12/06 7pm - Words of Wisdom w/ Uncle Al, They Got Frost, Will Andy Regret It, Palmeiro Return, Showstoppers

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Wednesday, December 6th

After the Serda Show, Words of Wisdom with Uncle Al is BACK. We have some fun then discuss Scott Frost's hiring at Nebraska. The news broke in the middle of a game he was coaching and could have led to a lot of awkward situations. The Show jumps into the mind of Andy Reid and wonders if there will be a point during the Raiders game Sunday that Reid regrets his decision to suspend Marcus Peters. Ron swears the Rafael Palmeiro return will not happen "over my dead body" before Showstoppers rounds out the hour. 


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Well a man. I've been about 592. Show and all of on radio. Now. Well commands of the no longer winning 59 seconds out I am your host Steve concern has always odds are certainly panic. The Cleveland Cavaliers expects our point guard Isaiah Thomas are returned from a hip injury at some point in mid December. Now Thomas hasn't been able to play of the cavaliers at all this season LeBron James is being getting plenty of virtual worked with his new teammate. Say today. I play a lot of NBA two K it's the most realistic basketball game out there. I mix and match a lot of lineup changes and things of that nature to see how weak he can be really gut. I love the I LeBron is one of the greatest players of all time and he has played with a Isiah Thomas yet you imagine Isiah Thomas is only gonna make the cavs better. I just love the idea. That LeBron McCain uses to UK it is that you might like a cat. This show was your homes Rhonda soon view believes. Outlaw a lot of listeners. Hook those fingers to because we salute you for allowing. To be a small part. Or Wednesday he. Stanford Joseph wanna have saved a radio productions produces this bad boy. And on a tank as the answer I just wanna say this. One of the hallmarks additional you've missed the first. Our please check that'll be a from the plant podcast oh. Quote has a slew. One of things about this show that has been a dream of how we want to put this show together is. That we learn and we use a lot of different spaces that. You may disagree with things that I say that it was that conversation some of our listeners rich wall Mac my guy. He's my guy we disagree. I mean it'll mean we can't talk to each other. Some of it is that they James there was some talk to all FaceBook loud we're also pleased with the Obama says. That this that we disagree doesn't mean that we can't get it do it Shane our gas shaggy saying we have this the we can disagree. Just that we disagreed but this helps us learn stuff man. I have learned stuff from you guys man. You can call it race bait but man it's this they re the last conversation. And I'm glad we had it in some of you might hate me some of you called the race is called the whatever you're never gonna listen to I hope none opens today. A man like this and we're gonna have honest conversations. Would you agree or disagree I think it's are re almost every one of these. But I read a ton of these. Ticks that come through. I'm not gonna tell you everything you would hear me tell us about this stuff a bunch of black people. I'm finding a semi and a lot out this I just speak. And I've believe it is good for us to have his arms race. Am I think again as this eight as the love you to. But anyway. One of the greatest adventure at the stove. Is uncle. And it is hard it is hauler as they hit me. When you can laugh and Angela. And we do this every Wednesday. And the way you participated you've never ever joined on this my local. You may hear him at this at the beginning. We yanks we always ask images. Random questions and he he has a very. You'd be in an usual way of answering things in his mind as and what we do. We get from you with the audience we see if you agree or disagree with him we also see what's your favorite part is. And that's what we do so gonna take a six 69306. And FaceBook lives. Up in on this this is what week. All words of wisdom with uncle. Or words of wisdom with a glance I thought. It and it. There's sixteen fads that same day V. And this is the words of was with a uncle while we yanks don't go. Out tonight. How many seats that is risks and baby. How many suits. Should a man and in his closet. Whereas Google out how many snow. Should remain in. Had in his closet and this was a loud. But he. Vote Sunday got a month project to next month nobody here knows they're it's. It's not that it's. This is it's just don't have to be for Sundays what about the fact is that the safety you do you get spots it's Monday and Friday you. Switch them up the middle of I I love wearing suits and I wish I had more seeds but they're expensive. Winners it's more up if I just had board seats. For no reason. Well what's we as the Lal how many students. Should a man and in his closet how many seasons that a man had in his book. But he. Poked Sunday and projected next month no right to vote here. People would know the difference look at people let him know that it. I am that is not and I don't believe you say all these people are. And he. Pope Sunday at a must reject the next month no way to promote their. Heritage and Obama is what you use which the charities which have the time I switch at the accessories. And that people might notice. I don't know who's noticed seeing New York or different suit and you're done and make double you can go do you know like they. Not searched. It out where to search especially if you do a good job