12/10 - Fantasy Football Sunday - Playoffs

Ben Heisler
Sunday, December 10th

As always we open the show with the Sunday Morning QB to get you all the info around the NFL for the first round of the fantasy playoffs. Brian Johnson of Fanball.com joins the show to give you his weekly sleeper and Justin Fensterman of Sirius XM Fantasy Sports joins the show to answer each and every one of your lineup questions. 


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This starts. Save. The ball Sunday presented by bloodlines on 610 sport. Here's your host Ben Chrysler. The fantasy. Football playoffs. Are here. In less than three hours. All the time all the work you've put in this season to trying get yourself a fantasy football trophy trying to get that money. Try and make sure you avoid the sack. All of this is on the line so he we are here for you on Campbell's fantasy football Sunday. It is presented by Bud Light as we welcome them cold Sunday morning here. From our studios in mission that Chrysler Steven answered it will be with you for the next hour Lee you up until the show with from the show you glee up let me cheese coverage. And six cents Sports Radio this week starting of course well you have the chiefs in the raiders and you can watch the game with us live on FaceBook live with Jay being clearer on the show you with the it will of course take your calls at halftime as well. For the seventh street casino red Sunday halftime show and don't forget your calls while on the post game show. On the seventh street casino reds on a post game show op immediately following the game within one minute. It called the taken on the air don't forget as well we are your home for football here on sixth and sports radio and also on our sister station. 1660 at the score we have the Eagles. And the rams an outstanding match up in Southern California that comes your way at 245. Day. Lenny all of match jobs and injuring knows that you need to know about as we start the playoffs. Quick odd look ahead of what's coming up on the show it's able go in the Sunday morning quarterback all the matchup some perspective you need to know for all games this week falsely in the NFL. Brian Johnson of ambled dot com or stop by at nine point for his weekly visit including a sleeper of the week 930 certain I will give our daily plays presented by fantasy sports markets stock common. A lot of your heart started to tweet and text in your questions 69306. Just a defenseman of serious accidents and sports radio and C alarm will answer your line of questions at 945 it is every week. Keep it to either two or three guys maximum of its anymore we will not read the question real just choose the guys or you. Tax line is 69306. Keep its two or three guys that we can answer many questions as humanly possible. Keep the movement its rapid fire and make sure you stick around 945. Board that. Without further ado certain listen it's time for the Sunday morning quarterback. What it's so easy a look it's the day I didn't. Morning. Monday Morning Quarterback are right. Let me going on we'll start early in Indianapolis taking on the Buffalo Bills the bills are going to be likely without Tyrod Taylor still three point favorites at home. Out with an over under about 39 and a half that's gonna be a theme of today several games. Out with theory blow over wonders and not a lot of points projected to be scored there's still some value. In these games you just have to figure at the right place for. Both seasons actually gotten back on track and give it about a thousand rushing yards and three weeks. Before they play the chiefs ironically enough I think he Kansas City forgetting the Buffalo Bills defense back on track. I don't like much on the cold side has not a good matchup for TY Hilton in the cold with some bad weather likely. Jack Doyle I suppose is in play just on volume alone that's probably it. The little the other side for buffalo LeSean McCoy in an outstanding spot against the colts defense that they better as of late. It's still over all of the season given up with this most fantasy points to running backs pedals the third most receiving yards at that position. Ugly weather like this and expect this of both defense is may actually be in play between two bad teams over at the around. Let's go to Tampa Bay the dollar weather expected there between the lions and Buccaneers Buccaneers two point home underdogs actually nice solid total 45. I you show last week I think that Mike Evans is gonna have his Julio Jones type day it did not happen. Mike Evans and I think two catches for 31 yards. I don't know what happened I can't explain it was against the Packers secondary that's been torched all season long James Winston returned. This is fitness it hopeful you're getting out sometimes we're just things do not work out the way you anticipate. I'll. And I don't think he's still in good position this week here but he'll be shadowed by variously at Detroit the tougher matchup but it is Mike Evans we can break out really at any point especially now. The better. Matchup this game house though is Sean Jack's. He's gonna face off against somebody named Kevin Boss. Bevan Lawson in case you're wondering is good at football both global focus has in the seventh worst quarterback among qualified corners. Is an opportunity to great match you can exploit woods is gonna look for the shot Jackson to get back on track I really liked that matchup for him as far as Detroit is concerned. Matthew Stafford expected to start. Out with that hand injury Buccaneers have been dreadful for the past offseason despite containing Brett Hundley last weekend. I Urals could have your dual expected to be and snap count as well I don't really care for Detroit today at the Tampa defense is actually gotten better play better as of late like. Safe but nine plays Matt Stafford gold eight Marvin Jones as opposed wrong. It's the games here at one arrowhead drive coming up in about two hours 55 minutes between the Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs. She saw our four point favorites despite their recent struggles. Augustine has a very nice high total 48 and a half. Now I can't. Insert on how you feel about this but I don't