12/08 - Gary Pinkel

The Day Shift
Friday, December 8th

Former Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel join Lake & Bink in-studio. 


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You know I could touch the. Well respected dates. Your assistant Sports Radio 64 flights out whenever we have a lot audience of fun atlas. That means that we have a special thing going and it means that we special guests. With us here in the series. And that deals. Well. Last completed courses for workers local number in life provider by Iran to run the like like to figure but he. Wells. Always good stuff that they were governors there to a schedule to give it up for their pickle at all. Ha ha ha I on the I was concerned about deaths are at like overlooked or appeal Melissa's. Tax. It would direct school it was I'll go to you don't. I do a great exit that excite as a Saint Louis last night at marginal there. To do now wife and I am there's great turnout in the greatness and people. And this we just been bounced right back late last night got up early and headed here in got a couple. Book science and I remarked we talk. At Barnes & Noble rose to 7 o'clock and lanes people of their also in the NC work in the east. Rally out in its moral set clocks those books earnings 7 o'clock tonight so roasted or noble. In the rally how's that tomorrow the book coach. What inspired astute. The article all coached duke is. Well. I didn't have any tensions if people know me my friends do I didn't wake up 1 morning miss USA. I write my book today united doing things it does nothing kinda. As France asked you about that or some people ask me about that might just. You know I sit now it's oh touches on all sides of publishing companies called. And some authors called and then it got serious. And then awesome Cameron autobiography Souza. It's Eckstein gave mattered exceptional job loses its sales post dispatch. And did an outstanding job known for many many years and a we've we've worked together on. Exe literature for the book by the way it did mention that but often that's ever were asking that you went in other people do with coaches after three years you were sitting reflect. Poppy let the military mentality. On the Cincinnati it's BC was were a little piece it back reflects on what he's done all alone when he finally done. The chip herself reflect during the years buckle in the SEC title game answer. What you're doing here that all come together once you. Never ever that looked back really never reflected that never know when we never watched a game on TV news it would winnable game. Cotton Bowl you know 2013. And you know week later just throw you a copy of the look at I've never seen the TV cut of any target I think I might do it now. But that's one of the things about this so we have ago would reflect a lot of things that that happened in my life and and certainly of the seasons in the football department personal things and no I I think it's football coaches you always look forward in Iowa was worried about. You know you deal with it and you move on in. I think that's a discount well was mutual fault but that's you are which are. And Assam that you enjoyed this process and doing and put this book together because you sound like when he taught us a couple times this year that you look at it may be doing this again. Beyond that but right now it looks more media there's this one more about. You know the formula nose for our own built in the organization. So that I'm I'm I'm. Think about that little bit to this is interesting too though because what David did is we got together we organized in November last year. We organized exactly the chapters were doing partner Odyssey on unit to him because he knows what he's doing. That we organize each one that we would do each chapter to certain degree and then we started meeting and he will he come in my house. You know get a cup of coffee sit down and he had this at the a chapter one in you don't or were let's say it was. When it first in the zoo here chapter seven or eight not walked in here that if for example number one day he came in yet foresee my first four years here 123. Four in time and and he lays it in from enemy okay I guess I don't practice at all. And he had all the seasons and what does what to win loss record was and and the scores the game all the stats and everything it's I'm looking at this. And time again and in city to tape record on this how we did everything. And so on look at that as an I'm gone. As Lucy. Lucy. When mean losing. And it just like honestly just like hit me like you know you I. You kind of forgot you know going through wall that you know that was at the rule port partner program prisoner. You know we're we're changing people get people on teen mom you know. Teach and not be good teammate and good leaders and at that process and to me diseases seventeen years just took us a lot longer do it but. It overwhelming able I mean I decide I'm Africa it was it was so bad and they got Mike all of our might not be here so. These are recently in the coaching. And these experiences that hit that many of the things that calling yeah yeah out on what I was in high school degree high school coach got it to four. And you know he just ideas I like football was you know pretty decent and it. And I just really liked him like always been you know like the people team type things and now with the collagen and Donn Janes commissioner and he turned the program. Round score coasted sensing there which it report for my senior year we did. And colleges sensing never after me for shoes 1970 Don James comes right after that as the worst time you comment it it to Kent State University. And knicks say it was on that team Jackman was on that team let's go to other guys and we won its first championship ever. And I got you know just watching coast games in new we have seen an accident but talk about it talked about this before where both Lincoln and get in an account coach. In distant and the thought was this that they're they're they're not a need to coach football. And are you kidding me with that life cannot get better than that needs for some of the loved so much. And so that's just how it got started talked coaches in the nick was actually owners in the car business data goes James. Sat down Nick Saban said I think you should do this try this and it calls dad. It says that you know you could machines that should try to dance if you go ahead try it. Well the rest is history so it's kind of fun and we we look back at this you know and you know he's not talking yesterday he's he's you know will monopolize great football coach error. And mr. college football and let the successes that you know that we both adding coaching. And certainly Don changes have been part that's really the reason why too great high school coach partridge at that time coaches were make it about what school teachers are making I think made tool that last. So you do anything about it nobody got in it for the money is Demi was in no way it had anything new money obviously now it's gone crazy because you know there's. All kinds of money all of us if you didn't political team what do you think you would have done but it won't be a pilot you know. It charts when it happens people get them in serving Erica thanks so. That probably that there you know I is and graduate school it was for administrative administration so in Omniture. It's like on Iran but to a console I love there are fortunate to be around good people. Natural in the book you talk a lot about that but what good people that I've been around Egypt. They're like. Yeah I've had some friends wanna teach for a couple rabbit dies. I did tool so. Us across are my motorcycle for its right hardly help after a lot of yeah I'd I those are things about except for the Harley a stereo so it is failing you know so it. I get a grand kids and known to set kiss my wife missy Stewart counties. She's in grad and she is she's also the publisher and owner Mexico or profile so you can do you know round statement that initiates. But those are so. You know keep busy in that a lot of good people differently in different variables when the Missouri job opened how bad did you want that. Will you be honest with ya you know price prior that you and I talked to Washington. And some other things it's and identity if that job coaching James left and and so and it's on to Toledo things are going pretty good force there and the tenth year we beat Penn State at Penn State okay that's you know that was that's kind of got you know accurate Nicole's name out there nationally. Hand and so. You know that was that was who is a time when one errors state called Maryland called. Mystery call a couple others did. And that's what is certain some interviewing. And it was really. I had a bit totally not take jobs talk about the book and Everett told what we don't. And I eighteen starts coming back we and one football team Toledo eighteen starts. To change it set laughed. Which Tommy it's a great job the point was was. Everybody always set our business for years here like him answering win you know what division one schools states that's Kansas City population base all that. But then you look at you know the win loss Jerker last nineteen years it is. It just reflect what the possibilities were. On and so I'd I'd try to keep Wal-Mart you know we're wide eyes in you know Woodson. In make sure that I urge to receive and and Michael Bryant I met him before. And I just really I told him for a took this job let's that I got I wanna eat you. Because if this is not going to be easy that's the record of actually is more difficult for us. In Austin on Monday Tuesday enough for me when there's not going to be an electronic mail and it will stand around. You're gonna be on stand up and and and and that did happen and it happened in your own in the end too and I never felt like that worry about losing my job. I should focused on doing my job. But I also knew that I had Michael with me that he was understand enough for our program. That you know yet a lot of trust myself that he saw internally. The structure in the and and in the process in our program. In every area. You know economically. And you know. All different areas for our football program that you know every day we tried to make our players that better that's what we did it in the in the ate there a date in the process or program. It became better people lost so. Along paean you good good footballers at the hill he built the people. To help get a forgery at the retired. I ones are due to. Echo longer. Wearing yellow first of all I they're ninety untouchable pharma mine is one of those obviously it and I'm I go back every six months that never leave my system. Your mission right now which is good enough over fortunate now. And so. You know you know eventually try to come back and yet you treat Kerry treatment and it. When I got this it was technician that decides by researcher doctor. Report this. And I I was a big deal beginning you know we've nose that was my wife and I was just gonna we're gonna deal with that move on and go on. It's just funny it just I just started to look at I just try to figure by five years from now. I didn't want to be disappointed that stayed in the business. Okay. In this is one of the reasons that state in the business when it could've. Used my time better of my family for his grandkids wails I didn't want her rep for years now that. That I worked until. I got that. Sick again treatment. But for me. You know it was it was it was also I want to read up a lot about it he stressed in my life that much Keon one stressful jobs in the in in the in the world. And and I thought about and that I thought about that also for this year for health reasons. Also going to nail you see all these hundreds and hundreds of people getting treatment and remarkable. Facility up there. Bomb used now look at yourself Venus in order I spent the rest your life and a so that all those things kind of came a point or write you know on just I just got practice I do here. And you know. I have I was gonna do for money than ever got and for money. Left you know 29 dollars table that that it parsley had nothing to do with eyes and do it I was always done I've tried to the right thing. The right thing to end it for me was you know to move on and you know in keys somewhere else. It would continue the conversation a coach Gary Nicol here on the other side of the Marshall grateful one to think somewhat Datsyuk on the other side is. If you steal happy it's up to told us we'll continue our conversation here clinical next. And he and he continued into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah. The and I. IPad game Jason played Spain it was out here six or Sports Radio six to support such outlets that's a guess. Go to your vehicle here joining us live here at station gets its. Yours he's coaching not have that book. Under your journey like coaching. Win. The matter who writes from areas and lows. And also. They G network will you do in the land provided by Roger round it is fun goats and count sighting tonight Barnes and nobles rose 7 o'clock. And tomorrow rally often in at 7 o'clock coach will that there thing. A terrible job. And at what it's like ideal to be assigned book you give somebody that you get a little less terrible right they figured out. A little bit it actually purpose his coach that he seemed certain elect talked last year. We estimate came to came extreme right in the third game at giving it. That's down coats it hurt him that which fighter cores there on the field that close yet never did and. You know people ask you about it in the just honest with that it came out there and is in some of the guys that you know forces trained that we're in all of us stuff our. For a game took their hands and say here. I hear that you do a great job. I actually hear any candidates but that's just the focus you know I pretty jobs you know that's not my in my demeanor on the sideline which it was gonna choose what they would be. Unique feature leader the which Juan and you know it teach their own but for me. You know I was I was told our players in August we always communicated as for players. In our in our in our gain game day preparation what's gonna happen and how we prepare for. That I Ahmed headset on and I am I'm all business I'll love you. And hug you after the game. I'll do all those things but I am I am when all's good things I might be going to hell out there and looked at me in earnings okay notes to look at me. Chill out chill out and let's move on let's go win this football game and I also told her I was a listen earth wind and fire you know it might with my headset on and people. You know they are you know they they wonder what the heck you're doing so. Anyway. At as a laser focus focus I'm with the tour and flash and I jumps out when I heard they're. Please river well when you score touchdowns in all of sudden you know where to go for one of them go for too. Detects appointee not do you count eleven right here right or right government had the headset. To kick off guy we're gonna kick the ball we've got we have a slight wind companies here square who can cannot find a go at the defense would read from your guy UH which you do while all of the stuff going on. Well coach we looked at this as services are planned this series here. So you know it was it was things we discussed on third to a picnic on Thursday checklist where we Bonnie answer anything that happened in the team. We answer how to handle what do that was the organization work that's why I've always felt so prepared game day. Because of that in the end the day you know legal for fake punt we didn't do it 'cause dispute it's Astride now seem works. You know that's been all calculated the best field possession best on the game. With the score would be or use it or not and whether plugin and a and those are all things you know like to do so there there was a reason my reason for. My focus I guess that's that's in the of people asked what I miss the most about coach and I really menace. Game day and it's output headset on because I was gone for four hours I was yeah I was actually gone and in and I also really miss my players and I'm rudeness the room help help my players I'll wondered about that. Because would you would you. Lately you know we've seen in the last week harm airports and he's going to hear about that eight out of it after that yet coach since 2008 will be gone back and every time there's a vacancy. You always hear the name John group is gonna go back and told solace wondering about how much he missed. Misty and yeah I you know can throw it you know I'm trying to make a difference every day with my players. OK I mean I talk but when Monday at practice when they're doing something else. But the whole idea make a difference every day is is the discipline you have a program accountability responsibility that we treat people. All those things as how we did think it was much more than win football games so. I try to touch my players I saw them graduated rather be Arctic Whitney that are tuxedos on which we it was gone you know I remember that walked in eighteen years old and I seen the 22 point three either completely different people. And so it was a lot more than just winning games obviously it would need to do it but we. We did the things right and I like great people around me. To do that but I really no desire to get back into. Coaching at all on and I. It I was hit Coste went five years average surprise about six and a half. You know that is this is profession doesn't do you know doesn't hold on people too long I never been a coach's retirement party in my life. Never. You know I can. They're they're they're they're simply to do the math on that one out in the math analysis. With to Twitter can be up next Twitter which I mess up on time anyway so my waste is and that that. Anyway I'm I'm I'm I'm really I got a great round I've loved it loved it did over the last and a I was on route one great people of the great things too is I was so Washington within built on changes statue and this fall right it was Toledo in the work out Toledo. Or Massoud games all I saw guys washing my hands he went five years. And 25 your players and a coach there's anti Toledo for 151820 years in here those relationships are Austin. There's a bond you got Uga players come up union thinking yeah. For beer and it's just that and that's that that's a great carry over of being coached the rest your life. That's that's what you tonight you get as a bonus you think about those over. By the way mile unless it's on the slaughters. Well my wife my wife told me Gary. Sense you quit coaching. You ramble on and on and I saw it she's back they're not right now. And I have some fresh on that Tucson McCourt rambling your cash and I just I get that I have nobody listening anymore so I got audio satellite and the staff and I. Our staff me in our team's been. Everything organized that for Thanksgiving Christmas goes into effect over that you play in. To a team play coach OBI everything he realized I on none all right well I I'm very organized person so I had please plant fugitive from January 1. It's who have bowl game if we went one gentleman we did do you know when I'm last eleven years. I had every day planned for the entire year I mean every day plan. And that we always reevaluate their plants you know we'll always have sat back and this what we do this with constantly evaluated. For everything Nike calls meticulous evaluation and that's kind of what we do to. Great stuff like your people's give it up. Again I thought. What are your journey elected coaching battle to win by the way books. Your sign expert party. It's here plus extra books. Valued his match went on to say that with these you hear you got these for these desperate and yet you get these hand I'm an I can personalize it too so I signed it but if you want say you know your mom. I love you Tom. Somebody I I had I had someone a they want when I look you game. Yeah. I. They got. Are the noble the night rose 7 o'clock tomorrow rally outs. And the clock. So if you meet coach and signs that. Could be yeah. You have Gucci. If there thank you all saw very nice to be here thank you very much. Thanks so much. Deficit that's exactly but it could have been on the date. He. And.