12/15 - 8pm - Nicknames, Lebron Hate, & Whatcha Watching

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Friday, December 15th

Serda gives himself a new nickname....is that even allowed?  The Lebron hate is real as people as there's all kinds of speculation as to what he said to Lonzo post game.   And we find out what you're watching this weekend!


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He didn't mom get Carl to beat him you bought. It decorated junior Rick. But upbeat about a boat could ever picked up to get picked up to pick up a picket picket picket hey I hope later. The heat shield yeah. And a this though with the euros run this soon you believe shout out to love listeners for those. Printers today because we salute you for allowing us to be a small part. Your Friday night Friday night delight baby we've had a good time six the podcast page help us to be. The number one podcast nods this sixty embedded in Saddam's city that we call at the in Cannes a damn city we wanna be the number one podcast or go to sixth in sports dot com don't worry. Go to Twitter FaceBook follow all of us will put out there for you to get it. The stage time. I met someone called Stephen King Steve King before I doubt they would not. No one's ever said that I. I know don't call him feeling cold air clean coal man and oh yeah I had yeah I don't think so I had at some point in his life I met someone has called those guys Steve I will say that I was wrong. Because I did say that. It's been visit Nate Stephen spelled ST EPA GM is something that probably came around the late eighties and early ninety's as Darryl way you've got to have for Stephen F. The reckless politics. Stephen F off what was even if possible but don't get that have been. So does that at the top they that we talked about we kicked of the so of 17930. That is also designed saint Stephen by the grateful that. From 1960 not. Died and 1836 did you just look that up. Yes I mean the science that's why another year that I mean why did you look at that that's not will be X. Happened that bank and outside. ST what to do is he's trying to I don't know I just tried real hard. Look at third is that the bag. No I knew Julio is on top of that inserted seven a bad night but he's got a vis the train wreck cleaned up that's a real tribute XB. Wolf is there's something that he was supposed to make it open for that the grip but I got the quota or that you refused to. Bullets that they are calling it I made an open or what is it over the called. I'm there and now they're living here LA here this will get to that I made it out of borrowing is ever use will get to love me Connie my son into becoming a a sellers may have so weak it's the last eight. Which many of you should do that if you had I never wanted to make this what was the call because there was a cliche open. That the listeners voted on was and they get a guy I was mad about it yet sort of seventh when you. When you look for Dick's stuff which you do generally roll. Number we get out of a. That's they didn't I never proven. Third Lou damaged the I'm really I have no experience. He heads a generational talent I'm a single handedly ruined my record that's carrier. They sent them. There is a selection. Of sorrow. That's right scene together I wanted to volunteer in his collection and star you made any money no bid and the audience I had all one elbow but the audience Murdoch service. Third is sabotage you're hated you're at 2 AM. You are a center but are you kidding me at the what is volatile as they've voted for service severed ties it ends you have gone did they do let. Once you want a wave of sabotage the damage below it. All I've got hurt and be a bit of runoff is correct by the I made a non. May seventeenth abandoned hope I'm. Seven months against locals to deploy it is again I've not heard it's good does it. Back pocket stuff and I did. It is is again I'm sorry is this seven by the dawn on me today this is trade rich people. That's Medina invited me in Oakland Hills are close daddy don't love. What is he's LA Beau Bridges from. I repeat her. I just asked in their record suddenly before re and he recorded a different these up for some reason it is isn't bad article wasn't Seligman west not a I did not tell him the putt any country. I graduated last night and got his six or does. This guy like Roy and moral authorities. How awful. And time again. Third does damage. I'm really I had no experience. He has that Germany has no talent. Is the beginning of the. As I do not want out that that man I'm probably no no she does that senator Vanilla what I hear admitted gig these cells like Beau Bridges what does that movie called that he was Leon. It's again. Will the third close damage. About actually almost won a cold distant background is why he went with they opened that exit I want to. Sort of why did decide to go FedEx. Mean we can't calls that are duplicate go visit him. We get a I didn't our bus I think what all was quiet I feel like he's probably had not even better about particularly of course not nobody does it. Kevin book a clerk. Does is laugh in the face that's never making here you gotta yeah