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The Day Shift
Friday, December 15th

In the final hour of the show, our guy Danan Hughes joins us to talk Chiefs. Plus, the biggest storylines for the Chiefs on Saturday, we Mark The Tape, and the Take 2 Before 2. 


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We'll. Thirteen minutes away from market taking. You call plus. You make a prediction of bold prediction for the week. That was read by some 676 and that comes up at 130. Mark the tape that we checked the tape. On Monday six story lines up next segment. Yeah. And take two before to add it into the show. Oh Fridays at 1 o'clock we talked to former chief. Daily news who just he's caller right now. And home. Oh. What else do those animals out. I met order Damon is insistent Dexter didn't. We welcome Dane in right now and before we get started dating and happy belated birthday moment. Thank you appreciate it. And you belated board policy as he's passing out now big losses are talking them up. Aussie. A big Kate looked like a burnout with all those Eagles data gets mad men every birth is a blessing desktop view. Right that's right another day book dark man. At some point. That cease got back on track last week we think. By being the Oakland Raiders but did they really do you think they are officially back after that. After that win. I economically play I still believe that the jury's still out. I mean I think this game is obviously very deem it important to get off the gated. The women gamers homered in the fashion that they did it. Most complete game they've played in several weeks. But this week you know what that state you know it's for the all the marbles you know for CNET ties. What you hear the west. And gain on national TV. I think this big game that will tell the tale. What I'm talking about dean and is the developer who has been on just the role last four games Keenan Allen as well members are put up or ridiculous. Would you think if Philip Rivers and he's been sacked less than any other quarterback they give it your sex is that I'm in the pocket. You don't control the fuel but it might appearance in green and went back and forth on this. I think he's got more of a game manager roll meaning he's taking care of the football this year. Better now I've seen him take care of the past few between one picks like your only seven this year that's my biggest difference is he Philip Rivers. Yeah of the third different Kabul it stirred the one acknowledgment. The proper record here Philip Rivers and you know for sure for years now. Is that. You'd be hard pressed to find another quarterback. In NFL history. That the world the ball is running backs and fight fans and underneath receivers as well and on time and as accurate. That's settled we're. And that's where you people took the pill. Let it live and die is when he told the bulk of the law is not the most mobile we all know that some of the strongest arm. When you see a lot of fog yard passers and swing routes have turned into ten or fifteen yard gains. That move the chains. The fact that he's able to clean that out. The way he's got over the last four weeks. As an amazing I mean he's he's got like he served seven little eight interceptions. But he threw three of them against possible weeks three sort of or show you market for the last four weeks. But gosh little what can weeks. That he's been able to be on top of their games so if you we don't get pressure on him he's able pick it apart by. Shutting their team up to be in certain medium and short and then hitting those Cutler that field of course also routes will be along base from which. As a wide receiver yourself. When you watch team in Allen play. In your perspective what makes him such a special wideout. No it hurt their first thing that jumped out to me remember watching earnest before last couple injuries but it seemed like you get the straw that. See. It's on the noble com is one of those receivers that it's. Darn near impossible to jam at the line of scrimmage. If he can't jam up the line of scrimmage nowadays with the rule that they are basically caricature handle them at all. And keep an island you know he's taller. A little bit more sick here the guy that really are greater ability to tocchet can create separation at the line of scrimmage. And you remember what should couples went well the couple. Underneath route that he catches and go live. That makes it difficult for defense of that because you know you leadership goal line of scrimmage. So now you're just trying not to give shook so bad that they are all passed over your head. So yeah he's won a little talent that he knows all the rate he's still can get a line of scrimmage like short quicker. It's concerning on the offense as well as Ty Williams the mean. Is a guy. And use a track guy it was org is extremely fast we last week to get brakes upper 132. But the thing about him is stakes at the median is that eighteen yards per reception. What I see that number with the receivers like. You know got a G in this guy you can't give this guy flexibility at all in this Revis is out on him that have the same speed. But these burners and what concerns me even more than even down. Absolutely and you know order let the let PG. In his op firm. You know very rarely