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The Drive
Thursday, December 7th

Hour 1 began with Fanning's relationship analogy on the Chiefs and Marcus Peters and how distance can be beneficial to both sides. They also take a call on what the best case scenario moving forward would be before talking Chiefs/Raiders with Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus and Heis gives his Week 14 Fantasy DFS Fades in "Fantasy Advice with Heis."


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Good drives presented by don't say geez I have a million dollar write two of them. I'll give you my first boss well yesterday the usual. Prices bachelor party that I was volatile time. Of those key cards and I imagine many of you your job you have something in your wallet that just put it up to the door locks the door they should make something like that you can put in your wallet. And whatever you in the situation that I repeatedly see the fun myself and you cannot find your wallet too usually get to pick up your ball there should be. And that's why fine whatever you wanna call them what if you lose your phone and your. Then based on GPS. I should be able to determine where my wallet is wallet behind nine million dollar idea I. Another million dollar idea having. Ever DVR to show or someone I had. DB artist go and you wanted to watch that you should be able to you have the same cable provider is somebody else. You should be able to digital he Chileans or the show from your DVR. Do the other person's DVR trains. DDO. Another million dollar idea. I'd be here it. Jason and opening my you feel about my two million dollar ideas. Well there's interest they got to drive for Cooper right now my pastor of the you're flawed by her idea and the best quality there. She bought it for a friend of. First got good. Guarantee Harrison brand. No look at great ideas paired in the drive and another day another dollar another million. Did you between now. That his drive kids hairs here didn't Isaac Bruce of this thing and creator of open. And today. Because Kansas is no longer undefeated basketball. Has now switched sides and is now wearing his Nebraska Cornhuskers geared as the one the only bread being are you doing today. The Nebraska that he's glad it's got frost and Oscar football's about the comeback that's what it was immunized I thought it was yesterday you were way you were Don indicate you blew they Lu saw that as. If Philadelphia 76ers. Lectured I don't I don't. Yeah that's the case is sixer got all the way back to like doctor. So I think that's fired back up to abuse sixers fan and I had a ticket NBA teams I'm going back to. I'm go back to moderates and she got a question equipment or refute that so what is your rules you know there are a lot of people talk about how they hate the woman like when it's a hundred degrees like have actually now I'm not one of those people. Would anybody take today's weather over being ungodly hot at this much I'm one. This would be hard being this the worst possible weather that it enhance its cold you don't wanna go outside you don't wanna do what you're paying. You don't get the benefits no you can just say. Hey boss currently my driveway today because it's all ice I got to stay it would be kids today this is the worst. Possible whether you can that's like twenty degrees. Outside of let's go. He's the son is much less than twenty degree weather with sunshine and then in hundred degree where you're sweltering everywhere you go that's the worst you've ever it's it's pretty bad. It's pretty bad guys. Like on the shores of lake here for ten years and I see the sun for like two months in a row. I can handle the cold in the suns got it makes at least there'll. And they craze I think this is actually go and honestly the worst possible whether you you'd rather walk outside in the moment there's humidity hits you in the days in your slightly letting all I would take over this for sure at least you have a does. Hired Lee didn't go outside and do things this not be outs and nobody admiral audits and don't want walking their dog know kits are applying. I want everyone mad dog pee and crap and I'll tell you just you bundled up delighted just go. Sparky don't he broke exit run back in the house this weather. Absolutely sucks before we get to our top story of the day. Breaking news from Ryan Shay easier he had surgery today choose stabilize his spine in official. From the EU PMC. A neurosurgeon in the Pittsburgh Steelers team physician. Performed spinal stability since surgery on Ryan Shay easier. To address his spinal injury from Jeremy Fowler was pretty plugged in with the ESPN on the Pittsburgh Steelers they talked to a Steelers player who wanted to visit say easier but believed it was probably too soon the team is respecting the privacy process and surgery is a part of that. Another text earlier tweet earlier today from Michelle Steele also v.s being just got the phone with the neurosurgery at. New Orleans neurologist excuse me who consult with the NFL PA. Asked him what he makes of Shea easier spinal. Debilitating surgery. Quote it's not good we're not going to see him this season he may not play football again. So you very serious very scary very dangerous situation for. Steelers linebacker runs easier. Prayers and boss for him again a very scary injury that happened on Monday Night Football and a very scary situation for him. Yeah a look at it and tweet from Ian Rapoport who by the way you can hear Monday's 1215 on the day ship of lake indeed. It Rappaport just read that right she's your spinal surgery will now