think this is going to be an issue that everybody anticipates adding division games tend to be weird especially the second time around markets Peters is out. Do you anticipate this gaming issued. Now back I mean yeah you said divisional games is never panned out the way that we project and to pan out it just feels like. Both teams are incredibly desperate usually desperate teams tend to step up on the defensive side. Create more turnovers and opportunities and I just don't feel like it's going to be the easy shoot outs in that we Alex's bit especially from the last time these two teams play. So we Derek cars startled as the chief Steve that's secondary is atrocious no Marcus Peters Michael Crabtree a slight bump Marc Cooper is expected to play. I think you'll likely be more of a deeply because he's going to be out limited snapped out as far as the chiefs' concern. I just think Travis Chelsea will be an outstanding play today. She's once Emeril in the jet skiing at big plays two touchdowns in the first quarter and it political activity possibly gain. Think they learned their lesson this week I think they keep Travis LC fairly active they're gonna make them part of the script plays early on. They need to make a part of the plays down the stretch of games while. About canceled a brutal world skills he answers week fourteen with ninety plus yards and a touchdown in seven of his last ten games. The raiders defense has been rocked by tight ends all season and the income under Henry Julius Thomas telling walker. AG Turkey even crush double with Vernon Davis rod Travis tells him last time out for a touchdown. I and I think he's the clear tie and one this week. San Francisco go to Houston Texans are slight favorites at home by about a point and a half total of 45 points in this one. I think this is so underrated fantasy team. This is again that I'm really intrigued. There's differences like Jimmy drop we'll really impressed last week against the bears. I it was his first full start with the 49ers it's a great matchup against Houston secondary they've got hooked. All season long I would be playing him predominately in cash team minus today I I think yes 300 yards three touchdowns atoms that I've. I would probably pair with Markey Goodwin with their number one receiver and a guy does fairly consistent averaging about eight to ten targets the last 34 weeks. On and so I really like that match today I think Taylor my do you play as well. Off for Houston Lamar Miller it's great matchup but it's really dependent how Houston wants to use that he's gonna be the focal point. But I think he's outstanding but sometimes we'll go to Alfred blue and sometimes we'll move things around so Lamar Miller I think has a great situation but it's all really depended on how Hughes could use. If you think Hughes is gonna dominate San Francisco and this is a great play and Lamar Miller but it eating it's going to be back before that probably stay away. Yeah Audrey Hopkins after Antonio Brown is probably the seat is wide receiver in fantasy and lulled into it targeted a bunch and have another break in if you're looking for streaming tide and the sweet. Stephen Anderson. Of Houston I think he's worthy of consideration you as a wide receiver in college. If plenty of injuries to Houston wide receiver side I'm savaged our Todd targeted him twelve times last week but he Stephen Anderson definitely in play. For Houston in San Francisco. They go to Cleveland the Packers are three point road favorites are Cleveland today small total of 39. Weather can also play a role here with snow 20/20 five mile per hour winds. It's a love this game from a fantasy goodness perspective if the spots canceled play. With how often is targeted by Brett probably that's yet there's there's also clear picture. We'll put the lead running back is going to be beard Jones and Jamal Williams we're not sure both of them should be in fairly decent. Positions to succeed at. Cleveland drug havens actually been fairly successful throughout the season opt for the proud site. There is so much hype right now on Josh warning that it actually gonna scares me Casey Hayward. Be chargers corner what top corners in the NFL that Gordon was the office received that he's faced all season. Now the other quarterback was better for Josh court ideal. But it's still the Sean Kaiser still bad whether it's court will have a decent team but I just can't afford to push all my chips on Josh Gordon just yet maybe soon but it's probably not. Chicago and Cincinnati we're not gonna spend much time on this game the Bengals are coming up short week from the money Nike and their six and a half point favorites against the bears small total of 39 points while really nothing for the resident like here. Although for Cincinnati certainly a few plays including Geovany Bernard he's gonna step in for Joseph makes it has got its caution. I think you'll get a ton of volume today especially if you believe in script will go happy. For the big running the football CU chew up the clock if they have a big lead on the bears who have basically punted on the season. AJ green is always strong start Tyler cropped at the tide in position works Roxio. Ought until about Cincinnati's defense is that given a sneaky tots all played last several weeks. Adding against the Munich bears' offense I think their outstanding play this. Minnesota going to Carolina in their mind Panthers just a two and a half point favorite all against a scheme and biking. Again not a lot of points expected the total only 39 and a half. Opt for two teams that had fairly successful offenses throughout the season but. Other defense and stuff up as well this is a situation where I think Vegas is anticipating that's going to be the case. Kim needs this game. Answers had a tough loss against it last week all but all of the factors in this game work against Cam Newton is at his best when he can run. The vikings have shut down opponents' running games all throughout the year now what about the the testing. Campbell the last five weeks has only been 29 in the NFL in pass it's that's not good enough to have successful fantasy. It can't can't can't can't can't throw houses let's get you now. Al Minnesota