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The Day Shift
Thursday, December 7th

In the final hour of the show, the guys talk to the fantasy guru Paul Charchian. Plus, K-State head coach Bruce Weber joins the guys, Bink is in love with a college football player, and the Take 2 Before 2. 


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You can do little hill with your fantasy TV of youngsters to drive you rewriting records of I don't know what you're doing that. One particular horse theft and a year I had some more than others but expects profits uber Sears dropped of them what defense they kickers. And it's goal. You know I am president of the fantasy sports trade association I don't know I have put the but fantasy sports hall of Famer kind of a big. Won't. The hall of fame. Ball starts you could say that Tom. Campbell I found. He joins us now going on charts. I am afternoon inside your game again Yoko greater. Argues. I am I mean what still and you got to bench market Peters. Knowing that you get the start your world view that. I guess it does what he built them back on the field. Mean you collect worst case scenarios right and he he cooperated the Easter that I ordered it. I assume that he's a much agreement on a mention your opinion that it sounded like he looked happy and I'm not either. I don't care that. We're going to take it seems they're put up 417. Passenger on that's when that you know fight week itself. And we're gonna take our pets are always good quarterback caught up with the that they don't. Yup Celeste let's start there let's start the year so so what does this mean for the raiders prospects on Sunday says Marcus beaters not going to be fine. Boats are the ball he did it. Me in part on why. You know not only you have the previous work here are the force seventeen re. Like now I've got matchups. All across the law. I've got Crabtree who lined up 45% of the time it would have gone. On the market Peter side of the field. I still that that last week that he felt a map site but I think that a couple of. And a Mark Cooper he can go get the toe injury he can go. Great organ started yet obviously at that game my front in the he got oh why are you corporal Patrick and the great start. We'll put out in the lineup but it didn't. I think the technical Peter the deal that it was second hurtful bought I don't know the course. If you like it might get caught you you got all of. You're wrong charge what happened in New York was the worst defense of reports I've seen from the chiefs years. Me available for 43 minutes church with a 1743. Minutes. Could get out. She's 34 points in seventeen minutes they say 34 users and biker miss the fuel bull they would have had 34 points charge. In just seventeen minutes payable nine over nine minutes on the clock to start or corporate jets immutable. An account on the week. But it would yeah would you bet that there are currently we might not find the other out. All in second happen yeah that will protect the. Egypt didn't even get to never get never relinquished the ball score reply dot com looks like it's of course are. It it's that was the bet they're incredibly deflating deeper team that desperately yeah and then after. Again I just you know what are the ones that don't agree with the injury absolutely monstrous offense but. The fact it ebitda as a market leader in key out of boot we need him on the field issues is pretty impressive I think. I agree I heard it's YD in the game charts they tied the gave up a lot of comfort to the with the defense playing in earlier offices when we're gone for two of the younger reader. Units in I don't know what. I don't know if you look at that question a Josh Gordon by the way target eleven times. Last week. You know what should fetus he owners expect this week Josh Gordon. Because greatness. That to laugh we talk but or equity approach here. An update. After it happened. Carnival button on the orbiter he caught all ball it. Forget that shark cartilage is worry if you want opera I'll yield that you've opened a whole field. And Albert typical quarterback of 150 yards and two touchdowns just shorten it up and how he'd get a rebate check in the charters that can be secondary. Strong day they just put one of their starting quarterback everything I heard yesterday. All of our starter the arm out is that grouping on decisions that shall there is a good chance at gold and it. They were already bought by the reception in dark patch up a lot. That he would. An awesome opportunity for Josh Gordon and potentially. A match it in Britain now he's like number eight. Wide receiver for this week and frankly they are they. Talking a ball charged him of pharma we saved act on your on the day shift Russell Wilson he's been as good as any Tennessee quarterback. What he's got a brutal match cellblock Jacksonville so what do you think about Russell Wilson. Yeah W power all things that you into the playoffs and that is a good player. That have that matchup or want to suspend it