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The Drive
Friday, December 15th

In the final hour, the guys played the hits and Heis put together a montage of all the highlights from all the different analysts & experts on what they expect for Chiefs/Chargers. (Note* the audio for "ask us anything" to wrap the show was unable to save properly).


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Drives presented but I do think east wars and just continues to find themselves and world of trouble he was named in the lawsuit right now that is against various people that war in of the network we found out that he did. To sending female staffers novelty adult bullies but say it. Quote it wasn't about sex they were sex toys and they are not cut the don't always he then went on Twitter it we did. So one of my raiders were not about sex even put I'm sorry I thought it was Q it did a picture of what he's sensitive and he continues to tell himself animal he says that he did not seeing any new photos to the accuser book per pictures of women in bikinis but that was it. Back. All that's that here job. He's an answer by saying you know sometimes. IC CE acts are Warren Sapp is like arthritis I don't think it's like arthritis awesome to get back spasms I get that. Phillies warns that might be one of the dumbest human beings walking is here. We think warns that lawyers and food. I told you not to do shops pitching I think that's what strategic I think he's like he's laughing straight to the bank that's I think he's hitting him for absorbing the number of hourly fees. Among them in Afghanistan. I guarantee. Harrison. He tried everything. Congratulations. If I can't you so much solicited at least dug into your work week. It is the drive cared sinners here bin heist appears well Brad gaining the gang is here getting ready for. A must we and very important big east game at arrowhead regular season lies since December 1 2013. With the eight remaining. And the Denver Broncos strolled into ten. To get into in the hit coming up in about 25 minutes or so highs compiled a collection of our insiders and experts there thoughts on the game. But I gotta get to a take a light speed of the big stories of the day gain since I've been waiting. That moment all my life. We talk about them every day and bottled. I see that's right it is time for the handsome a lot of these folks in suits me just told them before get right back initiates coverage here. On the drive on six and Sports Radio don't forget you can watch the chiefs game. With thoughts Saturday evening on the show deeply chafing there on face the flat and of course the seventh street casino. Read Sunday halftime show it'll take your calls and some street casino resonate post game though as we'll make sure you do not miss on that. For art she's covered on Saturday night. Earlier in the show we house bill Maas who wins on Sunday and how does that make it happen breather. She wouldn't it make you. So this seems pretty good you know feel good about sure. The ticket go up awful. Which war which he serves they feed off. We whole scene. They get really crazy people turn over restrictions river before world was either so it's just words. And I think quick work of the I think it's dark where they're not that are you know we've seen it shouldn't change your name. Anger if we get details it sure looked around for obstruction. It's going to be pretty late game. And I think that they athletes go to a lot to do. Keisel ask you two gentlemen the same question that you asked on former chiefs defensive tackle Missouri sports hall of Famer bill mosque. The chiefs win because of pulling for the chargers win because of pulling. I'll give you one for both. She's wade if they run the ball effectively and create balance there's been no shock that Alex Smith is at his absolute best. Whenever he could run the ball effectively lead on career money is not dependable winning these kind of games I know we're seeing a better more improved Alex Smith. But the better improve ballots that growing rapidly to run the ball effectively so I think that this team can run the ball close to what they did last week I think they win this game. I think the charter is weighted Tyrone Williams had a good game. I don't think that she can stop he you know what I mean by that is. I don't think they're gonna hold him to two catches for 32 yards I think at worst hold until like six catches for 71 yards by expected Allen to play well in this. He's a product that'll let him have in a leak kind of game but I think you at least play as well as if they allow a guy like Tyrone Williams to be in the same way they let parents Mitchell beat them. Or the same way they let. Jermaine curse in Robbie Anderson beat them. Out of the chiefs win this kind of game I think it comes to stopping and limiting the passing attack of the chargers because they'll be tested early and often from rivers and that passing today. I think she's won this game if they commit to running the football when I say commit until I would have done the last couple Louie you have to run the football. He had to go for a couple of reasons you've got real clock to keep Philip Rivers and heated Allen off