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The Drive
Thursday, December 7th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, get back to their conversation on how the Peters situation has hidden poor play from Justin Houston the last several weeks, and end the show with CDot pleading for Rafael Palmeiro to go away and not make a baseball comeback at 50+ years old.


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Good drives presented by don't say decent I have a million dollar write to you two of them I'll give you my first one. I lost well yesterday the usual. Guys that supports that I was alone all the time. We have those key cards and Ahmed and many of you your job you have something in your wallet that this put it up to the door locks the door they should make something like that you can put in your wallet. And whenever you are in the situation that I reputedly easy to find myself and you cannot find your wallet too usually get to pick up your phone there should be. And that's why I find whatever you wanna call the vote if you lose your phone in your. Then based on GPS. I should be able to determine where my wallet is wallet behind nine million dollar idea I. Another million dollar idea having. Ever DDR Asia or someone I had. DVR to show and you wanted to watch that you should be able to you have the same cable provider is somebody else. You should be able to digital he Chileans are the show for your DVR. Do the other person's DVR trains. DTL. Another million dollar idea. I'd be here it. Jason and opening my you feel about my two million dollar ideas. Well that interest thing that drives both Cooper right now might have to do with the you're won't bite your idea and that's already very flat. And bought a portrait that first the good. Guarantee Harrison brand. No look great ideas there. And the drive. Tex lines responding to be open and like. This is new information. About all the stuff about yes. I need to maybe invest in this product you guys call. I never heard of it until yesterday I get I get an idea won't cost anything and it's a memory for your wallet. Fair enough. Now point. Congratulations on hand to not have five thank you so much the listening thank you so much for being a part of the drive. On showed today check out the pod cast make six and sports dot com. Also unavailable. And I'd sue. We got a lot of fun stuff on the station played today tomorrow Terry Nichols gonna be in studio with young age yet. That should be a lot of fun and also coming up next week. Yeah an opportunity to come to our ultimate Christmas party it is Wednesday December 13 at voodoo lounge inside here is north casino. It benefits can't quality of greater Kansas City that the lunch here charitable foundation is boring. Each person will receive one trying to get more chance to win over 7000. Dollars in prizes for the additional dry tickets available on sale. All the proceeds go to Q equality hang out with San abate in the rest of the six cents or radio staff. Doors open of the six party giveaway started seventh win great prizes for the following sponsor. Some French I mean his gallery here there's north casino. Simmons bank standard beverage and much much more I just awesome premium case you tickets in the air assault some autograph she's football. It is free we're asking you get a chance to come hang out for free and also benefit the cheats and you can't beat this. It at this thing you know with all the way to yeah he lives and our ultimate Christmas party they get away I season. Of the biggest stories of the day gave the city I've been waiting for that moment all my life we talk about them every day. I fully accidents and I yanked it out of Christmas party next Wednesday through lounge careful with your example your sexual route is there. I can find out yet on nine days making a follow up plus yes. On there Mike is a little bit of voodoo magic got a lot of people wanted to come there and show up and find out that the reason to be there a gal. We start so they had to once again talk to mark his Peters facing a one game suspension for the Sunday game against his home town. It it's our own sheets insider threats Taylor reported earlier today that the suspension was given. I as a result of Peters walking off the field and not having to deal with the alliance with the applied behavior and stance. So has become a bit of good contentious situation yet she's essentially a must win game. Well also trying to balance not having one of their best playmakers on the field. Betty I know that Carrington on the show is these self appointed the king of relationship analogies yeah other you took a swing on with the chiefs the markets Peter's earlier today yeah. Relationship analogies this and I think a lot of us have been in the situation at some point alive. But it's basically they just need a separation and any take a break from each other I'm talking about the chiefs. Ed Markey speeders and they both need each other. I think they both love each other they care about that person they care about each other with a kill each other right now sort of attempt to make the relationship last. Long term I think it a little break from each other they can have some time take a week. Reevaluated. Come back in the end and see if they can come to an agreement like listen. We need each other let's make this thing work I don't know that's gonna worker not. But at least it's an attempt at least this one week suspension in my opinion that these guys take a break. Deep breath. It's not think about what's happened. How we can come back it is in is this thing gonna work long term is this marriage get a survive between mark is Peters and the chiefs now it may not. The divorce maybe in the future between these two but right now I think a little break and. We'll get incidents I imagine on the opposite side of it it's. I think that people are