side Carolina's defense actually been pretty exploit double the passing game I think it's a good opportunity for Adam feel justified takes to get back on track. I will say this the Carolinas and a fairly decent job against tight ends all season I believe the top probably. Maybe now the best week for Kyle Rudolph but he's cute and has been targeting him more than anybody in the red zone of the last six weeks. I say bad taste or icy badge tolerant of the Euro breast. Dallas in the New York Giants this was a game that flexed out of the 4:25 it's the 1 o'clock spot as both teams that especially the giants. All before Dallas. Public that three and a half point favorites on the road in New York. Over under of about 41 and half. Weather is also a bit of a concern this game in New York's swirling winds temperatures. Odd and I and it can be a potential problem for that press got Dez Bryant if they're going to go deep. All but I think certainly some of the in routes and those quick passing plays that act as it's fairly effective that I don't think will be an issue I also love Jason Witten in his game. Historically he's on the New York Giants of the weather's cold acting press double look to him a little bit more often. On Alfred Morris against the giants even to a 27 targets last time I he was the starter I think it's another solid spot for him. And really pretty York's Shepard not expected to play again. If there is anybody like it's probably evident Graham was continued to put up outstanding numbers as a rookie tight end which just got some UCL throughout time. Also one of the afternoon slay got Seattle going to Jacksonville the jaguars two and a half point favorite. On Seattle at home pretty small totaled about 41. Our rust also has done it pretty much by himself throughout the entire season and there's that last week going into Eagles game. That he was responsible frankly 27 of the thirty Seattle touchdowns. All throughout the year which is remarkable got to put him and MVP consideration. I did get some help from my Davis last week the running back spot and it had no running game all year they're gonna need it some day I especially it's Jackson on the road. I'm gonna steer clear of Seattle's offense though besides Russell Doug Martin Jim Graham. I don't Tyler lock hitter Paul Richardson today and saints too risky play against Jacksonville specially on the outside. For Jackson got his letter port that's gonna be a remaining must start the season long. Although I'm not crazy about the rest a bunch of adding that in turn play portals over the Seattle's defense. TD Westbrook murky so it had not rate starts so far into the season. But I think they can be up physical by Seattle's corners on Seattle and that's Eagles last week is just a game to pretty much stay away from. With the exception the defense. All Washington is going to be Ollie chargers the chargers are six point home favorites vs Washington. I decide about this you have to Ellie teams playing at home today. And nobody's gonna show either. Even if the combined like. 60000 people t.'s data that's beside charter six all point home favorites first Washington solid over under about 46 and out. Kirk cousins is going to be running for his life the chargers bash for us has been standing. Oddities tempted to throw it so when he's rushed when he is under pressure. All but the most news about lost it once and games they probably shouldn't quit specialist on the road I think about that even Seattle this'll some fight left in them. But the fantasy standpoint that I some of the match really for any of for the chargers nobody's been hotter than in Allen. A three straight games with ten plus catches a hundred yards and a touchdown. And I don't look the matchup for him today in when he's going to be on Josh Norman side it's gonna does represent a possible issue. I know Philip Rivers looked his way but I think Washington zoned in on him and try and make. Philip Rivers find somebody else and Eagleton Gordon doesn't play hunter Henry is well. A Washington has recently struggled against tight ends but I don't you know it is fairly safe but at some point is gonna come down a little bit acting as the week comes out. The jets are going to the Broncos Denver started off as one and a half point favorite that's for Vegas open it up. But it has now been bet down to it jacks one and a half now settled on the New York is a one point road favorite mile high. The jets team that was expected to win less than three games the series now erode fee for one of the toughest places where in the NFL. Remarkable the totals this instance of 41 and a half. Our Robby Anderson has been outstanding in his last six games support touchdown five of them. I just don't think that magic continues a kid's league comes back from suspension I think he'll be able to shut down Anderson. I do like the match frost and scary Jenkins though for the jets it's great out of the gate. Really struggled for consistency the last several weeks is it a few touchdowns called back to. The Denver is third worst in the and a full against the titans but I think Josh McCown knows asked target Austin Sperry Jenkins to have a chance in this game. As for Denver really not much like here either maybe a flyer on Emanuel Sanders he was garbage last week is gonna smash spot I think he'll actually bounced back. This week as well. Tennessee don't Arizona's titans are two and a half point road favorites a decent score and an over under 43. We're still waiting for where it is to get it going I just don't think it's gonna happen it's Patrick Peterson. Eric Decker assured math is against the number two corner for Arizona I think it's a solid matchup all likely know Adrian Peterson again for the cardinals so you'll have current one Williams at the start. Another great adjective for Larry FitzGerald and also for Blaine Gabbert. Some numbers since taking over and this is the softest secondary it'll probably faced this year. I think Blaine Gabbert actually my guess you plea of quarterback spot in a good pairing with Larry FitzGerald and Philadelphia is going to feel it rams the rams are actually at one point home favorite nice high over under 47 after this game. It's nice high scoring