says. Excuse me necessitate months of recovery sources say before it considers return to football. Season over obviously difficult situation right on the start today and obviously about the only thing I thought about it cajun beat last night by Washington. At sprint center which I'm sure we'll get into see that. Because you're there on time I'm. I kept thinking about the markets Peters then all of last night in night talk to my wife about it and and we kick around things we talked only to get her opinion on it because I'm just a block head Sports Radio host and I like to kind of get a vibe for other people thinking. So somewhat of a relationship analogy that ties in with your Donald ensure the royals and basically what happened with Mark Peters and here's what I think happened. We've all been in this situation before abruptly alliances has nothing to do it does is say no but. Relationship where we love the other person. Com we care about them but at some point you just need a break from each other like it love that person you care about that person richer about the election so. In an attempt to make the relationship lasts long term you've got to take a break from one another yet takes some time onto sort of reevaluate the relationship reevaluate what. Irritate you about that person is that you pay is it a big deal is it is said to the toothpaste and red. Or cap on the tooth paste thing or something smaller to something bigger. That's kind of where the chiefs in market speeders are with each other. I think any time away. From each other and I look at the royals had a doubt overture in 2015. Never time boy well he almost did but. You know there to listen to all law until Jason Vargas got hurt. And the F can't do that and yeah you can't send. You can't send a guy down to the minors to work on his game and work on an attitude adjustment and to come back and be ready to roll. I mean you're got it up going back to all the on ride on a Bosnian peanut butter sandwiches down there. So mark is Peter got suspended thank you either have the option here are right and venture was immature player super talented kid. And almost went down along the decision in May is getting ready to go and the Jason Vargas dollar. Venture need to grow up markets is needed to grow. Before they say ventured Almonte was foreign settle with a five point 19 ERA. After. The decision to send him down there your Donovan chairs straightened up. Had one hell of years 113 in fourteen starts with a three point one ERA and that's kind of what. The chiefs are dealing with Marcus theatres right now. They just need some time apart from one another. And it needs to affect you go it needs to be public it east for everybody to know about it. For it to have the effect that it needs to happen I was going on here hopefully. Mark is Peter's been away from the team he's not the facility. The chiefs are had to deal with the fact he's not there they can you separate themselves take a deep breath and both sides of this thank you just sit back and say. Okay what we want is is this going to work for us long term you know what needs to happen for this to work long term. Do we even want to be together long term and I think that's what would this week can do for the cheese and for markets Peters because the chiefs are obviously tired. The stuff that he was doing I think mark is Peter's needs to grow up and understand it listen in the NFL is a privilege in the certain things you can't he can't do. And it's time to grow up becoming a distraction to the team it's becoming an issue it is so this. This week at least in my opinion I hope turns out to have the same effect that the royals tried to have on your Donovan surely are attempting to send out in 2015. I think the big difference in these conversations and I understand why people I think are kind of combining two but I think there's two completely different kind of things. I think sometimes we have what we think thirteen conversations and we project tough means feel about. The team and about the situation project goes on to the players but you'll and I just had different perspective on this like I don't think the team cares about Marcus Peters cursing in the locker room. I don't think the team is that concerned about his blow up to Bob Sutton. They happen it's a competitive game at the end of it is very easily defused it we haven't really heard or seen anything other. Outside of that I just think this thing's probably the mine that the least of a holes that. I think that the conversation between the team and what the fans are gonna be having on Monday is going to be very very interest. Because I think that date to conversation to have about that she says what if they win. What are their defense goes out employees well and shuts down beer car in this raiders' offense and they hold prayers to when he points. What's the topic of conversation what are people going to be saying one Monday. Because there is an inspection of cheese as we can over the phone lines and talk to that legitimately think this team will be better without Marcus Peters. I think that's crazy. In yesterday's I was thinking about this too I counter reads like some bizarre world I've never in my life rooted against the chiefs. He wants to see the chiefs lose. Like part of me wants to see the chiefs give ball 400 yards passing. 