12/06 - The Show On Marcus Peters

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Wednesday, December 6th

The Show reacts to Marcus Peters' suspension and challenges the narrative consuming the city. 


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This show was heroes who run this view today. Shout out and all a lot of listeners but those. Think as the because we salute you or allowing is to be a small part. I love you Wednesday evening. It's bad birds go one JNJ radio but it produces that led away and ads. Eight they've talked about. Slow news day actually I must. Just to be. Talking about we were coming out. And sub out. I don't know let's. I simply said market Peters gets suspended. This okay give their fans and news and I'm staring you disagree with that and I bet you think it's not fair. Well I guess we'll find out soon enough words of wisdom with a uncle out of an up a little later a new match and he is fantastic. But it is 601. Let's get this show on the road as we do it this time every night remembering my dad. Stay inserted to the states. I. This I said it starts today in this there. I give my hair that like every two weeks like Mae east African a matter of some. This. You hero of the yes on this beautifully yes but not much to talk about I can't wait I'm really excited no you can't take it take so. It. You are just now finding out the breaking news of the day in the news of the day here in Kansas City. Mark is speeders has been suspended. For. The raiders game on Sunday. AD Reid has come out a and he made his statement here's a little bit of what he said. As he has. Express their party's principles that this game out. This was summoned Marcus and I discussed I leave it. I'm not gonna get an the whole other than I've had a chance to talk to Marcus. Myself this was the right thing to do it this time. Not making any more than that. That's or. Hurt. You're. On the week. I mean I'll. Things that happened. Nonsense. Outside it's. Is saying you know Andy. We know Andy's gonna say damn thing. All right so there as though. I'm sure many have already fully believe they'd know what my state that is going to deal. If you listen to us this week ever since is that the Monday. I said it was. Stupid and it was weak. What he did on Sunday. I had no problem or no issue with Andy Reid suspending. Markets beat. At no issue with no problem at all. What I. But I don't think it's asinine I don't think it's out of line I don't think it's great did because I do believe mark is put himself in a position. Where this was on the today. What I've done it. I just like to maximize of that simple question certain. Bill Belichick do it. I think got. Not sure if it's about winning if the league it was this big round Robin guess what he is is that it rabbit out failed. I don't think you would never even thought about it first. I I guess in the eyes. I don't either this your biggest game of the season. Why did it disappoint want to start let's start metric well. I you know while we go to this was the point of it not legacy eat it's not this isn't anything cores is isn't thing have a line. But I ideas would do if you're still have a chance to win of the playoffs. You get to the playoffs I would do it but. I have no problem or no issue with him. Suspending. I mean. OK you can say that they had to set an example. Andy Reid had did feel like he was getting the team under control but. I mean I think he couldn't find him and it would've sent the right message at the key could've. Does not started him or Saturn for a quarter something in and what do sent a message to the team. Ever. I got I mean I'm not like us and I am not. I'd on the I think it's a travesty. I don't think it's because mark put himself at the situation. They put itself in the situation for this to be a deal. Will say this. If you think he's he's he should be suspended that's fine apart its B always happy because we can't just talk about this. I do feel like I had to come from this point. I do think dead. Uphill odds. I don't think that mark is Peter would be suspended if he didn't. Now some of you will see all got or are you talking about you taking hit. He would be suspended defeated. I believe that in my heart of arts that's my opinion I do reason being. Because I think when he took a need for the anthem he became a staying at four. You'll see all the majority of people here in this city then it. It was a negative thing that he Neil for the UN a negative thing that brought you anger towards it sold. It. The army. Does that Joseph yours mark what is something passed polarized up that market Peters is next polarized. By. There are some periods of market because he's asked polarized. Like. Has made him have such heat and it is unlike any that adversity. A Kansas City within a half and because of the aunt that they I think it is even. Brain watched people in their heads to believe being. That he has had more it's it's or ahead or is the next. I'll believe you are you that as guilty as that war is you okay. People I talk to I'll talk to people. That's their don't be. You had to sit down I mean he's had so many things happened we had this kind of stuff happening week after week seek that's not stuff that's happening week after week. You hit the road you throw the flag in the in the stands. You walk up the field like he did you put yourself in the situation where you could be sped it and I'm not going to to gross 84. All right you it's not a huge deal. That could've gone either. But. Man. Like that teeters as something doing something every week. That Peters is getting in trouble all the time that it has its problems week after week after. We can go through every game this year you can't go it's off the field as markets has never had eighty off the field is. We. Like he he threw a flag gets that it like. Was seriously people here I honestly we taught people sort of a Joseph I know you talk to people on social social media pool. They are more to their. That this is a week Lee this is a neatly incident it's got problems off the field he's got problems on the field he's toys that. No he didn't have an issue in the giants game. And had an issue in the bills' game. There was no issue in the cowboys' game it wouldn't hear anything during the bye week. There was no easy to. In the Broncos game. Odds are already got a fifteen yard penalty for for docking on the gold polls may be that is it is as a I mean he said what is that the flat as it is yet he got to fifteen yard penalty for argue with the official. About a holding penalty gives the charges and no that never had any bad day. A bit and you know our ability. Game against the raiders for hitting like people think that fight. The fight in Oakland was when it was instigated by Donald and what are you talking about are if you. If you didn't hate Marcus theatres if you go if you look at it. You would yell at saint. That was a legal hit. That he hit Darren Clarke did Donald did David hit him. I will even when I did. That's even though that happens in the NFL any went off on bots that somebody beats too not to mention we just watched. Tom Brady just cuss out his coach like that never happens. Like you would you would feel like. Like does it you deal it would feel like market leaders. Has done something week after week has got in trouble off the field has gotten a do you lock. As as as I asked god is this team called out his teammate at the but because he took me and he's in the nose all the time all we heard about the neat even when positive things are written. We got all we hear what all these this scumbag 'cause of the thing you do what the police that was even if it ever about cable here and read the note that the police wrote. You would have a different tone and let's just eight images and nothing's gonna change it. It is it is that's the part that gets me let. If you say he should have been suspended for what he did against the jets. And youthful. You don't get suspended for excellent takes it he's up all whiny it's who can't tech gets suspended for the silly and it's not true he's got as many solo to. Is Derek Johnson and one less than just used and it's almost as if he's saying. I like of Montana's perfect all sorts of Madonna's like a lot like Ed it's like you're out here calling him a dirty player when he is ever actually done anything like. Like those guys. I can understand why you would feel that way those guys have done a lot of questionable things in their careers. Yeah as of about Marcus Spears is an out here trying to lay people out and perk players on the field they're it would just read. Let's let's let's rattle law let's rattle off all of the issue daddies and I'll even give you he punted the football in the state of last year. That well at that would too. This year. It went on bots that. Does that ever happened in its sports. Players up we'll go. And what I Antonio Brown Antonio Brown's done everything that mark is Peters is done about it one point and got Brady did it's that. Using F bombs that everything. It was not the first time Brady dated is a content. He's just that. So that that that that is mound that is out or ease of minutes is trouble he went out. An argument with a coach who refuses to put him on the other teams better receiver even though the other team is better receiver just keep killing the T. All right yeah it up well with a fiscal against the chargers are right. Guilty as charged these troubled all right he's a menace he got into it in the openly gay because he hit their car. Some might say it was legal. He's troubled. Eight throughout. It's the day it is as if it is just like how people have lost their minds about his pull it. People it's people gets confused because the mile. Sox. It's not true you know it's I am punting the football and the stands may see a bad dude apparently even now people do all the time he pushed into the stands right. After the game winning play against Carolina did Joseph predict how good he. It it but even with that I'd say my people say you can't compare them hall of Maine I know which are hall of Famer you get to you get to be Rome. Our odds are yes he he asked Bob they. Who deserved at the F bomb fans booed. It's been rumored to say whatever they sit and but he kept bumping it I know players never get into it with science in any sports I know that Everett's. I know it is idle players never go off with I and that's ironic that I know that never had. And that's in rather tense. Other players on the C sideline this happens. I don't ever I just say a man. Should he have got suspended. I don't have a problem I have no problem with him it's it's been he put himself in this position but. Let's be honest about it if the man never yield. It wouldn't have suspended because it would have been a big deal Torres writes it's a story about it. It's even possible about the knee it's a big deal the police come out and put some bogus letter yes edit some bogus letter. He says oh he's a dirt pay but this blog. He's not really he's not head as any issue. It's you all believe. Yet so as that sounds like you're telling a list yet it's a list of stupidity of stuff that happens all the time. Died in the lead. He's a minutes. He's a menace for doing stuff that whole bunch of other people. It's in LA Antonio Brown does. A lot. A lot of things that are considered questionable on the football field. And he gets criticized to a certain extent that his fan base loves him and celebrates him because he's our best players in football. Coming up. You know I did not wanna do this sort of I really did not wanna do is I wanted to go against this. But they show. Is about teaching thing and to be frank with you I think this city needs to learn some things about pizza that's. Well a man. Are you see the lines of we'll try to get as he gets he gets the. I hear sort of you know I was very apprehensive going here we did we had lunch today. The senate is now wanna go here had a conversation with Chrysler. And I felt like this. A place. Today I want. Listen. If you uncomfortable. Be there. Welcome to the show. It's presented to us in. Nearby and neighborly. I want it jumps right out. Here and say it's my opinion days. I do not think race. Played a part in this position let me repeat this game. On the side of the cheats on the side from the Kansas City Chiefs. I do not believe. That race played a part two I think race. Is a part of this in some form or fashion outside the chiefs of course. But do I think race played a part in its decision. But I can gear and into Indian T. That there are black people. Of people of color who believe the and one of the thing. That I won it helped you. Understand because that's what I love about this year is that. There is a place where we can help understand and I just wanted to ride in May it help you understand. A bit of Wear black people and how black people would get to the point of this is this conversation. This man. We just. The kid at Oklahoma. Grabbed his cry that this is in college a place where you really should be starting lesson right grabbed his product. Cussing people out on national TV. Vegas is in the next game. It's it's it's a series. We look at his old team. His old team. I would argue and use that threat is kills the who I don't think should be suspended but Travis Kelsey. Has had as many issues the strip is kills it took a lag and it fell and the relief adamant it. It gives us that that was Kelsey hit three straight gains. Where he had personal file or unnecessary roughness or fifteen yard penalties. That directly affected the T. Travis Kelsey has at times poll out. His coaching staff. We can't we are never going to do anything until we can beat it cover to. Pulled out his coat. On this quarter. Gone on TV into the realities. Made himself bigger than team. It this guy. Does not get suspended. Now. The last time he had some issues the year before. He missed that he missed a quarter against the toward. Mark is Peter's. Says that. And he gave. That game eight through that he threw up lag. Inefficient and out. Quite honestly. I'm not gonna tell you that I believe race played a role. I'm telling you their black folks out here and went out ripped off and on roll off these stories. And I tell you how that happened. And all that happened what got got suspended. And the other one didn't I would I can argue is that just went through. Travis Kelsey had more stuff happened to him and done more things the market leaders. They had. It is our unit is that they're all but it got it. I guess I'm just Ellie I don't believe there was racism it. But man. This is how black people and people of color arrive to hold on. This builds this don't seem right. I am I acting that there is when it comes to market speeders there is a lot of people. Who just despise him and hate him and want him tiger want him traded because. Of his protests it has nothing to do. With his play because you have those people here who were to say how he gets burned every week. He's got good anymore. Antics would be fine if he was still making plays for the football team every single week if someone says here Mort is Peter's quite honestly Travis OC did not. When you take a flag you take attack Al and youth Rolen added officials you've quit the game you know you're good at these eject. What is it what was he doing I'm standing up for my team that either he's got you know it's aged 88 a day after Christmas what do I apologize. Say I might add your right as a bag call. I'm on I'm just I'm just telling you look I guess at I don't believe race I don't believe that in the I don't believe they came. The decision involving race I'm just telling you this is Al. Some black people not all some black people and people of clever and color excuse me can arrive at its. And it looked like god give me that tell me. I'll watch in. Everything in and have what Travis Kelsey. He is has been Evans Kelsey. You talk about how he cuss at the lock and Travis Kelsey. Went off on an official told musical work if foot locker got our by the leak. Mark Peters have been fun believe proposed eight. Wayne want to kick this off or heavily. I didn't Iran. I ought to act on jeopardy issue. Julio geographic recover. A man government is spot on this show and I during the Internet. To jointly. And you don't open. The and it's light on the Euro. Mullah Mohammad who can't seeking. There's actually a city that. I'm calling it government. No market leader top corner in the lead and we amend. You know and gonna do it in one place you're welcome. Oh. It's your job. It's like. And when you talk to a person covered up. Really. How we. He. Two. And it. Didn't make it. Call and call in Oakland. The economy the torch. What color in my. Career. And anyway I appreciate average today there's a lot we're getting a lot of attacks. Also on up rod you know you always talk to get time to bring grace to. Outlets that aren't just telling you. This is a man right here Wayne who just call. Ed just expressed what I just sit at a favorite that's making this up I'm just trying to achieve our stated this is where you just say that he's black people or all of the but if you listen to it. Why can't you consider you you think Travis guilty should it never got has been that of mark is beaters the the problems in the that's that's that's asserted that you look at what Travis is if you look at what. Peters has done what. I heard Ed that's the thing. It done around here Danny Duffy you would think that hitters has done these things up the field like you. That Peters is an issue up the field up the field and it's called out Alex. Like Travis and as cold out difficulties that they keep those they. But it has Eddie. And I just got people look at it like. Is it true. I do think that the chiefs are trying to set an example an and I do feel like I mentioned this to you earlier like. L Andy Reid may have had his hands tied on this like maybe this came down from Clark may be this came down. From the long guy you can tell in you read what to do with in the organization. Andy Reid did not have a choice that's why he does data and then told the players afterwards. I believe I agree I like and I agree with airport I think. His hands may have been tied in this may be the place where he is starting and deciding and this is wordy in this is the precedent we're setting right now. In you are the example that's being made I believe that to be the case as that's that I don't believe that race at a played a pardon from the chiefs that. What I'm saying is cool well how black people and people of color in a ride to this spot. Is this this is this is now they can get to this. And part of the issue with markets Peters is that we do. In the media. And any local media we continue. To fuel this idea that markets Peters is a bad guy and they he is outside in the he doesn't have. He doesn't care about the team and that's just that's fair market speeders and I'm tired I'm tied. I'm not everyone in the local media does that but there are a lot of people who do it will just jump on the bandwagon and continue to fuel that fire. And it's so hard. Cedric. Go ahead a bullet. I'm ready for. Public place. This country Linksys. Or. Out of oak. Tree. Some of the bomb out Ocalan against. They like bill that life you know it's okay if you're not that you don't imitate something. They didn't want mom back in the day did. While eating at war. Okay protests Wall Street quit. Quit and started. Nearly lower resolution and reload or are they call us. Okay. You go wait export spot which would add the problem not mark dispute with the chiefs. The problem is one thing. That statement page which he sold years. Go to. Players. Strip so whatever was but it won't concentrate on Guam to achieve all this dispute. It deposited. An innocent man. IA it is listen I'm not saying that let people write for this I just think we should learn. I think we should learn and understand why black people come to this conclusion. And if you listen to it you would not say that it's asinine that let people. And people of color will come to this concludes look I'm not gonna sugarcoat. We could sit here and act like their race don't have nothing to do with this it just diddle around and act like it that when it's kicking us in the face. All right. It does this this happens to do with it if you're uncomfortable of sorry. Not I'm not an. Issue of Rio. Coming up that guy gets so topic of the day on and have the rundown seated front meet even beat.