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Thursday, December 7th

In Hour 3, CDot believes the cloud around Marcus Peters has taken away from the declining performance of Justin Houston. After the guys go "around the NFL," Mike Welch from "Fescoe in the Morning" joins the guys in-studio to discuss why he believes the Chiefs may have to trade Marcus Peters this offseason.


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You fine folks will be happy to hear this. From Boston are all you is the end. Quote the royals are in a good position to wait and see how air housewares market develops. Modest club expectation to sit in 28 team source of pride. Tag drifts downward into their range they could make a move. No high in prospect blocked. I feel very similar to how I've talked myself into my Porter playing basketball again for the Missouri Tigers this upcoming season. You would talk yourself into by the next two weeks or how we're being on the royals and twenty. No man. I would love to think that. You know I'm a member remake of the joke earlier about. I said as he times like high school and the Padres for like. A giant pile of money that would never happen kid Lawson could be the dumbest thing depositors and I know and it actually could happen. And it because it will Myers is willing to switch positions in San Diego moved back to the outfield put closet first base so. There legitimately going after Eric cosmonaut I'd personal thing Gaza Italy and San Diego. But and listen that if you know it's like you always acie got. And you senator on the draft there's a bunch of smoke around that the chiefs drafted a quarterback in the first round there's a lot of stuff out there I'm not sure what to believe right now. I guess the thing that sinks it for me is that when date was on. With vesco and those in that crew last week and he was talking about. The team Carol's going to be a 110120 million bucks certainly doesn't sell it to bring hockey back at absolutely I don't think you can afford in the that's really with a payroll so. The hottest thing for me a fantasy to believe. I'm still a very steadfast on no I don't think or how it was going to be heroes uniform anymore I have come around us and I don't think it's impossible anymore. I used to look at it it was the worst entertaining. It's reached the point it's. Work entertaining. It the first base market is gonna be as big as they think he's not going to get that maim and blockbuster. Kind of Jason Hayworth kind of deal. I agree it's a 110 million dollars. Or how Enron audit million dollars yeah I think that's a realistic numbers that again I'm not saying a thing out was coming back. Guys to like I was pretty certain that they were gonna resign Allen scored like you made all the sense in the world you're gonna pay somebody the most money you've ever paid mr. organization. The got to hit a home running game while the World Series felt like a pretty safe bet they are happy to make him the highest payroll. It's impossible anymore without. I'd put it at 1520%. As of now based all as we have. I put it at 1520%. But he comes back I think it was like zero to 5%. So it's going a little bit. I can tell from the handful of people that I talk to that are in the know he's he's the guy that they're going after he's the dude that they want now whether they can get him to sign. Who knows man I mean the market is definitely is they know he says got to come back to the royals if they're gonna be able to afford them. I wanna play a quick game. Snaps do you think Justin used employed against the jets. And how many essar had ever title plays writes that the ball for like 42 minutes. He telling how he plays or that game I don't know the number oh yeah you're in Amare and ominous day are you gonna think this deep well Simon you know last fall follow up question I'm gonna say 54 snaps eighty. He played eighty snaps as they did gain 49 times salute on these lists them. I still ask you first how many tackles beating doesn't use navigating its jets. In eighty snaps on the field how many tackle do you think Justin Houston had against the jets. Form 85900. Just used animals on the field all defense for AD. Place and got Z role tackles in the game. I be sexy. And he says that he really well what about interceptions and what's happening with the markets Peters has come leak leak. Take in the pressure in the spotlight. Off just in Houston. Just Houston's base salary. Is sixteen. Point 35. Million. Dollars. That doesn't incorporate the signing bonus that they're still paying out. Does it incorporate the work out bonus that gut. The restructure the deal to create a little cap flexibility. All in all the chiefs are paying just Newsday and one seat two million dollars. You're telling me for the 22 million dollars that she's a bank doesn't Houston they got zero tackles in the game against the jets. Saying you gotta go out there and beat tech most Super Bowl shortstop Lawrence Taylor and get nine sacks in the game. You can't register a tackle against the jets. It but it Marcus theatres is not going to blame game we know he's not playing in the game. Let's see Justin Houston make an impact on this game on Sunday. I need your leader your veteran leader 48 years old prime of his career healthy. Outside linebacker is he'll wreak Havoc in this day I don't think he's healthy. I think that's the biggest part he's healthy in the eighties and Sarah it's not like this as this right here for just announced that its. We're seeing can be a part time player. The last three weeks eighty snaps 62 snaps sick 66 so