45 points in city mayor seat we try to tell you how important markets Peter Wallace. But I'm thinking on the outside that's what happened the first time they played this team what mark is Peter's. So I. Like the chiefs at least from this perspective or a lose lose situation. If they win in play well. The topic of conversation on Monday's going to BC we told you marked as it was distracting he wasn't that important team let's straight its policies and people that have been bing image from the entire season. Will be saying that literal and or Monday. If they go out there get cooked offensively the same crowd gonna say that's the same thing that happened the first time these two teams play each other. I just think the topic of conversation on Monday is going to be incredibly interesting to see how people spin on all sides. The only way acting you quote unquote win this conversation is that achieves what a game 4544. The dolphins that they're exposed yet defense trouble they still find a way to win nobody is gonna say that you did in markets Peters if you give up 44 points in the game. That's kind of where my focus is kind of shifted in the conversation around market Peters in this game. Yes you know I'm glad you wrote that because that's a that I thought about too much what if the chiefs when this game then one. You know I think a lot of times in the get out of back to the relationship and how he sometimes you need a break from each other is to get away. Because like the chief Steve markets beaters and attic markets Peters obviously needs the chiefs. And I think they can both come back and be healthy together and that's well this week is but you're right it is. If the chiefs win this game without Peter which I do think is a possibility. I do think that she's trashy to beat the raiders do I think that she's Stevens could be better and sort of exhale not to think about all the Peter's stuff that goes on for one week that'll work absolutely long term without Peters. Not so much. I think that this week you can count relax if you're a player you can focus on. Doing this you know OK listen we're down a guy we feel lucky and I got to do a little bit more this week I've got to refocus I got to do this I gotta make sure on the fundamentally sound I got to. Mean I think that. In itself can be somewhat of a positive this week long term I think it's a totally different deal because it markets Peters an extremely talented players that she's gonna need. But on yet I think that she's will be in a dilemma. On an end somewhat of an an a no win situation if they actually win this game which again your ride is bizarre. Is there a chance that the change would consider moving markets Peters Therese Taylor was asked about this earlier we play you what he said next on the drug. The dry presented by don't think it's from the VD electorate and studio sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up at 230 we'll catch up with Sam Watson a pro football focus. To find out before all impact of not having Mark Peters out there on the field. What she's pointed to slow down the Oakland Raiders attacked in house Graham likes the chiefs' chances this weekend at arrowhead. NA dare I call must win game for the Kansas City Chiefs they host the Oakland Raiders chiefs sit at six and six Oakland sits at sixty sixes while. Looking to take eight at least a potential tie for the lead in the division. It's this gives more important that she's an open and you lose the tiebreaker views of the Oakland Raiders if you aren't lost tomb ones and she's absolutely have to win this football games will catch up with Sam Munson. Coming up to thirty. Of pro football focus. I have a very weird point about the chiefs game that's coming up. Obviously I'd like to see that she's won and I'd ever root against the chiefs but yesterday I kind of was in this like very your mind state. What if they win without markets Peters let's say this team goes out there plays and inspire your effort they win this game when he won thirteen. We all agree the phone lines are going to be one fighter or Monday of C markets Peter it was a distraction weeding Needham we've been trying to tell you to get rid of a straight in the offseason fourth third round draft. I really struggled to find what the winds scenario wins at least in terms of being conversation around markets Peters I don't think that's the conversation the team is adding. I think the team realizes how important market Peters is the overall fabric of that team and it is hard to be you know league level team without an elite level quarterback. I don't think that's the conversation thing ends will be having on Monday. If this team plays well defensively and finds a way to win an order equality. Quote my conduct lassie he was not characteristic of my game. To the youth of America that look up to Derrick Thomas I apologize to you because that is not sportsman like conduct and you should not conduct yourself that way on the field. That was Derrick Thomas after he was suspended after the Monday night meltdown against the Denver Broncos. In 1998. Here's the best case scenario for me. She's got there they win the game. It's clear they still need markets Peters. Afterwards. Peter speaks to the media and says listen I screwed up on sorry. I feel terrible about this. You know to clean this up. And I wanna be a part of this organization so we can continue when info blog was a great players get suspended it happens. Haven't Derrick Thomas one of the greatest chiefs of all time. So. Best case scenario for me is chief when this game Peters has a week to think about this as you know like I was really ignorant of me my bad. I apologize to the cheese the organization the fans and everybody else I think and they'll. All the snow is not what he's well I'm just saying that's the best case scenario that you a win in the Peter's Kim