having same conversation what I think that team is having eight different conversation. I stand as a saying he could only have of being conversation you're not in the organization not on the team. I think people are somewhat projecting their feelings and how they think that she steel. All into the team in making it universal we'll talk about it after the hits but I just think there are two different narratives into different conversations. That are happening right now with Marcus Peterson chiefs. President question Greek columns. What happens moving forward in this relationship between Marcus theatres in the chiefs actually be sold to. So earlier today and school in the morning our chiefs insider PC start the reporters rest Taylor. Was asked by the guys to choose what actually think about trading Marcus theatres as to advance our. At this point written for a lot. I'm a lot of that a lot they are not pick it up air and you think about alt field but he's not been there. I think your point now where life. You better but you'll see your doctor won't be air that is my hair it is. Another it's an actual reasonable option is a Sunday that she could actually considered. I don't think so. I think the dream most valuable positions on the field in the NFL are quarterback. Outside linebacker or pass rush affected Dina bachelor best pass rusher and cornerback. I think he is far too talented should just essentially give away. And I think the worst thing that can happen for the chiefs is you straight and fourth third round draft pick because of frustrating this battle in teams know that to the giving you pennies on the dollar. Ended in the next situation he figures it out and he comes. The all pro quarterback that he is. Let's not spin this like mark is Peters had a bad season or in the field at the at the interception numbers that used to in years past. Mel Martinez is not a bad season on the field. I is don't wanna sign about talented of a player he is. Based off a motion which is weird because we get all mark is beautiful reacting so much with the motion and that's all we do is seen from fans this week in relation to him. And eulogies is untouchable right now eighty Korean Bernal. He got owns the only guy yeah that's an amazing Kelsey so that's the case that he I think he is tradable and I think you the very least get to look at. Gets bigger Ellison. If mark is Peter's comes back and we decided this is gonna work what we did form I think that's what's been part of this week but ultimately you close. This is from 1998. Here's the quote Mike Honda last evening was not characteristic of my game. For the youth of America to look up to Derrick Thomas I apologize to you because that is not sportsman like conduct you should not conduct yourself in the way in that way on the field. That's from Derrick Thomas. In 1998 at the money that meltdown when he was suspended after that game had briefly worked out. The market beaters comes back and he says listen I'm sorry I should have done that I screwed up. All right I'm willing to try to make this thing more I think that goes a long way in which he's just got to mean it'll happen and seem to be in his personality. But. That would did start to repair the relationship should they trade him alone should they get into absolute. Number three final days in the world of college buckets were the number two ranked jayhawks had another blunder Sprint's. Losing to the University of Washington bind nine university Washington and then at one point had Michael Porter junior. Eventually left emissary that Nash and Michael virginity and the winning and scans while. Eddie we want is really he's the gift the keeps on giving keeps it right now give or lukewarm or Missouri. So we gave you their first loss of the season that was certainly one way to look at the washes it alls he's theme in last night. It's 22 point underdogs at Sprint's. Catch the yes eager. Kansas City that's president jail or blinded by the two threes on that they British seem to dominate their matchup against the kings of the 23 zone and Syracuse on Saturday. Instead use that you saw this coming from miles away house. I didn't until the second round until after the second half started. You know what he's not a bad team on both great team either. Detection and with that three out of your buddies from college of rocky fans and we and we text back and forth from the Jackson on TV coverage does it wouldn't be sitting in his attacks them. You know early in the second half as of this case you watch the game was like a second round NCAA tourney game to me. How are five school good not great play zone. Forced the jail to shoot mid range jumpers and be uncomfortable next thing you know this thing's going to be an eleven point loss like it lost by now. Look like pick your year's second round or the game for for Kansas and it looked Annie -- Gerald Vick was completely uncomfortable he got the ball in the pace you know what to do. The jayhawks were on the it will shoot threes and they beat them. They've got a chink in the armor. And if I I've seen too many times it reminded me the Stanford game in 2014 and it was when they got beat was in the early and he didn't play in and Wiggins was in there. It looks the same as any chart of the game I'd seen and this is gonna sound crazy but they get mad about it she chemical. It happened because it exposed a little bit like look at this is probably gonna face of the tournament at some point. So well like I saw is common that about those 1718 minutes left to go in the game. I feel like we have this conversation. Once every nine counts he's my case you there's like calendars like Bayern. We have the normal should they play Missouri conversation that entertained us for a bit they'll lose a game in nine count they're not supposed to win that and then we have this kind of conversation. And I mean we you'd have the