get dizzy Jimmy G deal that he's in great position now I think they're gonna tell a lot of talent around Anthony's. Bringing guys he's bringing his wide receivers. Nobody knew anything about mark he's gonna coming in to start the year in eastern himself in the top fifteen might receive the last three weeks. I'm with you as far as Brady and Roethlisberger goes on a threat another name who's just been so good. And an MVP candidate this year Russell Wilson back at home against the rams and a must win situation I think this is an ideal time for the MVP. To step up and have a great game. I didn't sleepers I had talked about him earlier Blake portals he might get chalky slipper but it sleeper and on the last eyes summon a little bit under the radar and encased him. Against Cincinnati now that the news that Marvin Lewis not becoming back. I there's really not a whole lot more for the singles play for everybody and their defense hurt on. Vikings are coming awful loss last week I think both portals and in them are really outstanding situations that the quarterback spot was in the water running Dexia the I likely be on down now been Camara today if you if you moral them as you studs I think that they'll be fine. I also really like to age IE today I know I don't think the the Eagles offense changes. A ton internal my idea of throwing downfield with nick polls but they can't do a lot of those. Those option reads with Naples that they did with Carson went so I think we're gonna see a lot more just and offs today and hopefully there don't energize and if they are gonna be more active with Jay Guy hopefully it's in the passing game as well this is somebody in Miami it was perfectly capable of catching passes out of the backfield. I'm not really the case with the air line core requirements on other got to do it as well. I E*Trade a fourth round pick for you might as well use them for all the versatility can provide especially without Carson once on the field. But so does it's going to be Todd Gurley I know that he struggled in his previous matchup in Seattle before but the volume in the usage rates too high he's been having too good of the season. For that not to continue especially now that Seattle's much or beat up and they were the last time these two teams played. I'm a slip this week gonna go right back to canyon Drake and an outstanding matchup against the worst rush defense in the NFL the Buffalo Bills are cold weather. Plenty of opportunity for traits run the football loss at passes out of the back fields prices caught up with them yet. As part of a fantasy sports markets suck on you have to worry about prize so Kenny Drake and he really outstanding spot to deliver once again. While wide receiver Henri on this well. I don't know if he can refer to this guy is a stud anymore but I think he's a stud today Jordy Nelson. I Aaron Rodgers coming Carlyle. Just ugliness George parties get not there in age but we know that with Rodgers on the field Jordy Nelson is a legitimate number one wide receiver. So IA Jordy Nelson's get. Well he's hopefully get back on the board just a little bit today and then sleeper I am gone back would DD US straight diss my guy. Houston Texans are getting burned by speedy wide receivers he's a big play guy thinking US troops have big games guys and a great. Position against the Houston secondary has been atrocious volley here. I'm gonna go right back to the Minnesota Vikings if you're gonna play T skim about as a parent with that in steelman the most consistent wide receivers in the league this year. Great matchup in the slot against Cincinnati nicely probing DeVon bunches. Monster red zone target or Carolina today expect both Carolina and remade a put up some points. Luncheons I should be the benefit of several rides on looks against the bad actors that finally tied and. Ian and others. I think this might be a little jockey because I think everybody's going to be on him with the match out it's actor it's you know eight evil and it's all starting at things Eckert is going to be is. What are your best play makers say don't generally when EC got back up quarterback going they're gonna rely on the tight and a little bit at giants are are terrible against defending tight ends. And I also like Charles clay a lot. You know he hasn't lead in the same since coming back from injury hasn't been as big a factors he was early on in the season. But I like the matchup today adding get back to the jobless I think Charles plays in an in my sleep this week TO. A Campbell points out in their week sixteen matchup last year. I had eight catches for 85 yards and a couple of touchdowns they're familiar against Miami. I'm and they had been getting crushed by opposing tight ends all year with the exception of last week. No Rob Gronkowski certainly apart the reason that and then my side. It's Rob Gronkowski the fact that he's back coming up in a must win on a must win game but does this pretty essential game for New England. If they wanna have any chance of trying to get themselves back into the home field banished discussion for Tom Brady and company. Rob Gronkowski actually anticipate him having a monster game this they have those are our sleepers and studs. Daly plays presented by fantasy sports markets dot com. Just a specimen of serious accent and. Panacea. Went down on it. Series are so advanced Sports Radio in fantasyland dot com joins us next for all yours it's