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The Drive
Thursday, December 7th

The guys discuss the stunning loss for the Jayhawks once again at Sprint Center before Carrington pulls out an old scouting report on Marcus Peters from college that still holds true in his NFL career. They're also joined in-studio by "The Blogfather" Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride for his weekly visit talking all things Chiefs.


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Coming up at 315. Vegas has weighed in on who they think is the favorite to win the AFC west and I found it markets Peter scouting report. That is maybe the most accurate thing you have ever heard in your entire life really got hurt women always say like about me and tells you who they are you should believe them. This scouting report. Is the most bottle and being you have ever hurting your entire life about it individual's personality and characteristics is pleased to acknowledge where he's coming out of college kids of that coming up at 315. But first highs what was today's pop quiz. That is pop quiz was ocean's eleven and I believe that was the anniversary of the movie what you're Fannie and about my attention that. What it means like it was 2001 and yes in 2001 yet 2016. Years yes 68. An I'm not trying to bring out is that we acknowledge today's pro Barbara. Which you know in December 7 wave them when 1941 that's. And a big day in our country's history to make sure that we least. Does things for people that are Chrysler's and I'd like 9/11 yeah harbored you know like it happened in 1940 again it's hard for me at any rapture I mean obviously. Respect to happen that imports country. It's just like it just goes by the wayside there was such a long time ago when I'm you know sixty years old Madeleine we'll just always have yet importantly some people. ME two I mean it was a more than either remember when I was in college guy I worked for the gas companies in city Kansas in the Summers and and I used to read meters walked in and there's there's a man and his barrage of three leader and he told me of Pearl Harbor or maybe twenty years old and I'm like. Okay you know I sat there listened to on the it wasn't until years later it really matters really had the impact on the end of you know what that it was so I just wanted to nature Maria on the last IC diameter Egypt text. That I sent two I got three really good bodies of three guys it took me on that. My culture my college house run next thread okay you fans. One loses land one here and one in Indianapolis and so were always possibly text and earn college basketball it. And you know K who's got half of America whenever. And I was yours is yet it's about second half and I pretty much salt by. What I've seen before here's the text that I sent. Fear bought stock in late last night. This case you watched a game looks like looks like a second round NCAA tourney game power flight school could not great play zone. Forced the jacks to shoot midrange jumpers and forced him to be accountable next thing you know it's going to be an eleven point loss wasn't nine point loss at. I saw calming me this was Stanford in what 2014. I mean if it you've seen. This happened again Eli and I and we had a conversation one week ago I think weigh in on K you beat the pants off Oakland. And the conversation was in a kind of bored Nike basketball the playing Texas southern and Oakland in. And some of these schools because they didn't beat the pants off ultimately learn anything about it team. Why I feel like you know the jayhawks lost us that it spreads and I feel like I learned something. About my team last night I feel like it's a cultural moment for Bill Self too because you know we're getting into the second phase this nonconference schedule where. Teams are better yet Arizona State got Washington yet Stanford coming out. Like Nebraska almost makes in their two. Let's go zone you next weekend but the players stay on Sunday yes I mean you're getting the teams are sort started play a little bit better competition. This to me look like a typical second round NCAA tourney game for KU. Gerald Vick looked completely and comfortable when he had the ball in the paint it was obvious that Washington. He'll let him get all the pain they're just gonna dark Azubuike entirety today at fifty points yesterday yes exactly so I mean you know. Did it and I don't know how long it went Emily K you had need fast break points until they know they got in last night so you limit the way that they can run. It makes it uncomfortable for them to shoot three pointers with the zone and then all of a sudden fatal bullet to do mean at this team's not in threes or runner up another court they're extremely uncomfortable. In this get a cent crazy but I actually. Had a goal and got beat last because you got exposed a little bit I mean Washington show. How you can beat Kansas as we see in the tournament sometimes you see it too late in the season where a team plays a different style again a good talent long. Made it very content over Kansas and I'm like an apology incidentally target from particular year and that's what felt like last night watch the second out of the game. I this think we've now reached the point in the Kansas regular season highs you've been here long enough that we do this every single non time. They'll lose a game that we know they would never lose and Allen fieldhouse they'll lose it and some neutral site other go on the road. And people pay you fans normally have this exact same opinion. What's the game yesterday. My take away it was just hit shots today the classic grand didn't play very well yesterday's media play very well yesterday league Newman didn't play very well yesterday. I tell you it college basketball team that was three best and most talented players and you are. Upperclassmen and leaders are not gonna play very well again the sludge after duke I don't care Missouri I don't care for him every you'll KC yeah there are uncomfortable though the style of play they had to play them. That comes with being what was the general bit IT seem to be completely stunned that he was so wide open. Every single time it actually kind of came with completely different take away from just being in the game in around the atmosphere yesterday. You fans who crushed if that's bunker. K you should either late go to neutral site games as prince that are on the weekend or played Missouri which Allstate. Because being a game yesterday and now I've been to these brands that are games in which they've lost and played during the week helpful is it one sold out not by 80% for the it was a good crowd yesterday. The crowds have actually no lights no energy yesterday. I think what makes Allen fieldhouse so special is when the moment you walk into the building you know it's Joost you know it's jazz the moment you walk in there. The students are right on top you the fans are right on top U they're engaged in the game. How yesterday well I can stay out yesterday was. Light was black the crowd was black the team laid bland like it was like that he felt the energy of the atmosphere of the crowd and the building. Missouri are if you put mr. Wichita State you know it's a raucous environment. Take you bring their game it's a different level atmosphere to default level of vibe is they play Missouri take. This is either play a game your fan base cares about or. On the weekend win. At people out of work. People can hang out like it's just more apart this was an 8 o'clock game on Wednesday. It was nothing it was no energy or you just tell very early on there was no let's go jayhawk chant. It wasn't a lot of excitement was a lot of fun related to save daylight. Like college basketball is a good game like I enjoyed the atmosphere being at the gay got free tickets right. If there was absolutely no energy like I'm someone goes to eight games Allen watched these neutral site games. The big advantage they had these they feed off the energy of the crash how many times you see David Alan. Where Kate you plays very similar to what they've played. But they feed off the energy of the crowd they get a steal they get adult the place goes crazy and you feel the other teams are to tighten up. Why reason you afraid of a crowd of the crop was never engaged the team is seen there in age as they try to didn't engage you inning clay. He was doing so they're doing everything to try to try to generate some kind of sparked yesterday and they wore. They're so my strategy would be yes it would be if you wanna continue to play Davis present. Either play on Saturday were to be at all day take you upon NKU fans go and have a great time it's energy you'll atmosphere. And then people just having more on Saturday with a can let loose a little bit more or play it seemed that you care about your fan base to be energized about it because no. Was energized about yesterday's game no one was talking about it for the game no at the games and really be batting cage what they and I think it's mirrored the crowd yesterday it seemed. I get on television to aid it is. There are no Jews in the building I mean it was very seem very quiet. You know went watching the game I think a lot of it had to do with the washed it was like pot cannot punched him in the mouth. I mean to me and telling them crazy your little. 212 zone in the first we took a look like to me and see that much. You never seem like at 212. It was out of sorts no Jews in the building and again to me just mirrored like an NCAA tourney game that I've seen a thousand. I found this that earlier today Bill Self. In Allen field house is 200 into wanting. Just insane when Clinton correctly realist now. Sprint center he's 44 and nine. And they lost three of their last four games at sprints and which is insane at a lost or just I don't we turn it says all morning. The edge out on the court two hands like JU fans that we love to beat their chest of this is Kansas City where the biggest baddest team at the moment they lose. Once hole and it won't stop. Just it was a home game. 99% of fans they are cheering for the jayhawks hit the jayhawks shoot out of the invitational. Held at all that being. That's a home game the big difference to me is this lack of energy. He's beaten him. TC UV don't spread cerner. Energy it's the first in the big twelve tournament every day you can't let end. While much I missed work for the first game of the NCAA and we know the ones he might not worried about it loss Davidson. It would never be okay you would Allen fieldhouse the okay this is Boston Massachusetts. Experts and it was market game plan that basket sure it's an all all of that. Skipping days. There's no Jews in these weekdays on Saturday games for Kansas. Can't stay out of college as opening its Wednesday at 8 o'clock excited can you be about watching toward one seed. Fourteen straight big twelve champion team championship team play team that won eight games last year a pact will be you're kidding anybody on the. Let me ask you this note were or pre developed finals week right in Ed Ed colleges. You take one of the most rockets elements. Of when you play teams spreads that are means to. Allen fieldhouse for games go to that game more than likely close. He's huge big hit upon it are they for tickets and drive your asset to sprint center in Kansas City. In finals coming up it costs more. They they took that at the Jews out of I'm with you I don't understand what they do. Coming up next even without mark is Peter's Vegas is still on the side of the she's winning the AFC west. And I've found is scouting report for Marcus Spears that is now the most accurate thing you'll ever here I'll tell you what is next in the draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and who studios sixty and Sports Radio at. Oh. It's literally drive it picks up a jolt for the arrowhead pride coming up. 330 a little read. The nfl.com. Draft scouting report on Marcus who. Good friend of migrating highly tweeted this out their credit during the break. It is may be the most accurate paying. I have ever read in my entire life like now knowing more about markets Peters and seeing him play. You can't tell me they did not accurately depict what mark is Peters is not good that was incidents. Weaknesses. Suspended for one game in 24 team by head coach Chris Petersen forty sidelined interim. That followed a personal foul penalty. Was dismissed. From the team over multiple run ins with coaching staff inconsistent with footwork and loose with technique. Grant be off the line of scrimmage in beaten. Ayman beaten down field. Overly emotional and prone to mental mistakes because of it. Does it take to coaching. Is that not an accurate depiction of what mark is Peter struggles with all the positives they got. A 100% right like active and disruptive when the ball is in the year. I don't know how we can watch now going on three years of mark is Peters and say that the scouting report was not very accurate when Mark Peters. And I bring it to say this. It's like the chiefs should be surprised at what they got. Play date with the girl she told you she chewed on a last five boy difference. The law would suggest she'd probably gonna shoot you at some point did you like all my god had is that she she wasn't faithful. Lee emotional and prone to mental mistakes because of it doesn't take the coach was dismissed over the team for sidelined edge of that followed a personal foul penalty. This is caught facts part of what this way when you don't. And I think that she's probably thought you've got a coaching staff that has any read and they thought it was worth the risk is they can develop them. They'll grow out of it we can get him to do certain things and listen markets Peter rookie year he was all those things. He was the court has got a report role in markets Peter rookie year he was terrific. We've seen this stuff. I'm Andre in the same scouting report got right now and a select Alice had sources tell us quote. I wouldn't take you inside the first two rounds he's good he's not accurate and I'd be willing to deal was emotional issues that was from an NFC. Personnel director as NFL comparison as a key to leave. Now that we seem very accurate yet the legacy that he is a fantastic. One. Maybe argue he's the best quarterback in the if I would take LP were too short right over the short doubt that he says I need you to get a score in the NFL I would not like you want that opinion. But you know what she did it when you sign up for a guy like Aqib Talib. I would just say I didn't plot to mark is Peter before. If I just read his weaknesses I felt like I knew what I did when he did. It's like. Like Andy Reid or Clark what can say call me and we didn't know there was nothing in his background that suggest they said that though I'm saying if I think there's no they do so now yeah you can't like. And I can't he's cursing in the post game press dobbs is that the agency marked the blow up on the silent Bob Sutton it's why this report. Yeah. I think if times that we see this crisis is about Kyle Farnsworth over that guy pitcher. Bounced all over the place look like Greek god it is baseball uniform we Adam on the show wall when a couple years ago it was playing like minor league professional football yeah. He was back at everybody thought they did fix him because men that got throws already looks good he's huge. You know fiery angry competitive and nobody could. You know I I. Mean we see that a million times in sports let's take a flyer on him let's bring him and maybe we can fix them. I guess probably would you look at the markets Peters were potentially the shut a quarter we get him to grow up and kind of worked out of the stuff we get a read here. I'll get Bob Sutton here. Old wizard. You know bill the jets for a long time you gotta you gotta let the stable. Coaching situation get foundation in Kansas City with Eric Berry would just in Houston when Derek Johnson he's got leaders around and I'm sure that they can listen. The sit this is a valid risk that we wanna take and unfortunately it seems to be getting worse and instead of better understand what I view I think that's of at what you guys got Chester would locked in and Wayne Simmons and some of those cats from nineteen and Andrei rise and on your team the markets Peters is in the best at draft. You know but if you've got Derrick Johnson Eric Berry just in Houston. Veterans stud players in this league and you bring mark is Peters and I think he got a decent chance to be really successful with him and it or first year. Because the rest of the scouting report the quote bottom line dances. This is exactly mark is Peter yeah. A talented cover corner with size ball skills in the confidence that NFL teams are looking for. But lacks the necessary discipline and maturity or on the field and in practice Peters has raw talent but it's far from polished quarterback. And that's without taking the care their concerns into consideration. If the character checks out the he has a shot at going on the first day we obviously know how the story went out the chiefs the chiefs took a chance on John or it's a chance with a he went in the first round. I guess I'd bring this up to say is if you draft a player like markets Peters you got. I'd be willing to deal with the good with what the interceptions over the last couple seasons you've got to be willing to deal with the bad that you have to be willing to trust your organization. That you have the overall support system and veteran leadership that you needed to to try to help. It's not made a sport get a little rough let's trade him. Oh it's a little bit rough let's cut a bid should it not to Motorola. IBM for the long haul you draft but it never thought after ten games they fixed market Peters. We all knew that at some point we were gonna have the conversation that we had this week in that we've had over the last six or seven weeks the market Peter. Just every single sign was there from college if you talk to people that knew about it and if you've really seen his actions and attitude over the last couple years. Are going to be at this point at some point. And that's why I wanna talk to. Joel Foreman about this is. I wonder what does having this conversation a little bit too late and maybe this has been since it came after he part of the ball in the scheme actually repeatedly told not to suspension should happen that incident would dare call our. It's suspension should happen after the argue with the faith and the Wii has kicked the canceled or down the road now you've finally had to deal with it. In the most important game. The seas are again and again if you have good leaders around him. I think the majority of people will. A vault in I think we're start finally see got a Travis Kelsey in this season finally. You know I I think just by pure. Getting older and experiencing things and experiencing success and failure adversity in the majority of people whether athletes or not. A little bit smarter grow up and it's at right now 47 different out I was told he says. And I mean you grow up you experience things you'd. Things that are important even now we're here is important you twenty years ago. So I'm assuming that was great leadership and a veteran head coach like did you read they thought that Peter would vault and instead he's going backwards. The C west the odds are out at least Vegas has it. The chiefs are minus one tin I mean you have to bet a 110 dollars to win a hundred of you still think the chiefs are gonna win the AFC west of the favorite. The chargers are plus one point so you bet on our dollars in the shorter when the division winner honored to point out the raiders are lost seven hundreds of Vegas. Not very confident in the raiders went in the AFC west I was going through these numbers as somebody who plays a lot of fantasy and a lot of new correlate fantasy with Vegas heat and have more success you're trying to figure out where the money's coming from where the public is going against. This really stood out. His biggest caring to you mention that the chiefs are the favorites still to win the AFC one home games. Home games. Critical here because if you look at it from the a little bit further out. To win the AFC and to win the Super Bowl the chargers have substantially better odds the bullet that she symbol the raiders 28 see the chargers are twelve to one she's in raiders are at 61 when the super all the chargers are 28 to one. She's a great 1331. So what does that tell. It's the biggest things the charger better team than cheats consequently. To win the AFC west they believe that the chiefs of the favorites and the better chance to wait hold you are still very relevant this case and I think that's what's keeping the chief seasonal why. I think that's what keeps the confidence even Amy a bull's mark is Peter's. Suspension happened I was starting to do the mental gymnastics of them winning the game in their home they know the raiders moved well. And it's here hated the mystique or the crowd's gonna beat Eric. Let's talk myself into picking AG's by that we I just can't pick this week marvelous soulful pulse the import. And other less well Oakland down Oakland off and I thought it was going to be like I thought it was gonna be kinda what last year that it was a team record scores towards orbit and a lot of people ever really struggled defensively. This should. Often I still don't know hired a match up at a don't know was low like who the body's gonna match up. With Oakland wide receiver that does make it hard for me to pick him this week but that's the biggest reason why I still think there's a little bit of optimism. They have their two most important games remaining at home I would mention none on fantasy advice of ice on. Wednesday are trying to figure out whether or not you can consider playing in stacking different Oakland wide receivers and Derek are together is Marcus Peters is out which he will be. Marc Cooper could be out that was the difference and it'll last time he played on Thursday night when Cooper had what 210 yards and a couple of touchdowns. If he doesn't play remembers he played Marcus theatres waiting guess who ended up winning those battles last time Samari Cooper. I want us for not thinking about how much that actually neutralizes everything. So don't worry about Crabtree Jared Cook their tide and really has done a whole likeable and very good match ups and I think again the home crowd advantage and not and not having a short turnaround a Thursday night game. It's not going to be any easy game for the chiefs win but I think a lot of people aren't sort of looking past a lot of that in Iraq and not failing to understand the home field event does make a difference in the NFL. Yeah I mean it did in the bills' game. You know I had a big deride led they do they'll rise to being the chaser what they're most penalized team in the NFL. 97 penalties sixty those are coming there so I just this cheese team is so. Unpredictable. And so bipolar that I don't know how you can even predicted and that's why make it my pick based on gut reaction. Or my gut instinct gone this week when intake in the chiefs over the raiders. Joseph Thorman. And a barely had pride joins us in studio next we get his reaction on what's happening remark is metres and a stunning development about at least picking to win this week. Between that she's an operator we catch a vigil Florida next right here on the drive to drive presented by don't think it's from the the electorate and studio sixty and Sports Radio. I would rather see him play happy to have a better chance of beating the raiders with him so. On a lot of levels like I'd do not like those the suspension. Mean that said big reds and and and of a locker room for like twenty years at this point. I think he's probably got a good sense of like window poll these levers. So I mean I guess got to defer to him but I mean it's just a killer killer blow. I think without Peterson chiefs have one of the worst secondaries. You know and I don't know every other team but man they just there's not a lot of positive going on there especially when you're saying Mike Revis is. Arguably the best corner. I mean maybe if the I don't know but it's it's rough times without Peter do we agree that they get torched with him in their two yeah I mean. But the worst case scenario here or maybe best case chiefs' defense you know it's gonna play. Really well. The secondaries can be shut down and everything that's de Osi now you don't need Peters an Indian that get rid of when your best playmakers that that would be worse case scenario. And that's what I think is the most interesting story line as he moved to date to this markets Peter side. I think there is it legitimate conversation to be had was the punishment too harsh or did have been too late. As a mark of Peters had been suspended last season or something more dire that would Mark Peters and other kind of kick the can down the road and they finally have to pay up for. I think there's a good conversation on both sides. The conversation I think for today is what happens if they win. Because that this team wins a 2717. Ball game Deere cart those two interceptions and only those for 210 yards. The people that are Indy we have it market Peters has done a trademark dispute with time to move on he's amount continue to cancer. That crowd is not quieting down any time soon. I mean I I agree that they're the crowd like the fans are gonna say their own thing but I don't think Indy Reid's a dummy. When Marcus Peters is available play he gets back out there and he starts and he plays its use is like a one game map since you know you hope this is just like. Hey heads up like you don't do those dumb things at the of the games you know even if we're losing. You know and and kind of gets on the right track for the rest of the season. I saw the timing of all this is interesting too is for the first time after this season the chiefs to pay Peters. And I know even go to this season I was like they should sign a right away right where they can get you know the most reasonable deal that they can like. And I'm not sure that they do that I don't think there's any way you can pay and the Aussie not not I don't know I am this off and I'm not saying you don't payable long term contracts. During the linked to this five year deal that he has. But you're right early is tickets on to a contract was after your threes that the end of year Parikh. You just pick up the option for year five and you see what happens over the next he season. And of feature is anything like Dorsey their shrouded she is to wait out the rookie deal one more year and then tag them in and sign them for way too much money so. You know we'll we'll we'll see which route they don't take him but yet colonel we are positioned has absolutely cannot give up our markets Peters. But he also give and seventy million dollars right now like I'm probably not I. I don't think that would play if they did in I think it's the other part of this is that you know mark is Peters wants. The big time deal. This does some of the stuff that he pulls isn't helping his cause. I'm not talking just here Kansas City. On to we're not doing what literacy in this in the market beaters all areas B and soul of the show or should they suspended should they not as a flight through the flag blubber waddle blah. Were the only ones seeing this in Kansas City right now I think he hurt his value right now as well. Yeah I mean I'm sure there's got to be. You know some of that around the league but you know for now the chiefs easily control and for her you know several years you more to this debate but yet no I mean at plus various aspects of media it could be I mean I really could be 45 seasons they've really really wanna do. I think you bring up the good like the larger point is this is only hurting his future prospects which is gonna cost you could cost more than just one game chat. Right outside and Agile Thorman a merit prides on inhumane good point I think this conversation has may be kind of been muddled a little bit. I think there's a difference between the conversation I think the team is Avant in the conversation that I think fans are at. I sang about were kind of want baca for the majestic I don't think the cursing in the post game press conference is a big deal to the team. I don't think the U blow up on the silent Bob Sutton is a big deal to the team. It has been a big deal to the fans that I guess my perception about his game is going to be is if the defense plays well in turn things around and Wednesday very important game at home against Oakland. I don't think the team conversation is gonna be local we demagogue markets we don't need him I do think that's what fans will be saying at this game especially if the defense plays well. I mean. You know I guess when you have a season like this that becomes a little disappointing. Maybe some of it is you need a scapegoat you need a face of you know whatever like downfall this is. And I think Peters is an easy person to pick for some fans here especially people who don't understand them. I'm so I get like how that you know. Actually happens you know I mean. Clark the chiefs are to the point where they have to pay attention fan base right now I think it's dangerous to it to completely toll list of the fan base and make decisions based on that. Hell we saw what happened John Korean people in Tennessee when they. Complete list of the fan base John Korea lack it was a mess but you can't totally do it anymore markets Peters is forced their hand. To listen of the fan base a little bit. I mean they have they have like like we said earlier they also plenty of time to figure this summer and I think in you read this you know if if anything it's tells us I think the chiefs budgets can be patient about all this. They have no reason to rush they can wait another season. And and kind of play this out for awhile so I imagine that's like to route they're gonna go they don't have to force themselves and any big decision even if it even if it you know you decide hey we're not gonna give Peters this you know long term money. You still got another year from under cheap rookie deal like let's take advantage of that now you know. And that's why I think the worst thing that can possibly happen in this entire scenarios. Let's say this offseason let's go worst case scenario they trademark is Peter's. They were tired of his act he still got two years on his deal looks take a second round draft pick for mark is Peter and try to get back some assets that we lost we trade pact tomorrow. I don't think you get a first round pick just 'cause of I think there's two immediate care to concern that the a lot of teams that we pushed off of faith we know it's out that we don't want that guy on our team the worst thing that kidnapped in the market Peters is you trademark is Peters for not even close to what is value is and the lights finally turns and Vinny becomes that number one corner. He becomes who I think he'd be I think he'd be Richard Sherman. You're you're you're not finding you know unless you get lucky you're not finding that kind a second rounder even like in the bottom of the first round like that's the thing about Peter's cease. A flawed player you can talk about him not tackling. Not being fast enough for whatever but like the one thing he does really well is he covers pleasures really well look at cover corner. You know that's what it Dion was back in the day I mean. If you could just do that one thing really well like that super super valuable and it's really really hard define as you've seen on the other side she's had gone through. For. Corners and now that have started on that picks up 89 year old or Hillary can't tell you everything you only do you think these players don't come along very often so I think your tolerance for some of the action stuff is a little bit higher with the player. From a fan base point you to know that its entire the tie the non tackling. Hands up in the air when a player doesn't go his way and I think that's part of that city keeping a latch on to well today is the thing we JC Pearson on yesterday and NC I mean I thought it was a really wasted. You know he's his fiery guys this in NJ she said listen I don't know if he's fiery or not he goes because fiery guys typically when I hit people and he doesn't. You know and I think I think he comes off as immature. Right now instead of fiery. It tantrum thrower instead of a fiery guy that wants to hit somebody I think. I think that's part of the issue that stance and within two and what's been the reaction on. On Arab pride this week. You know people are usually pretty common measured yet objective yet yet you don't know outrageous takes. Not actors. A ton of people that that are mad at Peter's. You know for everything that you listed are EC there's so much more background there with Peter's. That you know colors oh people view all this as well by them the protest yeah yeah yeah like all that like there's so many like layers to this and it's hard to it's hard to like dry out is like you know. Website comments section you know to me. And that's why I think the hardest thing maybe in this these it's hard to kind of peel back the layers from the on right because he is involved in the protests and he hasn't been like he's not Malcolm Jenkins who's like in the forefront of it. Working with the NFL really open about why you liked. He's not Malcolm Jenkins uniting can't predict that look at but it is pretty polarizing is cabinet was data on his locker and talk about the protest and talk about his feelings towards Hillary Clinton Donald Trump. I he's not even dollar cap predict he's that this is what I'm doing I don't care if you like I'm not really going to explain why do and I think that has treated a sort of visceral reaction toward market beaters. But I'm not naive enough to think everybody that the problem Marcus Peters that's whether feel extent that from. Other disobey what the tackling. That I got that NFL player and sometimes seem to avoid contact at a of people just like. Just like the image that he gives off to the chief of one player that repeatedly seems to have outburst that's not a good representation from a team. But now with Peter we got so far down the line that if you all jumbled up now at this point. Yet no you're you're actually right and it does feel like it's very polarizing like if you like Peters sure this type of person if you don't like him after this type of person. And you know I'm I'm sure I'm guilty of labeling people like that as well but it feels like that's you know immediately where people go to you know when when this debate. Consistently fair it was not like at my forties I have no problem with apple yeah about that I don't any problems protest I don't care. Stephen Nelson an African American quarterback Philip gains an African American quarterback I rip then do. But I don't care Peters protests. It's fun it's it it's your right I'm OK with it you make that this is a problem that whatever probably is the addiction and lack of tackling. Whatever problem Philip gains or he can't cover anybody. Stephen Nelson seems the whole people in the worst possible time in games so. Yeah I just I think it's I think and the suspension came at a good time and it's time used to. Deep breath both sides need to take a break in get away from each other problem. Right now we're talking to jolt for the Vera had pride who is in with us in studio on the other side I wanna actually get into the game. Because Hewitt I've had a lot of conversation about raiders week and that's one of the weeks that really got you fired the beauty Spain this is not raiders week anymore will get it's that next on the drive. The drive presented by do sinking us from the VD electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Back in on the drive coming up in about ten minutes or so you get into the player but I think. The markets heaters wild so to speak and really taken us. Bot fly off him. Who needs to have a big game this week if the chiefs are gonna win right now is studio Joseph Foreman of their pride. Is sitting down with this and talking about this mark is Peter situation we are not talking about in between segments and I was saying. And normally this week is raiders week this is mark is Peter's week like she is the topic of conversation this week. I understand this team had a chance to get the first place in the vision and they played two very important games the next two weeks here at airlines. But this is not about the raiders as is not about Lynne Dawson and back in the day or Marty Schottenheimer aero ahead mystique. This is about markets years at least this week. Yes especially. I mean of all of all teams for this to happen before the like the raider game of ball you know that if they're probably stings like a little bit of a different way yet mrs. I mean it's it's about all that it's about like. With help kind of season is this like it you know they if they lose they're gonna continue like this incredible collapse. If they win like somehow may be will be seeing them in January this year. It's about like which side is gonna let me down this week the offense with a defense. Key and they replaced Peters and yet that it's like it's about all those things by. Yes kind of ironic that it's the raider game. That's the thing that I really struggle with me now since of this game of how or they going to defend Oakland Oakland offences and a prolific at the thought I was gonna be the beginning of the season. But it still have a Mark Cooper who is incredibly talented and burn this team for 200 yards. Michael Crabtree with what in the top 20/20 five right receivers in the NFL Jared Cook let this team up the last time that they played them. I just don't know with the resource is that they have especially if they're not gonna get past what they haven't at some point this season like how you slow Oakland down defensively. I know it's it's a law that over the course of the season like I don't have an answer that you know like I felt they did at one point thought that they're going to be you know Graham at the top ten defense but. Man even liked my most optimistic way elect can't look at the secondary and think that they're gonna you know slow the raiders down very well. And I'd I just don't know where's the surprise team is gonna come from Terrance Mitchell and put up like. The game of his life his Revis you know after one game on one game under his nosy and get them much early in my late game Julie would have exactly like I just don't know. Where it's gonna come from and it feels like I can like you know envision this you with car just sitting back in the pocket. All day long like so many other quarterbacks have a last seven weeks. And just pick you know partly. I'm not sure what like analysis you can have that says that won't happen that be the we have no idea was gonna happen in this game. The offensive which has been like this story line over the last three weeks you can't might have any strong takes about the chiefs because you can't believe in anyone silent I can't believe that the offense is like good or bad frankly either put up 35 points they put up eight points they exist eight cheese tray and I mean. And do you. There are chances ranked sixth which I thought was. Really misleading because their. There either six or their like 28 and and every game like there's no in between it's and just incredible extremes this year. You brought up a good point Joseph do you think fans care this team makes the playoffs or not because you said in this game. He can either be the continuance of a very disappointing season. That Timmy Mears 2014 that season going into it you knew that team wasn't good. And I think most of us knew at the end of the season there was going to be pretty widespread changes now. We had save our chief the Joseph Bob Belcher stuff happen like a lot happened throughout the course of the season I think we all knew what it was gonna lead to at the end of the season. This year. You're keeping your coach next season no way he read it I know you are changing quarterbacks that's the excitement for next season. But you don't know first round draft pick solid side it was his third and make the pledge not like missing the playoffs helps you smell like the difference between having the fourteenth overall pick in the 21 overall pick you trade epic a way to buffalo snaps or making the pick works for them. And golf fans care if they make the playoffs or not because we're talking about this team having a home playoff game. Golf will be favored Alexy who they play maybe they played Jacksonville buffalo won those teens home you'd like to think it's a pickle but it's airway you pick him. Idol fans even care they make the playoffs or not at this point. You know it it feels like that like. I think it was like the dean and you're like 06 chiefs that made the playoffs and you knew they were just gonna did. Killed by the colts and they did you know went on to win the Super Bowl it's it feels like one of those years or like the 2010 GO castle in the title Clement and hey. Yeah I guess we're happy to be here but like there's no we don't we don't think Barack's gonna make a run here you know anywhere is like in previous Indy read years I'm like hey like. This team appealed to make a run you know. In and in the playoffs this year like I'd always rather make the playoffs they are not especially when. You know the draft picks don't matter as much. But yet it's one of those years were just it doesn't. You don't have much faith that there's going to be anything beyond that first week and. A lot of that is because you so much noise around this team you know it's hard to actually just lock in and focus on the football. Because there's so much stuff is Bob's sudden media why you know what's the deal with Peters would throw the offense played well like there's so much noise around this team right now. You're like I am I would assume that there's part of it little little bit me I go away. You know I just artist or a collective football and he can we can't give back their we have been able to do that last month's. Or expectations I mean I I did I would say we have got a full sovereignty has it been about football bat football you know what I mean life like that. We talked a lot about run defense and pass defense and changing quarterbacks they've been good things talk. Talk about changing quarterbacks fire a coach do you know I mean. It citi's focus on like taken his team beat the raiders when we got you know I mean. Yeah it feels like you're right on your like teetering right between like the like old chiefs and what's you know like yeah what's coming had were all kind of like. Excited for something new rule you know I guess to cut kind of come forward are you taken this week. Ahmet pick against the chiefs 2016 raiders. I just. I don't know what to general I mean you I I I can't come in here and properly sailing to either side of the ball will play well or won't mean I just haven't I have no idea. If Bayless scored sixteen points is weakening against the raiders. There will be in the dead the most talked will be added not next week or our role playing skip the banners journey at home against the raiders defense held but no more is Peters to up to twenty points 21 points or under you didn't score what they want poised to win that game at. Next week it's got to be I would say worst that it was heading into the jets game. It will BA and other this team should start on hey we've lost a tiebreaker to Oakland we're six and seven now we're not making the playoffs start actual home that drum will be incredibly loud they lose this game that way. I think you have to get to eight losses before Reid actually considered week sixteen or seventeen we're eager where you're pretty much out of it in multiple weeks of bad football. And you'll see it week week. Be very well could see if you're picking the next couple weeks and others looking ahead a little bit odd couple in the next two games and if they want that's what I'll pick to win next week against Aussie at Baylor goes this way. This game no way ticket win next week like it's hard even spit in the back against the wall and a whole mentality if they just off the game to the raiders' home. I I can't pick on this week if they were more I can't pick up next week if they lose this week if they witness we would know Marcus Spears at Oakland offers short pick up next week against the Los Angeles. They have dominated the division I know like history as a matter with this team anymore. But it you know until the until they lost the raiders a few weeks ago data in 112 in a row that I mean that means something I think in I think have a huge coaching advantage in this when he and you read runs circles around Jack Del Rio. Yet a big coaching him as in the giants yet yet another that's that's that's what's it like history as a matter anymore. How many to they can erode gains they would only loss at Oakland and they lost that to the giants and the jets on the road. Pick in the chiefs to win this game is true and I'm not serious because it absolutely makes no sense there's nothing about the season makes any sense. You know I felt the urge to pick the giants and chiefs game and I didn't do. You know and and I don't know hope. I don't really have great reasoning for other than the fact that. There's some crazy stuff is gone on there and and at times that'll force you to refocus and locked in a little bit more. We know you don't have when he best players so I think the chiefs I think you're gonna hang 34. On the raiders ninety gonna win this game barely. Joseph Thorman of arrowhead pride always a good time targets are used to Google blocks and stuff I'd also talked to the blog blog itself from absolutely your view that. Coming up in two minutes we get into how the cloud around markets Peters has completely taken the spotlight off one key member on the team will tell you an excellent drive party.