well what team in the big twelve gonna knock them off conversation I think yesterday was just one of those nights. The bus they grabbed him play well seated play well we knew we didn't play well. It just it is going to happen all agree is that you team's going to be different. Two weeks Sam cook let's gonna comes we're gonna have another bite and a walk wanna. First half of the game Kansas basketball had to play a walk length in the first half of it that's asked the football players joined the team this week and I think Billy Preston's. He's got to come backs are gonna get a player that's semester ain't gonna get Billy Preston. I think that would eliminate a lot of problems I think they wind up being incidentally presently is another body comes out of the first half of the game. And it would say this is my theory to one K you. Usually played Missouri Wichita State. Played games on the weekend I was at its brands that are yesterday. No energy no you snowball is. Not around the building not in the building there was no let's go jayhawks they didn't wait the week during the game was dead ants brands that are. College basketball game to get the team does something exciting Latin sheer that is what they've rockets in fired part of what makes Allen so especially. I think that building in the crowd intimidates him only know three. Intimidate Washington yesterday you can't you've played while the crowd never got into the game I'd like hey you kind of fed off the energy from the crowd which are very black. The crowd black energy was blacked. Ally was bland the play that game on Saturday making in the vein. Where people become if not a town it's all day allegedly drinking either have a good time with a party atmosphere want to get it there or play today that you care about. So the building just had natural bullet because there's an excitement anticipation nobody cared about that well is considered there was a different view it. Allen like you would not again those now. It was even close out and that includes its four today. I found this today on Twitter and I wanted to bring in highly credit if he was the one that we did Alan Reid used the scouting report of weaknesses for market speakers. He was suspended for one game in 2014 by head coach Chris Peterson force sideline tantrum that followed a personal foul penalty. Was ultimately dismissed from team over multiple Ryan's coaching staff. Inconsistent with full work in loose with technique we certainly see that sometimes here in Kansas City. Overly emotional and prone to mental mistakes because of it last thing does it take coaching. We all knew this was markets Peters. Like the chiefs knew this would they drafted Marcus Peters. I think part of the flaw in this conversation I understand why it happens I think the team is having a different conversation than fans are having with the conversation. Let's say the part of my frustration in this thing is. There's not read what people frustrated marked as Peter's some people because the protests some people it's lack of effort some people at smiling some people he's too close Marshawn Lynch. Like it does seem to be a consensus of why understated they're really is one thing. I think the team is having a different level of conversation I think about team it's solely about attitude and effort. It achieves sent a message of we're fine with putting up with some of the stuff that you do. I don't think they won and yelling and screaming to bobs but they seem to have a plan in place to stop it. I don't think it will some emotional outburst but you have to know when you drafted him that this was likely to happen each show you this has passed before. I think the reason he got suspended was solely because the effort. All as the ultimate team game you can never give up when your opponent in Peter's appear to give up when his teammates I think that's really the biggest problem. I think that standard trying to put maybe their personal dislike towards markets Peter's got pushed off that she's all of its its got to be fed up with. I don't know what they're fed up with the same way that fans are and I just human response about the the Derrick Thomas thing that's not who we it's not quite enough about art is Peters does I'm not thinking on eligibility like I don't. Don't think all Monday marked as Peter is calling a press conference in giving you a heartfelt apology. And all I care about it is not to his teammates as mark is Peter's still have the respect of the guys in that locker room. I don't really care Justin Houston thinks about this order Johnson thinks about this or any read our Tom Parker or Eric Berry is the guys that ultimately has the answer to. But just refused to let them that's when it's time to move ball from him but if they still believe them and they still love and they still deem as a good teammate had no reason to believe that they haven't. Isn't that she's continued best interest to try to make. Worker mark speed. On the lead author of the center right. Yeah speeding ticket before at a Catholic most people want to yet so. Mean here's the deal is my velocity and that is being he had pulled over for something you're able to police officer you got no chance whatsoever none your ticket. If you're nice to try stimulus needle like. Allen paid attention is trying to get world is going on thinking about mod that officer. A 5050 chance publisher or about a 105 of get off on our markets Peters is the guy that would be an it'll. I mean. Not to police optional take Billy to take in that direction all of saying is if you're nice if you're contrite if you're accountable. And if you handle things the right weight gonna catch a break. Our markets Peters hasn't done. He has. There whether it's whether it's it's it's well have ons at fans. Whether it's. Screaming Bob Sutton on the sidelines whether it's the way he handles himself and post