Saturday but you can't have we put it out to a bull. We decided we weren't at Baghdad's I think seven months ago and having address at a dead Fed's that is the famed it was never gonna happen anywhere that the ultimate third sabotage sabotaging the fab 37. Mired up for the dog tags and after we after we put a poll out this is bad Steve is a great recipe with the Steve this is this might be a you're the worst tied CA you're just hijacked the fray and old bull. But that's like I may say hey you're not yourself you know what that brought it up out of the blue note here at the. You don't want to go live it did it well but. You know I think they. The ultimate of sort of sad but that's that's what the crowd voted on the big bloated I believe led by governor bowed go to Columbia on the net but that. They voted for that in the what do you want it. I don't we all did a. I'm pretty shared. I've never played it for you because I was waiting because I had done it again. So I guess our kids as big guy like yourself over there and I brought gaga today I wanted doubt sex is like on the end yeah. Currently I thought it would be funny you realize is returning for him right there who was not last week or we tried to cut the welcome in part. At the end where is that if he went trying to cut it out and then just didn't say anything like I delay is that about it the Israel this is bad for you Steve. Trade risky. Do you do hijacked. The fray and polled bolt. An edit what you wanted to be about the. Don't be let me say you know what I wanted to be Gilmore Girls okay what they said we're doing we're doing the OC every week. Well. Now it is my sad. I don't know if so are really selection of sorrow and this is that you play the whole thing when we're ads is the solutions are aware that snuck him. It's they didn't. Go the third Lou damage. Now. I'm really die and military experience that would mean. They sent them. There is so election. Sorrow he kind of did it and did say no he didn't need it and that task. He didn't really stay with the theme of the country that I'll win win tonight he's switched it up to this. So our own. He did just passing back and asked him a hero remembered cutting and he said kinda. Solar system and our three in hindsight it really should have been DO CU have been hot and everybody episode eight. I probably would take in those things knock a lot. So once this team it has fixed the alternate spelling of Steve STV and out. I had a lot of old believe it. So what's it look it up and I don't feel asserted that look at the only person that I would tries to do it is doing he's bet you there's Sylvia. Yeah I'm not gonna waste my time or not. Neither one of you have figured Toronto Raptors bull BS. Insert is just nightly nightly lies I just quote fair. I'm no holds that this says they're both play them well. I cannot believe that you need. So what we you just chuckling or laughing. By the way am I bad parent because I do this and I started at an early age to con my son into becoming a sports it. I have I have my son wanting. To watch the Steelers patriots game because he knows how important. It's O'Neal brownies to my fantasy team so Sunday. He'll get he'll Gately once in my life will probably. Allow us to what would bode well. Dusty said that he has now I feel like you said. They'll they keep the keep them they badly even remembers doing it. By the way I didn't their audits and leave us some spectacular this year in his. This is Christmas concert day that. Yeah man look to show had a Christmas concert. I think apple and A hole move as a parent I grabbed a chair I could not see because I am I'm working with. Say my prayers and come through with the height. And I've read it here instead so it's the that in there were there were people really behind me. I did the bus over the position were we were behind me but I had C a last year we came along way last year it just wasn't into. Well what people are behind you because you were on the chair I don't know where you like back to the wall that is a possible. There was no wall behind the yeah. That was not possible but. It did a heck of a job they had. I had a really keep keep my applause and cheers him as though the one person to cheer for him but he did ailment. When he barking orders to kids L is a leader now he'll tell you. Both is say. So the kids of today. Do your job. I've not told about this earlier and I'm not gonna get side trip in. Frame rates he's not gonna do it to be denied he. I've seen a lot of ways and a lot of stupid ways that LeBron James is at eight in press towards him. This take I heard today takes the cake and I'm seriously done with Leslie. What keep them out of their boat their pick up because they get picked up picked up significantly they get the get go hey I'll be home later. Wow I could've done better Mac that statement would put fit you listen to this show would run the show. Sixteen Sports Radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. Well. Oh man now. Welcome back into this show lives about a five heroes on this doing pretty risky is in the building. We have decided this has been one of us what has been closed even so his