12/06 8pm - Marcus Peters Suspended, Understanding The Other Side, Showstoppers, Whatcha Watchin'?

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Wednesday, December 6th

We revisit our earlier conversation about Marcus Peters. Ron wants people to understand why someone could arrive at the conclusion that the anger surrounding him is race-based, even if it is not always race-based. We discuss his suspension and look at the deeper issues surrounding it and the narrative around the city. The Show tries to consider all viewpoints before Showstoppers and the segment that’s sweeping the nation, “Whatcha Watchin’?”


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What was your host. Ryan does you know you at least now and I. Our listeners. Put those Vegas today because these solution. Or allowing us to BA's ball far. You'll Wednesday evening at. Stanford. Scope produces is bad blow away. And he's what happened JNJ radio productions. But let me guess Davis that is in the building is always. We've had a really spirited night good conversation. Whether you agree or disagree we're also Simon adds on FaceBook. This is show with the round as soon usually presented by Simmons. Banks' locations and only and Lee's summit Missouri as well as coming soon in part bill for those of north. Nearby a neighborly. So we'll get to the big story if you've missed it and you're rolling around. Market speeders has been suspended for the Oakland Raiders game on Sunday. And we'll get into that here and it just susceptible we are just words talk. So off all lights. Which is Citic Roger Goodell just got a new deal war. Five years 200 million he's all ready made over 200 million. Now we have to d.s body of this as sort as the one who said he saw a report that said he's made. 212 million a year who knows I'm. Minor and as. February of this year's career earnings were just over a 150 million. Just over a 150. But besides five years 200 million. That's rough that's rough forty James Harden money on the and so. It does not like the highest paid that we find is at Stanford or is it Stafford 47 honest efforts at 27 knew he. Almost double league the about. The highest paid players at the district almost doubling the amount of the highest eight later in the game. Lutz does Adam silver made it and what is that compares to the highest paid player in his. Adams over. Make ten million dollars this year it. The highest paid NBA player this season is step curry at 37 point four. Our 34 point seven million dollars 34 point seven I just looked at the cavs roster. And they've got five guys on the team not including Dwyane Wade. They guy who got 25 billion in his by now they've got. But guys so Dwyane Wade really count he makes when he five million dollars this year with a pole led a six guy. All their team who make bull war. That adds over the commissioner DA knows all of their team you know who Paul Millsap is X he makes. More than three times with the commissioner. It's at that that's just that's ridiculous in the amount that's less that he's got Google announced it better Douglas L at that did. It was reported by Darren Revell that the five year deal this is before they announced the actual dollar amount. I'm Roger to Dell's new contract. It said that his five year deal can be worked twice as much annually as the first ten years Adele was commissioner. Which she made 212. Point five million dollars all of. This from the violence re rod being men at a white guy for making money while Matt that's for or. Yeah. I think that. Matt Stafford should be making a lot more money. Yeah that Roger dale. And here's my thing I said before I don't even have a problem with how much Roger can deal. But to think that of Roger's got to make forty. And the most Jamaal Charles has ever made in the years eight. It. And this is the highest. This league makes the most money fourteen billion a year. You're commissioner looks like it's a league that makes fourteen billion a year. Your players don't. But that's got a day if they go through this guy has got all the power he's making all kinds of but he. He's got out got franchise tags that screws you to a guy like Eric Berry who I don't think. The chief should pay the but it it did but he sure should get to dairy is only really gonna gateway at forty guarantee now he should get a but I think that the group Berry for the contract. He's gonna get forty years team rides has got to make that this year. It's. Why can't get it just me because the argument went the NFL players is always well. They have the biggest rosters of of any team sport add more mouths to feed well. The better players deserve to get paid more. I got to understand how it doesn't make sense in his eyes if they don't have the money. Tunic and that's the port yes they have the biggest rosters but they'd make nearly double a year more than all the other sports. Yes they have they have the money does bad not my problem is there. These guys put their bodies on the line literally put their brains on the law in the play of football game. And ratcheted als that here you like already got it is there. It to. Probably would say he's doing it. Not so great guy and he's. As that that is that is of or is it solves none to get a be be halfway to be big ability and that's it's that's it's obvious there's got to. B fifty. This got to be 5060. Players in the NBA who make board. That then the commissioner Adam so there's got to be out of solar you don't strike. And silver classic rock rock just make it that L with the Ottawa at stay on this let's as a prop him for making. Simply this that that's the MLB beat the blister is completely outlet. Like what I hear okay. He's a little under point up and that's a little odd but whatever. It's also that's about what I expected with baseball in the amount of money they expect spent like a little 120. I know I don't think is that Shockey. Ireland three run and yet it was it was. That we routinely express. My feelings. You don't pay a safety. We're me though. When you have it. But I saw us get to the big story we leave it year. So mark is Peter's thing I think the biggest thing for me is not that this I have no prop off I have no problem whatsoever. That Andy Reid. Decided to in the spin. Mark is beat no issue with. I I would have done. Another coach I would not have done because. To me this league is about winning games and I asked myself. Would Bill Belichick has but it market leader Lee and I get to the conclusion that would bit muddy field. I don't think that he would have. I don't think that he would have suspended. Rob Gronkowski in the league didn't suspend them himself. For this hit that he did a set of you would. Because I think is about that. I remember watching nick Satan. Have an offensive lineman at Alabama who says start in left tackle that got caught with drugs the guns either get suspended for the first game of the season it's UST. There was of other players that which kicked up the team over the bar. It's about winning out would've done it for those reasons but I have no issues where they indeed doing. Because I think mark is put himself in a position where he made this. A possibility. I throw in the flag Tuesday the part that is that going to be in the part that I won. To get out artists it now flatly say this as I said earlier I believe mark is Peter's. Had not deal if he had not deal for the anthem and that hadn't been a big story. I don't think he would have got suspended because I don't think it I don't think this all. Everything that is happened this year would evolve that made as big of a deal. I think because he kneeled and that put a certain amount of this light. In a certain amount of a feeling for people in the fan base here that it became know is there anything get everything. That concerned with the markets Peters just made people. So much is made a lot of the absence. Like people people say he's not a good player which is crazy people would say he's at like this thing that's been mostly going to be people say. Just Peters at times as many people around the office mark. Either as head count issue it is a week to week every week there's sought a tip that that's not the case. That would challenge many of people out here is they'll be all right if this is that Martin's is that this big issues. Let's let's go head talk about. What is it. What art. What part of any candidate. To have a problem in the giants game. We have a problem in the bills' game. There's an issue there. And the cowboys game in a Steelers game we were led to leave because his name is and to do so much we're led to believe that. He has an issue every week and that's not the case. What does he then he's had a problem with certain. He got a fifteen yard penalty for going landed in arguing with the official about holding penalty that he disagreed with. That happens all the time but whatever gambling for a fight that he didn't even start he helping game he had an issue in the Oakland game because he hit deer car. Late is what they're saying which if you go back and watch. Before the whistle was blow the deer car was a running back at the time the raiders offensive line did what a lot of offensive linemen except for the separating of the offense of lineman Kansas City. He's done a lot of these. They they do what a lot of office blog would do protect their quarterback. And it became an issue abortion on which ran out it puts an official. Ed artist Peter it's got blamed for that. But that's that's another one of the incident. He he got to is a match where he was. I'll go back and forth with the fans in the Washington game. Okay. And he threw a flag in the stands is. Oh I'm sorry he got into a an argument. With bots that. Like we're we're led to believe that is ask a hundred list of things that happens all the time. The third other players in the league this kind of stuff happens the only they that is to me that is aligned cross. Is the flag be. Tom Brady is the it would edu and Tom Brady did it ten times worse to his office of court. That would he did as a passing as he was upset about it did that work. I like to think Tom Brady was even like. Hurtful about it when he was yelling at Jasper Daniels like it was just like they had I would. Yeah eight is how flighty like Powell and your career because I am Tom Brady. I I mean it it isn't fair like us it. He put himself in a position to give themselves but I got no problem with him and I no problem they talk about we're gonna send a message he's got a problem with. But let's not. Pull up forces. That act like Ono. He's had a laundry list is a week at week did you know that anything off the field I know that I know some of those guys of the view that it never. Celebrate this is really quick to hit it off the field. I know there's some out there like. He has had an off the field issue he has that the law. Let's cut down on how many of lack of ability to assess is on the phone lines are open we can get to this. On the other side. As markets readers think is a great situation was just not fall Ford let's let's really. Sit down in our minds and act like wheat and and really goal what is. Really gone down with. What a man. Beckett. And FaceBook lives I'm not as well glitch here on that we're all here lives in port. As we exist. Gotten into the big story today's dismissed if markets Peters is in suspended. And by the way let's look at this or girls the little with ward Lou fifth Mike. Let. Marty speeders is suspended for the raiders game but. And and the discussion we had made his assets for I don't have an issue with him being suspended. I would have done it put he put himself in a situation the position to put this on the table and I don't think it grown or. Parise or out of line. For that to have been that sees. But I think. It's crazy. Albums. Everything is being Colbert. Lol lol. When it comes to. The converse. Asian and everything that's happened parts. Ike it it it it is scenes and to me I. Honestly if you're that's my opinion. I truly believe it goes all the way back to him taking me. I mean it is so it is so similar to meet Colin can't predict how he's I said this to you we ride and for lunch earlier by. I can't album had it what Colin captain Alec epic is getting a lot of what mark is Peters didn't from nation. Bartz is really did grow. Some people in this city. And like to be has said I think it all stems from the need because if he didn't take me. He wouldn't be as much of a full cool or polarizing. Figure in. In this city he would be. Everything everything is such a big deal even positive stories seats seemed to lend towards. I just think he would not have. Big in the news so much and I think he would have. It would have really been a similar situation to trip skills. As LC. You can argue is it worse situations. He threw his leg Intel et and a fish. Sawed me in and so I act is. I've really believe that is the case and I think everything with him is overblown. I hit and miss misconstrued like you have personal Phillips or you'd think he's got a very good which is crazy is. I don't know how you can get to that point aid. There are people out there in. Who think he's had more issues. That he has. Actually had ceased its prey on. I gadget ads is I just I've never have a seen a situation where things just bored and almost stories debatable yet people. Texas he's he's punted multiple balls into the state. That's the most frustrating parts about all of this is. A lot of the people who are perfectly fine it says and going out in and you know saying they'd. He brought all this on himself and he's not a team player and he and he has brought census Annie gets burned every single week like. You don't even know all of like we don't all the details but you're not even taking into account the things that we do now. You're just assuming that he's a bad guy in the he doesn't deserve to be on the field on sun. I don't know his first year. Old. Mark is feeders and Alex Smith the definition oh. Change. I know you have some thoughts on this situation voted change. And what we have here. In our show little bit for him on. Well in the white burst and what we have appears like it plain and simple. Not all some some cases are ignorant there's Lackey instant. But I hear about it. A lot ordered the Michael fertile and show in early October. And I talk to them about how the perception award to dale Carter was drafted. And I remember that I was twenty cute new draft it. Andrew Luck perception of how they do that lights in them. And that the last decade with Larry Johnson and how some people just like you know which Britain to a point where when you add. 7 o'clock Monday night when you talk subject was. On apologetic with black. Alan tropical people or with with those kind of players. And it made me sick of that conversation. That adult show where Joseph and Florida with its windows when the band were. Had their perception or eight are still order when he had the perception already made lurch. And you know what. What it comes to markets Peters didn't you think he didn't do anything remotely. Bad like lurch where jobs. And Larry Johnson. Did legal issues as Ed multiple issues where he can't step in his hands so the he's already. But they'll Parker. At what point what you're talking about Monday when you're there aren't apologetic with black you know. While why he will show you will achieve that you know what ring off here at the chains it would return on denied it right well because the fact. The way teachers and so I would see him take over markets that many times back I want you to eleven I'd note or circumstance that look at still order. And looked rated boss and look at bird Johnson and now what I want it to all people who are ignorant. And most of all why would be blocking your world few that are real stable weight course substance. Well Mark Peters wrote that lag in the background without realize that they won't quit paying him already there. Yeah I think there are many assets this on the basis. Of Monday appreciate. I citizen of the days have an editor of people that were silvery. Passes now I know some people get frustrated I think they're angry black people evidently angry white people I think there in dirt collecting ignorant white weathered ignorant. People already there are some ignorant black people who. Who are looking that this in it in a situation there's an ignorant white people look at this in the situation. There's a lot of big. By. I did I just want us to sit down and honestly it's like one this season. We're worsened and by his dues and stuff. It is all this is a weekly problem. This is an issue he has become uncontrollable. Eighties I mean look at this what about trip is goes out he's been uncontrollable. It's a joke that people you wanna compare the Larry Johnson like I am sorry I I quit and we here I guess Larry Johnson pay is like doing good things now and trying to turn his life around. But given Marcus dieters are not the same class of person. No I'd died we we knew we were. Of that I do is it is. As a trip like that I got no problem. With him the N com. Would be of him being suspended play. List is listed as the artists that try to make war of what has had actually had been collaborative knowledge you it. Yeah. I've I've been trying to you know now that you're here yet it is somebody but let me here. Let them we knew our great party. All right so here's the deal to you about 5% in mid may by. Your verdict but the news and K okay brilliant record that. He's changed though who has in May interviews. He's he's ready parole. My isn't my issue ID a brand appreciate that that we talked here as we mice with him is he was. It was his bed when he was playing with cal guy he also showed absolutely no remorse. Or for any of his domestic violence charge this move was also but he was is. I mean you know the NFL. That no. He widget. At 88 it would that it just wasn't productive with the KO that was the biggest. Mike it blows raised. My it was reasonable about what they are what you get say here he said he's my markets has been. Immature and being given scene it's just go ahead mark. Might lose that think is it blows razor Obama's obvious. Yeah I just I'd think you'd they imagery and helping the black they think it's a white and I don't think he was trapped or prepared for the what the NFL has to operate people that the media on and constantly get people on constantly. He's on TV constantly you know. I think he's I think he's immature act at the keys of a lot of. A lot of people are giving guy a hard time Niedermayer call them bad player all the stuff but. And in my personal regret retiring kill. He was known would be his girlfriend everybody in the rather than said that we drafted him. But when he got in the NFL he said I would agree to an extreme amount yet and had a problem. I really think this is a maturity thing. Ali and and we talked about this market is exhibit Stewart. I I I won't dispute that. At all and I tacit and have a problem with the suspension. He's immature he's got to think that you know I mean most kids most players in the league is agers in which. We have a couple of our team here that are in issue. I'm just saying is let's not act like like. But that's it so like you you're tuned in you've passive investor to do it we do the show every night. I think about how. How many players would use a lot players would you compare you think of the history of sport and what players we can air. Give to an and then it in the way that he is looked at treat. Like RB. T know. I feel like people here feel like you would compare him CEO he's treat it like to ill. I mean I'd I feel like people look at him as if he has a Josh Gordon type of player and he has never had any of it's just it's outscored. We are Larry moss was there at odds rating laws. Like. We think about it and this case that had an off the field issues. Eighties and some issues where we understated is not related. And keeping his emotions especially in the moment hey he's just he's just he's as loud and and people are uncomfortable with him being loud boom like. I Nash after but that part sort of that's that's that's just who he is out again one of their vice chairman and Norman. Are they are similar to that and I feel like people don't question their their professionalism in the way that we question mark is beaters like this big about this. He has that even bid. He's not even had as many issues as your Donaldson tour. Ed. I know it's hard to remember this think about or we worry about your Donald and Europe. He's not even if we don't talk about we talk to him much worst that we talk about your Donovan to. You think this camp has been like yeah so what's it Allen knives. And out like you think he is a body that is bid treated the craziest fast. But he's just paid in trouble in JL and IV. Lower. Coming up. We'll continue with more of the show. Well Amanda. I just look at a lot of politics in. Its ability to. Richard they've done this brings the image you get government. A couple of seconds and up and they'll say. Anyway. I doubt. Mark Peters is probably oh defense lawyer I'm not. They're in no one knows that he. Those last 45 flag. That would throw any time we didn't get a flag we could all all we needed was people goal win that game and Arctic we couldn't. He picked up that flag I felt the back but I think like. So pissed off but the refereed for anybody I that you would pit stop put his own. Order that he wanted to show up at a Steve Niles. And that was what they have video that was battered him. You know the only issue I is when he came back locker room repeated just let stand alone he'd been ready to. You know in case we did for water. That was my old the issue whittled it. I was actually chaired or equally true that damn flag because I. It was stolen flag and say god. Guy. They reached I think a lot of should that we talked about that we talked about that Monday we said it is still surprising if he never took that need. You would love him because all of you. Now that's and he's right Purdue and let all of you a lot of you out there. Wanted to do something a lot of you threw something at your house or your bore a lot of ideas. Didn't want to included wanna toss up. After that. Suit. It at that in the all right Sander you get the last word on this and live with donuts and a. We view them. For our program data that. May keep you don't sugar but nobody. Right now actor. Needs. They're quick perception from now apartment in the hand and long arms and long part market Peter's they're on our LT and practice. Both obviously immature players. I think one thing but women. About. I. But I think it on the view it it may be somebody he market leaders. Beam me into that an example. Of that visit. On I think I think the examples they mean is a big deal but when I'm gone is what I'm let's try to explain to people obtain areas. The would you say example. And this is how black people or people of color can get to that point is OK so he's the exit. Let the Travis is dead very similar things if not worries. And that is out black people will come to a point of OK so he's exam like where it was this Wendy's Roland. He's throwing towels and officials that it'd. Actresses that you don't have it the quality and that's I mean that's this. I don't unless it I don't think this thing asked to do with race from the seaside. I don't at all. I I don't think it has to do with race for the chiefs I really don't. But I. That's war that's what I'm saying this is how I think let more people of color who to look at it and see how race could be involved if they. You mean to tell me. This is this is witnesses the stroll like this is the example where was it which rent. It oh. Just. Is that time if you show stockpiles. As showstopper. You. Tuesday night after sent need to set 63 win over UConn Jim bay I'm spotted Andy Katz during the post game press conference. We called out of the worldwide leader for laying off the long time longtime college basketball report. Because you know neo is the question anyway and I feel very nice to see you should still work or. This needs to make money you know yes fans are making enough. And many millions one. Bill full. I'll. Vote yea. How loud it was last year I had a lot I lets him out and today it's just let it let it let loose didn't it I he's a steady as yeah as they give he's been there 4243. Years is if he's if a bit he would since that Mort beat out guys at Roland. And a decade since arm Edwards last counts of football teams they can forgive him for being a little out of touch when it comes to modern uniform trans. But tighter jerseys aren't exactly a new development especially in the college ranks so Edwards being totally confused on someone presented him with an. Arizona State's Jersey is a little strip. Here. Now this my Nader. That's okay. And I don't know and I know is important and can engage. Yeah he. It's. It's pretty. Europe and future. Well. As this is earlier this week in my week in. One gave it all of the people. It years on the state media entity is so wouldn't it be Phoenix area. I'm telling I would be knocking down the doors and making sure I was there but it's an update if we have a show intently. Or Phoenix Arizona. I would have us theory that that press conference live no matter what where have I don't care I would out of your there was nothing. I ask her to lie evidently is that it is a gift of god. Could tooth it's like it's gotta be he's going to be like what it's like it over and watched it. Would likely to every week and we should obviously check in on that press conference after it be yes and yes our firm is well if you. Did he give you with that. By the way that outs of the market isn't it the field. Then I felt like and he's been get scored a fallen like. A punch the list. Avenue he gets burned radio I'd tell us that. He's giving up three touchdowns when he's been in coverage alls and two and one day. Or so outside of the last game. He's only been uncovered what that. A California woman who worked for a sports marketing firm led by hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon. Filed a sexual harassment lawsuit alleging that the retired football starts. Required her to Wear Thong underwear and share his event during business districts. This lawsuit filed Monday in Orange County California also alleges the moon 61 committed sexual battery. By grabbing the woman's crashed during a trip to Seattle this year. It's a thriller he's moon of pulling off the woman's bathing suit after slipping aid to run into her drink during a separate trip to Mexico. On the night. And pretty terroristic stuff that's drama that everybody is being accused it's pretty deep. Is that four or five incidents in sports now since the US last we they're coming in the sports incidents were coming on to say it mandates I mean I illicit you imagine how many stories in sports. And they're not coming out that close. That's Antalya it's only a matter dad tells Texas or is that that test today I don't know. I don't know that is that is gonna take its excellent 69306. You know the drill hopefully what you watch in 56. Picks and what you Watson which shows you what's in this league who. Movies. Network whenever what you what's coming. Some of the okay good that now live. There. You spent Battlestar Galactica what commitment and you'll want to be. Indeed but it's totally catch weight touched down at Super Bowl my first class plane. Watch him bark orders. I'd like to remake movies exam. O'Neal were played. I'm not superstitious but. Freckle and I think that. And web site. It works instincts. Would I rather be feared or lumped. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. It is who lets you watch. Sponsored by absolutely no once what could step up. Could you take this text and 69306. And FaceBook live texted what she owes you Watson Netflix Hulu. Network TV. Amazon prime whatever which who lives in and we always had played much respect. To the first one so much work to be used to be mixed in with the is okay. The first blood a salute to be theme music here. The office Michael and delight. Players and I like the off on it you know about it is that but I think I stopped watching the Edison who win. Would when Michael is no longer own it today they have like the multitude of losses yeah barrel on their for a little bit. They hit it gets pretty damn it Kansas by the wind dance by the way they are on there trailing. Washington 3634. And they were when he two point favorites. Yeah I got us that this new we're. We'll it's all about this year kids right now with their. That it did an equally young and police significant and if he was playing 56. Like that they finished this have with plea. At the five. But that Gerald. Speed at the poor material that the three. Markets area. That ugly day. Some idea yet. Project Runway is a first. On here. I mean it somebody's there what's the next breath he. With these days it's real different this year was there look at it due to the feeling the when he starts to go when he prays. UP mixes plus that in and everything like he did. Experience it it's not that made it eat at me he used them most. Is that he boasted. It's Wednesday night. You know what that means. Is that that include how many episodes in the course of the season finale I think next week is the season finale of mister robot the best show on television is that this law that is. Until this is it's behind your zoo episode I'm out there watching him tonight and Ahmadinejad again products and and I did figure out a way. To make my network did a good. So I was able to watch some stuff last night so I think I'd get content on this or robots that. I also have to watch Gilmore Girls tonight because I haven't washed this week's yet. Did we doubt that tomorrow. Oh yea you do there was a world war also lead with six LaMarcus feeders. He should have presented it prevented at least one person down last week well odds that you he was only on the that the coverage for one of the first downs that he gave out of the car out the fourteenth third import them they converted or eaters. Was on the coverage. So let's sit there watching the Stevens serves and now vikings just isn't. They think things like papers that the turned it neatly. That's the tire in the big. Turn turn is a good show I never watched vikings but I've heard Ty. So they're gonna watch it makes me I've never really watched an X deal on Wednesday's on the lot I. I needed for solicitor who just believes that the indexed and soon. Is bitter it's been crawled lower smack in Allentown. I and I dance that's just a guy I don't I'm not wrestling guy but you guys finally does. I accept how you can add while he's at bats battered then yeah it yet it's. How he feels they're nice people though like college sports more than the professional leagues and done guys it is to get in arguments with people. In the south all the time for the and it goes Benedict College. Trailer park outlets in Ecstasy like. Like paper view shows their pizzas and trailer park Lewis. Our heart was pretty. Never a journalist question for the both of you have you guys like Saint Louis did. It all new and happening and there's a new season I yeah anywhere close to I had this stuff that somebody. Said rank in somebody's name be on the luck not have been introduced it comes classrooms outs of it's it's Bob that's that's not even on the parents season. On the they have alliances. This episode from this past Sunday. Do last night. I'll watch black edition last night was really didn't. They were. They were talking about. He found a home was. He's got to give them all these clothes. And did lying you know dislike. Any odd that that was different from these homeless and a nice little conversation with the two it was an experience in the situation group really close to each other. Pretty good episode. Lack strong strong push. Been watching in practical Joker is through TV I really funny is it funny I. Is that carbon aero spec is that that's called that's does show an entirely different show this something like that with the they're like you practical jokes on people and they made utilities due to stuff they used. It's one yeah it's on to TV I only noticed that during the NC turned army and gets on the night will be back here tomorrow what's the fuel one. Day in jail via for that we are.