game there's. Reasons for. Certain fans to say. Really my type guy. And I think that's part of the fans are right now those drafting him. You see is is. Houses of him coming out of that out of University of Washington was a spot on them yet which is about the spot on which by the is kicked offer. Give it to a coach and he choked his coach a washed in which like Chris Peterson to marketing. But you take the risk because. Of four people in my opinion you take there is because he's super talented one thing you take risk we got a guy like that he has yet a veteran linebacker leader Derek Johnson. You've got Justin Houston one of the most dominant defensive guys in the league at least he was when they drafted. Markets meters. He got there there is shaky back there in he's in the he's in the secondary group he's in the room every day. When there with a look at stuff and you've got a veteran head coach an injury. Any of those four people around a guy like mark is Peter's you can do this now if this is the 1998 Kansas City Chiefs got Chester and blocked it on it Andrei rise and Wayne Simmons and that crew. Yet you can't throw markets beaters and I think the risk was I understand it got super talented corner in a position. You really really need every team needs in a passing league that's got some issues coming out of college but we have those leaders. And those guys in place like the rest have a problem with the wrist but Marcus Spears is getting worse instead of better fans are fed up with the and you talked about like listen if he's got the respect and you'll only got got to worry about is used and bury those guys. Clark two he's got the days of 150 celebrated game. You know that matters to navigate bought that guy like Clark. That came from Wall Street. You know where it was all about numbers sees this stuff and he sees it on TV I think it's that. You know and that's why I think there is a chance. That he gets dealt in the offseason because of this up there's been too many things. And I think you'd just tackled with the biggest difference is I think amongst the royals players. And the chiefs players in especially mark is Peter's. It admit this is someone who was mark is Peter's defender and has been a thing in for the most part the season. He's not likable and I think that that is it's a lot of it he doesn't have the equity built up with Iranians to make mistakes that he does. Analogy earlier redeemed up and we all my feelings toward any Duffy and I don't have this data is everybody else. We can agree 2017. Something works. At a do you want to console is not here close to host a worse. Response in any Duffy got to do you I was on and things happen. Not that big deal does it get him back look at what Duffy does for the community he's overwhelming positive no harm no what does he do after it happened it out yeah he sat there in the and he apologized he was very accountable for what he did. I would say with markets years ago. He doesn't have any of that equity and I think it's hard for people to wrap our minds around people that don't seem to care about outside opinions of others. Doesn't really seem too concerned about what. Tommy and Joseph Spain and thinks about it I think he cares a lot about what his teammates think about it. If you listen so just in Houston for the most part when he's at us and anybody. For the most part there are people mark is Peter's lied to he clearly values inking call him down. It's hard for fans to really gravitate towards who really understand just a seem to care about outside opinions so back. Six that you talk about that standing up and being accountable. I'm pretty confident say that mark is Peter's seemed like somebody that he gets really mad and any kind of call that has been messed up. And it just insane mod it or go to Bob Sutton say my bad. Does that seem very concerned with saying that two people but he doesn't know when strangers. It seemed relieved to console or with telling Joseph blow thing is my bad I take responsibility for my actions I think he'll tell his teammates that. I don't think he's too concerned with telling fans and I think that robs a lot of people on the. It completely does it does end and I think that's grown up as part of immature and you've chosen to be the spotlight. Are you chose to play the head of valuable ability you want the best course in the league and therefore you're gonna get credit you're you're gonna get criticize you're gonna get. You're gonna go acumen you know in and he bites every single time he swings at a pitch in the dirt every single time. I'll tell you it is mark isn't listening. To get back at your side maybe don't care all right maybe you don't care but it's what you will. Because your NFL player. And to get big contract perception matters right to get everybody back on your side come back Monday next week Wednesday whatever they do it. Front of the cameras and tell everybody my bat I gotta grow up people are dying to give people second chances. And if you screw this country. Doesn't really bad things. Sugars are you become accountable you take ownership of what you did get a second chance every single time. And it'll mean. Plus 150 grant is it was 354 yesterday and I was wrong because that was the dead cat number he's responsible for that in the 150 grand range. But he's gonna lose the suspension. Cost yourself money. Your drama. Tier team suspended for game. You are not being there on Sunday may cost his team a game and potentially did. The final meal that often to go to the playoffs and just old dude just only is it. Just own it that's all I'm saying if you do that fans come back on your sidled along with the guys in the locker room and the long way with the guys that are set. Your paychecks there's one person that has completely been let off for lack of production due to what's been happening with the markets Peter we'll tell