12/15 - 6pm - Happy Wives, Maury P, & You Can't be Serious

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Friday, December 15th

There are a lot of wives who are hoping the Chiefs lose this weekend.  And if Phillip Rivers and Marcus Peters were on the Maury Povich show who would be the first to lose it?  And poor Sassy the horse is stuck with this guy joining the "You Can't be Serious" club!


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You show. This show with euros or you know you please. Who are a lot of listeners. Those fingers. He he's three. Borrow loudly announced that the case involved art. Your Friday evening. Stay and bird though is not the building is off this evening but the other half of its game radio productions. Returns back with. Well look to have a good time this evening. Don't be afraid to hang out with us tonight. On this Friday night alike. As. As we have a good time you can't be serious is normal. And we're going in a different route today. Eyes at this Leo. Son of either one view and in this news story of liquor with the before a long period but I feel like. It is that the media had to discuss this. So. Before we get into the neat nitty gritty I. All these I don't know why in my mind I'm not for she you're. The amount of time. Day you have when you set your alarm and if you need to build it into the house how much time you have before it is sick. He had to put it Becky and I think it's four more top far more amount of time than generally believe it is especially in the moment. So this happens to be a time I got had to do and it happened to me and nearly injure myself. I got outs set the alarm went out in the garage start at the car. Like a and it put these Christmas lights on so it wasn't my family comes those that pitch dark. That I would be running here I'm on the disparate. Debts written run in there play in the Christmas lights. It down run down at that suits like this that turn a corner on the first day. And I go right and Indian state. I mean I all most live in land and on my shoulder which maybe because of an isolated in Atlanta on my knees. And then I got up and that at any at that like just just the couples there's a retarded like that firefighters that are sevenths days a ha ha. Since it was let's talk general like a slide in and ended on my knees announced late. And then I looked over and it it was even close. And I could just walked in the here and is plugged the problem ineptly it's like. How much time you ask. The bit the alarm didn't go all right. All of that it's aptly it's. Is. It's like two minutes or something. But in my mind that it like it's like a bomb and I've got to hurry up again now. And this town manager. As we do at this time being that is six of tree every night and bring my guys to sort it is. I. Mr. IG said it kick starts today mr. I give my hair that like every two weeks like most of it Americans the conservatives in the building houses go and I like this count them Moroccan right now. Billion. Kurt where are different so you can jump in here he beat the guy and we just were retrieved and we've got some we've got the computer is he's going in. Aided and our guys needs to get it here deduced. I'm trying to supplies parts acting Italy is that you worked his puppy we get this thing goes. Yes if it feels like there's another man. And my personal space there it. At its cared he's in the ninth there. So let's let's get this goes. So I think a lot were talked about this chiefs chargers game in a lot of different ways. Alan billions. That there are going to be some women some wives. With their fingers. Piece of lots of women out here who do not give a rip. About professional football. Who don't care as much at all as it costs schedule but even worse it about east York. Don't even understand it it is as big of a gay. But what they do care. Is this. They got their fingers crossed and I'll be frank which they out there and they want that he salute. Third they wanted to salute at certain. Buckle up you'd better start to list. This agent lives at this as growth rates this a significant. You gotta start understanding. I don't from likes OK yes that's that sees this as early this which he's telling you sort of this is currently and that's why she understands that I work NA NA peculiar situation where I can go to a football game and take its work. Oh yes or even you won't even be able. To get to use worked. As an excuse here and tell you right now there's a lot that year. Who who are hoping that the sees Lou let me tell you why. And I'm not saying all of you a zoo weirdly it's the ladies politics lie and call it it's a bullet you talking about I love it. Tom that outlook about there is and I know this is a shocker gives them a vast majority. Of women who are involved in relationships. With their significant others who don't give a damn about the gay that really give a damn about spending time. And on it to you right now they can look at this and they could see well. If the chiefs lose it I don't know how many guys like this but I know I'm like this and I know my wife knows them like. If the chiefs lose this game Saturday night. It'll be basically this season's over. You win when my teams lose games and their seasons battle over it is hard for me to continue watching it. Now. Or mean well it's easier because I don't live and die. Like I used to about that sees it on those that it used as a have been hired me is like watching football. Much of Iraq act now to add that the jags. And I. Imitate what right now. There. There Saddam. Some guys at the chiefs Lou it's escapes that day. It's a