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Thursday, December 14th

Is Eric Homser on the cusp of signing a deal? Plus, fake news strikes again. 


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Oh yeah. A oh yeah yeah. Favorite songs and it. Didn't know yeah. As usual I. Bigger share of Q why were so terrified about the net neutrality laws. It's gonna take this morning that's. Really concerned about. Florida. I thank you didn't use those types of services but don't worry about you. Your Brothers aunts nieces and Nikko. Was. Susan hull Susie Susie who wouldn't Wear her elf costume because in her in her words it was a little sleazy. It thinks the war. There was no cleavage exposed to answer it needs to work and it there's nobody that she's still pitcher and us was that. This I may go with little or no he's Suzy your title look harder pieces. Maybe grown up themselves and that is not Susie. Amy came up and Davis pepper or this morning. It's duly get salesman god. That the bar pretty. They needed in their room or I've seen these CD sales or park your car. It's we've there was Williams-Sonoma Putnam park. You eat that burger but. Or since then associate producer booed. Him. It's vote for him I don't think it's. His sister where I was alone cost him or if I'm shaming him. Quite sleeping a pretty big. In here and you know honored or with what she did. Big things. Big variance. So you've got like two weeks proceed you know as he gets all my leads him you know it's actually not so. As a gift. Some so. They're baked goods but we will come back and I'm. A little while well. We debated Boris open this year hours at an hour. Well boy entered. Aren't we talked a lot about. The royals today and in we all you know. Our in our feelings about the eighty Duffy in a Phillips about air Hauser well Bob nightingale from USA today he joined us earlier today. In one of the questions that we ask is DT to Boston. Is in the mix. Air concert as we keep hearing about San Diego San Diego San Diego. Please everybody or everybody hasn't you know goal in the San Diego it even in and bobs and although his air thousands of incidents we've sakes. But do you think that Alston is eventually going to be in the mix this will botnets. All right let you know or shall available there I don't feel anyway that it's possible. I know that Boston's first shall all. Charley Katie marching units second choices are more certain of winning now. I have not heard you want to get his name while home you know Francisco Boston. There's little incident to prosecute them. So it is useful mobile market in and I think we're kind of taking time when we're looking package here you know that you were hoping that. Boston doesn't do something played for a slugger bill what some problems. There's probably going to be a domino effect. A team like Boston two B wait this scene was an apple would JD. Martinez and it after that hit it to your house if they don't try to go for bolt of it's encouraging and day even as Bob nightingale is the question was. It your member said. It's it is than usual when a team meets face to face with you. More than ones in you don't end up signing which ought does that happen to him because a lot of people we was somebody kind of set the bore. So at the market for what it is when you meet twice. Bob says that he's really not seeing a lot of guys would they be twice as somebody. Those who were also say this though he says that Boston's that working out there that have face to face meeting with them. Mean it's he'd Portia wanna put JD. In error cows right thing. Is Boston. One up with the Yankees. Right now the Yankees are just so for an on the on the moves their making. They can afford bold. They're both Deborah bagged the Boston Red Sox can afford that type of situation. In two ways that he speaks program received unit fell on where a guy in that somewhere in that's not one of the places bench. Even stadium there was a whole 28 east as you look at this battle between the cardinals giants. And here team. The New York Yankees which kind of not committed a war another asset for the royals. Is Danny dusty. His name was Kamal when he comes trait number stations this was nightingale on dusty. Yeah they you wouldn't get it again a lot of move on you know. I think we'll play them somewhere. I don't know Baltimore he's started and starting pitching is the young guys are ready yet. You know people royals want in on this uniform system so that it won't go very very actually. So I think what they're against him but you have whether he confession well I'll look at the box what he believes they've gotten stronger so that maybe you efficient world. And imagine it. Danny Duffy in Baltimore. It would be a fight between Danny Duffy and Jason Lott and four. At what they. And abducted punch in the face for a call. There's a bit about the committee's big actors that I don't block. Melt down dies he's done he's got them he tweets and nasty stuff about eighty Duffy and they'll eventually be finally that. Block and for the old you Donna oh like he was not happy with the way that he is quote an