doesn't listen. I'm sorry I screwed up you know it's not gonna happen again ordered about their win football games to get a chance to win the division. I happen to say that's case and there. As they we know enough about Marcus Peters to know that that's not how he's going to hit the situation I would love for him to come on issue some down apologies Dana from the media talk about what's been happening. I just seen time and time again that's not hit that Derrick Thomas. Is this they lovable different kind of person I marked as Peters is not that mark does not want to say anything he's not gonna talk about a note that on the field next week. And we will not here for Marcus Peters at any point the rest easy at least that's what I'm expect yeah so you're anticipating some kind of stand in front the media is based. I'm not just about everything doing that I'm not anticipating anything I'm saying that will be best case scenario. You know fans are physical coach is fine she's got to win that's best case scenario. Bryant hauled audits of the drive today one of our spirit football college ride it's been a lot man I even. There I'm sure. Obama boy. A little while at the very get market a little bit of credit. When he was mine not mean well you have a dubious salesman at that point. But usually respected and injuring remorseful so let's not pretend like keep that in you know. I mean and and obviously we we can all agree that the best case scenario. Marcus matures. And all the team and the player and and obviously that span all come around you we beat by a the player. That being I wanted to act you guys. Is to act as are trying to me. What they're a situation. Like what what really is the best case scenario. In a into the micro level or Sunday concern because. I mean church I think it's a great point that you bring out a if the team goes out and loses. You know what like what the market's reaction to back and be true that you don't want to wait BQB. Market today wolf caution law because he's an actor best player on the field. And they need to continue to meet or. But he could also be evicting the outlook as market could be like we won. I would. I caught that game because. Out there. But if you go out and waited. Depend on the traction at all you're still gonna get the and pitched real old one didn't need markets Peters like you respect you know elect. It's a really complicated situation. An and I just I don't I don't know what. Sunday and I don't want that thing with Marcus Kruger and the sheet as to war. And in real quick it can forgo. You bragging mention their comments. And I angle that those two guys are obviously very different. I'm not trying to beat you hyperbolic here but I just want the curtain pension. Derrick Thomas did that and I think he said 1998. That was probably like his seventh or eighth year and believe. The guy that's in the late twenties and has a little bit if birdie eagle bulk bringing an and we know just the different guys. You'll have to keep in mind markets just 24 year rule. Our I like. How in your boss would have handled any of these situations and indeed ultimately what it would force in a way that they're issued an apology. But for years. Are so crucial to his maturity. Back and I'm not saying there would react differently if you would have been 24 but I think it that the birdies were which consider. That's a good call for Ryan's call we appreciate him calling. I guess the difference him and this is I think the apology that you're saying in that Ryan was bringing up. Feel pretty confident to say that mark is because we do that in front of his team. Think this week mark is Peter's got up and stood in front of veterans of that team and defense issues that kind of apology. Mean I'm so I let my emotions get well I'd that did the best that meet an important game I can't go out play with you guys. Does not anticipating him saying that in front of the media but I think that team mark is Peter is that they see. They seemed to bubble and believe them and that's why it's epic the conversation that team is having but how important is that the team maybe being tired of some of the antics is different than the ones the fans have. The issue that Bob Sutton the chips cut a little like it was no big deal pay these kind of things happen it's football opened fire we kind of people we know how to manage it that's not the reaction at the saints head to oddest thing having I think the fans and the team were just having two completely different conversely I. If this thing was the only thing that I wouldn't care about it and and I think that's the way the fans are to do it again man listen. Peters is fired up he's kittens Spacey was to win and that's what it would come off of it was a one time thing. I think you've got you you combine all the things that in any addiction Peters is pulled. And I think that's work comes into play the Bob Sutton thing is the least of all of the stuff that he's done because that actually doesn't hurt the team on the field. And footballs in the stands urged the team on the field. Walking off urged the team on the field hitting Derrick are late urged the team on the field so again I don't. I think this thing is way down until all the stuff he's done it it doesn't matter and I get that part. Football is emotional well likes emotional capital bosses and employees and I don't have a problem that now brought right call a mix of Herbert -- point 24 and 48 is you know you're you're almost two different human being. That under saying it does not appear Peters can not just regional but a statement. On file that was in