you who now excellent drive to try presented by don't think it's from the DT electric and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Back into the drive. Get into one of the big questions I have this weekend regarding the cheese and mark is beautiful it's of that moment there. Talk about something that I do think it's kind of fallen to the wayside this week it does kind of feel. Like leading into the week. Game. One thing kind of dominates conversation. And we are gonna play the cowboys it was what's gonna tablet Ezekiel Elliott all my Don how are they gonna stop Ezekiel Elliott a decent job. Every week there does appears to be different kind of conversation. This week appears to be markets Peters week. But I think is taking the spotlight the criticism away from one individual. Justin Houston this year makes 22. Million dollars he was on the field for eighty snaps against the jets. Eighty against the jets he had as many tackles. As I did zero none how could someone as talented as Justin Houston not register a single. Tackle not a sack. A general. Tackle and he's nasty play eighty. Don't feel too much did not do Indy. In the game zero tackles in the game zero not fast break up. Nothing in the game. The chiefs right now or trying a very weird strategy out defensively their front and not generated pass rush and had a suspect secondary. That's Gama in explains why. Three separate players this year has been AFC player of the week against their departments. First Lady on bell then Marty Cooper. And last week Josh McCown it's wanting to get roasted by late beyond. Beyond all of the best running back in the NFL. I'd say it's one thing to be roasted by Marc Cooper. At least in his first two years in the NFL he's a thousand yards receiving aid to the first two seasons are now struggle between Clinton no there's some talent there with the Mark Cooper. Josh moved Hal. All voted adjustment count was the best offensive player in the NFL in the AFC last week. He went up against your defense with weapons like Matt Forte analyze that McGwire and Jermaine curse you could make an argument that Alex Smith was probably better than account but I lost but then La Hoya had enough for him. In this context. It is raising you Al what's happened with Marcus Peters. And all team's struggles have kind of shifted some of the blame away from just used. Because we blamed the various ports what's wrong with the chief we glee the office and blink three we blame Alex Smith be blamed Andy Reid for what's wrong with the team we blame bobs and you went to special teams and gave hope. We blamed it. Bark is bigger we blame the injury aired. We're not place any of the blame adjusting used as one sat the last four weeks who reds he wrote tackles in the game aegis of salt from any level of blame at what's happened with the demise of this defense let it but he's one of the highest paid players though isn't he's their highest paid player they're trying. Something very. Very unique. They're trying something very unique. To not pressure on the quarterback and then have secondary guys that we all hate wanna get rid of the. You could get into Gaza flaws Beagle and they'll say well let's not really go out to the quarterback let's put together bad second there. Looks like your I am I mean what just easing it's a sack this year the chiefs are 51. Pressure on the quarterback matters big time and and I think you're exactly right and because we do we focus on Peters or tackle should be started set out Smith. Bob sought not yet lacked there's all these different things and we we really. Yeah. Part of it at least for me. I keep thinking. I think in this gonna be do we just music and a ice and this week this week he's get the quarterback he got a break out game like he had against the Broncos last year. It hasn't happened. It hasn't had no it hasn't happened at all and I guess. There's certainly different kinds of reasons all line that is like saying the scheme is doing Justin Houston a lot of favor this year. Maybe he drops back in coverage too much. That's certainly part of but he's back in cup he wasn't tackle and tight it is exactly note our wide receiver that's coming over the Mittal he had no. Tackles. I told you going into the game. That's right ice ice the question beat him for five he was on the field for 90% of the defensive plays in. Eighty snaps. Eighty he couldn't get a tackle in the how many assists and yet. Really. And yet he is that if McCain did register us debt. In the game that's bad and I assume it's excellent trying to pin it would different reasons come on and give Alex Smith he's got a passes when he struggles he's I don't. Thank you put quarterback in the NFL you all your help resolve their you've got to be better net. We just used the same category big 22 million dollars 22 sacks this season. You gotta get more than one sack every four games he got to register tackles in games which you're on the field for eighty snaps you've got to give us something yesterday but got nothing from anybody defensively. Peters didn't wanna tackle. Just in Houston registrars that in the game yesterday Steve Forbes backs messed up or ankles messed up along with him the back everything's wrong right now with the defense stepped one would be if you wanna win this game you need a big time contributions from Justin news. There's no way you can get below average just in Houston and be with now. Mark is Peters and Eric bared his game and think you're winning a must win game against an offense that sometimes can be capable of putting up big numbers and they've already shown so far the seas but again. It is like they're Carly didn't do much against him and it really got to the first on the play right. Now. 417 yards three touchdowns they got one hit on Derek are the first on the way to an Oakland now again. I sort. I thought out there got to meet a Smart ass on