game for both sides to use their running backs in multiple ways like to pay to play with pace. Or Philadelphia is hackers likely concussion protocol so with the Eagles W street Burton and that spot. I think he's sneaky successful play Carson once and spread it around I don't know whether or not the targets in the market volume will be there. Draper can certainly get himself open Indians and get himself touchdown. The rams Robert Woods is gonna return from injury heal Jared off with his weapons Todd Gurley who and Sammy Watkins all who I believe currently it is. Son matchup the ravens are gonna Pittsburgh Steelers once again in prime time their five point home favorites against their in division rivals total comes in about 43. That Roethlisberger has hooked the ravens when Jimmy Smith as a player otherwise he struck Jimmy Smith is out for the rest of the year. It's like a lot of people that is noticed the ravens' strong defensive play as late. Either gonna see a big red numbers that's their number but I think that Roethlisberger talked about Jimmy Smith plays an integral part of that defense. Also it's all matchup palladium balanced O'Neal brown soup. GG Smith Shuster likely outs and maybe it Martinez Ryan another opportunity to get a home run play for Baltimore regularly play here at this point. It's probably any would have. I know how Skiles got his fair share of carries the Pittsburgh has gotten better against the run I think they're gonna need what had nerd would be successful and also. You want revenge game for Mike Wallace at a couple years beam here more than freed is. I asked what I thought well the patriots are going to Miami. New England double digit favorites again basically. If you make money that anyway. Other two games this year they have covered the spread pretty much every in the play. It was either here it was Carolina that she's the only 210s of heated up pretty remarkable. No ground house this week for the one game suspension it's more of an opportunity for Danny Amendola. To get himself open across the middle I think New England is adding another outstanding physician especially with how well their defense has tightened up. I think their defense against Miami even on the road is in play Jay Cutler. Certainly thrown into the turn over an area that is our sunny morning quarterbacks are weak reports. In the National Football League October that's the other side Brian Johnson of ambled dot com joins us for his weekly visit. We'll beside the perfect sleeper for week fourteen hand. Why he might be the browns this week over the Packers. We could be getting their first win of the year we'll ask him wide packs of Campbell's Tennessee football Sunday present about public. It is deeply bowl Sunday. Presented by bud light's sixteen and Sports Radio. Welcome back scandals fantasy football Sunday presented five spotlight the playoffs are under way and will continue to help you get ready forum for the next. Oh. 37 minutes or so leading you up until the shell with run the show you Lee and Steve certain this is someone that's. If you've been listening every week is either helped you get in the playoffs or he played daily. Fantasy football he has helped you win some lies well. In follow him on Twitter at BT XJ it is Brian Johnson from amble dot com what's happened Brian. We'll look back and I I'd do my best appreciate its own words. I need to do an outstanding all year and there's another outstanding contest the six K Gator over ad side Campbell dot com. You guys have more draft Dobson as well any particular console so you guys are focusing on this week. Not think that the creator 31 and running back. Before political counselor if you roster of high scoring quarterback running back wide receiver and played and the same processor. It was a an additional thousand dollar prize pool you'll want to do it at all thousand boxes. People Google's split but he talked to do what it is possible so it's a nice little bonus tropical. Until decried school began only ten. Actually entries per person not you called it the entries in almost sure it and let them what percentage. Let's look at the wide receiver slate because you have to that are at the spot that I'm very intrigued by Al brown Campbell dot com. On tougher matchup for Antonio Brown got up against Baltimore although they do not have Jimmy Smith and the Andrei Hopkins. I has been a target monster even what's on savage as the quarterback. Between those two guys both at 8800 is there when do you like more. Cool it period it would have been easily occupancy common set of genes that despite the Jimmy Smiths out the peak peak fuel. I don't know presidency the day as a result of that so. I think I would lean ground circulated over shippers and it's a little lower pace that's scary read them or Nixon's opponent ranked third. That'll change directions and that's lightly browned obviously look options. All a lot of people are thinking that the Oakland Kansas City game today is going to be a shoot out and airs you know reasonable reasons to think that that's going to be the case Mark Peters going out for Kansas City. I'll but he played last time an MR Cooper still cut him Cooper is also going to eat. I'll likely on a snap count. And you know these divisional games work to Brian the second time these two teams play it's usually the opposite of what everybody anticipates. Are you anticipating a looking at this Kansas City Oakland game as a second straight out dirty think maybe it's gonna be a little bit more defensive minded that we in this. You know what you're having. He didn't want and mine was in mind it's. And especially after the effort match so. People that that he could because. The company the world group so. A lot of ordering a lot of players into the marketplace. Our computers a quarter of Paterson. Truth yet complete football as we sentencing option and that will declare they'll vote on the track after. Our senior forward now that it. Why aren't as confident that we want to therefore that on the matchup but as a whole lot about what. Went yeah almost. I'll look at some of the running back options for day especially if he played guidance on Thursday Monday slate. I'm anticipating especially for