Peters was still his teammates that and they bias that's good to just saying. At the port with the chiefs are right now. And the way the public feels about the situation and the and how irritated a lot of fans are. With Marcus Peterson the fact that the chiefs had to suspend him on this I think we'll be in the chiefs in his best interest if he's stood up there's at listen. I screwed up my dad I think that would go a long way and everybody wants to forget. People always wanna forget especially when it comes to athletes and their favorite teams he may not do but that's where I think ya. Coming up next rejects it was Sam months at a pro football focus to find out what's the football impact of not having mark is Peters on the field sim months in a pro football focus next right here on the drive the dry presented by don't think it's from the electorate into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Com. It's your colleagues. One day when people say name once and again I think winner. Just like that Maggio is to baseball book or United's it's football that's what Munson oh yeah. Pro football focus analysts believe Blankfein America you can play. You know we create their game well known good drive and lose uses sandy. For do Dublin Ireland who have been caught the ball I think they did it. Not pure fantasy football reef tour school and netbook. On the drive. Same minutes it's what little fantasy in my eyes eyes we continue to kitchen ready for the fantasy football playoffs. A big week in the NFL with some really big. Match ups we'll get Tyson's thoughts when fantasy football coming up at a fouled some 45 or so don't play the chiefs defense. Very very valid nightly I would say maybe play dared bar or Michael Crabtree in this one that would I would hate it now he can stack and the other in daily. They'll also be my suggestion right now we used to edit crossed on. But now we head to Cincinnati Ohio to catch up with Sam months and a pro football focus stats and information so good. That living breathing NFL teams pay for it is also backed by Chris Collins were of NBC sports we had to the drop hotline right now to catch up to. Sam day Sam I don't today man. I'm doing good you guys. To have fantastic let's start off what this. How in the chief slowdown the raiders with no Marcus Peters. Problem I think the good news is the latest to be an awful lot of he they just haven't been executed the way you expect them to coming into the season. There are just I didn't saint quarterback themselves even though. They you know a formidable if they have bonded and feel about much it. Contact a lot of and shorten pronto. I think obviously that means much in terms of receivers such as this which in effect the bikes. But I don't know which can be overwhelming consummate actress because we've just never shall not yet received. But I guess when you look at the first time these two teams played him in a Mark Cooper at the five best wide receiver days in the NFL's I think the fear here in Kansas City is. They couldn't slow down this passing attack whenever markets Peters was playing. How are they gonna stop him what he's not playing when you've got guys like an attacker parents Mitchell. And now Darrelle Revis who couldn't even play a full game last week. Didn't while. My deepest sea. Monster performed like an invincible on two different guys and the big thing about it. You know for action against Eric Mitchell for reception yeah so game. Convicted involves an advantage again quote anyway so there's potential that there and do something similar. Possible for the raiders the decent picture important big performance from want to feel good again all the allies there are actually not perform. What did you did you how can I eat it shouldn't only look at. These constant numbers are far all the quarterback who you know. They're hard to do the talking. A passer rating agency he once went six and we'll be content. We don't people just call on 1% which is a pretty low number I didn't intersection without posting on some of the opposite though. I think the chiefs. Or didn't publicly. Disciplined they're trying to make it possible for their car and hold it did not surrendered to be quite. This amateur pro football sluggish amonte and look at your rookie rankings right now and a guy that I was pretty high and about a month ago Alvin Camara is your highest rated rookie right now Korea is dropped all the way to four. How much of Korean mons drop has to deal with him or the chiefs' offensive line and in the office as a whole. I think most of it the opposite of life yeah they're playing out globally. Huge amount of added that he himself. Did not duck also loved it and the war. You people get broken tackles still. I'd among the most broken tackles and a well ginger beard is struggling not think about that game we cry. I think it will factor in the lead and the broken tackles. He's averaging three yards per carry after contact those games. It's simply not getting much. Or contact you look for a what damage has been playing. Phenomenally well what you want to vote early entry is unconscionable. That these problems not out of line a lot of polls opening up for. Right now talking to Sam Johnson a pro football focus on the drive for a few more minutes Sam how would you rank this team's quarterback situation with no markets Peter because. It appears to be a bottom three bottom five unit in the leak. Pretty market he did. Marcus is obviously. And today called it cheap and attention on what their record in the air so explain it is that it won't get that vote that a court had you in terms