12/15 - Danan Hughes

The Day Shift
Saturday, December 16th

Former Chiefs WR Danan Hughes joins Lake & Bink on The Day Shift. 


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That cease got back on track last week we think by being the Oakland Raiders but did they really do you think they are officially back after that. After that win. I'd probably fail I still believe that the church still well. I mean I think this game is obviously redeem them and to get off the gated and the winning game home and in the fashion that they did it. Most complete game they've played in several weeks. But this week you know what their state you know it's for all the marbles you know working a tired. What you hear the west. And and gain on national TV. I think this is the game that will tell the tale. What I'm talking about dean and is the developer who has been on just the role last four games Keenan Allen as well members opened up a ridiculous. Would you think if Philip Rivers and he's been sacked less than any other quarterback they give your sex instead I'm in the pocket. You don't control the field but it might parents in her and I went back and forth on this. I think he's got more of a game manager roll meaning he's taking care of the football this year. Better now I've seeming take care of the past few between one picks last early seven this year that's my biggest difference is he Philip Rivers. Yeah I think there have been different bullet stirred the one acknowledgment. The proper record here Philip Rivers and you know for sure for years now is that. You'd be hard pressed to find another quarterback. In NFL history. That the world the ball is running backs and tight fans and underneath receivers as well and on time and is accurate. That's that'll work. And that's where you have people of the bill. Where they live and die is what he's holding all of the law is not the most mobile we all know that some of the strongest arm. When you see a lot of fog yard passers and swing routes at turner into ten or fifteen yard gains but move the chains. The fact that he's able to clean that out. The way he's done over the last four weeks of an amazing I mean he's he's grow like you served seven little eight interceptions. But he threw three of them against possibly the researchers show that you look for the last four weeks. But gosh little what can weeks. That he's been able to be on top of their games so it's you we don't get pressure on him he's able to pick it apart by. Shedding their team I'll be inserted medium and short and then hitting those Cutler that field also routes will be along base from which. As a wide receiver yourself. When you watch team in Allen play. In your perspective what makes him such a special wideout. No they're there first thing that jumped out to me here I remember watching her that before the last couple injuries but it seemed like you get the straw that. It's either there colonial for com. Is one of those receivers that it's. Darn near possible to jam at the line of scrimmage. Are you can't Jill at the line of scrimmage nowadays with the rule that they are basically caricature handle him at all. And keep an island you know he's tall. A little bit more sick here the guy that really great ability to tocchet can create separation at the line of scrimmage. And you remember what should couples slant routes occult or underneath route birdie chances and go live. That makes it difficult for defense of that because you know you leadership got a lot of scrimmage. So now you're just trying not to accuse shook so bad that they are all passed over your head. So yeah he's won a little talent that he knows all great he still can get up the line of scrimmage like short quicker. It's concerning on the offense as well tiger Williams the mean. Is a guy. And use a track guy it was org is extremely fast we last week to get breaks offer 132. But the thing about him is sticks out the median is that eighteen yards per reception. What I see that number with the receivers like. You know got a G in this guy you can't give this guy flexibility at all in this Revis is out on him that have the same speed. But these burners and what concerns me even more than even down. Absolutely and you know let the let PG. In this opt for an. You know better rarely do you see full rivers drop and so the host well or deep corner he took took. Our goal on the sideline obviously everybody has burned their game plan. And out of restrain out rip to a little bit more of that last week and it worked out well and throughout the street when he's played well you stretch the field. So where birds hit these guys and talk about that he. If I got to the front got a few feet. All news. And I'm ordering are also well want to catch it and I complaint that wouldn't go off field. Now you're left than doubt so that it got to go back to my last comment there that are not slow to about. Other chargers stretching the field it's about respecting the beat and the well routes in the six. And all of that that. Compiled them too big now instead of eighteen yard look at some parties start thinking. Whether guys like Randy mall lot and down the sideline all the money go well and holds. Now that's not the case these guys are excellent after the kitchen garden after church and then a key factor in their success. Talking to former C data news here on the day shift what did you see you last week Otto Darrell Revis that's a light. But more players are thought guys don't know her ability. He's great technique our NATO air Koppel although thrown ought to be that he played. In great fashion being get to handing you think about what the issue we've had. Would be revolving door that offer for corner it's always good about guys that. Didn't seem to trust their bare technique here and in the truck there's heat or water to get their hands on the receipt and you can't do. And you know that cost per game in the giants called her the game against the ravens were called for a few gainers beat them because guys. We're trying to beat some physical. And that's just not the way to game that's played in so for me it was refreshing to watch readers play because he works a technician. The meters will read what the receivers you played the ball through their hands feet here and freak out there who beat by a couple steps. Squeezed the receivers to the