do you see full river's dropped and so the host well or deep corner or do you prefer. A goal on the sideline obviously everybody has that in their game plan. And out of restraint out there do a little bit more of that last week. And it worked out well and throughout the beep when he's played well you stretch the field. So we're bird it's you guys that we talk about that beat the light of the flood got a few feet. On mute. L article quotes a well worn black churches in our complex their political field. Now you're left than doubt so that it got to go back to my last comment that are not slow to about whether chargers stretching the field. It's about respecting the beat and the world were out in the six. And all of that that. Compiled them too big now instead of eighteen yards a catch some parties start thinking. Order guys like Randy ball a lot and down the sideline you all the money go well I hope it's. No that's not the case these guys are excellent after the kitchen garden after church and then a key factor in their success. Talking to former C data news here on the day shift what did you see you last week Otto Darrell Revis that's a light. But more players are saw a guy that knows her ability. He's great technique Mario here a couple all of them thrown ought to be and played. In great fashion being get to handing you think about some of the issues we care. With the revolving door that offer for quarter it's always been about guys that. Didn't seem to trust their bare technique here and seeing the trucks there's B or water to get there are handled it received and you can't do that in. And you know that cost of the game in the giants called her the game against the ravens were called the cube game season because guys. We're trying to be some physical. And that's just not the way to game that's played in so for me it was refreshing to watch readers play because he was a technician. I mean heaters were and what the receivers who played the ball further and he's been. Freak out there to beat by couples that. Squeezed the receivers to the sidelines. With the body and not with the hands and that's regret or are you play quarterback. They're all lower on the sideline at the peak of the back burner at the twelve men on the field. If you're turnaround at the receiver and Libby defense of that can squeeze future while his body ordered positioning. Make an extremely tough girl for any quarterback. He did it well then it. You know data I've never. Had any fear when he comes that she's facing the charts not in the entire time that I've lived here. But I am concerned about tomorrow's match because there's a there's a difference a ball this chargers team and one of the things that I am in sorted out. Is. Pass rush dating to Alex Smith because Ingram and bolsa have been monsters they had been terrorizing the NFL this season. Yeah the they have they're the best pandemonium that go right now on the shoulder. We get to weaken or you or shoot it because the offer and done so well and putting up points. They keep that you can hear you hear that can come up the quarterback's a little bit more. So here out there are going to be your virtual foreigners to be mobile in the game. I'll refer according pocket will be great. But you're gonna have to be mobile and then look out for those are more soul on which groups facts. And and color around the blind side than. Just where they are when they start their garbage from what started book in the form of gut not to go lineup or a two bookends. Like Derrick Thomas Neal Smith used to just come off the heads are gonna be twisting up the middle the that are try to create some mismatches. One on one situations and take advantage of that so. Ball security is going to be huge in this game in the speaker struggled to get. Couple young corners one former Hawkeye and they're linking out there it's really playing well. Under estimated. You know underestimated coming out of Ireland and throughout the little later than everybody thought. But he's really playing well so it at the better team that we played in week three for sure. But. That's what we'll be about the firm football what you're about royal county chamber right now the charges that. David what do you think has been the most noticeable difference. With Matt Nagy call on the plays and allowing you be read the kind of coach on the sideline he got into it a little bit of a sudden I mean the guy can coach now. If you notice the big difference that the advancement called the boys. What I did in order to last week work. One rolled out for her committing to them run what what what does that really mean I think you have ten different people argued and different answers. Or committing to the runner or that last week from that that he is. Consistent or treat with committing to the loved them and what I mean by that is. Well we've seen a lot of content that you sit there and predictable. On first down. And then bill gonna happen to them but last week if you noticed that multiple content. That you ran on first and out and then went right back with a runner on second down and gave Alex murdered viable third and short. Opportunities to extend the draw. And at times when Corey Hart local few yards and was second and short. Or even a first down then they went to the past and