the field. That the chiefs still are bussed over 101215 yards right out of the gate don't panic right. They've got the football that control clock and that's one way to date I think it's the biggest way that thing when the football game this week. So it can that you run the football doesn't have to be great but it's got to be good clock we solid happened. When they did do against the jets the jets at the football for 42 minutes where's your defense down. And in an. Got no chance to what do you know control the clock and keep Tina Allen off the field the chargers went because. The chiefs can't block Melvin Ingram or Joey blows it. That's to me the biggest key to this game all right. If those two cats go nuts and and get after Alex Smith calls all sorts of problems in the backfield she's gonna lose this game. Again I'll say so this week. Yet he'll Smith and Derrick Thomas Chile from 1990. Those of the guys are going to be coming after Alex Smith. And they play for the chargers and it's Melvin Ingram and Chile boasts a couple of bad dudes point sacks combined maybe the best handed the NFL right now. If the tackles do their job. The chief so when this game that they don't the chargers well. I'd just once I don't hit it involves the guys you just mentioned Keenan Allen on the defensive side Joey both side and Melvin Ingram. It took over indicted on that money Smith the play by play voice of the Los Angeles cardinals the host of that the money that itself. Over on I AM 570 an ally and we're talking to him about Keenan Allen and where he ranks amongst the best wide receivers currently in the NFL. All what was and what people are probably. I'd eat right there with Julio is if you rate QB and if you could differ I deeper than any news or who we ought to be seen in other. And anyone else. You are and what you look at the number he's gotten more. And more are in for. More. Options. 31 of these you know not in it you know Hughes highlight reel play you know 65 are. Not. Concern is Keenan Allen and stopping him. On the offensive side of trying to slow down that chargers pass rush that Fannie you alluded to Derrick Thomas Neal Smith for a I would say it's probably both I think they're equally I think it's a bush between those two. On the firm believer that he'd announce in his years. It was a charge to get a score points either Allan over the last four games averaged twelve targets are being a little over twelve target so silver is gonna target. He's gonna get the football got a fought a figure a way to keep my audience and you gotta go back to bend don't break. That the chiefs do that they have a chance the charges pass rush then that's what you run the football. If you run the football to join those and Doug Melvin Ingram can't get to Alex Smith that's why it's that important to run the football against his team. It eliminates it takes out one other strange man so if you run it well it got a shot if you don't you don't. I think. I think that she's can win if Keenan Allen plays well. I don't think they can win the game enjoy boasts it in Melvin Ingram both play well. I can see a scenario in which the chiefs win word keen and Allen had six catches 400 yards about the indulge you all you let him got to get his and you shut down everybody else. I can at least got to see the game playing out that way. It Jolie both sitting there while living in the backfield I just don't think they win we've seen Alex but whenever he gets hit in the constant pressure. If Fords and get the happy feet if forced him to be erratic maybe do think the normally would do. I just don't think you win this game if those two guys wreak Havoc in the backfield I think that's maybe the most important. Individual match up. Who wins the match up is that Melvin anger joy postal or is it Eric Fisher and Michal Schwartz. We'll see who wins it I think that's the key to winning this football and real quick look at all that to me that's what it's like it's going to be really important least in my opinion for that that you see that score early the third third third down bag. They come from behind we recall the football it's on which which plays right into with the chargers wanted to. Three in our final day. Balls arguably the biggest match of the NFL season you have the New England Patriots coming up Monday night loss. Shortly going to Pittsburgh and play in the Sunday night's game. Barely hung on against the Baltimore Ravens New England is coming into Pittsburgh. As. I take the pictures in this because history would suggest they're gonna win this game because they always win these kind of games. I need to be shell that the Steelers can defeat the New England Patriots last week in the AFC championship game the patriots shut down. Lady bill. And they got canceled we rolled in that game I need to see the Steelers beat sitting England patriots think that's possible and this is feels like a vintage rock gains. Suspended. Bye week. Up against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This has one of those sticks Texas 4012. Touchdown kind of days from abroad. I Brady wins the game VP this weekend I've taken the patriots and as well that's I'll take. Steelers in this dynasties don't last forever