worst nights shows him and hit they've gone they game and then and the listeners have known it to and we've decided that it whenever he's having a bad night. Staying it is trade Rick Steve he is no longer Steve insert and Steven or Saturday at this they. I can't believe it's almost body and then we never used that open for any big event just credibly brought him back I'm a month early this Iran particularly if the but not about that quote certain digital you can really pissed me off at this this video unbelievable. Thank you all know my feelings about LeBron James is the gold medal older. This is the third LeBron talk about the way this week it's just an exit it is the third is the gold medal holder to look at elected leader. He's a gold medal holder and my three favorite athletes MB in the gold the silver to the sound Watson. And right now the bronze has been taken over from Cody Dillinger but Tiger Woods because he's back. If you miss to the big story for some odd reason the sort of broad and one of the show's numbers earlier is actor the Cannes beat the hell out of the the lakers last night. Hey he and Alonso ball after the game as many players do they shake hands and a lot of the other players nobody was talking about that conversation the interest in Thomson was having with. Jordan Clarkson because nobody gives it to you but they had a conversation that we gave to. But LeBron and look and Alonso had a conversation after the game very brief in fifteen seconds and they ran Becky. So there are guys like all what was that about what he's talking about hey let's go. To the lakers let's talk about do because obviously LeBron would discuss his plans to go to the lakers with lobbed a ball right there on the floor. Stupid but. I've heard so much hate on LeBron James. Acres Dele he has lost me from her dealings were blonde so I mean what Lavar. And are talking about Alonso but she hits listen to this take. She had all one. This interaction after the game between. Lines though and LeBron day. It here's the thing O'Brien can get the runs that he doesn't have a parity has member in two seconds this could've been done. You know by the locker rooms me instead he wanted to make sure they're right after the game amended that all the cameras caught it. That he was talking and he lifted up his shirt that this would be the story the next day if you really was genuine in wanting to talk to ones I give him advice he would've done it privately. That is certainly he's cynical view you were unsure what a I mean how did not set up so I don't write out a big imagine the lift up your Jersey and have a conversation when you know the cameras are near. And then to there I had anything it's private. It's private text them call and taken a dinner as a very cynical view. I'm done I'm done oppose volley players do that all kind of basketball players or players or did applause of the night I officially don't Kristy Lee. I series that's ridicule you always say that even on social media where what what ever he does he always thinks about. He always puts thought into how we present themselves he had a conversation with somebody after the game Julio. Why did you have to put his idea to covers golf like that he didn't cover is not pulled any other player that he talked to the idea. How do you know that he and I you know that I wasn't on any ticket out of that big and a lot of people at the game like any talk with a well yeah. It really want to read the gay bishop can't get a game like every what does all the time I bet you don't wait wait until odds though. You tell me you wouldn't hurt to julliard to the point that he did this for the production but I that way didn't cover his mouth you'd think LeBron did does that. The production I'd I'd and Andris playing devil's advocate. I just all did just kept going with it instead of coming out and let it is so popular so I guess a fake outrage is nowhere near. All. But I mean like yeah how LeBron probably could. Get his numbered Alonso you get intelligent and very easily but also. Why is it LeBron as a responsibility to try to get in touch were vons and give him words of advice like they just waiting game together. He probably wanted to save a few things to come after the game might be doubly I think probably eight probably respected his performance. And Mike. I may have Lamar but I do kind of feel bad for Alonso at this point because he isn't. Just so openly criticized in everybody's got him under a microscope because of his father. I I just I don't understand my. And Alison you did and Julio instead as I've said that LeBron is very calculated Dolly does. But he does this everyone does this after in BA games at her most sporting events except for baseball because of course. They they go and slapping each other's hands at Iowa after the game. They're teammates was so brief. But guys communicate and talk after the game. And I may not panic I. That conversation with the battery and I mean now you think now crazy ladies aid that LeBron was put together third or orchestrated. Like. We're dusted and he had the TNT camera crews and is being guys gear direct your rate I angered a good reason to want