we're stretched the field. That's what they're gonna have to do it again tomorrow. You can be predictable the as long as you get the job done that the prayer card you can't beat predictable when your about. And it quickly waterways from one game and so they're born they're losing stretch. Uploading every all the older on out there and I think this year better job of they're talking up a polite almost single tricks they're told they offer them luck before the game and we're gonna run the ball first down and stricken down. Regard and make it easier for yourself. And then get the job done pick up on the London love that think you know and I'd like to see them do a little bit more again this week. We'll meet chip with another offensive line question and I know that you're wide receiver but I know how much you pay attention every detail in the game. The exact Fulton Ed sinner the other Morse is on the or hinder that talked about this. I I personally like Zach Fulton in the way plays and I know that we played gored this year at times it hasn't been as good. But he is a much better senator to me than he is guard. In it such a complex position with the soft and all the things that they asked the sitter to do especially times they poll shot in the pistol whatever it is. But going forward out of its into exact fall there given the bald Alex Smith every time. You know what I agree with you are very the difference here and conversely you know got Albany and bill law and those guys. They can they can occur to these. Septic intricacies of the draw or worse that the senate but what I noticed that I ordered that the senator obviously the main job snapped the ball. Wartime Britain they argued were helping someone to block or like these polling in her situation. When your third guard position. That's when you are. At times looking for help. Where we're it will literature track or the center. Starting at the bet the drastic difference between two positions. And that forced him to plug that are in a position where you can go out and help others as opposed to. You know having so to total load of a big piece of the tribal honor all of hoping for some help. From the inside or outside so they're going to be addressed the mystery how he grew older part of the picture in two playoff caliber. Center. And then how much production they get from most guard them and it's going to be effectively does not obviously where things start in the trenches. The run game and pass protection. It's a must win for both teams I'm assuming that you had seized tomorrow right. Yeah I don't achieve its charter the other one here to there on the water get retreat since 2013. Reminded here that are and another. Primetime game opportunity for the cheese to step Eric Berry. His presence he put the came on the sidelines and lock the world particular thing portraits. So the chiefs and their gains although the. They'll go to bed to I was a little bit upset about that but I mean it is what it is. The crypt it. You. Yeah Google camera in out of that there NCAA volleyball championships and got wrapped up at all or what ought to greatly shared common accountant ordered. Downtown in the NL salute blow up at the heat recovery year. Absolutely man albeit awesome or a man now we owe you a drink at some point in now will do its would you letter. Leverage and that Monday that it really a lot of stuff. Are pretty here are eager to go all right take care that's being used it and with those here on the days. I was it was seasons which. I knew was. Davis and supported men. He's consistent and instantly pick in the streets well. He's. Just a hot topic now. They gave him that and that's and that's been like okay. Aren't a serious and blows away. His K price looked like it was on fire. Stated that the knee injuries but the one in the lawn see why there. They. It's always his birthday put Royce in puberty. That's the Al's. Please every week as one member of they year like every other human being made exactly the morning oh. With a 421 of the matchup between mark is Peter's. And whoever he faces a specifically. Tina now there's artsy story lines which widgets you are a little bit portrait. Can shift from the NBP we continue to. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I'm Tim in his away from Mark Taylor it's. And then after we get to mark the tape it was an easy selection week. Why announced on a dive into. T yeah. And listen to visionaries. Whose stuff war. Like this but in the NFL with. SE just a rocket you know an event I gonna bottom Bob the DJ Bob you know. It's an incident at leopard can't actually seen just. It. She story lines boys. On people got excited about a win win changes everything when fixes everything right wins win all the ads she's got to win last week. It. Much you guys didn't fix everything for me. If you if he chiefs win this week. Were you officially be bought back in that this team can do some damage after beating. Yet another well another but it could team won destined for the playoffs they'll. No not mean that the chiefs team now and it won't hold my stance on what does he saw. Teas are good football team cease to be today's audio audience football players this is noticeable in the team in my opinion. My thing. I would feel the beat George this'll be the best win