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The Drive
Friday, December 8th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, CDot throws up a toss-up on Chiefs fandom, and they end the show with "ask us anything."


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The dry presented but I don't say. I told highs this idea earlier today and he said why would you wanna tell somebody to not be something that they loved the sometime that they can't protect people from themselves I come on espn.com and reading a story about rock PL palm 53 year old last played in 2005. Raphael Palmeiro he's trying to come back in play baseball. And baseball like they're trying to play real Major League. Baseball did Dylan there's a lot of old people they need to get this message is this guy you tell me about elder woods. Turning it finished up in Asia three rounds in the sixties I think that you're pretty anyone know. I lost snoop dog its new line. You're calling itself and now into the boot record new music if you wanna be like a modern Iraq's largest gold mortgages in June murder was the case that they gave me that the strategy thing. Classic when your final day but I know. And it's dogs did we start so I know people at a time when it's time to be. And I gotta be the person to deliver that message amateurs that bronchial America no yeah. So yeah. Thanks. That. 63 years old professional baseball is not for 53 year old to be Brooklyn Tom Watson was one shot away from winning the British Open and fifty. Same stuff that god for H. Guarantee Harrison. Ran Fannie and brighter red blood drive congratulations again. Congratulations on getting to get nine of five thank you so much listening as the drive. We care about us care about Stacy any Oscar tier box seats I'm sure you care about who thought about it we'll come out. Wednesday December 13 the good news lounge inside here is north casino at 610 sports radio and some fresh. Present to you the ultimate Christmas parties when he seventeen benefiting can't quality of greater Kansas City. Those that are on share charitable foundation is free. FR EE. Furry. He's personally receive one trying to get more chance to win over 7000 dollars in prize can also buy additional drawing tickets. They'll be available for sale with all the proves he's not some of the proceeds. All of the proceeds going to team equality. Hang out was in a Brinkley and the rest of the 610s portrait of staff. Doors will open at 6 o'clock in the party in the giveaways are at seventy to win great prizes for the following spots. Some fresh air as north casino a meaning gallery is Simmons bank standard beverage we also got tickets were given. Well now get some great ones you can you can weigh in before it. Tickets to every sixteen Saturday royals game it's K a Missouri Kentucky. Basketball game two tickets of that case decades it's a minute tickets are often charge meant Dixon's chili like that we got some of that Korea. About a hundred dollar gift card at twin peaks C got gonna get a dissect he's grill. This makes any other alls like the list is too long. To mention 500 dollars on fresh guard all sorts of great stuff and again all the stuff all this goes to help kids became quality. He's of the biggest stories of the day keep the city I've been waiting for that moment all my life we talk about them every day. I was certain heads massive game of massive and Haitians over an airline stadium this weekend chiefs raiders. Both teams of six and six with the AFC west division on the line earlier today after drive post over at our sister station 957 game in the Bay Area team and Bruce. Gave his prediction on who he's taking this weekend and it's got to be open right. I'd like he I think they're better team with a better coach. Having the better season even though it then really article was better seasons the last part we sold in city. I think they're good enough to carry today aero it's going to be ugly. 173. The Damon Bruce on an Oakland is taking the Kansas City Chiefs to finally bounced back and this and get off the snide and and the losing streak what say you. Let me savage fans around this little. I'm gonna base it on the availability of one player. If the Marc Cooper plays in this game on Sunday. I'm thinking oh. If a Mark Cooper does not play on Sunday I'll pick the chiefs because I think that bounces out not having mark is Peter's. I markets Peters is that important to the scene but they're gonna take away their number two option and it's going to be basically acting speaker does not Michael Crabtree. She's can figure out what is now Michael Crabtree even with Al markets Peter. I don't know if they had an answer to slow down and shut down both of them a market for practice today for the first time since November 26 was going to be that simple. What's that decision at game time it if Marc Cooper try to give it to go on ticket Oakland now that she's too slow down both if he doesn't give it ago I think she's when does. Uncle and straight gut feeling here I'm taken achieves in this game. Which makes absolutely no sense the fact that most people don't think that that she can beat the raiders. The way they're playing. And and not having markets Peters out there I guess it's a little bit when that feeling I mean the reason I say that is that. A lot of times and you know you're going to something years and years and years without your top guys you're going in with one hand tied behind your back you've been struggling. It tends to make guys refocus a little bit lucky in a little bit more than the normal I think that's exactly what's gonna happen. On Sunday there of in the markets Peters isn't there. I think they're gonna say okay let's go. You know now's the time I think they're forced to refocus. Rather than just saying we got