today the GO Bernard will probably be the chalky is running back play. Available he's only 3400. And with no gel makes him with caution. Ot it's almost hard to consider not putting Bernardin line opening rate matchup in Chicago. Odds Hewitt has been handy indeed the chalky running that play of the day and if not who do you think is someone else that basically everyone's having their lineup. Now he can be he can be upwards of 5060%. Of the tournament the match you have. Government he gave me pretty cheap wouldn't that makes the news officially broke so he's got great. Properly it's starting running backs of people are gonna count on that and in all of that but I think you know that guy straw levels could rise equals C. It's hard diaper but you have to would not officially been ruled out but I'm looking at key on the green actually. In tonight's matchup foxy he played very well against other rate class. We got 111230. Touchdown and in their cup match up so you're match of Islam to young green even if that too is active until Wednesday. The topic of conversation amongst the fantasy community and really everybody that's been an NFL fan since last Sunday has been. Boy Josh court looks good. You're talking about a guy that hasn't played in three years came back EC Hayward at the chargers and he was the toughest matchup that he's at all season which is pretty remarkable. It's a great match today at home against Green Bay that has been atrocious against out wide receivers all season long. What there could be a factor and I'm also of the believes that if everybody's on a diet might be a reason to be concerned as well where you on Josh or effort. How would you that are that are aligned. Properly recorded music in particular have. Yeah I do agree that the shocked by that those people that not all the you know whether you little silly. It Cleveland pitcher on Kaiser is what we've seen general and never ordered considered who to root. God is the that we to a ball or give them multiple lineup guys was Gordon. And you'll believe art or all of them now when you're larger percentage that. People with apple. The crap out in Egypt on the list of fuel so. Are much about it what about policy quietly at your day. I'm gonna give you two quarterbacks they are only 100 dollars hard at first glance you think this be the easiest question ever asked you. The base on the matchup I'm curious to know which one you would shoes Russell Wilson was only 6600 dollars on them alt dot com is an MVP candidate. On the road to Jacksonville. War. If you slide down only a hundred dollars last year Jimmie Barack blow of the San Francisco 49ers on the road to Houston for only 6500 dollars. You think is to be a slam dunk question but Apple's got an outstanding match of today any opens. The great questions and very 12 you know what I pictured throughout. Higher and actually too much about it. You know. Come out of the world but you in this matchup you can get it on the ground well that he probably look at the numbers. You'd expect from him with the prices secrete enough what I would call the police are brought that was being. The problem that you couldn't be very well. Very useful at all it's been a very tough matchup. Okay pilot before we let you go you've been gone with your sleepers all year that some people that are curious to know. If they have Zach Kurtz possibly in their lineup they need to go stream a tight end. I is there any possible sleepers that you're looking at this week for both daily and season long that the people could really benefit. Yeah that's in quote. Look like obviously. Alert level two that triggered. But it sure policy without a doubt but I think mark the list who has only seen by targets or times. I'm about it when he does that add on either productive for just about Seattle. As well for most of them. Over the last it was president of to the dark room. I think that he would like let's. All the quote touchdown of course is so. But they want it played and that cute they're very. How on a week where you take on Steven Anderson or even Trey Burton ego Mercedes Lewis that is those balls in my friend and I admire the admire the conviction. Yeah. You all elements that are at BT XA's been helping out all season long here on Campbell's fantasy football Sunday presented by about light. Brad Johnson thank you for your time good luck this week and we'll talk to you next. It. There is Gil de Brian Johnson of ambled out on I I didn't think for a second Saturday is that right that ship I was very close to. Guided that I got freaked me out this partisan. I finally speaking about righting the ship. Ship. Asserted that will eat you ideally placed I'll be back on track in the world daily fantasy football that's presented by fantasy sports markets stock on. We'll get the news and also how you can win this thousand dollars prizes just for and now with your favorite guys six that. Also coming up on the other side of ambles fantasy football Sunday present about wildlife. Answer C football Sunday. Presented by blood flight 610 Sports Radio. It's. They sit on hate in these last. Before you and figure out where that stuck with. Lately anyway. There is not the city is now coming up this Wednesday. For the six than Sports Radio ultimate Christmas party why is why would you be sitting and it includes left. He's obese a Brinkley of toys that. I I Iger of Jewish Serna nice in the that's I've seen in movies that you know kids go to the mall to sit on Santa's lap a helmet on for Christmas that's the it's a process works right. Is. Ignorant drew years and asking yes oh that's that's generally how words. IA however will not be recommending says that it. It's a do it your own reds. The Santa big will be there it's going to be an awesome night at the voodoo lounge this upcoming Wednesday December 13. All villains over here is north. Seen now it is six and sports radio and sun fresh we are presenting the ultimate Christmas party 2017. Benefiting camp quality of greater Kansas City through that Iran cherry charitable foundation. The best part is that admission is forty. So come on out being with us it is free admission each person that console receive drawn ticket. Per chance went over 7000. Dollars