since the early and these. It would be like good teams but they feel the chargers on this role. You can prove you can be is he would get told on several occasions Tuesday. It's gonna cracked your jewelry. Watch and she sees an employee but if the raiders win. Any charges went all fueled war much more confident than I've felt about this football team since the beginning of the seasons yet. I'm sit near the B charts its missile legitimately that the beat them. Legitimate. All in all due as opposed to last week's they win big news who's gonna see big news. They knew. We had to switch course last week is we kept going with you careen run over a hundred yards rushing we steadily even touched fifty. And yeah hundred yards. At staging teams that we do the chargers that the 29. Ranked running defense. I know it's only been one week and I'm going back to the question. Fremont over a hundred yards. He can do it and he's definitely did in this series of charges I anticipate that he's gonna have. An impact on this game I think that he can't have a hundred guys out with that I'll say he's gonna get on there. I think evil to you why he was very good against them earlier in trouble stopping every month. We've played in Los things that affect you broke that the big 69 your run against him. Would say Diego's pass defense is exceptionally good that secondary. Is the best secondary we've faced this year currently there third vehicle against the pass so I would assume the game played by meg making this week. Would be run since that's their strength double. Plan to careen hunters my. Running back that your behavior regardless we view that was on your loser ass advice by the way. Well I did the texts like some shine on this on sites like says. I sciences Dane will probably have another birthday before baker gets a tape off of arm it's unfair. And our. Partners days in the in the league I don't that was SX but that takes him in the a in the week and I know that Lindsay and here it. Read them not Marcus Peters he's admitted his return to the line up after a one week sabbatical. And as vacation from the week took the gold and other it and you. A little R&R. Marcus Peters did and they re fresh things right everybody's or refreshing. Break every now and again. Marcus Peters are making his return also there is a guy on the opposite side of him as names Keenan Allen. We'll get to him in just a second because he's been part they did. LaMarcus Peters and his return. Well he stepped up against a big rival like he's now. These attack the situation the whigs. If the players to Minolta suspense in or they've done something where they've been it you don't admonished by the colts. Or done something in their peers don't appreciate or don't like it Revver. Great players in really good that's great players who really good players especially passionate players like Peters. They come back and a ball up on multiple markets Peters to make a couple plays tomorrow night. I guess so but there's one thing about athletes is the fear factor. In cute and now it's proven he has done when it comes mark bid that afraid of the ball go right after. However I don't expect to see Keenan Allen matched up with more beaters this game that's a lot of Darrelle Revis. In Keenan Allen in this game so I don't know how much that will play into it. Because I do feel that that's. Broach. I swear. On average. But if Marcus Peters doesn't follow Keenan Allen. That might be destructive. To the days. It's I don't know he's not I I already know he does not that if there's ever an instance is but if there was ever an instance or to happen this would be absence. Spoiler alert shut up yeah well now with that attitude. It came down just that you got to be anymore Marcus beaters puppet you see now all pro quarterback Justin used to get a sack last week. Impressed with Keenan Allen pretty good I guess. Four straight games of over a hundred yards. Piled up 547. Yards for touchdown 39 receptions over that and slaves shall we are to gave media depressing stats about where it rained on the chiefs and just that or game span for the entire year. In the chase in this hot streak this week. I don't know jays if they save as a spans a wide receiver. Now that's about it the continues start like the answer are looking for is no. I'm gonna. In his past three games I'll ask him ahead. And that's deliberate but that's about it believe he's the big games this terrible. So there will be tormented their car last week picker to in his past yet he got crabs with what happened the last player in his past three games that terror had. Philip Rivers are much column pit. Just one touchdown and three interceptions. So let's just do some quick math in nine kids. Less than half of a touch of a point three touchdown we'll call have half a touchdown. One interception per game. It's a sad that the over under over under 11 interception at the test and Rio. Oh it does what was it ever again. Half a touchdown and one interception over under. He's deftly points again yeah I mean SS not even a question. He's been taking care of the football. Are you saying it's not my questions. Bush and yet but he told Marcus theatres get it and set. I decided I gave you the the stats for him in the last three games at arrowhead that's in the Indy Rita