to refocus and hit the reset button this week the forced him. They got note they had no other way to look at this game. You're six and six and a three way tie the division you're forced to sit down and say we got bill Peters we got our backs against the wall to this or nothing so I think the chiefs are going to be the race. Another close game I would say I can be high scoring two. I see I agree with Damon Bruce I think the first time is going to be sort of more reflection of that early game. And I think it'll actually deal and uglier game that we insisted and I think the defense is will actually show up well. Same man. I sing with these. Raiders and chiefs in a sense as we look ahead to this week and we also have to look at the context of the AFC west of the division that is. And losses that as far as his reputation is concerned what was once thought of as. It one of the tougher divisions in football now has three teams of the top six and six competing for a home playoff team. He had the Broncos holding a career losers of eight straight games until earlier today here on the drive longtime Bay Area columnist ray rattled them BC sports says. Well this division is a certified insane. Asylum or park. It's their way. I mean the raiders have been hilarious part or all year long. But it it cheats what you can't don't quote I mean the Broncos and it. Hilarious and the term concern that we're. So here I mean they're the people he can make that you picture that you've dealt what is pretty long ago. And yet here we are. You know that three game at this site with a knee he was gonna get the play. That's seems that's the. So are rattled believes it slightly made eighteen that ends of walking away with the AFC west division. Out anyone's gonna take to get it done. I think nine is probably going to be the number. I think the chargers goals in one down the stretch. That's the team I'll pick to win the division. Buying at this point you've got to trust your gut and you got to pick what you think the best unit lefties. I think that the chargers have the three players right now that are playing at the highest level in the division. Philip Rivers Ian Allen in on the defensive side Joey boasts that we'd we need to. Till or towards the Los Angeles starters I think they're the best team in the division. I think it's gonna take nine Wednesday night seven wins in division I think the cheese believe it or not is down as I am I think has the best chance to go. Three and one of the final four game to look at the chargers schedule they get ago. You can't. You can't just sit there excuse me their home it's the Redskins come here than they got to go on the road to the jets in the back home against the raiders. I'll seeded chargers winning three of those games in the Chase Field three lines finish 97. And I think it when the division for nine and seventy means what went. Three. And it's it was a little bit of baseball before getting back to sheets and arrests Friday here on the drive. What news today in the world basically the only angels the winners of the show Haney a tiny sweepstakes just a few hours south. San Diego Padres are keeping themselves busy meeting with current free agent impossible former royal air Posner Johnny came in over at today's knuckle balled and rec sports says the Padres maintain interest. An X royals' first baseman Eric Hosmer all throughout the winter and actually hosted in for a visit yesterday. Leading credence the ideas they would actually sign it. Air is always talked about the idea of going and winning so if he ended up signing with the San Diego Padres and that change your perspective on Eric Hosmer. Don't really change our respective Eric Hosmer like I think the reason he signed with Scott Boras out of high school was to try to get yourself the best free agent contract this possible. It I don't fault somebody from wanting to live in San Diego it's an absolutely beautiful are pressing it to any of a very beautiful place. I think that that big money market for air and I who has kind of diminished a little bit but I could see him signing aid. 125. Million dollar deal and the Padres appear to be like very desperate. When we wanna make a move we wanna make a big splash we wanna be taken seriously specially now that there's no charters there we wanna be the marquee tracks in the city. I think that kind of desperation may continue to do things that you normally would do I think the pot is going to be a very realistic play in up. I got on the plane to a decent Donna was to a I don't know what their pitch was. I assume their pitch was look at the weather and hey this how much money we can pay even makes you the center of our organization. You listen to what answer. You got to listen it's funny the Padres for the team the exact wrong team that I thought. Confident any interest in the team could probably pay a bunch of money that the same time has no chance of winning these other topic tomorrow. Got my attention to be honest with you because. The biggest reason. Not because those rock sound like an idiot for seasonally go to the pod race it's because Sam is a small market team and rebuilt. And I think it sounds awfully familiar to royals fan that's exactly with the royals are in right now and the royals are not necessarily this deep of a rebuild the San Diego so. It's that the Padres that shot years that it leads me to believe that the royals may have a shot as well if the number is attainable. My biggest concern at the same thing always. Now my old man was or to the gas company for years rent guest services at a really high in a homeless man that house beautiful. And he would tell me yeah there's nothing minute. There essentially house war. My fear if all does come back to Kansas City or did he goes to San Diego is it those