in prizes can also purchase additional trying tickets also be available for sale. All the proceeds of 100% will go to it quality. And out Santa basically there's going to be some people from our staff dresses owls including apple fanning. I Susie from sales Italy is also an enemy and also as well doors open at six out party giveaways we'll start at 7 o'clock. Great prizes are available for the following sponsors the ultimate Christmas when he seventeen including some fresh cool hat will give you the opt in when 500 dollar gift card. Imagine having your groceries take care of bird. That long span of the 500 bucks that's unbelievable. Also harrah's north Kansas city hotel and casino meanie Simmons bank's standard beverage and much much more. It's the ultimate Christmas party at the Buddha lounge chairs north casino this upcoming Wednesday December 13 looking forward to seeing you guys there and if you guys son. Awful fan as he advised the private couple drinks at enough as it only goes down after that. Our sir it is time for our daily players for week fourteen they are presented by fantasy sports markets dot com the best way to put fancy speak at NS Opel and red. Fantasy sports he might like on the daily side. It's gonna fantasy sports markets icon he's the prom look at 610 batted at fifteen dollars deposited into your county is circling free day. Again an opportunity to went up to 50000 dollars and their main contest if you get a perfect line up where you starting in building your perfect line of today at the quarterbacks. So I know I said I don't think this games quite gonna play out the way that we think it is but I think you. Should feel confident and sorority either Alex Smith and their cars as say. Number one quarterback today because I don't think either one of these teams can run the football and so that they're gonna attempt to throw a lot. So I think either one of them is a pretty safe play and as you mentioned earlier I really like Jimmy or upload today. I got him a multiple line and I know he hasn't done much so far but this is by far the best match at peace had as day. San Francisco for it's an outstanding match about to start with him as my sleeper as well we're both on the same page there Rob Lowe is an outstanding position to go for 300 yards on 23 touchdowns in the years while. I'm getting a little nervous with everybody on problem this week. So maybe in tournaments I'd try and maybe look elsewhere but I think it's a task game play. I he certainly an outstanding opportunity and outstanding play by so this week will be Tom Brady. Over the past five weeks is from damn ball dot com will be one team is a lot more passing touchdowns in the Miami Dolphins Brady I had the month for for just a couple weeks ago I know these division games and be different but the patriots are just making up their own rules as far as it does. I love Tom Brady in the Monday night game against Miami on the road with the patriots are eleven point favorites that line was almost as high as thirteen and app running backs not stop. Slippery out. I really like Melvin Gordon's matchup today he's being get a lot more care he's recently so I think he's in for a big game today. And then I also really like. You mentioned early on you by Bernard to guy that I think you have to start and I really like Lamar Miller today I think it's it's. It's a game where they need to run the football Mark Ellis generally get matchup. Yeah I think Lamar Miller isn't a nice spot as well might stop my stud this week is going to be tied early. A purely based on volume I know that the Eagles and actually been pretty good at stopping the run of solid front seven but. Just purely from usage rate the weight of the rams used early all throughout the season I'm surprised it isn't broke out yet and actually met some I keep an eye on for next year. I almost might wanna consider staying away from early at least very early on in the draft. Because of that volume because he's traded at some point it's going to break in down in this is some of that head injury issues back in college. But right now it's working really well enough ads that suited for him smiling tied currently. Any end the matchup in the values too good for Geovany Bernard especially with no chair Phillies and I arguments and hasn't discussion protocol. Giovanni Bernard studies and think about it he's going to be chalky but who cares it's going to be outstanding value at the position. Wide receiver eagle. So I really I do I love the vikings matchup against the Panthers I think you I've got the UN and digs in multiple lineups today acting their votes Dodd plays an open at least one of them goes off that's I've got them both and and then I know goldmans say it's been struggling recently but I I think he's yankees inferred big game and I like Camelot today as well. I'm open for that the season Longley had been waiting for adults eight while mark Joe's been targeted much more in the red zone of the last several weeks that's the only part that concerns me. Style this week I know that Brian talked about it before Antonio Brown. Is 182. Hopkins going up against San Francisco at home is just going to be a nightmare that I stuck in the get anywhere between ten and thirteen targets. And then on the other side of that seem game under any playing broccoli and apparently somebody adding mark he's gonna win. I has been relatively consistent over the last several weeks as well I love the report that he had immediately with Jimmy grapple it and Indians on last week but I think the values guide. Opponents IC's media Texans are 26 against opposing wide receivers this year and has the ability to burn. Anybody and everybody eats islet in his wealth sleeper Bible is the titans we. That as I mentioned I think that she's have to pass today I just don't think we're going to see that trend change of Kareem hot not really getting that much work. Thank Travis Kelsey is a must start today. And then Jason Witten at the giants are the absolute worst team in the NFL it defending against the tide and so Jason Witten is gonna get some looks. I'll old man dad runners and outstanding pick for a sleeper I mentioned Sunday morning quarterback but he's been as good