sidelines. With the body and not with the man and that's regret or are you play quarterback they're all lower on the sideline or the speaker of the back burner at the twelve men on the field. If you're ordered around at the receiver and Libby defense of that can squeeze future sidelined with a body ordered positioning. Make search through without parole for any quarterback. He did it well then it. You know date I've never. Had any fear when it comes that she's facing the charts not in the entire time that I've lived here. But I am concerned about tomorrow's match because there's a there's a difference a ball this chargers team and one of the things I'm in song to bow. Is. Pass rush dating to Alex Smith because Ingram and bolsa have been monsters they had been terrorizing the NFL this season. Yeah there they have there the car tandem in the NFL right now and they've shouldered. We get to weaken or you or shoot it because he offered and done so well and putting up points. They keep to your pin their ears back and come up the quarterback's a little bit more. So hair out there are going to be your spiritual foreigners could be multiple in this game. Other recording pocket will be great. But you're gonna have to be mobile and then look out for those are more so on which groups facts. And and color around the blind side than. Just where they are when they start regardless of what started well in the form of gut not to go lineup or a two bookends. Like Derek tolerance for Neil Smith used to just come off the heads are gonna be twisting up the middle that are try to create some mismatches. 101. Situations and take advantage of that so. Ball security is going to be huge in this game goes deeper problem or got. Couple young corners one former Hawkeye and they're linking out there are really playing well. Under estimated. Yeah under beta coming out of Ireland and drab little later than everybody saw. But he's really playing well so it'd better team that we played in week three for sure. But that's what we'll be about the firm football what you're about oil held detained right now charged in the back. David what do you think has been the most noticeable difference. With Matt Nagy call on the plays and allowing you be read geek and a coach on the sideline he got into it a little bit of a sudden I mean the guy can coach now. If you noticed a big difference that the advancement coal employs. What I did in order to last week was. Colonel and rolled out the term committing further run or what what does that really mean I think you have ten different people argued and different answers. Welcome her into the runner pull out all week from Matt that he is. Consistent or treat with committing to the love them and what I mean by that is. All we've seen a lot of content achieves that there and predictable. On first down. And then we'll go gonna happen after the last week if you notice them multiple times. That you ran on first and out and then went right back with a runner on second down and gave Alex murdered by a burden short. Opportunities to extend the draw. And at times when Corey Hart local few yards and was second and short. Or even a first down then they went to the past and we're stretch the field. That's what they're gonna have to do it again tomorrow there you can be predictable the rule and herbal you get the job done at the prayer card you can't be predictable when your about. And there quickly waterways from one game in several years worn that losing stretch. Uploading every all the older on out there and I think is there a better job of they're talking up but the light all the finger pricks they told they offer the lobby for the game and we're gonna run the ball first down and stricken down. Pretty good and make it easier for yourself. And then get the job done pick up a blog that locker saying you know and like the feet there and do look more again this week. We'll meet chip with another off of sublime question and I know that you're wide receiver but I know how much you pay attention every detail in the game. The exact Fulton Ed sinner the other Morse is on the or hinder that talked about this. I I personally like Zach Fulton in the way plays and I know that we played gored this year at times it hasn't been as good. But he is a much better senator to me than he is guard. In it such a complex position with the soft and all the things that they asked the sitter to do especially times they pull the shot in the pistol whatever it is. But going forward out of its into exact full there given the bald Alex Smith every time. You know what I agree with you I think the difference here and obviously you know got Albany and bill law and those guys who. They can they can return to these specific. It's currencies of the draw or worse that the senate but what I noticed that I ordered that the senator obviously the main job to snap the ball. Wartime Britain they argues we're helping someone to block or like these polling in first situation. When you're a third guard position. That's when you are. At times looking for help. We're we're it will literature track or the center. Start being there would bet the drastic difference between two positions. And that forced him to plug better in a position where you can go out and help auditors as opposed to. You know having so to total load of a big secret circle on the all hoping for some help. From the inside or outside so they're going to be interrupt the free now he grow their purpose mr. in two playoff caliber. Center. And then how much production figure promote guard certain and that's going to be effectively put that obviously where things start in the church and the run game and pass protection. It's a must win for both teams I'm assuming that you have that cease tomorrow right. Yeah I got the cheered the charter another one here to repair the water against the chiefs since 2013. Or mine here are. Another. Primetime game opportunity for the chief to step Eric Berry. His presence with the came on the sidelines and lock world particular thing portraits. So the chiefs and their gains although the. Well be an awesome board dame and a week oh you ranked at some point in now will do so would you let up leverage and that Monday that it really a lot of stuff. Are pretty here are here that little electric chair that's a data used it and with those here on the days.