big right let's say Saturday excuse me but so is a great date for all of his football. You've got Aaron Rodgers. Coming back it's it's the Panthers got the Steelers patriots. You got Seattle against the run three huge day. But I'm telling you most guys when their teams out. It's hard to watch you know the chiefs lose Sunday and there are out of this playoff race altered purposes. It's going to be hard you get up and watch wanna watch football Sunday and there those that ladies and oh yes put him in this situation. He'll go he'll be registered in time would be a wanna go to the movies a one seed lady honored he'll want those bits of time with the kids it's. Rather go watch the day. And Natalie that sort of they will have. Patient that to do that that is the one thing that you don't know there's utter anger prop open that said. I mean I'm I'm fine with going to see lady bird is science on Sunday nice. I fear I areas here at 1230 on Sunday you're you're you're you may be a different breed may be. But I tell you like when Kansas loses in the tournament. I'm out for a I can't just lose the tournament when they cost or it could not watch the final full sized. Hockey now I can't do like I. All hard to say it's also like that identify his chiefs fan but I'm also at a point where. I just like watching sports and it's also you know and helped us come up with the ideas for the show and story lines and things like that so. The chiefs lose it doesn't ruin my day the way to the used. Let us any excellence is sexist sexist take them. I'm still not know of course there are women out here who are fans and want to watch but I tell you their women out here who don't give a rip. About the geez it they winner Luke and they don't carry it with. That's what you get the dues of other day I got denser I've con my son. Into knowing that it Toniu brown means so much to me in my fantasy playoffs. That he is going to want to watch football on Sunday any. Am I some Avila yes. Yes. This let's watch football and outlet will be able to turn it down because that started three years ago Connie my son into being a sports but I am telling you may and I. Why would Kansas lost origin last year and I'm used its best wealthy and if affable they lost organ. I don't I had I was out I didn't wanna watch. I don't wanna watch it and it wanna watch the blues that it won I mean anyone wants mr. tournament I was out John White gamble because. Well (%expletive) you off. Is if you watched games on Sundays sort of if your cheese and you watch games on Sunday I. Like to watch games when my teams out the next time just to watch this graph where they say oh all right the AFC playoff race. That our Bruins need to Steelers are number twos into England the number three C Jacksonville. At at the number four seed. The 86 Los Angeles chargers added seats in. Outlets that will issue. Is that it's that you that's what it's like all that that will drive people crazy. And and tell you there's still lives and who would rather deal with. I but that's and that's why else camp and later the NCAA tournament like. I guess I would be rooting for Kansas most of sandal in the national championship but I'm not gonna be upset if they really widows. But it's also because I gamble lot during the NCAA tournament so that keeps my interest in games I don't care. I'm NFL just like. I'll tell you man that they won't say it. This of ladies out here who will say it sort of. There's ablaze and it won't tell you once are you better get used to this I have here trying to help you out. And it's not help you out means you know about this game. But she she knows who I am LC she loves that she knows what I do for a living. There's a reason I donating her because she is very understated sort of what you do we're living doesn't even know you hear what you covering Sunday sort of what are you color exempt. What do you cut extended that I'm okay oh I didn't paying attention. To the NFL playoffs. Yet I have the short game that I. I'm a better understanding. Of what's going to happen. The last couple weeks season. And what it means the chiefs' playoff tickets thirty UK you'd you know you're nuts that Beckett who want to middle day. I'll just got on that my apartments I can actually want dreads on home on Sunday and that is what I will be doing Windsor dated that you would your lady normally spit. We usually hang out Sunday nights and then now. Article about my dad's. But hey you G usually the change that day she's used by busy during the day on Sunday all that we don't maybe our Intel later in the evening probably busy during the day because it's these. And then. Now she is genuinely bits so what's next is that they've Enron word about what does give rip. Layout suit probably adds heat rather. You know it's telling you that the change is tomorrow you are gonna wanna watch football said. I've series and its its wounds tomorrow. You're gonna wanna come out watch football and just think about all the time the chiefs lose. Think your wives don't know. They got up. Element to your fingers Ross. Say hey Lee. Lee. I think the majority of fans would probably still watch next week of being an. The answer Savard checked I don't know I don't know. Eliminated if they ride adil and makes it very very hard advocate announced it no you check out the next day. You check outs and tea Iger to check outs date. You my answer that it's an all star and then in July 080. You. Account. I want. Thirty that you mean you. She was getting and ego black eye is slowly you know. You go to raise. I'd date her is because she is understanding. Of that I she notes on