as anybody. I'd has dominated. By the giants throughout his career so I love Jason what I sleeper. But Travis hills is just such snatch spot today that I hate he's my number one's at an across board on. And in the chiefs know that they need to get him involved and if they don't that that's going to be part of the reason that it was his game today you get Travis tells involved in a must win game yea. You don't have time to thoughts around anymore get it's your best playmaker on offense Travis tells his backpack I fully anticipate he'll be the lead dog today they have those are. Daly plays presented by amnesty sports markets dot com. On the other side get short line of questions and Justin sponsored in a serious accident Tennessee Sports Radio in fantasyland dot com answers them. Any tickets sex line is 69306. Egan also hit us up on Twitter as well. Keep it to two or three guys maximum will answer your questions ditch ready for Wii Sports in the NFL. On the other side on ambles fantasy football Sunday presented by about life. Answer C football Sunday presented by bud light's sixteen and Sports Radio. We may. I. But what. Do you think. We. Only. Know. And who wins the big. Then Arizona State and coach and refuse men Herm Edwards. Spoke to me back. Ambles fantasy football Sunday presented by bought lights. And Iceland Steve insert it now joined by serious sex and fantasy sports radio's in Tennessee alarms Justin answered and what's up fenced the ready to help the people. Your culture Edwards you wait till the day. I know I don't even get all season lows let's keep it on your right. RR I quarterback tossup from the 816 Jared off against the Eagles are he's seen them against the Panthers gritty ago. It will the back to Carol at the it has been accurately you like keep it objected to get it. We're at war they can gobble to you should be born every week and that we could get. From the 816 this is I need exactly hurts replacement in PP yards like go with trade partner Stephen Anderson. I actually would go even Edgar would prevent what a little bit more when it comes that he bought receiver being bagged up. But look at more opportunity coveted what. Let's go to another rate on six is PP our league at the quarterback spot between Marcus Murray noted Josh McCown or Blaine Gabbert where you go. We're gonna go with jobs that help that's what another guy that it would go well he did so much bill blushed besides for he did a good source for. The ball what is place on the check Josh cal that would block the person in their should be regarded sub. 913 we have to pick two out of these three guys for a half point PP ER offense seed between Marshawn Lynch Jordan Howard and Dovonte Adams which one of those three guys just ago. What Strickland shop today Brett probably quite a little bit better at Al court and shut the coming out today blocker in it if the Packers went so needing that weight. I'm expecting a big big result of the receivers they're quoting now an. 913 as a quarterback tossup between Cam Newton or Kirk cousins they Els is addicted pick up Jimmy grapple forty ago. I like cubicle ordered works and the eagle bit so it decrypt it and it's still lags well we'll go again. Quarterback toss of from the 913 between gene miss Winston or Kirk cousins to. We're gonna go jet that went in just stole our leader truck Kirk comes a week it. We however with gate that lets you could say that day. But today projects Wednesday look at that crushed up emigrated well prepared and play like am I like Jim what today. 'cause is gonna be running for his life on the road against chargers to. The idling Zachary Nelson at the large Evan launches a wide receiver tots of from the nine on there. And I showed you. 913 between Geovany Bernard eaten barber Doug Martin with the news that Doug Martin is gonna play offense to acting do you go with volume ninety deadlines gonna come from Geovany Bernard. I actually. Well as you picked it out of the four door also that bought the affidavit well don't keep your. One got to go from the 660. In a PP our league Dion Lewis with your blog Geovany Bernard especially if it's PP yards got delayed air liner right. Yeah the court he got and also we can't trust you will want to get that went on I logical did what we are wondering why because it fought this. Another's records related question from a 913 if he doesn't play do you go with Austin's a ferry in change answer Trey Burton. Some very shaken Spence he has been very quiet the last have always been against Denver and outstanding matchup I think you have to go back to and that's. I completely agree. Killed this week that that prediction can parched out of straight. I love it I love what I got an in season long and one of the leagues that I'm playing for the playoffs and fortunately that league is not in the league with just investment that's the story for other top. 785. Tied at its awesome Kyle Rudolph for Jack Doyle mentioned earlier that. Carolina is actually been fairly effective at slowing down tight ends Jack toils and have a lot of volume today probably roll. Our bobbled balls that you ordered decision that I bought because I like how little all all but it looked like matchup absolutely Jack the world today. An intriguing wide receiver toss of from the 785 with both guys have been pretty tough matchup today. Robbie Anderson against the Broncos are marked peacefully against the Seahawks forty ago. Spoke with the one who like that. Board are higher charge you a quote from lobby. On corruption though I bought Heatley all law. I ought to go with Robby is that for that one. Fortunately it according to talk. 913. All wide receiver toss of the swing Jarvis Landry and Dovonte Adams and keep PR. Well that really really help one person what what's cool about my bank receiving corps. And the court in new board be part of the other option eliminated they're local target. Nine on three they need a flex in a peep Yardley Diego Dion Lewis on the road against Miami or marquis skill but on the road against the Texans. I mean if they're what they're about to be Q we know he's been a lot more you've got what must what was good what. Okay this is coming in from the 913 standard scoring this guy needs a flux