and I'll raise forty. And his dealership to play Alford anybody that they take on. Sales lost to the Packers in the end and Hundley and Brett Connolly. You know they almost lost last week to the Baltimore Ravens this games in Pittsburgh they played there competition. Let's not forget it was right shape fear factor in this thing this team. Because of what happened to their linebacker because of the spinal injury he suffered. While the little or whatever you want to call after something bad happens like that. So all I like the Steelers in this game they play up or down. To whoever they're playing the catch is here that the thinking about I think the Steelers got when the ski machine completely change we can barely beat chiefs. And out like with the Steelers are right now with the three d.s in Baghdad and in lady unveiled Antonio Brown taking the Steelers. And that includes the hits for today highs can you pull up on the computer because my computer is down. Peter Schrager good morning football was all in good morning Phil Lawler says what's on NFL network and he was talking about the arrowhead mystique. Oh lead in the air at mystique the biggest reason why am picking it cheese to win this football game is because their home. I think the chargers or a better team than the chiefs especially on paper. I like their quarterback more like their offense more I think their defense does some things that that she's defense doesn't do either the charter or a more complete team. Then the chiefs are. I think this is a coin flip kind of game I think it's a 5248. Exchange 01 side or the other you pick the team you think. It's a little bit better in the listen to arguments on both sides I don't think this is a very definitive. All right she's a better than the charter of the charges are better than that she's either charters are playing a little bit better have more talent but it's certainly not definitive I think the arrowhead in the Bane is that it provides is very definitive. This was Peter Schrager on good morning football about airheads speak I listen to sort of. Game arrow right moves since nineteen. I need the Marines let's go back to this this is 1993. He last time. The chiefs won a home playoff game. Marcus I. And then it was on that team meal that is all we're slicing them up Eric Green an angry right. Joseph Montana was the correct my point is this for all we hear about arrowhead. I watched last year when the Steelers went in there Roethlisberger beat them in the divisional round in the playoff game I watched in 2010 when Joseph Flacco in the ravens went in there. And beat the chiefs started at seven in the wild car I lost in 2000 through and Peyton Manning and the colts did not punt. And 138 to 31 in arrowhead in a playoff game 1999 week seventeen. All the chiefs have to do is win and they go to the playoffs they're seventeen not thing. And Rich Gannon a former chief. Leave the raiders all the way back raiders went 4138. Chiefs collapse at arrowhead. And then 1997. They go to the divisional round John Elway and Broncos beat them. In arrowhead. Every time we hear about arrowhead arrowhead at arrowhead. The other team wins I think agro have so the chargers are coming in and what will mean the biggest game of the season for both teams. And looking at the chiefs and looking at the fans and I'm looking at the stadium itself while the structural base of the stadium to hear me right now. Protect the terror and win a game ahead. I. That Peter Schrager is only telling some of the stores. If this was a playoff game given the playoff record that there chiefs hand over the last twenty years. I would understand some skepticism about little chilly about airline misty I've been at home playoff games. Since 2000 so decent sample size but she's art in six in these in night games these nationally televised games at arrowhead. If you just look at the track record of eighty Reid announcement they are five in two and the only team to come and air hit in at night in beat this team. Was Peyton meaning in the Denver Broncos that's not the teen that I think that Los Angeles charters are. I don't wanna under sell the advantage that I think Errol it is and I know that's excellent saying. It's not the nineties anymore it's not what used to be. You that's not what the NFL stadium experiences anymore. Now with red zone not with HDTV. Now with all the advantages we have to watching games at home no stadium experience is like what it was in 1993. We change that society. But in a big day in a must win game when you tell its fan base whose fan base would you most rather have in your quarter Seattle's okay. Who else expert Green Bay Green Bay. And that cat. Gore at the same opinion of this and Heinz Field about the Steelers got the same opinion about is in Seattle the same opinion if I was entering day you hold must win game against a 5050 team. Aero side. Nice and special things still happen in night the Philip Rivers will there trying to meet the ball on Halloween happened on Monday Night Football. The beat down we saw the New England Patriots happened on Monday Night Football on a special arrowhead remember that season opening game on Monday night against the chargers in