outing and everything. If it was closed and by the way the Baltimore Orioles were it in the major leagues if you are eager it would stretch in historically bad stretch and 42 games. Giving up seven more runs these terrible Baltimore's pitching. Absolutely sucks by the whale at this since we're talking pitching. And I think this should encourage. A lot of people because I think this is important. And it's from a Johnny. In this is royals won big prospects for horror. For that reason Rangers hour. Disinclined. To make a big players that they royals want probably more for a than what he's worth. Mean people probably blow away with a back that deal velocity so I 99200. But what he willing to get turn. Give gate Dayton gritty edge given to guys guys way to be given away but he's gonna rebuild he wants something to rebuild whip. Not just just to be get rid of them. He should payroll so you're saying that he doesn't wanna trade a good closer for a guy like Ireland or basal layer and here's the thing where. All's that is a valuable caught that happened that in this this direction things go people want to build up these opens. With power arms and I'm extremely curious. Two Colorado Rockies in the Wade Davis. Supposedly they would bring Greg hell and back here's the deal or. Scott Colorado so we can at least easier. If Denny got to get straight to Baltimore what do you think the likelihood he gets off the plane wearing of these Jose royal sure. Highly likely. Series ago if Davis is he's Davis hall ended then Colorado. Jeweler where they go there to just Davies PH. Lisa in this deal for me speech yet. I mean again I thought I guess there could be here attitude are you don't need jail lodge Rockies baseball so you pasture and out. Iraqis office is actually yeah Blackmon. And they're not who thinks that's where baseball. Risky aged people and we also saw Tor six it was insider Josh born here and it there was a lot of opposition bunting dusty yesterday with his tweets. We talked of about tough. He's entitled. You don't really want. Observant world war to move. You know that it would yield. Going out. But I don't believe that was what it would it would happen suddenly becomes and first organization thing. It would have more that appointment from the royals in Duffy and that heat do you really think we've world. Not talk to you that we would not run it by you explain this to use still eat there or. Non. There's no need to be so vocal pop like he hit some pop ups involved rather than. Relationship but. On the he's under contract he want the eight year column. I'm not immediately that it jumped at the side of the royal you witnessed right. And it. And other oil for some reason it change. Their course of action and didn't go to the proper channels. He would have every right to want that if they traded him didn't have that sit down conversation to explain the problem. So for the entire interview visible Bob Knight deal from USA today and Josh turner six and royals signer of the podcast page sixty and sports town got some pretty Ryan. Q is he royals on Twitter. He just tip one million followers. Let's celebrates his re tweak his free chance to win. And Alex who were inside baseball. There ego we waited for recounts credit when that baseball and retreated from six in the town and my patio thing between routines the win. The Alex Gordon's side baseball. There's a reality that none of us. Want to believe in it when it comes to the royals. Would must address next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Welcome back good news of late it was just. Your sixth in Mosul one excellent. It's totally. I sat here Alex Gordon Thanksgiving lunch my kids' school. We made eye contact of the dead that day did you offer down that's the that's an important question is this it was magical thing. Like yesterday I think him coming overturn new fields -- with him while he's trainee with this namely it's totally you. Did head nod then I celibacy or man it was magical you're selling the Alex Gordon experience bearing short. Just ahead. I've been in a lot of locker rooms I've been light you have it in the film that we're looking I've and around and none of them I'm not saying this in a boastful fashion. I've been around. There are a lot of famous people there are things people. I don't stars are very often. There's a there's an or around Alex corny glows so it really does. I. It was Dexter gets that magical. It was magical I think it custody yet another Alex I think it is important I wanna know what direction he went with the head not because if you don't know the you go off right and you don't know somebody you ought but if you do know you're. In the downward. And think about it you know warmer. You think it scored at about two guys who is this as. Like you're pretty good. Doesn't win problems reprise over thirty home is now. Exercises cavs were in thing. I. And he. Magical I don't know why you're selling that Alex Gordon experience from shore it is magical ought to support and counsel creepy. And make it creepy at all for anybody involved my favorite outscored moment is that the senate