of. Recognizing. What the court I want these people are not important is that you shouldn't be. Republicans were running. Well he's that excited of what we saw last week injured 36 knots he would look or problems it didn't matter what did look. Optimal Stallone. Looked at the same guys that struggled again it's career and a jet that basically this requirement that you can't call. It is unlikely he. Just all of our problems. I would change if there's nobody did it again that legitimate wondered why a lot. So let me ask you this I mean how tough is it way. Geyser or are based around analytics and you and you have to sort of judge you're trying to predict what a team's gonna do when there's turmoil around the team like the stuff that's gone out the chiefs right. The old ones you can bet there. In the politically these. Week factory also declined this year is there. Suspending guys that are affected area and coach being. Sent packing after the Eli Manning out on. No I've tried to back what can block objectionable. Content you don't know based on what hopping on the field. And walk alone cheese's. Problematic involved because everything DJ. Actually the single biggest problem on the roster for. A couple of months then now more adequate defense part operative anyway so that you are not welcome Lockheed what I want fuel cell. They are the toughest team to sort of project what they're doing. Of all the NFL teams this year. I think he won the war. News win projections didn't aren't out client critic of the playoff situation look like him. We have achievements we need to distance you know what is it that we face touts that the chiefs in the charges over the remaining few games. And I think Natalie I think no clear on exactly what the chief target anybody else and that position is more complete also between Kansas City that he didn't have called up to them. But they they still functional while we are more guys on the team playing well it's about quality players in this state court altogether because he gave. They can be seen that they're still a problem that. Right now talking to Sam Johnson a pro football focus for a couple more minutes. Sam the biggest problem with this team right now actually is a markets Peters in my opinion it's the pass rush over the last six weeks. They are dead last in the NFL in sacks which sounds really bad when you are paying. Your highest paid defensive player Justin Houston who was supposed to be an expert sack artists what's happened to this team's pass rush. Good question. I just don't think they're at the moment and we'll get some get after the quarterback that much just decent. As is their best are sociable patent he got game he's worried that he did shut down that. He got through Google election if he gets it yet to all the questions we afford it awful. I'm it would shut premiered it won't think lower level very good offensive line. Almost I didn't write in Sochi games. I'll get it decently in baked in Japan didn't participate what did you say at this stage but we ultimately could give you any period. Scare smallpox doesn't want it you can jail that expressed archer on torture. You didn't see your diet is no secondary. Where has that edge and I like. I also think the humble foreign both sides have not been able to bring. At additional pressure of what I thought just to be convinced that your evil I think one or. Sam last question mark as Peter through just kind of popped in my head to get short raid on Marcus Spears has been so far this season because to me the only difference in this year and last year just interceptions. I feel like we notice all the other flaws with markets Peters because he was always kind of propped up by as high interception number but now that he doesn't have that the kind of fall Beckel and you notice all the other flaws in his game. Yeah he's got. We want to bury this point he's they had slightly more trust that you did a year ago and yes that great right now 84 and he wants he was 84 point trying. Hasn't eaten at two point eight so. He's been an around the same kind of all the races and our career and anything that you changed your votes for the moment is the egyptians that they. Jump button for it it is. In the hot area corner you're going to make spectacular play. Because of lack of barriers there would be awful places that he is supposed to be a bit of coverage. But he won't be perfectly well there's a couple of touchdowns this year. And our rookie season I think the reliability and crush them in and out. He's only if not a lot Lockheed what was rightfully. That you are 15%. From the two year career so far dirtier itself. He did bad on people a lot of clay but you cut back due getting a lot of positive play art. That they would really drop off this season is the lack of Oscar de. The first two years yet to be one of those missing one dot one additional ones I'm Koppel. In this section of thoughts about that area and have made only double fault it would. Similar askew who you have winning this game I assume it's Oakland is based on here in the last couple weeks every time you pick on something goes wrong some assume you're in Oakland this week. How would you handicap the AFC west right now though all three teams are tied at six and six but she's had the best starts of the season but the charter is a pretty good at least the last month or so. How do you handicap this division. Yeah I don't think. We must mean geez to charges that people can really blow it in what is the charge call right now what I've achieved at their hot streak earlier in the season. The raiders would you the