aero also in the last seven games. Against Andy Reid. I believe it was four to three touchdown interception. Are gonna ballpark here its Mitchell picked him off twice last 63 Revis is gonna challenge Reid. He will challenge him is really a silent. Is he lives at least I look now at best it's read this plateau read this it's because Revis peninsula. Connecting bridge in this respect and me and meant all the time. But those like small islands next to the big island with the word of those. They still need the big island to survive but are completely use. Of the events via I think it that the ark of the islands. I don't know either way. I'm good at geography and lift. As Graham when house Korea yeah third way for a man Nagy on the place. Old nags going to be bringing them home again. Is open is next 2.2. Bring the team to the charts. If he's he's he's done a good job the last totally sold there's no reason watched and wanted this game down. I think I think nags is proven better soul artist with the sole break up of Chilean bags have been so expect to continue. Watch government eight years claiming charts. Coaching commodities unit Phil he continues this week. Philly bags missed that group. Rivas island or like. Those that resorts may now finally he thought travel yeah game last week he booked a trip to replace the sort of same bulls resort now. Double and Jamal. I am not from where else but only got to realize what we just we necks is. Ought to take not want to read by some 676 and we need to bowl predictions are replied goes. We got a big game tomorrow night people what today is it known they go. Ought to take. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Or. If it. It's fast back there and its current assessment. As fast on it's not a I want my game decently made what Dow Jones expand. We have part dictate. Whether you like by the buyer. Feel real to grow we wake up be strong via edge. Bought the tape is where are you as follows at nine went re licensing seventh expand. And let us know it's gusting to well the chiefs game this weekend. It'll Monday. Or visit. The statements that you made a plan that. Give you props to your wife or anywhere near close. I think that is so stupid from a viable Rickie if you wait wait at all. If I'm way off like what they do they edited so it sounds right but it responsibly. One apartment. Go right ahead and we got ourselves to. C didn't dream about the actual fire you just like dram bit. You work by these deals we wake up and rim would have movie week but it feels real likable of the commitment thousands of dollars and warnings would look. I drove to work this morning in the dream inspired a media wanted him to come through here and he's the man opens at the and it. The swearing in warn you to die or retire. Or required. Here is like Supreme Court justice was preferable for you. Being in dire be fired take her take your pick. He'll I'm rooting for one of those three you've you've. A surprise given what is cigarettes I'm rooting for retire may take a big wanted to split the possible was threatening dire be fired. It's intrusive here. I cannot speak I mean fired. I saw once you around fight and die. Fired fired fired here. What food would have both network was fired and died in the car on the way home I do actually think that if you ever couldn't get on the radio department chiefs for twenty hours a week you probably would die. Probably. You and sort of part they've. Excellent. Start well yeah I remember what was it was last year right last year two years ago Marcus Spears play in Oakland. A little hype. That'll in a shock on the sideline. Mark the tape voice. Marcus Peters in his return this week in eagle V Krahn. Pick six for Marcus Peters and you know what it's a little too much for his army to handle. He gets the bubble get it all on the sideline put so TV is that after. Chiefs win twenty to thirteen. I get a positive. Traditional markets Peters to I think he's I am not putting up a pick six he's going to get it interception just gonna make some place this weekend. But I also think that. Melting Gordon. Unfortunately it's gonna have. A decent day it would mean but decent is that. He's going to approach a hundred yards. Well it's no brainer and get into the end zone. Which will want that data that I'd act like are we gonna do some some plays in the running game or. But overall I think shuttles like that she's get it done. And they beat the chargers. 2170. But it. I think the guy in the secondary especially we tested more than more this is going to be the world Revis. He's the one and that it in the interception. Ever think bill perverse still throws multiple it's not keen and Allen were talking about. As dangerous receiver for the chargers Ira Williams I think you'll actually a mass or Gordon's been Keenan Allen this game. But it's it chiefs beat the raiders they would be to chargers so changed 44 chargers seventeen. Does ready let's do it. So what's it been a little parts of it. I. Mean they're well. A little at 32 well. Well look at. So where it again in those at all we're going to be seeing appraisal well Sutton on Monday. We're that your big mix after church on Sunday I think it's. We re here. Yeah. I think they're. Appreciated it. Right he said it felt rivers in the net charge off insulin