the return Dexter McCluster had the rain. Makes special things still happening arrowhead maybe it's not arrowhead of 1992. When Derrick Thomas and Neal Smith run in the field. It is still in my opinion one of the most special night time environment and most special primetime. A nationally televised environments this leg kick it to me is on the saints is not being. It is all the fans I think the fans will be the difference in this one I like that she's twenty and 27 point four. Let's say story. My dad touch fanning is eighty years old. And he calls old guys smooth miles. Any calls that in my dad's dentures. Recalls smooth masculine man what your dog got gray tee right to get you anything yet to be like eighty. Any stake all the time. Well there at stadium as smooth smooth well. But in the nineties men had Ed T it dead fans. It didn't matter if you play that game at 10 of the morning noon. Monday Tuesday didn't matter. And a new game on a Sunday. As smooth out ol' bite Errol at least like it used to. I'm Whitfield on a night game that matters. I think the fans will come out. Saturday United Airlines and I think that'll be the difference and I believe this chargers team to man and this chargers team. Is seven and freaking two in their last nine games. This thing is not the same team you faced in week three damn good football team. But again Saturday night game which is never happened at their head prime time. Divisional line. I think it's going to be nuts. And I know fit she's Franzen and in the arrowhead crazies in the kingdom and got weird wolves you know aunt and an Errol man. And all those dudes you know I get that you'll love being a lot of stadium you know on the plan I get that. Care about. I care about big loudly it affects the other team because back in the nineties when it had flags man no matter what and he played that game. Couldn't hear each other that day when you spray painted bed sheets and on the over the side of the bleachers. In that stadium had banks. This one doesn't anymore but not games to BC dot and I'm with you on this those are the exception. And I think to me. Is it the fans come out and if they give me a little 1990s. Crazy arrowhead this out there. And I think the chiefs are gonna win the game I think that's the thing that puts him over the top. And I'm not comparing the dominance that the chiefs have at home to what Kansas has an Allen fieldhouse not many teams. In professional sports or college sports have that clear advantage AKU hands in their home gym. Well we all have seen environments in settings in which the crown is probably the biggest reason AKU wins that kind of game. That's how I think this game is gonna play itself out. I think that we're going to see that the chiefs especially early in this one. Guys are going to bring their a game in the energy and they are going to feed off the crowd just think about it like the difference we see in case you when they played sprints at our Allan. Because there's no energy to feed off of aspirants are now BellSouth is 22 in what. Not Allen fieldhouse attain 44 in eight points that are. Pick up the energy is different you know your team doesn't get out the same your team doesn't feed off the energy of I'd it would seem that this team sometimes you can come out very lackadaisical and very blah in those Sunday noon games against the bills. There's no reason to come out block in this win this game means absolutely everything you don't struggle is speed and how important this game is to it figured she's player. This game is very easily if you win this game you win the division. You get to eight wins you have a tiebreaker of the Los Angeles chargers you can quiet around a lot of the you know is that the chargers have been building over the last four weeks and I think there's reasons that questions about the chargers the chart. Not defeated a good team so far this season when they played playoff caliber teams they lost lost that she's earlier this year at Los Eagles earlier this year. Lost in New England lost to Jacksonville they're wins at least the last four weeks have been against buffalo Washington Dallas without Zeke. They haven't defeated a good scene this is they go out and prove it go out show at the chargers win this game they'll be viewed as the third best team in the AFC and a sleeper team that nobody wants the play. If the chiefs win this game is gonna be all right they they finally righted the ship from what happened in the middle of the season they just defeated on the hottest teams in the NFL let's see if they can carry this momentum into the playoffs. This thing narrative defining game for both the. Of course it is I think this seat really get extra yeah I think so really you know I'm I'm the fans got their crazy deal. Bother rivers bother those guys nice little tip here my friend. The 913 drinking all day and experienced higher early. Gotta get gotta get a good start fast so maybe part of it and if you do that. The the altitude thirty man gates open at 530 pace yourself early. All right so when you get this that he's still got some Jews late in the game in cases site right because the cheese they like the city major. What's. What's it difficult to see you