teams become possible war. And I don't know of Oz once that and and nobody can tell me deposits not. At that winning is in a factor into where he sighed and he's he's too much of a winner and I think that adds value to him because he wants to win. It goes to San Diego I'd be surprised at a San Diego get a lot alike Kansas City game. I gobbled it distracted there for a little bit because of some breaking news. Donald Rosie is reporting that John Carlos stance it has now reject our eyes and use his no trade clause to reject the trade to the giants. So the cardinals out of the Stanton sweepstakes and now the giants are also out of the deal is going to be about other things Dodgers are boss not saying it's Allen of the play the Dodgers again like I. I have is full no trade clause. I'm not agreeing to go to these other teams that you want me to go to. Pay me the money you Omega that's come in regardless yo me what is that teen years 295. Million dollars left on it that would govern team I've played sports I'm happy to stay here in Miami. Black not a bad place to live now I. I wanna go play for the Dodgers so figure out away afford to work for the Dodgers that you have to take me as a mystery team that I can't think on top of my head. That is going to do these sweepstakes but if you reject the trades in the giants we agree. For first class Frontline organization saying things for the St. Louis Cardinals you are waiting for that doctors. Off actually there on in the Dodgers have a endless amount of money all right. They signed a 2.5 year eight point 35 billion. Dollar TV contract that they have as much money as they need to do that Jon Karl stand. If not him on go to the Dodgers Steele Michael of the giants not go to northern California. I'm sure is a lack of one of the midwest and plains the cardinals which by the way I think is rated at other states Lewis. But the Dodgers have all the money in the world they can make it work and if and Innophos Stanton. Yet the no trade clause for a reason. I'm either Miami or an in LA that's it. A play this for you guys because it is really stuck in my head all week like Torres. Never really speaks this passionately about the chiefs and he certainly was well what does not say. Not from here it's my job to report that team I don't get too high I don't get too low but is someone that is. That is paid to watch the team you could tell that. The cheers of this Torres off when there's no other way to put an easy way to put it this red cent on our station on our show earlier this week about what he's seen from the chiefs. Well didn't we I want to opal yeah. You know. It is not that light. Not replied probably can't look like I only. Want one. It be great. We're good. They're saying he can't do that though there is weakness prompted it. But bobbled the ball correctly that last week. Not the big picnic you want it hit the big packs. But will that make it in 99 program. Every week it while the dip. You know lack of it the way. Don't get it where they care what all they don't talk about all. Or reconnect it in the back. In every week it prompted that I'm not really built well. It. But wouldn't you wouldn't games haven't figured out. It will be like that we're now at one point this in every way it did which is why you play that way. You know if. The thing collapsed. There and. I don't wait they have to be able to me. He really gonna happen earnest money that you. You need to keep the team player or you can keep it can compete. You know I'll but it notes about what how what does that. But at the end of the year you've got fifty you know you look at that. Complete collapse. I think. You don't probably won't admit it won't do. Okay quite a problem with the guys who are old people probably didn't want to update me. Doubt that the law but what are the what and the why you gotta play better. You know but I didn't applaud the you know that we have now you know a lot of open but we like what. A lot of. Haven't that he would do strong ball here there's a whole other accountable for mistakes on the U fourth and then you'd better right. We'll figure or we'll figure who hate what hate it it. Hey you know. You didn't play the would you needed to communicate on the view that kind of I'm not trying to we're able. I'm Doug played a lot is a lot in the you are a lot of people get around awhile. Maybe you guys have seen this movie and a people attacks on the scenes movie called boys in the hood and at the very into the movie there's the scene with trade he's Ryan would dough boy in the car. And it's like this scene a Lombardo or this or ice cube doughboy. Are you with us are you not with us. And then try asked you let out the caller and ice cube kind of looks kind of questions are you sure Trace says it again he pulls over let's about a car. Doughboy goes on to go take care of his business that's where I met with the chiefs are you are you out. As the last five weeks I have done the mental gymnastics in my own head to kind of justify things governor this band though turned things around. And it is it is reality is that India is the defense like what is with this team that can't be this bad. You can't lose the giants after a bye we gonna lose amid a back home against possible. The figure things out. There's no way they can lose three games in a row I still believe there's a good team in there I've done that the last three weeks with this team. This last week I'm doing it with the chiefs I've finally reached the point. Either you make in the playoffs ports time for us to have the citywide conversation up went Patrick Holmes measured not playing for any thing. You've got two games in the division if you win these two games your goal of the playoffs in my opinion. You eliminate the possibility of the tiebreaker from the