switching up the answer. Thank you need to look at jobs which of the time pressure it. It this girl to me like what I think we need our. On the whole organized into six lies it's ninety zeros it's FaceBook live loudly as well how many suits to the man had in his closet. He says five. There's four Sundays of the month sometimes. But there's force that does it bug. You can switch but they definitely didn't look. I how many do you feel like me out on college or until you look comedies that have made it obvious reasons do you database and Robinson do you may. I actually like the five I have four in my closet right now they don't shot to buy a new one so you think Bob because I want bobbled the reason is that I feel like you need to have. Cover puck polar coverage you need you lighten your day you charcoal gray if you black he'd pinstripe and you need a nice blue suit is Daria. You need a I don't think you need a pinch I'll amid the ice and it's not. Did you journey went all right so it's what you think we've got out and I I didn't if I like I blitzer Caminiti. I I sometimes I get the. And Zahn. What eight G yard to Andy and Mike. I wait year act in life like where Paul you know we're all we have. All have jobs that we all have you know careers that we're trying to build a huge probably adds it's at this point yeah. I bet if you're at yellow younger like you're in college you probably don't need to have five seats. So how many do you think so I've gotten so your goal of I. Head to you have when I would have more so like by. Senator let's see what would you say leave act and why does it looks I. This really admire and they need is big I think history and how would this person from the eight woods exhale and the and the 78. Uncle in you need a blacks and Unita graces. You need. A blues and an agency that I think the I think three you need and you don't need to have an Easter passed a light or Easter. Taint you remember if you remember this is where our new President Obama is really feel that it's. Where he warned that past like that light east it's a hundred Bible's around Easter Sunday war. And that's it okay this month this is second term President Obama but. I think our image in the elderly. Now I had recently lost around seventy pronounced so I only got one soon but it's because it is. And it just happened to be recently I've had to go to like three weddings at like the last the eat two or three months. Ed two weddings. Work. The same people or an old wedding so I just could act could not win the savings and does but I got caught up I couldn't win. I had to go and it never actually that's like you need to you've got to have a blacks. Our I don't think like the extract extract has not seen need that seem like a wall. History I disagree with a dialogue that I feel like that is his that is too. And ISM island but it's I was really close to get Mike Cragg say taxi because not as. You. Know now do you now at this there are people who work. People work in like. Like business world war. Corporate world but how many students with AD because well I like five seem short if you work. And me in the business world and corporate America. I feel like you need and importance of this game do you need to have more than fives in two. I think eight is the number for corporate America because they knew I feel like ten. I like it. You're comfortable at a because you could switch every ten regular days I do you go to business days and it's a little longer but people forget what she wore ten days ago. And you get to it you get to maximize your color coverage thank you get that the dark blue you get the dark and light granted darkened night. Pinstripes style like yeah. It is because if you if you Wear like Italian numbers that the President Obama lower people don't know when you were that he. Turk but my life knowing you ordered Sharma gray necessary I thought that and the black those laws are struck. People would know when you were that mr. It's all about change about the accessories then I I would normally your basic suits ties he'd change the shirt that time. The bell shoes like Pete liner notes from the day when. Six. If you have basin type jobs five to six aren't changing with which certain Thai combos but no man sits that. Since they changed since. Right so here I have seven suits in my rotation for corporate. Like you need to get another. I mean this takes a but etiquette point the important part of corporate world as having different shirt tie combination well I. That's odd. So that as having the same suit in a week let's get it depends on the salute. Like you have different colors on the inside but fool you come that we here at where that inspects it last week I know you had it in stride soon it'll. Last week. I want more time you missed it is we asked uncle Lal. How many seats sit a man having his claws. Pretty far poked fun at a month secret get the next month nobody here knows here. And. Our Baghdad and here we are. Event. Assistant sports radio and sizable cash. On FaceBook. Presented by cement Spain all cases in the late. And is that. Lee summit all still building in that part. Nearby neighbor who. Are so let's it was a little real quick that this is something there that all may. The bit is that an. So Scott frost who is now the news it notes I believe he officially took it. Yes I saw pictures signs. With. Those got frost at the job depressed. Thank you won coach of the years and so and you're at such late. Like Scott frost it was announced in the middle of his game. In the middle. The conference or what are what are they in the American athletic associations. Their their their conference championship game it was announced the middle of a game. Of which he was rightly that eventually won by making the game go the force in the game to go in overtime then winning in overtime. But I'm only watching the Oklahoma and TCU big twelve championship game. And I hear. Is that got lucky forgave the quarterbacks they've Brady Quinn that is it yes brake equally was. Was doing the Vick to a two apiece game which he has no business to a game that make this wouldn't he was so the big twelve championship gay. Any announces they celebrate he'd known. Scott frost has just been mentioned the new get votes Nebraska. So what. Rough coyotes thought what back. General they still walking up this I'm gonna pressure packed moment of the day ahead in overtime. Eateries yet it. Maybe ten minutes later on it's it's sort. Running on the bottom line breaking who's the guy who's coaching the game right now residual organized it's just take the job. And a breast. Yes. Before we get to the bakery of how much they say that kids mattered to him. And all of this other stuff at the college football and college athletics. At what do you do you think. Scott frost found out that it was made public. That he accepted the job obviously Scott frost. Was not during the head. At or in the third quarter all the loan accepting the job at Nebraska did that it came out obviously before the game he knew that he had taken that out but I kind of bigger at what Scott frost no it was up. Happy I would admit error. I would think during the game he probably doesn't have itself all eyes. Out yeah he's like what Nebraska during the day what the colts the colts and it coach got three time outs by the way they've. They made an announcement that you take the job and a brisket it's it's that. Maybe the opposing crowd started some got a chance. The notification to their phone and then like you know nuts with it like to someone. Just stay at stood up to think about was the way he found out this out it's seatbelt. Reckless feel this got it. Is it is just like on the scene of rookie of the when you enter your ruling Gardner's accurate it lost the ability to throw hard at the end. Found out that it was his mom's club that she was the pitcher and not her day any founder's day and she said melt him. It was me. I think. Scott brought out is why it is it. Is he had a bona it's a big. I. Like idea it was apparent that leaked it to the public. If he actually about Siri do because of the way it is Todd makes it was due to the post gave it to not makes it was nervous as deal. If you go watch if you ever feel the need to watch that resonated. Scott and was shaking and he didn't wanna ask the question but he knew we had to like I know and not next to him that that was not. With Scott frost first found out I mean I would imagine that don't have etc. did you imagine Scott frost bowed out win. Not that it intimates that Aso. A multiple reports say that to take the job Nebraska I lacked pace and is now and asked him and yet he's already got my kids. I haven't had as the Davidson is the game ended they won in overtime. In this as incredible as it topics they came over the service as pale as the Kurds are shaky. Andy's asked them. I asked him to work those questions like let's get to the question why is it multiple reports say he's got to take the job breast. He said I just let us celebrate my team. But no one's asked him when he found out. Anyone want to bet that he was guided Nebraska I don't think people think he gave that answer questions like we would. I have is that that look that hard capacities but when did he find out. I wish I. What are the what are these kids by. But what are the players on the field do you think he was Smart enough to maybe hold them before the game would you have done. Is he saw approaching their bowl game I think I first heard that he was going to go to the old. But would you I don't use it would you tell your kid or would you wait. Because it had to be gritty I think he wouldn't want that to about in the fourth quarter of the game. Yeah holes would take that job and because you would think it was somebody in his camp that linked to that the leaked out. But they tell us about progressed. There was someone from from within the school but I think it's about Nebraska like I've got out of this that Nebraska. Well you had to make me have to deal with that while celebrating a championship with these key UI and she's got a plan would add. Honest with what it. Darn good player Eddy that celebrate this in Atlanta already leaked. He says nag him in the post game little rah rah speech. Plays raises and are you. Say. All about his life and so in that Tex like now when you don't take it on Thursdays or Fridays sometimes he just told his agent Pedro if you gave. FedEx and for me. But that Nebraska gave up his calm down during the game it. It's the art now. I think he doable or they gave probably. Agree to it. I just did Poole who leaked out I don't know. The growth in this league. I'm sure that that him in Nebraska had already agreed on a date to make the announcement or somebody did what these things always get leaked ahead of that is and I just like. Just do you think he was he does now when I had to deal with. I don't hate that it within Alameda get serious with this but it. The delicacies. The isn't any first dated he was I thought he. He was is running to the tunnel the steady start run and hug his team like that will be real weak either read Tom. Kill me when they say we think about the actual leak that wasn't thinking about those kids itself lower I mean essential floored. They should be talking about the championship. Then being twelve and Nolan being screwed up the chance to be in a play for national championship. Being that they're the only team that has lost they should have been talking about this championship and then going to go. To a New Year's six bowl game but instead even the kids are being axed about. Hey how do you feel about coach on addressed. They care about it when they all would is about the kids. There's about acute now. Whoever it wasn't leaked that in Nebraska. Didn't care about the day and key. That's for a. I just I just wanna know when he. I wish we could watch the tape I was there was a tape that Eddie. A just a personal camber on Scott frost and do you think but facial expression that we wouldn't we could spill. When he knew that it was going to be made up. I was there a complete change of his pace this race. But I just going all five of the twelve minute mark the fourth quarter and then at like 935. Left you look at his face and his flat is lots. Won all those guys have ended it at the post game locker room after with a big 88 the really football game that's and they checked their files to dig out these invitations from ESPN a Bleacher Report is going to pick up. That's I. Know the players bowed out but honestly when he hit the risk that the post game interview with topics. He had like. By a bird six players around him what do that was where they found. That was what the latest bout them. Would not its basic eight to multiple reports that you take the job and Nebraska. Based are looking at him like what. Yeah it took a job. Tony's happy here and. I mean. UCF. Stepping stone program all of course. If things got rough told them when needed for those kids that this is stepping stone program that ability to appear tuba it adds. Its bid for yeah. Are you surprised you just like bull. Like Josh. Yeah it's just let it sit. Multiple game. Yeah I it's. Good ball game. You see efforts is opera that watched that game I know it's crippled in my new book. He probably puts his team in the best position to win a match and it didn't want him to finish out the season before we get you look at it. That the guys who went to Minnesota coach at western Michigan the heat that he coached the bulls game at western Michigan. I thought they had a big big bowl game before he left to Goldman's. He did coach the bowl game in acres of Cotton Bowl against Wisconsin. Again I don't have a problem. From the 75 maybe he got a text from the rest as they runs we write yes. To that list as you think. It was that he was getting signs well. While reading certain plays to let Nebraska yes they visited his credit and reverse field on it though. It. You do with the real specific thing to find in thirty seconds right there by the way. And Scott frost has said he is in countless kids each bowl is gonna coats and beat well yeah is what's retreat. He's given up Florida press all. I would and then it's. Coming up next. I just kind of wanna get into the mind of main theory. It would it's going to be like this Sunday for him. May not give this show you know home run this show seeks to use words. Great deal politically tickets dot com now for six in off your ticket order using robo code six did support for a man. Run the show usually presented. Simmons bank. We van a good show tonight I think this is one of the best of her. They were really good in these topics we've elected in these spaces. Summit but I think we are relieved that in these bases. But as angels will be. Absolutely and you kids with those who get these podcast number like I'm I'm just come right out. Paging gets slippage here start follow this. We do regularly share them on FaceBook and Twitter and also finally did podcast thing and you know even you can't see me I'm extremely expect. You can't find me on FaceBook. Right now we are simultaneous. Share that'll FaceBook shared an on FaceBook. Iso if you are your late we talked about. The big story here in Kansas City markets Peters. Has been suspended for the Oakland raider game on Sunday. And it's been a it's a it's it's sold many different. Avenues and things that are attached to this story that you go. And we have gone in and gone to media. The one that I wanna take. Right now it is. I cannot believe this is going to occur on Sunday. Some of you may now but I believe this is going to currents and and a Manx this question to you guys in the takes lead that it is fixed let's expand the rose six. You can open up all because of you want to. What point do you think if you read. Is going to be on the sideline at the oak. Oh Luka. What the hill was at that. I didn't miss that. And he's gonna look Mildred they got mark he's. Got markets and okay. That's all active pitchers bark is leaders coming back the way ice blocks it and the little giants. Just shoulder pads nothing of the but his shoulder and whatever pain at the personally if it goes back in the second at. But well that's. Why do you still but is going to become a time in this game it's a date will be like. It. Well. You have to cut that they do that lately how does suspensions were not. Yeah it's self and it's at self imposed suspension from the chiefs is not from the NFL. So even though the chiefs of announce he's gonna be suspended debate is trotted out there at halftime that they'd kitty kitty bee line. Office that I notice you have and I have yet to submit your injury reports and teams lie on those all the time. I'd just say when he sees. It's gonna become like in the second drive and a moderate group Perez two catches for a 130 yards do you judge to have Ed by the way how fast if treatment is a morning Cooper tried to get itself will. A might Cooper's ankle at that had to admit it and loved added. So but I have. To get on the field to keep all. I had 23. I liked in the early year prior to the first. Game against aids. In my Kuper had not gotten over seventy received do you sense it's. Since that game he has got down over sixty received or sent a note that on the first Fridays and had him any easier audit and but Ayers a series of birds. Set rob you all Roberts you just heard me on you antsy boys of the first set Roberts does does in games. At this. Or does it still outside. Let that element. But in seasons on the lot it. We got witnessed it. And that's. Big. This. Going to be. Gundy Johnny hall he's just a speed miners even instead of straight the field at edges are deep to him like couple times again. We goes and Iowa they showed. This the show did you guys know not notice the last news it's raiders this. They didn't throw it over there. I grabbed it but that probably led to. And I said Roberts a lot about the rights. And good. It's kind of a point like if that's what the raiders often did when markets was blamed. Firstly I personally don't they. I personally don't they that their game plan will stages but for the raiders judges think like easy. Sets Roberts is probably gonna get off because. They changed the way bots that lives up as the it's a Mari Cooper and Michael Crabtree were gonna continue to not lineup all in market beaters. Like they did in the first but Italy's sets Roberts was hailed dale. At this led they're all available. Clark and he can't out wait. Al I'm starting dared car in the fancy play out odd is there I just like it to appoint on the sidelines there target of what does that line. Where he sees. Bill Gates slipped fitful. If he sees Stephen Nelson didn't run into Phillip gains as Philip Gates's Olympic football league it people are just rolled big lie though. I'm looking for like 450 yards and four touchdowns compared. This is speculative. They did test the only person to hit their car in the first game it was more beat. At the way this past resident bad. Now the rail Revis who is apparently and it can Darrelle Revis the gay. There its bit so kitty actor David Nelson got to cover 5678. Seconds. Every play. That I want to do well at the defense of Lackey gave rich yes. Odds is telly. Do you think there is a coach the coach pat completely is that gets it. Emmitt Thomas appeal over the think bush should be nicer two and two of them out there and it and it. To be that's attended to without there wouldn't be in. I wanna see their car call some some on doubles bridges yells 22. Don't sit held town of one of the quarter's report a news. It. Is that. I does this say Bob's answer and he gets. It. Hate I you do it that's an alliance. We regarded duds I have my mother has pleaded says that he is that it is taking care of soulful. Please mark as Peter's problem is close to just music and their Johnson tackles anymore. You'd never know these guys these guys made that wraps up a lot in this game I. My I just I just feel I just let abilities would be that week. Which set Roberts has been dealer. In the forest. I'm and it's a defeat. It feels like it but totally know we know football these guys right come out spiders. Are so it. Kids that play the game of his lifers. Now that plan estimated to what do you get when he had Josh McCown the AFC Mo player of the week awards in LA and I don't. Address you assault for the chiefs to. Where that she's. Had an inspired first quarter. May be but for the change to win this they Hamid points to Vegas school. Forty. 35. Hosea 35 as well. Maybe this maybe maybe the raiders come out and approached this they the way the chiefs approached this guy. I mean that's so what they've clot back to a 500 wreck and that the president able at six discards is not watch film the resolutely. No need every one will be O. Let's. That chased the chase off it's almost looked like they didn't watch nobody its giant. The bills. I think I'll tell you it's easy to sit there like what the hill have eyed the to pick it up any of these will be like a pair of debt and then you just look at the the gate to get developed. Just got to the colts it LL. Sit sitting on the Dow electoral did last detail upbeat. And it which here. That would be one of the first questions 101. And it's. At any point Andy did you think in your mind what the hell of a depth. The spoke gate part what Mort about Maurice Cooper there's that the goes to. Over my dead body will this act. Oh man. It. Yeah. Big David using the name like his breeders' suspended. For Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders. We'll get to that little bit causes the big story of the day. I saw this club pros Saturday. Exerted. By the way you know. I don't know how off it's sort of looks at the relatives. That it ever everyday and are both. Knuckled. We please give me. Who do we during the break. He said what is this about right field but there. Fred Couples yeah yeah yeah. It's dip that. It is like one of the versatility that he is you need to look. Rap album called aero has decided. Who have yet to place its two. He said he's big about. Make America. There's no doubt in my mind that I could do bought Merrill to of the Atlantic. On ESP and I announcing anything about that I just look at it that's right is it is. It is 53 years old and if we don't know how alone. How much he even played without the use. If you're planning on to do this. If he played good do it is glee over reminded that if the royals even think it's. Our boss as he was running out there goes the royals data furthest back he's bit. He'll look at the is that if anybody else. If anyone's Raphael Palmeiro. The the only thing I think about Nancy Raphael Palmeiro is. When he was in front tigers at least at its fleet they had me I believe that that's where dad. I believe gives you that they it's. He had but he needs stuff. Who is on your training with the like what you witnessed someone like rent apartment or somebody has to be telling you giving you the advice that you could do it right. Like who was that personality. President Rafael gives the book I feel like stewards. I think there's been enough people who have told Steward that Jordan just needs one person patella. And I think that they give it happened after years of the of the hornets or. He needs someone to tell on me pain. Yet that's probably. These delicate undervalued but somebody's go to read the edges back take. Rest stop. Oh. It is over. On the map that idiot. Let's get Albert Pujols it's old. Just. And it is that time didn't show stockpiles. And. And show host. And choose and cut ETX now all of it but it's. Girls outside is attacked a number of beauty of the eighth Carl bildt's right there. Patty hugger out for as long as he guy gets here are used a guy that Carlos is what. Port. This 53. Florida. Sorry Jamie Moyer honor on a long time pitcher javy all around well Palmeiro this big sad. I'll ask do plays as come in occasionally. But I bet he gets done itself well. That's one it is a catch a lucky bitch he's not actual play he's not pitching Tilly seventy. People are cornered the well. You can't play corner or else none none on the football field well. I'm notes. Get a quick order out if the play first base he might still be better. There's some first base. Big east I hamstring wait to get Ponzi still on the used to be and it. But they have been able aren't happy with that big sick. And makes it only got Vince. Regarding the contact they well I want results. And is is magic Steelers safety Mike Mitchell is about the frustrated he vented loudly on Wednesday regarding the situation. You know I signed a plate full speed contact football we're not doing that. I thought I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for meeting that you right now before I did you any don't to a volatile driver two years ago however had to die for I was aim at Ford's got. But it you don't die you don't in the head that's it to grant out of my pocket though because any throws a bad ball you know I got. And Matt Hasselbeck calling me a dirty player and I tried my character we've never met before. I donate. More money so that fanatic but underprivileged kids that probably people on the bingo. He's said a whole lot there but his struggle to give Cincinnati it was they that. They just got beat by. He went out this is after you went to be bad because outlook cut that out because it is it does that today. We get that done it. But they think they'll they thought about it. Just talk about eighty dog leg of a but what you say there's certain quarterbacks Italy you can just say their names that like any dubbed means that the Alex Smith prizes they thought twice because it. Job rate they've. Called Matt Matt Matt. A throwback to go back canceled that ultimately hello Matt Hasselbeck was to address. Rats get outside the contact extensions or remain the commissioner of the NFL. New York Times wanted to get Dell's extension is for an additional five years slower is worth up to 200 million dollars if all incentives are met and bonuses granted according to multiple reports. That man has made it's so let me this. This next that we have I think I promised us that this it was the first show. I mean in the country who was calling him sweet talked about this a long time ago. They are going to go on strike in these guys are booms if they don't go is that. Roger dale. Roger how old seat of the commission. Submit it here yeah well he thinks he's made over 200 millions of floor this context by year's 200 million. And I got all this Charles has not made forty million dollar. In his court three. I can't read that it was he had made around 212 million. So far and says carriers the commissioner. He's gonna X 200 plus. So all eyes that made forty or his career. I just thought he would pick a I think it's ridiculous. But how much more money but what is the what player is closest to him. It would've had to get that right now but what later is close is that he has. That's going to make money these here. But what is it 25 somebody may 25 million more than 25 million. This year. Kirk cousins because he's been rated laws yeah. Stafford right now rapper but is it a year is that you like her because probably the one he's probably make it was twenty or something here. I remember exactly was really high because this is the second consecutive year he'd been franchise slipped. What it is like point four million or something he's making. One evil that's not even close that's is getting half of what Roger's going to get here this that's Patrick is that not exactly. It's thick it's not say it. You know it they say about quarterbacks there really irreplaceable. Let's have let's find a the other snag without that they'll at this we're gonna get to market leader but I know it's by this theology to find out how much. I'll let Adam silver is making a year and then find out how much the highest paid player in the league is making it then let's see what the is compared to the NF.