read. I think the fans are gonna be the difference maker in this game if they show up if they're crazy you've got to affect the San Diego charge because at least right now. I think the charger better football team right. I think this is big game that the charter is landing 3233. And they're gonna have a false start they're gonna have a delay of game because they can't get the call indicated their communication right and the fans can turn a third and two of 33 into it her innate yeah I did all paper I think it's shorter or better team in the cheese I think it's very close it's like 52% to 48 there's certainly hotter than she's right now the play better than she sorry and I think this is one of those coin flip kind of games where the ultimate decider in a lot of these games is home field advantage. Whose home who can make fewer mistakes who can limit penalties who can limit turnovers. I'll just trust the home team in this scenario this game was at Los Angeles I'd be pick in the charters because their home team I think that is better intelligent but in Errol it at night. I just cannot find it in myself to pick against him knowing their five and two under any re announcement and the only team to beat them at arrowhead and one of these environments is the Broncos Peyton meaning. So you'd think this chart esteem their best when his home against Washington. Or at Oakland in week six of the NFL season if you think they're the Broncos we saw come in this company or an underpaid meaning four seasons. I don't think that's a team that they are account. Team though man he is confident team right now they got momentum and that's a big thing in the NFL. The once order all right and I did I give it like rivers and Peyton Manning but he's a lot harder to prove it to me that it has come on. Which is a lot. On the same I feel the same about the chiefs and proved to be two golden opportunity right here. You're just about blew the whole damn thing and and I he's still have a golden opportunity cell with a division if you win this game tomorrow night. But you're pretty damn good shape so they got to prove to be just like it charged got to prove to their fans. Coming up are very provides the perfect height video to get you ready for a tomorrow's game. Plus all exports have weighed in this week on who's gonna win we tell you what they had to say now excellent drive the dry presented by Duke's case from the electorate into he studio sixty and Sports Radio. If you haven't got a chance to see you. Or here and play moments here and backtracked here. Your being here heist here. What did you request that takes like six countries are sixth who'd ask us anything coming up in about twenty minutes. Their football you like question start it was what's the question you've gotten insert. Right here on the drive. But today the cheese. Today. Fantastic job on social media to get you pumped up for this game. This is Eric Berry and a height monetize they put together you can't get excited about this for this game football's not the game for you. The national football only a nuisance and stay tuned. Mentally one and then maybe we'll we'll dominate the coming often and big business. And nominate. So we wanted to do just minutes ago. Simplicity is. I mean nobody really knows if you. 27 over the New England. There's one lead over the Philadelphia. For years until. We didn't hear you may June. Then tomorrow. Since. We understand what it takes. No. Okay. Apart as my. Stay on the woods. He got this area. Today. This way. Okay. When you come here inside information I'll bring. Patients feel young. This is the only memory. And that was the height video that she's had put together for this game. It goes without saying I don't have to tell you how important this game is if you're a little confused on what the playoff picture raised. Let me spell out for you if the chiefs win this game. They only need to win one of their next two remaining games to have the division. If bin in the charters both finished with. Finished with nine wins it is impossible for the charters to win the AFC west so that she's if they win would have the tiebreaker if the chiefs at least win one of the remaining two games if they win this game if that she's lose this game it becomes a little bit more Dicey because you fall behind the charters so you would need them to lose at least one more time to at least give yourself be changed to win the division. Just all the various Tarver is which will have a lot to get into. But if you lose this game puts you behind four teams in the AFC for a wild card spot it puts you behind the dolphins ravens the big angles. It puts you behind a lot of teams in buffalo it puts you behind team that she is Uga lost tiebreaker two or you just don't have the tiebreaker over them as we head toward the end of the season. This is goes without saying a very important game for the chiefs. Well it's crucial man you got to win this game pressure. If you don't I think the chiefs are screwed that'll in this game I'm looking at the rest of the chargers schedule. You know. It they can win. I think if they win this game they are winning yeah I think I think they can do it for sheer you know earlier this