Oakland Raiders if you beat him this week and Marty beat the first time. You have the tiebreaker over San Diego or Los Angeles if you beat him in the next game. You got a two game playoff right now obviously got to beat the dolphins home Nazi got to take your biz that the indices and against the Denver Broncos. But your season now comes down to the next a 120 minutes of football. I don't care what you done in the past. I don't care about the good game against New England I don't care about the game against Philadelphia get up again against the giants the jets. You add the next two weeks improved your good football team in a playoff worthy team because I have been viewing and of eyewitness she's seen the entire season as a playoff team. Missed the first I'm not. I don't think that the best team has the vision anymore you gotta go out of the field and you got to prove it's him when you put as bad as you played you won your last five. And how Los Angeles looks over the last couple weeks there are better seen and you got a chance to earn it back on the field but you gotta tell me you're you're due out. It's also partly fine I'm wrapped all my attention to focus rog you playing pressure home that the only thing they care about between now the rest of the season. I think as they must win game like it would and it must salute I mean if they lose this game in the playoffs you lose the tiebreaker to a senior division anger under 500 in February are in December scares me. The dog I'm not talking about the playoff team anymore it's time to start the conversation up national Homs on Monday if they lose this game that's wanna. Are you good team are you a bad team argue in the playoffs series playoff contender are you just pretending a wasting our time that's where I'm at this week with the chiefs. Think you lose this game I don't think the route in and there's nothing that I've seen over the last few months that makes me think that they can do anything if they get the playoffs I don't like that can happen that's the part where on the on now on this team doing anything remarkably well in the playoffs and getting past the program. To meet that. But it loses in the is that of that you still finish nine and seven. I mean that's realistic at some point you got. Gotta start winning games were authentic and I got out because of all time debt doesn't matter the seed could still finish eleven or eleven at. We had nine games is gonna win the division they can still do that. As you lose the tiebreaker to Oakland and making eagle if you step six or seven Oakland 76. Can't win nine games that he went behind games you. It. Doesn't come with us I don't believe this team one bit RI I I do think they're gonna find a way to win this game this weekend battle I don't believe in this team. Being an ease any time of the contender. At all so with that I'm out like I'm out of the guys in the car tried yeah that's me on the trays out. Like a lot of talk about that she's gone I do think they can win this game though. It's. I think yes I'm saying is. This week I'm not gonna talk myself into this growling and around this and say mandates to still win nine games what. Lead you to believe fourteen that is lost seven of their last eight games and not gonna win three games in a row to. Logical like well like I say is we think that a any outside team in the NFL and about the seeds you got a chance now at the first week of December to eliminate everything that's happened before. It doesn't matter what you did against New England doesn't matter what you did against Philadelphia which gets shall lots and you got a chance to still rally make this season means dumping finished in six. Win a playoff game host a home playoff game when a playoff game. And still in this thing. Aren't they spoke a little bit but they ended up having a somewhat decency yeah pick out of this week and next week in my opening in if you lose this went. And a lock the chance next week it's don't you order off the tiebreaker to a team in your division. In the charter of that was better than you at this point. If they lose this game. This they must win game out of carried out Mark Peters I don't care you don't have Eric Berry got to find a way to win this game apple against a team in your division. Against a team that is just as mediocre team that is just up and down a team that is just as inconsistent as you'll. Listen I'm with you on that. I'm with a 100% there's nothing about always seen over the last two months this team played football. That would make you believe that they can win the division of the best team in the division I'm with the NFL's all of the crazies weirdest. Unexplainable things. That there is out. How dolphins' goal is to double digit underdog into Atlanta beat about and it happens we see it all the time I mean crazy really weird stuff happens the biggest question for the chiefs this. And in terms of of the player's standpoint you talk about. Everything else before Sunday doesn't matter. Can get that part of another bad. You know which. Fans have a scar tissue in the cheese get seven weeks of scar tissue out of the brain and get ready for this open game to me that's that's the thing. You know if they can forget how bad a bed and out inconsistent they've banned in Allen discipline they ban. Can they do that and it is it highlight delete all the crop it's gone on the last seven weeks and just. You know though that the trash bin in their team in the it in their brain and move on not to leave that's the thing in the coaches do. In the players to and it is that they have a legitimate shot that's a lot. Tougher to do than it is to say because I mean it's it's a really difficult thing to do because you could say they have had this relationship has been up and and terra. You know we've