that but I thought out there. Just because and it does a ridiculous numbers and and that is a game. Remember I said the raiders are gonna win that game is the quick turn around there's a Nike and editor of flat the West Coast it's different I mean it takes it. It takes some time for guys bodies to recover to go laughter. We got your core I get that right now though. No excuse for that defense they got a proper shot and this is getting is that even crazier and take the cheese to win this game. And purely based on gut instinct unlike the throw budget. Analytics from pro football focus and not get a throw budget. A budget great reasons that you. I think the chiefs are gonna come out and win this football game senator. And it makes absolutely no sense if you Stephen Nelson and and who on the others who's going to be I don't know you are special there. There's going to be two goers get dirty Dan Porter back there working to merit or even those get an ankle. Injury get Darrelle Revis it did played half the game like it makes absolutely no sense that she's can beat the raiders. On Sunday which is exactly the reason I think you're gonna win this game. I think and but just in Houston's got to get to Erica they've got to get to the court got to figure out. Way. I've struggled with this prize last like 24 hours or so. I never rooted against the chiefs I have never done a slam and I felt the chiefs lose this week. Not all that loses. See what the conversation on Monday's going to be if they win and play well defensively and Marcus Peters isn't there. The trademark is Peter's crowd though we told you mark is Peter is this team doesn't need markets Peters that. Fan base and that portion of the famed days will be electric or Monday if that happens like this team wins a 1713. Kind of game. But also defensive matchup kind of football game are actually going to be on Monday. Like what are people going to be saying or Monday. Part of me wants chief salutes. I want to win Klestil wanted to make the playoffs there's no benefit for them to miss the playoffs at this point there's no first round draft pick is now we're debating the difference between having the fourteenth pick. And that when he third pick make the playoffs to get a home playoff game when that playoff game you roll the dice and see what happens. I'm rooting for the chiefs are against the chiefs in the big picture of it. I just wanna know what the topic of conversation is what are people going to be saying if they played well defensively or Monday without Marcus Peters. Man that's a really good question because. And I don't know the answer that because I think there's a lot of people when it comes to markets vision to change their opinion no matter what. He should be gone bad apple get out here we don't want Kansas it only matters. I think the best case scenario is that it. Is it an Alley is going to be low scoring game and based apologies to the raiders last time on two days' rest and based on what. The raiders did the chiefs offensively I think this is going to be how this may be 4138. The way this game plays out. So I guess the best case scenario would be that she's won an absolute shootout the office lights him up. You notice how bad you miss mark is beaters on defense but did she somehow still get away. That is the best case scenario we were kids treasurer. Geez get blown out forty to ten. And in and Revis. And Stephen Nelson just get absolutely cooked like that that's the worst thing that can happen. I was trying to think of like what's the scenario in which people like me and you write about Mark Peters the only way is a shoot out. Am I the only way is this team wins 4544. And then leasing Maine artist Peter wouldn't indecent jog Crabtree them for buck fifty. Marc Cooper him for one incest Roberts had a decent gain injured cook added using game. She's wanna shoot outs of their 76 and some would eliminate the raiders from the playoff push their. Low favorites against in Vegas to make the playoffs but that's really the only way that they can make like that be a positive net I think the team thinks they don't need markets Peter of course. I think a lot of fans think now that I I think it will have example A if they mean and play well defensively on Monday. The topic of conversation didn't do that's gonna happen now I mean. I don't know the NFL's we're I would not be surprised and I say even weirder like I struggle with that because I just don't know how they're gonna match up very well I think Matt's a very portly the first time. And that's why I think it's a bit of lose is this context because. Eric cook plays well you played well when Mark Peters played the first time Mike is marked as wasn't in the first game. And Marc Cooper still got off in the game and they still played well offensively yeah like a lose lose situation. It was 2724. Car had a good day that being based just going to say well see up lost the last time when Peter's play what's different what you're made. If the chiefs went 1713. Game in the defense really turns things around I'm telling you that's gonna be the conversation on Monday. That's going to be filled with the seek adds that we told its doesn't need the need Peters he's distracting to head case I which has been in for the rest of the season that's going to be the topic of conversation I think we've created. As somewhat lose lose situation at least regarding the Peterson spent in the. Think those two though it. In the cheese defense hasn't been good with Peters out there I mean that that's the other part of this thing it's not like. You know it's not like what Peters out there with his defense is falls apartment unit for example just news needed to get tackled in and get to the quarterback. It's not like this defense has been great I think there's this odd chance that it. With Peter's on this week everybody needs to get deep breath and