week in and we've talked to. Got Shelly got rich can't interest everybody. About what's gonna happen in this game and ice data held a job put this montage together. All the cheese experts and what they think is gonna happen tomorrow night. Editor of its day. I just got to world body. Right well does that theatre suspension when you eliminate that for a week can actually help the team refocused. I don't believe in this case you know addition respect you take out your best player probably keep your mouth out the player. That the definition of discipline in this ball. Stupid thing to do it yet. But you know I this was an accident which you you know you lose him. Per week everybody played out of their markets we have seen this team play like this. Since late September early October 8 across the board and across the board offered secret that kicker was playing. Without right and here's the but there was the energy level that we haven't seen. I don't know if that was something that you need preach so we got caught I don't know that it would end up in. You know back in the water out in the this year put themselves and obviously that or or ride that was just a waiting game shipped out right combination of all of us. But that was something that you know. Yet you hit it too much credit there. Your coaches get it market fears that secret for not being there guys or people were playing with an energy that we haven't. Different. With white Knight yeah. Cities though is that she's the right where's this game in terms of the importance of him while there. It won't be certain that the game. Yeah. Now. What about what would it if it had. Heard that. And go with. The what. And a great to see it right here. See. You now. Right he can pop it. Oh. And all that. Went through these two years. Older see it had to happen. And you know giving him what what you guys awful minimum what. We'll walk here one with a little higher. In their neck out on my. So they would they need to write. What color purple or we couldn't. I think that what we now they are all back. I think they're good game and that it be good for you all happy then it's game joins us now we'd be happy Saturday to other who. Separate vote. I don't think it's great that place was thought it. Because the greater the greater your bird. So effective. Or are supposed to be there for that nor a look at those people please Chris don't complain that we. You know the problem like don't you he's got their selflessness don't have that is how well we don't think player you want was simply don't have that. We got here would that re but. You're not going players he was. A couple of years ago and it on the Afghan. It was market Peter that I don't think the you know your before I think your your employees you have them laughter. Agree that we're able we've gotten way more a lot of them are people so. But they're. Not open. Deferred until the circle while we shall we did quite well. We've grown adult to play that. Keeps all of favorite meals at doing that so it. At the moment but it's still to this you have to get it right how much that directly why does the guy right quarterback is that just. Where was killed all the why I'm a placebo progress and it is not there can only with older you know the mix up at down field. On that that's got to be there used to have a lot of opportunities out there and I think there's nobody that's ever fold the river's Jesus won't want to match. And a report that it doesn't just like I'm just like go there every. It all the guys that Wear the flag because they ever written about what follow best one in Ramallah and directly who would've thought that Hillary. I am absolutely same thing but player. Not as you know my greatest game that we had a bad reform that would wait. We've ever had that wind up. You don't have wind up volume ball right from here direct from our favorite part of your food or Venezuela wanted me to hit delicate art. Focused him as a pro football focus when you look at Philip Rivers what's changed for him because interceptions have really dial down this season and over the last. Four weeks he's playing and MVP level. Think he Walden who bought his dad you know these are powerful woman tomorrow school. Light runners in the NFL did the delegates and improved fire weaponry around. The offensive line actually improve its flaws in world war significantly. For a number of years. Signaled it was by. It's long ago right now could be factual we're getting better about all you need for guys who did it would there. Well we'll see what it was awful record. Play by play voice of the charter mad money Schmidt what's changed with the chargers over the last four weeks because there's certainly playing a higher rate of football than their work. I mean simple. Ebert says. Here they'll be out of these numbers are not against the you know well enough. That it for the yardage. That's totally solidify. Or anomaly in there. But really you've been held the ball you know gallon to forty I don't like so well again. Hello are you know I forward Lenovo. You know different for all of us to gain you know laughable and really you know get. You get good defense on one or opt. Right now talking animals on the drive who he has as being X-Factor of this I'm hoping to gain three. You know short circuit ruled that we. They identified the good things she liked everything put borders book side off. Week. For responsibility. All the players to do their job considerably. The C good. Boy you know he'll go off would. Do a good luck to. You sort. Oh you've got your brain and he. Easily. They won't vote for what woke up and so the they could now as we should get well. And so there is certain. I hope she gets to continued world. And that. That was our experts this week one big game. The last thing about the X-Factor of this game I'm really looking at Darrelle Revis of the guys that I think. Is going to end up being a big talking point on Monday. If the chiefs win. I don't know if the chiefs can stop keen analysis of what we've seen with their defense so far this season I doubt their holding them to two catches for 31 yards. I don't think this defense is that kind of defense and they limit him a little bits is six catches 71 yards Cuba the end zone. Seems possible what the other wide receivers do. Like this defense stop Dez Bryant technically bright have a monster data Terrence Williams. Eight is defense a lot Angela Tyrone Williams have a really good day you let Travis Benjamin. Have a really good day is hotter Henry got to have a hard regardless eating. And a touchdown that's why I think this game is going to be one at least on the outside of that I'm. Mark is Peters is gonna come in fired up ready to play in as an as focused as we see is Marcus Peters his entire time in the NFL I'm worried about Peter's. I am worried about Darrelle Revis I am worried about a Philip gains in Steven Mitchell. And our there's vigilant and Stephen Nelson and worry about those guys my concern is that with Marcus Peters in this game. Man. I I still think the key to me is is she's been able to run the football man they can do that you're essentially eliminate both sitting room. And and eat clock you keep Keener now the fields of dignity that she's had a legitimate chance I think. I saw that she's gonna win this game is much of a role. As the chiefs are on right now are skewed to the chargers are on right now when Ford rose seven of the last nine. The run defense has been a lot better in the last few weeks. But. Still had to choose when this game I think the early nineteen thing puts it over the top form but it did to me it's crucially got to get out on top. If they fall behind they've got to throw the ball eight on and you Ingram and boast that come after Alex Smith could be along night for the trees but. Ali it's gonna happen I think she's gonna get it done. And it's a but kicker dot com takes a walk off that she's when it's 17 point four. I asked arrowhead pride shall form in this question earlier in the week which one do you believe in more because. Against Oakland are you two things you haven't really gotten consistently since the first game of the season. Our first part of the season excuse me. The offense were in the ball incredibly effectively you got a 150 yards rushing into rushing touchdowns both punt in west both got in the end zone in you've got three sacks on their cork which one of those do you expect to continue this week. Good etiquette you get a little bit of both that you got to change if you can run the ball effectively and Kareem hard. Is keeping the defense honest and allows the kind of opened things up for Alex Smith and give achieves the put up a lot of points here. If you can get to Philip Rivers the kind of disrupt timing. He's playing at an MVP tunnel level right now that score and they're gonna they're gonna get there I think on office and get charged gonna get there ever is averaging eleven the last four weeks and two touchdowns and no interceptions it don't interception. At least one reception last six weeks rivers has been fantastic. I don't think he's got to play well enough to get himself directly in that indeed he kind of conversation but he certainly has played like in BP announced play like a top five receive up with a play by play guy he thinks he's the third best receiver or one day one being with Julio Jones when it comes second round receiver behind when Antonio Brown is. Your right to state team that is going to school or you're holding the charged with thirteen points but. Derek call our and a banged up O Marc Cooper Michael Crabtree company here. You're playing quarterback playing his best football in years. You're playing the wide receiver playing maybe the best football is life it's going to be a high scoring affair in my opinion that the chiefs and what we got. I don't essentially for I think that she's way very close game out there the fans on the difference in the game I think it's going to get tight in the fourth quarter I just trust that she's a little bit more in the home environment that I trust Charlie and I are on the same page and achieves the fans are gonna be the difference. I can't like a bucket dot com via with a walk out she's one. Text us 6906. Ditch or questions there will answer right now right odd coming up. Oil and ask us anything on the drive to try senate by toxic waste from the studios sixty and Sports Radio.