for 72 million dollars so when it potty once. You're kidding me that's what I mean Alex. Turner about everybody there. You exhibit you know I was not star struck by Antonio Brown thing. That's true that that is the horse that is that is true that that the war staying is when somebody staring at somebody. Is is the war Spain head. Not a lot like magic but this was due to him but it happens to me. Bullets at the gym but I accurate shoulders at W no no no no stop stop. Friends from the gym. Okay that out now in Iraq with time it's on the bid the people that they see you there and stared. Let's steer a bow. He. Nobody wants lectures. They actually have a shortly. Excellent wanna know if I've ever held Alex cordons bat I've not his knowledge and permission does after the you can tweak our leaders said. I saw. You. I don't like if you want to say hi if you want hasn't slowed in the little bunkers on adult creepy just stay here but that you. You know our number don't ever held the traders bet there it is religious unity and talking and espionage talking trainers I didn't sneak it. John is that once. You sit next stick to touch on what outscored the back and excellent and over ever held was back. He just has backed his back. And I touch is back this is weird. At this after the order that you know we're keg in the rules about that's fake news today you accused me of having a tape worm today and you accuse me. Who've been banned from the clubhouse at. You'd and I look at the Antonio Brown slowly Antonio eight man eight act as a you know I got to leave that and it got portable. Thanks for the access of information like you know easily within checked out today and know everything all right unexpected thing on your play hard. I'm a bit ago we aren't as though this is different when you shoot the right. I'll be greeted another job figuring. Out all. Checking out in in in dating what the physicals but it is. Us. Say that's so you have turned off so are some of them execute the things that I got doesn't have you ever since Lyon el blog on here but I'll ball that. Arm. At a loss at all. I can't look at it in its animal comes off. Easier said then why washed off or I did. We tend to be about the. Texas that he gave he had not upwards that's via that's the correct RS I inverted the had not. You when you know you go down on your head in the locker with the Steelers. And assume. I didn't give it had not been any number I just stood behind my iPhone. Texture on the 91 threes as Gordon waved in the in my girlfriend on the highway almost gone Iraq no. I I don't and I know the fact that sounds right. So gore is like underground and even the people with them. I think the only awkward thing that's gonna happen this year between me and outscored his have to explain to him right. My son's middle name is after him. Like any weirder is identity and it'd be it's going to be different. That flattering is that creepy. The school. Might think the Bruce Wayne things creepy. Bull was supposed to be talking hide outs. And like no this is talking about the whole it's just it's it's again. The White Sox are the whole point of the royals my site yet. Do you think this division the surgery it was buildup last year they're tree and sale make Italy's moves it will dispute Lido. So you on what Condit did with the team last year as Bob nine Joyce and that the White Sox sleeping giant. Integrated optical these guys come to fruition this year subject oh please it's been in the minor league and it's I could take some time. What does that he's sleeping I mean big this year the school war. Hours and you look at the Indians with a group when's the best team quite possibly. Is Chicago White Sox do you look at their farm system. It gets six in the top one under. You have we have done they've got a lot of best idea they've got six of them if they pull this deal off meeting which Otto. Is the White Sox do have the money it and went. It is the part he believes people of Chicago. Retired here about the cubs who were the white. They want to regain that magic for winning a world championship. Or did they win 05 so five or six or that. Owen and as warriors but the cubs get all the attention it and I don't feel the White Sox are quietly doing things that there was no five the beat the Astros but we're not worried tone about the White Sox in the vision. We're looking at twins made the playoffs. The Indians it's the White Sox can be seen it's gonna be eighteen to weakness division for years ago. The missiles would mean it's not quite as. We played them nineteen times a year. Quick side note on and they even though it has nothing done well and done. But if he goes there or not it still doesn't matter the team is loaded. What bought at a mean ice on the side note I mean I can be the only one rooting for Adam Eaton to be like. Accused of using PE he's just so fans can make signs and says eaten eight Eaton. Six bill. Keep it just go to see the side. It was down. Let maker's mark didn't hit more that it means. I EB either. We talk about click bait in a lot of things snack in regards to fake news. What this next door that Brinkley is gonna get into is app is not eating. I am once again going after eight news. And we know you they say news saw. Basically dresses that net. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I. My site I think he's there is vital to our that's right. On topic to. With Leslie sitting still afterward. If you in this thing without here relentless. So last night you know we have this persons or. India I was the one. It dressed like CNET or. What my job here is actually dad and he jays the big east Baghdad here with him and be seen again it's and I did or act like you were excited to do not like to materialize Qaeda yes I've ever dresses in a cluster and never done an excellent out of school. Ahead this panel I wouldn't I actually have a say and have discovered beer of it was on the in. Game be ending in ways people some pictures of me drinking beer in the scenic costume. And I crossed the line by doing that and that's the question. Some people might it was over 21. May be inappropriate to Santa Claus sit there pounding Beers like I don't know perfectly fine drinking. Actually expected it to be surprised if I knew the beard I'm just saying today. Anything I. 21 plus a Clinton and close like beer. Lake wouldn't display into it you know my idea my feeling on the immediately you know and in the news. Is what it is but admit that they stretched things a little bit at times. Told you about the L Washington Post article here and CT in the headline even though that's not really Larry Johnson was talking about your Mike Walsh. News or use of passcode pulling all those guys talked about it afterwards was kind of misleading story laws. Which I think the media times. Exaggerates things in the flight get things wrong. We've heard fake news and everything else what came across on the day. Yeah possible way in we showed in its on the big lead. Aimed the story was markets Mary Odom apologized for Barry. Offensive press conference. But is that the image already now. First of all I'm surprised about this story was posted today. It's Thursday. If something. That outrages happen in the league we would have about it. The first thing we're talking money this I mean age you more this very notice that this press count state was just this terrible. In the article goes on let's say Tennessee Titans quarterback mark stereo to whip for wrestling heel. After Sunday's loss to the year's cardinals. The sixth year quarterback provided short answers to the media in at one point said he was pissed off. It was extremely. It's a behavior. That has no business. In NFL post game. OK so what's all this and said listen to see more stereo headset. And this was just some of what he had to say it short answers but tell me all Stahl can I go through this rather quickly. But tell me when you find something offensive by marks Marriott on curiouser and if you but it is offensive. Do Ahmanson. Just summarize. To see the defendant come into an exciting time. Chemical. Call me an outrage. No. We're lightly here hours. Frustrations luncheon. Defense played lights out special teams did their job. You know attendance. I've been hurting they're finding ways to get better and improve on. So vote. Nadia. Committed in the right reading coverage. To us. Yet that some ice is just what problem was is being asked questions. Ayers Kevin the end of. That's some defense played outstanding they have been all year. We just couldn't have been able to put the ball on the engines reports. Yeah changes. I think that some network look at. You know we'll get back to Fillmore and she can do improve. Or. One. Hurt our industry. Now I'm just pissed off and so. Okay. First hour. This business and her eight million. Post game interviews by players. He's the quarterback. The net gain keep in mind these guys are whisked away god forbid he said that's all he's he's pissed off. He gave short answers and times of CNET leaked give new. Bill Belichick does this every single week river on the Cincinnati on the Cincinnati. And it cracks me up how we decency each analyze things. And shame on this article. The second year quarterback provided sort answers to the media at one point that he is thought it was extremely offensive behavior. Did his no there is no justice in an ample post game here's what led to you on Tuesday Marcus Marietta speaking to the media. Requests on a say. And sorry for the way it handled the press. And conference. And not everybody was whose was that. I analyzed and railway marks marionette and has apologized. Organs marionette apologized. Two at the press conference then I was sorry the way I handled it I know not everybody that was. There is here but I was rude and inappropriate and I just want to Sam apologized or. It's funny because I got an earful of it from my mom that's how I was raised and I appreciate you guys understand it first oval. There was no golf ball. Necessary mark. You can say anything offensive to anybody European ass dumb questions in you gave short answers. Fight over Democrat night and meanwhile player DB short answer I give it any read what I haven't a lot of thought into