into the ins these 26 point wind I predict that a man would bomb it. Xmas wings. Go to Robbie rim. Robbie. Yeah our. This development you're in place to be it was a whiteness there. All right I've got circuit what combining for you art. And it's a step between the two of them OK have you gotten me scream like him underneath those. Yeah 150 Saturday. I've got. Are out bit rushing effort touchdown. And then. Albert well you know quietly. While our got jitters and butt kicker. You locals. And I got the spinal cord gene started or charter point one. All right we'll take demand we will take it gladly take that. Let's go to all the parties talked Alston was a ball that. Not much they don't hang in there. All right I got on birds point but here is uttered forestry yards two touchdowns let's say you. Meant the project or me would want to down. He'll we will have suffered second or 88 yards. Eight yards total butt kicker with three syllables. Don't look the fact. Is an exception chiefs won 34. Who for the sect are shown here. All of those things Alston just beat a realistic. I've doubles a realistic fumble. Back to that at a it was a real form only. The tip of not only is this predictions what does it. Jocks over the parts of jobs. I'd put it right up BI got got she's winning 31 point me. I got I'm going over yards in the in don't you. You. And I out the guy out these three back from the east is to come from just confused and someone enters that debris that lack of match. You know what though that's bold appeal likes George Kuhn the fewest sacks. In the NFL Josh quick question to a dire get fired first. He won wisdom and good work ethic on the all right to funnel phone calls and we're double markets say. Let's go to. Double doubles today. Yes. What a double. I'd applause. I think attic right to have a great game. C'mon guy I think he says. I think. If you get up. Maybe it should vote possibly. What Jeff market street and devote its effect people that have been. It's heavy ethics sit there and week that they are among my good cheap and hey dale Beatty I would actually think yeah. I would argue later doubles admit a lot of guilt and which just five on this page six LaMarcus Peters here's the thing you know Phillip will throw are you gonna take it to the next step. I don't know how much X he's from the get go Philip wolf the weddings donated in the past. But read this to me it's the guys are there. I final phone calls go to Lou in those Casey the blue. Bigger spectrum. I think this going to be a tough game. In the interest in game I think that he does your you know except well. I think bunker you're probably two or three field goals. I think that the jerk off the box and keep Kareem a little bit could be a game point Russia's seventy yard. I think we'll start there although they'll bubble screen the mole who wanted it. And I hope not we'll go hopeless long. What's we need to charge it here. That does line that's. It's. That the box and shut the book I thought I was shocked the box to the bar who said that by the way. I was shocked the box. And I feel like it was Jackie. Turkeys that shocked the box is a burden might have been most analysts and shop off while I was definitely not done and play it was shot blocked. Oh Merrill lodge. It was. Off. You Merrill Hodge shocks the box. You Iraq sent heavy double wins or not this guy. You may as well we were and ask got to that point procedure commit shocked by shock the blocked. Here's annunciation and that acts of the end does shock the box. So. Are close to go to Sean Connery on the island. Tropical balk. Shop the box. We do the state to report to it a little massage and name. How fantasy dates here on the basis. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. And his sons. Don't look at them move. I don't know. It's got to recognize that. She'll bolt today who knows until. It's beer probably. What's next dominant sect obviously tomorrow in Iran to show him. Seventh street casino resonate post game show some of the plate I think that's why we got plenty plenty. All in itself will ball. On Sunday five games like yes we do 9 AM it all starts with Campbell's fanciful also on it there about what life would be nice. It has built to prevent it on sixth in Houston Jacksonville. Tennessee San Francisco. Dallas and openly in the bin and yet two more gains on a double header on 66 feet. Cincinnati take it all Minnesota. And the rams taking on the scene. I feel like you're gonna put that I really great promo like crazy case and I felt emporium missed five games went ahead. OK despite. It's pretty cool. Football they meant. Isn't started a since I've been doing and I'll pass on this that is. Since I've been doing the program here it's gotten better. Gonna lob it not been program is I had no you have to. I edited a break programming this so weekend. April quick let's let's give the people are selections this week because this will be the week in which I put the nail in the coffin. Last week he said as he lost them. Blessed that I. The last actor put it in your all he had to put those feathers back in their peacock what all week win. Settle down over. And let's do knock him. Making noises about it always like I guess Manning's computer guys on he also has the old man phone ring words like the old white. Hang