not to worry about DO one. In that locker room. And it relaxes everybody they go out there and play elegant game because and it's gonna be really corny example Obama's doughnuts and follow me. A split up nearly softball probably fifteen years ago I knew and collegial and saw gas somewhere this is supple not baseball's. We got that had our backs. Didn't show up we had eight dudes and we had played team. Okay and moreover best players in there we had to borrow bats of the gives their crappy is fifty pound aluminum bat well so I must go was there again. You'll be a tough one. And we kicked the grass because we knew. That we were missing guys we are not supposed to win we are behind the eight ball everybody was against his you know because all right we're we'd. And of dudes got to take it out the lineup we got a crappy bat the Sox. And we went out there we actually whip their ass because we knew it was going to be difficult maybe that's what this does for this team like okay. Peters spent it. Don't do this it's it's lucky and we know we got we got four days let's go out there and win a game that we have to keep our season alive may be that happened. Listen maybe maybe the opposite happens but I will say that as we know you're down. And we don't go in there without somebody you know there's a little bit you know the exact situation heading in. On sometimes it tends to refocus the team. Me ask you got this is what it took an. If that's protects you think about what you said about lots of my. And that's why I'm saying is it took Marcus Spears being suspended for the missing they got to refocus and at this season slipping away made it finally the light just turned on what is. It's necessarily that is that really the last two against the jets defense and realize that the game before against the bills defense. Josh that. You know what I'm saying is that you know it's gonna be tough you know it's going to be extremely difficult. In your plan that when your best players you lock in that much more and you're right I think the assumption is that the pros they'd like in the news. Well I mean it changes when you're like okay wedeman. You know I getting up on blocks I added that we got a locking a little more voice isn't gonna be tough to be tougher we dot. Let's lock in let's do this and sometimes it doesn't take something as stupid as that. You know. To take it a team to refocus on his daughter out. They're sometimes it happens. Mean that's why I think part of the originally she guys that are sick replaying an injury that cannot have the greatest game of the lives because they've got to refocus they got a lock in that little bit more. Coming up next to close things off there is an update on her husband that I think put a smile on your face and I it's time to tell somebody to give up on their dream I tell you who necks on the ground. A drive presented by don't sinking us from the VD electorate leading into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. A. Take you off it's. 9 o'clock. 9 o'clock today. They shall be on after us Bill Snyder show on its OK and so from 67 is the show seven aided those iron there will be on after some apologies. Owen busts are all it's been tweeted this out earlier today. Royals in a good position to see how tired I was market develops. Modest club expectations when he eighteen months is a very very nice way of putting with the expectations Rosen when he and his. So the price tag drifts downward into their range they could make a move no in prospect is block bust are only makes good points. I do think we learned over the last couple weeks that maybe the market will not be as robust as we thought it would be for air out. Couple teams I think are good fits for will see if they're going to really break the bank for aired out. Maybe of signing for 510. Million dollars. That's a pool and swim and I don't know how much deeper they can get into the pool a 10010. Million dollars seems like a price range that if you really want God's. What does he think the rules of if they could pick. One free agent they would pick odds are they rather have him and a combination of moose AK not think they would take Iraq convert that into the foundation and the royals for the next couple years if in the 89 figures aren't even really have a conversation to me I think they are not yet. Two. I know for a fact at least a handful of people that I talk to that are in the know about this he's got a lot. He's the target. You know an inverse set it to you ever heard her say it a million times and if you don't get Oz were then it's total rebuild mode. But I think Hosmer is the exception in a date was all fest 2 of the morning in it was last week to week before I think he said. You know the payrolls going to be one tend to want to want that's the case I think they're already committed to about a hundred billion bucks. Man that would be it you know I so I'm still a little bit leery and if they can get costs for that amount of money to get for five years and 110. I mean. I don't know I don't know if that's even possible to get him that under the weight of the. Oil's that the played us in my opinion is you have to sort of bloke that'd be stock market now. Because YouTube if you get Eric Hosmer for that type of deal. 110 million dollar based on royal Sanders is a ton of money. Specially for considering that Al sport is the highest paid royal vault I'm four years 72 million dollars and we've seen how that contract is looked over the first couple years and hasn't been done. But if you believe the you can get Eric Posner and that allows you to sustain your championship window which sells and that's what it would be it would be the last hurry billionaire cause. That drastically changes even though the money would be very very expensive based on relative value to the wrestle leak that somebody can't you can't turn down. They can't pass up maybe if you have if you have Oz back. If that happens. And I go nuts at that happened but a mile to the Saudi. Pause wit. Modesty comfort there's your infield. In and you get the two more days the Apollo gore though in the Al field not at. That is as bad as you would think I was afraid to see what the expectations are going to be of their pain 120 million dollars. Are there in October 20 million dollars a season. I think the expectations and our through the roof like Xenia they hit 300 means bit 25 home runs even make doubles or gains yeah that's gonna be the expectation for. That I know he's lovable he's aired out there made a moment you don't like people of toggle Alex Gordon. The people ordered eternal outscored that's already and what you call me crazy when you resign maybe take that long you maternal outscored. It took all hundred will be books are Alex Gordon. That I'd I'd just I'd be curious to know what the expectations for fans are. I didn't think it was impossible for the designer out I think they were gonna get close I still don't think it's very likely pride put it at ten to 15% but he comes back at least right now. We'll see as we get to the winter meetings and as the winner continues what they decide to do. He's got a shot. Think they got a shot I don't Cosmo girl listen I don't know that major major markets going to be like Al movies out of 480 million dollars. Sounds like one point five other girls try to get really close at bats the number yet. It's doing and if that's the market to keep a guy like that you have to do you think you know he'd bring about scored talk about that deal o's score of 31 when he signed that contract. In houses toy seven point eight and your right on the on on the the first year. Of what many consider to be a a player's prime if you get posit that numbers so. On I don't know I still find it. Highly unlikely that he'll come back. I don't know I don't know did it again goes back to yours that are you know around the NFL draft when there are so many people reporting teacher and a trip to quarterback like that. I see them do it forever had dozens 83 Agassi to believe I've got to still in that camp. When it comes to hot there's more more doctors as maybe the market welcome back to the royals. I don't know if you guys saw the stores. But Raphael Palmeiro. Is trying to come back and play Major League Baseball elves and yes the same Roxio Palmeiro that hasn't played Major League Baseball since 2005. A did not take steroids right. Rock idol Sarah is fifty. Three years old. Fifty. Ari. Rob feel O'Meara told the athletic quote there's no doubt in my mind I can do it. Raphael Palmeiro played baseball for twenty seasons have final 500 home runs 3000 it's only five players in the history of Major League Baseball numbered them for. Rafael Palmeiro there's nothing you're going to do to get to the hall of fame you sat in front of congress as you said. He is yet when congress. And debt and said I've never used steroids. Period. You tested positive for us that it's your done on field Romero noticed that elected me so that. What's that Tina Sugar Land speeders one of those guys gonna play for them in the Tebow easily. I don't see him get back in the bigs you nobody's noticed a huge was never gonna tell anybody that he would do something I mean hell Tom Watson almost when the British Open at 59. So but baseball's a little bit different about knowing your limitations most incredibly. Like about knowing your limitations you know fifty threes like. No problem telling you can't summon us to do. Probably some incidents that I care today staying away and that's not what you do not sure skills that you were 53. Years old. Ole me and baseball go play afraid in my at least 45 and overall to if you. Let's say you're too old for the students to play a Major League Baseball that's what you are too old to be competing against. Nineteen and twenty year olds in the Major League. It's over for you rough deal on merit a lot of people like not so we call the local repellent next time a spot like I would sell Snoop Dogg pro it's over. Hear music from you if you perform and go into or do they hit us Busby while the great time. Company here in new music don't you shout outs a mix tape with a new album working on telling you anymore does your old he's only here the duties now. So Tiger Woods tiger Tiger Woods. You're the greatest golf I've ever seen but your body is broken down focus on being a better husband. Moment godfather and get this golf thing that's it's I'll beat you shot three rounds in the sixties last week so that's the problem that he's still trying to win majors when he's in his sixties. Might be able to do that's a sixties and in thirty we don't sell people enough that they can't do something you tell me Woodley meals. That Monti tried to make sure that Sparky best day of its light at end of the no no mercy don't feel any pain and these people. On a string of 53 stop playing baseball why he did dine maybe somebody is always the AH. I 53 seems a little profit of American won the play for the royals for. If you say hey you know I don't like John it's salary cap does Gilani compete I would wanna tape raw field Merrill for re I think I don't think playing. Major League Baseball the age of fifty threes and it's doable. You'd done out here I mean a little Franco Helms the guy's like 68 united ID 330. Said that's right was honored third set. So makes this possible for a check the pod cast mate six and sports dot com also available on iTunes and it doesn't feel like tomorrow is a red Friday. This week has been about so much other stuff and not the game but tomorrow we get back to focusing on the game. I'm curious about the loss about what he thinks about what's happened with achieves a the last couple days. And what he thinks they need to do to get a win. In the win column. It's a drive out here.