against the giants he was on the field for 96% of the place. Last week it's our two weeks ago against buffalo in 90%. Last week 88%. Just in Houston play enough games they have a contribution on the game and there's no reason why players talented. It is still has just in Houston should not register a tackle any game against the jets in which they re and the all 49. Is that 49. Single tackle the global game. What's happened with mark is Peters has completely shifted any blame. Any focus on a guy who has won sat in his last four. Gains. Doesn't just got to play better than this team is dead last in sacks in the NFL during this losing streak the second there has been a problem. And I see a lot arrows don't get it back a lot of arrows Soledad Stephen Nelson a lot of arrows thrown at the various cornerback guys that are out there and I'm not saying they're not a problem one of the biggest reasons why their problem is. This team it's absolutely zero pass rush. They don't quarterback consistently are not against the quarterback consistently and you leave it Stephen Nelson all islands and Philip gains on islands just what's happening. Josh McCown is waiting AFC player of the week. Jermaine curses bust beautiful 150 and a score. Robbie Anderson looks like Julio Jones against you markets are skewed we just use a pass rallied late last against the jets. Is that he's actually got against the Oakland Raiders the first ten plays. Hiro said that tackles yet I would back elected just used his entire career. Five games in his entire career. That's the only about a game that that. Five games since 2011. That he had had attack. This year when he gets sacked Jason won five of six were just music it's the quarterback to change the game into its New England. I'm with where we keep thinking that we keep wait for just news of a breakout game. Yet a nice game with it was the end of the game against. Against doing it all the talk is well drops back in coverage well okay. That it's so what you might be able to get a hit a quarterback. It does get to opening tip. Mean it is not ME MB dropping back in coverage she wasn't tackle and linebacker and in the what exactly exactly and anybody know what exactly guys that were coming over the middle yesterday them. No defending the excellent blitzer excellent six bunkers are six they are reasonable way from Justin not towards them. Tell me how you can spin being on the field for eight he snaps the way the use. It's not like we know that he's hobbled with an ankle when he played in 25 snaps are honest he's Lebanese banged up. Eighty just in Houston I think has won the five best pass rushes in the NFL. I think we've seen at various times throughout the course at this season against the Broncos he was pretty dominated time. Against the patriots early in the season he was dominant at times. There's actually no reason for what happened we just knew who I care to drop that coverage on accurate run the other way you have to have an impact delegate lead and it Automask. The deficiencies you had its secondary which all they have the only way you can do to but the pass rush. A bad pass rush and secondary but explain why are thirtieth in the NFL and influence that explains why Josh McCown is cooked to. That would explain why three separate players the AFC offensive player of the week against you. But it does that explain. You kick it quarter. You're caught a stink. It was the cat named food that that right tackle him. Besides that Megan is the golden. Yummy Sachs got 00. Yen at seven tackles. There's no reason why Justin Hanson's 12 for diesel additions to tell the play allegedly no other way to put it. Again we the chiefs nation that she's kingdom whatever call us a liquidating them we spent a lot of time talking about it kick free market going. Along with the hospitals put him homes or a lot of conversation directed at the person is the most out of money within twenty to. The news that. Tackle them again and that's what they ran all 49 times. No there's absolutely no I thank you can't spin it any other ways with apple adjusts in Houston. Coming up next we'll catch up with the ice around the NFL the top stories of the day in the week next drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and you studios sixty and Sports Radio. Might well Tabasco the morning was stopped by. To discuss his stance that the chiefs should trade markets Peters we will have that conversation with my twelfth. Coming up at 430 but right now it is time to do what we do every day at this time. It's time for a ice to play the role Chris Berman and take us around. Before the chiefs and there this week. Was it Wii Sports news reports heated meeting with the team and that is. Time time flies you haven't won subtle Cleveland Browns they fired their general managers not shoot around today and rumors that John -- seed to beat his replacement. You think John Dorsey scouting background would work well in theory analytical empire it's very greater than the browns made. The obvious. This is what I would do if I'm Cleveland. I would tell. John Dorsey. You tell us what you need to come room in Cleveland if you know things that have been good here. But we trust your background with the Packers we trust your background with the KC chiefs we will who come here and turn things around. The browns like we have the number one overall. I used number one overall pick what is the best available polar the position. You think it's about what's it take to get it right back take a quarterback who take. But they don't put that. They had 21 round draft picks because