on the wall phone ring. I think again actually the phone with a big but in court stay out of Michigan four hours coming appeared in minute. Basically took Ben Roethlisberger was his first overall pick because he loves them some big been keen and Allen's gonna be as wide receiver. Alex Collins because is guy question man in that. Couldn't help but question whether or not out on those goods that question man that took the cap do you balance columns as a good weekend. Blake's got Cam Newton as his signal caller Dovonte Freeman's going to be and his backfield and Julio Jones. For you doing Brad its belly Jones is going to be. What on Earth Day. It's like it's this car porn you like the old crank model T. Like we have to crank you're car in the morning fanning on though like. Julio Jones gonna be a wide receiver in and out I took careened onto because the chiefs of the greatest Michael Thomas is my wide receiver Matt Ryan. Is my quarterback and those thank you good luck to everyone not named Henry like. While. Could be like that telecast. And it used to be that we can have achieved despite the fact that right pick three months usually picks chief. Hopefully they'll focus instead on the game disability let's hope this breaks for a goal. It's out of this game that felt that you beat the raiders he would be charged they've got to get this mode you go and have you here. That's all we handle these high hopes boosting his team was five and now the Philip Rivers that. This the same team beat me for sinking of eagle changed we'll take the white. Use their weapons properly I think Matt Nagy is an offensive coordinator has been doing that. He over the plate the last two weeks that I unity reads build a lot of installs. During the week but it's just a different. If they can bid. It is Davidson you know it's forcing a run into the game plan. The run was a big supporter of what they did against the raiders it was not against the jets this is because what will. Kerrigan's death but they don't seems to wait boldly. One thing to be more creative and aggressive with his play calling would never do it lets you re do other things. Quick yellow Bob Sutton yell at other assistants that are doing their job our players would come off the field if you read actually being felt. If that's what I enjoyed the most. Is there would still have magically debated this it's funny is a lot of support a lot of the players they like to come Millard airlifts needed them twice. And that's that would toward your you wanted to be intimidated you wanna be loud but to be honest with you I think he's got connections like him. Philip Rivers said it's an old school atmosphere with a best old school officers. In the NFL but I do know that. Would this Indians Saturday night is not a noon game. Repeat breakfast you know Steve you know it's going forward and do it stadium for a couple. This is what we like the NFL with cheap games like this against the chargers. All the more. That's why he went about seven weeks here. It's deathly dogs on box. Guess now the we're nearing the end of the season. That seems to have essentially. From that spot it'll start. Given away a massive lead they want to Adam had done in the AFC west. What is he stated that even you know the organization in the players themselves mental step. Big kid nine. Continue to look at the facts and talk about what they could've done with the season they can't dwell on the bat bosses that they had against the bill. Against the jets against the giants they did what any of that big fat little old to what they have. Item one a them for the rest of the season. And we start to take a look at what is on the line they were so what's the line tomorrow night. Now could technically. That she season be over the San Diego State but LA charms are exhibited in fact I always knew that if the LA guards would defeat. That seems at arrowhead now let's see who wouldn't technically be over shock the box well we all know. At at at. That they'll be quite this off the box moment. It seats seven opportunity here at the end of this season. To be able to finish off everybody else in the AFC West End or the right to win their division in or another playoff spot. And another opportunity for Andy Reid is still widely is one of the better coaches in the national. Opel. But if somehow someway he gets upset. Why rookie pickles in it could win tomorrow in its seams don't make the playoffs in the political season and that my friends is something that old. Ever be criticized when he told to look back on the career why I agree yeah. Back in my day Africa latency Diego is glued in yields is rooted football I forgot to tell bidding. You have an appointment tomorrow morning if it's him your wife Tracy told by. He's six sees that you want to get on your fastball. And now it's that we talked about this old body the air. The Phillies batter out when she married him under both pretends. What time 10 o'clock in eagle and it's one that's Tracy. So what is it I'm out of that you are a little bit portrait. It took us attitude did you look at orbit. And everybody out the apple also believed in Britain and and runs in my home on the post game show what's all that money hopefully a victorious. Monday red Monday on the days. It. I. That would add a white women that.