12/15 - 7pm - Trick Question, Bar or Home, & Stephen Piscotty

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Friday, December 15th

Not sure why Hosmer would chose San Deigo over KC, well let us help you out with that!  And what's your preference for watching games...at home, the bar, or both? Stephen Piscotty get's traded for a good cause but is it really how it sounds?


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. Wild man did you know earnings in the united tag in South Miami house Stevenson has always does our. And he's certainly been. Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey is some lofty goals is to you next c.s I talked about Dorsey last night but this is going to be an ongoing story. I want to say about John Dorsey I tell you this in the masters he died second Jenna. But anyways he begs the browns should win the AFC north Nancy's. This might seem a little crazy but I MA huge fan of this new John Dorsey making bold predictions calling people out docket trashed I love it. I don't think the browns are good enough to win the AFC next season. Begala audio and ballot NBA it's and that on those draft picks they had this season. Does that mean get the next couple years they've just got to fire you first get a real coach I think they got Asia. This show which heroes. Run this if you please. All a lot of those hitters put those figures. Because only salute you. Or allowing us to be a small part. Your Friday evening it. One half of JJ radio production is absolutely dosage is reduces this bad boy. In my Atlantic guy who apparently is doing a seven part series. All of the Cleveland Browns general manage this situation better yet. That was part to turn it Alex Smith to the glee star. Rounds I've that I can win at least eight agave is next season or gentlemen and you have hijacked the issue in the end that and got. Similar mold occurring 78. Prior to. This thing started. Saturday you have a lot of making up to do this better be a damn good sort of stoke the sponsors are no longer and killed. I don't think you do use the. Have you spit at the time. Letting everyone knows yes I am talking about I adding that's done. I am as it is hard to argue about the Cleveland Browns were apparently particularly straight this is like seven parts of you are dealing with it to you get everything out and tell I get. What would equal an entire segment that's what this is going to be and then I'm an account it all together no and play the entire though it throws the 59. Us Coetzer but that's what it's only about. And that is solid ideas ten part series otherwise it all together you're just edit your own number Estes and that's at seven arts is out Ted. It to be a full segment. So. Let's say without off I was listening to. Our our morning show fiscal in the morning which advocates tick podcast page six in sports that. Edit really get interviewed Larry Johnson this week to party interviewed. If for some reason they had Andy Studebaker on today I believe they had eighty Studebaker on today so we'll Tikka. The the podcast page with fiscal in the morning but they are on this the other day they were talking about another big big story development. I'm with the royals. Which is. Hosmer possibly going to. To say the and be an iPod in a lot of people. Bob nightingale. Lit it talked about he that he thinks that's mediate who could be the front runner here. Be willing to pay the money that would be needed probably offer more than other teams would. And then. I was listening to the morning show and they gave this response and that's where I promise you I'm not even joked I thought city there's it's a trick question. To me the San Diego Padres just doesn't make sense for me if your house rock and seek gold to the Boston Red Sox I can see going do the Yankees I market driver gap but this Diego Padres. I mean they're basically in the same situation that the Kansas City Royals or you're gonna leave the royals potentially. For basically the same situation in San Diego saved the beautiful weather out there all year long. That was there a trick question they. That was that's requested today. I did you listen here you can't see why Eric Hosmer. Would look at Cleveland I mean it quickly look at San Diego. As an option. Then he would leave San Diego Ed Ed Ed they get the biggest reason why he would say except for the exceptional what are. On your route if he's not interested in San Diego I am. Don't tell naked they can get me out other advocate this. Outlets and I love the ruling and their my favorite city. And I loved it does it. Let me get this straight. They gonna save me the money more than anybody else. It is San Diego. Ed to be honest they're baseball team. Looks like they're probably going to be in a better place in the near future or they've got more resources. I don't I don't get the confusion. Like you got edited duplicates even got to pull yourself out here. That you do you. Go outside over the next two weeks and didn't think to yourself what did YE. He might beat San Diego copy of the tape it up. I don't I don't get. That was a trick question of course I am maybe the most. It damaged India. But it does it admitted it and the San Diego. Now when I hear it's loudly enough I would love I would love to come check out the ballpark. Check out the team so if you guys and suggested ballpark is the ballpark is beautiful the gas light district whatever they call. Gasoline district is a beautiful thing enjoy myself for the literally. I beaches are beautiful ha. I mean is an option for us anymore right. Well I mean they're dumping every death like that they're dumping salaries laughter at the trading players like he's. So I mean if he's actually go to Miami. San Diego's seems like a pretty solid option. Is added. I've added understated like my my you just think about. What is the closes next big city he is close to living here kids it. Saint Louis. Columbia. It poses and he's two and a half hours away from LA. I could help with the endorsement when you're a customer your 28 years old and you look like. And a team is going to pay the most edit save Diego. You don't think that's a shot. You're confused on why he would he would go there all the royals this native table. And the royals seemed to be probably have been a cup mayoral. But I thought it was a trick question. This I would love it Eric came. But it is it's very much like the people enclave. LeBron is 25 if if your shelves acted he left Cleveland to go to Miami where it would better people. It's like oh. Get it through. The ID SL lands of like a salary cap sport like oh. I would never ago there like. Real gap because you know because. It's there there are bad franchise like not a baseball winners or that the teams that money can recruit guys especially when you live at major city like that. About his city's only seven hours away from Vegas two is it that driving again I don't know if they get just as it's probably shorter that. Like this is this is it like he's talking about going to Cleveland. My wife told me. Run there's a lot of police. I'll go anywhere you wouldn't go out they got into plea. Say 80. I think people can do. I don't get it and that's accurate I thought they were up that they were all just yet. Listen to this will Mort. Listen to this will sort out the makes I've gotten this right to meet the San Diego Padres just doesn't make sense for me if your house rock and seek gold to the Boston Red Sox I can see golly do the Yankees I market driver but this vehicle Padres. I mean they're basically in the same situation that the Kansas City Royals you're gonna leave the royals potentially. For basically the same situation in San Diego saved the beautiful weather out there all year long. One honestly one on me people out there undoubtedly gonna tell you about that you the case is that sick Diego is going to pay you. Ten times more or to pay you more than the royals will. If you add the same situation. You could live insane or Kansas City. Edgier not from either place. Where are you go. Probably that ever beat. Love the planet that. I mean I love down sitter. Uptown. Spend today and Italy. Penetrates and today an old old tech pictures of the stock closed. I've got great public transit and everything. I. I just don't understand what the confused that it just is about. Get let me get say get out with that let me get my hands let's say Diego and and. It's just assuming that he wouldn't even. Senator then because may because maybe they're not ready to win right now like I out of that much about the odd days. Work when neither are we OK let it be the case but they're gonna pay him the most you'd get out what it would go there. They get more and it's angle he's charity RD wandering. They had originally delayed. That that's your cell border. It's a little that I could delay the lead it is nice. To we have. We had SeaWorld. That is at best seller the country's anger. But once they see this in this is two different people that that'd that he sounds like a couple of countries that. I feel like he's he sang some songs on your so was it your forgetting switching leaks okay. You're forgive. So and so announced an XI is about it payment of forgetting switching leagues and how much more expensive it is to live in California. And asked. Got up at a. That's what's legally. I. Let it all. Adds it. Oh as at Phoenix. Edited Los Angeles. San Francisco. May be in five years only going to be able to DH on. Okay. It's. A. If the next two weeks at eighteen years so. I am 28 Euro. It looks like he'd. Would what to live 68 you know. Some exits or does Gigli is just like its outlet to outlet. Is that make it up for the night. I can't Adam goes more Santa Claus and anything it's. Whoa what it means to me. I do not want out out that man on top of her nose knows she does that's in due course. A little. I'm really interested. Emirates is the eve of the all if I'm the only person that thinks like this I the weird way that I think about things. And this is something that's hurt. And regarding the game tomorrow. I've had to throw this out here I don't know where you guys stand. But this is how I always rolled in this game tomorrow puts it right into there. The people of Alabama spoke so I do not want to add to that man on top of. Well Amanda. Pandering to all week certainly no chip. Right here. At Christmas or you know law. Yeah it. Earlier it. It need to move this and Diego with my current career. You know and then discipline but that I let me it's not like it's cold and cloudy can't city during the Summers that no. It's an uncomfortable one old fives and Bert two days I used to want this to myself there's not a bad idea of the it's scary to edit practice is like night. Is nice and sticky outside for like two and a half months straight I just announcer each like that you said you did human. And it is but he strong H. Humid. I don't address changes our limit this and and whoever's listening to this. As a one. How many people feel this way. So tomorrow is a huge game the biggest game of the year this can determine pretty much would almost determine. If this team will go to the play. And if you're not going to as we call it has take the head. Where's your place did you watch game. Like tomorrow floor places around the city you wanna call it the plaza Westport. Martini corners are really really injury to spy RT corner com. Waldo somewhere cadences where Liberty Counsel whatever. Oh and it is where a lot like this the big night for ball. Night game 730 a lot of people Largo into the heads today it is like people are going to ahead. Will go to ball and actually because this has been me. As long as I've been able to watch the gate I can't unless I'm at the stadium or the place words being played. I can't watch big games big crash. Heart that I can't I I it is really hard for me to go watch games and borrowers. Ergo a lot like. Like tomorrow is like a really great today. The goal would be a great night is just go to the living room and watch it at our light and go watch the game probably in that big screen that's out there. By the way that scurry I've been paralyzed in a minute. It's like a 42 screen. That's at the and it's everywhere as to why its size is that it pretty good size small but. But it feels like that albeit they like a lot like you've seen. With the royals were in the playoff race in a lot of people were filling up watch. I couldn't do. I could not I don't want to gain in Britain groups that are not going to quit I need the animal Obama's up on the pace and I. I'll walk around outlaw the whole lower IV MySpace I need to be able to do it additives they wouldn't tell I would say. But my traditions and these rituals that I do and acted. But I also think obviously we see people watched gauge it groups and I think it's a benefits to write this article to build a lot aids hot it most. When your team win it you're all the people who watched the cubs went widget is if for the first time in those bars in moments and advocate. But for me it is hard for me to be there if I watched the game around certain night. Of pains that you know those guys. Like T shirts that read only pushing. There are two that really pushed me that I always seem to run into. What I mean crowds watching big gate and that is and a lot of I think this is this is these are females in this know these guys to. People. Are casual fans that don't know a whole lot about the sport. I don't know a whole lot about the team. But they make sweeping comments of them make cognitive. And first and the second part. It debt mean as much to damage it does to you so when the game's over if your team loses they're able to just move on like nothing happened I don't think. It's sort of the person who gives up quit. The person who it's over now my mom is notorious for the it's over now well now. While we came out what it. A little. I hate being around those two people in crowds. All art exhibit I watch it at all but I'm not at the game. I. I prefer to watch while it depends. Like the World Series. I was fine going out OF AA doing and doing some things are not World Series of like watching the games that way. But I am also not a huge baseball guys I feel like I did watch enough for the game to where I can still talk about it now have to be tuned in to every single second app like. When kansas' made. In 2008 I went to launch for the national championship game but they mated against Kentucky I would to lords that's OJ digit game. Not because it ruin my night of kids this one are hostages would be part of the party. Concede that but our two bit like. That gave them like man I was that it is I've had a bit I was stuff. And I liked it other outlets kids as. The year they went to the final or Thomas robs it I don't know why I X rated Anderson a cult leader ends up talking me into golden hour. We watched them lose to. Quit CAC. And Baylor in the region or in the semifinals of the big twelve tournament and doubtless see him. Eating garlic game means and yes I was in the middle and as we are preparing to repair. A lot of the mpeg liberal there as well into the game that's. On Friday night. They were planning to go about it to hang out afterwards. And tell you rather go watch it that you just you were just complaining about how much you hated watch you get there and I just I'm just give an example and asked about Lott I'd like to. A guy but I wouldn't. So I'll go. After the game like that would be fine but I'm not gonna go watch the game there be stuck there on I especially if I'm mad that my team lost or against the chiefs. I absolutely are a lot about all of this week to get what about that. That's the way it like it is normal. For someone on a Friday and Saturday night the big twelve target to go to Alan Light where everyone's going to be to go watch yeah. And they told that I'm working. Circle transition and make this just didn't tactic that night. I've seen and not just hit this it's like you dividends at the roads that the the all agencies. That I've geared. So you forgot but. When it comes to the chase when it comes to football I absolutely because I imagine that sort certain sports I will go out. Watch like that and it's fine because I do I I don't have to pay attention to absolutely every sector. Football I don't do that. Like being home. I tap my set up I got my multiple TVs I got my laptop I got my my iPad. I pull up red zone while watching the chiefs game I can pull up other games in the background tired bullpen a film that work. I set up at home I don't like I went a few weeks ago is I was moving south I am answer about to go to a bar to watch. Games with like my friend. And it was awful like they didn't have red zone non. They just had random games on the and I did not care about it all like terrible football games and keep asking him to change jail or fine games I like. It sucked I hate. You got that yeah those cases to like I eat space I need to make like us that outpace I pays around and I need space Ed did I. No you view lot if you watched FaceBook. You see how while locked gate that is not a ploy yeah. This is how I want gay and sorted of state you've never odds the game will be devoted to cover their lives like you did the last we talked about it. I don't know all I know I probably look nuts what I'm out and I don't want to feel like acted to add to temper myself a tip about and yes I. I kept leaking it is an eye towards the guy and his with gains and I feel like I have play I play games like that that. What was at the Davidson game can't wait David's it'll I laid that they have gained and I. And I just can't be out in public with people like there's nothing more being incidents an angry about something going on to the game. It that people around you don't know seem really stupid they let. Yeah and that's also to win IEL. When I go to the barn lot try to watch a football game there. I to be really condescending to people who are just saying dumb things that don't always tell the doors and talk like that they're just making. Dumb comments when they have no idea what they're watching what they're saying you know I I will be a a total Richard. Why won't they won't they just run the ball. Like when you this about. Would you credit him and it bit of anger. Especially the ones out of out I don't and one of their screaming. Causing a scene. And they have no idea what they're always watching what's going on but I wanted people it's people who like it ought to go get a beer go get a drink in its third and seven. In huge play. And they gonna get a drink and they come back you know they don't really give a rip about the game but it is sakes the are underway at the ball. Other and I'll lose a little like I like people acting go to the game to watch it. Like it was like I'd ever get one about my best childhood memories was being hit it at at the head wind. Each story out of its beat Denver. And just hugging all these random people that I didn't know as it did with my mom and edges and what I'm best grades out. That was that was on the best moments ever ever. But man if you go out in your team loses. You're team loses that you had to be around people who don't give a damn about this is but you do and I doubt that problem. I know I have a problem I know I think to most in mostly at best it is. But there's nothing more that enrages you bore Eckert Kansas term limit laws Ortiz big loss at being around people who. We really didn't care but act like they cared holds up. This probably how I pissed people off when I go down her life doing news they suck. Because I really don't know what Ella Watson. And ask them down either. And I act like god I act like god manager is just like our ads fashion show and then I'm like all right hey that. Year. As a ulyetza undertone that they've thrown. They've they go to these boards throw punches like I'm not a fighter out there again that's the bed and sit on the final game of the then that that basic in Kansas was very close for the missing key Kansas meltdown. That was theory goes it. I've got to feel borderline bad about this. But. But tell me amid legal and he'll lose. It. So one of the big stories this week there was like a really cool story it is a cool story. Is. Stephens protests. And Stevens was Scotty is being from the St. Louis Cardinals. Was traded to the Oakland days. With Scotty PI AFCO TT was not as caddie. Scotty I'm pretty sure I'm a rich Dexter asks and yet suddenly you're putting and asked before the peak. I'm Nancy I slowed suddenly got to get yours. And it sounds like this got. Was that that senate resents the Skadden you've written an article in his wallet. It's you just fall of this you know and I. Of bigger than Saturday it was Bobby better be better let's Scott Stevens was our pick. The first day with it it makes me say. What's gotten Stephen let's got at a really make less of they added. But it's even less. Was traded to Oakland this week and his mom is badly jail list they traded him to Oakland. So close who has now that's right. For them that's really cool like ID in fiscal trash they Trace Saint Louis of the time they see it I know we gave Saint Louis alone at those schools they. I just wanna go a little Lee Corso not so fast about Renault but throughout this that. It and judge was from. The Detroit Ayers. Now and is one of his pants were suffering from an annual do you think the Yankees which rated good to Detroit now. Make it real chance in hell maybe should tie mosque in. Package or is it is this like. I don't take anything I would. I. Believed that he was in the cardinals planes. And I don't think that they thoughts put. I don't think it this body was a. I think I was gonna really be a big change or a big. In their line. 'cause lord knows they tried like kill to get young girls stand and they get loser outta the other outfielder in Florida are I've Miami who have medical. But I think we give them some credit but let's just be honest here. They're not movie and someone who is of great importance to their franchise because a bit. Right. Mohamed eight let Jerry Jones moved closer to its old town does that illustrate their all star caliber players like vis a perennial all star he that I did is I don't anyway. Dollar. Two years ago that in the royals with a moon kill me and her to be close to somewhere else. What merits of that hole on balls are you think they've got to move it closer to Atlanta. Now we'll give you the private plane let if fly out what it is now. I give them credit because I guess they couldn't get it. Like this I mean this Lleyton is what might turn out. The angels are gonna it might Trout. The Phillies because they've Billick he should be closer to home because lose parent double figures that now that. That's the first thing out of Elena so that's the as a world. CYY to come out from the angle like that you just take it at face value for them being big cuts and because I know what these individuals corporations. Like yeah. I don't know why it's them it's sport I know what this is about. They'll screw up they'll screw it aptly the first it's again. I'm just saying it is to get this do with it the cardinals play. They're in no way elevated traded. Go way. Now that tale that this is something that he wasn't good enough to be in their plans that they can make this work. And that the aides to Shimon. But come on the Yankees aren't trade area judge to the raised because he's closer to it I guess that that I believe. Just out. Is that time didn't show you stop. Us. It's. Huge and before the cult's Broncos game on Thursday night a couple got married not engaged actually Mary on the field Lucas Oil stating. Brad lockdown today corner of the end zone our d.s this this -- Colts mascot. The cult Ascap little page in the sweaty in bed and the two guest. And the announcer revealed that the NFL and the colts. As apprised of the newly married couple and all expenses paid honeymoon trip to Super Bowl 52. Nobody would. To go on all expenses paid trip to the Super Bowl but you one bit mass that we appreciate you live with that that that's that's typically or that it. A local. I wouldn't really want the mascot to officiate the wedding and all I think I know I is on a football player that's part of the colors. Eyes are doing odd I am a budget deficit Ottawa the colts are basically I don't go adult one word to. I have to be yeah that your girls flexible when it comes to this. Oh atlas that is so that adds unnecessary he's gonna do their reward. Insane. There are. Nation's busiest night could definitely better than it was an odd that it was about your age right to put a LeBron James blogs Obama has yeah. Even little time there as it took about we leave it says that based there. Well Brad James blogs are bought at a very secretive conversation after the cavaliers beat the lakers on Thursday night on that was. Not really any of our business but I guess producing great tweets. There was a Mike near the pair that appeared to capture a bunch of their chat though and super tough to hear evidence NBC sports got some of what. James sounded like he said. Quoting. Find your zone and just stay. Well we locked it the media is going to ask you or I told you right now tell them nothing. Just be aggressive every single day it's a white noise a year that's politics are right. And we're gonna get into this a little bit later because. Or jewel in the book we're gonna get into this a little bit later because. I'm officially finished with someone in India in the meat officially it. There she's could be a part of the kiss my a mystery. From here on out but it's so crazy that you know how big LeBron we talked about. Gainey Daffy his meltdown that he had the other day like look at this stuff that happens to go abroad like this become a huge story of the day. Because he had a conversation at Alonso bowl after the game. I imagine the blood mansion if he was of the eighty Duffy. Or a Marcus theatres for that matter were under the scrutiny in responding like he'd but this is it it's just crazy to me. Well what kids is becoming big story just because it's him. Well and also part of it is you know Alonso has been so openly criticized because of Lombard he's kind of under a microscope and he's got a lot of pressure on him as a player. I think that's relatable to LeBron but. I people have been harsh on Montel and tell him like LeBron going out his way to do that when I feel like people. Assume that there should be like some type of beef between LeBron and Alonso because the bars sex acts at critical things about LeBron. I that's why it's such a big story. What is the article the other day and ESPN about how. He respects lawns. And the fact that he's handling the pressure the way he has with the way his dad is but he has respect for him. I mean we've we've just meant. To two or three minutes on this we're gonna spend another. 1012 minutes on a little bit. And it's because two guys talked after game. It. When you hear what I mean you could be here in the 8 o'clock hour win when you get to hear one of them. These people think I give us crazy takes on this one here today I mean just it was the cake for me we get it. Coming up. It almost feels like. If the chiefs lose this game tomorrow night. Alas this question. Is this a game where somebody needs to lose their jobs they lose. Yeah yeah. Other guys that they're doing their beautiful Friday in this the show with drugs and usually are that about that bank. Outs in locations and Lee summit in a lake. And they're building a new look up north is part bills and looks at it out nearby neighborhood. And asked. The it is this shows. What. So does that it dropped and so it's it is significant other when they're getting it. Now no absolutely term. Usually the brides and add a but cern is gonna hijack his own wedding day to make it his day I thought it would be surprised because this Steve's to. So there are on the well all day that's. Violence. Because because the way your name is bill I'm not sure how you go to ST. I am I supposed to and staff but I don't like honestly this name is in the post. Sort of been doing this lately in it really pisses me hands he really that I like you'll company and it you know this even even text it's. Speed staged it. These. Steve like that. This in the debris. Where most of it though at a know it or not and it talk about the debt in a matchup between the offensive line it's hard deep it's a lot. This person who keeps an against up about Keenan Allen. It's. Now let's three. We'll keep that part of this deep into my head Steve McKnight yeah. They can't recall it is. Because it's part of his name is ST EP HE OK. So you can't call yourself speak I speak. At the big arm on this. I did not said the wise facts you. Good thing he's not. Is that you guys do you like August time yeah yeah activists like I did use it that attacked us their Blanquita my grandma well I got. OK when I got my Internet Baghdad because of attacks it's easy that bag. Business act on stage I did say Steve auxiliary belt. All. The big key group he calls. Us. All you're misty didn't what is everybody that today I don't know if you hit it because your name is handled like this. Like upload the lows in the now run it. Now now I feel like it's the the cattle call the pot black helmet goes because if you are elated you you gave yourself you don't McCain this is simply just did. And oh yeah. Yeah teacher that is my name and really I say that and I had. Because this guy that used to work with you physically draining but that this guy I used to work where it used to say that to me all the time to like mess I got. I jumped toward Lleyton he guy got Steve run and hide any day honesty study says that he knew it doesn't mean that you guys are referred us you kind of misty had to. That's that was going on and a couple analysts stock I have. Bad stuff done it my way I like that and I get like a little chuckle are you consciously trying to get us to call you Steve Utley and I'm Steve I've ever to be called Steven or sir that. Even out ever ask this person I like to call me so why don't you do and you know why those people don't do it except for that yeah you're talking about. Is because your name is not. Allowed to be called Steve I yeah I. People are different jobs I've had over the years I've called me Steve I think staff would be the appropriate or because it's a. Idol could be allowed to be because earnings even like off cable I don't like stat. And I think it will be spent it's not speed out. Of your name it's T I and goal from rob. This or I could. What's what's the other instance of bad that feel that there's no other thought he would be to get six. People don't come up with Bob what is bridges you know kind of spit ball in the year with another. Event. Those other names or did this happen then is can't thank him right I had. People whose names stories I've got this bra I'm sorry that it at this late work was her name is. Is. Resigning as my team. Like I I like it Robert. B roundup of the order. Those are different though those adopt but I did Robert B rob or Bob Reich can I I won the Robert herb. Anthony and Tony late in the billed as a group bothered Steve and ST EP HEE it is you can't beastie. I'm trying to think of another one like the people that that has maybe two different spellings. And he has a short I can't think of. While Michael to Mike is this match. Yeah but Steven ST. But that's that no one ever takes into account the way that Stephen is spell yes they'd like I occasionally there are highlight someone has called me Stefan netstat. That's I think it has to go to. That you might if I I think it should be ruled that you can't be called Steve. If it is it your name is spelled ST EPA. Ian. Or Richard. Richard a Dick yes I know but all the black about how did Stephen why can't why is rich David as are ranked Stephen is to know. Steve it's someone's said it can pay you come from Margaret I've never does at at mile I had heard that. Really yes someone named Margaret it will vested. And it's and it's it'd be disposed collar Maher to know he's called the girl mark. He KG can't have a short name. I thought well I'll. They are girls they've Margaret Elizabeth is good because you can go with that because that's in the name or it is Seattle of that but your name is Steven Mueller has sacked a magazine. This. That it just use apple tree but. But at least it is it is a bit is it Elizabeth you don't have it. It just what you're just you you can't put any letters that your name to make it all why Ed dot. It's Bebop so widely used to the accident see and do those are grandfathered why did he rock that named Steve and ST EP HYY. Why does Bob just to make a beat out bowed out of thin asserted Steven ST. ST EP HEE and probably didn't get started use was built that wait till the late eighties. It's so that's not grandfather did. So what's it Steven has been around quite awhile my dad is sixty against several people changed John to Jack that's not even sure yet now that's stupid yes that's. John F. Kennedy goes Baghdad that's ago. That's done. That's about the depth that I hate I hate when they do that shot yet John Kennedy was always called it buys name. That kitty that's. There's to appease. That he would be like why. It worked well from what it. That's great that it. Until this as far as here I need to improve and I think he's like eight is bad is in his sixties Ali's exit as a lot of people named Steve. Spell that wait like even like from. Even elect him in the late night in the early nineties. It is Matt here is AM. Hey hey famous composer who's 87 years old spells exactly he's probably us. Coming in the next two minutes now the composite 69. What Stephen Collins out as an actor said no as well no one believes it's your tail and Stephen Gomez 53. This he's ultimately yes. It. Act hot story.