they just hoard draft picks of the draft baker mayfield. That's I would do on the grounds that offseason or outplay them. John Dorsey. Best overall player baker may feel. Browns instead denying it's easily my strategy. Good question we'll lacked. Saw she and brown who. Names are sons Joshua. The drama the names Sasha and just and then we'll both grade then. They decided to go Sasha Sasha Sasha as an important Stanley named seek and you don't know I don't know and a woman and Anderson here and great woman. McVeigh in person. Well as the question is who John Dorsey were well in an analytical advice Reich is don't they have the money. Ellis is able to the destined that it hasn't yet run that run the browser just he's factor count beans. I'm looking at numbers look at it excel spreadsheet all he's counting yeah immediately he's doing he's going man Columbia. The back room and gently in Toledo event AFLAC. Yes or whatever he's doing. John doors degree programs I think to be a really good. Bit of nice Cleveland Browns grace lectured. Let him walk around. You know just go out draft the best player available to be perfect form and and you know my initial thought when I saw this like Dorsey and analytical that you and they enacted in Portland it strictly against Portland Cleveland. On us and I was like John Dorsey. But I think if you get the best of both worlds he did Dorsey and the analytics. If it if it war I think. Because as we know I think we all agree whether he's got lacked. Was that he would not be able to handle the salary cap and some of the things he did. That makes analytical guys and indeed the best it would it would take care reform but he he's got great players pummeled for knowledge on that and. Hi C you can set this up to the radio stations in Cleveland I just fix their. Team. Hired John Dorsey. I'll give you gotta enabling Ozzie your hired John Dorsey. Draft the number one overall pick in the best available player and get baker made you went seven games next season without workout plan. I'd like to do it hasn't worked so you got to meet the tactics to. IB would be critically hurt Cleveland by the way but yet you and tackle work is done. I do this and I can they have not missed a satellite just in news and that's. I think getting be a great move for Cleveland get the best of both Marcus. Peter and urged him minds together that's when I was talking about standing merged the minds scouting the political world that is the best of both it's all numbers guys now and importantly. They Eagles wide receiver John Ross. Bombed this year and and FL. I think we now know why he never disclosed his shoulder injury to the coaching staff. Stepping consequences for that for a player is that just. A guy trying to get himself on the field as much as humanly cost you wanna talk about opening of the channel words if you wanna start penalizing players for hiding injuries to play. You might have to get up every single player in the NFL. Guy trying to prove himself in the league wants the play doesn't disclose a shoulder injury. No harm no foul on this and it states. I mean he was player in NFL history it's a wide receiver to not have a chance though fumble this year I mean that's a fairly difficult thing to go out there and do. These are rough the Nazis in letting go. A singular man this guy that was to hide a danger to get their play it's not a head injury in a better man he's that he's a tough kid was to go out there was. On it through the coaching staff that here particularly yeah. But at least showed it was a good at their place it I'm fine I'm finally put a lot of field guimaraes. Missed tackle again take it away guys. Oh yeah I got all the breaking news story gets the next around the NFL the royals in another. Major League signing its giant sand right handed pitcher Scott Arlo. To a one year deal and went seven and six and point seventeen with a 329 ERA. In the dodgers' organization going back and forth between double A and AAA teams in the Marlins the Dodgers but he gets immediately contact their contract that today. Winds beat Kansas City 06 years under five as Otis has got power I terms of the deal are not school clothes okay who calculate. I don't think it was that much authority I don't think he was no money at all either yes somewhere and it's going well I'm just happy the royals and back. Elaine you know like back in the clearance I'll let you know when you go to. Nebraska for two Marty's like a really nice couch you as you can afford that counts you gotta go way back in the bag that maybe nights being and that simple it is there. You know the bed frame only has three Lang was immediately got a nine year finance. You know like that's a feeling you're playing with monopoly money don't ever would you like best buy something you like him and forced Alford to. They can get a great bargains they're getting a lot of open box items you know as I can't for a bigger lie than anybody can horns on the great movie about the way I saw the pop thinks the Broncos stink so bad. It big bat the line down to the jets as road favorites in Denver this week. After the browns. And Broncos the worst team in the NFL. I still think it's the giant I know they got smoked by the giants when they played him. I still think the giants of the secular team in the NFL you were really pushing right now to guide that's really pushed. Are scrappy and they are playing hard and they put it mr. Visteon it was like it was like a doesn't matter the season what we do. We know let's let's look the young guy gets an experience. I would still go browns ones giants