between Mike Davis Pete and barber or golden Tate's. I think if you're looking for something especially in standard scoring T it's probably the guy especially Doug Martin's playing for Tampa Bay and Mike Davis he got a tough matchup is Jackson. We don't know about like it of course leader upon reports from Pete Carroll back goodies ready at same time you know back. Well for life like in the. 660 as a tossup fenced in the quarterback spot between that mascot Kirk cousins that. Or. OK from the 816 it's another tossup involving your boy Robbie Anderson or him or Amare Cooper and a standard league. Cooper is expected to play but he is also expect to be more equal I think you have to with Robby Anderson despite the fact that Cooper rushed the chiefs last played for 200 plus yards. Absolutely. Not help you out but at bat that supported them yeah from the old secret what Honda perfect I'll be ballot making. Forty perk but if you curse that I'll not go the other way. 913 hole at quarterback toss between Dak press got and he is Tina. What 785 we got a tech too between DeVon fund chess Amare Cooper and mark he's got. Oh. Asked what PP are we need to slacks between Doug Baldwin Jamal Williams are Orleans dark lot. I know the magic was really tough on Doug Baldwin but because we don't know whether it's going to be our Jones Jamal Orleans and Green Day. Orleans dark was not necessarily getting a total volume as the giants running back Felix contentious Dodd and done alt canyon. You can feed. It is now in his perpetually the other kids because what you get their courtship situation in which you are double what it. 816 days of flex its half point PPR between Kenny stills of the dolphins to young Lewis that the patriots are Geovany Bernard again and I. I think you gotta go with finding got to go with Bernard year. Absolutely even like light and build again in a decent matchup I. It go with bird ordered what. Intriguing quarterback tossed offense to from the TT five. At home against Minnesota her Ben Roethlisberger at home against the ravens know Jimmy Smits in this game. And the numbers without without Jimmy Smits the big banner stand. I need was great while to get in the app that he's been pretty. The whole big bad. Another GO by. TT five. PP our league have been a big fan do Johnson collier and you have as well witty gal. The because. I children died in the archer situation over. Like it to get a boat carried by or on not make that mistake again people get jobs because they're all with a bit more. And especially with the while they're there you know that Cleveland's gonna try to control the clock in and give crawl bunch Aries not writing I think I'm with either duke has been great but you burn our talent the better play. All four once he got to pick to between Korean hunts and some logic here. Dogs anchoring on some logic here and Geovany Bernard we have to take two out of those three guys. It. OK guys from the gunman through we have to take two and a half point PPR Marshawn Lynch Jordan Howard Christian McCaffery so one of those guys tested allies some of Marshawn Lynch. 816 lead in the third wide receiver between Golden Tate Robby Anderson and Josh Gordon. Wolf that Barry up one more to go. What brought the syndicate the connection we exceed what the towel here. Josh Gordon today offense the easy summary that you got to play with confidence to based on what you saw from him last week. I see you started this season long but immediately added all I can go that route considering that. All the stars in Nabil lines or Henman is gotten it's still missed three years. It would you go all right well liked option offered their green ball is going to be on this god. The corporate ownership. And portable. But yet what everyone in our Josh what you want what board other direction to be a little bit more contrary. All this is from Trey from the once it's how do you feel about it to Shawn Kaiser. Josh Gordon stacked today I think yeah you get the chalk with court but certainly contrary and with guys. Or. Think partner you're willing to do it you'll want pot that played well you. You might go for it I think it's batch of wanna check out. You get that way. I mean I'd I'd set on driver earlier this week that taken the browns plus four. I was left all I think. Our analysts still. A lot of or Angela Burt figure that they that the brown well what do you. Add that matchup I think this is the week that he added on. All of that to the dates it's excellent for the two to five we need it's fine and keep Yardley and Cameron great Jack toilet Jason Witten where do you go. Island ferry between Marshall Islands Palau pol or is it for a while one of those guys has to go which ones. You did what they are accurate that earlier keep Marshall bridge in the air between the two probably. With that for outback. Are less than a minute and a half to go from the 660 when he needs one receiver mark easily DeVon sponsors are Mari super. 660 semi JP Ryan Alfred more essar Kenya on drink we got to pick one in the PPI. 816 Philip Rivers Alex Smith or Derek Karr. We're gonna go 0816. Case you know or Matt Stafford. Were ordered. Another quarterback toss a diamond three Matthew Stafford or Joshua town. Yet it yet at quarterback tossed six Carson once or Russell Wilson. Okay we need us flex and PPI league Matt Forte DeSean Jackson or her and we'll. We're at we're 0913. PPR flack Sammy Watkins or Alfred Boris. More 660 Josh how he's Kia or Janus Winston one of those guys has to go. We're out out at 1816 PPR flap between tie every killer Josh dioxin. We're at odds from the 16 AP PR running that we need to choose between DeMarco Murray Jamal Williams. Wolf start up a bit about Joseph go the other way to go Murray. 913. Deer car urge emas Wednesday. We're 713 Derek. We're hurt call and last 1816. Ricky seals Jones or. Stephen Anderson. Would permit or just about just advancement of seriousness and fantasy Sports Radio indefensible talking nicely. Baghdad. Stay tuned for the show LeBron showed you Lee and Steve start and then of course plenty of cheese coverage all throughout the day. It was bad guys are good luck in your fantasy playoffs now if you land the sought via its history. 610 and Sports Radio.