the Green Bay game. A last year. He was very sure with his answers Belichick does this every week next question next question. Re it was extremely offensive. Was suckered in the read this or listening to this is all my god what's he talking about. What did Marcus do. He was talking football and Jordy answers in there was nothing offensive with that whatsoever. And I mean I'm literally flabbergasted. By this article saying that he was pensive and house mom's calling on mortgage you can do anything wrong at all your quarterback that lost an important game. If you were just a little bit upset. Remark as Peter's dropping profanity inner granted it wasn't at a podium it was in the locker room. I don't feel like anybody in Kansas City wrote an article said that they were offended and it was offensive speech and there were some people is that it didn't come office and being exactly. Most intelligent well worded person in the world. I don't feel like any of us that I am offended by Marcus Peters as you used broke fantasy. Ball. Just I can't read our great quarterback walked out. Is that what they're asking questions. On who was. In all of the telecoms with the top savant of that problem. A very good at being an extremely offensive. Personnel at the redefined would have been it is. Giving short answers it's your defense played great your office was bad. Deal that's offensive. The titans elect of the leading the division and our third this. Like there's got to be more to talk about tendency to miss here that they are at a second in the these are Ayers thing this interview was in the locker room what happens is quarterbacks. They quickly addressed in they go in the -- you would change the way they view it Alex REB Reid talks in and Alex Smith does. From the thing about the way the titans. If the playoffs were they would be playing and they didn't survive they would mean a sick that this seats and the seed in the NC playing the Kansas City Chiefs. I ski and Tennessee find someone else to talk about. We talked to predators kept patients though I'd better talk about your playoff bound Tennessee Titans. It wore. Me uproot our that this quarterback felt the need to apologize or something but he didn't he do wrong. Get your back your market. That's financially makes a point to think about this Marshawn Lynch Marshall lynch made a it career off of being. Little cantankerous I guess what those aims let's look at Adam is here so I don't give fine. Mom and headline. Marcus merry go to apologize for beer if it's a press conference but is that the majority that first as it would be a majority duck. He gifts supposed point an orator. Global check after brigade to build check and see what he says that every game. By the way from reports say he read was extremely jovial for days it is press conference until a Chevy guys do also extremely jovial Mitch Morse Tom Ali not practicing today they say Tom but in practice because it'd practiced inside today. So typically Tom won't practice on the field turf so Tom Molly not practicing today. It's more likely going to be as going to miss Saturday's game against the chargers. But I said miss so I'm believes on the injury report in oftentimes I don't read into it he plays it's it's special treatment. There's a practice but we also do some games he is employed this year. I signed very upset by you playing that offensive press conference by Marcus Mary out of their children's appeared very offense. Don't know your audience here very very offensive army didn't you just fine this is defensive. Now he. Community the way reading coverage. This. Yet oh yeah mirror then dude dude dude dude in the FCC has guidelines here. It is very go to it is offensive press conference. Markets. Red peonies these into the room well this is actually quite funny feeling holds all the story. Of rapid the do we talked about you've prevalent on now brown. Feeling about this is he's always get these Greg a violent case that he's gonna George's what we'll do that next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I had just. I think the actually explicitly in at any at least got this infected things get looked at that it. Netflix. And Boggan and while you vindicated here. Today. And gentlemen never this is themselves. Talk a little ill of the body feel tired and enter another presence or I'll. In the agreement bill beard being in these little helper. They were in Colonia helper last medals. That was a different words and music. And they're like your mileage. And little witch and a very nice Christmas party. The feeling I'm the same entering governor of that a lot of stupid as usual for him. We have Bob Knight you'll come refused today or all of these winner meaning. It's a deal as it twice. As Bob about that is that it usual. Somebody needs some poise tonight you'd yield. You don't hear about guys meaning twice he sees the first time tennis that the more you let out showed interest that he. But we need to sick time that also is tweet he said the Red Sox are. Of course there deficit go a bit in the weeds find out what the the price is a big Mormon in the Padres more money in the royal witness to what's going on. Eight JD Martinez of course the big fish ball first bourse guy. The Red Sox give both. Maybe I said yesterday and on the day shift. That I thought at the show I'm sorry on the drive it's it's the dad to the Christmas party apologize. Others like you thought that it did Boris or use in the pot is cattle like. The penguins used Kansas City. In other member of England's were indices try to the payments here to be the NHL team they dangled the tragedy that they double will disagree with you in this one. I think it's good analogy makes Pacific there was much work to that record is good to make the Dallas Ron Burkle. In memorial and you came here bill formal suite free right. This actually sit down and get this point which the member of the election was a letter of impasse between city Pittsburgh in the owner being. In it barely passed is. This will be usual political between that would be governor Ed Rendell of Philadelphia Pittsburgh angle it barely path. Like them getting their deal I think there was some seriousness about it a lot more than posturing to the end of the we're used a lot but think it was more serious than what we say. I think that Boris and has won the Red Sox to think this is super series for the Padres do. I think maybe it is a little bit but so bad for this hour but again you know. The life. Bad I initially thought not going to be ipodder there's too much about this not happen. Then I thought about it like I just think they're using the Padres to drive the price of the year the Red Sox yeah earlier this week the winter meetings that you know we've made his trade for that. Is that going after free agents like JD Martina mr. Palmer so they're trying to drive the price down there talking to the Padres to try to drive his price up so. Don't know how this whole thing's gonna play I think more than likely I think Boris and Haas using the Padres to get more money from another team like the reds. Here's some Nelson's one on advice about and it would drive you crazy about what's a lot of them we network it would mean and you guys are here when it will be light is on I still need them. Good traction. Let all the pain grab guys and everything about this. There's a stick up form. But Joel Sherman does bit doubts picks up more players do because there's more at ease back in even Franchitti part of this that'd be dealt old gold Schmidt. In the the BBC the play first base but they will put their what is the BBC biblical thank you. But the sort I sort of fall in line with you on this because it was drive you crazy make remembered. They don't value gold gloves it'll retrieve this fresh and guys' defense and one didn't -- I understand that because that's basically managers in the early in your coaches vote and forty Campbell's real sickness he wins the silver slugger and gold glove when you're that just means you're the all around best be honest with yeah. It what you do with the intangibles as you be driven nuts why why. And what they're doing. It doesn't like you're not paying attention at least to the way he plays the game here's the thing you know I hit it the other here's the other thing though to pay attention to what is it. Pay attention this is baseball's. I assuming moves Escobar sign elsewhere which I think it probably. Seeing their first baseman is and how it affects them defense. I actually say something. Most basketball would be the defensive players that are Billy Butler was playing first base for the royals they Q October by the way I've had worst do than anybody yet there's no there's no she never let and they feel that there is a step toward that well just like the it's the scope is not a scope either and is a short hop he positioned his speed is gonna catch the the lip of the grass. I mean they're all extremely Democrats and ask or play better when whose morals for Butler they knew they had their rose on the way B but it also makes you tentative. It also makes you tentative to you gotta you gotta play ESP Iran or you know just get it sent the houses in a positive gonna come down so they do real quick. And as well there's a stat from that faring how do you quantify that how do you you use your eyeballs watched the games into your face but he gracious as a step that he's in there on the it means there's like Escobar throws 93 with a tail on they got 93 miles an hour coming at you with a tail at it's just walk off you mean. It's just an you're I think we relate related to world failed candidate who picked. We answer them through example what occurred yeah that was my question yesterday can you throw an apple I think it would deal with the curly he'll be able to figure out how to do absolutely I figured the well they called the anus of the apple you don't all right guys I've ever heard the news and am just. There a specific technical front it would really good pitchers anything that semi around they can figure out a way to make those. All right Randi Jennifer drop or no fan of another brand are gaining carried and Ayers and drive next. I. The red lightning stuck between lightning don't.