starts for weeks fifteen semi finals week may treat your questions and we will answer them on the other side keep it to two or three guys getting to sex line 69306. Or hit us up on Twitter app many highs and Steve insert a at six and sports Casey your questions for the semifinals are answered next on Campbell's fantasy football Sunday presented by about one. It's a C football Sunday presented by bud light's sixteen and Sports Radio. We get may play offs. But what do. They do on the ground but only where we go oh. And who wins the game. There are a lot of questions coming on and they get a ticket sex line at 69306. They need the help. A serious accent fantasy Sports Radio expert and also. The host of the best NBA daily fantasy show their as Saturday mornings at 5 AM local time here in Kansas City tells readers find work. Over at and it's the alarm dot com. I just investment joins us as he gets ready to help the people in the semifinals. Of their season what's up currency. We'll go out that excited help people get their. All ship you chip and. Before we answer the questions the report from me has been coming in that Adam show after reports that Marvin Lewis is planning to leave the bagels after the season to pursue other opportunities. We were what what are operatives it'll lead to become attacked the answer. Wording says exams the. I need to sit at the end of the day it is hard. That are joked about it worked out even when they did make well under more than bullet itself that it worked out recorded there even with AJ green is up with. All they get they needed odd sort of hate short open. I still think he's going to be lead to become at such as I thought oh let's go to the debate to its excellent wide receiver three toss of from the incidents between Mohamed Sunni when Ted Ginn junior. I think tech engineers supposed to be out of god in the arms and it. Love the all the way it is now via. 417 a flex option between Devin fudge is Carlos Hyde Jordy Nelson I'll adultery guys is weak fancy word ego. I'm going to be dealt that that they would object that he'd like number two watching in that regard a little bit banged up but he still probe itself even Wal-Mart. Or the. The 404 has a running back to question between Chris Ivory has gotten the start for wondered for an ad today GO Bernard Jonathan Stewart. In that regard. Go Bali. You're toward the ball you of course are greeted the dotted all we expect would be like he's been at the gate to let you open outburst that. I should mention taking junior is a 100% out for today the saints is they start against the New York Jets 8162. I dare start Aaron Rodgers over Russell Wilson Aaron Rodgers should absolutely be in your lineup but if it's over Russell Wilson I wouldn't you. But one of the very you back a sudden they go to air Rutgers to go raw. Are we need two running backs from the 816 between Alfred Morris Margie. Let's take out the logic you ride it still a little bit uncertain according to read it. How their op and even load waddle on the situation could be good. 913 it's a half point PP ER between Christian McCaffrey are Marshawn Lynch today. It. I'm with you although Marshall college does have a nice intriguing matchup at home and Sunday night. I in the black hole against the Dallas Cowboys not a good rush defense from the 913. Half point PP ER between Mike Evans Dovonte Adam's mark he's good way to one of those guys has to go. Yeah actually consider benching Mike Evans that semifinals. You Obey. But at the bank and that's why it happened so you know you don't wanna be there you go off the month that's what else to be cut back. You're four beekeepers Maybelline frequently throughout but it. You wanna. And now I'm not argued for. I assume is gonna be the guy that goes out his Dovonte Adams or as a marquee Scotland. It or. A crack I'd get a ticket sex and a 69306. From the 785 a wide receivers three full point he PR. Reshard Matthews sterling Shepperd Mike Wallace wordy guy out. We got the help. Or would you all your example that would confident LPMR. Shepherd. It's four picks is zero PPR league Lamar Miller Jamison prouder or Chris Ivory it's. A court partnered. Even if he DR early overcrowding. In it yet I I like crowd are like we thought in the back at the people but it angled volley quite. Court the court court side. OK from the 816 it's a quarterback costs of between case keep them Jerry golf today where he got. Order. 816 call wide receiver toss of the intriguing one. Between Jordy Nelson with Aaron Rodgers coming back Mohammed some new low against the bad Tampa Bay Bucs secondary forty ago. I'd love to buy like that they thought picking sorted out and have a big game critic we're going belts and network. We got a defense question offensive from the 816 disease stay with new England's defense has been playing much better as of late against Pittsburgh. Does he pick up awful Miami or Washington I don't know if you complain to England's defense on the road to Pittsburgh. No idea. Eagle one of the secret that you took Reggie would go buffalo against Miami even operate in a big gain. In the fact that we saw I didn't Monday night we'll be moved up the fact that order doubt Oprah about what put a little bit more pressure on them. I that's under the seats and since you and I will disagree I would recommend picking up the Washington defense heading to Arizona and those. I'd noon central time 1 PM eastern time games are