done bad things each other collegiate which is put that aside just move forward it's not that easy. I'm strategies can do that lectures team they can do that all the players can do that all the coaches at the ability to do that until a lot of these guys are metal studs and a short memory we talk about. You know that's one of the greatest things about quarterbacks you know in the league is that they have the ability forget. Tucci said the ability forget all the football they've played over the last too much to be able to go out there and win. Against Oakland on Sunday to me that's the key it's is its mettle as it is physical as. Spotted something you said earlier today about focus on line I struggled a thing that matters with this team while am done with Oakley shades that athletes like to throw out and we got to toss up question what's worse being a fair weather fan or bandwagon fan because. You fall in that category with the seeds I'll tell you how next on the drive you're forced to sit downs and we got no Peters the dry presented by don't think it's from the studios sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah and they don't focus. Over the last couple days actually yeah I need to refocus. That's why I'm struggling with the mustang that it's incorrect obviously got to focus in the game. I just spoke with a bully. And that this is the game that finally gets them to focus thing about feel like we've had that taken that opinion like six times this season. Going into the Pittsburgh Steelers game. She's received an undefeated of the chance to of danger or posting a loss against the team you knew you were gonna have to see you later on in the post season. A team that clearly is going to be there at the changes based on the track record based on the count organization in the odd coach they have the quarterback behind in talent that there. We all knew that was a very important game for the chiefs the last. You would assume you're focused in that game they lost a big deal no shame losing to Pittsburgh Steelers. They even had a bye week. After the bye week they were playing the New York Giants won't agree that football team. Scored nine points against Gina who you would think that's the game that you look at the mere assay may admit there is gonna be about war. Refocus let's get back to basically let's get back complaint she's football let's turn things around. Even worse they were coming back home. I think arrowhead. Error litmus equal but some displays as the play loud stadium in the NFL you lost the bills and we got. The New York Jets. And seven. Just like now Hewitt being out. Six and five. We're losers get back at 500. Look at the rest of vision they got ESP NFL network they know what's happening in the ads he was lost. I got tired of these back against the wall and now he's chip on our shoulder media doesn't believe in us off by C from the chiefs. But improve that on the field proven that are on the feels that the game against the patriots. The picture that being with fueled by the nobody believes that it lets go on show in a fog could be on its marquee stage. I've done that a long time I talk about those games like they just happened back in late October. Yeah game was in September. As a long time since the actors are running out of cliches for the chiefs. Gotta do Woodard don't. It on the field it's December. Listen to focus. Back against the wall must win attitude on like I was up blocker executing on their winning game one of the devers in what way. I'm saying in not just saying yea gotta be falcons go out there be focused in the US now and say. I'm saying. Saying you're gonna refocus or hit the reset button for vs being forced to refocus say it again. I think the chiefs this week with the markets Peter suspension or forced to refocus their basically going in this game. With out their best defender. Don't have a choice. Of one arm tied behind your back and out but he tell you is is telling ya know shot. That's usually. When guys and teams. Tend to Barca. Now there is no more well at least they got a one game lead in the division well there's still in first place well the raiders are terrible outlook. The chargers now not anymore not only that it's a three way tie in the AFC west and the chiefs are going into this game. With a month to go in the season with out the best defender being forced to refocus is something completely different I'll tell you story. Sixteen years old Gary Player available Portugal. Was the best player deposited. The week before that. I'm open to baggage fees. In my dad's house with a with a really shark steak knife I cut the hell out of my index finger still have a huge scar so which is completely mangled whatever. A week later. Shortly before the turn I slam other index finger. In my deplores and closing my caller so I've got both vendors heavily damaged and I got to go play golf in a term. I shoot seventy and win. It makes no sense but I was forced. I was forced to lock in because like it barely grip the golf club I was forced to do things a different way. I was forced to block out certain things I had to adjust the way I did things to be able to be successful. And I think that's what the chiefs are situation chiefs are now that would just man. There are forced to adjust because they don't have mark is beaters but he got Stephen Nelson Darrelle Revis whose policy 89 is that he says is yeah old older salary is one yet 91 Stephen Nelson on the other side. As an Erick where he's out of this thing I mean they're undermanned. And they've lost six of their last seven choice here. I guess what I'm asking news Lama saying that your right or wrong obviously I don't know the game is on Sunday we'll see what happens. I'm asking oh why didn't this kind of refocus happening when the division I don't have the was clearly slipping away. Maybe they just don't have haven't they don't have I'm saying is that really what it took to get you over the hump. That's what it's a look at dictate the embarrassment of losing to the giants didn't take. At a riding your game when you had a home game against the Buffalo Bills it didn't take playing the jets. And seeing Josh McCown flame you up and down the field to take any of those things refocus. Our markets beaters going up. Into the standard walking off in the coach suspending it from the game may get Stephen Nelson. Attention it took all of those things didn't take a mark burning of for 200 yards and didn't go god you. It's going to take this big guys the blade of. College or average age yep or they were coming up right you don't it's do. So what it's like violent screw honest Atlantic and right and four other people like you don't want. I got two weeks ago to chip away at this thing and I'm and I'm gonna do everything that he did you ever do on Sunday for the chiefs are the procrastinating is over. And hopefully it works may not we talk all the time about. You know what motivates athletes in and for some guys it's money other guys its location other guys like him alive once a little Boston can be anything. I really don't know what motivates these two this chiefs team because you're right. We want. Everybody on the planet was saying that they had no chance it's a patriots they came out and knocked him around and beat her ass. And else came out what they find here a passion and an intensity I don't see that we have seen using game yeah maybe that was diamond point. This team to beat the Eagles yeah does it it hasn't happened in almost seven week so let me saw the mystery to me to. You know I don't understand this team it's a bizarre world. Season that the chiefs are having right now all I'm saying is the term papers due tomorrow. You're being forced to refocus your being forced to get your work done if you wanna compete and if you wanna win but it's down to this it's this game on Sunday. Three teams tied at 66 with a month to go in the season. Either to the paper and get it there you'll fly. What are you gonna do and maybe is the Peters thing it forces them to refocus in the situation. I don't say for some teams and some guys that stuff works. This chiefs team. I don't know what ports as Michael was a shock to you guys but zone. Bill Self has no data on Billy Preston what it is that breaking news and I'm you know I just I saw I saw from Jesse knew that the Kansas City Star Bill Self has no they don't Billy Preston. Show it like to know in the air you know. Twelve best high school player in the country's gonna join teams specially organized budget fourteen at the plate clay young in the first half of the game and doesn't directly underneath the walk about the guy that's us and keep it right is that he's is there tight end. Yeah yeah outside and play in basketball should be I you know you just would think. Due to debt you just like to know and Billy Preston's coming back president on the the president three weeks aren't what are better prepared statement. You know I was right there and it was just a business update Avant update we have an update we'll ask do you. We'll see what happens this saga continues. With one Billy Preston I wanna ask you guys this question because. I was in don't have the answer adamant means actually take him at audiences. I thought we today. It was the best on the morning talk about it. The gentleman named Tony Godfrey weeded into our radio station input I've already made other plans for Sunday afternoon. We won't be watching. And in addition account to get out and put on their other she stands out there like Tony. If you go down there is dozens of people that are in the exact same predicament as my gentlemen. I'm not watching that she's gave this week I don't care about a month already made other planes they've frustrated me to know me and I'm done watching. What's worse. Being a fair weather fan. Aura bandwagon fame because ally would be a bandwagon feign interest. I would say a lot of people or fans of Kobe Bryant like that a lot of fans like that LeBron. We care about LeBron. I don't care what team he's known they can be on the knicks need to be on the nets could be on Cleveland. You know whatever team he's been we also know. The other fan that's always the fate of the best team in the league. There are patriots fail it's cool to be a patriots fan but then something happens then there is he talks Spain. Then there cowboys fan or Pakistan like the god that is had nine different favorite teams what is it like that you problem the team that's not. The tee and that's the popular team in the NFL. That's fun. Also another fairway the pain and all she's bright she's stands right now coming off as very fair weather. When they are five and all people or when it's Super Bowl parade talk about this team in the best team in the NFL. Now weeks later you are Watson and doing yard. You're raking leaves you clean the gutters on Sundays or did she get. I can't even imagine yet the real life happens and everybody could sit there from a TV and watch sixteen straight sheets can't. Let these people just have no interest in the game plan and rather do anything else in the world of the last geez that's sounds very fair weathered me at all. To Miller Tony lives and I'd like to drive by his house and he did is went on TV that much. To say they're mad. Slightly mad. And that stumped him out about to come up with new stuff to be mad about you saying you don't mind I'd lie at all. And two putted from the course I don't buy. Launch the game. That's certainly all of twelve browns here and it's the six and 61 place Kansas City Chiefs Brett has been some bad football. Address that logic and the logical got to put a damper on first day yeah perfectly so. Log in first is baseball. And again and again like personalities and bad years as the royals. Lot of mystic. Right so I understand that. And in the arson seasons in baseball when the royals lose games but I checked out for periods of time. But with a change units in first place man is Cleveland. The giants beat the Broncos right now. Held a lot better than those teams it is buying these fans MarketWatch. I do believe that there are fans that are on different years right now. I believe that that fanned. You know this team was. I don't know let's say there are 93 right now. Scrape up that 65 bucks to park in the hundred bucks with a beer. And take twelve hours out of my day on Sunday and risk being hung over work on Monday to go to that game got fans go on that fans like not on I'm watching at home. That's fans watching bags that fans watching at home enemy and that means sitting out cold to watch if you're not yet ready like that's still wants on television yet I just maybe it's different because of ally watch sports. Because I'm at and are you listening to this Asia right now but the chiefs to their favorite. But the like the that's not their favorite team that liked it not their favorite team. Like resume case they ever team but the chiefs and their favorite they live for those 16 AM weeks. Those eight home games they wanna go around tailgate recruit their friends and have a guitar. It's being held people in that circle could ever turn on the chiefs and others in the casual thing. And the casual fans we also welcome pop up when the rules were there. The fans that had never really kept up a baseball below what it was doing for this eighties and over. Asher. They went down a rally house and bought. Bonds bird. And it became fans seem like I'm not faulting anybody for how you watch sports. Not everybody wants breaking bad season one to indulge it started like season Corey and back lots and like to show no circumstance the same time not faulting anybody. I just don't understand if you are legit she's me if you could seize rebel pride and when you go out of town and you got two teams that he needs sheets that. I don't understand how you can be in front of the TV watch in this. I would I don't. The zoo it's gotten a must win game I'm not lots. And I see the movie avatar to the people that have followed me on this that'll tell you call that the dragon look at things they fly around on but everyone of the avatar alien people. You know they got like their hair they plug it into the thing that's on the dragon and the bonded for life. Right and then that dragon won't let another guy ride it in and that alien avatar persons not gonna write any other dragged did you bother flats we are you team I think. I think you get one chances which I can get a chance to switch at the moment you've got to transition from like being a teenager to an adult you pick your team. I would imagine there are a lot of seeds dyed their dad was account which Spain so they grew up cowboys mean yeah. But as you get older you like it seemed for a different reason maybe it yet favor players the body lighting out like that becomes your team. I do get one chance to change teams in your entire life. You decide that you're team. Well Isaiah you gotta make Shuler to blot out. That nobody ever question your phantom yes your entire life it's a blood oath it's a bond again. That's more important relationship that you could possibly have that sort teammates or for ever team eulogize you year break in leaps and doing these things but she's not saying. Friends on FaceBook like like I'm able to countries like I've you know different is it's it's more girls than anything like girls like dolby. Men. They're cubs fan easy on FaceBook and cubs cute cubs go to the World Series within their little sudden it moved to Cincinnati. It's your ideal bagels shut up I can't handle should. It's more female thing than a guy I think truthfully other dudes are pretty loyal to their team put a lot of girls especially socially. Your friends on FaceBook into an NC OK when they lived in a live in Seattle mental Seahawks do twelve man yeah. And then also got to move down. Is his days as a female thing I know a lot of dirt and a lot of Golden State Warriors beat me handle anybody is now Golden State lawyers spam and similar Baron Davis is on the scene. Watson when they had remarkably Chris Mullin and not die hard Golden State everybody knows guys are trying to. And all of a sudden loves Oklahoma City. Back allies try to. The sixers fan right Akzo don't have an NBA team untried they used to like back in the day announced Q doctor Jayne jump on a counter. How does that just try to chatted with yeah. He's like Indy to say hey I like that you don't like him be like Michael I. I like Darrell bought I B a did all of this sure makes Bobby Jones all the guys there which is definitely Eric Snow years yeah. Yeah yeah. You just like a man. Well they try and Fulham of the NBA team that relies on foresee little. But the sixers lecturer at Franklin on it that's why yeah. Like Richard may be an NBA guy that's not paying an album try to get more into these it is really get launch does not to excellence or doubles every singly BA fans have been I. I know me and in the yeah that's what the bronze alone now. Cyclical and only got the bronze on the team if LeBron lakers next lakers. Know island that. Team gives it yeah. You can spin those kids about not an audit of all sacramental not doing that I'm gonna die hard look like India and. Prices doubled stand. Price made that decision of the child I'm just hearing for the bulls for the rest in my life iso Chicago so right now what it would need go lean he. Vote bombs they all combined to bad players and one that's what it does even planned as well. I got three wins there is bullied easy. Is he started to create a player using eagle Mirotic and Marco Belinelli you discredit and more guys bought some. Yeah I was married to that you're watching the news got Bobby artists like Bob report he's got punched you he was not based on a punch through that legal ports that pots and Nikko Mirotic was punched about Ali's great example me that. No kind of conversation that after you punch being broke my face like I don't really know that's the situation that's we're really talking months. And having issues anymore after that put on the gets I don't really desired there communicate with you anymore like our our relationship with fractured. At that point text and sex like 69306. To answer questions and we Indy show is a Friday with ask us anything on the drive. The dry presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Yes. Even in he's going to go to museums you can have sex with men you're sure. Okay. That's a very good question. Who that you. And. Act and on the drive. A week and loves sports right here alone six in Sports Radio. Tomorrow. Catch up with K state is they've played Tulsa and a little. Non conference its. And on Sunday. Lose in the fancy football playoff spot listening so called somebody gives in my eyes every day on the show that it's always bearable and he's not really that litigating it buys men's chartered. So we have to tell you to listen to it. So that's axle and weeded her tax that in that they that once money listening to fantasy guys that eyes that they were aligned and pay real quick the a lot of efforts and just I have something that. Hey guys Gaza's and on the east there. To hear what appeared terribly you're in last place and it's not just finished there eighth place at a fourteen as well as I the last kind of free plus. And in top story I'm just dreadful for the week Scioscia mean now I'm not good I'm not a good PC I've no chance of winning leader ratio of of Boston booms of snow and I could not argue that well I'm I'm that comes to you you're listening you you have your system. It is not it is not working for immunity is some talk about this stuff just doesn't work you know yeah you played brain cooks it thing. He is Brees number one liners seem. Goes off you know it is that's kind of its. That's just been Volcker for those of you that one trying to batter. Try and win some money and you have the playoffs on the line tonight urging guys to join us Sunday morning 9 o'clock for samples Venice but also and at present about bubble. Sex line 69306. Would you rather sit through a bad movie or horrible game great question. I'll take the terrible game there's nothing worse to me to watch a bad yeah certainly it off in the first fifteen minutes I mean it's terrible game means. I've watched Missouri basketball the last couple seasons out of tiny that there may not. And worse than like it's about go to the theater and sit in of that movie like that to me is the wars site it's now it's on Netflix like click I'm on something else but if you believe they'll that you. To go to a movie and it sucks like you're stuck like you're. It's terrible they're really good that many times that I sat in the movie theater and I was like this movies absolutely awful the last letter that's when I fell asleep. That move out of the resolute very fitting into like as a little slow for me to let the other ones we have to be okay like the other person you were terrific. About those with like a perfect way to end it was a little bit too long I've really enjoyed this. It's a bloody cycle second best bounce out of all of who is most interesting athlete that she met or interviewed. Mean what's a really good. The most interesting. It was interesting exchange ever had. And it's meant the cowboys we're trading in Wichita Falls, Texas and I came. And went down there from Wichita Kansas who historian Leo let went to Emporia State a sportscaster which Tom. It's not like and it's not gonna go there I said. As it and it was this like being your tenth. Training camp you know how how does your body feel in relation to this training camp visited the person he has. It's eight in your face ten times you tell me now feels that at times. I see no thanks Emma that was the most interesting interaction. Sex on 693060. Doubt we're the only ones celebrating in Sprint's that are on Wednesday I wasn't Sullivan breeding. I was happy that it lost my gonna make it seem like I left disappointed I mean it was a good day I mean I went eight for three. I'd at this each page news I got seat I was trying to count that was leaving the stadium this that was the fifth time I've been to a team lost. I'm still waiting to go to one when they lose and Alan you know and that's the unicorn game that's a tough that's U it's hard to. You lose the big games there. In the big games I'm not getting the money for the ticket like I hope I can gold one. Big Monday and they it is like drop one Oklahoma and I'll probably go this year and if Oklahoma tab treatment. Nutrition drink cuts and ultimately I think close to that portion Alan I would definitely so bad dream car. Ice cream car which you drinker. This is sad. It around the really they had raised a family we get here now is well equities on 350s the what's. A little spice. Of all the callers in the war world. George dream car I give us your restaurant Nivins you're driving really nice cars. It's a little talk about another direction of the yeah yeah yeah hi guys I got an air of fall and upon move my niece. Suspect Savvis are really nice to be huge especially noted is it's a Camaro from militia rebuke we got to go out of did Anderson doesn't run presented by teams from the electorate into studio sixty and Sports Radio.