confidence and they've got problems don't eat and law. And nudity involved is expected to adjust well I'm confident that maintaining that. Believe it. I actually think that she might you know might be concerned that actually quite a lot before awhile. We've got to go back to being pretty good quarterback that we can protect our guys. There's no problem with that game even though they got a lot we can laugh at it and form that option they have significantly. And that's a months at a pro football focus again stats and information so good to NFL teams pay for Sam always appreciate inside thanks a bunch man. Yeah is Sam and Sam Johnson of pro football focus a key kind of confirmed what I thought about markets Peter I don't think he's the same corner that he was last season interceptions aren't as high. You talk about pass breakups. This year but I do think the biggest difference in this year in terms of perception is he's made bigger plays last year so I felt like it kind of it put a band fatal result of his flaws in deficiencies that this year. The interception numbers aren't as high the takeaways artists I've for the chiefs of the team so not just notice all the warts and flaws in his game that stick out a lot more because he can't mask over with turnovers interceptions away has in the past. Yet nobody cares he tackles he's taken off passes a return for touchdown nobody cares about that pages dia. He's mega business decision it is gonna make those plays anyway when he's not. Stripping the football make interceptions. And that he's not tackling that's the shows and and people pay attention that Stan. Coming up next Olin this show we did little fantasy advise the highs and high so you would have made this week in and fantasy football and I say we gotta put somebody out to pastor I'd tell you who necks and address the dry presented by don't sixteens from the electorate into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up yeah. It's the with a pair concert tickets to catch. Brett eldredge. Went a long way to work makes its way to Kansas City at the uptown theater. In a tickets go on sale tomorrow at the drive giving you appeared to be today you gotta do. Is know what movie we will play today during the pop pleased as we do every day at this time ice gives you advice that will probably make you leave your fantasy. But it's sponsored so we gotta do it. That's quite good production but I think that that's so you know to pay introduction from the right last place finisher in the wash. I finished last place in our league five weeks are there. There aren't legitimately there are gonna try and help you. The opposite of scary in and fancy guys that I can't help that last week that Mike Evans embrace it cuts were both palms we have some wonderful and do better. Benazir Bhutto that's right depths. Is presented by fantasy sports markets dot com especially if you're somebody to add a little bit around locking your season monthly. Does not jump on board and this is sports markets dot com get involved in their daily active daily teams including your chance went up 50000 dollars with our lineup. Is it a fantasy sports markets dot com he's the from a good sixth and Benny. And you get fifteen dollars deposit that's three entries three opportunities for free for an opportune went up to 50000 dollars. Why weekly fantasy sports markets dot com. Is there is Alex if you guys somebody at each position that I'm going to fade this week in an idea that's lineups some added I think a lot of people are maybe hyping up but I don't think they are worth the hype this week. Sort of cornerback. Can't you at Carolina Panthers park makes him so valuable fantasy of all is his ability to run and score rushing touchdowns and six points instead of four. We face the vikings defense and they have shut down the run throughout the higher seeds. Sort of the passing game as an open up can't throw the ball a little bit more. Vikings issue it's a hand issue in the last five weeks he's 29 in passing yards and no Greg Olsen likely this week as only the match but all for. Running back. Leonard four and at the Jacksonville Jaguars since returning from an ankle injury. Port after about three yards a carry and is used to treat is nowhere near the first half season. Teams have been hearing Jacksonville to grow more and they've been doing so with success. They face Seattle Seahawks team was a lot to prove last week and they delivered in the Sunday night game against Eagles. In their front seven still remains strong I don't think Seattle's secondary is afraid of lake portals golf. I look at this to be another. Not great opportunity. For letter for an end I'm 18. Why perceive this as a little bit soft Fareed because I still think he's gonna get plenty of volume and plenty of opportunities. I'm a big Keenan Allen of the only chargers this week. Was it you study. The last several weeks he's been a legit top ten wide receiver. In the volume has been extremely happy we always talk about volume leading to success and antsy but I think this week charters now spreading around. Are gone up against Washington Josh norms going to be shadowing you renowned throughout the game presents explain a lot of man defense I don't mine doubling up on major targets but. I think Kean announced dances and I just don't anticipate him having a monster game from what a lot of salary sites. Want your paper and I think better value wide receiver I'm gonna go ahead stay away from can announce. Finally tied the flavor of the week last Cameron rated Tampa Bay Buccaneers got two touchdowns. Got back on track teams went to the