usually atrocious Blaine Gabbert is start to come back to earth. One of its substance you'll disagree when it comes and that's what no one. Yet the bat well right now that aren't yet corrected I'm actually gonna go you would reverse the decision that would go to he would. Look what better about it. Very good it'll deviate from the 8160 with Washington over buffalo 660 we have to pick two of these three running backs in PP ER between the Shawn McCoy right. Christian McCaffrey and Rex Burkhead so one of those three guys test ago. You got a plea shot that you don't appreciate in the course of between McCaffrey and Rex Burkhead which when he taken out the. I'm that you were taking Albrecht Marquette today just to working with the the pats quarterback situation even that we could put more productive block or. This is for questions that we never would have asked a season ago 703 as a tossup between Jared possibly ports. While about it library up late for old hat they'd do it. I've actually get ago because of the running back situation and speaking short cap aren't pretty aren't thinking wait forgo a little bit like it to golf. All right it is it is sex on a 6930. Since we answer your questions every week here on Campbell's fantasy football Sunday presented by Bud Light as we wrap up the shell. I'd 913 lot alike this quarterback matchup but all these got to choose between markets Mario utter Jamison Winston. All I really don't like that Lowell who doubt there but between that you'll network and you go jade went in Quebec. Aren't from the 314 who's decided to tax the show about 500 times is now filling up entire timeline based guy. Mark he's lead does Brian or Josh Gordon's at. That dot lower at bat well. Hatred tickets that slide 69306. An intriguing PPR flex question coming in from the 816. Mark he's good what Mohammed some new DD once for a. Worksheet goes even though it. JPG a little trouble getting to that I don't especially it was structured more YouTube is still open. Productive. And up were set to be getting double digit port. I another 16 PP our running back awesome between DeMarco Murray or Jamal Williams. 20 has a wide receiver question me after that two of these three guys are one got to go. Yeah Audrey Hopkins Jordy Nelson Mike Evans and you've left. Under Hopkins in there well he's voted against Jalen Ramsey and a third string quarterbacks against Jacksonville's it was not as crazy one Mike it's. Well that very urgent call it yourself in that situation where team that might. That they'd be what you situation that what we do it however if you wanna play the packets what actually kicked out opted I would do. That the situation where published it doesn't mean you double that Eddie eagle bulk for what sport about it. 816 at saint Pete PR quarterback wide receiver tandem question. Which preferable matchup do you go with peace keep them and mark is that what are you pair Matt Ryan and Mohammed snail. Not prepared to what you are actually get a bill. Worked one on that though it's still keep in picking you can pick up game we're gonna they're deeper the government saying yeah. I'll once from the 660 cents a that sounds crazy in theory but when you look again at the matchup maybe not so much. Troop freezer Joseph Flacco Flacco gets it opens are the worst pass defense is in the NFL. Drew Brees has an outstanding matchup today but a lot of people think this game is gonna be so out of hand that he mean output at the numbers you would expect that a Jew breeze so where do you go here. I'd still go with trooper. At the end of the day almost. What what. Being from Iraq but what did what actually what. A spot especially in season long breezes the way the app to the temperature breeze. In her tennis semifinals 816 PP our running back between two Johnson or Jerry McCann and. Very very plot what were actually getting a jerk McKinnon. From that I dates at its excellent 69306. From the 913. Alt one got to build between Jarvis Landry. Dez Bryant and Chris Hogan. Upward slope and beat it out already absolutely predictable route now what brought it back yet. Oh. Odd quarterback tossup between case Kunin Matt Ryan's that. All flex spot from PP our league between Josh cordons to fund dates. 816 is a PP our defense questioned between the Minnesota Vikings defense today they are at home against Cincinnati. Or the Seattle Seahawks defense at home against the LA rams. Very very cold here. He got the edge though. 8161 got to go between Jordy Nelson does Brian and Evans conscious. From the 816 do you go with DD was broker mark he's good. Standard league and six AJ green or Alex Collins today. Read that board and they responded though they agree air support of the month. Situation. 816 between Mohamed who knew Michael Crabtree your Cooper caught. 816 half point PPR flex Doug Baldwin Jamal Williams or Deedee was. Again from the U 16 Robbie Anderson DD last for a it. He's the best just investment seriousness advanced sports radio and Aniston alarm. Give them a follow fancy sports again any remaining questions about as well think defensible do a lot more time for the season next week. I expect. A yellow helmet up in just a bit it is the show was on the show it's usually ends he certainly yield to triple other coverage. All the National Football League here on sixth and Sports Radio go look. We'll talk to next week on samples that she's a false on. Can't really see what. Sixty and Sports Radio.