courts might not like an incision just after a different story. But that developed really tricky also got people would play out. What the matchup you probably cross country. Play the number one passing defense like you are allowed the number one passing defense like touchdown the lot but number one defense in total yards. And it you think we'll get a lot to victory we'll get that. Export and a lot quarterback to rush for 38 watching art. He's twelve years none at school work in over one calendar year separate black here. It finally major mismatch across the offensive line of defense network we felt that. While it's young or it won't stop a bullet football. It is it at all a matchup at. Vocal and it will be good here and probably that you're citing that. And that if you didn't block we want to make up their press I've gotten. A government quarterback he which purely out of respect for what the world. Mean it was just just one of the matchup as being basically quarterback. Like the forty minute that he just because he's brought Wilson is radical you never know what might happen but what a tough match. Speaking a tough match ups. Kim Newton always as the lead upside we drove the tough match up against the Minnesota Vikings let's face it they do just about everything well. Like you don't date date date there but he bluntly it's called out. They're not what the point angle that is not very well like stresses that it's quarterback like to play four straight. Really get captures the plate Kirk cousins jerk off Matt Stafford and Matt price and those four guys. Combined. Three touchdowns. And through those four games while world. And hamburger and him that he's been a longer 185. Yards passing. In four of his last five games 185 yards patent duck. And he hasn't been able to get over that it will be good receiver doesn't want to and it blanketed by Jeter world to get helped lead until 24 yards last week. I'm aware of the points held on would probably not economic while it despite the current. Quarterback rushing yards a game for number one and I felt I bought. That's that's that's insane there's there's absolutely no weakness with the I'd give us the one thing that we need to know bought every fantasy player in tonight's match up as we got to do when it comes says it points. Virtually everybody is still why is get somebody on. Is that so much firepower. Falcons strictly be in court on a point. Don't be surprised that the law school and then that. You're used to odd thing about it is it is both the heat senses. Are a lot what are they then passed them. We'll talk about it but I met this year which is a global leader like you're fourteen to the Philippines and future. It's been tied the Mark Ingram comes into the with a whole injury died. Going way. You and your viewers about that already a master falcons only one back to our deputy art. All year and security now why would want back to that point out that it. I'm nervous about Ingram to start over let's not Alvin Romero well I like a lot. The fat centered about that allows people. Running back reception with or vote like that are out here like there. To robberies that helped a matchup that you might think. All the air pocket is that 300 yards in Atlanta so far they've earned it in the they'll quote core of what sport in any game that you're in Atlanta. Michael Holliman is in the dark always wondered about 100 yards in the opener. Ambivalent or wide receiver sports and other cell lukewarm on him. I hit it on the bench because he mostly from drop out if that's true fox. Quarterback you like Hamburg and at the position local football focus. We've football would help him. While the pre Manhattan couple we optic content but he can't wait those couple stock laughter. On the yards per carry their electric vikings while I thought he looked good. Think our. He couldn't run defense but they have conducted the air and even as a circuit switching back. Let the likely that he kept up Coleman goes back in the dark I'll get a lot sunscreen that oh. Outline is. Oh hey start thinking that. Secondary. School quarterback like I usually be games like that he's effort freak out about it games. Let's talk Leo now it won't and so. I call it should eye chart there. Julio dealt with Burton the guy. Who occur if he dark and we call of the Eiffel that you lacked. You go up against rookie of the year candidate marks on or slipped a couple. And toward the quarterback inequality in this one all you got it felt like like. Only probably apt that started maybe not necessarily. The start depending on what she out. EU wide receiver that weakness actually. It's them they're at our weather on the new beyond that all the. In what you are what you are doing more damage to my but the outside receivers are a lot more quality and so. Who put up a lot school would hate crystal did have the Olympic Games. Active content to spot either killed. Good stuff charge also every single week we do sleeper sleeper quarterback running back wide receiver. I didn't