near the train is right there and go back to Cameron break stacked with James Wednesday a lot of people are back on the breakaway. He's a great presidents are gonna understand this a classic example the fantasy owners will make all the time chasing points from the previous week. When's this gonna wanna Mike Evans and John Jackson back involves. And also in their matchup against the Detroit Lions able rushing touchdown in six straight games. A lot more patent barbour's gonna be in the next I don't think this is the week for Cameron great to have a lot of success I'm feeding Cameron break. Keenan Allen Leonard four net and Cam Newton all part my Thursday's aids for fantasy by surprise. We'll get to the pop quiz coming up in five minutes it. I like this thing here clicks but it's the gas that they weren't on the outside. Make Carrington rated this and so I've never been greatest musical. Ever. I've always been very average fantasy football player like two years the blank I'm terrible about it. So I mean make Grady didn't make it great for the first time I'd love to be consistent player on the worse than a law that would make when they're integrated says -- football for the first be to basically get along I'd be good good note when Nadal daily I'm off here's what you DE EB terrible. Because you would give all that especially with you one badly billion on. I'd I trusted zone Martin it's twelve round burn me again I've no more running backs and David Johnson on the I give up on its I don't know if that's fair when it comes to like lower tier guys but I absolutely would take like air routers at my second overall pick. And then he gets injured and I quit like now I have to play a quarterback Brett I don't really like adequate you wouldn't you wouldn't invest the denying I wouldn't be good necessary dailies are perfect for me actually coupled Sunday may line up there that's why some more time during the week entry in my line and maybe we've now got to the core problem org you can take that two minutes everyday at 245 or do an entire segment towards helping you out. Number I don't I don't do that every day. Why. I told highs this I'd hear earlier today and he said why would you wanna tell somebody to not do something that they love there's sometimes that think you have to protect people from themselves. I come on espn.com and reading a story about Raphael Palmeiro. Yes 53. Year old last played in 2005. Raphael Palmeiro. Click on this or. The opening up a business is he trying to tell younger major league baseball players not used steroids the way the heat is he telling. Younger baseball players about the importance of honesty in not lying on the stand in front of congress. Ya know. He's trying to come back in play baseball. And baseball like they're trying to play like independent league baseball team real Major League. Baseball. He said he still has something to prove no you don't. You played twenty years the Major League Baseball you're over 500 home runs he hit 3000 hits you're only one of five Major League players to ever do that. Jordan not getting an all time. You can come back at 53 years old any hit a home run in your one exam done look at proved to myself that I can do this you. Wit and fun at congress member wag his finger at congress to. Instead I've never used steroids period end and test it. Positive for steroids yeah yeah Dylan Raphael Palmeiro stay calm I'm sure you have a nice fulfilling life. But baseball professional baseball. Is not for you anymore. There's a lot of old people they need to get this message and never go out in their respective field. Who's this guy you. You guys tell me about elder woods last week you guys were sold an alternative that is up in Asia three rounds in the sixties I think that you're pretty anyway. No are you lost. He won a major tournament 2008. Yen on the as a rock Obama was in office he was the last senator. The last time he won a tiger stock. Snoop dog snoop lion. Your calling itself and now walk into a boom that record new music to be like a modern Iraq's largest gold were ginger absent. Murder was the case that they gave me in the WG day classic when he finally that. I know. And Snoop Dogg song again we start telling old people when it's time to retire when it's time to be done and that's why be the person to deliver that message. Amateurs Roxio marrow no. The 53 years old professional baseball is not for 53 year old individual. Real quick Tom Watson was one shot away from winning the British Open at fifty so. The same stuff that. We can't spot where. I'm going to put him. Imagine happening thoughts heading and it 95 mile route 53. Has been a little bit different stores. It all over the broken and it could be gone. And today's Buckley has risen about victory Chrysler dodge Jeep grand eagle and a pair of tickets to see Brett eldredge. With a long waits or makes its way to can't say if the uptown theater on Saturday April 21. What they special guests. Of DeVon Dawson also Jack. Gillian Jack. Tickets go on sale this Friday but we're giving them the early pop quiz today is a movie take away ice. Guys let's first listen book never. No the emotion at the dose that's right two for today's lesson how to draw the books. So much money this early in the game. I'm saying he's holding nothing better than her face cards. If you know a moment that is column eyes there right now 91357676. In the pair of tickets are yours ought next feigning. Was a rock that he knew exactly what was gonna happen last going to tell you how he knew next overdraft. Ride presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio.