12/10 - Useless Predictions

The Show
Sunday, December 10th

As we do each and every week the Show brings you the Useless Predictions from around the league and we need your help keeping track of how Ron Does each week moving forward. 


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I've for the last 592. Show and all of radio. Yeah. Welcome ends of the hill. Thank you giant. Yeah. As always plots is that most certainly bending. You live in Los Angeles and you can convincingly. Portray Los Angeles rams and your life. Boxes looking for people with a exactly your unique rare skill set to pretend to be grants and thirty Sunday in game. Casting directors are now casting actors models and talent to work on Sunday December 10 and the Los Los Angeles, California. They need specifically Graham's dances set up on their pretty games that. Because apparently the Eagles are taking Yahoo! for Los Angeles because though it is Los Angeles cares about their NFL teams. About. I'm down as ever had and I get that any free tickets at the idea out there ought to do right now all good dress up as the rams fan I'm perfectly okay with that that. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. He showed. This show with euros. And as soon blatantly snow out. Two on my listeners put those figures today because we salute you. For allowing us to be a small part. Years Sunday morning. But letting guys Stephens certainly isn't the building and as certain as they it is how happy. Our Philadelphia I bet you are bedding all family members made this trip. Did you see what Philadelphia looks like yesterday the army navy game that did nothing warming. That did you see what it looked like yesterday I bet they are glad to have got out of that snow and bad weather LA. It's the rams can't jog crowd for this game. They're never going to that this is a brilliant football game today at ten into team risen nine and three team like I can't wait to watches football game if you can't get rams fans out there than they don't exit. Let's just not true sort of. I Betsy acts whatever they get their arena built that they'll scrawl they have smaller thing it's now I don't think Iowa. Not as I do not and I think they have zero fan of the Miami Marlins and zero against fox is paying. Fans of Miami make analysts to go out and acted draws they they've built a new stadium they started. Drawing people that it yet and now they've got a giant statue you orchard it. Saying sculpture. It's just days this and now on gust again you just made a sweeping state. That a team that's been there for over a year and am and no one goes to Miami Marlins don't buy that note but they have draw and now Jerry Jeter is colluding with the New York Yankees but he just makes sabotaging an entire here. France is just made the sweeping statement that they'll never draw people with it'll draw today which is not I mean I feel like it was more reckless for me to just accused Derek Jeter collision on the we know you'd. But it but that's reckless to. They're going to draw if they had to suit is that it is they don't is built they're gonna drop help not a single Stanford good football team if they are. And John McVeigh but I know handsome his coach in the 'cause. You're gonna call you out or just radio speak. I'm a colleague helpful that was his radios beat if they can't draw. At. Least eight. Ever. They will. They have zero fan they did that make it hits each of you have fans everybody loves cars and lands that they make it to the NFC championship game the ribs then it will be as a average unit that a draft I went to ordered off on number one in Paris on one number two you get ignored obvious. Can you give us the enact is in the act does this chiefs raiders game. It's Gately recruit at all or during the break that you just completely whipped on one that you hadn't heard of it till I had to remind. It is an active ZW all the John police CIO. Connor cut never hurt never heard a fully Seattle out. Isaak Whitney David Emerson that's a good one Corey James. Jalen where Jeff hot war. Chase inactives Eric Larry mark is beaters and it's more silent brain or meet Wilson Parker anger and Justin Hamels. That's mower so we got what is that an exact Fulton. And that weitzman is probably. Oh Lou the Parker dignity is mystified. Legacy cut. I just. Eight is he not help the activities I hope he won he'd put him on IR they keeps yes label people and healthy scratch. Like here come back yet start dressing a blessing in itself I don't know it's just really strained. The situation with him. That is I don't understand I don't yeah I don't understand. So we do it is every Sunday. Every Sunday at just your radio sets this is the most in eight segment. Eight Kansas City radio will run with but it advocates anybody. Sports are not sports almost an 82. And Kansas City either cup I felt that apparently whatever it is that you have to say to cut the op was important. I in May be as out there as me saying their ads ads a year that was not important enough per unit is great in game. Typically this is useless damn predictions just. The most fuel this predicaments. In sports. Well see in my. Whole tradition is so. Eagle most useless predictions and sports. Ball team not near city. And. I think the good today Saturday. A feather in her. Il I dynamited AP top of the fantastic. So listen to the bars and countless times. Well I I don't give a damn about. What I heard is the media the New York. And they are now pro testing protests have been really rocked it and they'll this year there are protesting. There was no longer going to be delayed the post game press conference and they've said they're not like that old it. But the game reporting anything writing stories doing any shows that less then that it. Is it after the game it giants gear with his hair slicked back. In doing the post game press with that information that I have just gotten from a source that grabbed it. The cowboys went there to the net demanded. That. Heads and. I think calling them that name of the NFL's probably change it not probably dictates it. Velocity and ours go into positive is that face the charges and this is why I believe. The Washington ours we'll get a win. I woke up this morning. Was Justin Timberlake driving your red that's the song that was playing it was crap. Probably. Oh good because of that absolutely. Filled river. There's going to have a bad game otherwise you are going to go in. Analysts predict the ups that. When he eight to seventy. May have eagle we talked about this game there aren't going to be very need to grant admits there in the UK and this. Those are struggling mightily they've won nine in a row I think there are only two more I predict it right now. They're going to do what another team this year that would probably think it. There's gonna lose the rest of the game let's keep that our biggest darkest it starts at continues here today because of what they went the rams. That all kids I'm telling you they're not appeal to stop the lives of Orlando Pace. It was about the lives of our lord they're not going to be it's not the likes of Bulger. Marc Bulger when he could have added that the other stop the light's advice rooms they can't not morsel all all my ticket stub. That team they're gonna struggle at Torrey cold weather any. Their pockets brand classic players students next it give me a run that I have a spot I'll. Turns out they're addicted to. No list of all yeah. I am waiting thirty folder that's what it did play. Did he but it has to lose and next pull pull that game. And about saints falcons I think that. This is a game that's going to be between Drew Brees and Matt Bryant and tackled the he Matt Ryan probably out playing Drew Brees I think the pride not to turn the ball over and build roads many touchdowns as raised the only. If I think. The State's gonna win this because I believe Drew Brees at the end of the game. His team down or away it doesn't make mistakes that the into the game that. That's why I had the saints beating that bout it's all of the road when he was seventeen. And finally. Finally the game. I'm most interested he would know it's not lines but no it's not 49ers since this falcons played. But for the vikings but the only problem is there nobody. Nobody wants this yard that North Carolina and it's a win. Nobody wants the bank but their state. Nobody wants inspectors and nobody wants its victims and they used to be called the time order read it because I'm ordered tanks they've picked. But nobody wants to pull its ankles coliseum nobody wants to at the start see nobody wants the sort that most people. Gone gone. Nobody walks in stands house Ed bullpen. Rustic jackpot. With a big chip but mustache is bulls did the daily drink specials local. DJ spins of the piece this hot town this cocktail please god built Dave but they've its most days there. So what. Hitler all I know. What's that apparently that's what they ain't nobody walks in Scotland it's best Lauren let it dictate flooding south boulevard Charlotte. Out of 28 to love me nobody wants a silent against the wind that's why. I am. Weddings well does it. What makes him. I could've done better than men.