pick up that you know you. If it jumped to the table you meet these guys because. They are good that African. So it might be going. Against Tennessee after the shocking compliment that that's now the last week. Doctor 240 yards per game more accurately that at bat football shortly he hit the tight. The global war secondary you know felt a lot of our most active touchdowns. Problem it's just we'll put 300. By dark against the titans last week it I don't need 360 thought all they went under herb Albert and I think there. Rock the backup running back or how oil. Actually how snapped Alpert more than the past or game and this is appalled at the giant swap the first horse to get a lot. It's so that would start him back part of posting solid game went on him. Code that was younger watching that that bit about Al ought to Welker caught on at all posted people seeking a giant. And that's what we talk about just what an awesome game that potentially could happier for the public geopolitical. Is it that packer the couple what meager resources they let the secondary stopping Josh Horton. Court called going to be sitting around we're really capable cover entire game. Good stuff is always charge will talk to you next week at 1250. What network dot. Iowa and meet all talking it was a couple blocked charge there. Not in the cards that are not that we let's talk man's dislike is the QLICEXE. And at Aetna a oh document. Arctic here vessel ball charged in recent back on here on the dates yet. Oh we goals from the fantasy football hall of Famer today take holds of the Casey want to ask don't Bruce lover. To studio sixty and Sports Radio. In Sadr. I occasionally yeah it tells you. Of course we don't thanks again to our guests all sorts CN but just joined us now our next guest. You know it's like to the ball music right you couldn't really he'd stake game he he likes the likes to listen music. Bruce whoever we found out Bruce. You like in the country. A Beasley to the question was on console to ever. Are you guys is that Zain you like the contribution athletes and sports revealed awkward before red China. The know how do you respond but he went coach busy week for you guys reverend Vanderbilt game last week in very good game a last week in South Carolina State. This past week but. Been blown away with Camille stokes very grounding your team and yield is ABC girl playing well but there. Don't you stokes and brown last couple games really impressive. Kidding here is that it burger I have a as. We're a little bit of what you guys that he's about our guide planes while they're out of different guys still. You know we feel. We're a part of our biggest thing we emphasize it. Continue to make progress and get better at the finished product fell at the we have a lot of guys. It is all. Here. And that the older guy who you know keep getting better you know whether he would overcome all boats out they. I mean they held up for points of it or if they get better. In our. People be better. How how was he liked the way that stokes is able to to play the point out where your team this year the. I'd I think that ought to also. You know but first we had the white beard and the C and we have not actually we did that out. Now we have the body a lot but more. Importantly it all there could be you know but it ain't big enough. And that's but the biggest thing we talked about it which Kamal. Am at all. You know blog class. And then you don't put a lot. It took away the key him. It certainly be almost certain percent to three which is the only positive that turnover. Really is. That are built this but at the bulk Turkoglu and great great our over which. You know that they make your point guard the ball on its way. It icky here that he helped you get more of that to make a difference in the day and and you know why. I really believe you haven't eaten in multiple areas like that and he does make it much more conscious effort. You know it's going to be and you know I felt there. You know in the country you while you're. He has gotten a lot better eat out let it caller ID the body adapting. Four pretty good. Sentence. I have an applicable to holes were sickness if we. All the technical issue is this Horford and here our questions or an outline topical or second but. You humans they got several guys that are playing good basketball right now in the Austin Renaud and stokes in scrutiny. I'm back but yet there's this group accused state. Very experienced. Our coach reach back down. Here. Yeah about your Mac break. Oh we need to. Author an answer right court. Pieces pretty of three games remaining before you get to the big twelve slate of games. Until Warner. Did you have a Big Ten did it also deeply summer league conference games for week eagle back here nonconference. Juniper for a better view I give all the non covered so the way before you dive into big twelve play. These are the man because they're on the it would mean that work. And it really oh I think it really 01 year. Amber and a couple times about it you know I think. There at. What. Quote we are. The whole well. You know it's a topic that you know we talked about. We don't have a week where we have won the game will get a little prep school where I was a lot of comfort. It all over it it is important to. Their proper. He'll keep it like being. But. It without her little girl. You know. But they play. And with the number was helped put a little. Flat. I I think report. You know if you don't. See. Do you know about those account name or by whom he'd get. Colts you know one of the biggest stories here and it was the biggest order right now in a Kansas City sports wise is a was going on with the sees it Andy Reid having just a span. More is Peters or start all pro quarterback afford this weekend's game Agassi Oakland Raiders and it is trending nationally as well I wanted to ask you this question because as they had told you you had as its wish to totally yours ago. With Marcus Alston were you had to kind of sit him down I don't what's the rehash you know any of what occurred in what happened but I just what I want you when it went askew is. Talk to me about the difficulty in having to suspend a key player knowing that you know it affects all those other teammates as well. Well yeah you'd never want that effort as cold a lot like oh. And help them. So you know blowing up and everyone has well. Say. But there are rules and law. If we if we don't stop light. We'll have you know is there are correct that ever happened out. It direct lightning the green light bulb goes out while on. Site on the highway I. You will help. Major problem. That K so you know. How you're. You know you're the complete without the rule got Wi-Fi and all of that program. You know I had. You know what you're about what the guys for a couple of whatever might be certain that the theme for that the you don't it's about a walk to the pictures but what about you know going into. The recipe and the bet here and it never hit it without. And a lot that. In order to make that good of like dead as a coach who now man that there aren't that out this summer. But the other guys on the back and say hey look like that collect her around that's what we'll do. And I'll call all day. I think. I think you know even though corporate rate. For what might happen watch it multiple. Final date goats by you headed to Wichita this coming weekend get a face to also at in trust bank arena. Are talking about that that NASA. We're told that their support for. Him. Could have a better record that may. Lot of course what I would say a lot eloquent eight. Both the circle the football but they say that from they have acquired. At all. That well that and the arc arc. Or. It was. Is that night for them you know you. If you work. Got so firm grandmother outlet that is so it will apply. 40. Now where are you ready you we around the country. This week look great week don't just last night like old. Or at war that don't. Central Arkansas California. Even ought to block out. Another. Great about that than they did play you know what happened. At what it is. The area expect it to about. The award they get better. Bet that there. And and there. So. Well. You know we you know we got ready to play I was really felt. I. Got on it they now with them next week. You know we we weren't body. Oh report will have gone. And are full of dirty play that good right. In front. Wheel and deal. And end all of it will open a lot exactly work out the last side they're calling it that it. What. Part of their own. You talked to a dance who look forward to. 7 o'clock Saturday night you can hear the game right here on sixth in sports real good look coach a cure for the told seeing you. Our frequency to liberate their long weird connection with the near and yet it. Astrid outline presented here to care I for a second there I was like does he not like the Toby Keith. Knowledge he can hit it. Did we say is on the wrong it's a couple Bjorn Izod as I'd like natives didn't like you is like asking the question needs I think you heard Mel stokes. And is that all it is his third Douglass that he had no idea league that he can you simply questions all sports golf course I tells him in maybe don't like him is just awesome to sort a mean I don't know what's believers is that like say like Toby you. I agree to come in Austral beautiful very. That would come issue buckets. All. Right down. The big twelve that would be really low on. This week is we thought in the B twelve might be. The records in the big twelve which of the other records big funeral. Big twelve teams have been pretty good the most losses due in nonconference renewed being abusers that they were never US the first question at all. Doubt it's the story crickets. Smith lower but we did know. We you know we could every. And in Manhattan the kids city signal man. Michael Porter Jim you're not claim from a story that -- it hurts a lot of disorders fans this season but could another member of the Missouri family be leaving the program. We get to that net or lightning. I. And he and completely completely open studio sixty in Sports Radio. He stayed in Tulsa Saturday night at 666. And Sports Radio. Thank YouTube and Bruce Weber joins Dell. Don't know Arnold he's got a reminder about stoplights and they worked as well I don't know I'll just hours between line and attacks on about the ball. Doubles players someone said that wasn't Toby Keith. All I did was typed into the computers that we have all of the musical play differently irons played him. Mark played again I'm playing who she met him. Which you mentioned Toby Keith though making good bit. Final played tennis site. If it bottomed. In to still be possible reply yeah but still we keep. Sadism that I'm wrong but them to play. This is exactly what I actually play. You're right. They're wrong your right. To expect that it. It's Toby Keith. As I don't know what are from our website business thing you basketball story about last night's game. That is the biggest news and BC sports and you don't even mention we mentioned we talk please all we talked to my kids bass player. Is definitely Toby Keith those types like we go back to Butte humane. What shall witness. Now let's see now I ask people say that's not Tobey heat alone. Everybody's everybody's. It's a label that Toby Keith in the system not till I achieve that told you know this not to keep. Someone says yes. It will be key. Someone on some of the Suzanne sizes so yeah you people are seeing it stated that he I thought I trust is there an excellent Augusta lockyer said that. It's just that you're honky tonk will be and as you've grown on her. Put your phone down right now and less you're wearing a belt buckle right now don't tax is this Toby Keith yes. I would take the word of people belt buckle when it comes to country music. If we keep. Yeah it's like not by its investments or obesity it is these people are idiots. I want to do you have a belt buckle that club. Let me know I have a belt buckle that's Tobey policy. How it's one of those or writing things that are one day yeah Allah that he secede outlawed in the building and related to the buckle up all through the metal detector. This is not long ago looted it was so we keep please don't name each day you name it and get an advantage so Texas Texas is a boring ass was chaps as Toby Keith. At that make up. You're asked if you happen in the most of this the remake of the Tobey and I don't know who believe anymore. With some of these lands Shuster usage boots that's Toby he yes. It is who BT. We'll Bruce wants the losses sounds like Alan I know who Allen does but. It is Toby. I like to its roots on the. They're easy Texans on one yardage told me. I snippets he plays this. If you last day. A you lost it and they'll be start made no sound sexy and then I drove a Ford F 350 its Toby. All caps are asked listen. On the the DS your bay and that Alan Jackson. Oh. Yeah with excellent and called rain and cool dudes. House. I'm withdrew the bag whose. Well. Aren't being. Already this year. Castles yes we know which is that wearing pants under your chip that's at the Missouri tiger athletic program or not be asphalt. I think just the need people to Wear pants wood chips which. They take a hit when Michael Porter junior year. It was revealed that he was done for the year without with a back injury. That is. I died and it's going to be a lottery draft day in most likely will never play at muzzle or. Well cross your fingers. Excellence is not a Toby Keith what are players evidence and that was the initial doses that he's he's done for the year. What was story may be losing another member of the family of the athletic program. Except on the football side. And this gate has quite the sees the edge through block. In the thing about it is he who so good this year led the nation in touchdown passes. But big part of it was a byproduct Josh I apple is up with Courtney they can every CF. Scott prospect effect bubbles you but I love you are all that and did among the two awards and the lot of people think the sponsors gets there. Assisting Robinson coach of the year was. Just type. So Josh Heupel gored in the NFL drew lock would it eagle with another offensive coordinator media does numbers Burke slide the man. He's get that momentum. He's get that momentum and a big way nationally. People start talking about you know it was one and only great is they're lovable mop it you'll you'll find out you'll talk to people would you let your people talk to people. Where you come on the tackle the major people find out what people value. Member Trent Dilfer senate as well as Italy's penalty this through Locke is every bit as a disease quarterback coming school Josh Rosen seemed Arnold baker mayfield idiom. Is what he said. In the end this was on the and Patrick show yesterday. When he was talking about what people are saying about drew block compared with a set about Patrick Holmes but this is from the. Okay here's the quarterback to keep an item. He plays it Missouri. His name is drew locked. Keep an island. Because this this is what happened with the pat pat Patrick Holmes. Nobody talked about it. This Gallup says to me pay more Holmes is really moving up he's a first round draft pick in people are gonna start trading for him they're gonna go up in getting. And that's what brought it to your attention and that's what happened in the draft same scouts said. Really really loves to Lockett mr. yes phone. This death to the junior Missouri. 3700. Yards 58% passer the 43 touchdowns twelve in so pure they really like him. I don't know peace first round draft pick or not and you may be it suits third second third round pick something like that that. This according to the same Skelton who told me about Patrick Holmes yes McClellan any chance to go back though what I don't I don't know with four quarterbacks who could be taken in front of him I don't know I just going by what this guy told me. And I do trust what this guy has to say when it comes certainly when it comes to quarterbacks. If they don't form. This is shuffling begin. Everybody as the perception of should be that quarterback equitably geno Smith to keep the count mine. In things change people feature are entering U pro day to come by and everything else. Restart get chatter that you chatter of a season. Booting you lead the nation in touchdown passes you play in the SEC. You start getting Chad. It's a real possibility. Is what he wanted to Missouri Josh Heupel was the reason that brought the talent avenue be good this looks so don't take a new step this year. Because I was talking to people like he recruited drew. But when you're start to get the attention nationally in tiger buzzing guys like Fred overseen an odd beat you any of them. India the scalp that says they'll like patch holes people just are trading up this guys is the first drug act early on it was like Patrick Holmes could be in the first round. But he gradually slid up the the number ten. But if you're getting me tapper the charter in equities talkative chatter about where you should go in all of the sudden. Good would come and blow people away do you take the chance of playing with a different office coordinator. The next year when you were with Josh idea got decision to make if you are stock start arise. You go now there can be capable of picture better Rosen thank you better and seemed all they like your arm strength and what you do. Did this might be the time for he's got a big time decision on the scene he does. A big time decision because he started to chatter now stock is quite the NFL why go back to Missouri if that's Rita and we all see drew go back there but. And get a ride the momentum and he start to get that initial push it seemed so many quarterbacks into the NFL. Yeah I tell combat will give our fantasy football selects as far league would do to take two before too and we're done on the patient. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Static and fire reduce didn't. They cleared the ion. Battery and again. When it comes news and assemble all week. Finally now stating we conspired against in relate as unsure of who's running away if that's not for for. You. Begin the advice he didn't give me a tank solid retreated up there to get advice and you did you take heed the advice. I got about. I charged laud your car that we were decorating. Nervous or cry baby about mean not only not find. Ways. Oksana currently there. Likewise. I mean a big problems just like if anybody knows of crime like a baby sounds like it gave me. Rob alternative that is it ought to be a wrath. And did your fate. He teams for the week currently lake. Sits in the lead with six wins on the season I have or think we as the reason we're trying to put the power play on here. And keep wake from winning it is one more victory and you know what you pretty much of field that's definitely enough. Now I'll still be alive but you'll be eliminated if plate wins this week did you get all mind. All these notes that have amassed a three wins for you were informed 72 with the master and it's prudent to. What I say. Everybody does not currently a baby's chipped it spit in fact Henry lake had the first pick in the draft this week he took Alvin Amara. He Andre Hopkins will be his wide receiver and anger get the ball game one Thomas Brady in her. There Ingram now I don't know and I know it's what I like a little bit of an extra workload for when Albert tomorrow this week that Tom Brady rounds out lakes. Basically at the second pick in the draft as being the first loser last week basically took Phillip rivers because he's in love with the San Diego Chargers also Dovonte. Freeman we'll be his running back. And showing how much faith Jay hasn't achieved this weekend Michael Crabtree by the way is expected plated. Idol fans will be his arm retrieve her. An analyst who charged we both went to night games in general has it figured out talking about through locked in the next segment he wasn't even. Lake boat moved Thursday night players and we typically don't do this. I took Lamar Miller. Because they play the 49ers in the 49ers with her what she see how this pans out but. There weren't wholesale discussed. Keenan Allen is going to be my wide receiver of the guys have like four straight weeks 200 ardent questions ridiculous. Derek Carr was Jay's suggestion for my quarterback communal Miller had heeded that advice. I took the advice from Wednesday banquet. That's right if if these last place on our league if they were so you tell people that you guys to raiders knighted. That's correct. So the guys from Minnesota actually has mostly MacKenzie chief. Interest in the white and read them on mice come likens its festivals and can still get that W Monday as they marked as feasible and the next day here. It will start off that more than yours but that's typical compensation authority. But the conversation being booked in the cheese cube without. It's just the game we've played against the raiders early in the season here Paula still threw for 417. Yard. He had his way he did exactly what's what's more he decided through the opposite side. When asked yesterday. Medium opened their car was asked about the situation. He says well also wrote that didn't go very much an effect on a play the game they will be up to direct that Justin Houston on. If they get the touchdown on the side of the city makes it one or two more baskets the other side we talked about this whole field opens up for you now. Is Darrell Revis can step up because you're quick release this thoughts of which you and was thought he played awful linings of free at UB. And I could have cared to could you can attack even those who want and yet he's got to step up without that but I think it does change how the games played. Mike Mitchell Steelers just teed off yesterday. Can you really think there's some athletes may just. Tee off on the game talk about it and when 360. Bucks we jointly. Determine how much money he makes that is much more. Zia recipients would delete key field. He talked about being a football player. It just play in the game in affected they do with the offense quite a bit and don't take things into account. Would defensive players were in full speed put your body feel they can only stop on a dark. And I loved what he said. Eddie was talked about Roger bill that was his with the fans reporters in the owners don't like Roger Goodell. What happens they've got to be big unit which are they don't want to blame but themselves they gave Roger build power is he conceded on a few of their demands. So they're willing to do that excuse me and I. Is it Roger Goodell got forty million dollars a year. Which is a complete and utter joke and I don't know together use. Of a private plane like he wanted to. We can afford to sit with us in coach. That's pretty. All right Bob Jones news. And I know that's insane that is exactly oh but. The reality hello Roger Goodell situation news. He has made team game. And I thought all this money. And yes there are some NFL owners that have been bitter. Had been upset. With the commissioner Rogers video. The notable names Jerry Jones upset about it because settle with these QL situation. Robert Kraft a couple of years ago with everything that the court with Tom Brady and him getting suspend. When it comes down to it. All of the month. Of may so much money with the national football. And all that other stuff that's gonna go any kind of shocked with the decide. And that is the reason why as much money as they make. Watch Els is able and has the ability to the main 200. Million dollars in the national football. And art is. Yeah mom. Accident from Mike pitch and Mike is speaking now. As a player in the in the National Football League talking about things that he doesn't like a ball section of the players. And how things are being told audit of the find the punishment. Bomb they get a feel absolutely. Is not a fan of Roger dale even though out of means. Multiple ball are taking shots of Roger detail. Mike Mitchell puts it things out in his it is mine like Mike Mitchell war. They hit did you play on Alex have the cheap shot pretty laid out Smith earlier in the season when it came in the city. The ball what does it in part merely everything that you said is to have the three minute rant. We'll spot off. But I get across that the one thing that the beautiful as the duke and have to start doing it right now is getting consistent. A ball how to deal with their. How would say good luck to you kind of Tennessee football I think we play. You dog. I know what you gonna do play around start Thursday night cats anyway. I had the worst luck with black hat as head of the players and yet but. You know Muslim unions on the double break. We're the best on grass but if there's. Outlook for two reds Friday theory big goal will be in the house tomorrow at 1130. They are bigger than the moon. Would talk to guys it's an you know the drive. Europe now. If. But let lightning are thicker enlightening though.