too and not have the Broncos three days thing. The Broncos of the words there maybe the most dysfunctional team out there. And what's going on him John Elway herself to get the quarterback on three different times of us what you said it impacts the way that's bad enough right. Then you add that he added he called his team's soft which didn't go over well. Then you've got to keep to leave it in the fight riveted chain off of Michael Crabtree. And get suspended so. I total through the worst team because the talent level especially that defense the pretty good. But in terms of dysfunction and has been absolute train wreck I would say that the number one and upwards. I had to tackle well it. I'll fix the tackle but I don't know exactly and it lasted only trains some in the falcons and saints in Atlanta be guy. As tough. I got the fountain the falcons Wednesday Thursday and I am home I think the falcons are a little bit desperate right now still trying to make the playoffs. Mark Ingram is a little bit banged up in this once a what kind of changes what they wanna do offensively they get in the eyes who is this a make my decision for me it's fairly. What are the color rushing for what they Wear and you know I assume that the saints will be wearing all golden and the falcons will be wearing all. Rang it already there helmet will say dirty bird I I know I don't know. I had an of the thousands of labor favored our favorite I'd appoint a point and this is a great. There's that game it's at the (%expletive) is this it's about to develop some out tomorrow in the same thought Apollo is a line hasn't been upped to an. House for Atlanta one of injuries change relief over the last couple about it in marketing and you're right this morning guys it was at 11 and a half. Coming in ice few minutes each itself but Mike Welsh from Cisco in the morning. Well thinks it's time to trademark is Peter do you find outlined debate next on the drive. A drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and sports reading. We get some big hits coming up at 5 o'clock top stories of the day in the city right now. Now welcome it might Welch. Both of us go in the morning. Because today. I was listening to your show there are a lot of opinions on marked as Peter your show is never short of opinion no we're not. And I heard you say. But it is not. You trademark is Peters and that it also acts. So I want you to come in at present short case of why you think it's time trademark is Peter. All present myself. I'm not sure stating sits on this I think staining is on the side of we wanna see it work itself out because no one's in the business of trading 24 year old all pro quarterback Matt a position like that. Let's figure out a way to make the same side that I'm more. Christ always gets oldest does sometimes not having the opposing viewpoint on it yeah aside trademark is Peter about what you firmly. Well. Like we had threats Taylor on the day in and he agrees with me actually because. Marcus Peters resigning Kansas City. You look at all the stuff does happen. Since he got to Kansas say I have a very hard time believing. Markets Peter's really wants to sign some kind of extension here I think he wants to play elsewhere whether that's with the Oakland Raiders San Francisco forty hour somewhere in the West Coast. I don't think he was it here. So if your not going to get him to re sign long term considering to look at it next year which will most likely be rebuilding Europe the rookie quarterback. And then more is Peters contract is up shortly thereafter. Why not try to get something back form why not try to put them on the open market a guy who is an all pro from last year. Has a lot left he's under 25 he's one of just a few all pros 125 years old wallet Tyreke hill. Why not get something back for him and I'm looking at teams like this different Cisco 49ers got their first rounder but their second round pick which is an early one. That would be a solid return for a guy like markets Peters and it would send him back to the Bay Area where he wants to go at this point. It looks like markets Peters doesn't wanna be here big it's partly the city partly the organization. Looks like the organization there real keen right now Marcus Peters obviously. So they could be better for all sides of this hour is not a fit. It's not hard feelings about same markets Peters is a malcontent because I'll believe that by. It's is better for all sides if they move on a make sure you don't lose out on Marcus Spears Rios and a free agency get something back for him and just move for. Let me ask you this. An opposite the doubles avatar and obviously to respond to. I think part of the backlash towards markets Peters is somewhat. What I mean by that is. And on interest the superstars are very lovable. Hosmer Duffy Cain Salvi. Very lovable guys the chiefs got a couple of mobile guys Peters is the exact opposite. He doesn't seem that invest it in your community as much. Stuff he does not a majority of stuff appears to be an Oakland. He appears to not care about community the way the world's players do. I think that kind of fuels a little business because. Healthy we agree has done something worse in uniform then what mark is Peter's done. TY sweep. Burger King in the middle today on a Sunday or worse. But. Feeling around any Duffy was a lot more community and fit it. Hey he's one of our guys know we'll make it back up to is no harm no foul everybody had us I had that's being updated off. Like people their right to jump ball mark is Peter from the word go on every little thing I think some that is the public. I did not march on March on incredibly loveable and likable but more shall we get a pass for a lot of the stuff. Here's seem too interested in being loveable and likable and it's take it or leave it I'm not worried about what outsiders bank. I don't think that team dislikes mark dispute what kind of push back with the I think a lot of though he doesn't wanna be here that's out comes off to us. If you ask Derrick Johnson now I think he gives a completely different answer I think if you ask just in news did you complete different answer if you ask Joseph fan that we want it to be like the ninety's we teach players showed that we know these guys. Mark Peters just doesn't seem too interested in that kind of stuff. But the organization did suspend Andy Reid suspended and I believe for 12 how I can't imagine anybody in this entire city. Believe for 12 the Andy Reid Mae's decision without hearing from anybody above him any organ. This way somebody from the applause somebody from the Honda family is upset and that's why this happens so. The organization is in just the players around it's the people above markets Peters is the people above any read frankly. And that he's clearly rubbed them the wrong way. So. On the same markets Peters it's all on him because it's not more is Peters dusty things in the community markets Peters is not a terrible person. I don't pull. But sometimes you can look at the fit say is it right. Is the fit in Kansas City right for Marcus Peters markets Peter's right for Kansas City I think the answers become now. And at that point it's better for everybody to move on she gets on the back in a trade instead of losing markets and free agency which I guarantee would happen. He's not sign an extension here. They get something back Foreman a trade he moves on to a situation he might like better. I think it works well for everybody in that regard it as far as as far as the perception of markets Peters and how it's kind of molded by the royals. It's necessarily like oh Danny Duffy it's a free pass BC got to do you why because we like him. It's partly how you react to things after the fact. We you yell at a fan in the stands are dropped an F bombs of fans in the stands and then after the fact you're asked about it your responses a bit to go get loaded. People the wrong way and yet I mean that's part of like ability is how you respond after you make the mistake also built up equity with in the community tail only had but when you make a mistake how you respond is a large part of how you were. Receipt. Us I was talking about this earlier and I compared to. Peters to you're Donald insurance 2015 when they're about to send your dollar. Then there is set up the miers and Jason Vargas got hurt after that you know venture that got the message when they turn the bus around right well yes. And it and Francisco there at up to blog until he wasn't yeah no I wanted to fight. Flip the boss but again any dealership which isn't in. We play in Tacoma and some of these places in New Mexico. Instead of play in the big leagues that your only 113 down the stretch and it got his attention. What I hope happens. And an necessarily injuries and while jobs was in mid first round pick for for markets Peters listen to that. For sure 100% I'd listen to that Richard what about what about the second round or San Francisco recently imported Sampras at all that's like a 35. I don't know 3536 and that's where you would penetrate markets Peters and until he's not on. Well Bob what are you gonna get form if you don't. Nothing like gonna get maybe what one more year production possibly because he's not sign an extension. Till this thing plays out though let's let's see if this. Sort of separation. Like that that the couple took a break the chiefs in Peters are taking a break a break for a week gonna catch the rest. I Hampshire Peters got the message loud and clear and hopefully if you've got him for at least two more years possibly boards you can franchised him then. I mean ultimately. It is just one more year and take it easy for an extension after last year then there's an option at least two more years because it's after your three taking in the BI didn't put the options expensive normally would like to extend somebody from the rookie contract your and your. But this woman say it with a guy that would that caliber talent you hope you can work it out isn't on here. Each absolutely bananas by with all the stuff that he does and I think the suspension was more human thing in the chiefs and Leon I'm with you on that. But the worst thing can happen is in a few. If you trade him he goes nuts and figures it out in the light comes on I think you will play. I look at markets Peters I see Charles Woodson Charles Woodson had problems early on in Oakland a lot of and he was blamed for a lot of things that went down especially that's Super Bowl loss you back and look there were a lot of people blaming him and his attitude and his actions off the field and all that stuff. He went to Green Bay. Any eclipse form he got one offensive MVP there and he even said I'm a lot of mistakes in Oakland I wish I go back and do that differently I was very immature. I came to Green Bay they gave me kind of a second chance we remember the I don't know that he was trade agreement he was it was wasn't for a lot. He goes to Green Bay figures it out with defensive MVP totally different guy that could very easily half with Marcus Peters. I just can't see it happening very easily in this environment. Now if it does but let's say Mark Peters comes back from suspension which by the way. The LO well weak from 8:12 AM Tuesday that was his response to the suspension we already know that the conversation happen early Tuesday morning. So that was his response to a suspension indicate to me he's now all all that turn around by let's say comes back he says all right. Got worked out spent a week away. My head's clear let's go our let's do it. What if he comes back in for the next three weeks it's more of the same it's more than that body language brought up more point and everybody else every time something bad happens. Well that it's probably time to look at moving him to another team so you don't lose him in the long term. And you can get something back form significantly now because the price with the years on his contract you can't pick up. The value that mark is Peters in a trade is much higher that it will be a year or two from now. We got to take a break out as in with this week racked thrown aside. I just hate this belief that everyone has now come to that he doesn't wanna be here. We've never seen or work that he doesn't wanna be year. We never even seen an anonymous source or exonerate what he's resigning Kansas and I don't I think the markets Peter is going to be here I think it is in the best interest of the chief to make it work in you to sit and think he's Charles Woodson set yeah British also needs a change of scenery thank you figure out way to make it work if you think he's Charles Woodson and the whole thing the raiders tried to they waited so long they had a game away for peanuts you try to keep making it work this is the first time you can say it's gotten this bad. I. It is hard to. This week this is printed on this week but you sit down and this week and you figure that it plans to try to make it work. For people that have the ability to mark is Peter says especially at the position. That he's that. You do everything in your heart and try to make it work if you think he's Charles Woodson version no trading him for a second round draft pick next season. I've figure out a way to make it work and I and I'm absolutely everything I can't do it until it is an absolute breaking situation responsibility us out of ice or person in excellent. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and you studios sixty and Sports Radio. What's happening with markets Peters. Mike I think we've reached the point with Marcus Peters that like were not even like being trying to be objective anymore remarks you some context of this. Excellent six countries are so what do you mean here it's and there's a video Marcus Peters Cheney F Casey monitoring would raiders things but no evidence of him not wanting to be here what are you need. That's not what happened. He's all the training with martial martial arts TV show. More shine gets the crowd at tackle Marcus Peters he's laughing and flipping off is cause. That's evidence that he doesn't wanna be kids because he spends time around. That is it all and really I would like to buy lottery like this what upset about markets Peters. Like we're all these like shoe stores like that now. Video if she was doing that. It's not. Next super big news that is that is that's going on I think it's as though he's really he's a big news. For fans he's off the light and in which is beyond bush and. And here's the thing which rest Taylor came on you could check it out it's extends for stock comic podcast phase of Tesco in the morning which rescued Monday amassed do you think. Marcus Spears is going to resigning Kansas City does now. We everything and it's happened with everything that's gone down with mark this year is very hard to see him wanting to resigning Kansas City. In the chiefs really wanted to resigning him made that day this goes beyond just football. Doug goes to the hunt family how they perceived things that Marcus Peter's done us. How big of a headache easy for them it goes beyond just eighty Reid saying. Well I talked to about it were fine they say that to us when I was there yesterday and I asked him how to market take the news is the first thing I thought it was the LO while sweet man. How sort of lap it is Suzie said of earth they have I bet that's why set though Twitter. So I asked him how the markets take the news says that's between Marcus and I can say that to me. But when Clark asks yes to give them a real answer how do you think that answer went down probably not. Very well right now we have Mike Welch in studio from fast on the morning he thinks that. Mark is Peter should be treated. You think this offseason policy or enforce contracts up also this. Meat on the middle on this. I do everything in my power to make it work with Marcus Spears because I think they're the three most important and valuable positions on pressure cornerback. Everybody let's say it was put it because we know how important how hard it is I would say second is probably Warner. Back pass rush if you wanna switch to a degree in my and argued and attack. I don't let tackles important as those of the two position I don't beat her I'm not a big offense like Bart no less biased there out of I would probably go. Quarterback. Corner. Then left tackle them pass rusher that's just me. These I want to be able to stop the pass rush but then again we are in Kansas City therefore quarterback is a one of those guys were photo I hope we never UK FT keep them safe in a box like Alex jumps up and over guys trying to get first down so it's not quite as important. When you have somebody like that you have Tom Brady. Well you really good left tackle. So I just saying if that she's at the point that you two seem to think they could be it. Miller frustrate you fat does everything I power Clark's thoughts and he's talked to you. Everybody has aux U. And we can't get receive if you don't trade in this offseason you're completely botched. You do everything and you were huge resource to try to fix the situation or trade while it's still two years let's get the maximum out and don't. Oh oldies but something happened now you are ready to make this move. Which I disagree with everybody when it comes to his lack of desire at all costs of a wanna be here I think that teams still loves and appreciate mark's Peter. I have a different opinion if we heard from Mike Freeman from Bleacher Report an anonymous sources around the teams in the team's got a fractured apart as Peter. Score for mark is Peter's talking loudly doesn't wanna be here in this report from anybody say it's cracked the locker I would argue that this is in conversation that team conversation out of arguing on that for conversational lot. That goes down any re using any reed is one of the best crisis managers in all of football like when things go open or the Andy Reid make sure everything stays tight. No nothing gets out Eddie starts with him when he gives us all the answers up. I talked about that liquid Travis Kelsey got the personal foul penalties he got pummeled with questions that Wii's I talked Travis that stays between us this week I talk to Marcus that stays between us. He is east it starts up top it starts from example he never throws anybody under the bus and you've never seen an eighty read team. We're no matter how it gets you ever see anybody can out talk about so I would say that's more ready and he read here's why though. You have to look if you're going to trademark is Peters is the offseason to do. You can explain away a bad 47 team. You can look back pay he was an all pro and when he sixteenth he was on pace to be the greatest court quarterback in the history of football. After 4060. Just one bad season. If you don't trade him he comes back next year and yet another sub par season by his standards now he's bad about markets Peter standards he's having a sub par season. If he has another one that values gonna want you can you teams will rationalize and look past his season this year it's dot. That's fine all pro last year still 44 years old just used to take it to the quarterback that's no big deal. Well. If it happens again now is valued did it's this offseason where you get the most value LaMarcus. I say this like. Brother in law and come off with a suspension. Hopefully. You know markets had time to think they can figure it out and try to fix the problem that's that's the first thing that I'll try to do with certain. It's fixable in the U winnable situation in its not. In the Osce you try to trade him. That's about you but again I think that they haven't really to score like him Greta he's got his flaws like anybody you know he's he's an issue the problem right now. But if he can fix it and get them to be more pro. And get his attention. The great that you try to keep them if it and I think you've got the rest of his regular season and part of the offseason try to figure that if you can't figured out all in favor trade because. You can't you can't constantly have this I mean it's it's it's become a distraction at least in my. It's a big clear out big markets Peters fans still plan. I think this is what's better for all sides because we are markets Peter standing is right now in this city whether it's fair or not I think a lot of ways sometimes it's not fair some criticism that Asia is. But either way I think it we'd better for markets to get a change of scenery and a fresh start. I think it's better for the chiefs organization. To move on for more is Peters because it feels like a broken relationship let me ask you a retrial date that you try to fix it but how far do you push I give it the next three weeks after suspension. If it's die if he does it come back with a refreshing attitude when he when he thing for the team he can't help them win. Well then that it's probably on the move we. Ninety seconds let's let me ask you guys it's really quickly what do you think was the tipping point because it now was this with Kelsey. Bible tells wasn't it seemed nobody was saying hey let's think of you still the only constituent I didn't ask well what tipping point was that market is now that's the point you to which trademark is Peters in the Osce does know that it was Carter was at the anthem was indeed putting the ball stands with the law -- like where's the point is that enough was it this week. Oh well I mean listened to for me he had nothing doing I've got no problem with me at the protest that your right wanted to go for a problem that. Have problems for five different things that happen this season. You know whether it's personal files it partly yelled at Sutton dual edged up and then. To be there over the top that he needed to be suspended this week so for me that's it it's he he appears to be getting worse for the behavior. Better. This trend in the wrong direction. And as one of those things recchi hold not hope that it's gonna turn around it's gonna be. Not just it is going to be the chiefs and Marcus Peters working together and then. They'll come out of it better but it's still trending in the wrong direction it's been trending that way all season long. That's Mike Welsh are assessed all the more and they're coming in and even us coming that's the biggest tours of the day here yet to see now excellent drive.