days. Ironed out today it just sounds. Awfully naive idea you. Give you this I mean I game I get by without logic is second in the Sunday night game well. You mean during the witching hour of red zone on a Sunday afternoon you bitter bitter seed but it went. Tackles are iPhone. So let's head of the text lap of the day with six teams win and I'm not watching Sunday panacea though. You know right. In those games alone. It Rogers Beckett gets the Panthers. Seahawks rams and that patriots Steelers yeah you wanna watch. My wife holds so let's in my black boots the beaches Ayers it's 58. Or. I yeah. Steelers patriots mollen on the CC does this one I think people think of right and we get a break but this is the great one mile wide berth the chiefs to wins on and a better vote no doughnut well. Now. Sequels you'll believe she can help that moot because. I don't wanna watch football. On it at the house is something. You'll have your rants that you won't even know. Our comments on this out here. What was his corset I need your help Matt and we'll get to you on the other side. Julio does that open up the ball alive and it. Here's a team's three game. If Philip Rivers and market leaders were brought applaud. The Maury Povich show. You know they just have those paternity tests of the time. If you had a bit and outlets and realize that Beckett picked as I look at what about the thickness or discuss that idea this is so important. What's what you. They would lose that first. That's. I think in here on consumers and advice in the bank. I had so this this is the teams that and I'm serious. I'm seeing here politics 693 zeroes sixty there was this of this type update. That goes through my idiotic mind. And will open up the phone lines for this. There it is. If Philip Rivers of market beaters were both put on the Maury Povich do. I'm serious I literally was watching Maury Povich today and it made me think of those. No law on this he'll really help handles crises but it will energy and early ages. Withdrawals when it comes to the response and I feel like Philip Rivers. Ed Marcus theatres are the same in an odd series of weeks either quit hot tempers. Who do you think would lose it force the quickest. Philip Rivers. Emerged before you do but to this or not it's not because I really thought this through. So. Our men are we saying. As themselves whereas the typical guests it would be on at themselves. As themselves because I like Fella somebody that excellence that Peters would lose that first rivers is the master threats to Mike if Phillip is on there. With his alleged mistress or something. And she says it is like phillips' reaction might begin. This builds a white rich guy he's got a budget. I think it is Peter I know is Jai. I don't know of he's Mary Phillips as a key. I've tablets I'm sure Philip because all the key states of that deadly as a prop up its Philip and it's serious. Serious. And Phelps got to be Tiffany rivers have helped Mary. Everywhere just keeps taking it we'd go feels but I just hit. Is no other level crisis situation. That well what man would add to deal would watch those. Does that really matter what I pictured Goldberg on the market. In a situation. Where their ridiculous man. You know they teased and the breaks and they and we had to sit here and say we're gonna see of markets and Ella. Other father next. Ever hit a lot they get used up all of its act. Woody is at the lake all the advances and got a delay of game. Did we know our cable throwing the the flag it's that this it's at stake it's Ike on. And mark uses and I married I don't know if he's seeing Mariano being played so you while I think it is maybe admits that it's a little bit as its assault of married in markets is not married yet as opposed to the situation that seat. But I also mad at the caveat that Phillips family is there edited. I does I tried just I. For me it's it really think this out I need the whole scenario presented. Like in front. I needed now what the situation it is a what's a paternity test ball. What the hell are you talking about. What do you mean what is the paternity test. Okay obviously paternity test of like why did you guys. Because. He's cheating on his wife was a lot and markets is also. With the same woman would if we're doing a paternity is it Villa obviously is he guys. Out in that situation Philip Rivers is cheating on what sort how difficult was this line of well. I don't understand what else. What are you talking about. Because maybe. Maybe it's. May each December it out gays are like the guys this Philip Rivers has definitely Jean Dodds. It may or DJ am and aren't and then I need to talk to somebody. That sort of I don't know what they really talking about going amendment. You're an. Yeah. Yeah. Deal and that deal. If JB. School. At. All like. I'm at my wife. What are the crew but I'll only. Come. Out. Gets sick. You appreciate. It. My. Doesn't eagle and 98 well. I wanna. Want to do. It. Wouldn't. That the. So once it it's you the inserted rookie in India we need to do last hours. I do as I mean I just eyes on a little bit more detail on the scenario they want to market your hat yet again came up to Saturday is not that hard. I just I mean I like to watch the flashbacks are more I like to know what's gone on in their lives and yet like you're making this making this so how. I think you are so there you you even acts the dump his quest is a ball that you just say. I did the dumbest coolest of all those. So so what does the paternity test full. Because I was asked what is the actual scenario. Is I don't maturities aspect that led to come across Florida at the other crops. Don't know why you it was. That you sit so in this case that this made Philip is easy. OK so right now Edwards. Is it X. Maybe it's just showed up maybe he got Amy his wife is having an art is being. That's where I was asked blower. That that is the biggest lie. In the use that that's that's the worst you've covered. At that one right the of recovery that it seemed to recover is the worse I have burger. You do not believe that that market leaders it was Davis an area even an attitude is an area that I. At some point deficit the scenario that eight. Phillips' wife is the one who's putting the paternity test out and that it. I think mark JJ. Graduation when Paula is married to market. Leo I I just didn't I did I'm not I'm just leave it alone I didn't think it was going to be this difficult. I'm not saying anything. Yeah tests show it sounds like you get explained the birds in the beads Saturday. Some oil. Isn't this the goal is exactly. The text and that it will it will note that does that bother you because we. Peter believed this early an ounce and acting like he's special. And he has no I go to talk about. So let's get markets and this has rivers might be blocked. Stopped up he doubled the I adds it's not a crazy plays my mind again. It is bad. Attorney at at all. Yeah. I bet that idea that started outage is hijacking this admit it's trying to be stupid to hide it. Add at this segment. It would stupid right is 78 can we get I Maury. Yet shoppers are not. The it's only you know 8 o'clock and now have enough time and I applied to react to somebody's spot on the. You are not. Crowds like that before it started at 81. The reaction would be but the two of them if it came out and boards and they are not the. I believe mark is the throne as it. At earliest that is. You are not. As I. Thanks let's get a shot and try to you know what rural this. Is that but I outlets took up. That's not. Outlook he get in line. I was of those days were lied about. The paternity test Fuller. Saturday. Now that all. Didn't want out there who is it must be noted that it sticks like that he's got sick. It went surges ahead of as they got so many things in my mind I'm thinking hey what is the paternity to explore other if you thought that yes we know what sort of eight. That's how proud they did not make yourself look good so double that question and I'm just I think that and I'm fine. You guys which I get that it was beach I'd worked in my handed is bloody bigs out at 34. Line read your mind. That's what you want. It I'd. Want to know what. What is your fellow board needs. If I don't August it 88. Or nine and more believable. That's our. House so what's it is I do need it I knew he was trying to eat you alive. It gives a topic of the day's headlines is. Rookie Bob sniffing dog at the airport as appropriate rob. You are not. You know violence is formally oppose this sickness yet though it's one. Didn't work segment we've ever at I'm gonna play other tersely put all the labels deeds. I feel like we can really crush that with a little bit more stuff. That's people Argo you may exhibit one there on the side of you were just did it. Birdie the last thirteen minutes but there's a couple people. Well it's a different he's so instead there does need to be mobile or explaining I bet. Though that Morris died and after we could make that phone. That's your thoughts on the Condo you'd you'd it is spectacular kick and use that template yourself. As someone that's. Expired today and so eloquently state. It hot chicks started insert ads that that collects. What's the paternity test full. The sneaky one that was not that was it was right up there it is due to sheer stupidity out of it. And it's just stop it contradicts I had. Earlier today Brad Pitt but it took a left heard Ed Ed are you alone brand name Brett. It's not that take out of this world he would Ed just did it so fans that know what I am I old iPod it. That's next protected them immediately they stuck it that it out about the charges it. He's one a a what do you think about it he's going to do this that I. He's going to be doing well I mean you look better at it right there on the level of rock Kelsey just natural clash. But it just yet but it. LL. Ever hit pretty. Because it was so obscure that no dignity and how to do that paid. What's the paternity test or to me like red and Ali if somehow letting it I'm injury in the collapse of rock else. Henry's got 550. Yards and four cuts add to the I am shocked that that may. I kind of had his last this wedding street he's becoming a little bit. I think in the ruffled that would say a sixty year night and I'm about to take off and not have Travis Kelsey your gob got talent to stop this asking. Don't shut up flip the script it up off your stupidity that you just gave us the last. Fifty minutes Beck Agassi said the topic of the day. Charts to. And I like you can hear this in that respect I get this show up and this is what. It's hard to act like you can hear it. Show. Today. And yeah this topic of the day sponsored by absolutely no winsome look it's. It was coming to a lot from people right out of Chicago all the headlines read. Rookie bomb sniffing dog at airports as of doping problem. Under the crowd got sniffing dog at Chicago's midway international airport. Does it doesn't wild air anyway Chicago's midway international airport is having a little trouble waiting. Waiting to boot. Waiting to poop in the proper place. The Chicago sun times reports the dog has been pulled me it terminals and on the concourse. Kevin attacked the who leads the Transportation Security Administration operates. Admit lace is it doesn't add that the dog's ability for her to do her job in looking for content and the dog is more mom. Our months into the job in the cart it's up that it that the problem will eventually stopped. The newspaper says the two year old dog has been getting a little jittery in craft but any minute she leaves his swiftly to delay. These new look at these kids I'm not gonna let this early and there. I name at one point you have to call the dogs that it needed immediately. What it called dog though. Oh. Let me do it I did I understand maybe he's really good to see it to be pilgrims take it down to. In the air Holland says she was she's been doing he's been on the program orders on the job yeah it's thinking and added it. What do you give it its should just get nervous so is she really good at finding. Concert date me she's outside those ninety days. So. I am. It took her now. And so she's guys outside of night. Did you guys had a few problems but she's a good job keep it good dogs are certain you know ideas and its own but with all its. She think she does obesity that it too addition to her old job and that's taking down. Certain to offer too good places to get you're rule boy I can't wait to hear how we're going so it's not going to be that night. It was via the Thailand and show stopped. So this yeah. There's less. So this may I add. Maybe Mitt itself was that I don't care I'll know that is right there is midway the world we goat I'd go to know about you write on them. You know this. What I did it take are still here. I mean it to that enemy knows she but she is better ninety days. Carolina Kansas announce on Friday that the team is investigating team owner and founder Jerry Richardson fur workplace misconduct a Yugo he. Richardson there as on the team since I is this just about her again it's it's that. Read it is out of the teams that have began play as that felons rigid franchise in 1995. Led the ownership group that brought professional football to care allied. He's 81 years old the investigation will be conducted by Quinn Emanuel. And Sullivan LLP an international offer and we'll also be overseen by. I am eyes two support me. Was that. I don't know his name and I don't see why it's important you keep this thing. And that that was on the I threw in last minute I don't know. I I will say I'm betting a lot of Diebler bit skeptical on how. Hard this investigation going to go it what will happen what have they come out and find out dead. Jed Richardson is dozens of what it is he is he about it Donald it's certainly. Back out and force him out of the Lee. And that that this is on the night it just came out a little bit I guess I've mentioned are highly dive into the the allegations and what could be the consequences of summing like this for an owner I don't I don't remember this same owner coming Cam Newton and now when he had to get tattooed. And interest certainly. The vehicle of a deal that he's coming out. Being born each had any suspend him for not wearing a tie allegedly yeah that's it the guy here. What's our does not toward exchange between one broadcaster Michigan State coach mark Antonio about a recent auction and Jim. Was saved by Mike Leach being likely. Conversation began with KUS eyes Brandon stone asking de Antonio in the age how much they thought our bus khakis went for an auction. And they auctioned off a team wound care. Jim Harbaugh has khakis and how much I think diesel wouldn't be asking price was how much you've been. Solves or were there and I got a pair on now but that's just ceremonial ceremonial or we ceremony is that intimidation factor. Way that would occur and you turn Newton and that's what that armed with a sharp dressed guy that you development closely with the mayor you know and so. Now I'm trying to be as polished and mainstream is it possible to are intact it's where does he gets apparently. That's. He. Might. Lee who's. I can't believe they get one of these jobs that moves of a little closer to everyone else. And make them make us be able to hear him. Eight was six seriously how drunk is sort of denied in my favorite text of the night. That we just go back to 601 and start over person. I don't drink all week. Maybe you should. Certainly had not yet. They both face. You can make it clear at least. At the Christmas party I had them wanna. Count now is that drinking having one beer is that drinking use that I haven't had a drink all week. Having won the and sent out I took a drink it. It's Friday I don't know. Outlets are just drank my cohost is going to get tonight that I am he's lying he's at full of let it may be comical. We are the king of the train wrecks it's David soda is leading us into its Friday. You can't BC is regarded inducted new person or you group it to that you can't be serious all the way. Eddie it is. It is something hilarious and I. Identity here. Sort of you are you ready for New Year's these. Now you're narrative of using New Jersey but. And it's an art if you aren't ready for new use the six think it may begin to help would doing. We guys added yeah I did go to that go to the website and you'll see so much. That we had to offer a terrific prize it's you can winds of about us. Can win the ultimate New Year's Eve weekend experience. Includes tickets to concerts. Including the Foo Fighters are enduring and Zack brown band based special after party performance by sir Roosevelt that sounds. Like something that. I would be into I have it is got 67 sports that Tom enter your email address click submit and your automatically and. Yet it's extant sports dot com check that out let's get any easier an easy W. So we do this each Friday we find the best sound of the week last week it was me having a meltdown on the post game show. Stephen AA has a wing in the you can't be serious all the pain. So bullets. This week well. Without another dudes. Elevated nether do and if you know the game that it gets X six 306 texted your favorite parts. And let us he would get to adapting. Our newest member this is seeking ABC. Everybody knows she's had a ring calorie and high you can empty and serious. Yeah. You're good at that I can't have you guys had you know I would add. I have no idea I've been brought about by the but those days yeah. The whole hearted game. Your risk. Our guide so what do. The biggest story is ahead in the country this week. Alabama's. US senate race which was won by Doug Jones. But the next morning MSNBC and this is courtesy of NBC news and MSNBC. Morning Joseph. Pretty successful morning show. They had so this is would reliable and certain it was not aware of this heroic war. Bet you didn't know he voted. In the way his transportation to vote getting to the voting Booth was by horse. And there was video of him riding this horse Ed. But this is. This as was the response from morning. Statement you're a writer. Because I heard you say that funds. I'm animal abuse is what we're looking at here and the Scott thinks he rides horses tone of what's wrong with this city. Well I don't know where to start from the first off first off what nobody nobody who knows how to ride a horse. Holds the rains out like and now and I just. Ito and I I feel like their song. Criticism. Implied towards the course now that force didn't get a vote about the jackets on his back. And for that that is those girls he why is there. Did worse via. He's got no control over where no control over or what a terrible writer. I do not want to ask that man on top of she'd I completely agree expert now apply that abortion and and and and and I never thought of books. But he is a man. Who has no business being in on a worse yeah riding a horse and any more than he does being in the US senate. Up a lot of look at the very beginning of that video of it could just roll the top again because the people of Alabama spoke with and I think sassy has spoken as well. I'm making it very clear she does not want that man. Wow how. I hit this. Mind that this I what is it gripped it. Does he own a horse like do they know that for a fact there was just some get make that he'd put together to go vote give it to its excellence expected zoos X if they are far. I don't see why does he need to say Alabama. All of Obama. But I think what you're always. Well did you thought that you could hurt a bit. That bet that they did it's kids they hate this feeling I mean he is bailing sees that he arrived yet. Well when he went to the debts. He's seated sassy and of course that's that horse's name assess. I hate that it shows that India the course of the day sexy is horse that growing will win but he kills me when he goes. That horse didn't have the vote of the jacket so the back of but other parties this way he would seized Emeka. The ones sliding and like underneath. The covers. Just quit lines already know brigade just. Bush's lead this what and. I do not want to add that man on top of the road. She doesn't have to do as well as yes. I'll get a sick joke like that big that might be enforcing don't want them. I want to ask that ran on property. She loves a good horse. Fine piece that had to they have had. I added courses and maybe I'm wrong about. Why why would you say that I would think it wasn't as I mean he. I don't know if you look allegedly was acting out like that like every saying they were criticizing everything he was doings that basically he knows absolutely nothing about riding a horse at the I don't. But white men have a trainer something leading man like he's got a he's had a look like he's a cowboy riding in to vote. Bullock that's what could well if you if if they penetrate her leading them. They would sixties an album welcome Martin. Make this can't slide it on the under about ever are as it has been accused of sexual misconduct is sees as the minutes up yet these negative. But to make she just keeps coming in with small comments on the island. On the stage meant you're rider on the media sees it and rightly angry on this. I'm animal abuse is what we're looking at here and Scott thinks he rides horses tell me what's wrong with this video. You think well I don't know where to start from their first off first off what OpenId. Holds the reins out like that and and I just. Ito and I I feel like their song. Criticism. Inclined towards the course now that force the other vote about the jackass on his back down. Think that is so sassy says there Vick did worse yeah. He's got no control or throughout the day control over whether it was terrible driver. I do not want that. And on top. For you did worse. So don't buy that worsen and and and and and I never thought a modern day. It but he is a man. Who has no business being on a worse yeah we're getting worse and. I've made me feel it's just sliding on the and she gets the W but the entire team of forty joke. Except for Joseph Scarborough who was there who's opening the entire team of mourning do you have insert and our newest members. Vince you can't be serious coming up and so that is best second show that sports entertainment. Or radio or whatever primarily because this feeling of what's mistress. Acted now what the situation as it was paternity test all what the hell you talking.