acts. Likable and now. Christie right he does now have a lot of connections in the NBA don't like our CNN I used to connect my yeah but those those connections don't. Do anything in this instance where your defense. Assuming this was all for the cameras like I know. It was I don't know Campbell I don't know it's a marathon story every single night when this happens after every single game only is story. Today because it's it's Alonso and it's LeBron. Like I we're making it is you know it's it's really let it now people went out to. Why did the trades groups that third or grid earlier a piece together the cubs as we head. What does it well here's the thing too is that they would have went up in the tunnel. And they wouldn't have a conversation and they got caught on camera. That it would have been the the the storyline what do bend them hiding trying to have a commerce I don't know what side you're on who I don't either I'm just putting our bullseye like they can ride it well outcry dad let the cameras couldn't go. Up the tunnel. And I and or in LA 01 Eddie Emmy winner had dinner with law what look what Alonso though later. You think I am having a conversation allegedly gay people or did they think of the threatened it and nobody would buy them. I'm wounded vet Russell all you know I've got bored with Ben Simmons after this game money ESP NN now nobody's going to be trying to pick up the that's brave spirit of what Russell and him are saying. Now. That's who we should try to be good at this we should make a huge deal out of that. This kid has led to overtime. After the game winner Russell beds Davids have oil conversation we should make a huge deal about it third. He spoke what Vince Evans after they play he. Add to the game. But. Ed do what we heard what he said it was like big tour stuff. I mean I listen I have heard a lot of a lot of different. Creative ways that LeBron James it's been aided Opel. This one is a cake taker Jack I'm not I felt I do believe that. I mean what short stuff. I've disgraced and outfitted with Christine Leahy said that to do her being a woman I think he's actually a pretty good. Reporter it is done a lot of good things you declared but seems this these kids and our fans out there these plagued Angela distress. With a went Lavar ball one time and cause a BS like he was like he was coming in and attacking her. Which she had been attacking his paired these skills and his son and now LeBron James god forbid after a basketball game as a conversation would Alonso ball. Ed this is heard take from a 152 combo. Here's been paying O'Brien can get by and then if he doesn't have a Ernie has member into second so this could have been done. Now about a locker rooms. How he wanted to make sure they're right after the game amended that all the cameras caught it. That he was talking and he lifted up his shirt that this would be the story the next day maybe he Broncos is that is there lying in front lines of argument buys you would have done it privately. Get out of here let me Bravo should have been there babysit called it MTV to be there to get the. Heavy hitting me so there's no part of you at all whatsoever that they that this was Eddy type of publicity stunt whatsoever. No it happens far too often. No it happens far too loved it and do I think bedlam look LeBron wanted to talk to Lodz allegedly gave. And do I think the LeBron knows. Cameras are going to be in his face because he's talking to a yes maybe that's why he wit like that captured covered up his mouth. I don't think that that necessarily means to be that LeBron had ulterior motives too by what is he getting out of this. Julio. Let's regaining. He's dead is given that up I don't know we'll brides getting his daily around LeBron like any other I name his name is always a part of the conversation whether he does any figure out IC good. I LeBron has ever been injured and if he got injured and miss like a significant amount of games he was still be a topic of conversation every single day. Console and this is that this solves that for the eight but the eight fives by the where is that it don't look that are. 858 I absolutely agree with her LeBron is entirely too Smart and calculated not in a and I want to tell you I think LeBron Carolina. Is calculated taking a Carolina for listening. And in check out that podcast page he makes or some other people who start he'll say they are sitting there. I do think that LeBron is calculated. It and plans of a lot of the things that he does. But this is here man he talks to people all the time but I don't think he's calculated into the type a juice he's going to get and thinking that people are going to lift him. Yes these new cameras were going to be there but come on now. They can have a congress isn't he doesn't all the talent. At every game players have conversations that litigate every time. Why go ahead you doesn't thoughts on this. Blaine. They're a good point but I guess a. Are you are the other. You're not going to be going home run I don't and I'm not too bad out front of our. I watched that he is more a lot. Was set up every morning with the duke barely. Seeing it in Iran about it a little topical at every show every show gets up. Yeah yeah I had been I don't know but I I particularly like that hurt them and what are Christine -- he left India will call and Christine Laine U. You're limited with. Yeah I got ugly a lot of that good god if I mean it he barely can ownership Omniture young players are what it. Bit it has nothing to do with cameras being around of which remain very much players to want to one another encouraging. I'm baker made more about the story which are not educated abroad are that would everybody just a good are they out of you know not interest summary Papa bell really understand. IE it is not images are presented calling is I'm just got a good guy like there are other players on the court they did it add to the gate at that every NBA game they do this it. And the part that got these people were seeking out the transcript. And trying to bide microphones to pull out ladies and that's insane. But apparently went over Calabar Lagos that hey man. What's the best breakfast but did you go into an LA I know one. Who cares. And now we're gonna save my and he is being calculated here. He is doing this because he knew the cameras are going to be there and low when LeBron does yes well LeBron does so by Mary. It's calculated but it's calculated because he's trying to get something. What what is he getting out of it. To be a mentor everyone knows he mentors kids. Our players are younger players. I don't even know that it was necessarily about back I just have a conversation at the game and I. I know we're blowing it out I got I got I had CI TC got between athletes after games all the time like. He knows he's a young player he knows he's there a key you know he's lets you know that he's had ups and downs but it's not like is that I he's very and hang. I'll call me if you ever need anything it was just it was good. 102 conversation after game Sunday Sunday assert it let's come in an open up the show with. This going in did discuss the meeting that Alex Smith. And Philip Rivers have bet that midfield after the game or in. What it still has a conversation with Patrick behold after the game. Been. On. Figured dimples for that. Late night you can show you know loan. Run this show fifteen sports. Good they think it's that time now for six spin off your ticket or using promo code six did sports. Oh man I'm. Do. I. Do. And and got a really pretty good going on right now Oklahoma city of Philadelphia. My goatee. Double OT there are no team right now and be invading Carmela. Who by the way Carmelo Leila Carville. Oh look it's still a litany did not consider that a home. Russell Westbrook save it and it's got up and be saved by the still amazed at. It is did have edited pages didn't let things go well there's almost thought Carmelo and now he's dividends it SOS. Iciness. Gains but insist that blew up apparently there is there now. Did not hold a single lead in this game until overtime start yes and they're like cutting boards enjoy live B. As allegedly been told me that he loves but Fisher will sister Trisha Yearwood a concealed in the morning on Saturday. Care. All of bubbled up by the pioneer woman saudis staying in shape this season. But it's still early and be feeling himself Carmelo about the other way Carmelo seven a real if you much to me. And Dan Henning Carmelo got into a couple times I know he's got that divorced working. It moved to Oklahoma City everyone's blaming him because he just loses everywhere in these terrible. And he's averaging a season low and he's rocking this must days that it makes him look funky. I feel like he's always had a then stash. I feel like he's sick the legacy of president clean. I think if if he's gonna do this he needs to do is go eighties baseball player in just thicken it up. Ugly and grow it in the law all I think I think you can pick and think Brian does. I think he can think of so MB and at that that's under the gun there either. It really tests to love and support for. Love and happiness. By the way we're up here and so 9 o'clock the genes do play. The Los Angeles chargers I'm so glad that bush the Los Angeles chargers tomorrow. Check out FaceBook live myself and Jay greatly will be on. Watching the game so I don't have to watch it in private. I Cahill wanted with the low amount of people basically is good enough but what's with will be watching the game because negative phase of follow along with the and then after the game makes you call live 91357676. To into the eat. Said mystery casino red Sunday post game show hopefully. It is a good one. There's some people sort of that we are expecting calls. There's one guy who's a grooms and wedding. Who is told us that he's got to be in the wedding tomorrow and he said that. That the bride bill however is saying. They she said that talent they've got television set up at the reception was FO was sadness and get married and football season. Yeah I know you you just don't get we know yeah I mean did we know you wouldn't but they you'd you were talking about his friend. Yeah I column off. All right Steve. So step. It's that time did he show so proud of us. Oh yeah. Yeah. You can literally walking right now. Money is one doubts I don't know who runs a 3-D shows that the drill any well wolf thank you as well we don't we don't we had to do the guys just in. No way I think. And it doesn't it that that's not his fault. But I probably would have been pretty rude to my friends who just to have a wedding during football season around campus are scheduled on Sunday. Why is why is Ron might just walk out on segments and he's game that's pretty weak out right now hair big sex drive zigzag 3006. Ron genuinely walked up the middle of the segment I feel like that's great for the navy and I've done walk don't run that's his new nickname walk out Iran. Good play takes. They got a young participate in this well I have as it gets it. You know we hope you do the right now. Throw you the idea you are just all me you know over this docking and did this today did you start. Did you start out I don't know if her job and we're just OK career is making fun again because these. Cost me years Dennis Rodman famously made multiple visits the North Korea. Even that the country's leader Kim Jong-un three times. But what can be a former NBA player possibly our attorney former NBA player player possibly having John Noah North Korean dictator. Basketball. Drivers on the late show Steven called Mayer. Gold as what do you actually talk about wins and I don't mean this insulting only a mad at a mad man murders dictate. Rodman actually we talk about basketball aka. And I called asked him about why go to north carried out very and meet with him multiple times in the first place he says well for some reason he likes being. I'm being honest he likes me I think the fact that people don't really understand the fact that if you actually go over there and meet him. Obviously you don't see him talk on TV but for some reason he dressed me. Do you feel I did you feel good about that that a person like that rescued. Now. I think those Bradman feels like he's been misunderstood his entire lies like I don't want. I don't want Charlie Rose to trust. Like I don't want to be Harvey ones I don't want him to trust me. Now. And those are people you wanna brag about hanging out way. It's just say hey what do you sought to Charlie Rose about. I don't know if that's that's that's us circle you wanna brag about being a part of the art of radio. And a fascinating means. And sobering feature by Monday Morning Quarterback who NFL players arrested they would take a test they can determine if they had CT. It Jenner brain disease. They currently cannot be diagnosed and letting patients. Summary says researchers believe it tested detected as easing current players may need may be developed in the coming years. And point zero Steelers quarterback RD burns that he sure he has CT. Saying I'm going to test positive for CT I don't need a test we play a physical sport. Humans are not made a run into each other. The. I know I I don't know parties body or what he deals with so I don't wanna make sweeping comment and anything so is this. I don't know how you. A you can just be so comfortable on this ruling on that because there are people who are played. The game as long as you have room probably think differently. Here on then Mike goal make the ongoing Domingo. Responded save your junior so this seemed. And he basically said that even if there was a test and he was told. L you have CT he said they he'd. Wouldn't take the test that he doesn't wanna know because there's no cure or there's no way for them. 266 so he said he would rather just go on living his life because he says he thinks it may it would make it worse to know that you have. I had that in the back your mind all the time. Well I don't know about that is I think a lot of people gather restarted Melbourne RD birds playing in the league right now I think people. Globe it's already in the back again asthma. I just think that plague and there's there's been several guys have come out and sad like. Elm maybe I had CT what I would do it all over again on the all the aches and pains and all that. I everything that I've done in my body like I wouldn't I wouldn't change a play I would go back into it again. I think there's still a lot of plays a B I mean he's still see a lot of guys they get injured and then lied about injuries to come back in the game because they don't wanna be on the best. Coming they compare. So time for romantic comedy Friday evening. What's your lives and that's been what's your wives into what soldier was a Netflix Hulu. Amazon crime movies what have you what's who lives in the segment that's sweeping the nation. Romantic comedy Friday editions coming up. If you get this show could fill. To believe it's this show will run the show you 316. Foot radio. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. Okay. That now yeah. May 00 and there. Battlestar Galactica. Won't admit my you'll look. Phillippe have great pressure on the Super Bowl fly first class complain. People walk in my lectures. Like a remake movies. The only place. I am a little thing. We don't. Triple. All of the way. I think that. The men thought I don't know if I could be another. Well I rather be feared your love. Being felt. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. I. Okay. Is woods who lives in sponsored by. Yeah absolutely no one. But look bids them good good because there's lenses that is 06. Steve what are you doing. On the finishing the night on top locally and played darn good that his explosives than it is 66 do what you want him I hate and the with a bang but they always do. Lou we always did now this down to the first one who made it from the 785. Watching the movie Detroit is actually a very educational. Very educational black history I've wanted to see there. And I didn't see it I need to I didn't see if it's on on demand is something that he would sit down there were Detroit that never. You know I never got up to go check it out let. Is it pretty good let me know how it is somebody's watching Mary will ship with children but they usually off and on for me I Denver hi Tom. So little MVPs is so Rea. I never I'm amazed jumping on the band around game and I was gonna dig down you know an illicit drugs are so that is the biggest gonna get injured like tonight. This first time in his career playing forty minutes. I think the big stepping down and is period I know what he's been playing for six years. But no love Mary Lejeune where you idiot you guys every incident Al Bundy as a member of a lie and I'm not only that I don't have this you. F out of they have ever was a complete season by the daughter. Yeah Delhi that Kelly was. I'm her I'm by the way a couple of good ones tonight on the romantic comedy Friday a babe yeah. She sold it a strong the classic. Really enjoy that went. Pretty Frist junior it is nasty sell as you know have nasty he isn't I did like she's all that it's a view. I was about I was one of them that was one of the babies and I lost my younger. We might be headed to triple overtime by the ways to get on good ideas in to check out Oklahoma City Philadelphia. As Russell Westbrook as the ball at the top of the key with eight seconds left. Also. He had. Yeah race not the basket they asked did you give it to Russ go like this and it was does that dine my badge and a big game. Well talking about the what he threw to the guy down in the paint blew through the edge of rope incident scared to soup. They have a wide open and they're going to triple overtime and ESPN by the way. No August 1 party I went home last we can watch this. I do I don't see that. It would it was actually good. Jennifer Aniston is still hang my ears. We did it. Bit of Renaissance. Season Miller can be sued too much for being let out there watching. I don't know season two of Silicon Valley this is too much they got his lost weight the mideast and I sometimes will be lucky to be hit or miss I mean Russell was just. Moving towards the basket he is going right that Joseph Allen he wanted no part of it after being blocked. And no last over time they passed. Guys stand at bats. That would fix it's it is too much for me some time but few cities to make his stand up to be hit or miss beats. He's like bed and he'd AMA's like really into physical comedy but sometimes it is just too. I gonna guess legalized NI. LY 1045 on Sunday nights there's no one else there so you're going to be it allows disappointed I'm not gonna lie. Oh you well know I was very disappointed last night oh boy I wish I had you know I've heard that I I've not seen. A single song not a singer but I don't hurt knocked the wind is there are very disappointed yeah it's it's very. It's very Disney wish they'd there was there was little cheesy. I've and the development better music have been very good so far below the reviews are wrong. This bill and not very Gonzales for the it was six just finished watching my five year old son's Christmas concert. I don't does not my sidekick days today dog fighting outlasted they did last year and Jane this day I son kicked ass today. Last year he struggled last year he cried and didn't single word. You know how competitive I am I'm like come on now a lot of people are completely disagreeing with Julio. Lobbied lower but I hope your son did did what sister's name Alex Doughty now you can say it's an inning would seek. My son killed. I'm telling you boy. He's self employed you gave them Rudolph the red nose ring there. But does that. I mean he Browning as they go and lose you know. It was six city buildings just let doesn't says. It. You have to leave we know our old set and above all went down some weird rabbit hole about Brett Favre. Shot Michael survivors is God's mercy. You did I've done that last night sitting at. Out went the route back to back straight out of jointly build all of by the air base off story. Failing. To attend I don't know if you look like the vols didn't outside the bus Pacino is proud you tailored to kill it. I can get down those WW we rabbit holes then I might get into a Monday night war WW each individual. Vs degeneration expendable when. All they do have some time now they're gonna go to triple overtime so check Eddie is is sixers. Under bill without a lot of fun deny or Julio Sanchez. And Steve. Steve's dad he's tired out run the suit we are and how it happens. Adam yeah. You're never wrong I'm not a.